Friday, February 29, 2008

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Travel in Europe

Dublin? Where is the place? After I search in internet, then only I get to know this place in more detail. Not me going to visit this place but my boss. He has a business trip in Dublin soon, so he asks my favor to check for best Dublin Hotels rates during his stay in next month.

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Have fun!

Yoga - can slim down?

Both of my sisters went for Yoga classes lately. Nope, they did not go together coz one stay in KL, another one stay in Melaka. Elder sister still attending aerobic class other than yoga class.

Now both of them look slimmer than before, even slimmer than me. Shame me, I think I better enroll myself into yoga class too. Else my spare type(tummy) getting bigger and bigger soon. LOL

Medical supplies

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Sick me

I am having flu now. Worry I might spread to my kids, so early morning visited nearby clinic and took some medicine. After taking those medicines, I felt so sleepy and energy to work. My GM noticed and asked me whether I am feeling not well. He has sharp eyes I tell you, even my ED no noticed I am down with flu. Anyway, this is just a crap post. Thanks for reading it! LOL

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Youngsters now

Sometimes I just don’t understand youngsters’ nowadays. Their act really can shock me sometimes. For example, you see those youngsters’ car that on the road. You can see lot of strange and advance design that are totally from original design. In fact, those modifications were done by themselves and they are the one who ask the mechanic to alter for them. For instance, you can lot of weird and creative car spoilers at their car. To them, this is call advance and creative. However to me, there are not. hehe…maybe I am too old to accept this kind of change.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

New tenant?

My new house loan application is approved. However the house not belongs to me yet. Now still under cooling period, meaning that we cannot move it, else we have to pay rental for the previous owner. Cooling period is 6 months from the date we sign the Sales & Purchase agreement.

My property agent called me last night, telling me that there is one couple looking for house to rent. She recommended my house to them and it seems the couple (with 2 kids) loves my house area coz it has tight security there before you enter the housing area. Of course I feel very excited when I first heard the good news. That’s mean I can start collecting rental once everything is ready, including loan agreement and signing of S & P. ok, I will recommend good and reliable moving companies for my future tenant once they confirm to stay in my house.

Cover yourself

If you are working in hazardous field like scuba diving, rock climbing, vehicle racing, pilot etc, then you better insure yourself for high risk life insurance. This is to ensure either you or your family members still have financial support when you encounter injure or death while you carry out your task. Hey, medical fee nowadays not cheap at all. Without insurance plan, I don’t think normal income like me afford to pay for it. No joke, if you want a better life for your family members, do consider to buy yourself any insurance plan to cover yourself.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Upgrade myself soon

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Previously I was graduated from Business Management in TARC, Kuala Lumpur. I stayed in Kuala Lumpur for 3 years to complete all my courses. In fact I should sit for external MICSA paper, despite internal papers that prepared by my college (now become university level). I stopped sitting for those papers after married and I still have one more paper to go. Now I had stopped for over 10 years, and no way for me to re-sit the same paper coz the syllabus is totally change now. I am so regret now. Otherwise I am a degree holder by now.

Perhaps I should try others online degree programs and upgrade myself now. I was told Capella University has lots of online degree for post graduates. I should take a look when I am free later.

Bad breath

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During one of the CNY visiting, my kids spotted a mini trampoline at my friend’s house. They love it and they keep jumping onto the trampoline despite my numerous times of shouting. Ya, I afraid my youngest girl will fall down if she cannot step properly onto the trampoline. I ever think of to buy a mini trampoline for them, however I noticed my house do not have sufficient space to place it. Therefore I put aside my plan, will only buy it once we move into our new house.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Modern furniture from eroomservice

If you follow my blog, I am sure you know I just confirmed to buy one unit of house at Ozana Resort. I love this house very much coz it has a big compound and I can do a little gardening at this area. Alternatively I can create a playground at this compound to let my girls play during evening time. Right now we have no intention to move in coz we are having problem to locate a proper primary school for the girls. Perhaps we will move in once they finish they primary stage and enter secondary school. Therefore we will not buy any quality furniture for the house at this moment too.

