Saturday, December 31, 2005

Welcome 2006!!

Goodbye 2005....Welcome 2006!
May all of you good luck in coming year & may all your wishes come true!!
I think this year my great achievement is to do blogging & knowing so many mummies & daddies bloggers. Yeah!!

Big Girl

Wien is a thumb sucker since she is 5-6th month old. When she is 2 years old, we try to wean her off from this habbit, mission fail. So daddy said never mind la, let her stop by herself, ask me dun force her, ok lor.... This year she is 3 years old, and still sucking her thumb during sleep time or watching TV. We was thinking to ourself that we must get rid off this habbit. We did it few months back, started at bed time first. I told her you are big girl now, have to stop sucking thumb, she asked me back why big girl cannot suck thumb? I said big girl suck thumb then others people will laugh at you. But she said she couldn't sleep le without doing this. So I suggest her to put in her thumb 1-2 second & take out, cannot suck long time. She tried but took long time to fall into her dreamland; I guess nearly 11.30pm only she fall asleep. Never mind, she need time to adjust this. But when I checked on her during midnite, her thumb was in her mouth, so slowly I took it out. Consider half way succeed la, although she still put in her thumb in & out. But regret to say that this only last for few days, after that she suck again, no matter how we beg her. We also not so strict on her at that time. Some friends or relatives suggest us to apply chili or pepper on her thumb but we never do it, as we think this is so cruel. Further more thumb sucking is not really a bad habbit. In fact, I love to see her sucking thumb during bed time when she is a baby, so cute & adorable! Am I right? Yee Ching's mommy & Zara's mama? I bet you are.... Last week, I guess is on 22/12, MIL try her method, a very simple method on weaning. Wien's thumb has a small bump (swelling caused by 3 years of thumb sucking). So MIL tell her she got to stop sucking else her bump will become bigger & bigger, then will burst, then will detached from her hand, then she got only 4 finger left liao...bla bla bla..she really scare wor!! We also tell her the same but she not scare at all...姜还是老的辣! you got to believe this...Wien has a favourite blanket, she called it 被被(Bei bei), used it since she is a baby, we are not going to take away this as ALL kids have their favourite things to accompany them to sleep. So during her nap time, MIL asked her to rub the bei bei at her ear, so that she will forget about her thumb, she also follow the instruction, then slowly fall sleep. When I back from work that day, she report all this to me, I am surprise too! Credit must go to MIL this time!! Until now she no longer a thumb sucker, also did not use her bei bei to rub ear anymore but still using bei bei while sleep....Yes, she can do it! MIL also managed to train her drink milk without bottle (after the weaning off thumb sucking). She bought lots of straw for her to drink from her bottle now instead of using the teat. She said slowly she will get Wien to drink directly from cup. OK, let's see. Next mission : No diaper at night..(she still wear diaper at night, try to train her few months back, but she wet my bedsheet/mattress....) I can say Wien recently quite behave (kuai), a lot of things she can do by her own now. She can wear shirt & put on pant by herself. She can put on stocking & shoes as well. She can feed herself during meal time ( credit to daddy). She can wash her plate after meal time. She can help me fold laundry. She will help to take care Lyon. She can do her paper cutting & homework when we are busy. How time flies, now she almost a Big Girl liao, lots of things can handle by herself. Sometimes we chat in adult tone too, she pretend a big girl & mummy pretend her friend..hehe..very soon, we can go shopping together by holding hand to each other...just like 3 sisters ( of course with Lyon around)

Friday, December 30, 2005

客家擂茶(Hakka Tea)

In my Childhood Food post, I did mention that I like Hakka Tea very much. Last weekend, me, hubby & both girls went back to my mum's house. My mum's place did plant those leave that use for hakka tea. So I took some of the pictures & posted big big here so that can see clearly, as I dunno how to tell the leave there are...

Take about 10 slice of this leaves...

This one u can put more than... er er 20 slice la, normally we only agak-agak..hehe

This one 2 slice will do, u can fried with garlic/shallots b4 grounding also can, more fragrant.

3 types of these "life" leaves, one table spoon chinese tea(any type will do, but not so pitter one la), some sesame & peanut(the more the merrier..hehe, as I love these 2!), all pour into the pot & start grounding them. OK, just to tell you guys one thing here, some modern & smart peoples (my mum is one of them) do not use the pot to ground anymore, they use BLENDER to blend instead! Really save the job on washing the pot part! Then pour in hot boil water, add salt & serve with 米籽. As I said in previous post, can add in fried vegetables too, more yummy!

My mum blended some of this & kept in fridger, and pass to me when I am going back, also pack some 米籽 & peanut...hehe..see , she know I love this food very much...!

Wien & Lyon love the 米籽very much, keep eating it at home now! I have to keep some for myself le, else, cannot eat with my hakka tea liao!!

My attempt on 5 star dish

Few months back, I got the "nai lap ha" recepi from Twinsmom. I tried one time but fail, so last weekend I tried again, this time successful yummy! But I still found the nai lap seem like not so crispy le as compare to picture posted by Twinsmom, or it memang not crispy one? If anyone of u wanna try to cook this dish, u can get the step by step instructions from Twinsmom's blog! Happy trying ya.... I know someone recently had tried it & the result not bad wor...and also there is one mommy recently very rajin cooking homecook food, perhaps she could try this.....

