Thursday, January 26, 2006

Paper Cutting

Me so greedy, after seeing Milly post her paper cutting blog, go and beg request one from her. She is that generous, really cut one and posted to me. I received it yesterday via mail. Thanks a lot, Milly! I can hang it in my living hall now....

My Dresses

Yeah!! Mummy make for us many pretty dresses for CNY le...see, nice or not? No one will have the same design with us...keke... Like nursery uniform? No la, I like popeye collar, so ma-ma make one for me... I think I am pretty in posting this I?

But I only have 2 le, mei mei has 5!! Mummy so berat sebelah la...(in fact I had wear the other 2 during X'mas, hehehe...)

Mei Mei so naughty, refuse to wear new dresses when papa want to take mummy just put it on the floor lor.... Mummy also bought few suits from Jusco, but we prefer mummy make one, no one can beat mummy's 温暖牌(wen luan bai)!! Mummy said during CNY, the weather is hot, so she make all with sleeveless one...she so thoughtful hor!!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

新年快乐!Happy New Year

Wishing all of my fellow readers......
Happy New Year, 新年快乐!
All Your Dreams Come True, 心想事成!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Paper Boat

Last weekend, hubby teach Wien make paper boat, after few practice, she able do it herself. She so happy, keep making it one after another...till more than 10!! I asked her why made so many? She said one for papa, one for ma-ma, one for Mei Mei (Lyon)....for gong gong, mummy, bla bla..long list was given to me, no wonder she keep folding paper la... Proudly present her hand make paper boat.... Last time mummy very clever in paper folding, now all forgot, looks like me really gettting older liao! sob! sob! Now Wien teach me how to do it....

The 4

I was tagged!! Was thinking can escape from this tag, at laeast still kena tag by Allyfeel. But after putting up all these, I am sure we will get to know each other much better! Here's my 4 …lucky not 8.... keke… 4 jobs you've had in your life: 1. Packer in a biscuit factory (while waiting for my SPM result.... after few months there, loss appetite whenever see biscuits…) 2. Production clerk (while waiting for STPM result..tell lie only can get this job le, else they will not take a fresh school leaver…) 3. Personal Assistant 4. Secretary/Shipping Executive 4 movies you could watch over and over: 1. The Sound of Music ( 4 times, had a copy for my collection, now is Wien's turn watch it over n over) 2. NIL 3. NIL 4. NIL …yes, I only have one favorite movie… 4 TV shows you love(d) to watch: - Majalah 3 - Nona - All on cooking…such as chef wan or amy beh - no more.... 4 places you've lived: - Melaka (before marriage) - Tangkak, Johor (after marriage…till now) - NIL - NIL so good life, can shift to so many places....

4 places you've been on vacation to:

- Whole Malaysia except Sabah (had been at least step on those states la….) - Thai border (so sad, never been Bangkok so far…) - Germany, France, Netherland, Belgium, England (so far this is the most wonderful and memorable trip in my life..) - Hong kong, Shenzhen and Guangzhou 4 places you would rather be: 1. My Home 2. Shopping mall 3. Beach 4. Above 5 star rate hotel..keke(never stay before mah..)

4 of your favourite foods: - Rendang chicken/beef - Curry chicken - Homemade Hakka Tea(客家擂茶)

- my fried chicken

.....wah...looks like I like chicken very much wor..

4 of your favourite beverages: 1. Coffee 2. Kopi-o 3. DOM 4. Red wine

4 (or more) websites you visit daily: 1. Here

2. My Yahoo mailbox

3. All of your updated blog

4. The Star Cyber Kuali( see, I love to read recepi, hope can try all but too bad no time!!.)

4 tagged: - Michelle (keke..cannot ask Tim or Emily to do this ya...)

- YoYo's Mama( I wish to know more about u...did u back to Malaysia this CNY?)

- Tracy's Net (yeah..I tag you again!!!)

- Chanel Wong(long time no update/hear from u le...) also no hutang too...enjoy the tagging...

