Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hubby and myself still reluctant to fork out some money for our new house renovation. This is because renovation cost very expensive now; simple renovation will cost you a bomb I tell you. The major areas that I wish to do renovation are my kitchen and bathroom. As for living hall, if financial allow, I may add some plaster ceiling as well. This will make the living hall look more classic. In fact our house design is not modern type, so renovation can make it nicer. The only concern is spare enough money to spend for it. if I am afford, I am surely will look for elegant bath tub from The price quoted in Better Bathrooms a bit pricy but the quality is superb, so I think it is worth to invest for it.

I had just visited one of my ex-colleague’s new houses. Her house was nicely renovated and of course she had spent a lot for it too. As I know, before she starts the renovation, she had been going to many show houses to look for ideas and concept. After that only she looks for interior designer to design for her dream house. If I will to renovate my house, I will surely look for her and get some ideas from her.

Computer monitors

Nowadays people tend to buy plasma type of monitors instead of normal screen monitor. I was told those normal computer monitors are no longer selling in the market now. Majority of the computer shops are selling plasma monitors too. Moreover the price is quite competitive too. I told my girls that I will buy them plasma monitor one day if the existing unit no longer in use.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cheap auto insurance

One of my ex-colleagues just bought a new MPV recently. Usually consumers will not buy new car at year end coz it is counted being used one year. You will feel some losses when you plan to resell the car though. Anyway some people just don’t care. All they want is to drive new car as and when they like. Ok, after confirmed the car order, now they will look for auto insurance plan. I did suggest to my friend to look for cheap auto insurance since now quite a number of agent are fighting for target. My hub has a few of friends doing insurance line, including insurance for auto too. I may try to suggest to her, see whether she is keen or not.

Monday, December 06, 2010

New mattress

My new home need another mattress for the guest room; still not decide to buy which brand. Many of my friends suggested memory foam mattress. I have yet to look into the catalog. As I know it is slightly expensive than normal mattress. Price is not a concern. I can buy and let my girl use it, then take her mattress and place it at guest room. The main reason I drag so long of this plan is because my house seldom has guest to stay over night. Usually they will stay a night or two when come to Chinese New Year festive. Since CNY fall in Feb 2011, so I still have some time to shop for memory form mattress, right?

Thursday, December 02, 2010


Many of us prefer to stay young, be it male or female. Am I right? If you are currently look for way to improve your skin/face performance or find way to feel younger, perhaps you can look for hgh releaser. Studies have shown that this method is indeed effective in increasing the levels of HGH in our bodies. I was told HGH is more effective for those ages over 35. I am in the age category now. Shall I give human growth hormone releasers a try?

Pen drives

USB drives getting cheaper and cheaper now. Sometimes we can get better offer of pen drive and no need to look for promotional usb drives too. In fact, these entire gadget stuff very fast drop price due to technology nowadays move real fast. Sometimes within one or two quarters, a hand phone or computer gadget can release few versions already.

USB drives very useful nowadays. Almost everyone will own at least one in their pocket. Some even use it to store games or MP3 songs. I noticed some company will give USB drives as gifts to their customers or visitors too.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


If your house has a big compound, I am sure you will some nice landscaping for the area. No doubt landscaping will make your house look nicer than before. However when the landscaping is ready, you have to install some landscape lighting too. So that at night your house will look even serene when those lights are on. Put some nice deck furniture for your family members to relax at night or have a cup of drink when they need to. Wow, how nice if my house can be like that too!

Friday, November 26, 2010

High gold price

My second sister and family having vacation in Genting Highlands now. They are using the voucher given by my dear friends. Although we can get FOC room using the voucher, however if you go during school holiday, then we are still subject to surcharge though. I was lucky enough coz my friend actually upgrade our room to super deluxe size and no need to wait long queue while check in too.

Before my sister confirmed to Genting, my BIL has so many concerns. He is one of the online traders of coins, notes and gold too. He worry his customers may ask for urgent delivery or send in inquiry. I told him to relax since uphill also able to go online. There is cyber café there too. Furthermore, gold price now so high, I don’t think investor will buy gold at this period too. Just enjoy the holiday lar!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Diet plan

There is no fastest way to lose weight actually. We all have to take care proper diet plan and eat healthily plus doing more exercise constantly, then our weight will only maintain to standard weight level. If you wish to look for faster way on how to lose weight fast, perhaps you can try to search online and look for solutions. I was told now there are plenty of company selling these kind of diet pills. But you need to study carefully and properly before purchase them cos not all products suit everyone in the world.


Majority of us ever encounter problem of blackheads, especially during teenager time. However even after teenager period, some of us will still having this problem. Therefore you have to constantly check your skin if you wish to have a smooth and shining face. LOL

Now many of you will ask how to get rid of blackheads, especially stubborn blackheads? First you have to know your skin condition. People with oily skin and combination skin are more susceptible to blackheads than others. When you know your skin condition already, then only you can find way to treat and cure your blackheads problem.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

When is right time to buy gold?

Gold prices turn its way down on Tuesday as the central bank of China revise the interest rate to cope inflation. The interest rate hike is expected as many developing country in Asia, especially China is pressured by the rising inflation rate.

After China, I foresee other central bank of neighboring countries like Taiwan, Singapore and Malaysia will follow the step of China to review their interest rate. This effect will further pull down the gold price.

To me, further drop of gold price is good news to me. I m now waiting for the right price to buy gold bullion. How much time should I wait?

Friday, November 19, 2010

Crash diets

Oh dear, I had never heard about any crash diets. Is it same as any other diet pills? Or is it a new term to replace diet pills? Do check out for more effective of crash diets that work from your search engine. I am sure you will get more details from the search result. Nowadays there are too many new terms, you have to constantly read and ask, then only you will get updated info. Tell you, today only I learn another new term about branded bag called Birkin. It is high end item just like LV, Coach, etc. Now, do you know what is Birkin? :P

Loss weight

I am sure after this third pregnancy, my weight will shoot up another few kgs. Therefore I better start looking for which diet pills work miracle to get rid of the extra weight. I know I cannot expect to loss so much weight in first few month after giving birth coz I still have to consider breast feeding the baby. I should also take into consideration of eating healthy in order to meet balance diet. Hmmm...should consult my other friends soon.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Business credit card

My hubby was suggesting to me to get a business credit card since my online business is getting good respond nowadays. However I quite reluctant to do it though coz the application is not easy and the bank need lot of information during application too. Furthermore they need my online store to be registered first, then only I am entitle to apply for it. Don't you think I have to do more work? I think for time being no need lar, just stick to my existing plan.

Medicare plan

I believe majority of us know the importance of Medicare plan now. If you do not own any by now, you should start searching for one. Other wise if anything happen to you or your family members, I doubt you will have sufficient fund to pay for the high medical bill nowadays. It is not cheap at all. If you are admitted, easily it will cost you over 2k.

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Don't keep gold in safety box

It seem everyone is talking about buy gold bullion. Well, if you have extra cash in hand, why not try your luck into it. You can either keep physical gold or paper gold. Paper gold is in kind of saving form. If you are keeping physical gold, when you wish to trade it, the goldsmith will deduct 25% from it. So it is kind of not really worth it. Furthermore you have to think a way to keep in safely in bank or in your safety box in your house. However keeping valuable item into safety box also not safe nowadays. One of my colleague’s safety box was stolen by thief last year. The thief carried whole box away while no one in the house. She kept lot of valuable item plus cash into it. See, how unsafe it is! So better buy not physical gold to be safe.

Monday, November 08, 2010

Not much happening in FB

Lately not so active in FB. Other than internet line being cut in office, another reason is seem like not much happening in FB too. Sometimes just read other friends' status update but no desire to comment on it. I still bring my own 3G to office but just lack of mood to enjoy the fun and games in FB. Perhaps I am not a game person all these while.

Year end school break now

So fast we come to year end now, the kids going to on long long holiday too. Some parent trying to look for school holiday class for their kids too. I will do the same too but only limit to classes like drawing or computer. For book revision wise, I will take it easy, just do some exercise will do. Holiday mah...should let them enjoy!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Another gold investment

Gold bullion price is very high now. Some commented that it seems crazy to buy gold at this moment. However I am sure many gold investors will tell you that Gold is always a great protection for your wealth, even if you buy it high price now and it will goes up too in near future. My hubby is one of the gold investor too. He will invest some of his extra money into it when the price had gone to his target price. And sell it even it is only up few cents. He only wishes to earn some pocket money at this moment. Hehe…he is one of the non risk taker in gold market.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Do you noticed most of the medical scrubs in Malaysia are just plain colors like white and blue (dark or light) only? I can majority are white in color, except some border are sew in contrast color. However I can see most of the medical scrubs in United States or other oversea countries, the colors are much different from us. If you google it, you will see some scrubs are in colors like pink, brown, purple, green etc. maybe our country still the traditional type, that’s why still using conservative colors like white and blue. Shall we ask for a change?

