Thursday, May 31, 2007

Further studies @ Capella university

My elder sister’s son just finish his college studies, he told my sister that he plan to further his studies in university. The education fee shouldn’t be a problem to her coz she had bought him an education insurance plan some time ago. The problem she is facing now is how to choose a good and reputable university for her son.

I told her why not try to search online and study the background and history of each university first. At least from there, her son able to know which universities provide degree or diploma programs that he prefers. One of the universities recommended by me is capella university coz I was told this university has new and innovative programs for their distance learning programs. The degrees offered by them include Bachelors, Masters and PhD level.

Big car ? small car?

Hubby always teased me: want to change car or not? Viva not bad ler! My answer to him is: don't want small car, if really want to change, I want 7-seater MPV! LOL

Do I really like to own luxury car like 7-seater MPV? Not really, coz I am a thrift type person. But this is the only answer that I can stop hubby continue asking me the same question. Why? The reason very simple, not that we are not afford but we do not want to engage with any huge loan currently, we enjoy debt free status now too! If need to change car, our priority is look for second hand car too and preferable pay in cash too! Hey, bearing loan or debt is not easy; you will always think of this when come to month end. We do not want to go through that phase now; we want to enjoy life now!

I am lucky actually; at least I wrote paid post is for fun, not mean to pay any loan. I can actually spend as much as I like too but I did not practice that way. Money still not easy to find now, you got to work hard only can get it. While I can, why not I blog more and earn more? Don’t envy me, you can do it too!

Drug Rehabilitation Network

It will be a sad case to see those youngsters who addicted to drug or alcohol. If you have family member or friends who have such addiction problem, you can seek their help for addiction treatment. Even my 2 girls still small now but I already start worry they might get addicted to drug one day. It is good for parents nowadays to know more about drug addiction treatment and where to seek for help first before their kids involve in drug addict.

Drug Rehabilitation Network is the most comprehensive drug rehab referral site of its kind. It is a non-profit drug rehabilitation referral service; they are providing excellent advice, information and services to help drug addicts, alcoholics, chronic relapse victims, and their families to find effective drug rehab or alcoholism rehab treatment.

There are many of Drug Rehabilitation and alcohol rehabilitation organizations in this country, but to find a suitable one will be a daunting task. Well, you can be sure Drug Rehabilitation Network will provide you the right and effective treatment solution. They are always there to assist those drug or alcohol addict and providing highest quality too!

If you know someone needs such treatment, please refer them to Drug Rehabilitation Network. I am sure they will start a new life after joining them!

My garden design

I have a big garden in my house but it looks messy now due to poor arrangement and poor landscape design. Most of the plants and trees in the garden were managed by my MIL and my knowledge towards landscaping is very poor too. Landscaping is considered both science and art, and it requires good observation and design skills too. I don’t have all these skills. If my MIL allows me to rearrange my garden plants, I would engage landscape design service to make my garden look more creative and pretty.

I wish to put a hammock in my garden too, so that my girls can play with the swing in evening time as well as morning too! However I am not sure where is the best place to put all these. I better browse through the net to look for reliable yet professional landscaping design company. Let their professionalism skill and expertise to make my garden look beauty and functionality.

Inside Mecca

I have many Islam friends around me; they are my colleagues, neighbours or friends. I am going to introduce Inside Mecca website to them, whereby they can source for documentaries and movies about their Islam religion. There are many collection of DVD in regards to documentaries of Islam, check it out yourself if you wish to learn more about Islamic and The Prophet Muhammad.

Other than DVD, my Islam friends also able to download free Quran software and free Hadith software from the web. Pretty convenience since everything can be obtained online easily.

Student Loans

If you are taking a student loans to pursue your studies in University or college, then you have to repay to the relevant association once you are graduated, regardless you are working or not. It might feel very stressful and worries if you yet to find any job in short time.

Now with Student Loan Consolidation options, it might help you cut the student loan payments in half. You can lower your monthly payments as much as 60% thus make your life less stress and worry when you first start your job. In other words, you can have extra cash in your pocket with the Student Loan Consolidation program. The consolidation loans lock in rate as low as 4.5%, an affordable rate for most of graduates. Other advantages of Student Loan Consolidation are they bundled all your student loans into one easy-to-manage loan. No fee, charges or prepayment charges to it too!

If you know someone who need to apply for student loans, do introduce Student Loan Consolidation from NextStudent to them coz the application is easy and fast. The best of all is you can apply online via their web with electronic signature.

Looking for discount radiators

My hubby knows little bit knowledge about car maintenance. Few days ago, he spotted one of my car radiator hose was not in good condition. He told me it’s time to change for a new one; else my car might breakdown anytime.

So hubby drove to nearby workshop to do the changes, however to our surprise, the workshop unable to find one radiator that suit my car. What we can do now is try to search online and look for discount radiators. Lucky we able to discover, a leading online source for radiators and cooling components, offering the best quality radiators at the lowest possible price along with a satisfaction guaranteed lifetime warranty.

The good news is we can ask for guideline and direction on how to install radiators via their certified service centers who can install our parts at competitive rates. My hubby definitely need the help on installation!

Opps, sorry

Few days ago, I blog about my McD voucher. I saw someone commented and request for it, but too bad I had spent almost RM70 of it my family member at the same day. I brought the girls, together with my mom, my sister from KL plus her 2 boys to McD AK for dinner.

As for the balance voucher I had decided to give as birthday voucher for my friend's daughter. Sorry ya, Miche, I'll bid again this month, hopefully I can win the KFC voucher, then I also can treat Snoopy as well! :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Market your products

My boss would like to enter U.S. market to promote our company products. However we are facing difficulty in obtaining consumer mailing lists and business mailing lists in the nation. We did try to search online, but the data we manage to get is limited. It is good that we engaged the service with Martin Worldwide since it is the #1 Business List Provider in the nation!

Martin Worldwide has over 12 years of experience offering direct mail and telemarketing business sales leads to businesses around the globe. The best part is they’ve the world's largest business database – over 14 million records. I shall ask my boss to request for free quote first before he confirm to use their mailing list services.

MBA, can I take?

“This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit”

I pursue my education till degree level only and my hubby keep asking me to further my studies till MBA level. However I feel lazy to start study again after being a mom to two girls. Hey, I already tied up with so many house chores, where on earth I can find time to study? Hubby can took part time course and finish his MBA, I really salute him sometimes. Of course, most of the time I sacrifice my time to do all the house chores and deal with my girls, let him concentrate on his studies. Some credits should goes to me, right?

If I want to continue my studies till MBA level also not a hard job now coz I can take mba online degree program at Capella University. Their MBA online degree program was developed around skills that matter most for upwardly-mobile managers. Other than MBA, Capella University also offers graduate degree programs in business, information technology, education, human services, and psychology, and bachelor’s degree programs in business and information technology.

When she is away

Hahaha...I threw quite many rubbish in my house during her absent! Those things like empty containers, plastic bags, useless steel (dunno keep for what??), etc etc....too many in my house lar, I really cannot stand! Still got one extra plastic chair in my car boot, yet to find any place to threw. Perhaps I should bring to my office pantry since lack of chair there! LOL

Holiday in Florida

School summer holiday coming soon, hubby and I yet to decide how to spend the long break for the girls. Holidays are the best opportunity to spend quality time with our family; usually we’ll arrange outing to spend time together. Application for international passport very convenience over here, we can go as and when we like too.

I was told Florida is a best place to spend vacation and it has exciting theme parks and glorious white sandy beaches. We can actually book Florida villa via Lowerys Vacation Homes, THE SPECIALISTS in providing Florida rental accommodation. Lowerys Vacation Homes provides various type of accommodation, from a condominium to a large luxury pool home. The best of all is each home is located within easy reach of attractions and facilities in the Disney area of Central Florida. I shall bookmark the web for my future Florida vacation!

