Friday, December 30, 2011

Presents for the girls

Most of the time I will have headache when I think of what to buy as birthday present for my girls. They already own so many things in their room, I don’t think they ever lack of anything. LOL

However I still need to buy them something when come to their birthday, right? Other wise they might think the mummy had forgotten their big day. Mean time, some of my friends also commented we should not always just celebrate birthday for them. We should think of ourself too because we, the mummies are the one suffer the pain when giving birth to them. We should pamper ourself on this date instead of just think of them. Haha…well said too! Anyway, we can always celebrate together, right? Ok perhaps next year I will get them some personalized disney gifts from online shop. I will either select personalized shirt or stationery for them.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


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Monday, November 21, 2011


It’s raining season again. Almost everyday, the rain will pour between 4.00pm – 5.00pm without fail. So usually I will collect back all my laundry before this period. Hehehe…

It’s also school break now, a long break for almost 1.5 month. How to help the kids kill the time? I am having headache now. first day school holiday at home, my MIL already complaint the girls making too much noise at home. To me it’s normal, right?

Even though now is raining season, but the girls still begging me to bring them to pool to have a dip. Hmm…perhaps I can let them just dig at the blow up swimming pool instead of bringing them to real swimming pool. If they claim the water is too cold, then I can get a pool heat pump at to warm the pool. LOL

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Funny shirts

During Halloween day, you can wear any funny clothing or funny shirts. Some people even wear horrible clothing to frighten people during trick and treat session. Hahaha…how nice if my country also celebrate this kind of funny festive! I am sure my kids would love it too. When come to Halloween festive, I can see my oversea friends posted many photos of huge pumpkins at their place. They will carry 1 or 2 back home and start d├ęcor it to suit the Halloween theme. I remember one time, my friend even placed a baby girl inside the empty pumpkin and snap photo. So you can imagine how big the pumpkins are!

Friday, November 04, 2011

Long overdue photo album

So fast we come to year end already. Very soon year 2011 will bid goodbye to us too. Looking back, what had I done for the past one year? It seem like I did nothing much except giving birth to an adorable baby girl, Nice. Compare to my hubby, I rarely do list in my life. I am a real lazy person, very reluctant to do the list. Whatever comes to my mind, I just do it when I got the chance and time. Well, I do hope one day I can sit down and sorting out all my kids photo and do an album for them. One person one album. However till date, I am yet to start the move. Perhaps I should get myself a Epson TM-T88V first, then only will motivate me to start the printing and sorting.

Friday, October 21, 2011


Many years back when hubby and I travel to Europe, the most memorable part is experiencing the snow eating. Yeah, we eat the snow while it falls down from shy!! LOL

Some said the snow is dirty and had been contaminated and we should not eat it like that. But who care, this is my first time seeing snow, of course I will and I want to feel it whatever way I like. Am I right? After all, after eating snow, we are ok, no diarrhea too. Hahaha…. At that time, we wish to try the snow skiing but looking at the charges, we stop our mind. It is not cheap at all. However if you have your own snowboarding goggles, then you can use it and no need to rent from the center which is chargeable.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Scrub tops

I like to use professional people wearing formal scrub. They look so smart into scrub tops and bottoms. When I was admitted to hospital that time, I can see those nurses and doctors wearing different scrubs. Some how when you see them, you will feel like having some security. As you know, hospital always give us one kind strange of scaring feeling. But when I see them wearing formal scrubs and around me, I will feel I am secure here. LOL….strange feeling right?

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Samsung galaxy

My galaxy is from Samsung family group. I like the phone very much coz it is so lady like. As we all know, new handphone’s battery very long lasting. Charge few hours then can last at least one day. however lately my girls addicted to Angry Bird games. Both of them will use my phone to play this game till my samsung cell phone batteries become flat very fast. Many times I have to recharge it before bed time. This is because I need to see my clock midnight for my baby night feeding. I will see what is the time each time she is up for milky.

Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Communion gifts

If you are looking for communion gift, either for boys or girls, then you should go to Personal Creations and browse through their items. The site has lot of variety of stuff for you to browse through. If you cannot decide which gift to select, then you can spend some time at the site and slowly go through the products selection. I am sure you can find something you like there. what is the best item to give as first communion gift? I also not sure, just check it out at Personal Creations.

Friday, August 19, 2011

ps3 controller

My sister’s sons so addicted to gadgets like ps2 & 3, handphone games and online games. Before my sister set the rules, they can play from morning till bedtime. Imagine how crazy they are. Later part, only my sister set strict rules to them, ie they only can play games during weekend and school break. Lucky my girls are not so crazy like them, all these due to their father strict discipline. I remember last time my sister even hide her son’s ps3 controllers and tell them the controllers is missing. Too bad, their father spoil the sons and bought a new one for them.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Family insurance plans

All my family members have insurance coverage, except my 3rd baby. My 3rd baby is 4 months plus old now. It’s time to look for suitable insurance plan for her now. If we can’t find a better plan, then we might pick the same package that same with her sisters. I know there are many new insurance plans out there, but I am just plain lazy to compare one by one. However I was told that we actually can compare insurance plans online via Wholesale Insurance. The site will provide detail comparison, pro and cons of certain policy etc. It also able to compare life insurance quotes and term life insurance rates from ALL top life insurance companies. Better check it out before my baby turn 1year old.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

ankle brace

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bath tub

Do you ever dream of to own any vintage tubs in your dream house? To be frank, I had that kind of dream! Whenever I enter a hotel room, I would check out the bathroom first. If it is a bath tub there, I would jump like a happy girl. LOL!

Yeah, I like to dip myself into the bath tub and have slow and relax bathing session. If my girls saw bath tub in hotel room, they will scream happily too. Like mother like daughters. :P

Small netbooks

Last weekend both my girls went to their friend’s house and spent approximately 2 hour there. After we fetch them back, both of them keep telling me how good their friends’ parent. They told me their parent bought them individual small netbooks, PS2, hand phone and other gadgets stuff. Upon hearing all their stories, hubby and I have same thinking in our mind. Apparently this parent very pamper their kids, that’s why they willing to spend for their kids. However this is not our practice though. We will only spend necessary things but not all gadgets. Our concept is if they want to own all these, they have to put in their effort and gain it but not just ask from parent without any justification.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Reward card

I bet 99% of ladies will own at least one reward card. This is because majority of us like to keep reward points and redeem something from the brochure. LOL

Lately my hubby sub a supplementary card for me, including visa reward cards too. At first I don’t want to keep it coz holding too many cards will divert my redemption points too. I rather use one card and gather all in one card. However after I view through their reward catalogue, I decided to keep this card and stop using other cards. What make me change my mind? Haha…coz the visa reward cards have more redemption items than my existing cards!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

3rd princess

Picture taken at day 1

Here come my 3rd princess, Nice. A very unique French name, named by her dear papa.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


If you ask me what I want now, my answer is a pair of good sunglasses. My existing sunglasses going to damage soon. There is a crack in between the handle. Well, you will not see clearly from far though. It still can be used if I am not too fussy. LOL

Lately come across Tom Ford Sunglasses. Oh my, those branded sunglasses are so elegant. I think I should get one pair for myself since all these while I hardly buy branded stuff for myself. Once a while I should pamper myself, right?

No time for sewing

After arrival of my 3rd princess, I hardly have sufficient time to do my sewing. I have to take more than 1 day to sew a simple pant or skirt now. Unlike previously, I can finish one pant or one skirt in just 1 hour or even lesser. However I did not regret for having my No3. To me, she is so precious!!