Monday, January 23, 2006

Our Conversation

Conversation I Hubby: 今天可以去喝茶吗?(Can I go for tea-chat tonight?) Me : 不可以(Nope!) Hubby: 为什麽不可以?(Why no?) Me : 不可以就不可以啰!(No means no lor!) ...just want to play a fool with him... He turns to Wien and talk to her. Hubby : 维维,妈咪不给爸爸去喝茶哩!(Wei Wei, mummy not allow papa out for tea-chat le!) Wien : 妈咪,我要给爸爸去喝茶!(with stern voice : Mummy, I wan to let papa go out!!) Me : 为什麽要给呢?(Why must let him go?) Wien : 因为我爱爸爸嘛!(bcos I love papa mah!) Me : 酱你不爱妈咪啦?(So you not love mummy anymore?) Wien : 没有啦!!爸爸很久没有看到Ah Pok Uncle了。(No la, papa long time never see Ah Pok uncle) fast she find an excuse for her papa... Me : 酱你叫爸爸帮妈咪折衣先。(You ask papa help me fold laundry first.) Wien : 爸爸,快点帮妈咪折衣!(papa, quick, help mummy fold laundry!) Sometimes she so clever to side for her daddy and win his heart.


Conversation II

Me : 妈咪生爸爸的气,今天不要买蛋糕给他!

Mummy angry with papa, dun want to buy him birthday cake today.

Wien : 今天是爸爸的生日?妈咪买蛋糕啦!

Today is papa's birthday? Mummy buy cake la...

Me : 不要啦!爸爸只顾他的电脑,没有帮妈咪打扫!

Dun want la, papa always play with his notebook and never help mummy clean the house.

Wien : 妈咪不要生气啦,等下爸爸会伤心哩!

Mummy dun angry with papa le, papa will upset le..

Me : 什麽是伤心?

What is upset?

Wien : 伤心会哭啰

Upset then cry lor!!

Does she really understand the Upset meaning? I really dun know, but nowsaday, she really talks like a big girl.

Saturday, January 21, 2006

Future Kid Singer - II

Mummy nothing to blog recently, post up some others Wien's song. Enjoy listening.... 1. Bangun Pagi 2. 捕鱼歌 3. 呱呱呱

Friday, January 20, 2006

First summon

Yesterday early morning (abt 8.30am)I kena one summon from police; while driving towards office. It’s my fault, for not stopping at a T junction. Right after I turned left, there are 2 policemen there. I also not fasten my seat belt (so bad driver hor!!). I used to fasten seat belt while half way driving, or after some distance after my house…should practice to do it right after I seat onto my driver seat NOW!! Well, I still manage to fasten it before the policeman ask me to stop. He questioned me why not stop just now and want me show him my license. No good reason I can gave since he saw everything. So he said he will summon me on this. I did not talk much to him too as my negotiation/arguing power is poor, you want to summom me, summon la. I afford to pay wan (chewah chewah..seem like money no place to spend hor!!). I also did not offer him any kopi-money, scare he will charged me another sentence pulak, you will never know..since now they are wearing “Anti Rasuah” badge!! In fact, how effective this badge ha? Back to office, I pass the summon sheet to my HR, since he always settle this kind of summon for my boss. Hopefully I can pay less or escape from paying!!?? He phoned the policeman he knew to discuss on this. Later he came and ask me to go to police station before noon to see this policemen, as he claim he can help me to settle this. I ask why I must go now and how he is going to help me? I said I dun want to go and see this policeman as I dun trust them too..(in fact I scare he will ask me do the squatting le…aiyo, really takut le). My HR said if I go now and show the sheet to him, he can check from the system whether the summon being keyed in or not, if not yet key in, then he can settle this. At last my HR go on behalf of me..keke… About 11.30am, he back from police station, he told me the summon being filed; I have to pay the compound. Wow, since when our policemen so efficient , so fast update those summon within not even half a day?? Never mind, I pay lor. Original amount is RM300 (so much ka??), after appeal is RM150 ( 50% discount??), but due to the policemen knew my HR, so he offer me RM70( Really??). Whatever amount it is, the most he can bargain is RM70!! RM70 I can buy at least 2 pack Mamy Poko, or one can Enfakids (1.8kg ) or 2 can Enfalac le!!! Hai, next time really have to be ikut undang-undang while driving...奉公守法.. Hope this is the first also the last summon in my life...