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


My hubby is skinny type, sometimes I teased him that he should look for something like muscle builder, so that he can look more strong and tough. LOL. However his comment is he does not need all these, as long as his body is healthy and I got no complaint about, then it is more than enough already. Ya, healthy body is good enough at this moment. His family all are skinny type too, so i don't think he will have muscle one day too.

Directory service

There are a lot of directory submission service where you can find from internet. With search engine's help, I am sure you can tones of those services being listed in internet. That's the biggest advantage for having internet nowadays, am I right? In directory services, you can find any information needed easily; such as fashion, e-commerce, service and marketing etc. If you wish to submit your business link also can, just to pay a small amount of fee will do. Check out the site for more info.

Friday, October 22, 2010


Although I eat everything but sometimes I feel that my body did not adsorb enough nutrition. Some how I feel my body need some multivitamins. But I not sure which brand of multivitamins is good for me. Perhaps I should consult my family doctor first before consume it. Some told me to take Excel products but this brand of stuff is freaking expensive. I need to think twice before purchase it.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


How you treat your acne problem? Have you ever heard of epiduo? Epiduo is a new acne treatment used to treat mild to moderate acne. If you wish to find out how is Epiduo used, perhaps you can find it from some of the online stores that carry such brand. By the way, before taking Epiduo, it is wise to check out any side effects of Epiduo to your body or not. it is better safe than sorry ya.

weight loss topic

Although there are quite a number of weight loss pills in the market now, but I still believe there is no weight loss pills that work fantastically for everyone. Different body has different body structure; therefore I don’t think one particular weight loss pills are suiting all of us. You still have to try your luck in those pills, and find out the best that suit your body structure.

Strong haze

My area covers with strong haze again lately. The smell is horrible. I am sure many of us going to fall sick soon due to the bad haze condition. Really cannot understand our neighbor country’s attitude!! Each year they like to create such problem to us and also nearby countries. Don’t they feel shame with their act? Those hazes are hazardous towards our body, especially to those who has low immune body system. Now we are hoping for heavy rain, at least can swipe away those smelly haze and heat too!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Buying gold

Buy gold, buy gold. It seems everyone is talking about buying gold now. Gold price is going up beautifully lately. The happiest person is none other than my dear hubby. He likes to invest into gold other than share market. Whenever he had earned a decent income out of it, he will quickly sell it and restock again when the price goes down. He will not wait for big earning amount then only sell off. He will be satisfy if he enough to earn some pocket money out of it. Sometimes his peers will jealous of his side income though.

Prawn Fritters

This is my both girls favorite dish. They love to request me to cook for them during weekend. If I managed to buy fresh prawn from wet market, for sure I will fry this to them. In fact, the recipe is very simple, just mix the flour and add some seasoning will do.

Monday, October 18, 2010

The result is out

My elder girl's result are out. She had taken back all her papers by now. Majority of the subject mark are ok except BM & English. These 2 subject average is 70++. Not getting A but B. If you ask me satisfy or not, my answer is NO. This term I spend quite some time to do revision on these 2 subject, I expect her to get at least 80. Never mind, I will spend more time for her now, brush up her language subject!

Gold for wedding

Bullion price is too high now. I dare not invest my money into it at this moment, only my hubby will. He is very good in investing gold. His prediction quite accurate too. Chinese definitely will buy some bullion when come to wedding function. To them, wearing gold during the event will represent their status. Most of the time, they willing to spend a bomb for gold collection. sometimes I feel pity for them though. Before of to protect their face and status, they even willing to loan from bank, just to buy those gold chain, bracelet, rings etc etc.

Monday, October 11, 2010


My girls are still small but they already start fancy hp that comes with touch pad. Of course we did not buy for them since they are still in young stage. However lately my sister in law brought over 2 hp for them to play the games. See, how my SIL dotted them! since then, both of them will play the games after finish their homework. I will got mad if they play it when the homework is untouched in their school bag. I guess if they had been introduced to ipod, I am sure they will 7x24 hook onto it and forget about their homework. In fact, myself also wish to own an ipod but stingy me, till now yet to purchase it. Main reason is I don’t have much time to listen songs, including radio songs. I was told Apple ipod brand very famous in the market now. Hmmmm, wonder when I will own an ipod or ipad!! - Show quoted text -

Friday, October 08, 2010

Hot & spicy food

Due to hormone changes (I think la), I like to eat hot and spicy food lately. If only plain rice with normal dishes, I will still eat but reluctantly. While eating hot and spicy food, I also pray hard so that I wouldn’t get any acne problem. Else I might need to look for best acne treatment. Many of us know that to avoid having acne is to avoid eating too much fried and spicy stuff. Looks like I have to control a bit my dietary now. If not, when I really have acne, I will cry for help!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Accutane lawsuit

If you have any Accutane Lawsuit, do check out with O’Hanlon, McCollum & Demerath. They have experience and knowledgeable attorneys that able to understand your injuries that may not be your fault. Furthermore adding with their expertise and experience, combined with their highly trained staff, make them uniquely well-equipped to handle even the most complex products liability claims.

Do check out their site for more information. One advice from me, there are plenty of lawyer firms out there, so it is not easy to find a reputable and good one though. You have to spend more time in analysis their background before deciding to select any one of the firm.

Onesie Dress For Sale

I still have balance 3 set of onesie dress for infant/toddler, anyone taker? I can offer you a special price. Do contact me for more details.

Scottish kilt

Ok, this is the view of my latest creation of Scottish kilt. It turns out nice and my customer happy with the outcome too. I am glad to hear her positive comment cos this is the first time I do Scottish kilt that follow exactly Scotland design.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Gold bar

Lately there is a news mentioned that a rich business women was using gold bars to do business transaction. Wow I was thinking how come this rich women so rich, afford to carry so many gold bars and hang around on the road with her luxury car. Doesn’t she think it is dangerous? What is someone had targeted her when she go to bank buy gold bars?

Frankly I never see any gold bar before. I wonder how it looks like though. Hubby ever mentioned that if he has chance to own a gold bar, he will use it as pillow and sleep onto it. LOL

Cough & flu

I think it is season now. Some of my staffs are having it too. But my germs not spread by them though. It is from my small girl. But she is not as serious as me now. My throat is very itchy, so doctor prescribes me some herb type of sweets instead of normal syrup. After few days, throat no longer itchy but lot of phlegm now. I refuse to take any medicine now, use take fisherman sweet or Hacks whenever I feel I need it. I hope to beat the germ by myself, and of course need to drink lot of fluid to flush away the germs.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Chinese medicine

Most of the patients will opt for western medicines when come to eczema treatments. However if you know little bit more about Chinese medicine, I believe you will try it for eczema treatments too. Some of the traditional Chinese herbal medicine may help to relieve the dry, itchy, scaly skin of eczema in children and adults. It may take some time to heal the wound but at least there work as effectively as western medicine. For more useful details, do check with your Chinese sensei.


In our daily diet, we need lot of mineral and acid types of vitamins. One of the important amino acid that useful to our daily diet is leucine. Leucine works with the amino acids isoleucine and valine to repair muscles, regulate blood sugar, and provide the body with energy. It plays a certain role in maintaining your health, vitality and wellbeing. Even though Leucine is good for our health but we still cannot take it excessively. Everything should take moderately!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Gold from US

If you are an investor in share market, I am sure you ever heard your buddy talk about gold bullion besides the share market. Gold price getting higher and higher nowadays. It is quite fun to invest into gold if you have extra money other than having interest into it. My hubby love to buy gold besides share market now. He said the return of gold is much better than share sometimes. Well, I am not so keen to learn it though cos I have not interest at all. Lately he told me that he might buy some unit of gold bullion from United States Gold Bureau. This is due to Malaysia Ringgit is stronger now, so it is another best time to buy gold from United States.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


One of my colleagues also starts feeling bore working in this company. See, I am not a strange one. She also has talent in sewing and cooking. So I suggest her to try her luck in these 2 fields. Who know one day she also able to run a small business out from her interest? Just like me.