Christmas Eve

During Xmas Eve, daddy drove us to Portugeese Settlement. We knew it would be crowded there but we still went. This is because last year we are unable to enter the crowd, too many cars! So this year we are more clever liao, we go early early..haha! Before 7pm we already reached there, not many cars yet. We have our sea food dinner there too! Mummy & daddy love spicy food, so we order lala cook with sambal, 1 big crab in butter garlic & 1 crab in sweet & sour. Mummu prefer the butter garlic crab, very nice, the sweet & sour just so so only. Then order 1 type mix vege & 1 noodle for Wien since she love noodle more than rice! Nothing for Lyon, but mummy did bring along her porridge! Total bill is RM56++... Almost 9pm only we managed to finish our dinner, believe u guys know, when taking baby or kids for meal, we have to eat by taking turn, some more Lyon refuse to sit still in baby chair, need to take turn to carry her too! While waiting for the dishes served, mummy brought both girls walking around the place, the restaurant was just beside the sea (but the sea side quite dirty though!). All surrounding was decorated with nice lighting, plus quite windy too, the feeling is good! In Melaka, this is the place that you can enjoy most the Christmas festive! After dinner, we join the crowd to look see look see those nicely decorated house, they even decorated lighting on all the plants & tree outside the house! The house resident also very friendly, they even invite us to enter their house but we just stand outside & take pictures. Feel shy too if enter the house as we dunno them ma. But one of them get Wien to take photo with his daughter, ok la just let Wien enter his house. Also there is one of the resident pretend Santa Claus too, distributing tibits & sweets to those kids... make those kids so happy, including Wien. Very huge Santa Claus.. There is function going on too on the same night, they invited Melaka Chief Minister coming over for the count down. But we did not wait till count down as need to be back by 11pm, to attend a neighbour's house for the count down plus xmas carolling.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Back to office life...

After enjoying so many holiday with my family, today back to office, look at my desk, so many documents & paper in my incoming tray, some were on my desk, I know today no time to do my blog liao, have to clear all this only I can have a clear mind to write my blog. Hai, each time when go for long holiday, I have to face this busy day when back to office. I enjoy this off day very much with my kids, although we did not go outstation for the travel, as we know everywhere will be crowded too. Even though so many days at home, but I did not write my blog, only do the quick suft net & read others blog when my kids have their nap. I only able to write it during office hour, becos at that time I only have a clear mind, without kids interruption. OK, go to work now, to clear my office things first, will blog my Xmas holiday when I am free, hope today late evening I am able to do it.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Lyon is walking

Mummy wants to do back date on this... Yes, Lyon start walking on 26/12. She is 13th month by now; just one month later than Wien on walking phase. Before this she only walked 2-3 steps then follow by crawling. Now she can walk more than 3 steps without our support, quite a distance though; is another growth milestone for her.... Mummy knows sooner & later we are going to chasing after her around the house liao; got to train Wien to keep an eye on her. In fact these few days daddy has been asking Wien to look after Lyon, so whenever Lyon is doing something dangerous, Wien will telling us by shouting to us. Haha, is good to have sibling though! Lyon so far can pronouced below few words.... papa - daddy, very clearly le, mummy so envy! che che - Wien mum mum - food up - when she want us to carry her out from sarong 包包- refer to her diaper as we used to mentioned this to her when put her diaper on ma ma - grandma hua - flower eh eh - dirty (point to floor) Cannot recall what other words by now fact she understand what we said, just slow in speaking, still need few months to practice. Wien can say simple sentence by month 18, consider quite fast! Just wait & see Lyon's progress!

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Merry Christmas

Since Christmas is just around the corner, here myself & my family wish all of u :
Merry Christmas


Wien know few 诗歌(Chinese poem), mostly taught by SIL but daddy only managed record 3 so far. Some pronunciations is out, need further training, but at her age now consider is good enough la. Mummy has to teach her new poem now as SIL no longer stay with us after her marriage. Below are the poems recorded by daddy too..

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

When You Are Away

When you are away, I have to make milk for the girls. When you are away, I have to wash the milk bottle after feeding. When you are away, I have no time to flip read newspaper. When you are away, I have to teach Wien write words. When you are away, I have to entertain both girls. When you are away, I have to wash the plates after dinner. When you are away, I have to wipe the floor if Lyon urine. When you are away, I have to get Wien to brush her teeth and change her into her pyjamas. When you are away, only I realize all the time you had shared with me above tiny workload; although I still complaining you for not helping me...hehe p/s: ….just mumbling here as hubby was outstation this whole week…

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

智障儿童之家 - Handicapped Children Home

Last Sunday, Wien's Sunday School arranged a trip to 智障儿童之家. Each of them have to contribute a gift, anything will do; to give to the kids in the center. Wien pick a soft toy from her collection, is a doggie. MIL also prepared some sweets for her to distribute to her friends in school as well as to the kids in the center; then change her into her last year Santarina suit. The top already altered to suit her current size, if not will be a bit tight for her. I think by next year has to make a new suit for her, and this one can pass to Lyon then... Not much activities during the day, other than singing section, the main reason they are there is to distribute X'mas present for those kids. The church itself also prepared gift set for them as well as to their student! I did not go along with Wien; as usual, is daddy brought her to Sunday School. Here are some of the photos taken by daddy....