Friday, June 24, 2011


I think my eyesight getting poorer and poorer lately. I took quite some time to get the thread gone through the needle too. Not only that, when I look at small font in newspaper, I have to adjust the paper closely to me, then only I can see clearly. Sometimes I wonder is it due to I face computer monitor too long, that why cause my eyesight become like that? Perhaps I have to use eotech magnifier that can offer 3x or 4x bigger than usual reading. LOL

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


My notebook brand is Acer. Before I bought this set of notebook, many of my friends commented that I should not buy acer brand. They suggested other brands to me. However those suggested brands are way beyond my budget. Only Acer’s price range meets my budget. So without thinking further, I just grab a unit from PC shop. so far the Acer notebook had been with me for more than 3 years yet it is still in good conditions. Only once a while the acer batteries will give me problem. Even though I had fully charged it over the night, but the next day after use it a while, the batteries will become flat. Perhaps I should just change to new battery for time being. When it is really obsolete only I change for another unit.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011


Who said only boys will fight? Tell you, sometimes my girl will fight too over small tiny matters. Just recently, when I am back from office, I saw my eldest girl sitting at porch with her sad face. I ask her what happen. She answered me in crying tone that her sister beat her. What? Beating each other? OMG! Later only found out they use badminton racket and beat each other which mean they are fighting lar!! Gosh!!

I think next time have to buy them wrestling shoes if they ever fight again. LOL

Friday, May 27, 2011


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Sunday, May 22, 2011


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Monday, May 16, 2011

Exam fever

Mid term exam is just around the corner. I know many mummies out there are busy preparing revision with their children. This round I have to skip the exam fever cos I got not much time to coach my girls' revision. Only daddy helping on this but also not in full force. My newborn need me more now so I have to skip it. Hopefully by next term I will be able to coach them seriously.


To me, only rich people afford to take cigar. Do you agreed with me? This is because cigar is not a cheap stuff. One branded cigar easily cost you thousand over for a box. Do we really need to spend that much just for a cigarette? Do you look good if taking a cigar compare to those who just take normal cigarette? Don't know why most rich business man love to take cigar whenever they are in formal event. I still remember last time my ex-boss use to receive branded cigar from his clients or vendor during Chinese New Year. He showed the cigars to us and told us how to differentiate good and no good cigar. Hehe...only he can recognize cos he take cigar daily but not us who never get the chance to try cigar before.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

HP signals

When I back to my mom’s house during weekend, I will have hand phone signal problem. Many times I cannot call out or receive calls when I was backing home. This is because my mom house was in urban area and the signal is very bad there. I was thinking should I fix something like cell signal boosters to boost up the signal reception? Will it effectively increase the signal level? Well, some expert told me useless to do that cos some areas are tend to have lower signal, so no point to spend extra for that gadget.

Online dating

If you are looking for girl friend or boy friend or even spouse, will you go for online to look for them? Some of us must be not agree with this method, as it is very dangerous to know someone from internet, right? However some websites are reliable too, you can read their reviews first before deciding your decision. Some even provide free dating online. Some of my bloggers friends know their spouse via online dating too and their marriage is smooth and successful till now. Therefore, not all horrible stories will happen to you, just that you have to be extra careful when come to online dating.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

hgh supplements

Currently there are plenty of hgh supplements products in the market now. If you are looking for hgh supplements, you better read carefully those product reviews before confirming your buying. This is because some supplements may not suit everyone and some may have side effects if there are not suit for your body consumption. One of my friends wish to try out one hgh supplement however till now he yet to find one that suit his body. Anyway I suggest him to read more resources first before trying it.

Spa cover

Today is my birthday. No celebration no birthday gift from anyone, how pity ya!! This year busy with my newborn baby girl, really no time to think of what to have for the birthday present. Midnight my baby girl already greet me with her cake plus refuse to sleep and keep crying. Until 2am!! What a day on my birthday day!! Well, I do wish to have a spa cover for myself. At least when I am free, I can pamper myself with the spa cover at home!