Friday, September 17, 2010


So long I have not been baking any cakes lately. Just plain lazy. I did feel envy some of the bloggers still keen in baking cake and pizza. Some of them even start baking bread. Wow, they are really impressed me! Looking at the pictures that they post, I can feel those bread must be very delicious. Wonder when I will have the chance to do bread baking? Btw, bread baking tools are not cheap.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Degree for me?

My hubby likes to study; he always wanted to own a PhD after his MBA many years ago. To him, only through higher education level, then only he can excel in his career as well as getting high pay that is within his expectation. At the same time, he also wants me to obtain at least a research degrees or degree in other field, so that I can convince my boss to raise my pay when come to performance review. Too bad, after married, I am so lazy to take out a book and read. The other reason was due to my kids will disturb me when I do something. Tell me, how to obtain another degrees if the kids keep distract my attention?

Teenage acne products

Previously we only hear we women like to take proper care of our skin. But nowadays some mummies will at the same time taking care their teenagers' skincare. Some of them even spend on teenage acne treatments for their teenager girls. Helo, skincare products not cheap at all for now. There are so many types of acne products in the market, you really have to spend more time and look for the most suitable for your skin type.

Standby acne products

For the last two months, I sleep quite late. The main reason was due to trying finish up my in hand sewing order. It is month 8 in Chinese calendar now, many couples choosing this date to carry out their wedding reception. Therefore right now I am rushing some flower girl gowns or dresses now. Some are old designs that can seen in my blog, whereas some are new creation with simple design actually. I think I got to standby some acne products coz usually when i lack of sleep, I can lot of acne popping out at my face. This is the side effect of sleeping late.

One Malaysian's Day

Yeah, today is One Malaysian's Day. It is also a public holiday here. It is not easy for my boss to grant us this off day you know. If possible, he will try to avoid all these public holiday. I remember our boss still owe us one off day, I cannot remember what occasion is that already.

Well, since we are can enjoy this off day, just enjoy it lar! I am gonna sewing my flower girl gown, hopefully able to finish at least one dress today!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Diet topic

Human nowadays like to stay slim and pretty, this include not only female but male too. I had heard many cases that male also took diet pills to control their diets in their daily food intake. I was some Appetite suppressant diet pills also can effectively decrease hunger and promote weight loss in short term. All these drugs are generally come in the form of tablets or extended-release capsules. If you wish to read more about appetite suppressant diet pills, do check out!

Gift for her

Have you ever buy any anniversary gifts for your wife? I know some people out there sometimes will not buy any gifts for their spouse but they will spend it in luxury meals instead. Some even will go for honeymoon trip. Whatever it is, as long as you remember the big day and go celebrate it, I am sure your wife will be very delighted to share the happiness with you.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Gold bullion for baby boy only

Some of my colleagues are pregnant now. Usually I can see the scenario that if one get pregnant, then for sure there will be another 1-2 or even 2-3 in one go. Hehehe...good sign, right?

One of the pregnant lady is an Indian lady. She is from production site. She told me that if she gets a boy, then her in law will buy her bullion under the baby's name as a gift. However if it is baby girl, then they will just give her some red packet money will do. Wow, so much different, don't you think they are type of discrimination too? To me, boy or girl is the same, as long as they are healthy baby. Am I right?

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri

It's Muslim time to celebrate Selamat Hari Raya now. Due to this we all have a long break too. Now we are relaxing at our another house. :)

I am taking this chance to wish all my Muslim friends and customers:

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfltri and many more to come!

Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Just close your eye and think of something that Samsung cannot offer to you in your daily life. Can you? heh heh… you can’t, isn’t it. Samsung’s product range from general house hold appliances, high performance entertainment appliances, digital camera, notebook / netbook, digital storage, mobile computing and etc.

Oh yah, there is something missing just comes across my mind. i.e. the game set similar to Playstation, X-Box. It would be a perfect match if Samsung able to add this into their home based entertainment product range.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Radar detectors

I was told some of the vehicle owners in US like to install radar detectors into their vehicle. And this act is legal in US whereas it is illegal in Malaysia though. Now what is radar detector? It is a passive electronic device used by motorists to detect if their speed is being monitored by a radar unit. If the detector able to detect, then the motorists will take extra precaution and try not to over speed along the highway. If you are looking for radar detectors, you can check out Best Radar Detectors, it is your complete source for every radar detector that you might be looking for. Our inventory includes the Beltronics Pro RX65, M47, ESD7000, Bel Pro RX65 etc. If you want to find out what is the difference between the Escort 8500 radar detector and the RX65 radar detector? Check out the site for more information then

new investment

Which gold coins make the best investment? Frankly I couldn’t answer you exactly cos myself not so sure how to trade in gold coins or silver yet. However if you wish to find more information about the best timing to invest into gold coins, perhaps you can look into various available websites that you can easily find from internet. Previously you can hear many investors talk about share market, but nowadays they had switched topic to buying gold. Yes, gold price getting higher now. if you just want to start this investment, I think you better wait for slightly lower price then only start your investment, other wise you might loss more I tell you. Well, no one can tell you when the best timing is, you have to spend more time and study the trend if you wish to turn it into long term investment.

Friday, August 27, 2010

medical assistance program

Human nowadays very fragile. You will never know what will happen next. So before anything happen, it is better for you to get ready some medical assistance program. At least you have something to cover yourself or cover your medical bill. Hey, medical fee now not cheap though. It can easily cost you a bomb. If you don’t have sufficient money, you better don’t fall sick I tell you. Ok, back to medical assistance program, you can find out more information from Good Sam EA+. The site will show you various type of services include evacuation insurance services such as air ambulance services, travel assistance, medical assistance and more. Check out the site for more details now.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Online shopping coupon

Online shopping becomes so common now. Almost everyone that familiar with internet will try out online shopping now. Sometimes I feel online shopping is easier and convenience as compare to shopping at shopping malls. When you go to shopping malls, you have to pay for petrol as well as parking fee. Oh ya, before paying for parking fee, you got to make sure you able to find a parking lot first. Am I right? Parking lot at shopping mall is very limited in certain places. Sometimes you even can see people come out from car and fight for parking lot. Crazy isn’t? With online shopping, you also can enjoy some discounts with conditions you get the coupons prior enter to your shopping cart. For instance, get your tiger direct coupons from eBillme before you start your online shopping at any online stores.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Gold bullion

Everyone is talking about gold now. If you notice recently gold market, I am sure you will be surprise how it goes up in such a short period. Not only petrol price up tremendously, gold price also jump in the same bandwagon. No wonder my hubby keeps persuading me to invest into gold or bullion if I ever have extra income from my sewing business or writing part. But those are my hard earn money, I will think twice before start investing it. My hubby is very good at gold market analysis; if you wish to earn some tips from him, do buzz me.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Scotland Kilt

Do you think this skirt is nice? I love it!!

Last week I saw a fabric design very suitable to make such kilt. So posted the picture at my FB, see anyone would like to order a kilt or not. So far, there is one. It's ok, as long as I got business come in, regardless the volume, I am more than happy now. I will post up my end product soon. Stay tune ya!

Friday, August 13, 2010

I have a news to tell......

I am keeping a secret now. Shhhh....I can't reveal now. Wait till everything confirm, then only I announce to my dear blogger friends and mummies group. It's so hard to keep a secret you know, I rather don't want to keep if possible. But I can't. Hmmmm...wait till another month only I announce lar!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Everyone love gold

Almost everyday my hubby will talk about gold with me. He has very strong interest in gold and he knows gold market very well too. Not that he like to buy physical gold and wear but he only buy non physical gold and keep in his gold saving book. He will monitor gold price everyday. Buy when it is drop and sell when it is up. One time he even jokingly telling me he would one 1kg for his future transaction. Hello….1kg is how much you know? You think you afford ar? Perhaps he can buy his gold at United States Gold Bureau one day. Other than gold, you also can buy silver or other precious metals and coins and bars. If you wish to try your luck in gold investment , do check out United States Gold Bureau now and if necessary, you can even request them to send your "precious" to safe storage at an independent bank or depository.

PBB golds

This year our plan to HK Disneyland may not materialized. At first it was due to expensive package and flight ticket for 4 of us but we have another reason to cancel this trip. I really feel a bit sorry for my small girl as we already promised her last year. However hubby said he will try to arrange time, if possible, he will materialize this trip for her. If really cannot make it, then he will use the budget to buy gold coins and earn more pocket money for future trip. Anyway, I still hope the trip can be success, so that less one wish list from my itinerary.