200th Post!!

Wow, I couldn't believe it! I had been writing 200th for TigaP. Post title of Another credit card for me marked the 200th post.

I joined TigaP during Feb, Feb - May (4 mths) can write for 200 post, is quite a lot to me. But I know many of you write more than me coz I only have one blog to maintain, unless you guys have more than one. Tell you what, even with one blog I already feel tired to maintain, what if I have the money who motivate me to write! hehehe....yet to buy any domain ler.

Will I stop writing for paid post? hahaha....not at the moment ya, I'll still write while I can and while the trend is there!

Discover another great site!

While I do blog hopping just now, I spotted a great site from Immomsdaugter blog, called I am a real savvy mom blogger. I enter the site and noticed it is a site cater for new moms and mothers. Wow, not bad, quite a resourceful website, lots of useful information can be obtained from the site.

Check it out yourself if you wish to know more on pregnancy, preconception, parenting or look for any great recipes! It also has many savvy blogger mom posted their post there. Thanks for Immomsdaugther for listing this site in her blog, at least now I have alternative web to read when I am free!

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Smelly car

Last Saturday I went to wet market to buy some fishes and prawn. Since I planned to go back to my mom house, so I bought 2 packs of each, one for my house, one for my mom. I forgot to bring along an empty container to put in my fish and prawns, end up the next day my car become so smelly. Even the girls also complaint and refuse to enter my car.

*sigh* I have to wash my car carpet immediately coz myself also cannot stand the smell. Usually hubby is the one who wash and clean my car! :(

Nuffnang no ads for me..:(

Nuffnang forget about me already. It had been more than 3 weeks no nuffnang ads being place in my blog. I feel so upset coz dunno till when can I cash out the first RM100, if I still no any ads from them.

I could not wait any longer, so I email to Timothy and ask for the status. I asked him is it becos my blog less traffic and not many readers, so no ads being granted to me? Surprisingly, he replied my email the next day. I must say their reply is SUPER fast. hehehe....he told me that less ads being offer now due to lack of advertiser. He asked me to wait patiently and he promised will give us more ads once there are available! So, what's next? Wait lor....

Monday, May 28, 2007

My reviewme over quota

I had taken up total 10 posts from ReviewMe, and I only can take 10 posts per month only. This is their quota for each blogger. I think it is fair and it seem most of us able to grab the 10 posts in a month.

Though ReviewMe pay me only US5 per post, I still grab it coz they did provide us some lead time to finish the task which mean I can grab first and do later. Out of the 10 posts that I grabbed, I only managed to grab one that cost US10.00, the rest all US5. However sometimes I did feel a bit sianz to write for 200 words, just for 5!

Mexico oh Mexico!

Hey, folks, I am going to share with you this great site,, whereby it provides all-inclusive experience to travelers who seeking the perfect all-inclusive resort. Some travelers, including hubby and myself, prefer our vacation packages to be all included, such as hotel, flights, meal and sight seeing places. This way will save us lot of time searching for popular places to go and to eat out too.

What attract me in are they features all-inclusive resorts in popular beaches and sun destinations, including Mexico, a place that we plan to go long time ago. I can find lot of hot deals and resort rating in the website too, all these in depth information on the destinations surely make my vacation planning so much easier. I shall book mark the web for my future cancun vacation in Mexico!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Immigration office open during weekend

Yeah, immigration office Melaka is open during Saturday and Sunday. I am not sure other state's immigration will do the same, but at least in Melaka, it is still function during weekend. But you have to call and find out first before going, coz not all Sunday their office is open.

Since during weekend we still can go to Immigration, so I cancel my plan to bring Lyon do the passport by tomorrow. I can use these 2 days to settle my other things. House chores.....lots is waiting for me...I need to settle and clear some of the girls clothing too....too many in wardrobe.....need to take some and send to charity center.

.......many other thing to do too, let me settle one by one....

I want my flat tummy back!

My tummy look big after giving birth to Wien and Lyon, and I feel shame to wear my swim suit whenever I went for swimming. I have been thinking to get back to my pre-pregnancy body shape, at least get back my flat tummy shape and be confident in wearing my swim suit again. Hubby did not make any complaint about my body shape, but as women, I am like other too, loves to make myself look pretty and enhance my self-esteem if possible.

I heard that tummy tuck is the one of the fastest-growing plastic surgery procedures. It is a major surgical procedure to remove excess skin and fat from the middle and lower abdomen and to tighten the muscles of the abdominal wall. This surgical can dramatically reduce the appearance of a protruding abdomen. The best place to go for this surgical is at Los Angeles tummy tuck coz they have the best surgeon who has wide knowledge in this field and they can provide best and safety service to you.

Other than Los Angeles tummy tuck, you also can consider California tummy tuck coz both center using the same approach to this plastic surgery procedure, both are from Rodeo Drive Tummy Tuck. So if you wish to reduce excess fat and skin at your tummy, do consider Rodeo Drive Tummy Tuck as your first choice!

Amsterdam, here I come!

When I hear of Amsterdam, I will think of windmill, canals and tulips. Yeah, these 2 items are the most important items in Amsterdam. Hubby and I had been to Amsterdam in year 2003, the place we visited is Vollendam. Tell you what, when I first reached the place, immediately I fall in love with this small town. It is more look like a small village than town and it is a fish village previously according to our tour guide.

Previous trip we stayed in King Hotel, the room is spacious and the breakfast is excellent. Even now I still miss the various type of cheese served during the breakfast time. Hehe….If I am given the chance again, I plan to go Amsterdam again during tulips season. I came across where we can check the entire hotels rates that offer by Amsterdam hotels. Either you are looking for luxurious hotels or cheap hotels; you can view the selection at The goods news is Amsterdam hotels offer discounts up to 75%! This is surely a huge saving for tourist like me!

Other than Amsterdam Hotels, you able to find other hotels like Barcelona Hotels and Roma Hotels. Check out for your next vacation, I am sure you can get a good deal with them!

Breast augmentation @ Los Angeles

Most of the women very concern about their face beauty and they will do lot of things to maintain their face beauty too. This including using expensive skin care products and do facial weekly. Some of them concern about their breast too, usually they will blame pregnancy that causes their breast not as solid as pre-pregnancy. They even think of to do breast augmentation to replace breast contour that is often lost in pregnancy. All these can be done with the advancement of technology in plastic surgery.

One of the famous plastic surgery for breast augmentation is Los Angeles breast augmentation, Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery located in Beverly Hills California. The surgery was done by Dr Lloyd M. Krieger, founder and medical director of Rodeo Drive Plastic Surgery. Dr Lloyd has many years working experience in plastic surgery as well as good knowledge in this field.

The plastic surgeon will examine you and discuss recommendations for implant and incision placement to yield the best result of breast augmentation. Just tell the surgeon your wish and needs, and they will find the best way to achieve the best results. You can read more about Beverly Hills breast augmentation before you confirm your decision to have breast augmentation, or call them at 310-550-6300. 310-550-6300

Holiday in Spain

My elder sister going to on holiday soon. This time she plan to go Spain with her family member. She needs my help in helping her looking for great deal of Vacation Rentals at Spain. The reason she ask for my favor is due to I used to make hotel reservation for my boss during my boss business trip, hence I am very familiar which website can offer best rate for hotel in oversea.

Condo Hotel Marketplace is one of my favorite webs for vacation reantals booking too. This is due to it is the the worlds’ most exquisite vacation properties and the price is reasonable too!

Saturday, May 26, 2007

Free McD Voucher

I have free free McD voucher, total amount is RM100, RM10 x 10 pcs. The validity is 6 month from the date issued. I am yet to use any one of them, coz each time we went to MCD, only realised i did not bring along my voucher. *sigh* Those voucher was my winning items from bidding in Ecosway. Looks like I shall use it as birthday present and send to someone soon.