However we will buy some modern furniture for the house once we decide to move in later. See, modern furniture is not cheap nowadays, so we have to wait for sale period, then only will go to furniture shop to look for our desire modern furniture. By the way, I will look for modern furniture at coz the site has wide selection of home furniture for me to choose from. Moreover, the prices offer by the site are affordable and within my budget too. Of course, I will still wait for great sale if I wish to save more money.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Flower girl

If I am jobless one day, I will buy bulk flowers and sell during Valentine’s Day. I will set a reasonable yet affordable price to those loving couple. So that I can ensure myself can get a profit margin after the sale. During this hot season, most of the florist will jet up their flower selling price. This is because they know majority of the loving couple willing to spend for it. That’s why they dare to do so. If my price is slightly lower than those florists, I am sure I can get lot of orders from customers then.

Who want to order flowers from me? do drop me a mail now!

Butterfly Plantation

Have you seen this type of plantation before? This is the first time encounter such a wonderful leave plantation. I spotted it during CNY visiting at one of my relative house. MIL saw it too but I am not sure whether she did request them to give her some to plant or not. I got no time to maintain any plantation, so I will not ask for it!

Yeah! It's OUT!

Yes, our long waited yearly bonus finally released. It is truly a piece of good news to all of us, especially who just spend lot of money during CNY festive.

Though it is only half month bonus, but we still very excited over the news. Our company did not make money for the year 2007, yet they still willing to dig out some money for us. Whatever it is lar, I am going to use this amount for my new housing loan, to cover the interest, or invest in unit trust.

Old junk car

This week hubby in Kuala Lumpur attending training. He foresees something wrong for his car, so he dare not drive to outstation alone. If anything happen, then he has to burn a big hole for his wallet. This is because if the car facing breakdown in other state, then he has to ask for unfamiliar workshop to fix the car for him. If happen within our area, then we can get our regular workshop and they will not simply charge us.

So for the past few days, I am driving hubby’s old junk to work, while he drove my new car to Kuala Lumpur. Hopefully nothing happen while I drive his car, else I better get an Used cars Austin Texas instead of using his old junk.

Check your voting venue

I am sure all you know that our next election will be held on 08/03/2008. It is also Women's Day for we fellow women. Too bad, it is fall on Saturday, our off day too. If it is fall on weekday, perhaps we might have an extra off day coz maybe our dear government will declare it as Public Holiday like previous year.

If you wish to check where is your voting venue, do click below link and find out now. Other wise you might facing unable to locate your name in your old place. know lar, our people's service sometimes may become hair ware too!

See any bird nest?

Everyday we can hear the bird singing at our upstairs. Not real birds singing but the tape player is running the bird singing sound now. It is pretty noisy to me though.

Till now I yet to enter upstairs to see how the decoration for the birds look like. Some told me it is very dark and you will feel uncomfortable when you are there. Hey, sound scary to me. I don't think I will go have a look after hearing such comment from my fellow colleagues.

Really no idea why my boss will have such plan in his mind. But my hubby said he got business mind, that's why he can think of this excellent plan!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Choose carefully

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"Blank" mind

I think my mind cannot function properly now. I cannot think of anything to write now, perhaps I had been writing since this morning that cause my mind cannot function well now. I really salute some blogger mummy who can write all sort of story that happen around them. They seem like have lots of happening things happen around them.

Lucky my pending posts left not many now, else I think my head going to crack soon if I keep thinking for thing to write.

When is the time?

CNY festive is over. We still no news about our yearly bonus as well as the increment. I don't think my boss had forgotten about it coz once the operator see him appear in canteen, they will approach him and ask for bonus. None of office dare not ask from bosses coz we feel shy to ask. But for operator, they are so daring, they dare to ask coz to them bonus is important. It is like extra income to them once a year. Of course they look forward this amount.

Let's hope our management will do something and release bonus asap.

cost saving practice

If a company wish to gain continuous improvement for their operation, they will adopt useful management approach to execute the enforcement, such as ISO, SAP, 6 sigma and others. All of these approaches are meant to serve the same purposes, ie let the businesses spend the least amount to get the maximum output. This same apply to save cost on communication cost. Company usually will adopt Call Center VoIP Phone Systems if they have to make international or long distance calls. By adopting VoIP phone system, your business able to save from the expensive international calls. If I am not mistaken, you can get up to 40% saving by using this system.

