Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Piggy Bank

How you find out the best or highest CD interest rate in banks? By friends or relative recommendation? Or do you call up each bank to find out? Don’t you think this act is very troublesome and need lot of time? Now you can rely on The Piggy Banker to tell you all these information.

The Piggy Banker is site dedicated to provide best CD Rates, saving accounts, credit card deals and bank promotions and best money market rates. Other than that, you able to have WT Direct Savings Review in the site too. Currently WT Direct offers 5.26% APY on high yield online savings account.

Besides saving and current accounts, Piggy Bank able to assist you to find out the best credit cards that suit your needs. Just do the quick and simple comparison among the banks listed in the site before you proceed to the credit card application.