Wien taking photos with the group

She is distributing sweets...

Wien singing : we wish u a merry xmas, we wish u a merry xmas,

we wish u a merry xmas & a happy new year!

Present she got during the day. These small things already can make her happy

the whole day...!!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Future Kid Singer

Quite some time ago, daddy recorded many songs that sang by Wien. He did this whenever mummy sent Lyon to bed, as he scare Wien will go in the room and kacau-ing her sister Lyon. Wien very happy when daddy pass her the mic, she will sing non stop then. Here are some of the songs, hope you guys can hear.... 1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star 2. Baa Baa Black Sheep 3. 树林里的小鸟(mummy duet with Wien...)

Sunday, December 18, 2005

X'mas Tag

Jason玩点指兵兵,又被点到我来玩这个很莫名其妙的圣诞串联游戏。 我总是被刚认识不久的 blogger 点我的!!! 先是这美少女,后是这俊男.. 串联方式: 请先列出邀请你的圣诞老人是谁,然后写出你想要的礼物,再列出你邀请的朋友,数量不拘,再到你邀请的朋友blog留言,通知他们一声。 圣诞老人:Jason

我最想圣诞老人送我一个土阿妈做的项链!阿姨知道你还在念书, 不想你买贵贵的礼物!

被我邀请的朋友是: Hui Sia Jefferene Milly Lok Kee

Thursday, December 15, 2005

Childhood Food

One of the Shopping Queen tagged me some time ago. Here are my prefer child food, but I still could find them in my hometown....

Kampong Egg These kampong eggs are come from my house too, no need to buy one. As my mum likes to rear some chicken at the back of our house. I still can remember the first day I enter school into primary one, my mum boil 2 hard boil eggs for me as the breakfast, she said after eating these 2 eggs, all my result will be score as 100%!! Wow, its true man…I can proudly tell you that I am the top student (No. 1 in the class out of about 30 students!!) from primary 1 to 6. Also score all As in all the paper in my SRP & SPM, no joke wor, I can show the result slip too! But STPM & college’s result not all score As, but still not too bad though. Hehehe…so parents out there, do give your kids 2 eggs when they first day enter school wor!! Even till now I still like to eat kampong egg, source still come from my mum too. The different is I prefer half boil egg although some may advise not advisable to eat like that, but me just like it! Also eat a lot throughout my pregnancy. 客家擂(咸)茶(Hakka tea??) Sorry, me really no idea how to call this in English! If you are Hakka, sure know this food! I can say I like this very very much! This was introduced to me while I am very small. The ingredient quite a lot too, such as : Chinese tea, peanut, sesame, 1-2 types green leave (aiyah…dunno the leave name too!) etc etc.. Ground these ingredients in a pot with a “stick”( my mum one is get from guava tree!!). The pot has many “teeth” inside, so that can ground the ingredients till very fine. After that add in hot boil water, and add some salt. Later serve with 米籽(make from rice), top up with peanut, sesame and some fried vegetable which had been chop finely too. The vegetable types could be: long bean, cabbage, sayur sawi , black bean, yellow bean, red bean, anything you can damp in la. Then eat…yummy yummy..while typing this I already wish I could have one bowl in front of me now. Hubby side no one like it, including himself, although he still will take it when my mum serve him one bowl, but I can see he seem not enjoy this food. Haha , he even told Wien that it looks like air longkang le! Sigh* I only can eat this food in my mum’s house, as only there got all the “ka zhang”(tools). I also crave for it during my both pregnancy. So pity, each time when balik kampong my mum will make for me as she knew I like it. So I still can eat this food at this time. One day I will DIY this food and take few shots and show in my blog.

This image I copy from internet. 谷噜肉(sweet-sour-pork) Not long ago, this blogger chef blog on this food recipe. I love this food too. My uncle (my mum’s brother) used to cook it for us. I also learn from him. Sad to say that he had passed away 3 years ago (5 days before give birth to Wien) in a car accident. My mum not allow me to attend the funeral due to my pregnancy, I feel guilty till now, as this uncle love me very much.

I no longer can eat my uncle’s sweet-sour-pork, but lucky is I know how to cook this dish. Curry chicken My mum’s curry chicken is the best food I ever ate so far. But till now I still cannot master this dish, still need few practices. Rojak Mee Nearby my mum’s house there is a malay mamak stall sell this rojak mee, very nice. But this stall no longer there already. He only sells this rojak mee after 3pm; I used to buy it after back from school. The 4 people who were tagged before me: 1. Sngl Guy 2. Yvy 3. Helen 4. Zara’s mama Who I wanna tag ha?? Whoever la, if u want to share with us, just blog on it..ok?