Looking for daycare?

If you do not have any reliable relatives or friends to help taking care of your kids, then you’re like other parents busy hunting for one quality daycare center for your kids. I am sure there are many factors that you have to consider before confirming your choice of daycare. Yeah, find one reliable and quality daycare is not an easy job.

However parents in U.Ss are blessed and very lucky too coz they have who can help them find the daycare in their area. aims to connect U.S. parent with daycare provider quickly. It allows parents to search their desired daycare by matching service. You just need to tell them what your daycare needs is, then they will show you the child care professional that best matches your choice.

In, you able to find daycare in many of US area, including Denver, San Diego, Orange County, Milwaukee, Austin and many more. Check it out at website now!

Friday, May 25, 2007


Yahooooo....I am so happy today! I am so happy today! I am dancing on my floor now!

Today about to leave office, Hui Sia ping me telling me a very good news! She said one of the postie blog that she able to receive money from paypal now, without adding any US bank. Immediately I login to my paypal and check it out! Yeah, it's true! I can accept money too!

hahaha... today I was about to purchase my VMI, now I can put on hold it first.

They ask for bonus

Today dunno what happen to my HR exe, he invited me and other Malay to have lunch at canteen. Yeah, usually he hardly treat us lunch. Since I am not intend to go out due to hot weather, so I agreed to have a date with him...hehehe....nothing special dishes in canteen today, only has Nasi Tomatos (tomato rice) and sambal chicken and acar-acar. I am not a picky eater, I can eat whatever food which is ediable to me.

Some of the factory workers also having lunch at canteen. They saw the HR exe, quickly come and ask him when to get their another half month of bonus plus yearly increment. Our HR exe had difficult to answer the question, ask them refer to their Operation Manager. But me being kpc, teach them to ask my boss directly if they happen to see them eating in canteen! Hahahaha....only this way will work faster mah! Correct or not?

Remind me please!

Next Monday I am going to process the passport for Lyon as well as for myself. But we yet to take any photo by now, busy busy busy…..

Many had asked me why get ready the passport first and no decide where to go? I told them since I am off for 2 days, I shall do something on this, else if really want to go only go apply, then I need to take another 2 days off. This way very wasted my annual leave.

Ok, tomorrow I am off, and I MUST bring Lyon to take photos. Dear, you must force and remind me ya, me very forgetful!

How you monitor your daily bank transaction now? By calling the bank customer service to ask for bank statement or just wait for the bill to come by end of month? All these seem quite troublesome and time consuming too. Why not get the help from PictureCredit? It is a great resource that provides users information related to credit reports, improving credit scores and many other credit related topics. It is a free online credit store that allows us to check our credit report and score. Besides that it also provide many useful reviews of credit services and products.

PictureCredit is a great site for those who wish to learn more about how credit works, improving their credit score and to check on their credit report score online. Check out the site for the features that provided by

What you want?

Haha...sound so rude ya! No worry, I am just asking one of my collegua what she want for her wedding present coz we don't want to buy those thing that useless to her. We wish to get her something she really need at the moment. In fact, we plan to give her money in "green packet" (Malay wedding), so that she can buy whatever she want, however she said she prefer present. So, we ask her in return what she want the most! We are very realistic type ya, but I like this way. Finally we decided to get her a Thermo pot, as agreed by her too! Yippie, make our life easier, no need to crack our head to think of what to buy!

Cannot sweep floor at night time

I was about to sweep the floor one night coz my girls has mess up the living hall with lot of biscuit. But my MIL try to stop me from doing so, she told me no good do sweeping at night time. I asked her why but she no give me a solid reason which can convince me. Or I should say she did not tell me any reason too. I obey her coz I don't want to argue with her. Most of time I am the loser, better save my energy.

So, did I stop sweeping floor at night after the incidents? hehe...Nope, I still do it if my floor is dirty coz I cannot stand the mess. Strange is my MIL never say any word when she saw me sweep the floor. She must be thinking I am too sturbon to listen to her and better save her energy or saliva. LOL

I am not a superticious person.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Free diet and fitness website

Majority of women very concern about their weight, including myself too! However losing weight is not an easy task if we do not persistently control our food intake as well as our diet.

Now with the help of, you’ll able to get the tools you need to successfully take some weight off from your body. Best of all is it provides the diet journal at no cost. Yes, you hear me right; it is totally FREE, with no credit card incurred too! provides free calorie counter for you to monitor the nutritional contents of your food intake, hence indirectly helping you choose the right food intake. Calorie counter is essential for you to keep track your diet, if you eat whatever serves on the table without take into consideration of your calorie intake, then your losing weight plan might not work.

Join as a member with today and start your calorie counting if you wish to lose weight with healthy way.

They miss their squirrel

Our squirrel has gone for almost 2 weeks by now. Wien and Lyon still miss him very much. Sometimes they even put some bananas near the cage (that the squirrel stays before) and hoping it'll come back again.

Poor girls. I told them their squirrel manages to find his mom already, now he is happily stay with his mom! I never feel sad for them coz I know it's just a phrase and I know the squirrel is more happy to stay outside the cage, more freedome!

Ideal gift store

Shopping online is one of my favorite hobbies when I plan to buy something for my friends or relatives during occasions like wedding, birthday, baby shower, Christmas and many more. I ever ordered flower bouquet for my mom during recent Mother’s Day. It is so convenient and hassle free.

Lately I had been introduced to another great new gift store, It is a leading online retailer with several other stores and a certified women owned business too. There are various types of gift basket categories offer by the web, including coffee and tea gifts, gourmet food, kitchen gift ideas, candles, sport and leisure and many more. One best part of this gift store is you can personalize the gifts to suit for your special occasions. You can get lots of gift ideas for men, women, children and babies from too!

At, you’re able to get cheap gifts but with good impression for your friends. All you have to do is shop by price section; it is a convenient way to find spectacular gifts within your budget. They have wide range of products with different price range, I am sure you able to find one that affordable to you.

I personally like the gift ideas for women very much, especially the “Tiffany style” charm bracelet that cost $27.69. I must hint my hubby to get one for me as the gift for our wedding anniversary. Currently offers the latest technology of Digital Picture Frames & Memory Frames at incredible low prices! No need to worry about the shipping cost coz they offer FREE shipping if your order is over $75.00!

Father’s day coming soon, check out the gift ideas for men session and get something meaningful for your beloved dad!

Compare your cards

Credit card become part of our life now, it seem most of us owing at least one card in hand. Nowadays it’s also very easy to apply one card regardless how much is your yearly income. Even it is easy to get one now, you still have to compare and know more about the features that offer by certain credit card bank before apply for the credit cards. is one of the most highly visited sites for online credit card comparison. It allows consumers, business and students to search, compare and apply fro all types of credit card offer. You have to ensure what type of credit card you prefer first before select one for your daily use. For myself, I would prefer low interest credit card whereby I can enjoy the 0% purchases and 0% transfer. Cash back credit cards also my privilege too, coz I can get back some cash if my payment is good.

Nowadays some credit card companies also provide credit card to those who having bad credit with certain credit card bank. Check out at where you able to find lot of bank offer credit card for bad credit people. CreditCardSearchEngine features offers from leading U.S Credit Card issuers like J.P. Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Citibank and leading brands Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card.

My Neighbour

My neighbour like to change maids. Opps, I should say she like to scold her maid and get new one very often. I think her agent also getting fed up with her attitude now.

Early morning, I can hear the lady boss (my neighbour) start scolding her maid or instruct her to do this and that. At times, my MIL can hear her maid is crying outside the house. Poor her, she must be missing her family very much. Home sick I think.