Market your business

If you are running a business now, I think you will realize it is not easy to operate and manage the operation if you are lack of experience. I had ever own a business so far though I plan to do so in near future. I am still in the midst of learning how to manage an online store.

One of my best friends was running a printing and binding company. She had been in this field for 2 years; however her businesses seem does not have any improvement in terms of profit or sales volume. She is clueless and could not find out the root cause. I think the main reason is she hardly stay in her shop during business hour, she very much depend on her assistants to help her monitor the business operation. By the way, she also owns other business besides this printing and binding company. Therefore she could not 7x24 stay in her shop. She needs to run and there in order to juggle her other businesses.

Perhaps she should try to look for Marketing Company and help her identify her business trends and change the business operation. First of all, she should develop brand identity or brand image for her products and services. Too bad I am not an expert in this field, else I can help her promote her company as well as bring in more revenue.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Plan for next year

Do you want to know how I spend my Chinese New Year break? Do you believe I just stay home with the kids? Yeah, we did that, except went to 2-3 family relatives' houses for visiting. If my MIL no ask us to drive her there, I think we will just stay home throughout the break. In fact, we should plan going for vacation during this break, however due to the cost for travel during this festive freaking high, so hubby usually will not plan for any vacation. But he did mention that he will get some Miami Heat Tickets next year and enjoy the league with his buddies instead of staying home. Hey, what about me and the kids ar?

Monday, February 18, 2008

Should I change the shower faucets?

If I had confirmed to move into my new house, I am going to do a minor renovation for the kitchen as well my master room’s washroom. I wish to fix stylish shower faucets for my bath tab, just like those seen in hotel washroom. I know renovation cost is not cheap nowadays but I think I still afford for a small shower faucet the cost less than $100 per set! Hopefully my hubby will not object my suggestion.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Playful kids

Last night I was busy sewing curtain at the other room. The two girls sit on the floor flipping their books. That’s good, as long as they did not come and disturb me, then I don’t care them since they are looking at their books. While sewing, I can hear their chit chat conversation. I am not sure what book they read but I guess they had found something interesting to share with each other.

After done one portion of sewing, I went near to them coz I am curious to know what they are reading too. Oh my, they are using their grandma’s magnifying glass to read and look at their books. They feel very interesting once see the bigger version of wording of their story books. LOL

Friday, February 15, 2008

Update your knowledge

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It's the time now?

If you have extra money, will you invest into gold coin? I felt very regret for not investing into gold 5 years ago when my elder sister keep persuade me to try this investment. At that time I feel insecure and I am also uncertain whether gold price will increase or not. Now my elder sister is happily showed off to me her earning from her account book. Haiz….

I don’t know whether now I still can put in some money to buy gold or not. The price is too high now, and I feel more insecure. What if, one day it drops tremendously? Hehe..I have too much concern, not a risk taker too!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

LA shows

Some of my blogger friends busy chatting about Japan trip now. One been japan many times so she got lots of info pertaining to Japan which is good for us to refer. Too bad, my hubby said the package to Japan is too costly; he rather spends the same amount for Europe trip again. We had been Europe many years ago, if give me the chance again; I will raise my hands and legs to welcome this idea!

Euro exchanger rate getting higher now as compare to USD. This also cause my hubby to change his mind to USA instead of Europe now. If we ever travel to USA, one of the attractive event that we will not miss to watch the Las Vegas Shows that are so interesting and exciting. Ok, better work hard now if we really wish to go LA one day.

Quick loan

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3. Take aspirin.

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San Antonio properties

Buying and selling property is not an easy task to me. I will have headache if hubby request me to handle all the matter pertaining to our property. Lately hubby plan to invest into another house property around San Antonio area; so he ask me to help me look for some information pertaining to real estate issue. I tell him frankly that I am not a good person to ask for it coz I really no knowledge how to close or deal the deal. I think I better tell him to hire services from San Antonio Realtors since they are the expert in this field. Moreover they are very experience in real estate plus able to make our relocation as hassle-free as possible. Let me check out the service fee first, if it is within our budget, I am sure will persuade hubby to engage their service.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Our Human Resource very strict in disciplinary. Many things we are not allow to do in office, including turn on the speaker. Some staff’s speakers have to keep by Human Resource, especially those in production floor coz hard to monitor and control them. my speaker still with me, however I seldom on it coz I afraid one day he might issue me an warning letter because listening to music during office hour.