Wien - Person of The Year

After reading this papa's blog on TIME magazine cover photo, mummy also go & submitted Wien's photo on 12/12/2005. Then today got their notification via email said that the photo being published on the electronic billboard. fast! Thought have to wait for some times, as sure many eat full nothing do people like me will do the same!! is the link... (mummy duno how to copy the picture, lucky this helpful 蛋头 help me, so here there are)

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Monkey jumping on the bed

Five Little Monkey is one of Wien favourite song. She heard this song when she is few months old. She knew how to climb onto my bed when she is less than 1 year old, since then she already started jumping or playing on my bed; but we stop her doing so, scare she will fall down. When she turn 2, whenever after hearing this song, she will go in my room & start jumping on my bed! She feel very fun & shiok as the spring will make her jump higher & higher! Below few shots taken by daddy while she enjoy jumping on the bed like a tomboy monkey girl!! ....when she is 2 years old ++ ... when she is 2 years old++ ...when she is 3 years old ++ Those photos were taken without mummy in the room; after the stunt show only daddy show mummy the photos, as he know if mummy is there, for sure will stop her doing this dangerous stunt!! Not surprise if one day Lyon also behave the same as her...because Wien will teach her one day too! Then there will be 2 tomboy monkey girls jumping the bed liao!

Two little monkeys jumping on the bed

One fell off and bumped his head

So Momma called the doctor and the doctor said

No more monkeys jumping on the bed!

Monday, December 12, 2005

报告,爸爸(Yes, Papa!)

Everyday when daddy back from office, he wants Wien to report him, on what she did the whole day. So each evening, when daddy is back, he will walk to Wien and raise his hand to his forehead (like those people do ta-pek la), meaning it is Wien report time. Therefore Wien has to put her right hand to her forehead too and do her report. Some examples of conversations as below:- Wien : 报告,爸爸, 今天维维有乖,今天维维有跟小妹玩。 (Yes, papa, today wei wei very kuai, wei wei play with mei mei) Daddy : 有欺负小妹吗? (Do you bully mei mei today?) Wien : 有!我推小妹跌倒! (Yes, I push her down!) Daddy : 为什麽推小妹跌倒? (Why you push mei mei?) Wien : 因为她抢我的东西。 (Because she snatches my thing) Daddy : 酱维维哪里有乖? (Then why you said you kuai?) Wien : ………(keep quite) Daddy : 酱维维以后还要推小妹吗? ( next time will you push her again?) Wien : 不要了。 (no..) Daddy : 去跟小妹讲sorry. (Say sorry to mei mei) Wien : go to Lyon and say: sorry ha, mei mei! Daddy : 还有东西报告吗? (Anything else want to report?) Wien : 没有了。 (Nothing liao) Daddy : ok, 好了。 (Ok, enough for today) Wien : 谢谢爸爸! (Thank you, papa…now only she put down her hand..) ************************************* Wien : 报告,爸爸, 今天维维有乖,今天维维有跟小妹玩。 (Yes, papa, today wei wei very kuai, wei wei play with mei mei) Daddy : 有欺负小妹吗? (Do you bully mei mei today?) Wien : 没有! (No) Daddy : 酱维维一整天做什麽? (Then what you do the whole day?) Wien : 维维有帮嘛嘛晒衣,扫地,抹地 ( wei wei help Ma Ma hang laudry, sweep the floor, mop the floor) Daddy : 还有吗? (Anything else want to report?) Wien : 没有了。 (Nothing liao) Daddy : ok, 好了。 (Ok, enough for today) Wien : 谢谢爸爸! (Thank you, papa…happily walk away..) ************************************* Sometimes Wien refuse to report, then she will hide behind me, hope that daddy did not see her or if she is having dinner while daddy ask her , then she’ll say : I am eating now, cannot talk much, if not , will choking ..hahaa. But daddy will not give her any accuse to skip the session, still will get her to do the reporting. Poor girl. Wien : 报告,爸爸, 今天维维有乖。今天没有东西报告。 (Yes, papa, today wei wei very kuai. Today nothing to report) Daddy : 为什麽没东西报告呢? (Why nothing to report le?) Wien : 没有就没有咯.. (No no la..) Daddy : 不可能没有的。 (Impossible nothing le..) Then she will repeat the same as previous day…..even though same but daddy still want her the reporting.

Friday, December 09, 2005

You got egg??

Mummy teaches Wien to differentiate Gents and Ladies toilet sign some time ago. I taught her whenever saw a sign with ladies wearing dress, then only we can enter as it is meant for ladies; whereas sign for male’s toilet is a guy wearing shirt only. She knew it but whenever before entering the toilet, she will ask like this …. Wien : mummy, girl 穿裙裙的是吗? (Girl wears dress, right?) Mummy : yes. Wien : boy ne? Mummy : boy 穿衣服的。(Boy wear shirt only) Repeat few times, believe by now she able to differentiate the signs. One day she ask me a question that I couldn’t answer her spontaneous, here is the conversation, too bad couldn’t recall when is the date! Wien : mummy, boy 有鸡蛋的吗? (Boy got egg or not?) Mummy : huh? (Cannot get what she means), 讲多一次(get her repeat the question.) Wien : mummy, boy 有鸡蛋的吗? (Boy got egg or not?) 上次我看到George 的 mummy跟他换裤的时候,我看到他的下面有鸡蛋哩! (Last time I saw George’s bottom got egg egg le, when his mummy change his pant!!) Mummy : oh my goodness!! (Laugh till cannot stop….) P/s : Wien thought the ku ku jiao is egg…btw, George is my second sister’s son, and he is 4 years old now. Mummy and daddy just cannot stop laughing when heard she say like that!! Even till now she still will ask mummy: - Daddy got egg or not? - Ah Gong got egg or not? - Hong Hong got egg or not? (neighbour’s son) hahaha...whenever see boy then she will ask this funny question!