Mind you, my neighbour only age 30+, younger than me, yet so action and always let other know she is rich. Need to do so meh? Hate to see this kind of people!

Anyone plan to go Orlando?

When you hear of Orlando, I am sure fist thing come to your mind is Walt Disney World. Actually other than Disney World, Orlando also very famous with their high-end shopping areas, luxury resort hotels, cultural venues and other family-oriented activities.

If possible, I want to bring my family to Orlando for a relaxing vacation; of course Disney World will be one of my highlight events for the trip. I browse through the web and come across that provides the most affordable prices on the widest selection of Orlando hotels, car rentals and flights throughout the Orlando Florida area. They also have a travel guide who can offer us tips on entertainment, dining, nightlife and more! it seem like a one-stop vacation planning website to me, I shall bookmark it for my future Orlando trip.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

My personal car plate numbers

Hubby and I start saving money now in order to own a new MPV by end of this year. This is due to hubby’s car keep giving him trouble and been sending for repair many time too. We think it’s time for us to own new car now.

My concern now is to get a nice and easy to remember number for my car number plates. I found a website from internet where it allows car owners to search their desired number plates from their massive selection of private number plates. Besides that you also can search for ageless car registrations, prefix type registration numbers and current style number plates. I always tell hubby that in future I want my name to be printed on car plate and the car number should indicate my birthday..hehe..I am going to tell him NorthUmbriaNumbers able to assist me to achieve my dream car plate number!

The best part is NorthUmbriaNumber able to do all the transfer paperwork for us and can save us lot of time.

Lovely wedding favors

I want to marry again! I want to marry again! I just couldn’t control myself when I browse through the wedding favors website of I am too late been introduced to this website lately. If I know it earlier, perhaps I could engage their service to order for my wedding favors. Frankly I fall in love with the wedding favors items listed in the web when I browse through the web. There are so lovely and unique.

One of the most fun parts of any wedding is to prepare the wedding favors to your guests. It is a way for you to say Thank You to your guests. It is the thought that counts, regardless how much the value of your wedding favors. Your guests will appreciate your thoughtfulness and kind considerations.

There are various options when it comes to choosing unique wedding favors and only you know your friends the best. You can give different types of gifts as long as they are all in the same price range. It is your wedding and your wedding favor ideas should be unique and creative to reflect your own personal style or personality. offer wide assortment of unique gift ideas, favors and keepsakes at really amazing budget prices. Some of the selections including wine bottle stopper, photo album, guest book platter, card holders, charm garter and many more. Check it out yourself and find one that suits your personal style. Or spread the website to your friends who are going to marry!

The All Malaysian Bloggers Project

All Malaysian Bloggers Project

Hey, folk! Another online contest going now. In conjuction with Visit Malaysia Year, lots of contest concering travel being carry out. This is one of them.

The steps very simple too, just be a member for TheStar and submit your blog to them. Check out the link here.

Also check out the amazing prizes subsidy by the good folk at Genting - City of Entertainment.


Another way to cook chicken breast

Frankly I prefer chicken drumstick more than chicken breast. To me, chicken breast meat a bit rough and hard to chew on it too. Even my girls also prefer drumstick than breast. Actually I noticed not many people like breast.

I found another way to cook chicken breast via internet, perhaps I should try it out and learn how to eat chicken breast slowly. :)

Chicken breasts baked with pineapple.


3/4 cup all-purpose flour

1 1/2 teaspoons salt

1/2 teaspoon garlic powder

1/4 teaspoon onion powder

1/2 teaspoon ground nutmeg

8 chicken breast halves, skin removed

1/2 cup butter

2 cups pineapple juice, unsweetened

1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon soy

1/4 cup granulated sugar


Mix together flour, salt, garlic powder, onion powder, and nutmeg; dredge chicken in seasoned flour mixture. In a heavy skillet brown chicken breasts in melted butter. When chicken is golden brown, transfer to a 13x9x2-inch baking dish. Combine pineapple juice, soy sauce and sugar; mix well and pour over chicken.

Very simple, right? Let me try it this week and post up the photo at Mycookblog to share with you guys!

Deleting bayar post

I had never do the deleting of bayar posts before but I think I should start do so coz those posts had been occupied many of my space. Sometimes I feel my web very slow in loading, probably due to those images from advertisers.

If you ask me feel guilty or not, writing so much bayar post and takes up lot of space. My answer is NO, not at all! LOL….coz advertiser pay me, they gain, I also gain. But since I know TigaP post can be deleted after 30days, then I will do so soon. As for other advertisers post, me yet to check out when is the best time to delete. Perhaps I should ask around from other posties.

Pasta + spagetti

I love western food. Too bad, my family members don’t like them, including my hubby and my 2 girls. If I cook for western food, I only cook for myself, with small portion, else I cannot finish it and no one will help me to clear or finish it too! Poor me.

So far, I have tried to cook bake pasta and fried pasta with cheese, end result not bad. I like cheese very much but have to control cheese intake due to high fat ingredient. Right now I wish to learn to make spaghettis and I was told it is not easy to do this dish. The most important part is to get a right tomato sauce. Anyone can recommend me any good taste tomato sauce?

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Penang Har Mee

Very often I can hear radio broadcast instant noodles of Penang Har Mee. In the advertisement they praise how good and how nice it is the instant noodles. Tempted me to go for a try.

So, last week while doing my grocery shopping, I saw the pack in shelf. After confirmed this is the brand that I heard in radio, I took one pack. When back to home, I quickly cook one pack and taste it. Hmmm….not bad but the prawns taste not so strong as compare to original Har Mee. Overall it taste like Maggi Mee to me but still acceptable to hubby and me.

Try it yourself coz my taste might be different from you!

Cool and Creative T-shirt

Majority of us would prefer to wear t-shirt than blouse. I think the main reason is due to the comfy feeling given by 100% cotton type t-shirt as well as the simple design as compare to blouse. Too bad, my office not allow us to wear the-shirt to work, else I might wear it everyday! My hubby’s factory is more flexible whereby their staff are allow to wear any kind of clothing to work, as long as not too sexy.

Wearing T-shirt will make you look younger and feel good coz most of the graphic design will have cool graphic design. If you are looking for cool design T-shirt, perhaps you should pay a visit to Vju Cool. It is a team of graphic designers who loves creating cool T-shirts for everybody who likes to feels and look good. They emphasized to the quality, the design and the message of their products. Every single design from Vju Cool is original, exclusive and looks cool, just to create for customer pleasure.

There are plenty of cool designs created by Vju Cool; some of them are cool rock, Japanese style, inspiring view, Angel, Devil, beach girl, comics, sexy girl and many more. They take the inspiration from life experiences, from their passion and from the world of fashion and natural graphics.

Check out Vju Cool if you want come cool design for your t-shirt collection.

My fried rice

I love my version my fried rice, black in color. :)

Some of my friends still prefer white fried rice, which is excluded black soy sauce. To me, without soy sause like lack of one thing, and taste not so good too!

During weekend, if I feel lazy to cook few dishes, I will opted to cook fried rice or fried noodles. Simple and easy, save me lot of time and the girls like it too!

My choice of luxury bedding

In my family, I am very concern on the bedding quality for my family member. I‘ll make sure all of my bedding sheet quality is 100% cotton type and come with natural linen. My opinion is sleep is important to us but if your bedding sheet quality is inferior I don’t think you can have a good night sleep. At the end, you are the one who suffer and cannot perform well in your workplace the next day.

There is plenty of Natural bedding can be found in the market and no one can tell you which brand is the best quality in market. You yourself ought to try it out, and then only you’ll know. There is a shopping site which offers organics, natural and recycled goods for the home and garden. Dax Stores is a family-owned Internet retailer with top rated customer service and the lowest overall prices on the Web.