Thursday, April 28, 2011


I had been eating since day in after giving birth. Event though I am not so like confinement food, but I still have to eat them without complaining. Most of the foods are adding ginger and sesame oil. These 2 items will make you sweat like hell I tell you. Plus, you cannot bath daily too during confinement period. The most you can do is lap your body when you feel real hot and sweating. If you want to bath, then you have to bath with herb whereby the water is black color after boiling. LOL Ok, back to my confinement food. Besides eating meats daily, I also request adding some vegetables. Too muct meaty food also not so good for me after confinement cos I have to crack my head to think how to get rid of extra kgs after that. Am I right? Perhaps I shall start searching for some creatine supplement reviews, to see whether creatine can help me lose weight or not after confinement.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

3rd Princess

My 3rd princess finally is out 29/03, weight 2.95kg. Her weight is the lightest compare to her 2 sisters. Her 2 sisters weight is 3.20 - 3.25kg. Anyway, she is a healthy baby, so I am fine with her weight too. Now, I was thinking to prepare a very special personalized birthday gifts for her. She is my precious, she is my everything besides my hubby and the 2 elder girls. For sure, I want the best for all my girls.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

side effect of Lipozene

When come to body fat, many of us will think of diet pill products. Am I right? However nowadays there are too many brands of diet pill products in the market now how are you going to certify which brand is the safest and effective? Some of it may have side effects though. If you wish to check out the lipozene side effects, you may go the site of Lipozene to find out more. The best is read the consumer reviews before confirming your decision and choice.

billiards supplies

Nowadays youngsters like to go to billiards accessories shop to look for billiards supplies. Only this group of people likes to play such games. Previously they will buy from online shops coz hardly find physical shops here. However due to the popularity of billiards, now you can easily get your billiards supplies at anytime and anywhere provided you know how to shop.


My eldest girl do no have hearing problem, however each time when I call her, she will only reply me after few calls from me. Many times I have to go to in front of her and tell her what I want from her. My hubby told me that this girl lack concentration type, so I have to call her come to me, and I have to talk to her face to face. Sometimes I wonder shall I get her an audiometer to hear how well she can hears. LOL

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Bridesmaid dress

In my wardrobe, there are 2 sets of bridesmaid dresses for little girls sizes. It was given by my ex-colleague some times ago. She knew I have 2 girls, so I might need to let them become bridesmaid one day; therefore the dresses were passing to me since then. The dresses are still over size to my girls; need to wait for another 2-3 years then only my girls can fit nicely. By that time, don’t know who want to look for my girls as bridesmaids. LOL

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Columbos jobs

Few weeks ago, while I do my baby clothing shopping at Jusco, stumped upon a lady who work in Cambodia. She is local Chinese but work as expatriate in Cambodia. She had been there for 7 years and already gets used to the environment there too. However lately she returns to Malaysia for good coz she need to settle down her 2 sons here. Long term staying outside is not a good choice for small kids; therefore she decided to come back for good. Besides working at Cambodia, she also ever worked in Columbus and do columbus jobs. Wow, I was so envy her life when she is single. So many challenges and new culture to adapt with. These experiences you will never get with money though!

Friday, March 04, 2011


Each time when come to celebration date like Mother’s day or Valentine’s Day, I am sure you will try to look for nice flower bouquet for your love one. If you wish to find a nice flower bouquet with reasonable price, perhaps you can Find ProFlowers on LinkedIn. The site has variety choice of flower bouquet for you to select. Most of the time it will offer some discount coupon too for return customers. Their packing is nice and looks elegant too. You should try to use their service one day, and then only you will find out how they will satisfy your needs.

Saturday, February 26, 2011


I am surprise to see my eldest girl's thigh has a tattoo onto it. After asking her, she told me that she did it in school. OMG, how she did it in class? Move up her dress so high, then paste onto it???? She laugh at me and told me that she went to toilet and did that alone. Gosh, why this girl so active one? What if the teacher spotted her? I am sure she will get punishment for doing so. I look for tattoo remover and try to remove it. At first she is reluctant to let me do it. But I insist. Told her that she only can do this stuff at home and during school break.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Acne for teenager

Teenagers tend to have acne problem. I remember during my teenager time, my face has this kind of problem too. Luckily I use honey soup at earlier stage, therefore the acne problem not so tedious actually. As compare to my other friends, their faces really have serious acne problem. Some of them need to seek for body acne treatment too. At that time I am not come from rich family, thanks GOD. If not, surely I don’t have enough money to pay for the acne treatment cost! - Show quoted text -