A lot of blogger mommies can sew now. And some of the sewing beginners even sell their product after few rounds of practice. Therefore I believe nothing is impossible. Everyone can sew now. You no need to attend sewing class too. What you can do is learn from online tutorials. There are lots of free tutorial that you can find from online. Many crafters or sewers willing to share their craftworks too. personally I also learn some other sewing method from them. that is the wonderful part of internet ya.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


One of the Facebook friend just posted good remark about one of the bungalow unit in A Famosa, Melaka. Before this, I do not have good impression about accommodation in A Famosa, be it condotel, hotels or bungalows. To me, all those units do not maintain properly. Housekeeping also very bad though. Surprisingly this friend of mine just this bungalow unit very much. It also becomes their family gathering place every year. She commented the unit was very well maintained and cleans too. Even the swimming pool also has pool filters to maintain the cleanliness of the pool. However the renting fee is not cheap. It cost her RM850.00 per night. It is way beyond my budget too.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sell my mom's gold?

Will you consider to invest in gold coins or silvers if you have extra money? Or just keep the money in your saving account and earn the little amount of interest? I will strongly advice you to go ahead investing in gold or silver if you have extra money. As you can see, the price of gold has been gone up to double since 5 years ago. Although it may not up very frequent but when it is up, it really up and sometimes it is beyond your expectation too!

I have some gold collection actually, given by my mom during my wedding reception. If I will to sell them now, I think I would earn quite a lot of money! My question now is shall I continue keeping my gold or sell them now?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Lately hubby been talking a lot about gold coins. He foresee gold price will drop very soon, so he is there standby and enter the gold market anytime from time. Each night I can see him login to gold website and check out the price and also mumbling alone there. I cannot invest into gold coins though coz each time when I bought few gms of gold, the price sure drop one, so I better watch him from far and dare not invest, else I may cause lot of people sink in the sea. LOL So if you have any question to ask about gold, you can buzz me, I am sure my DH will be delightedly to share his experience.

Thursday, July 08, 2010


The best thing with arrival of internet is we can buy or source anything from online easily and without hassle too. No wonder nowadays so many of us like to shop online. When you shop online, you no need to worry about transport, petrol, parking lot/fee etc. Also you no need to carry your stuff from here to there. Convenience right? For instance, if you are looking for battery lanterns, you can check out from The site has various types of battery lanterns for you to choose from. From lowest prices to highest prices range also eligible. Perhaps I should recommend this site to my ex-colleague cos currently she is busy looking for lighting for her new house.

Fat burner to burn away your fat

Many of us wish miracle will happen, same apply to me. We wish to have nice and solid body figure. We try very hard to maintain our diet, so that we won’t put on weight easily. it is very tiring though to watch out everything that going to pop into our mouth. So many good and nice food out there, how to resist us from taking it!! That’s why fat burner pills were introduced to this market. Many of us try to reduce body weight using fat burner nowadays. If you have doubt about this products, you can check out for more reviews before you start consuming it. It is always best to know more about one particular product before using or taking it. Good luck!

World cup

My favorite teams had been kicked out from WOrld Cup 2010. Now the final would be Holland Vs Spain. Who will be the champion? Let's wait till 11/07. If you can't wait, perhaps Mr Octopus can give you a very accurate answer. far this Mr Paul, the octopus had given very accurate result. Perhaps bookies also depend on it. LOL

HGH Spray

HGH is a new term to me; just learn this word today though. HGH stands for Human Growth Hormone. It is administered via injection by doctors who wish to give growth hormone to their patients. However nowadays with the advancement of technology, you can even find HGH in pill or spray form too. Both ways also can help our body to produce greater levels of the beneficial human growth hormone. If you wish to look for hgh spray from the market, it is advisable to read more from internet about the reviews first. Alternatively consult your family doctor carefully before start buying and using it. This is to avoid any unnecessary side effect to your body.

apedexin reviews

One of my colleague eagerly looking for ways to loss extra body fat now. no doubt she put on a lot of weight after second pregnancy. She also claimed that she eat a lot too after giving birth. First thing now is to try reducing eating habit, following by more exercises or walking if possible. If both ways still fail to reduce some weight, then only she will go for diet pill or fat burner products. Right now she is trying to look for apidexin reviews. To check whether this product suit for her or any side effect after consuming it. since there are so many types of diet pills selling in the market, so it is wise to know and read more about it before start taking it.

Friday, July 02, 2010


Everyone crazy over World Cup now, including hubby and myself. Four years once event, definitely everyone will glue their eyes onto TV when the match start. What is your favorite team? All these while I like to see Brazilian football style, so aggressive and energetic. Although their team members not as handsome as French or Italian but their skill is the best so far. Other than that we also can watch the Brazilian dance aka samba if the team ever enter final throughout the game. Wow, so sexy dance I tell you. Bad thing is, we sleep very late at night cos the match starts at night time for Malaysia time. I got to apply more night gel or cream now, else I will look like zombie very soon. Mean while I have to read more on prototype 37c review too. to find out whether this gel will effectively reduce my eye bag or not.

Best pills

Honestly, I m not so sure what is the best diet supplements for me, as a layman, I m easily influenced by the sale consultant who actively promoting their diet supplement which claim effective in weight management. Most of the time, I end up spending money for no result.

A friend of mine recommended to me, which I feel very helpful to me in finding the diet supplements that really fit me. From the web site, I m able to screen the ingredients of the products in detail, the effectiveness and most important is the product safety.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Home Insurance

If you own a house, it is better to spend little of money to purchase home insurance for it, even cheap home insurance also sufficient to cover any loss if anything happen to your house. Rather than you did not insure anything to your sweet home, right? The world is so unpredictable nowadays, therefore it is essential to own at least one home insurance to secure your property. Go study the home insurance policy if you have not buy any for your home.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Used books

Besides selling my handmade clothing online, I think next time I also can sell used books. My house have lot of books for the girls. I just love to buy or subscribe books for them after both of the enter school. I am glad that nowadays they have developed reading habit whenever they are free. However lately I noticed the book shelf is too packed with books. It's time to spring clean them and sell them if possible. So that I can slot in new books in future.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Affordable netbooks

Internet so widely used nowadays. As a result, computers and notebooks' prices become affordable too. They even launched netbooks series, just for internet usage purposes. Netbooks also cheap and light. Easy to hand carry and not as bulky as old series of notebooks. If you wish to online anytime and anywhere, just get a netbook instead of netbook.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Nowadays our technology so high tech, I believe most household will own at least one computer too. My house personal computer getting old and slow speed now, therefore hubby plan to change it. He plan for either same personal pc or getting netbooks. Though netbooks getting cheaper now but I still prefer to buy computer since we still need to use the application for the daily usage. Well hubby still thinking it, to consider which one is more worth and value for money.

Monday, May 31, 2010


If you have some cash in hand, not sure how to turn it into extra income, perhaps you can try investing in gold. Gold price is getting higher now. If you have the patient in investing, you can try your luck in gold management. Buy it when the price is drop, of course it will not drop so much. Study the statistic about the gold trend first, I am sure you able to know when is the best time to buy gold coins or others.

In fact I ever think of using my fixed deposit money to invest into gold. But my hubby not allows me to do so. He commented that I am not a person who can accept failure especially when money is involved. So he still suggests me to stay tune to fixed deposit and earn and fix income. :(

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Best diet supplements

I still could not believe that my colleague able to lose 6kg weight within a month. That is super fast effect you know. To me, if you see the end result of some diet pills in very short period, then you better watch out the side effect. Some of the product might contained drug that not suit for health. It may cause cancer if you use it in excessive way. Therefore if you wish to look for best diet supplement in the market, then you better read more about the product reviews from internet and also check with your friends who ever consumed before.

Friday, May 28, 2010

no subject

I think I should change my sleep hour from now on. Nowadays my sewing orders not many. By right, I should sleep early to compensate my lack of sleep during peak season. However it seem like I already get use to this sleep time, I hardly enter room before 11pm. same to my dear hubby too. Both of us are night owl!

entertainment centers

In Melaka, there are lot of entertainment centers along the street. At night, you can see lot of different color of light turning on too. Entertainment centers such as karaoke, disco etc. well, frankly I dislike these kinds of places. It is smelly and poor ventilation too. Everyone smocking there, I am sure it will affected those non smoker too! If most of your families love to sing, I would suggest you to buy a good sound system for the house. So that every one of you can sing as and when you like!

work out

I hardly do exercises. Usually after work, I already dead tire, really no mood and energy to do things like ab workout or even doing house chores. Terrible me. That’s why I have lot of fat in my body now. Although I keep thinking how to get rid of them but I still very reluctant to do it. previously I will go for jogging after work but now after having 2 kids, I can bid bye-bye with jogging!