In Dax Stores you can find various types of luxury natural fiber bedding from SDH bedding. SDH bedding is exquisitely crafted in Italy and Germany, and it uses only the finest natural fibers, like Egyptian cotton and Italian linen. All these luxury bed linens are popular around the world. Check out the various types and enjoy the comfort of sleeping on beautiful, natural fiber bedding. I am sure you will find out that suit your taste and gracing your room with elegant style.

I want to learn jewelry making

While I do my blog hopping, I came to know two of my blogger mommies have the hobby of jewellery making and beading. They even listed their end products in the website for sale. I was told their online business quite good and they are happy to turn their interest into making money field. Congrats to them!

I ever browsed through their web and found out they are very talented and creative too. They had made various types of beading shape for any occasion, very suitable to give it as present for your friends or mom. Frankly I am quite envy that they have the talent to make all these beading, I wish I have the time to do-it-myself too.

I was told that Lallette sells unique beads and components for jewellery projects. They also have Jewellery making kits which include all the beads, findings and colour instructions you need to complete the jewelry projects. With all these equipments in hand, perhaps I can learn how to do beading myself.

The Piggy Banker

Have you ever heard of The Piggy Banker? It is still not too late if you get to know them by now. It is very easy to remember this finance blog due to the cute logo of little piggy.

The Piggy Banker is dedicated to provide highest CD rates, saving accounts, credit card deals and bank promotions and best money market rates. There is an interesting post on FNBO Direct whereby it offer a promotional 6.00% APY saving rates on all balance until September 28, 2007, upgraded from initial 5.25% rate. This is the highest rates for both CD and saving accounts. currently is running a $50 blog link contest, taken from the pages of John Chow’s playbook over at All you have to do is write a post about this contest and link to using the anchor text “best CD rates”. Good luck!

22/05 - a date to remember

Nope, this is not my anniversary date or birthday. But I'll remember this date every year, without fail. I did not set an alarm to remember this date too, but I just can remember it.

This is birthday date for my ex-lady boss, for my ex-ex-company. She is my first employment boss too. She is really nice to me, in fact she is nice to everybody in the office. Whenever anyone birthday in office, for sure she'll go to town and buy them a lovely cake. Yes, she loves to treat us that way which make us respect her a lot.

During April month, she will bring me out for a good meal, just to celebrate Secretary Day with me. Such a thoughtful boss, where to find now? Until today, I still feel very regret for resigning my first job. She ever asked me work with her again, too bad, I cannot make it due to long distance.

I am going to send her an ecard later, just to tell her I miss her and wishing her:


Monday, May 21, 2007

Pending posts

I feel stress now. I feel bad and guilty too now. I am too greedy actually. Why I said so? I grabbed all 3 posts from ReviewMe in one go, now I have them in my pending list. Those posts due on 23/05. You might said : still got time mah, why worry. But to me having pending tasks in hand is no fun. So far I hardly delay my work load, I'll try my best to finish in a day. That's is principle for working. hehe..I am a good employee too! I must try to minimize my paid post now, else I will die faster if keep feeling pressure or stress all the time! LOL

Be my bridesmaid

I was a bridesmaid before and received few unique bridesmaid gifts too. The most unique bridesmaid gift I ever got is a love shape key chain which engraved my name onto it. It looks so elegant and nice. I love this personalized keychain, it shows how thoughtful my friends is, though the item cost not much but very meaningful to me.

After the wedding session, I checked with my friends from where she gets the idea for bridesmaid gift. She told me she do the searching online, later found out a web offers many lovely and creative gifts for wedding favors and gift ideas. I shall bookmark the website for my future reference. Opps, not for my wedding ya coz I am married by now. I can send to my friends who are going to marry soon or perhaps I can keep for my girls! LOL

There are many options when comes to choosing unique Bridesmaid Gifts . Since you’re the one who know your friends well, hence you able to find one that suit their taste or needs. Many people will give the same gift for each bridesmaid coz simple and fewer headaches for them. However you have to make sure the price range are the same, else your bridesmaid might think the other way round.

Bridesmaids Gifts are the most fun part of any wedding. You should get them a unique bridesmaid gift for being part of your wedding ceremony. I still prefer engraved items that contain the names, a quote about friendship or some word or phrase that has special meaning for just the two of you.

They are fighting

Last night, as usual, we brought the girls to watching lion dance rehearsal. While they practice half way, we can saw some of the teens run to the main gate, it seem something happen out there. Later I heard they said some teenagers are about to fight outside. I start worry what will happen next, I only concern we will be unlucky victim only, plus I have 2 girls with me. Once the last groups finish the lion dance, I told hubby better we go home now.

Reach main gate, saw lot of teenagers standing at main road, they seem like gangsters to me. Just before we enter our car, I saw some of them start fighting. We not sure what is the root cause, but saw the guy fight till fall into drain, I feel the pain for him.*sigh* Why need to fight wor? Cannot sit down have a slow talk kah? I really not understand youngster nowadays. Too aggressive!!

Let me write the story later...stay tune.

PayU2blog new look

Finally PayU2blog upgraded their system, now they no longer sending task to us via email. We can actually log on to their web and check our task, same as other advertiser. Frankly, their web look presentable and easy to understand too. Bravo to PayU2blog team member. But their main page still look a scum to me, hahaha.....if can change to more friendly look, I think more blogger will it more. :)

I like PayU2blog coz their requirement is simple, only needs 60 words and no slot post require too! Though the payout is only $5 per post, but it is enough for me due to the wording is lesser as compare to others advertiser. More ever their payment is very prompt, once every two weeks. Join them today, if you have not sign up by now!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

My dream destination - Hawaii

Hawaii, another dream vacation destination for hubby and myself. The beautiful scenery and lovely sandy beaches attract many tourists visit it throughout the year. I wish we’ll have the chance to visit Hawaii and experience the hammock swing and having a cool drink of coconut water under coconut tree.

If I want the best in Hawaii luxury vacation, I’ll look for help from Hawaiian beach rentals. Hawaiian Beach Rentals has assembled this collection of luxurious Hawaiian vacation rentals based on exquisite locations, extravagant amenities, and true beauty. It helps you to look for vacation rentals at Hawaii, Oahu, Maui, Kauai and Big Islands.

Other than providing vacation rentals, Hawaiian Beach Rentals also help you planning your trip. Their local and knowledgeable associates can help you find everything from the best nearby dining to your very first surfing lesson.

Don't forget to book your vacation rentals with Hawaiian Beach Rentals for your next Hawaii trip!

Squirrel is gone.

Our house has a squirrel since one year ago. It was given by SIL’s MIL, who caught it in her durian tree area. The reason she gave to us is to let my girls see how a squirrel look like. But after that my girls refuse to let it go, so my MIL later put it in a cage. Since then it become my girls pet. They feed it with fruits, biscuit, bread, anything they eat; they will share with their squirrel too.

Hubby and I felt sorry for the squirrel, many times we told the girls to release it. But they not allow. But this morning, very strange, both of them come and told papa, to release the squirrel. I feel glad when I heard that.

Guess what? At night, it came back again. I think it must be dam hungry and couldn’t find any food, that’s why come back to us. The girls very happy when they saw it. We did take catch it and put back to cage coz we want it to have freedom like other animals.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Get ready your emergency supplies

Offices need to standby some Emergency Supplies for medicine, just like our emergency kit that caters for home. You will never know when the staff or worker might get hurt during working hour. At least when they get hurt, the office still able to take out those emergency supplies to help them stop bleeding or at least cover the wound. Later only send them to nearest hospital or clinic for further examination by doctor.

To me, emergency kits is important to office as well as for our home/

Market research

Market research is essential before you start doing your home business. You have to study the market trend and market needs first before you go ahead with your business plan. Some businessman very smart, they’ll hire experienced marketer to do the feasibility study for them. They rely on the information provided by those marketers. They can do so provided they have enough money to invest in this field.