33 weeks

I am at 33 week of pregnancy now. I can feel my body become heavier off late too. However I cannot sit still coz once I sit a bit longer, my butt becomes pain. And also the baby movement is a lot too when I am in sitting position. Hmmmm….this baby wants her mummy keep walking I think. Right now baby weight is 2kg, no wonder I feel a bit tire too after short distance walking. My prefer baby weight during giving birth is 3kg; hopefully this baby will gain the same weight as her sisters too.

Injury lawyer

One of my colleagues took emergency leave today. According to him, his niece met an accident nearby his house, so he has to rush to the accident area to grant his assistant if possible. However the sad thing is his niece died on the spot after the collision. Gosh, imagine how serious the accident is. Both parties that involved in accident claimed that the other party is wrong. now talk about this topic also useless coz it involved death case now. so first thing is both send to hospital for thorough checking instead of arguing at the incident area. Worst come to worst, they can seek help from Austin personal injury lawyer and do the justice for them. Austin lawyer full address as below: O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

Monday, February 21, 2011

HGH products

Very soon, my No3 baby will meet us by end March. We can’t wait to see her in person though, especially my 2 elder girls. Almost every night they got to see their baby sister kicking mummy’s tummy. They feel very excited when they can feel the baby moving too. I was thinking will I be busier after baby arrival? Will these 2 girls help me to take care the baby sister? If they no help me, then I will be very tire then. Too tire and lack of sleep will cause me look old faster too. By that time, I might need some hgh products to help me to increase energy, improve recovery and decrease wrinkles. LOL

Thursday, February 17, 2011

RV loan

One of my ex-college plan to buy new house that near her current working area. In fact she already own a house in town, that just next to her parent in law house. She has family problem with her parent in law, that's why wish to move away from them now. However her parent in law is not those type that can bring for discussion. If they know she want to sell the house, sure they will very angry and start nagging, especially her mother in law. Therefore right now she is busy looking for easiest way to apply for housing loan. Bad news is her hubby now is in black list in financial due to the one he guarantor has run away. Perhaps he can try to apply for rv loans, hopefully the bank will not so strict in this issue.

Monday, January 31, 2011


My small girl talks quite soft in school. Sometimes I wonder did her friends can listen what she said or not. I guess she also talk softly to her teachers too. Therefore I remind her constantly to talk louder a bit in school coz at home her voice is very loud. But she replied me that her teacher will angry if she talks louder in class. I think this is just an excuse for her. I told her if everyone cannot hear what you said, next time they may ask you use a microphone to speak to them!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Side effects of the pills

If you ask me want to try out any brand of weight loss pill, my answer is I don’t think I will try. The main reason is I not so trust all these drugs based pills. No matter how great the product to you, it may not suit other person, including myself. Moreover some of the pills have side effects too. The side effects may not come out so early; it may take few months later or longer period to show the side effect. Have you ever heard of phentermine weight loss products? I came to know this product were well tolerated but the potential side effects of phentermine including diarrhea, restlessness, and sexual problems. If you wish to know more about this product, do check out the side for more details.

Appetite suppressant pills

Everyone talk about baking cookies and dishes to prepare for this coming Chinese New Year. As we all know, this festive we will eat a lot of high calorie cookies and food, therefore our stomach will be full most of the days throughout the festive. LOL

It is not surprise if we gain 1 – 2 kg of weight. If you are at my mom’s house, you will see meaty dishes mostly instead of vegetables. At times I will eat till I feel puke. Whereas in my PIL house, they are totally opposite. My MIL will still cook meaty dishes but she more on green leafy dishes though. Whatever it is, I will get ready some appetite suppressant pills for this coming festive coz most of the times I will be at my mom’s house. :)

Security Cameras

If you are looking for gadgets items like security cameras, surveillance cameras, wireless cameras & equipments, camera mounts & accessories etc, PolarisUSA is the best place for you. PolarisUSA also offers wireless outdoor security cameras with infrared, wireless color cameras and etc. perhaps I should also recommend this site to my uncle since currently he is looking for a reliable brand of wireless security camera for his new home soon. He is surveying prices in the market now.