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Updated : added translation in green will be more unstandable in Mandarin rather than English! Wien 懂得不少用词,她也在学习新的用词(通过我们平时讲话的用词)。 最近她喜欢问我以下问题…. Wien learn new terms via our daily conversation, sometimes she will surprise us with those term. Well, recently she likes to ask me below term..... Wien : 妈咪, 昨天是什麽? (Mummy, what is yesterday?) Me : 昨天妈咪带你去外婆家 (Yesterday mummy brought u to grandma's house) Wien : 妈咪, 今天是什麽? (Mummy, what is today?) Me : 今天妈咪炸鸡给你吃! (Today mummy make fried chicken for you) Wien : 妈咪, 刚才是什麽? (Mummy, what is just now?) Me : 刚才我们去大姑家! (Just now we went to SIL#1's house) Wien : 妈咪, 现在是什麽? (Mummy, what is now?) Me : 现在维维在跟妈咪讲话啰! (Now Wei Wei talk to mummy lor!) Wien : 以后是什麽? (Mummy, what is future?) Me :以后维维长大了要帮妈咪煮饭啰! (Future when Wei Wei grow up, have to help mummy cooking lor!) 我相信她还是分不清以上的用词,因为她几乎每天都在问我同样的问题! I dun think she can differentiate those terms clearly as she almost everyday ask me the same questions! ***************************************** Below these 2 parts is on chinese proverb. You go to ask someone to read for you, as I dunno how to translate them...sorry ya...hehe 有一天,Wien 在彩画画。。。 Me : 为什麽你的Barney这麽多颜色? Wien : 多多颜色才美嘛!才五颜六色嘛!哗!他懂得用五颜六色哩!) ***************************************** 地上满地都是玩具,我问Wien是谁的杰作。 Me : 维, 谁把玩具乱丢? Wien : 小妹啰,弄到地上乱七八糟哎哟,他竟然会讲乱七八糟!!) 这小女子竟然会用成语。。。

Monday, January 16, 2006

CNY Preparation

CNY just around the corner, our Xmas tree had turned to become 梅花树 ! Lyon just love to touch the flower, she will say: hua, hua (花),美美(beautiful flower). The tree not really properly decorated yet, just hang some 梅花 (blossom?) for the kids pleasure viewing only... In fact the house also not really do the big cleaning (大扫除!), over the weekend me dunno busy for what, the time seem like not enough to spend! Wish I could have more than 24 hour! Hubby complaining me why I must do the cleaning for CNY, just let it be la! Man are man, they just couldn't understand, right? Normally I only do the simple cleaning, as the 2 girls will disturb me. Like last year, when I do the cleaning, Wien also come and "help" me, end up she play with the water, wet her whole shirt & pant! I have to wait for their nap time only can do this and that! So what can we do in 1-2 hour (their nap time)?? I wish I could make some cookies, like Zara's mama; sew many many dresses for Wien, Lyon, Zhi Yin(brother's daughter), my mum, myself, my sisters...bla bla bla...but where to find the extra hours? unless no sleeping time lor! Sound very busy hor.... Well, my room had done the cleaning last weekend, with hubby help of course! Must get him to involve, me alone cannot do all. Kitchen done by MIL, as most of her things were there, if ask us to clean, sure many things will be threw by hubby one; so she say she will do it herself..keke..what a relief for me!! Next step is to decor the house so that to feel the new year mood; couln't feel the new year mood without the nice decoration. Hubby again say me eat full nothing to do ka, already claimed no time yet still find thing to busy speechless...he always the one 泼冷水(pour cold water to me)!sigh*...but I will still do it, get Wien to help me..yeah! Last Sunday, SIL#1 bought Wien one packet of the CNY blossom, Wien just simple placed it on the table, later put it on table. At last dunno where she put!! At night, MIL baru remember the flower, get Wien to look for it. She couldn't find it, all of us also dunno where the packet gone! After 1/2 hour, my six sense told me to look into the dustbin, I call Wient to check it. Here we found the flower!! Who dare to threw it???

It's Lyon Mok's great job!! 莫静杰的杰作!Recently she like to threw thing into dustbin. She threw this flower too after she bite the plastic bag one hole, maybe she noticed this flower cannot eat one so mah threw lor! LOL!! So now, if anyone one of us missing something, first place to check is the dustbin..keke...

