Tuesday, January 30, 2007

My Blog 's New Look!

Yeah, I had changed to a new template! A big thank you to dear Sasha! Muak Muak Muak....She help me make all the changes and add in some nice features too! I love it! Me not IT savvy person, definetely will look helper if need any blog changes!

New year new look, let's hope I can maintain well for this blog!

Parenting Magazines

Before marriage, I used to read magazine for fashion, cooking (for adult of course), and travel etc..…nothing related to parenting. But now after having kids, I have to read magazine related to parenting, mainly due to I am a first timer being a mummy. Only in parenting magazine, I can find and learn many tips of being a first time mummy. Other than from reading magazine, I also gain experience from other experience mummies or my own mum.

Now I found a good web that offer good parenting magazines, Mags Direct offer more than 10 types parenting magazines. The price very affordable too, I found it is even cheaper than magazines that sell in Malaysia. One of the magazine, Parents only cost us USD9.97 per year with 12 issues! The cover price is USD42.00, and we save up to 76%. It’s a huge saving I tell you. Yes, I am going to add this into my cart now.

Hurry! check out this web now, other than getting good magazine, you also can save some saving there since the price is much cheaper than we buy from book store.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Buying Gold Coins

Do you like gold? Yes, I did, so does my sister! My sister even buys gold each year after she got her yearly bonus. She really falls in love with gold. I had stopped buying gold for some time; main reason was I have problem on the storage.

Now with Monex Deposit Company (MDC), once I purchase their silver, gold or other metals and coins, they can either immediately send to me or arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository in US. I also can elect financing of my precious metals - using as little as a 20% down payment - and taking advantage of investment leverage through MDC's exclusive Atlas Account program. These definitely solve my problem on storage and I can start buying gold coin without any hassle on storage already.

Must tell my sister to check out more information on this site too!

Spam Comment

Since I started writing for paid post, noticed I got so many spam comment came into my mail box. Very sian, have to delete them one by one...*sigh*

Wonder how these people did that, me personally not very good in IT, and really no idea how these people can hack other people's pc too. At first I also dunno how to delete spam comment, got to consult friends only can solve it. *paiseh*

Tired Tired Tired

Last weekend, we not going anywhere, spent the 2 off day do spring cleaning. It's real tire I tell you. Today come to office, I still can feel my hands and legs very pain.

Told hubby, but his respond really make me angry. He said: who ask you do all in one day, split in few weekend la. Hey come on la, if one weekend only do little bit, then till when can finish all wor!!!! He is like that one, when ask him do thing, for sure after finish his portion, he'll stop, then wait for next week only continue. *sigh*

Are all men like that??

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Lovers Planet

Now with the advance of internet, we make many friends via internet, even some of my blogger meet their spouse via net too! In Lovers Planet, you can find and look for Russian women.This site unites a diverse community of single Russian women seeking men for marriage and romance.

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Flower Girl Dress - Done!

Sue order one flower girl dress for her sister, this order was taken before I am admitted for the ectopic. Yeah, it's already pass for 2 months only I completed her order. But hor I didn't get the actual measurement of her sister, she only told me her sis is 6yo and slim. Reason was she either forgot or no time to take the measurement for me. So, how did I DIY the dress then? I told Sue that I'll hunted 6yo girl in Wien school, then try to get the roughly measurement. Hehe...this is the first time me do dress without having proper and actual meausrement.

Anyway the dress is done and already send out on Friday (26/01), pray hard it fit well to her sister!

What motivate me to write paid post?

Yeah, recently I just signed up few paid post site, wish to earn extra pocket money actually! Hehe...money wor, who can resist ah?

Being first timer, I am quite blur to all these, have to refer and ask more info from those experience blogger mummies, you know who you are!

Thank you for all the valuable information, I'll try my best to write more and best article, in order to get paid easily. Let's make money together!

Boston Condos

Hubby and I ever planned to own a condominium because both of us like the swimming pool and gym that only will be provided in a condominium. In old time, we have to look for agent or middle person to help on searching for condominium, but now with internet, we can do it ourselves by just sitting in front of the pc and in our house too! Very convenient right?