I was thinking in fact I can get a grado headphones, so that I can hear songs without disturbing other staff. Of course I have to control and limit myself for doing so. I can use the grado headphones during lunch break coz most of the staff will out for lunch during the break. There are few models of grado headphones in the market now and I am not sure which the best that suit me is. My friends told me that I can check out the features and review given by consumer at WizeRank. Perhaps I should spend some time searching at and look for the best price of grado headphones for myself.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Hair school

If I do not take business management course last time, I think I will select to involve in beauty line, such as enter hair schools or beauty schools. Look at my sister in law who stay in KL. She own a saloon and can earn few thousand in a month. In fact she ever took Accounting courses during college time but she gave up her job but enter herself into hair saloon line. She has interest in this field, so she attend few month courses in hair school and gain those skill. I think I will follow her step after feel bore working in office life.

Protect my car first

During Chinese new year festive, I have to ensure my car is fully covered with car covers. This is to avoid my neighbour’s firework “fly” to my car when they light it. You know, most of my neighbour who stay nearby with me will light the fireworks and firecrackers to celebrate this traditional festive. They can play these 2 dangerous items till midnight 2-3am. Imagine how much they spent for it! At least few hundred I tell you. I rather keep the money for food or travel instead of burning it! Am I right?

Freee online casino

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Monday, February 11, 2008

2nd Honeymoon?

If you are planning for a family trip for your family members, do take a look at Riviera Maya Resort. I am sure you will enjoy your stay at this resort coz the environment is so soothening and relaxing. If you wish to go for another honeymoon with your spouse, you also can look up Karisma Hotels. Their resorts are catering especially to lovebirds and honeymooners. I wonder how much this romantic packages will cost us. I have to work out a budget first before I approach hubby to go with me. you know lar, economic is not so good now, we got to do everything according to our budget.

Review of online casinos

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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Almost over!

Today is CNY day 5, meaning that our CNY festive almost over now. Some of you still in CNY mood and feel reluctant going to work..hehe...I am one of them. I did nothing during this festive, except attended 2 gathering. I think my kids have the most fun time during this period. This year they know the meaning of ang pow and also want to keep their individual ang pow by themself, instead of letting mummy keep for them. One good thing about them is they will never open the red packet in front of guests so far!

Thursday, February 07, 2008

wedding planning

Wedding Planning is not an easy job for going to marry couple. I am sure many loving couples will try to search online for more wedding preparation via online websites. Previously my friends or relatives will call me when they want to plan for their wedding. However now with the advancement of internet technology, they can get all the resourceful information via online websites easily.

Wedding Channel is one of the one stop wedding planning website. You can find lots of ideas and advices for your wedding preparation, including wedding favors, wedding dresses, wedding store and many more. Do introduce this site to your friends who are going to marry soon.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

A free world

Have you ever heard about stateless society? Well, this is the first time I get to know such term. There is a Stateless Society Website that I came across in internet, it meat the possibilities of a society without a central government. Do you think it is possible for our society will become a free world in future? If you wish to know more about it, do check out the website now. Frankly I would think it is an interesting idea where all of us wish for a world community without enemy, without war. A peaceful world is our dream. Don't you think so?

Happy Mickey Year!

Did you see all the dresses hanging there? Total 8 pieces, 7 handmade by me, 1 bought at shopping mall. So each girl has 4 set, same as last year. Imagine how much I save for my girls clothing. Let's say one piece is RM30, now I can save at least RM210. That's a lot to me! My material cost is less than RM50, some more I bought good quality fabric from Kamdar. Hehe..I know many of you will envy me now.

Too bad, my kids' blog is down now, else I can show off their dresses one by one.

Anyway, I am here wishing you A Very Prosperous Chinese New Year! May the Mickie year bring you lots of wealth & good luck!

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Furniture for new home

Though we just confirmed to buy the house at Ozana but we had start thinking how to renovate the house once it is belong to us. The good thing about my new house is it is already done the renovation for the kitchen. All I need to do now is to think and plan what kind of kitchen or bar furniture that suit me well.