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Chinese New Year is approaching; I am going to standby some effective weight loss pill. This is because I know I am going to have good food while at my mom’s house. my mom use to cook a lot of dishes every year. Her rice cooker never empty one. To her, we cannot eat till rice cooker become empty, else no wealth already. Yeah, she is that superstitious type women! Back to weight loss pill, now I have to find out what is the best weight loss pill in the market now. trying to search some details from internet soon.

Hostgator review

Some of my bloggers already changed/tried other web hosting; I am still using my very first one web hosting even after so many years of using them. I ever think of to change web hosting but when think about reconfiguration and setting, I gave up! I am not IT savvy person; I need others’ help if changing web hosting. So I better stick to current one since they seldom gave me problem too. Someone introduced me about Hostgator lately. I am yet to find out more information about this new web hosting. They advice me to read on hostgator review first before changing to new hosting.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Modern sofa

My current house’s sofa set look like old fashion now. I wish to change for new and modern sofa for this coming Chinese New Year. I am still contemplating which model and brand to choose. However yesterday my washing machine gave me problem, it does not move smoothly as usual. Hmmm…it is time to change for a new machine. Hubby said change new washing machine first, sofa set only consider buying it after Chinese New Year. Cannot buy both at same time due to budget constraint!


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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Acne problem

When you go to skin care specialist boutique, I am sure the attendants there will introduce you many type of acne products if you are having acne problem. Sometimes you might be able to get confuse by all the brand names that displayed in the boutique. The best is let them do skin analysis for you first before decided your choice of acne products. I believe professional there will be willing to share with you their experience too.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Chinese New Year is approaching, I am sure my dear mum will prepare a lot of good food and waiting for us to come back to have reunion dinner. Even though I can cook but my cooking skill still way below my mum. I still need lot of time to practice my cooking skill though. Compare with my MIL, I still find my mum cook nicer dishes than her. LOL

During CNY, not only can eat my mum’s food, I also have some gathering event with my friends and colleagues therefore will be eating a lot too. I think after the CNY festive, most likely I will need to take l-dopa as my dietary supplement, so that I can control my diet effectively. At the same time also can get rid some of the fat accumulated during CNY.

Best method

There are so many brands of anti aging products in the market. I believe sometimes we will get confuse when come to which brand to select. This always happen to me when I go to cosmetic or skin care counters; I really don’t know how to select best anti aging product that suit for my skin type. Many of my friends advice me to read from reviews first decide my decision. However I still find it is clueless to do so. I would prefer consumers that ever used it to advice me though.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Most of the people when move to new house, they will look for modern furniture to beautify their new home. You will be surprise to see some of them really can spend. They ever swipe their credit cards for big lump sum, then pay by installment slowly. Hmmm..come to think of it, I will not simply spend if I know my cash flow is not that smooth. I will only buy and change furniture when needed. Money is small now, better save more for emergency use.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Garmin GPS

Garmin gps navigator is a very common gadget in Malaysia now. I believe most of the Malaysian who like to travel will buy one and install in their cars. All garmin nuvi gps products are preloaded with Malaysia map and Singapore map. If you wish to bring it for overseas usage, then you have to do some downloading and install appropriate maps accordingly. My hubby still quite reluctant to buy one gps coz to him the price still at high side. Moreover he can check relevant maps from Google maps easily too. Well, that is my hubby, dependent on internet but not other device. LOL

Retails work

Working hours for retail jobs is long, consider similar to working in shopping malls. One time I ever called in an office to ask for a Branch Executive job, after some clarification, only find out it is a under retail job scope. The person who interview me straight forward told me that I am not suitable for this field since all these while I am only working as an employee in 9-5 office hour. He highlighted that I may not suit to work for longer hours. Ya, he is correct though.