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Popeye Uncle

Hubby sent his car for service last weekend. The taukeh of the workshop is a China Ah Pek; he likes to chit-chat with hubby whenever hubby goes to his workshop; any topic also he can join in. Here is the conversation between them last week. Ah Pek : eh, will you go KL recently? Hubby : nope. Why? Ah Pek : need your help to buy something for me. Hubby: what’s that? Let me know first, if I go then I buy lor. Ah Pek : Harry Potter book. Hubby: huh? “Eye rolls “(he said if got water in his mouth, sure he will split out) Ah Pek : I cannot find it in local book store le. Hubby very surprise when the Ah Pek say want to read Harry Potter book. Reason is this Ah Pek not understand English, neither speak in English too! He wonders how he read the book. But hubby did not ask him further as he scare later he might think hubby look down him. I ever met this Ah Pek before, most of the time he spoke hokkien to me but I reply him in mandarin because my hokkien half pail water one. When I imagine this Ah Pek squatting in front of his workshop, reading the Harry Potter with one smoking pipe in his mouth, I just couldn’t hold my laugh! LOL…btw, Wien always called this Ah Pek as Popeye Uncle due to his smoking pipe…. But at the same time, we also feel shameful la, till now we yet to read any series of Harry Potter book!

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

MMR crying wor..

This morning brought Lyon for her MMR injection, surprisingly she never cry! I expect she would cry like her previous jabs but turn out she is fine, really really surprise me! When the nurse do the injection at her right hand, her left hand keep wanting to pull the needle out from her some more! Seem like "boh rasa" le...haha, this girl today really give mummy a surprise! Before Lyon’s turn, there is one boy also did the MMR jab. I can hear his screaming from outside. I was thinking next screaming will come from Lyon too! End up no wor, the nurse also praise she is a good girl. Lyon only 8kg, nurse said she is not progressing well in weight, keep asking what food or milk that we feed her. She further add on that we should feed her rice as rice is more nutrient than porridge(first time I heard too!). Anyway I just agreed with what she said as I am not worry at all on her weight, since she is healthy and growing well now. Plus Wien also quite light at this age too! At 12 month now Weight : 8.0kg height : 71cm Teeth : Top - 4, Bottom - 3 Walking : 5 steps on 6/12, PIL & Wien as witness! I never done any preparation for this jab just brought her to clinic and jab. I ever heard that need to test with egg before the jab, if they allergy to egg, then cannot take the MMR jab. For Wien, I never test too, and she is ok with this jab. Let's pray Lyon will be the same too! All my girls' jabs were done in nearest government clinic, except their first jab. So can say we save a lot on this part. Not to say stingy la, all because it’s very convenience for us to go to this clinic, it just located very near to our house. Usually I will drive even it is within walking distance. If have to go to paed's clinic, then we have to drive about 30min le! During Wien’s time, the clinic only do the baby check up once in week, so quite crowded too sometimes. Usually I will drop the card first, later only go. But now it open daily for baby and pregnant women check up, so less crowded and we can finish all this in less than 1 hour. See, so fast and convenience, further FOC! Definitely can go la!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pool's fun

Last Sunday set up the pool for Wien to play, not me do the pumping air, but SIL #1 and her daughter it. Very tiring do the pumping air into the pool, it took approximately 2 hour (pump, stop, rest, pump, stop, rest….). The pool also never place in my house, it was keep by SIL#1; she stay very near to my house. She redeem it from RealReward, as a present for Wien 2 years ago. But I was thinking if just for Wien to play, not really fun la, if SIL’s daughter can play with her, then more fun lor! So I get her to keep the pool..haha..another point that I dun want to keep the pool is our porch always full with the cars (sound rich hor? No la, all are old national cars la). So if want to play the pool, then have to remove cars, which I hate the most! Lazy mummy is like that! Anyway I was thinking to get one that no need do the pumping air one, is easier! Also less work for me! Wien really have fun playing with water! But not Lyon, I also did not let her play as she is having mild running nose, scare she get cold! When I carry her closer to the pool, she seem scare (this is the first time she saw the elephant pool!). After some times, then only she seem ok, keep hinting me go nearer to the elephant nose, then she play with the water that come out from the nose! I dip her legs into the pool, she keep kicking the water but she only play for short while; after that she sign me to take her legs out from the pool!

Wien addicted to drama series..!!