It is always say easier than doing it I tell you!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

car alarm

My neighhour just bought a brand new car lately. Not only brand new but branded too. I don’t think I will afford to own such car. Even I afford to buy it; I don’t think I will willing to spend such a big amount too. I rather use that amount to renovate the house and live in comfort house when I am retired. To me, vehicle just a symbol, as long as it can move, and then it is sufficient for me already. If I have branded car, I will worry someone will snatch it while I am parking it at road side. It is true cos nowadays lot of reported cases of car was being snatched too. I suggest those branded car to install driveway alarm if possible. So that when thing like this happen, we still able to trace or track back our vehicle.

Fish food

My hubby rare lot of kelar fish in the house now. He treated them as his pet too. Everyday after work, he will quickly see his fishes first. Then feed them some fish food before he enter the house. Occasionally he will call back from office, remind his girls to feed his fishes too. Hmmm…look like he already treated the fishes as one part of family members too. He wishes to feed them till bigger size, and then sell for a good price in future.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good Sam ESP

With the advancement of internet, you can find anything from it. Be it insurance, health info, skin care review etc. Now you even can find good sam extended service plan information over the net too. One of the best web to search for such resource is Good Sam Extended service is a mechanical breakdown insurance but not a warranty and it still comply with insurance regulations. It is better for you to read about this insurance plan before you sign up the plan.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

gold price up

Few weeks ago, gold price drop tremendously. I was teasing hubby why not buy some gms and keep now. But he said it may drop further, so better don't buy, just keep watching will do. But to his surprise, the gold price up suddenly last week. He was really upset seeing the price of gold at highest side now. Hahaha...this is his wrong perception though, so cannot blame anyone. If last time he list to me and buy gold bullion. I am sure now he can gain beautiful amount from the market by now. Never mind, playing with share or gold should be estimate to facing the risk too. Hope he able to gain back soon.

Orange cake with cheese

Cheese orange cake, I just had it few days ago. At first I thought it is only a normal orange cake. But my SIL told me the owner of the said it was made from cheese too. Even though it contained cheese but I cannot taste out the cheese though. is really a very very nice cake. I want to learn it one day! The cake was given to my SIL during Teacher's day, baked by a student's mommy. I never try baking such cake, so hope my SIL able to copy back the recipe for me. :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Gift for her

Mother's Day just over, what gift you gave to your beloved mom? Any unique gifts for her? For my mom's case, she does not like any gift, as long as we are there to be with her and talk with her, then it is the best unique gift for her already. Unlike my MIL who always hope for surprise from us, especially me. Sigh...I really no idea what to buy for her...coz previously I bought some stuff or birthday gift for her but she seem like does not appreciate it at all. I am so upset. So from there onwards I hardly to buy her something already. Hey, I do have feeling you know!

talk about insurance

I don’t know about you, to me, insurance is very important for all my family members. I will ensure all my family members own at least a basic life family plan premium. You will never know what will happen next, what if one day they have serious illness and need lump sum of money as medical fee? If you have insurance coverage, then you can forget about the money, straight check into your nearest hospital and seek help. You insurance plan will cover everything for you. If you’re currently looking for affordable term life insurance quote, you can check out the insurance quotes via online tools at some of the insurance websites. Those sites able to show you cheapest policy quotes for many types of insurance such as family insurance, cash back life insurance, smokers, key man coverage, mortgages and many more. Do checks out the site to for your insurance plan that suit your needs.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

fat burner products

Our new canteen really is a good cook. She is Malay; therefore you can foresee they cook Malay food most of the time. I particularly like her Rendang Ayam, hot and spicy! Syok! All these while I heart this Malay traditional food. Whenever I saw it being served in canteen or food stall, for sure I will take some and try it. I know it is high cholesterol food but so nice, who can resist it? Other than high cholesterol, it also contains high fat level. I think I may need some nuphedragen to burn away those fat! LOL

acne treatment

Women cannot sleep late if you wish to maintain a beautiful skin. This is a very true statement though. Sleeping lack will cause more acne or pimples sprouting out easily. Although you have balance diet and using right skin care products, however if you lack of sleep for few days, then you can see the outcome in short time. By then, you will busily look for best acne treatment. Now, how are you going to choose the right skin care products to get ride those irritating acnes? Read more about their products reviews from internet, perhaps it will help you to find the correct acne treatments that suit you ideally.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

wrinkle cream

In another 2 years time, I will be entering 40 years old already. Wow how time flies!! I still think that I am only 16 or 18++. LOL At this age, I can see some wrinkles at my face now. Hmm…a bit sad though. It’s time to apply wrinkle creams diligently now. I used to buy wrinkle cream all the time but I am a bit lazy to apply it when come to bed time. I know I have to doing it daily without fail but lazy me simply lazy to do all these. I am already dead tire when come to bed time. After cleaning myself, I just dozed off immediately. Hahaha….

wish to have nice body shape

I had been wondering which are the best weight loss pills that work that work wonderfully to us. There are so many types of diet pills in the market now. Sometimes it is very hard to decide which are the best pills that suit us without any side effects. If you wish to try one of the pills that sell in the market, it is advisable for you to read more about the review first before confirm your decision. Some pills are selling at higher price but some are lower price range. However price range cannot use it to determine how good a product is. You got to read more about one particular product carefully before try it.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


One of my Indian colleague look for diet pills or lose weight cream from me. She needs more review and information for this product. However I cannot help much coz different people has different effect onto those products. The best I can do is asking her to check with user that had experienced on these products. Also read more from internet about the reviews before she decides her decision. I wish to try too cos my tummy seem very hard to get rid of those extra fat/meat!

Friday, April 30, 2010

modern kitchen faucets

One of my ex-colleague just confirmed to buy a new house lately. She shared with me just now coz she is too happy for this great new. She managed to bargain till a price where she is willing to pay. I know she is desperately looking for new house recently. Also had asked me many times either to buy new house or renovate existing house. I am glad finally she makes up her mind. Now she starts to shop around, to look for carpenter to renovate her new house soon. First thing she wish to do is to do a nice landscaping for the garden. Secondly of course it is the kitchen portion coz she might stay longer hour in kitchen in future…hahaha….perhaps I shall ask her to look into Moen kitchen faucets in order to make her kitchen look more stylish and elegant. 

Thursday, April 29, 2010

pill again

Anyone can recommend me the most effective diet pill in the market now? not only effective but also to make sure our weight can sustain to the desire weight in long run…hahaha…I think you are going to say I am crazy. If lack of exercise, we still will gain back our weight in short time, right? But some diet pill, once you stop taking it, you can see your weight figure shot up easily though. That’s why I still believe we should go for more exercise instead of depend on diet pill. Diet pill only help to loss weight faster but cannot sustain longer.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Plus size clothing

So far I had been working with 4 bosses. Among all these 4 bosses, I miss my first boss the most. She is a woman, a very generous yet open minded woman. I worked with her for almost 4 years. Throughout these 4 years, she will buy us snake, lunch, dinner most of the time. Other than that, she will buy us cake too during our birthday. Isn’t it a great boss! During secretary week, I even can eat out almost a week with her or with my suppliers. Oh no, I miss those days! If not because I have to resign due to marriage, I think I will still work with her till now. In fact she is a big size woman and need to buy plus size clothing and shoe too. In Malaysia, she hardly can buy suitable clothing shoe. That why she will buy a lot during her business trip in US or Europe. But lately I can see some boutique start selling big and tall clothing for woman. Hopefully she able to buy locally instead of going to oversea.

Monday, April 26, 2010


Last week I brought my girls to an auntie house to do hair trimming. I love to go to her cos we no need to wait long queue. Even if we have to wait, also for a short time only. unlike some shops that requested us to wait for ½ hour or even more. Another plus point of this auntie is her price very very affordable. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty too. Imagine, 2 kids hair cut only cost me RM4.00. Now you tell me, where on earth to find such cheap rate? Her skill not bad too. too bad she no need hair rebonding due to her hand problem. If not, for sure I will go to her as well. She needs to wear work gloves when doing perming hair for her customers. Her hands allergic to those hair medicines. If no wear gloves, then her hand will be very pain once touch those hair treatment shampoos. Pity her too.

Rainy days

Since childhood, I love to see raining day. I like to hear the rain drop onto my house root and I like to see all the pails full with water and splashing out when there full. Whenever there is rainy day, my mom would take out all the pails she has and let the rain drop into the pail. She will use the water for washing floor or water her plants in next few days. See, my mom is a environmental friendly lady too. Oh ya, during raining day, I no need to go to field to help my mom. I can have a holiday. That’s why I love raining day so much.


