Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Piggy Banker

Have you ever heard of The Piggy Banker? It is still not too late if you get to know them by now. It is very easy to remember this finance blog due to the cute logo of little piggy.

The Piggy Banker is dedicated to provide highest CD rates, saving accounts, credit card deals and bank promotions and best money market rates. There is an interesting post on FNBO Direct whereby it offer a promotional 6.00% APY saving rates on all balance until September 28, 2007, upgraded from initial 5.25% rate. This is the highest rates for both CD and saving accounts.

ThePiggyBanker.com currently is running a $50 blog link contest, taken from the pages of John Chow’s playbook over at JohnChow.com. All you have to do is write a post about this contest and link to http://www.thepiggybanker.com using the anchor text “best CD rates”. Good luck!