Wien addicted to one of the Singapore drama series now. The drama starts at 9pm, end at 10pm. She “admires” one of the male actresses. The guy called Martin in the drama; I dun feel he is handsome but Wien just like her. She says his hair looks nice! My goodness, at 3 years old she can tell me in this way liao! What if when she is in teenage stage?? I couldn’t imagine that! One point to add is Wien like boy, uncle and ah pek since birth! Funny le! She prefer male to hold, carry or play with her; if girl, auntie or ah mah come near to her, sorry ya! She will cry loud loud. We dunno why she is like that! Even Lyon also the same, when see male, she will behave kuai kuai, if see female, from far far, she will start fussing liao! Note: Right is Martin's photo. After dinner time, about 8pm+, she will start asking me: when Martin show will start, Martin will come out today hor..bla bla bla …keep repeating the same questions! I took this chance to teach her how to read the clock then! When the short needle point to 9, long one point to 12, then its 9pm, you can on the TV then! So good, at least she learns something. I noticed she love to watch them dancing, while they dance, so also dance in the living hall. In fact, mummy & MIL also like to watch la, that’s why we never stop her from watching it..kekeke…but daddy doesn’t like her watch too much on this kind of show, he prefer she watch Barney, Magic English, kind of kids show la! Well, she doesn’t watch other drama, only this one attract her, so I dun think this will influence her mind! So, now when near to 9pm, I will get Wien to on the TV, let's watch together!

Monday, December 05, 2005


When come to bed time, I will send Lyon to bed first, as she sleeps earlier than Wien. In bed room, I used to play with her a while before she meet chou gong’s son. After I off the light, she will see the wall and show her excited sound! Guess what? Because I pasted many glow in the dark stars onto my wall. She loves it so much! Those were pasted while Wien stills a baby! Whenever I sang this song “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”, she will crawl towards bedroom and show me the stars. Lyon is too mobile by now, no longer sleep in her baby coat after month 2. So I placed a mattress on the floor and let her sleep there. When her energy not yet use up for the day, she will crawl here and there or try to climb to my bed. I just let her do that, as after some times she will tired and crawl back to her bed and sleep. But sometimes bad mummy will pretend cat or dog sound to scare her, she either will come to me or imitate their sound (of course not exactly the same la!). Sometimes Wien will come to room if she knew Lyon not yet sleep. If she comes in, then Lyon refuse to sleep liao, she will be very excited as she know jie jie will play with her! Then 2 of them will play hide and seek, screaming, throwing pillow, climb up & down from the bed, etc etc…by that time, mummy angry liao, no eye to see also! So I tell hubby, next time make sure dun let Wien enter the room before Lyon sleep. But hubby said he couldn't help too as if refuse to let Wien enter the room, she will scream or cry! Occasionally I will let Wien and Lyon sleeps together, but end up during midnight have to transfer Wien to my bed. 2 of them cannot sleep together le, either Lyon sleep on Wien’s tummy, or her legs crossing with Wien’s leg, or while she is rolling, rolled till Wien side, cannot roll over liao, then she start yelling! Both of them sleep on queen size mattress le, yet seem like not enough space too! Whole night like that, have to separate them, then only I have a good night sleep! Since last Friday night (02/12, have to mark this day!), Wien no longer sleep with us, she move to MIL’s room liao! Haha…hope she continue sleep with ma ma, so that my room not so pack! Then Lyon can roll & roll until bang the wall! Yeah... Wanna know how we persuade her to sleep with ma ma? Hubby tells her: you have to sleep with ma ma wor, if not big bad wolf (大野狼) will come and snatch away your ma ma at midnight le! We have been telling her many times but she still stick to our room; then out of sudden (last Friday la) she told us she want to change room to ma ma ‘s room and protect ma ma from big bad wolf!! Haha…We of course happy to hear that! Who's afraid of the big bad wolf Big bad wolf, big bad wolf? Who's afraid of the big bad wolf? Tra la la la la

Friday, December 02, 2005

You must have a boy!!??

After SIL's marriage, I think MIL must be feel lonely, as lack of one kaki accompany her during the day. SIL is a school teacher, she use to be around helping MIL after school session or during school holiday. Now after she moved out from our house, MIL must be feel something lost. They have yam-cha session during evening time, Wien & Lyon will also joining them. Wien with her sipping cup and Lyon with her bottle, either eating biscuit or cake or goreng pisang. Sometimes my 2 gals dun want to drink their own drink, they aim at ma ma(MIL)'s kopi-o. Wien will drink terus from ma ma's cup, as for Lyon, she will keep eyeing at the cup and hint ma ma to let her sip the cup too! If refuse to give her, she will keep kicking ma ma until ma ma give in! She is such a greedy girl, kopi-o also she can walluap! Few days back, I was in the kitchen with my MIL; suddenly she pat my shoulder and told me that I have to have at least one baby boy! Huh? Why all of a sudden she say like this? She must saw my face become so curious and weird, later she explained to me that : if you do not have any boy, after all your girls marry, all move out , then only left 2 of u, so lonely! icic, i got her meaning at last! At first I really thought she really mind that I only have girls so far! I reply her that : you think you want boy then boy will come out meh? Is not within my control le! She just smile to me! Now when I think back, maybe she really want a grandson. oh help! Hubby in the living room while our conversation took place, he overheard it too. He wink to me when I walked towards him ! He is the only son in the family, I believe everyone has the thinking that we must have a boy to carry on the family surname. But does this important? For most chinese, yes! They love boy so much, everything reserve for the boy. Am I right? My mum is one of them, sometimes did make we sisters so jeolous! So far I have not get any stress from hubby or even my PIL yet. But in their heart I duno la. Hai, thought can close shop liao...looks like cannot le...sob sob...