Both my girls love to play piano when they are free. FIL had a set of piano in his room, however he not so willing to let the girls play piano chord as and when they like. I know he does not like they enter his room, simply because he scares the girls will mess up his room. LOL

However the girls’ good SIL bought them a piano 5 years ago. At that time, my elder girl only age 4 and small girl only 1yo ++. Her intention is to let the girls learn piano chords and at the same time to pass their time too. So thoughtful she is ya. By the way, the piano set was send to my house via another auntie who visits this SIL in China. The set come from far far away. LOL…anyway I really appreciate her thought. Of course, I will let the girls piano, hopefully they can develop their interest from there too. If I will to buy some piano books, I will go to as I was told this site has a complete range of piano books for all level of learners. Check it out if you one of the piano lovers!

Friday, April 23, 2010


If you wish to lose weight effectively, then you should read more about lipofuze review. Apparently there are lot of good comments and reviews about this weight loss product. It is not only effectively reducing your body weight but you can see the result in short period too. I used to skeptical about all these weight loss products but some how I was thinking we shall give it a try since there are plenty of proven results in the market now. I shall update here one day if my weight can go down to pre-pregnancy weight.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

skin care

I believe majority of women would like to keep and maintain their face in good and excellent condition, including myself. Perhaps I am a lucky one coz my skin suitable to use any brand type of eye cream as well as face cream. I think the main factors that contribute to this are I start using face cream from very young age. Many commented only teenager duration you can start taking care your skin. But I still believe starting from young is another main point too. If you wish to learn and know more about treatment of eye cream, please click here for more details.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


To my knowledge only rich people will take cigars as compare to ordinary people. The main factors that cause me think so is cigars are not a cheap stuff. Not many ordinary people afford to take it if their pockets do not have sufficient money that allows them to spend so. Some cigars’ price will go up to over thousand, no joke. So who dare to spend so much except rich level people? Frankly I will not spend like that. It is simply not worth to do so. I rather use that amount to do some charity work or good cause. Imagine, there are plenty of poor ranges of people that hunger for food, yet these people just spend the money for smoking that did not gain any good thing for them. Worst is, smoking is very bad for health some more. Hai..sometimes we really not understand how these people think…..

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Sales job

Last week I made a phone call about some sales job search that advertised in internet. Throughout my 14 years old working life, I never try in any sales job. I did wonder myself whether I should give it a try or not since this is very new to me. I wish to try though coz at least in my resume I can have a record that shown that I ever entered this field. But one thing I have to train myself first before I join this sales job. I have to make sure I love to drive on the road first. In sales field, we have to do lot of customer visits and follow up closely with customer too. Sometimes phone calls could not help much but personal visit can offer personal touch that most customer would love to see it.

Saturday, April 03, 2010

free textbooks

One thing about good in education in Malaysia is each student will entitle to loan textbooks from school if one of the parents is Malaysian. Some countries’ schools still request their student to buy textbooks even though they are the citizens of the county. Hey, school textbooks not cheap at all. If I will to buy my elder girl’s textbooks, I think it easily cost me above RM300 each. Imagine, if you have 3 -4 kids who is schooling, you will be spending like RM900 – 1200 every years, not including exercise books though. Bookshops who sell textbooks sure can early a lot of us already. These amounts not even enough to get deduction from tax return. Lower income family how to afford to pay for this amount? So you should appreciate that you live in Malaysia!

Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Before marriage, my MIL gave me a pendant which is a gold coin. She send to goldsmith there and turn it into a pendant with a gold chain. It really look cute coz it is a small gold coin. However I dare not put it on coz I worry someone will snatch from me. You know la economic so bad now. People with bad intention might do something onto you and you may get hurt indirectly. Lately I also think of to buy gold coins since the gold coins prices drop a lot now. A risk is there but gold price is much better than share market, so I think keep gold should be ok for us. Right?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Take note of diet pills

If you wish to know more about ephedra diet pills, do check out their website for more details. Currently there are so many brands of diet pills in the markets. Ephedra is one of them. Perhaps some of us still not sure how effective it is, therefore it is advisable to read more about the product reviews before confirm your purchase needs. It is because not all diet pills suit everyone. I was told some diet pills did bring certain side effect if you consume in the wrong ways.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

lossing some fat

Do you think fat burners suitable for all age level? Do they have age limit or any age level can use it? the main reason I asked so is sometimes I feel certain brand of fat burners not suit me as I cannot see the effect, no matter how precise I follow their instruction. Other than, most of us concern about the side effect of fat burners too. Just like how we worry of diet pills. Haha…with so much of concern, who dare to try the products now? Anyway, I still think that if many reviewers had gave good reviews about one particular, then no harm to give it a try!

Join pain remedies

My mom sometimes will suffer from joint pain. I believe most old folks facing the same problem, right? She ever tried for so many joint pain remedies before, but so far none of them effectively can settle her problem. On and off she will still feel the pain, especially raining period. I feel heartache each time seeing her suffer the pain. Moreover she stay alone right now, I am so worry she might fall down one day without anybody knowledge. *sigh*

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Face cleanser

During teenager time, my hubby doesn’t bother much about his face. He seldom use face cleanser to wash his face too. He only relies on soap to keep his face clean and away from oil. For ladies, I am sure you will not agree with this statement, right? Well, that is him. So far his face hardly can see any pimples, but I can see some blackheads are popping out. Now he is furious to getting rid of blackheads. He keeps asking me for help now. But what I can help now is intro him to use my face cleanser, wash at least twice a day, morning and before bed. Must get him to pay for it too! LOL

Insurance quotes online

Getting term life insurance rates online is a very easy job nowadays. Once you type in “find insurance rates”, then you able to see lot of useful link available in search engine already. All you have to do is do the comparison and read the review by yourself. Some web will show you advantage and disadvantage of some policies. Well, it may not suit you personally. You need to digest the details first before confirming your own insurance policy package.

Good luck to you guys who are still looking for best deal of insurance policy at this moment.

Asking Vs demanding

Everyone is asking for a break now. Instead of interpret it as asking, I think can consider demanding a break too. Hehe…me is one of them has such demand too. But when demand for a break also needs some cash to back up, am I right? How I wish I am from rich family, so that I can just take a long break without much considerations and concerns. What’s more asking for a Orlando vacation which is a luxury package to me. Hey, me never been to USA so far, so dreaming to spend holiday there is one of my dreams lar!

Grab this book!

Grab this book while stock last! Very suitable for parent and children to read it. It is in Chinese though. If you want me to do translation also can, pay to my paypal first! LOL

I have a signature copy from Maria, am so happy with it. Now I am asking my elder girl to finish reading it since it is school holiday now! Btw, Maria's twins are same age with my elder girl.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Play station

I only get to know about Playstation after knowing my niece is playing with it during school holiday last time. he brought it to my house during his stay. My kids curious seeing him playing his playstation 3. both keep following him whenever see him took out his playstation. Lucky my niece is not a selfish person, he willing to share his toy with my kids. Therefore my kids get the chance to try playing with play station. Too bad, their mummy still no time to learn the device yet.

Good seo software

My blogs did not get good traffic lately, perhaps due to late of update recently. However I was told that in order to get good ranking in search engine, it is advisable to expose our blog to more SEO tactic. Now please tell me which seo software is the best in the market now. I wish to get good traffic plus good ranking for my blogs, so that more advertisers will look for me to write for reviews etc. if wish to achieve this target, for sure I have to do more homework, right?

Fat Burner

Anyone of you can share with me which brand of fat burner work best for women? I was told above 90% fat burners would not work for majority of us. Wonder how true is the statement. Therefore I am here to seek opinion and advice. If possible, share with me any links pertaining to effective fat burner products in the market now. My close friend told me that to find out more reviews and information form Perhaps I should spend some time and do the searching.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

another fat burners topic

I wonder where can find the top 10 fat burners in any website. I wish to find out before try out any fat burners products that are available in the market now. We cannot simply try coz some products may not suit our body though. Therefore it is essential to read more and ask more about the product reviews, then only try it. Other wise we might get side effect out of it. Happy trying and good luck to those who wish to lose weight in short time.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

To look more slim

Can anyone of you suggest to me what is the best fat burning exercises? I tried many ways to loss weight,however none of them work for me. Perhaps due to I did not do it consistently. Lazy me!

