Thursday, December 31, 2009

Fancy ceiling fan

There are many types of fancy ceiling fans in the market. Sometimes I am so tempted to buy one and fix at my living hall. However my hubby objects my suggestion. His point is fancy ceiling fan has too many small bulbs, not easy to maintain and also high cost to maintain it. He got his point too. Unless we are very rich, then only afford to spend for such a luxury fan. Hahaha….wonder when can I become so rich ler…

Old mobile

Nowadays you can see lot of people carrying ipods in their pocket. Regardless they are old or young generation. It is a trend now. too bad, I am still not afford to own one till now. to me, spending more than 2k for a tiny mobile is not worth at all, a bit of wasting money lar. As long as the mobile can receive calls and sms, then it is more than enough for me already. So if one day you happen to bump into me and saw me still using old version of T610 Sony Ericsson, please don’t laugh at me.

Happy New Year 2010!!!

May year 2010 bring us more luck and good news! Gambateh!!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Holiday for 2 of us

Most of the tourists like to spend holiday at beautiful and sandy beaches, including myself too. Hubby ever told me that he will bring me to Hawaii one day for our honeymoon replacement as we did not anywhere when we first get married. Well, if we really will go for honeymoon, I think we will select cancun destination weddings. This is to celebrate the wedding anniversary only ya, not to mean marry again. LOL I do hope hubby will not so stingy to spend on this package since we quite sometime did not go for holiday for the 2 of us already!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Holiday for us...when?

Can someone advice me how much it cost if I will to book any myrtle beach vacation rentals from online webs? Any website to recommend me? I am not sure how soon I can make the trip materialize but I certainly like to make the comparison now. Who know one day suddenly my hub surprise me to give me green light to book this vacation? LOL
No joke, I really dream that my hub will tell me: let’s go for beach holiday! You decide where to go! :)

Christmas Gifts

Christmas is coming soon and I yet to prepare any Christmas gifts for her. Opps, not her but them, my precious girls. I know they are looking forward games boy type of games. However their daddy is objected to this idea. To him, buy something educational is more important than buying those games. Now I am having headache. What should I buy? The Christmas tree is up; done it last night. Till date I also not yet go to shopping mall to see those nice Christmas décor. Really should make it one day!

Diet again

I have flabby tummy after giving birth. I don’t know how to kick away the extra fat. I had tried so many ways to keep fit and diet, yet my flabby tummy still there. Tell me how to lose belly fat with cheaper and reliable way? I ever tried exercise, diet pill, healthy drinks etc etc..yet the fat still come back once I stop doing all these. Arghhhhhhhhhh….

I am shy to try new dress or pant in shopping mall you know. I feel myself so horrible look each time trying those pretty dress in changing room. I can sew pretty dress too but with this flabby tummy, wear anything also not nice!

21 century facts

Our communication - Wireless Our phones - Cordless Our cooking - Fireless Our food - Fatless Our Sweets - Sugarless Our labour - Effortless Our relations - Fruitless Our attitude - Careless Our feelings - Heartless Our politics - Shameless Our education - Worthless Our mistakes - Countless Our arguments - Baseless Our youth - Jobless Our ladies - Topless Our boss - Brainless Our jobs - Thankless Our needs - Endless Our situation - Hopeless Our salaries - Less and less

Rental homes?

I believe some of you had planned for your Chinese New Year break.Some even already booked the flight tickets to fly back on time.:P

Now do you want to know how I spend my Chinese New Year break? Do you believe I just stay home with the kids? Yeah, we did that!! LOL

However we also went for CNY visiting together with my MIL. Strictly for relatives!. If my MIL no ask us to drive her there, I think we will just stay home throughout the break. In fact, we should plan going for vacation during this break, however due to the cost for travel during this festive freaking high, so hubby usually will not plan for any vacation. What a stingy daddy!! Don't know when will he book any charleston vacation rentals for us. Haiz...just wait and see!

Saturday, December 05, 2009


到一個朋友家去做客,出了電梯, 見門口赫然掛了一塊小木牌, 上書:「進門前,請脫去煩惱;回家時,帶快樂回來。」 進屋後,果見男女主人一團和氣,兩個孩子大方有禮,溫馨、和諧充盈著整個屋子。 我自然詢問起那塊木牌,女主人笑著望向男主人:「你說。」 男主人則溫柔地瞅向女主人:「還是你說,因為這是你的創意。」 最終,女主人輕緩地說開了:「有一回我回家,在電梯的鏡子 ? 看到一張睏倦、 灰暗的臉,一雙緊擰的眉毛,煩惱的眼睛…… 把我自己嚇了一大跳。 於是,我想, 當孩子、丈夫面對這樣愁苦陰沈的面孔時,會有什麼感覺? 假如我面對的也是這樣的面孔,又會有什麼反應? 我想到孩子在餐桌上的沈默、丈夫的冷淡…第二天我就寫了一塊方木牌釘在門上以提醒自己。 結果,提醒的不只是我而是一家人,奇蹟就這樣出現了。而且,不僅是我們一家人,到我家的客人也都變得歡歡喜喜……」 好有智慧、好可愛的女人。 天下的好與壞, 幸與不幸,快樂與痛苦,常常是一體的兩面。 一念之間的轉換,就呈現出截然不同的世界。 心若改變,態度就會改變;態度改變,習慣就會改變;習慣改變,人生就會改變。 改命改運不如改個性,個性一改 ~ 福氣自然來。

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

When to take water?

Correct timing to take water, will maximize its effectiveness to Human body. Two (02) glass of water - After waking up - Helps activate internal organs One (01) glasses of water - 30 minutes before meal - Help digestion One (01) glass of water - Before taking a bath - Helps lower blood pressure One (01) glass of water - Before sleep - To avoid stroke or heart attack