Thursday, December 01, 2005

All About Lyon

Lyon very attached to me and she demand a lot of attention from me too! If daddy or someone carry her, and I am not within her eye-sight, then is fine. If she happen to see me passing by, and ignore her, then she will cry until I carry her, sigh! I still couldn't figure out why she so glued to me, Wien is different from her, at least Wien can stick to others! Hai, this girl 真是令我又爱又恨! Lyon still on cruising stage, though she can stand with support but so far she yet to make her first step. Recently she would want us to support her to stand, after she stand, she will push our hands away mean she want to show off that she can stand alone la! When she stands alone, she will keep clapping her hands and smiling! So cute when see her action like that! Sometimes we will hold her hand and guide her to walk, but she will walk in big step, like King Kong walk! It’s funny when see her walk like that! Every one of us have to give way, if not kena her big step, sure swollen wan! Kekeke.. She can communicate with us, of course in her baby language! I think only we understand her meaning. While carrying her, if she want to go outside, she will keep pointing at the door, then say : huu huu..ah ah ah.. When we off the fan, she will shake her hand; mean the fan no longer spinning. When we on the TV, she will grab the remote control and point it towards TV. When we on the air-cond, she will point the remote control towards the air-cond too! Seem like want to adjust the temperature! When Wien on the CD, she will shake head and leg, clap hand, mean the show is on! When she touch the thing that not suppose to touch, and we say : No, No, No, she will shake her head, mean cannot touch ha..(with her funny look) When see us eating, she will quickly crawl towards us and say : mum mum mum.. When she is eating something, and we request some from her, she will either run away from us or put some into our mouth (depend on her mood!) All these actions will come with her baby er hu hu ha ha ah ah..dunno how to describe too! We do not talk the same to her but we talk to her in proper language, so that she can pick up fast and can talk fast! Wien can talk in simple sentence while she is 16 months, we also teach her the same way. Let's see Lyon can achieve the same or not! 加油!静杰!

Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Our Simple X'mas Tree

Before having Wien, we never celebrating Merry X'mas. We only make use of this public holiday to go for vacation or just relax at home. After having Wien, only we start treat it as a special day for her! All because due to Wien like Santa Claus very much as well as the X'mas gift! Year 2002 - She was only 8 mth + during her 1st X'mas , so she dunno much on this date yet. We brought her to shopping mall to see those pretty X'mas tree with light up. Year 2003 - As for her 2nd X'mas, she is 1 year 8 mth, but mummy & daddy did not celebrate this date with her, we go for our Europe trip instead!! We are celebrating our white X'mas there. Mummy felt guity, so bought many many gifts & souvenirs for her. Year 2004 - Come to her 3rd X'mas( which is last year), during X'mas day, we brought her to shopping mall to look for Santa Claus. At that time, I just gave birth to Lyon, she is only 1 month 3 days old, so did not bring her out, just leave her at home with my MIL. Wien so happy when she saw the Santa Claus, she quickly run towards him. The Santa carry her, surprisingly Wien did not cry although at first I thot she will cry. As for this year, mummy & daddy promised that her will up a X'mas tree for her if she behave as good girl. So last weekend, we go & shop for some X'mas decoration things. But we did not buy the tree, we use real plant! Daddy said no need to keep it after used which occupy some space! Err..mummy feel the tree not look like x'mas tree lor, but Wien is happy with it, ok la, never mind, as long as she is happy! All the things are hang by Wien herself, she refuse us to help her, she want to DIY ! So we just let her do it!

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Wien is my good helper nowadays! She will offer her help to me when she see me busy. She will help me do below things:

  • hang/fold the laundry ( hers & Lyon's only)
  • wash plate (but I only allow her to wash her own plate under my supervision!)
  • carry out the high chair for Lyon while feeding time (she prefer to put her head under the chair while carrying!)
  • arrange her CD in a proper place, no sepah-sepah after watching. If not, daddy will threw away all her favourite CD!
  • pass me wet tissue while Lyon poo poo.
  • put in the detergent into the washing machine, etc etc...

Though not many things she can help out but at least she did give me a helping hand while I am busy! I love you, Wien!

