Thursday, November 26, 2009

fat burner...anyone?

If you are currently looking for diet pills products, then it is wise for you to read more topics for fat burner reviews. All these reviews can be easily got from internet. Some consumers really send in their genuine fat burner reviews in order to share with other future users. Some of them not suitable to use these products too, so they will write based on their experience. They will not blindly promote the item if the item is not effective onto them!

*fat burner*

My pre-pregnancy weight is 45 kg. After giving birth twice, now my weight is 50kg. I know some of you might comment that increase by 5 kg is not a lot. But when you see my current body shape, then you will notice the 5 kg meant a lot to me. Perhaps it is due to my baby fat which very obvious at my cheek! Tell me, how can I shred off the extra fat from my face or my waist? I don’t like the extra 5 kg. I want back my pre-pregnancy weight! Help!....hmmmm…shall I try any fat burners to get back my dream body figure?

insurance rates

With the advancement of internet, nowadays it is so easy to get term life insurance rates. By keying in appropriate words, you will be to find tones of insurance rates from online website, regardless term life, saving, vehicle and many more other insurance types. I remember during my times, I have to call up insurance agents one by one, just to compare the rate and policy content. Now with searching engine from internet, I can save lot of talking time! LOL

barcode system

Most of the shopping malls already implemented barcode scanner when come to cashier counter. Nowadays not only big shopping malls will use barcode system, you can actually see many shops start using it too. This system very useful for them because save time on counting money as well as come to stock take during month end or year end. We can summarized the stock count at a glance easily too. Unlike olden days where people have to use manual counting that might be inaccurate!

Dental service

I don’t have pearly white teeth. I am quite hardworking in brushing my teeth start from the first day I start brushing my teeth. However my teeth still do not have pearly white look. Perhaps it is due to parent’s genes. But I was told we can actually turn our yellowish teeth in white if we seek help from Orange NJ invisalign. I wonder how much the charges will be if I will to go for their dental service?

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Spread the smile for RM1.00 Only

Do for good cause,come on, join this in Facebook.

We can do so much better! You don't have to pay a single sen! ING Insurance will pledge RM1 for every member of this Movement towards corrective surgeries for cleft. How much easier can it get for you to help put a smile on a child's face? Please help Spread the Smile!

Please help the cleft children gain back their smile. They need our support!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Rechargeable batteries

I bought some rechargeable batteries to use for my kids' toy that need to "feed" with batteries. If I will to buy normal batteries, then I am going to broke soon. This is because the battery for toys very fast run out of energy. Before using rechargeable batteries, I have to buy batteries very often. Therefore hubby suggested me to buy rechargeable type, more economical according to him. LOL

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Still looking fat?

Be careful when you look for any brand of natural appetite suppressant. Some natural appetite suppressant did contain side effects like caffeine. It is strongly recommended you to read carefully and properly about the review of the products that you are going to consume. One of the place where you can read good reviews of natural appetite suppressant is at

The site contained few genuine reviews about certain brands of such product. Do read them if you wish to buy this product in near future.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Where to go during school break?

Everyone is talking about school holiday now,including myself. Why? This is because everyone of us planning for a break. Yeah, year end all of us deserve a break, right? Hehe....

Now, cracking my head to think where shall we go? Travel local or oversea? I know we owe our small girl a trip to Hong Kong Disneyland. Her papa suggested go next year. Hopefully he hold his promise lar. Look like he is going to postpone my orlando vacations again since he promised his boss that he will take up planning section by next month.Oh No.....