Friday, January 13, 2006

Playful Lyon

I ever heard that second baby will be more playful than the first. Dunno how true it is..but I slowly can see from Lyon. She is more playful and active than Wien if compare to age as 14months now! Of course la, because she is Wien's follower ma! So, cannot say second baby is more playful....not fair to them too. Whatever Wien is doing, she will imitake or follow. Eg: Lyon refuse to put on the Xmas hat, but after she saw Wien is wearing it, she will snatch from Wien pulak, then put it on by herself. Wien sometimes will elongated her tougue while playing with me, she wil imitake too! So many things she imitake if she happen to see doing it. Recently she will pick up things from floor and threw into dustbin, either a piece of paper or toy. We saw her picking thing then walk walk walk towards dustbin, wonder what will she do. Then she straight threw it inside dustbin! When she share food with Wien, Wien will open the plastic, then Lyon will responsible to threw it to dustbin..what a good partnet hor! Wien never ask her to threw it, but she will pick up from floow and threw it. Last night I was sitting near to my sewing machine, Lyon keep open/close the drawer, she will dig whatever thing inside the drawer too. She managed to dig out one small packet button, then she walk out from the room. I just follow her, to see what is her next action. She walk towards dustbin and threw! Aiyo this girl...why threw mummy's thing! While I pick up from the dustbin, MIL quickly told me dun pick up, else next time she will pick up thing from dustbin too! Ya hor, how come I never think of this( in fact I always never think of the consequences of what I am doing..!!)..but too late, the packet already in my hand. Guess what Lyon do after that? She also put her hand in the dustbin and want to pick those rubbish! sigh* During bedtime After sending her to bedroom, she will just remain playing on her bed. Lucky she will not walk around the room or climb up my bed so far. But if Wien suddenly enter the room, then charm lor, she will not sleep then, she will keep playing with her till I have to chase Wien out from the room. So I have to make sure Wien has her homework or daddy keep her occupied b4 I send Lyon to bed. I will sing to her, after that I will pretend sleeping, hoping she will sleep too! But sometimes she will come close to me, either sayang my face ( at the same time she will keep say yang yang), or poke my nose or mouth using her finger! If I say mummy pain pain la, then she will be more excited and keep repeating her trick! She is that playful but we love it as she bring so much laughter to the family, just like when Wien is at her age... Squatting down to look for "aw"(the way she call pussy cat) under my car! She read as : UpPer = apple, Olen = orange. One side of our wall full with these pasted paper. It's look ugly but worth it! It is Wien's daily read. Whenever Wien is reading them, Lyon also will come and join the reading. It is fun when see she point one by one and read, although duno what she read!

Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Mercedes Car

Lyon start walking few weeks ago. Although she just start walking but recently been running here and there already. I always describe the way she walk like a duck, run like a penguin. Wien likes to tease her to run with her, then this blur blur Lyon also follow her naughty jie jie. We scare too when see the way she run, seem wanna fall down…. One night Lyon pick up this round thing (one of their toy), and start runing around the dining hall, at the same time her mouth keep "brumm brumm brumm"....look carefully, only we realise what she is doing...She treats that thing as her car steering and she is driving!! LOL.... Brumm brumm brumm, I have mercedes le..u? Hey, I am driving la, dun block my way.....hai, driving no fun le, so tire... Her mouth full with saliva after few rounds!! Aiyo, this small girl so observant; see her daddy turning the steering while driving, she also want to do that way! Tim Michelle, you are right la, milk powder full of DHA now, that can create so many creative kids...haha...


These few days had been raining non-stop, I think started since Friday night. The weather become cooler and cooler. My laundry had to hang for 2 days only dry. No dryer at home as I dun think it is necessary in Malaysia. Since the weather so cold, in order not to get cold, so I get my girls to wear long pant and short sleeve (usually they wear sleeveless shirt or dress). But still feel cold. Out of sudden, Wien keep wanting me to take out her hoodie sweater. I refuse as I already keep them well in the cupboard….but this girl keep begging me to take out. At last I took out too, as I think sweater can keep them more warm ! Lyon looks cute in her red hoodie, daddy cannot tahan and took some photos for them.