Monday, November 28, 2005

SIL Wedding on 26/11/2005

Youngest SIL getting marry on 26/11/2005. Wien is happy as she has been waiting for this date very long time liao, but at the same time, she also feel sad as she knew her 小姑(SIL) going to leave her & stay with her hubby. Here are some photos taken during the great day. Lovely couple with the 4 little pretty child brides... As norm, Chinese wedding ceremony got lots of pantang-larang, if you are superstitious enough, then you have to follow all the rules and regulations. At for my MIL side , she does not follow much those rules, as they are quite open-minded. But for SIL’s hubby side, they have lots of thing to do & to follow, until my SIL beh tahan. But what to do, as her future MIL already remind her to follow. So my MIL no choice , got to do also! As she dun want her daughter kena “bom” at the other side! In fact, all those rules are “aim” to get first baby boy! OMG, why at this generation, still got this kind of thinking?? Really no further comment on this! Frankly speaking, until now I still not really understand our Chinese culture, until when their mind will be changed? I do believe most of you that already married had gone through this stage, including myself! OK, lets wish this couple : 百年好和, 幸福美满,早生贵子,子孙满堂!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Sunflower Baby

Daddy seem like nothing to do yesterday & today, he modified Wien & Lyon photos into the sunflower & sent to me moment ago. I saw the modified photo so cute, so put in here la; also dun want to waste daddy's 一片苦心! In fact, the photos still need some touch up, daddy ask mummy to do but mummy dunno how to do just let it be...

Clinic/Height Chart

This morning, I went to see doctor, as I was having coughing few days liao. Cough until throat also pain. If I still no cure, afraid will spread the germ to my girls, then more worst! Better cure it before my girls suffer. Reach the clinic, while waiting for the doctor, I saw something that attract me, is a height chart! So far I never see this clinic hang the chart before. I have been searching for this very long time. I want to measure my girls’ height from time to time. I have one in my house; it was given by a very kind mummy. She took all the trouble and posted to me! You must be wondering why not I buy it from book store or shopping mall. In fact, I have been many bookstores before, even in MPH or Popular, I also couldn’t get it. They told me nowadays they seldom sell this stuff; suggest me to ask from clinic. I asked the counter girl how they get it ( in fact, I knew la must be the salesman give them one). Ya, it was given by Anmum Essential salesman. She saw me so keen to have it, then she go to store search for it in case they have any extra. I happily wait for her. After few minutes, she came out and told me no more liao, as they threw it because they never it. Aiyah, why not keep it and give to mummies le (such as me!). But she promised to keep one for me in case they have it in future!

Thursday, November 24, 2005


Dunno since when Wien like to say " 我不要"(I dun want), whenver we asked her do something. Even during meal time, she also would say like this : I dun want this vege, I dun want fish etc etc...make us angry sometimes! Daddy want her stop talking like that, so he will talk like her too if she request him to do something. Such as... Wien : 爸爸,我要玩电脑。(Papa, I want to play computer) Daddy : 我不要。(I dun want) Wien : 爸爸,我要去”咚将”家。(Papa, I want to go lion dance house) Daddy : 我不要。(I dun want) Wien : 爸爸,我要去Jusco. Daddy : 我不要。(I dun want) Whenever daddy reply her I DUN WANT, she will come to me and beg me to bring her to those places. If I also reject her, then she either will cry or manja manja with daddy, hopefully daddy will kesian her. But daddy insist his I DUN WANT. He follow Wien tone as well when he say that. Even though daddy has been few times talked to her like that, yet she still no change. Last Sunday, as usual, she attend the Sunday School. When come to games session, she refuse to join them, no matter how other kids had came and pursuade her. She just stand aside and see them play. Later the teacher asked all the kids to sit in group, as she want to tell story. But Wien said she dun want to sit with them, she sit quite a distance from them. Daddy was there with her, he go near to her and get her to join them, but she just refuse to do so. Daddy feel no point she was there if she behave like that, so ask her to go home even though the class not end yet. While driving back to home, Wien told daddy that she want to see goats, daddy said I DUN WANT. Daddy want to give her a lesson, he told her that he dun want to go home, want to go some where else. But Wien said she want to go home liao, dun want "kai kai" with daddy. Daddy just ignore her, he drove to pump petrol. Opps, Shell too many cars, so he drove to Petronas. Wien keep telling daddy that she wanna go home, daddy said I DUN WANT. Then Wien start crying liao. Daddy still ignore her, keep on driving around the town. She cry louder and louder. Until she tell daddy that: 爸爸,我以后不敢了。(Papa, I will not do it again!). Daddy ask her are you sure you will not say I DUN WANT anymore? Then she promised, then only he drove her back! Since that incident, she seldom say the 3 words. If she say again, then daddy or mummy will say the same thing to her if she has any request from us! Daddy advise mummy dun always fulfill kids' need and dun everytime listen to them. If everytime satisfy their needs then one day if they cannot get what they want, they will threw tantrum to you easily. Maybe he is true la, but mummy very "heart soft"(心软)wan le...

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

X' mas Tree

During bed time.... Mummy told Wien that mummy wish to make a X'mas tree for the coming X'mas ( after mummy read this post). She is so excited, later she said no need to buy, we can DIY. Huh? How? She said mummy stand on daddy shoulder, then she stand on mummy shoulder, lastly get Lyon stand on her shoulder, then hor all of us open our hand, then we can be the X'mas tree liao lor....haha..what a good imagination! Hubby just laugh beside us, he always teasing me that Wien is more smarter than her blur blur mummy....