However if you business is only small or home based basis, you alone can do the market research by yourself too. You actually can do the study and research online coz there are plenty of websites offer those resourceful information online. Hence it can indirectly save your cost on this field.

New office furniture

3 years ago, we move our office to current location. At that time my boss decided not to move office furniture to new office due to those furniture had been used for more than 6 years. He was saying if he move old thing to new office, he’ll feels guilty, so being a thoughtful boss, he instructed me order a whole new set of office furniture to all of the staff.

Frankly, it’s not easy to find an understanding boss nowadays. I have been heard many of my friends complaining their current job, mostly due to the boss too calculative. I should be blessing for having such boss.

Software security system

Security is a top priority for enterprise customers. Many companies will need to ensure comprehensive access control mechanism in place in order to safeguard proprietary information and comply with federal and industry regulations.

A company should study and do a research first before selecting the best security software that suit company needs. Symark Software is the leading provider of UNIX and Linux security administration solutions for heterogeneous IT environments. There are many types of software offers by Symark, they have PowerBroker, PowerPassword-User Management Edition and PowerKeeper.

The PowerBroker and PowerPassword-User Management Edition (UME) access control solutions will fully support the new HP Integrity servers running the HP-UX 11i v3 operating system, whereas the Symark PowerBroker® enables granular delegation of administrative privileged access while restricting UNIX/Linux root account access.

Overall Symark offers extensive expertise in enterprise computing security, and its products are backed by unmatched technical support. You may go to their website to learn more on their security software and find one that suit your company needs.

My diet plan

As I mentioned in earlier post, I wish to lose some weight after my medication. So coincidence I received an email on how to shave off some kilos from our body. I am not sure how it work but I will use it some basic guideline for my diet.

Here there are some useful tips:

1. Eat big breakfast. Medium lunch and small dinner. Never supper. ( this one I can obey coz I seldom take supper)

2. Eat less fat and make sure the fats you do eat are healthy. This means schewing trans fats while focusing on monosaturated fats and omega-3 oils(olive, canola, flaxseed, walnut, soy beans) . ( I hardly take oily food ler)

3. Follow a healthy menu by increasing the amount of fruits and vegetables (low calorie dense, but high nutrient and volume - good to fill stomach and replenish nutrition for body) in your diet and consuming small amounts of lean meat, fish, healthy fats and whole grains (Oat, sprouted bread, unpolished rice, corn, chappati etc). Stay away from full-fat dairy products and food with added sweeteners. ( looks like I have scarified my fast food by now)

4. Exercise, exercise, exercise -- RUN - RUN - RUN. (hahaha….this is most lazy thing I will do, but must do it now if really want to diet)

5. Cut back on refined carbohydrate ie biscuit, doughnut, pastry, nyonya kuih. (nodded my head)

6. Do regular weigh-in. Successful dieters weigh themselves at least once a week. (hahaha…I weigh almost daily !!)

7. Limit your food selections in each meal. Variety tends to stimulate appetite.(Yup)

Potatoes meat ball

It had been long time I never make potatoes meat ball. I am going to do it again coming Saturday and include this as one of the dish. The 2 girls like it very much, keep eating this without taking their rice! Oh ya, this is one of my hubby's favourite food too! :) Simple recipe here!

It's over soon.

May is the last month I am on medication (Yippee!!!!).

After that my next target is to loss some extra FAT. I had put on lot of weight during medication period. Main reason is the medicine consumed contained some dunno what to call hormone ingredient (me really no good in terming these entire drug). Gynae advised me to take, I just follow his advice. He said it is good to remove the balance blood stain from my worm (blood from period cycle).

Those medicines not cheap though, each month I have to spare RM200 for the one month supply. Imagine, 6 months x RM200 = RM1200.00! Wow, quite a lot to me but all paid by DH coz he insisted to pay for me.

After medication, also it’s time for me to start my next plan. Really hope my dream will come true. Wish me luck!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Such a "High hat" to me!

Last night, someone ping me to read this post :

Wow, he really gave me BIG and HIGH hat to wear I tell you. The reason I am getting him to write paid post is he always complain to me that he is short of money, money not enough to spend, need to pay this and that, bla bla bla. Since I have such opportunity to earn side income, why not introduce to him. After all this money meant to let public to grab it, provided you are hardworking lar.

Actually he is my good partner too (opps, don’t think the other way round ya). Good partner in the sense that he helped me indirectly grabbed few offers from advertisers by informing me at the first time, either sms or buzz me! See, he also helping me earning money.

My quote: good thing must share share, don’t keep it to yourself.

Do I need to lose more weight?

I bet majority of women are very concern about their weight, including myself too. It seems like a common topic among us. Well, most of us know that overweight is dangerous to certain group of people, chance are there is high risk of developing other life-threatening medical conditions.

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This houston lap band surgery from Journey Lite has proven safe and effectively help over 200,000 people to achieve their weight-loss target. Other than lose weight, you can also improve your health, reduce your risk of developing associated with life-threatening medical conditions. Hence indirectly improving your overall quality of life too! Sound logic?

Thursday, May 17, 2007

She likes to do it

Sometimes I am not really understand my MIL. She loves to keep things and buy things. I know you might say old folks are like that but to me it is way too much. Some of the things are old stuff but she still keep them in her room or even under her bed. All these make our house look small even it is a semi-D house. At times, hubby and I tried to threw away certain old stuff in the kitchen, like tin, can, plastic bag or carton box, end up both of us being scolded by her. Hey, those stuff been congested in the kitchen and collecting dust for dunno how long, she never use or even touch them, what for keeping them? Threw la!

Another bad habit of her is, like to collect back things that threw by neighour. Oh My, we no need that, we still afford to buy new thing, why must she took back those rubbish? Most of the time I cannot complain much, just keep quiet, else sure the war start. I have to open one eye and close one eye. But when she is away, I'll still find way to threw those rubbish or purposely destroy them! LOL

Further your study

My hubby obtained his MBA last year, after 2 years of attending the class at local university by part time basis. He has to attend the classes during weekend due to he is still working. See, how many weeks of weekend he been sacrificed for his studies, and he also no time to spend quality time with the family too. But all these are worth it coz that’s his dream, as his wife, I’ve to try my best to fulfill his wishes.

I thought after getting his MBA, he’ll stop study and concentrate on his current career. But I was wrong. Last week he told me if possible he wants to pursue PhD. My Goodness, that’s mean he is going to sacrifice many weekend again. *sigh*

Later I convinced him to seek for his desired online degrees and education via distance learning schools and online colleges in Directory of Schools. This can save him lot of time to do the searching since lot of information can be obtained from the web. Moreover most of the online schools offer job replacement after graduates. This will be pretty good for those fresh graduates.

Casio G-Shock for Him

Father’s Day is next month, but me yet to think of any present for my FIL. Hubby’s idea is to bring him out for dinner since FIL is not a person who is materialistic. However I feel bad if buy nothing for him. Frankly he is the best FIL/dad that I ever meet. He is very understanding and he also treats my 2 girls very nice; always buy them toys and food.

Despite hubby’s suggestion, I had started shop online, to look for any better present for my FIL. I had short listed few items in my shopping list, looks like I will shop for men watch for him since he wear watch daily. The usual brand that my FIL prefer is Casio.

Casio G-Shock Watches from Am Online Shopping looks stylish and trendy. I bet my FIL will fall in love with it too. Other than Casio brand, Am Online Shopping also offers other brands like Nixon, Seiko, Timex, Oskar Emil and many more. The best part is all the products listed in the web are 100% genuine and authentic. Moreover the price offer by the website is up to 70% lower than retail prices. It is surely a great deal!

