Saturday, July 16, 2011

ankle brace

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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bath tub

Do you ever dream of to own any vintage tubs in your dream house? To be frank, I had that kind of dream! Whenever I enter a hotel room, I would check out the bathroom first. If it is a bath tub there, I would jump like a happy girl. LOL!

Yeah, I like to dip myself into the bath tub and have slow and relax bathing session. If my girls saw bath tub in hotel room, they will scream happily too. Like mother like daughters. :P

Small netbooks

Last weekend both my girls went to their friend’s house and spent approximately 2 hour there. After we fetch them back, both of them keep telling me how good their friends’ parent. They told me their parent bought them individual small netbooks, PS2, hand phone and other gadgets stuff. Upon hearing all their stories, hubby and I have same thinking in our mind. Apparently this parent very pamper their kids, that’s why they willing to spend for their kids. However this is not our practice though. We will only spend necessary things but not all gadgets. Our concept is if they want to own all these, they have to put in their effort and gain it but not just ask from parent without any justification.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Reward card

I bet 99% of ladies will own at least one reward card. This is because majority of us like to keep reward points and redeem something from the brochure. LOL

Lately my hubby sub a supplementary card for me, including visa reward cards too. At first I don’t want to keep it coz holding too many cards will divert my redemption points too. I rather use one card and gather all in one card. However after I view through their reward catalogue, I decided to keep this card and stop using other cards. What make me change my mind? Haha…coz the visa reward cards have more redemption items than my existing cards!

Thursday, July 07, 2011

3rd princess

Picture taken at day 1

Here come my 3rd princess, Nice. A very unique French name, named by her dear papa.

Wednesday, July 06, 2011


If you ask me what I want now, my answer is a pair of good sunglasses. My existing sunglasses going to damage soon. There is a crack in between the handle. Well, you will not see clearly from far though. It still can be used if I am not too fussy. LOL

Lately come across Tom Ford Sunglasses. Oh my, those branded sunglasses are so elegant. I think I should get one pair for myself since all these while I hardly buy branded stuff for myself. Once a while I should pamper myself, right?

No time for sewing

After arrival of my 3rd princess, I hardly have sufficient time to do my sewing. I have to take more than 1 day to sew a simple pant or skirt now. Unlike previously, I can finish one pant or one skirt in just 1 hour or even lesser. However I did not regret for having my No3. To me, she is so precious!!