Monday, January 09, 2006

My Mum's 68th Birthday

11/01 - Update with some photos... Last Saturday is my mum's chinese calendar birthday, she is 68 years old now! She seldom eat outside food, she will cook rather than ta-pau! She is dat traditional women. Well, for most of her birthday, we will try our best to go home & celebrate with her. Last year I not manage to go home due to my confinemnt, so this year I have to! My big elder sister prepared longan jelly & nyonya pong teh chicken from her house. Me buy a chocolate cake (buy it becos that bakery shop name it 贵夫人 that attracted my attention!! Also good recommendation from the shop owner) and prepared my favourite fried chicken ( chicken again hor?!). Then mum fried mee hoon and nugget for the kids. At first she want to cook curry chicken but I stop her, else we are going to eat 3 type of chicken dishes...heheh !! Second sister stay in KL, she did not come back this year, have to wait till CNY only come back . Big Elder brother buy satay, one of Wien's favourite's food! Youngest brother stay in Seremban, he still need to work full day on Saturday, to cover for CNY. So by the time they (wife & one toddle girl) reached home, it's already almost 8pm! But we start eating first lor, else Wien will be searching for junk food liao! By 9pm, cake cutting session. When I took out the cake, Wien very happy to help me put the candle on, so does brother 's toddle girl, Zhi Yin. But they put the candle up-side down, u can see from the picture. Lyon also come over and start touching the cake, I quickly get hubby to hold her. Wien very greedy, while put on the candle, she quickly snatch the jelly on top of the cake & put into her mouth!! I quickly stop her, but she still manage to eat bad this girl! After singing the birthday song, Wien, Lyon and Zhi Yin blow the candle pulak, instead my mum! kids are kids hor! The greedy Wien le, after blowing, she quick hand quick leg sapu all the balance jelly! I not yet shout at her, she already finish all! My elder sister keep laughing the way she sapu the jelly. Wien has 2 camera toys, those already cannot be used anymore. She so far never seen any people took picture with it. So when my elder sister took out her analog camera(yes, she still using it...) and took picture, she keep looking at it and start asking us whether that camera is toy or real camera! How come so big one ha? Me and hubby cannot tahan the way she asked. I think next 1-2 years, sure no one kids will know what analog camera is! They only know digital camera...poor thing! Just like those black and white TV.... Lyon this time in my mum's house walking, running here and there liao; previously only crawling. She even want to climb & play with the staircase, so dangerous! She quite attached to daddy now, so I can do the fried chicken & help my mum too. If not, she cling to me, anything also cannot do..sigh! She attached to daddy since daddy was on long leave(one whole week while factory shut down) last Dec 05. Me now can lepak with Wien without worrying Lyon will cry if leave her with daddy..kekeke...

2006 First Tagging

Suppose to blog on my mum’s birthday on last saturday; but this morning, found me kena tagged by Jazzmint pulak. Ok, do this first if not I will put aside duno till now! The Rules: Remove the blog in the top spot from the following list and bump everyone up one place. Then add your blog to the bottom spot. 1. The Life of an Independent Babe 2. My All 3. All About Zara 4. Faythe's Baby Blog 5. Jess2princess Then you select five people to pass the love on to. Here's my selection : 1. Tracy’s net –wish to know your past 10 years... 2. Sabrina – 2nd baby coming soon? 3. Baby smooches – how’s your new working environment? 4. Jason – other than eating, what else you like? 5. Egghead – me tag you lagi, despite other ppl also tag u! you have to do also, since so many choop you liao! keke...

1. What were you doing ten years ago?

Now is 2006 hor 1996 I just finished my studies in TARC, pursuing Diploma in Business Studies(ICSA) my first job as Personal Assistant/Adm Exe. In Sinmah Multifeed(not related to my studies at all !!!) Though now no longer served this company, but glad to say that I still keep in touch with my ex-colleage & ex-boss!

2. What were you doing 1 year ago?

One year ago, I still in maternity leave (give birth to Lyon on 22/11/04). Busy taking care newborn bb, at the same time busy entertaining Wien, due to sibling rivalry & jealously! What a tiring & horrible phase that I have to go through!

3. Five super fatty and high cholesterol snacks you enjoy:

1. Rendang chicken

2. Satay (chicken or beef)

3. chips potatoes (canot live without it)

4. pineapple tart

5. keropok (prawn or fish type..)

4. Five songs to which you know all the lyrics off your head right now:

1. 摇篮曲 2. twinkle twinkle little star 3. Baa Baa black sheep 4. 虎姑婆 5. all baby/kids song la…if want to list out, will be not enough space…

5. Five things you would do if you were a millionaire (actually how far can you stretch a million dollar nowadays?)

1. Travel round the world with my family ( hubby & 2 girls) 2. Buy a big bungalow with all the hi-tech facilities inside, with a friendly Asimo robot too! 3. Open a boutique & be a lady boss! 4. Some portion donate to charity body ..err have not think to donate how much ! 5. Balance bank in & earn interest

6. Five bad habits:

1. impatient (hubby always say me like true also)

2. bad housekeeping bad, messy

3. nag my hubby …in fact he is there for me to release my fuss! Bad hor?

4. use office hour to do blogging..but then hor at home no time le

5. like to do things in rush

7. Five things you like doing:

1. Spending quality time with my hubby & girls

2. visit my mum more often

3. learn photoshop

4. shopping shopping shopping..without kids around

5. eat healthily

8.Five things you would never wear, buy, or get new again:

1. handphone – have to use till it really cannot ‘play with’ 2. baby walker 3. baby cot 4. school uniform ( same as twinsmum) 5. perfume ( I have many collections, is time to stop buying, but but hor I couldn’t resist buying le !)