Now I wish to look for quickest yet reliable way to loss my extra fat in my belly. Next 2 weeks, I am going to attend a gathering and I wish to present myself in elegant black gown that sew by myself. I am short, therefore my gown is short too. If too long then I will look more shorter which is not nice at all. Come, I need your input, feel free to comment here. Thanks!

Friday, March 05, 2010



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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Before graduate, everyone will look for careers advancement from MNC(Multi National Company). To them, MNC able to provide good staff benefit as well as good remuneration to the staff. Well, to me this is not so important. In MNC, involve so many personnel and department, some may even have office politic.If you cannot handle well the office politic, I don't think you will work happily in that company.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


One of my KL friend supposed to help me sending 2 box of fabric to my KL customers. However due to her hubby's vehicle was fully loaded with luggage, hence she unable to offer a hand this round. They were spending time in hometown during Chinese New Year, I think her mom must be dotted them a lot, that why give them lot of goodies to bring back to KL. She told me in future her hub may drive back with a truck, then only can sufficiently stuff in all the luggage and bags. LOL

By then I think her hub will busy sourcing for cheap and durable truck accessories to upkeep the truck. :P

Saturday, February 20, 2010


Someone talk about extenze with my hubby. This is his first time hearing such term. After getting more info from internet, then only we realized the major function of extenze. Frankly I don’t think my hubby dare to try this product. LOL. To him, natural is the best. Anything that help to regulate or promote body hormone is useless. This same to apply branded skin care products. No matter how good a product is, if your skin type is not that good, then it is very hard to gain smooth and pretty skin.

Friday, February 19, 2010

anti wrinkle cream

I am seriously think of buying anti wrinkle face cream now. Many of my friends commented that at this age it is normal to have some wrinkles at face. However I don’t think so. If you take care your skin care since early, I am sure the wrinkles will be much lesser as compare to those who seldom take proper care of their skin. Am I right? Now which is the best brand of anti wrinkle face cream to use? I think no one can give you best answer coz individual skin type is different. You have to choose one that suit your skin type carefully.

Monday, February 15, 2010

diet again?

Diet need patient and best trimming diet products. Even though you are on diet, you still need to do more exercise then only can see the result within your target duration. Loosing weight in short time is not a good sign at all, probably you only losing the water in your body content instead of body fat. If you are looking for effective quick trim diet, then you better read more about the product reviews from previous consumer before buy one for own usage. Bear in mind that not all diet pill suit everyone.

Night cream

Women need skin care products to protect their face in order to stay young. Once you above 30s, wrinkle will start to appear at your face. If you still did not start apply some skin care products, I am sure you will look older than your peers. So far I am ok with any brands; however I prefer to use Cosway skin care products particularly. This is because their price is within my budget, consider affordable items to me. Although their night cream is not the best night cream in the market, but it suit my skin type effectively. I can switch brand anytime too. This is the best part for having versatile skin type.

you need more exercise?

Did you noticed that exercise equipment is not a cheap stuff nowadays? Some can goes up to over few thousand just for simple mechanism. The originator know that modern people now seldom have time to go for exercise, that why they create exercise equipments that can do daily at home instead of going to gym. For instant, myself also no time to do exercise, let alone going to gym to get rid of my extra body fat. Sometimes I ever consider to own a treadmill at home in order to force myself spend sometimes to do some sweating activities. Perhaps I should seriously think of this investment.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

fat burner

Now is the festive season of Chinese New Year for Chinese (mostly) in the world. Many of us tend to eat a lot of good food almost everyday I tell you. My MIL side did not cook much frankly but my mom is the opposite with her. My mom will cook a lot a lot of meat particularly. The rice will also prepare a lot for all of us. Sometimes I cannot take so much after seeing so many meaty on dinning table. I think I may need fat burner to get of those extra oil and fat from my body. The best fat burner will be jogging a lot…hahaha….

Friday, February 12, 2010

Bonus to pay for installment?

This year I think we might have bonus from the company. Human Resource staffs are busy preparing the yearly appraisal form now. Usually come to year end, we just fill up the appraisal form for fun. Yeah, to me, really for fun. Because every year after doing that , the company did not even bother to look into it and give us increment, let alone bonus that everyone looking forward.

If the company ever give bonus also insufficient to pay for the installment for Santa Cruz real estate loan. LOL

It is just enough for me to buy certain portion of food for this coming Chinese New Year though. Let’s hope this year will be a good bonus year!

Ang pow money for gold investment

Usually we only open the red packet (ang pow) after Day 15 of Chinese New Year. After calculating the total amount, I will do the bank in for them in their individual saving account. Frankly, how much they get equivalent to how much I spent for it in this year.Hey, the amount is not a small figure. LOL Hubby was thinking to use their saving account money to invest into gold since now is the best time to buy gold bullion due to price drop lately. Well, I am still consider his suggestion. I worried what if the price keep dropping, then wasted la!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Dusty /CNY mood

oh dusty here...was busy spring cleaning the house, until neglected this blog and other blogs too. *paiseh*

ok, better write something before I go for long holiday to celebrate this great festive, Chinese New Year! As usual, not much preparation from my site since my in laws are pretty simple person. Last week, went to Jusco with the kids. In fact I had bought some CNY decor stuff from second floor.However I forgot to bring it back. Wasted. I only realized it after stepped out from the mall, which is nearly 11pm. Arghhhhhh......I think I left it at the changing room while trying the new bra.LOL

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Usually gynae will prescribe prenatal vitamins for pregnant mummy other than folic acid, iron and calcium throughout the pregnancy period. These are specially formulated multivitamins that make up for any nutritional deficiencies in the mother's diet. While the supplements contain numerous vitamins and minerals, their folic acid, iron, and calcium content are especially important.

In fact there is various types of prenatal vitamins in the market now. Your gynae will know which type is best suit for your body. Therefore it is advisable to consult your doctor, don’t buy it over counter or any pharmacy.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Scars from acne not easy to get rid of it sometimes. If you ever experience with scars from acne, I am sure you understand what I mean not. First you have to deal with the pimples, now you have marks as a reminder. It is advisable to differentiate the different kinds of acne before you look for treatment to remove or minimize it. Sometimes acne is not caused by dirty skin, eating chocolate, or drinking lots of soda. It may caused by overactive oil glands in the skin and an accumulation of oil, dead skin cells, and bacteria, which leads to inflammation in pores. Anyway, you can find out more information about acne from the site has lot of useful information for you to check out.

Burning fat

Just in case you don’t know what is quick trim extreme burn. let me do a brief description about this product first. It is a weight loss supplement that helps us to get all the results you apparently want with fat burning and other capabilities. Generally there are so many variety of fat burn products in the market, I am doubt how the consumer going to select one that really suit them. not all product suit everyone, so you better read carefully about the product reviews and comments before consuming them. Quick trim extreme burn able to up to 8000 extra calories per month and burn calories “300% times faster.” Sound interesting ya, give it a try if you wish to get rid of your body fat!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kids Islands - printed satin labels

Nice or not my own labels? It is printed satin ribbon. After consider for so many time, finally we decided to print our own labels for all my hand sew clothing. I am satisfy with the label so far. But the minimum quantity is 2000pcs, so I have to accept these 2000pcs although I don't know when I can finish them.

Hey,2000pcs is a lot to me!!

So from today onwards, all my dresses will sew on these lovely labels. It is not itchy at all. Yippie!

Friday, January 15, 2010

Healthy body

Generally my MIL is a healthy person. She seldom falls sick except complaint legs pain or having diarrhea due to food sensitive. Other than that, we really seldom see her visit doctor. *touch wood*

But she is having high cholesterol now; need to control her food intake strictly. She is also on medication too. However I still see her likes to eat fried stuff occasinally.Hmm....if she continue to do that, then how to reduce cholesterol effectively ler?

Sleep tight

I sleep quite late lately. Need to settle dresses for Chinese New Year order. Since CNY fall on February, therefore I need to settle all by end of this week latest. Else my customers may not able to receive on time. Lucky my hubby accompany me every night, also help me entertain the kids if there is a need. But I still spend at least half an hour to check their homework as well as do simple revision. So most of the time, when come to bed time, I can easily fall asleep, due to tire body. I don't need any best sleep aid to help me to go to slumber land....