Well, if want to look for Boston Condos, CondoCompany.com is your number one source! This site receives thousand of unique visitors every day looking to buy sell or rent condos. The CondoList program allows various types of people such as Realtors, Owners, and Developers to list condos for sale in Boston. By just clicking with your mouse, you already can get all those information in just a second.

CondoCompany.com recently also launched a program called "Building Specialists"; where this building specialist is a real estate agent who specializes in a particular condo building. Generally this is used for luxury high rise condos. To qualify as Building Specialist, the agents must meet certain requirements.

Click Condocompany.com now to look for more information on Boston Condos!

Friday, January 26, 2007

FIL Old Car

FIL's car breakdown again!! Yesterday after he fetching Wien from school, his car couldn't start. After 1/2 hr only he called my SIL#1 to drive them back from school. Yup, Lyon also in the car as FIL like to tag her along while fetching Wien back from school. My MIL so worry at home because it already passed more than 1/2 hour but still did not see the car back. Usually after 15min, he already reach home, so MIL also called up SIL#1, only know that she already on the way to rescue 3 of them...

Lucky my SIL#1 is a housewife, else I really no idea who going to bring them back! My FIL also one kind, already advise him to change car or do throughly checking for the car, but he still no make any decision. *sigh*

Spring Clean

Chinese New Year around the corner, it's time to do house spring cleaning. This year I do a lot as compare to previous year, main reason was my youngest SIL already married, only left only me helping my MIL to do the cleaning. But I also get my 2 girls to involve, let them do simple things, clear their toys at least! Hehehe....of course cannot expect much from them but at least they not disturb us doing other areas cleaning.

I still in indecisive whether want to make cookies or not, I use to make for this festive season but since having the gals, I have not done any. Perhaps I should start making it this year, as I am sure they'll excited to help me! :)

Belisi Fashions

I noticed since I am young that most of the famous fashion designer was MALE, and most of the famous chef was MALE too! Wonder why like that? Because to my understanding all these were FEMALE job. Ya, I am wrong actually. Peter Belisi is one of the famous MALE designer too!

I like fashion and I love to search in internet to look for new and trendy fashion design. Main reason that motivate me do so is I can sew, I can DIY clothing for myself as well as for my 2 girls! Belisi fashions can let me get all the valuable information on latest fashion trend. In beingbelisi I even can find fashion solely design for women (The Diva Dreams), this site very suit for career women like me! Thank you, Peter Belisi!

Sew for me la!!!

As can read from my previous posts, now me busy sewing at night, wish to rush out all order, so that can finish before Chinese New Year. So each time when me busy sewing at 2nd room, Lyon for sure will come in together with her small stool. She very short mah, so need a stool to step on it then only she can see what I am doing. Then she'll start asking: - this one sew for who? - sew for other jie jie wan. - sew for me ler, this dress very nice, don't sew for jie jie ler. - cannot wor, jie jie already ask mummy sew for her.- I want ler, sew one for me! - okok, once mummy finish this, mummy sew one for u ya! - oh! After I promised her, only she'll walk off happily! She really vain pot now, very like to wear dresses nowadays!

Thursday, January 25, 2007


I just signed up with Blogsvertise, another paid post site. Just like other blogger mummies did, I wish to earn extra income too! So the best short cut is to write for paid post, seem easy right? Well, I need to dig more time if want to sit still in front of pc and write.

Some people (my BIL especially) seem couldn't believe got such easy job..hehehe...I want to prove he is wrong. I am going to show him my paypal account with USD very soon! Wish me good luck then!

Additional Order

Another blogger mummy, Msau, ordered dresses from me, for her girls to wear during coming Chinese New Year. Of course I am happy to get her order, hey, it's extra income for me. Who doesn't like money then. No no no...I am not financially tight now, I just wish to turn my interest into making money business, so that I can be lady boss for my own shop....am I dreaming now?