4 hours - waste my time!!!

Today another MEET + THINK (meeting) session with bosses and other dept managers. Frankly, I dislike the meeting, it took too long hour to finish the meeting. Like I said before, if they talk/discuss constructive ideas, then fine. But this is not, again talk crap and rubbish. What's annoying me is the boss keep scolding and finding fault on us, where he actually did not know what is the real story before the cases.

Expected, today meeting took me 4 hours by just sitting in the conference room and listen to them. 4 hours!!! Imagine, I can finish so many pending jobs with the 4 hours or even finish my blog hopping too. I felt headache again after the meeting, as usual.

Find the suitable underfloor heating

If you stay in 4 season countries like Europe and US, perhaps you should install underfloor heating in your house. It is very useful especially when you need some warm during winter time.

However to choose a reliable supplier for underfloor heating system is not easy, you have to shop around first before confirm your final selection. WarmFloors is one of the underfloor heating suppliers and also the installers of electronic underfloor heating system that suitable for all flooring including tiles, wood and laminate. Laminate underfloor heating & wood underfloor heating has many advantages over traditional forms of heating. Other than that, it also hidden from view and can free up some wall space, therefore giving us the freedom to design our room according to our needs.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I am going to get one VMI card!

I cannot stand anymore! Paypal seem never take any further action to fix their system for us (or they never bother to do so?), many of us still sitting and wait for them. The money in paypal keep accumulating yet I cannot do anything. I am so worry, all the money gone, there goes my hard-earn-money!

I will check out with Msau on how to obtain the card. This money definetely have to spend though my earning is not much, but I dun want to just sit and wait for paypal. like no security at all. I want to take the risk!

Meet Russian girls

If you’re still single and keen to look for single Russian girls for romance or marriage, you should look up Lovers Planet, where it is an online dating service provider that unites a diverse community of single Russian women seeking men for marriage and romance.

As we all know it is not easy to develop a firm and serious marriage relationship and it take times too. Hence Lovers Planet‘s Russian dating service offers you lots of profiles and photos of single Russian women and Ukraine women, as well as ladies from other countries of Eastern Europe for you to choose from. You can browse carefully and select one that suits your expectation.

There are many successful stories can be found in Lovers Planet and it has proven record of success too! Why wait? Check out the site now and look for intelligent and well-educated Russian single girls. Who know you might find your russian brides today!

Childhood game

When I was small, I love to play masak masak with my brothers and sisters, sometimes with my neighbor’s kids too. We'll dig out all our mom's utensils and pretend cook. It's fun I tell you. At times we even light up the matches and make a small fire as stove, of course later found out by mom, and kena scold!

I ever think of to buy a toy cooking set for the girls but MIL said no fun coz not real enough. So she took out some unused cooking utensils for them to play with. Clever Lyon use her fishing set ( including fish, crap, octopus etc) as ingredients for her cooking dishes. LOL

My Muffin

Hey, finally I can show off my muffin here. Remember that I ever blog that I want to bake muffin soon? Nah, this is the picture as proof! The outlook not bad hor but the texture still not up to my expectation, I shall bake more often to improve my skill. It's a good start!

Wien and Lyon said very nice wor...hahaha...they are my great supporter and helper too! Coz they help me fold the flour into the mixture. No doubt, they did mess up my kitchen, but still ok to me. I want them experience the process!

Thanks for all sifu for the lovely recipe, I will try it again!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dental Care

I have problem bringing Wien to visit dentist. She is 5 years old now and yet to enter any dentist clinic. Many of my friends had advised me to start bringing her at least once a year at this age. My main concern is to look for kids’ friendly dentist clinic, so that the kids will not feel fear when hearing about it.

I heard that Hayfield Dental Care did provide services for general, family and cosmetic dentistry. The best of all is they employ a full time specialist in orthodontics and the consultation is giving for free. Such a thoughtful dental that I ever heard so far.

All of the dentists at Hayfield Dental Care have received advance or specialty training which means they can perform any procedure without the need for a referral to another office. You can rest assure their qualification as well as their skillful experience. They also use latest and most advanced materials and equipments to provide patients wish outstanding care. I do hope my Wien will not make a fuss when I bring her there! :)

Down Under Guys Gear

Mother’s day just over and I did not receive any surprise present from dear hubby, as expected. However I did receive a lovely cake from him, it is sufficient for me coz I am not a demanding wife. Buying present to each other during any occasions is not a trend to both of us. Not that we are old to celebrate these dates but we were thinking it is not necessary to choose this date only think of to buy present for each other. We can buy as and when we like, am I right?

This year Father’s day I plan to buy something for dear hubby coz I came across a site that selling all kind of branded of mens underwear. Down Under Guys Gear (DUGG) is Australia’s leading online men’s underwear store. The brands that listes by the website including Calvin Klein (hubby’s favorite), C-in2, HOM, Hiswear, bonds, Trent Nathan and many more.

DUGG has a great reputation for quality products and excellent service. They are based in Sydney Australia and have been shipping men’s underwear worldwide for more than 5 years. The best service provided by them is FREE delivery for Australia orders over $50au and all international orders that over $80au! Hey, sometimes shipping cost to my place is not cheap though!

A very good news to share with you guys, DUGG will be giving away 1 4GB Ipod Nano each month throughout April, May and June 2007. all the sales will eligible for the draw. Why wait? Order something from DUGG now, who know you might be the winner for the Ipod!

Las Vegas Real Estate

Hubby has a few friends who like to invest in property, be it invests in shop lot or houses. They told him no point keeping too much in cash, use that money to do property investment and gain some profit out of it. They even suggested to him to invest in Las Vegas Real Estate. But do investment in oversea market very risky to him coz he got no experience and knowledge about all these.

Hubby need to study more on Las Vegas properties first before he does the investment. There are lot of websites provide useful and comprehensive information in regards to Las Vegas real estate. One of the website is Las Vegas Properties, it offers information on real estate in Las Vegas, Summerlin, North Las Vegas, Henderson and surrounding Master Planned Communities.

Still on Paypal

I felt so sad cannot receive payment from Paypal since last week. I know many of you affected too. It seem paypal still unable to fix the problem to us. However today I read their article on their website, found out many other non US member still can use add their local bank accounts but but I could not find MALAYSIA. *sigh*

I inserted 2 screen shot from paypal, go read them if you are interested to know which countries is eligible.

Which non-U.S. members can add local bank accounts?

Answer : Members can add their local bank account to their PayPal account if they live in: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Mexico, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, or the United Kingdom. We are continually working to accept bank accounts from other countries.


Can I add funds to my PayPal account using a non-US bank account?

Answer : Yes, you can add funds to your PayPal account from a local bank account if you live in Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland or the U.K.

PayPal continues to expand its bank transfer services and features for customers in dozens of countries around the world.

Due to the complexities of global finance regulations we cannot provide an accurate timetable for the introduction of new banking services, but we encourage customers to watch our website for updates and changes.


Paypal is saying will continues to expand the bank transfer services around the world. The question is WHEN?

No summon please!

Usually by end of the year, if I am not lucky enough, then I might receive few love letters from our beloved traffic police. The contain of the letter none other than my speedy record, and urge me to pay for the summon. If I pay within the stipulated time, I might get some discount for the payment; else I have to pay for full amount. *Sigh*

I was thinking how nice if I can install a radar detector in my car, then I will probably know which area I should slow down my car speed. However is this legal in my country? I got to study first before I do the installation, else I might get caught!

Monday, May 14, 2007

Tag - The meaning of my kids' name

Msau tagged me an easy tag today, very simple to me, coz I ever blog about it sometimes ago.