Thursday, January 14, 2010


抄来的。。。。。。 他和她結婚整整10年了,夫妻間已經沒有任何衝動與情趣, 他越來越覺得自己對她幾乎就是一種程式與義務, 他開始厭煩起了她,尤其是單位新調進了一個年輕活潑的女孩, 對他發起了瘋狂的進攻,他突然覺得她是自己的第二春,經過再三考慮, 他決定和她離婚。她似乎也麻木了,很平靜地答應了他, 兩個人一起走進了民政部門。 手續辦得很順利,出門後,兩個人已經是各自獨立的自由人了, 不知為什麼,他心裏突然有種空落落的感覺,他看了看她: “天已經晚了,一起去吃點飯吧。” 她看了看他:“好吧,聽說新開了一家‘離婚酒店’, 專門執行離婚夫婦的最後一頓晚餐,要不咱們到那兒去看看。” 他點了點頭,兩人一前一後默默地走進了離婚酒店。 “先生女士晚上好。”二人在包廂剛坐下,服務小姐便走了進來, “請問兩位想吃點兒什麼?” 他看了看她:“你點吧。” 她搖了搖頭:“我不常出來,不太清楚這些,還是你點吧。” “對不起先生女士,我們離婚酒店有個規矩,這頓飯必 須要由 女士點先生平時最愛吃的菜,由先生點女士平時最愛吃的菜, 這叫‘最後的記憶’。” “那好吧,”她理了理頭髮,“清蒸魚、溜蘑菇、拌木耳, 記住,都不要放蔥薑蒜,我先生……這位先生他不吃這些。” “先生呢?”服務小姐看了看他。 他愣住了。結婚10年,他真的不知道老婆喜歡吃什麼。他張著嘴, 尷尬地愣在了那兒。 “就這些吧,其實這是我們兩個人都愛吃的。”她連忙打起了圓場。 服務小姐笑了笑:“說實話,到我們離婚酒店來吃這最後一頓晚餐, 所有的先生和女士其實都吃不下去什麼,所以這‘最後的記憶’ 咱們還是不要吃了吧。就喝我們酒店特意為所有離婚人士準備的 晚餐——冷飲吧,這也是所有來的人都不拒絕的選擇。” 她與她都點了點頭:“那就來冷飲吧。” 很快,服務小姐送來了兩份冷飲,兩份飲料中一份淡藍一片, 全是冰渣;一份滿杯紅潤,冒著熱氣。 “這份晚餐名叫‘一半是火焰,一半是海水’,兩位慢用。” 服務小姐介紹完退了下去。 包房裏靜悄悄的,兩個人相對而坐,一時竟不知道該說什麼好。 “篤篤篤!”輕輕一陣敲門聲,服務小姐走了近來,托盤裏托著 一枝鮮豔的紅玫瑰:“先生,還記得您第一次給這位女士送花的情景嗎? 現在一切都結束了,夫妻不成就當朋友,朋友要好聚好散, 最後為女士送朵玫瑰吧。” 她渾身一抖,眼前又浮現出了10年前他給她送花的情景,那時, 他們剛剛來到這座舉目無親的省城,什麼都沒有,一切從零開始。 白天,他們四處找工作, 努力拼搏;晚上, 為了增加收入,她去晚市出小攤,他去給人家刷盤子。很晚很晚, 他們才一起回到租住在地下室裏那不足10平米的小屋。日子很苦,可他們卻很幸福。 到省城的第一個情人節 那天,他為自己買了第一朵紅玫瑰,她幸福得流下了眼淚。 10年了,一切都好起來了,可兩個人卻走向了分離。她想著想著,淚水盈滿了雙眼, 她擺了擺手說:“不用了。” 他也想起了過去的10年,他這才記起,自己已經有五六年沒有給 她買過一枝玫瑰了。他擺了擺手:“不,要買。” 服務小姐卻拿起了玫瑰,“刷刷”兩下撕成了兩半,分別扔進了 兩個人的飲料杯裏,玫瑰竟然溶解在了飲料裏。 “這是我們酒店特意用糯米製成的紅玫瑰,也是送給你們的第三道菜, 名叫‘映景的美麗’。先生女士慢用,有什麼需要直接叫我。” 服務小姐說完,轉身走了出去。 “XX,我……”他一把握住她的手,有些說不出話來。 她抽了抽手,沒有抽動,便不再動彈。兩個人靜靜地對視著,什麼也說不出來。 “啪!”突然,燈熄了,整個包房裏漆黑一片,外面警鈴大作, 一股煙味兒飄了進來。 “怎麼了?”兩個人急忙站了起來。 “店起火了,大家馬上從安全通道走!快!”外面,有人聲嘶力竭地喊了起來。 “老公!”她一下撲進了他的懷裏,“我怕!” “別怕!”他緊緊摟住她,“親愛的,有我呢。走,往外衝!” 包廂外面燈光通明,秩序井然,什麼都沒有發生。 服務小姐走了過來:“對不起,先生女士,讓兩位受驚了。 酒店並沒有失火,煙味兒也是特意往包房裏放的一點點, 這是我們的第四道菜,名叫‘內心的選擇’。請回包廂。” 他和她回到了包廂,燈光依舊。他一把拉她:“親愛的, 服務小姐說得對,剛才那才是你我內心真正的選擇。其實, 我們誰都離不開誰,明天咱們重新結婚吧?” 她咬了咬嘴唇:“你願意嗎?” “我願意,我現在什麼都明白了,明天一早咱就去辦結婚。 小姐,買單。”他說著喊了起來 。 服務小姐走了近來,遞給兩人一人一張精緻的紅色清單: “先生女士好,這是兩位的帳單,也是本酒店的最後一道贈品, 名叫‘永遠的帳單’,請兩位永遠保存吧。" 他看著帳單,眼淚淌了下來。 “你怎麼了?”她連忙問道。 他把帳單遞給了她:“親愛的,我錯了,我對不起你。” 她打開帳單一看,只見上面寫著: 一個溫暖的家; 兩隻操勞的手; 三更不熄等您歸家的燈; 四季注意身體的叮囑; 無微不至的關懷; 六旬婆母的微笑; 起早貪黑對孩子的照顧; 八方維護您的威信; 九下廚房為了您愛吃的一道菜; 十年為您逝去的青春…… 這就是您的妻子。 “老公,您辛苦了,這些年也是我冷漠了你。” 她也把自己的那份帳單遞給了他。他打開帳單,只見上面寫著: 一個男人的責任; 兩肩挑起的重擔; 三更半夜的勞累; 四處奔波的匆忙; 無法傾訴的委屈; 七姑八姨的義務; 八上八下的波折; 九優一疵的凡人; 時時對家對子的真情…… 這就是您的丈夫。 兩個人抱在一起,放聲痛哭。 結完帳,他和她對經理千恩萬謝,手牽手走回了家。 看者他們幸福的背影,經理微笑著點了點頭: “真幸福,我們離婚酒店又挽救了一個家!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

car insurance shopping

If you wish to look for car insurance, the best site to go is look for I am sure you can find a suitable insurance agent for your car from Car Insurance List. From the website itself, you can easily look for cheap car insurance quotes, reviews, news, information and tips. Unlike previously we have to call agent one by one just to make comparison. Now with a click of mouse, we can do the comparison online easily.

It is important for you to buy the right car insurance coverage and shop for the most affordable price, either you buy a new car or used. All countries and states require some form of car insurance but even if that were not the case, driving without it is a huge gamble with the property and lives of driver and passengers. Do check out the site now.

Buying shoes again

Can someone comment on Stuart Weitzman shoes? Is this branded shoes comfort to wear? Is it long lasting? The most important is which outlet is having great promotion for these shoes? LOL

Since my company change policy from wearing uniform to not wearing uniform, so I think better stock up one or two shoes in order to match my office entire. See, not wearing uniform is like spending a lot of money for clothing ya. No choice, we have to follow majority decision. However sometimes I still feel like buying dark color shoes, easy matching mah!

No company uniform now

Starting Jan 2010, my office staff no need require to wear company uniform. They can wear anything they like, provided it is proper and clean suit that suitable for office wear. However they still can wear the existing uniform if they like it. Personally I am not so keen for the current uniform, cos I don't like the material.

Back to wearing casual wear also good for me lar, at least I have reason to sew baju kurung or kebaya for myself. At the same time can show off and do promotion in my office too. One stone kill two birds. LOL

No matter how busy, I will sew one set baju kurung for myself first. Got to dig my wardrobe to look for the kain that I bought for baju kurung ages ago. :P

AED promotions

If you are looking for AED products, do check it out at American AED. The site offers you varieties of selection for AED stuff with attractive prices. It is America's premier provider and trusted source for the latest AED. By the way, AED refers to Automated External Defibrillator; meant for public & professional use generally. Currently American AED offers the newest and the most reliable AEDs available today. Do check out their site for more detail information and grab the promotion while still it is still on!