9. Five favorite toys:

1. Wien & Lyon…my great toys which bring so much laughter to us!

2. sewing machine 3. cooking set (wok la) 4. perfume 5. ??......couldn’t think what else le..

Friday, January 06, 2006

Popeye Baby

I ever posted Popeye Uncle sometimes ago. Now I want to post on Popeye Baby! Few days ago, while I view thru Wien & Lyon pictures, I saw these Popeye Baby pictures, couldn't resist to post here, as she look so cute with the so called "smoking pipe" in her mouth! I did not know since when these picture being taken, later only found out from hubby he is the one who took the pic sometimes ago. Sometimes SIL will use the camera to take their pic too! Hubby said that night, Lyon played with the scoop. Play, play, play, later she put it into her mouth(ya, she put everything into her mouth!!), then her head keep turning here & there, really looks like she is smoking, so hubby mai took the picture lor! Maybe she think she is smart by doing that nice if can video it...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Lullaby Songs

风呀你要轻轻的吹,鸟呀你要低低的飞,我家小宝宝已经要睡了。 宝宝的眼睛像妈妈,宝宝的眉毛像爸爸,宝宝的鼻子呢又像爸来又像妈。 快睡吧,妈妈的小娃娃,睡醒带你去玩耍,玩耍玩到外婆家! This is the first song that we sing to Wien & Lyon when they are baby. I sing it when put them to sleep; either day time or night time. I did this because my MIL started it. She sings to them since they are newborn. I can say both my FIL & MIL love singing, FIL also a choir member, his group ever has presentation in China, Sabah, Sarawak before, no play-play and not kara-oke type though. But those songs not suitable for me either. Ok, back to lullaby song. I learn through MIL, when Wien is a newborn; she keeps repeating the same song until Wien asleep. I think everyone will also can sing too if listen too many times..hehe…me even can sing during sleeping too!! During that time, Wien likes to cry, refuse to sleep too, so MIL keep singing & patting her till she sleep. I can say she prefers ma-ma more than mummy….quite sad too! According to my hubby, her mum, my MIL sang this song to them too while they are small, so this song had been passed to 2 generations liao! I am sure I will sing it to my grand-kids too! I am also singing others song to them, be English or Chinese song. They love them too! Wien love singing, she can sing well after few practice, maybe influence by us..since we had been singing so many songs to her. I recall when she slept in sarong, when she can talk, she will request us to sing some particular songs pulak, we have to sing that song ! If not, she will not 罢休! My mum ever say why I am wasting my time on singing to them to sleep, they will sleep too even without any singing. But I never regret on singing to them, although sometimes I did feel tired on singing but I feel proud when they start singing back to me, like what Wien do now. 有功劳才有收获! Do you sing to your baby?

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Rendang Chicken

I love rendang chicken very much, but till now still cannot cook out a very delicious of this food. Also this food need lots of ingredient, such as serai, santan(can replace with Carnation milk, but still the santan the best!!) , chili paste, kelapa parut etc lazy mummy like me used to buy the ready make paste from market, just add in chicken one! This of course make my life easier but the result not so good, as the paste itself not so tasty liao! I had been tried few type of paste's brand so far.......but last weekend I had FOUND a tasty paste....(from Cosway's) Instead of saying I am a member of this direct sale, can say I am the regular customer la, because the purpose I join is to buy the product for my own used only. I came across this DRY RENDANG PASTE from it booklet, so tempted to buy & try. Last Saturday, after work, I drove to the stockist center & buy one bag. The shop owner very close to me as they are my neighbour before. She taught me to fry the chicken first, set aside.Then fried the paste a while, add 2 glass of water, some Carnation milk & serai ( to make it more tastier), later add in the chicken. Stir till the chicken is cook & the water is drier. So for my dinner, I cook it since my fridge still got chicken! Wow, it's delicious. I definetely will buy again!

Monday, January 02, 2006

My attemp on Photoshop

...keke...mummy so tempted to learn photo editing, so queit queit install it in my office pc, if kena caught, die la..have to quick hand quick leg uninstalled it... Jazzmint has given a very detail lesson one on dualtone, I followed step by step, succeed!! but still need some work on trimming..... ...... ..... ..... ..... here it goes.... Lyon's cheeky smile....

p/s : next, I am going to learn the dual background....