Actually my hubby's income can support me to be SAHM now, but I don't think I am a SAHM material at this moment. I enjoy my office hour, at least I can do thing without anyone disturbing me (the 2 gals surely)! Ya, sometimes I did do my personal stuff during office hour; such as blogging etc etc....So what's the best time to resign? Frankly I also don't know...:P

Monday, January 22, 2007

One Day Off

Tomorrow I have to be SAHM for one day, as MIL join a tour to Cameran Highland. She suppose go to CH during Nov 06 but so coincidence, I was admitted due to Ectopic at that date, she has to cancel her trip. I feel sorry for her too.

Of course this time I take leave willingly, cos I already feel guilty last time.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Check Up

Today is Saturday, need to go gynae place for check up...No No No...I am not pregnant (I wish I am ). I am still on medication and need to take medicine for at least 6 month.

Reason given by gynae was to clear the blood in body, blood that left over from my cycle period. Actually I dont know how to describe this, even dont know the technical term for it. I just follow my gynae instruction. He said need to take medicine, then I just follow! What a good patient hor!

But one thing I dislike to go gynae place is , I have to wait VERY VERY LONG HOUR there! It could be more than 3 hr I tell you. Damm tired! No choice I still have to go to him since I already have 2 c-sect by him. He know my body well......

This medicine also had indirectly putting up my weight now, though I didn't increase my appetite...gynae already informed me in advance, side effect of it...either will feel pening or weight gain.....

Friday, January 19, 2007

Baking Cake

It has been 2 consecutive weekend I am baking for butter cake. Reason was I bought 2 bar of butter from Giant recently, and it's cheap too compare to normal price. So I just grab and plan to bake cake for the girls. They love mummy's cake actually. :P

The girls will help me out whenever saw me took out the mixer. They very kpc actually, pull their stool and stand very close to me, they give me trouble more than helping me sometimes...*sigh* but not let them help, they will keep yelling at u.....sometimes I rather do it during their nap time.

Coming Sunday is my dear mom birthday, still not decide want to bake cake or buy from bakery shop. Buy from shop is more presentable mah but cost a lot... :(

....I think I'll buy cake for her. Confirm.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Cotton Pajamas

I love cotton material, love to buy this fabrication material to make dresses or sleep wear for my gals. It's comfy and cooling type too.

Recently I just completed 1 suit of pajamas, love the color and love the design too! While shop in fabric shop, it's color caught my eye. Without thinking twice, I just bought 2meter, and decided to make sleep wear for my Wien.

While I do my sewing, little Lyon come to me and beg me sew one for her too! Haha...now she know how to request too! I promised her : mummy will do for her too...after completed jie jie wan.

....btw...I also post up this pajamas in my ebay for sale ler....just hoping someone will like it and buy it over.....but then if sold out I still can make new suit for Wien la...dun worry!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Wean? Not Wean??

*sigh* I was thinking to wean off Lyon's pacifier after existing one broken. But she cry and cry and beg and beg me if did that to her....she even go to my room to dig out the spare one, as she knew I been keeping one in my wardrobe! ......smart girl...... Hope she wouldn't bite current pacifier again....

Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Plant

Since I own a new digital camera, I love to snap pictures, either my gals pictures or the plants that in my garden. Not long ago, I plant some tomato and mini chilli, but the result not so good due to I seldom take proper care onto them, also due to we hardly use pestide, as the girls tend to play a lot in the garden, we worry, they might just pluck and eat!! But I still satisfy with my result lar...though the fruit not so green and red as planted by my dear mom.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

Monkey jumping on the bed

Little Lyon is 25 months now, but hubby and I never seen her jump from bed to floor (of course there is a mattress on the floor la). She seem afraid to jump like her sister Wien. That's fine for me, cos this kiasi mummy worry she might fall down mah if no adult supervise them in the room. But one day, hubby EFNTD, he taught Lyon to jump from bed to mattress. At first she refuse, then hubby carry her and teach her to jump, after a while, she seem enjoy the jumping!!! Since then, whenever in the room, she will jump and scream us to see her stunt!! OMG...this papa really bad lar.