My girls’ name ware named by hubby after his business trip to Vienna, Germany & France. Wien is the city of Vienna, Lyon is city name for France. Hubby like this 2 places very much as he found they are so nice and beautiful, and at that time, I was pregnant with the girls (year 2002 & 2004 respectively ), so he want to use it as their name. Although I strongly disagree at first, but he said he want to give them a meaningful name instead of those common name, on top of that they'll know where are those places. So I give in. Then he teased me: Do you know your name's meaning? Yes, I never know my name meaning..just simply taruh *sigh*

I ever told hubby what if people laugh at them for having such funny uncommon name? He said never mind, as long as the girls and we know the meaning will do. Dun bother other's thinking or commet! But most of the time I have to do the explaination to my local friends (yes, Malaysian only), as they never heard of it before. I have no problem with oversea friends though. They even praise us for being so thoughtful, name after the beautiful city name.

Between 2002-2004, hubby did lot of travelling to Europe, and he love Europe since then. Lucky at that time he never travel to China or Indonesia, else my girls will have more funny name then! hahaha....


为什麽我们的女儿会类似男儿名呢?原因无他。。。。皆因他们的老爸希望他的子女拥有有意义的名字!他又不喜欢阿连阿花普通的名字, 说没创意也没意义; 所以我取得名字全都打进冷宫。。。好,既然我取得名字不好听,那这任务就交给他啰!让他伤脑筋吧!

他想了好久好久,接近预产期了还没决定大女儿的名字。结果有一个晚上, 在床上他说:"我希望我的女儿将来会是个懂得冷的思考, 在冷的情况下善用她的思。" 然后他就叫我从中找出适合的字眼。糟啦,还不是把烦恼滚回来给我!!哼!

至于小女儿为什麽取成呢?也是她老爸取得! 原因是:希望将来的她也像姐姐一样,懂得冷的思考,在冷的情况下善用她的思维, 做个出的女强人!
我曾经反对这个字,太男性化了, 但若我取代洁或婕,那就失去它的意义了!

Now I wish to know about your kids' name meaning, care to share with me?

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Msaufong - Meaning Of SQ & Kiki’s name

Jesslyn - Wien & Lyon's name origin.

My window blinds

I had decided to install wooden blinds for my window in my room instead of sewing a cloth type blinds which will take up my precious time. Having 2 toddlers at home make me cannot do my own thing as and when I like. Each time when I start do the sewing, they will come to me and beg me to play with them. If I refuse, then they will take a stool and stand near to me and watching me do the sewing. Most of the time they little hand will disturb me and drive me crazy. I worry my sewing machine might hurt them indirectly.

Blinds offers by Blinds Chalet looks so nice and so many selection for me to choose from. Their design is simple yet practical. The best of all is they offer life time warranty. I shall browse through their web to look for my design blinds.

Search engine optimization

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Not so happy Mother's Day

Not me, but my beloved mom. However it also indirectly cause all of us not happy too becoz of this hopeless family member. We all speechless to his stupid act but fail to change his attitude. Whenever having problem, only threw all the shit to us, asking for help. How many times we can help, we are not money copier, also the money is not use in useful way which we think what a big waste to us!!!!

*sigh* I talk crap here, I really dont know what to do now. I pity my mom only, now should be the time for her to enjoy life but she seem worry him ALL THE TIME!

Pray GOD also useless now.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Do Good – Charity Shopping

Have you ever that while doing online shopping, you also can do charity and helping others? Frankly, this is my first time heard about it and I found it pretty cool!

All you have to do is downloading Do Good toolbar from and start shop online. After you had purchased something from the merchants, they will donate at least 50% of the revenue to the charity body. What impress me is they are going to donate over 90% of revenue to charity once they achieve sufficient volume. That’s lot of money though, how they are going to make profit out of it then? Well, their main mission is not profit oriented but to help others and Do Good to the world.

If you always like to shop online, and wish to do charity as well, why not download Do Good toolbar into your PC now? The download is FREE, no spyware or viruses, no pop up or hijack your searches and also no personal information or sign in registration too. A very simple way to do charity, right?

Other that allow you to shop online, Do Good toolbar also provides other benefits to you such as notify you when receive email from Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail accounts, listen to National Public Radio news broadcast, hourly update and programs, up-to-date local and global weather forecasts and act as an search engine.

Let's go Orlando again!

Hubby and I planning to bring Lyon to apply for her international passport, so that we can go to Singapore during next school break. Why I choose Singapore but not other country? Mainly due to this country very to our country, plus the currency exchange rate still affordable to us.

After Singapore trip, our next vacation trip will be Orlando Disney world. I had read in internet that Disney World in Orlando is very happening as compare to Hong Kong Disneyland. However our main concern is money, look like both hubby and I have to work hard, to earn and save for our Orlando vacation.

I had also found out that Orlando Vacation offers many attractive packages of Orlando vacation rentals besides discounted theme parks ticket for Disney world. They have extensive selection of villas, vacation homes, and pool homes. The best part is all their vacation homes are nearly to Orlando Disney World, which means we visit Disney world as and when we like!

Baking again

Mother's day is tomorrow, I am going to do my baking session again. Last year I baked 3 butter cakes in a me crazy if you want. But this year, I think I will bake one enough. Got to prepare ingredient as below first.


250g butter

210g castor sugar

4 eggs

1 tsp vanilla essence

200g self-raising flour, sifted with 1/2 tsp salt

4 tbsp fresh UHT milk

Bubble Fun

Blowing bubble is one of my childhood play game. During that time my mom did not buy any bubble for us to blow. She DIY the bubble ingredient by mixing her washing powder + some water. As simple as it. Though not many bubble can be blow using the mixing but we still enjoy it.

Kids nowadays are very lucky. No need to say more, I bet you guys know what I mean. We parent try to satisfy our kids needs as much as possible. But not to the extend spoiling them.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Marine Electronics

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Oh No...pls help

Last night was trying to receive some payment from PayPerPost, unfortunately I was unable to finish the claiming. Paypal now request us to insert US bank account details which we don't have (or will never got chance to open one!). Feel a bit disappointed; quickly check with other blogger who did paid post. The result is all of us affected!

Michelle reminds me to send a ticket to Paypal, seek for help. I submit immediately coz I don't want my hard earned money stuck there for no reason. She told me someone even called to Paypal US, to ask for actual status. Feel a bit relief, coz me not alone. Just put my finger cross, hoping they will do something and remove the requirement. Else, they are going to loss lot of business online.

Yeah, no joke!

NOD32-antivirus software

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Beautiful Rainbow

Last 2 days before I leave to office, Wien called me to go car porch. She pointed to me the beautiful rainbow that right in front of my house. Too bad, the rainbow not showing full only can see a portion of it only. But still look very beautiful to me.

Quickly grab my camera to snap the beautiful scene. Art of GOD!

Share the rainbow photos here with you guys!

Lyon still sleeping, else I am sure she'll fascinated to see the scene too! I ever read from an article said that if you see the rainbow together with your love one, then you guys will be the lovely coupon. Kind of bringing well wishes to you lar!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Barney & friends

Early morning, before heading to office, the TV is showing Barney show.

Back from office at evening time, the TV still show Barney.

Dinner time, the girls beg me on the Barney DVD for them.

Before bed time, they ask again for Barney and friends. OMG, it seem whole day our house can hear Barney voice! LOL I heard many of you agreed that Barney is the best babysister for us but watching too frequent will cause bored to me ler! Occasionally I will say NO to them, mommy wants to watch movie too! If they good mood, then ok, else the first one cry is LYON!!!

SIL#3 likes to buy or burn Barney DVD for them too. Now they have many Barney collection in cabinet. Tell you what, I even can sing all Barney songs now! LOL

Technorati..FAVE me, Pls....

Been tagged by Grace on this topic, frankly I am not sure how this work to increase Page rank and traffic, you ask me do, i do it..hehehe...such a weird women hor!


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