Other than kitchen furniture, we also have to buy bedroom furniture and dining room furniture. Wow, I think we are going to spend a lot for home furniture. Moreover the fencing need to change too coz the steel not in good condition anymore. The neighbour said can skip changing it since the security here quite tight. Even you no lock or close your door, also ok. Hehe…I cannot accept house without proper fencing ler. Must keep some money now, else we don’t have enough cash to spend for renovation.

Monday, February 04, 2008

New home

Hubby just booked a house at Ozana Resort. He loves the environment very much and treats it as villa. Of course we have to spend lot of money for renovation if we wish to turn it into villa type. However I think he will stop his mind once he know that he has to spend another $60-80K just to renovate the car porch. Unless we can get a property at Winter Park real estate, then we can save on renovation cost since this property already look very luxury even without any renovation.

CNY lor!

Everyone is in Chinese New Year mood now, including myself too. Lucky now I am not so tied up with work, else I will feel very pressure at this moment. Too bad, our bonus still no news yet, we only heard only 0.50 month bonus will be release. However now already very close to cny, still nothing shown in our account.

Anyway, I think I can forget about my company bonus as I already have enough money from "another employer", should be more than enough for me to cover for the ang pow money. But after this, my side income will drop a lot coz both my PR had dropped to zero, nothing much I can write for bayar post now!

It is time for me to start selling homemade dress online now!


Rugby game is not my favorite game but some how I will still watch the competition which broadcast in TV during Olympic Games. My hubby ever plays this game with his classmates during school life and I remember each time after the game, his hands and legs will have some bruises.

If you are fanatic of rugby game, you can check out It is the official website for Europe’s premier international rugby game which is the battle ground for the 6 nations championship. They provide you with official data, information, and reviews from the world of European rugby games. also provide the 6 nations podcasts which contain interviews from the coaches, captains and players.

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Saturday, February 02, 2008

Introduce soccer game to my kids

My girls know when weekend is. Once they see me and hubby did not go to work in morning, then they will start begging us to bring them out, either go shopping malls or play at nearby big field. I think they had bored playing with puzzles, dough, toys or even bored watching their favorite cartoon series. We will bring them out as long as we are free and nothing to do during weekend.

There is a big and green big field nearby my house area. It is really a good place for kids to run about and have fun there. They can either cycling; playing kites or kicks balls at the big field. At the field, my girls also can meet more new friends from different races. It is fun to see them playing together though sometimes they cannot communicate well due to different dialect.

This coming weekend I plan to play Soccer Balls with them. This type of games cannot play in house; else they are going to break many of the household items including the nice vases! Soccer games is hubby’s favorite games during his school life, and he even represent his school and play it nationally with other school mates. He is very proud of himself coz he ever won many prizes from this games. Let’s hope one day his girls also can master this game!

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Spring Cleaning

Chinese New Year is around the corner now, and I only cleaned ½ portion of my house. I only have time to do the spring clean during weekend, so not much area I can cover in one weekend. Lucky my hubby willing to give me hand while the kids clean and sort their toys into a big carton. Initially we plan to get helper to clean the house, but the fee is too much. He wants to charge $100 for 5 hours; it is too much for me. I rather take the trouble and clean it myself (with family members help of course) instead of paying so much to him. I am not stingy lar!

While I do the spring clean, I realized my girls have more than 2 big luggages of soft toys. Wow, since when they have so many toys? After I gone through one by one, I noticed some toys not buy by me. Those are the toys taken back by my MIL from her neighbors. Too bad, I cannot throw away those toys; else my MIL sure will make a big fuss over me.

Oh ya, I also found some old Baseball Gloves that were used by hubby during his school life. There are still well kept in a box. I ask hubby whether he still needs them or not, he told me that can keep for his girls when they grow older a bit. Fine, I will keep them since they do not take up a lot of space in my store room.

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Friday, February 01, 2008

Got to shop online now

Oh no, Chinese New Year is next week and I yet to buy any new clothing for myself, including my girls too. Haiz..all due to tight working schedule that cause me no time to do shopping, let alone spring clean the house. this week is the last week for me to do all the house cleaning, else I don’t think I will invite my guests to my house since my house is so dirty.

As for my girls clothing, I will start to shop at baby shops based on the guideline given in I got no time to search online stores one by one now but I can read the survival guide from lilaguide, hopefully I can get some good idea what to buy to my girls.