Saturday, May 31, 2008

Basement dehumifiers

When come to winter season, most of the families in four seasons countries will get ready their basement dehumidifiers to remove that damp mildew odor associated with basements and prevent mold from growing. However do you know how to choose a good and quality dehumidifier? No doubt you can get dehumidifiers easily in the market but you have to select properly before make your final decision. If you visit Allergy Buyers Cluns, you will notice the site strongly recommend you use Ebac and Santa Fe dehumidifiers coz these brands are tested for reliability and effectiveness. Do check out the site for more details.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

options trading

My hubby very good at share market. In fact he had a very detail analyze report about the share market trend. Each night he will monopoly the notebook and analyze his stock market till very late especially during Friday night. He ever mentioned that I should learn to study it since I play to work from home in future. Study share market and present him the report and he make the decision to buy or no buy for particular share. Too bad, I did not have the interest in this field, other wise I would love to help him. Other than share market, he also good at options trading. but he put small amount in options trading since he is still a beginner in this field.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Car seats

When you have infant or toddler at home, then you will need car seats for them when you bring them for driving journey. It is a must own safety device for all kids. Therefore invest into a good car seat is very important as you might want a good quality and comfortable car seat for your beloved children. There are few criteria that I will take into consideration when purchase the child car seats.

1. Easy installation – need to study carefully the installation manual.

2. Get a convertible car seat – so that your car seat can get a versatile and last the longest.

3. LATCH – to reduce the risk of improperly installed car seats to maximize safety. No seatbelts are needed for installation.

4. Easy Release Latches and Buckles

5. Washability – easy to detach and wash.

6. Comfort – baby should feel comfortable while sitting inside car seat.

MSN problem

My msn still giving me trouble now. I cannot login to my live messenger, even cannot enter my Hotmail account too. What's wrong? I had uninstall and reinstall my msn too, but still the same. Haiz.....

Lucky thing is I still can login msn using window messenger that do not have much emotion as compare to live messenger. No choice, I have to bear with it since I love to chat using msn instead of yahoo or skype.

Fun at Disney

Both my 2 girls are the super fans for Disney channel characters, they will never miss the show whenever it is on air at TV broadcast. Too bad, my house do not have Astro, other wise two of them sure will hook in front the TV 7x24. it is also the reason why hubby and myself not agree to fix Astro at home, we worry they will addicted to cartoon series instead of do homework revision. Well, if my financial allow, I will bring them to Orlando Disneyland one day. Hopefully Orlando Fun Tickets by then will offer discount Disney World tickets for family package.

On cruises

Paris is a wonderful city. Hubby and I had been to Paris in year 2005, our second honeymoon trip after the arrival of elder girl. It is also one of the most expensive and luxury package that I ever experience it. Though we had spent so much for the tour but we never feel regret or heart pain for the money. To me, the trip worth the money that we spent. If my financial allow, I am sure will re-visit Paris one day. Hopefully next round I will able to tag along my 2 girls. I want them to experience the excitement in this city of lights. However hubby has different suggestion, he prefer go to Italy since Italy also another best place to visit in Europe.

One activity that I wish to try while travel to Europe is experience the Christian Cruises from Living Passages. I am not sure how much will it cost for 2 pax of us for the Christian Cruise, will try to check it out from their website and start saving money for it. hopefully by that time I am afford to bring Wien and Lyon to enjoy the trip with us. I will feel bad if leave them with parent in law while hubby and I go for holiday. Let’s set Christian Cruises as my next travel destination in near future.

Wedding anniversary gift

Have you heard about Wendy Culpper, a famous designer jewelry for earrings, bracelets, rings, necklaces, pendants etc. If you ever browse the web, you will notice there are vast selections of jewelry for any occasions. Wendy Culpper specializing in handcrafted designer jewelry that is balanced with form, function, and beauty for all women. So many beautiful jewelry, tempted to own them too. Shall I hint to my DH and get him buy for me as the present for our next wedding anniversary present? The prices look affordable for hubby too! LOL


Nowadays many companies, especially multinational company, they will adopt VoIP phone systems to save on phone calls. Lately I heard some medium company also start this practice since they also make international and outstation calls very often. If your company is looking for the system, do consider Xpander Communications. This company specializes in hosted PBX small business VoIP phone systems for companies looking to improve and explore new technologies such as Voice over IP (VoIP). They have the most user friendly phone systems available thanks to a focus on simplicity, reduced costs, and drastically reduced maintenance. My company also deals with export market like Europe, USA, Australia, Japan and Middle East, perhaps I should persuade my boss to adopt this service.

Satok Sarawak

At first I thought nothing much to see in Sarawak but after I surf some websites about travel in Sarawak, I found that lot of interesting places that I can actually go. I already miss them during my previous trip, this time I should not miss them again. Let's explore Sarawak!

Satok Market is a must visit place for me now. We are not familiar with the location, but we can always take a cab there. Walking distance around 2-3km from Kuching town, but with kids tagging along, I don't think I will walk coz I afraid my youngest will demand me to carry her. Oh no...better take a cab to save my energy to walk along Satok Market.

Rushing now.....

I have many Blogitive to do now but my brain seem cannot work fast. I cannot think of interim post to slot in. I can see my feed reader keep showing me updated posts from some bloggers. Hehe...they must be rushing Bgt post like me now. Let me make a cup of coffee refresh my brain now, else I don't think I can finish all my 12 posts before expired.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Soccer show

If you wish to buy Miami Heat tickets, don't go else where but at Premium Seats USA. It is one of the best online web offering tickets for your favorite NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL team or an amazing concert. Usually when come to hot team soccer, the ticket for the entrance will be very fast sold out or you cannot find your favorite seating. But if you purchase the ticket from Premium Seats USA, this kind of thing will never happen coz Premium Seats USA will solves this nuisance by providing a huge selection of first-class tickets to all concerts, sports and theater events nationwide. By the way you have to order the ticket in advance too in order to get the best seat ever.

Sing ABC with me

A - B - C - D - E - F - G

H - I - J - K - L - M - N - O - P

Q - R - S - T - U and V,

W - X - Y and Z

Now I know my A - B - C's

Next time won't you sing with me?

If you want your kids learn to know and memorize ABC, teach them above song, I am sure within few days, they can master ABC very well.

Happy trying.

High pay job but....

My hubby got a high pay job but he foresee he might have to work late coz he has to supervise the whole line as well as some technical issue. The pay is really attractive but have to sacrifice some family time, do you think worth it? I don't think so, to me time for the family still very important. I did ask him think twice before his final decision.

Sarawak or LV?

I just confirmed a 3D2N trip to Sarawak for my family with zero fares from MAS airline. It took me very long period to get the ebooking from MAS call center after I changed to another email address. Very funny though coz I also receive the booking at my gmail email which I gave them earlier on. Anyway now the problem solve. Next I am going to look for good deal for local tour. The reason is with local tour package I can get the free airport transfer service, other wise I will have to rent car or look for taxi service that will cost me a bomb!

Oh ya, I am going to meet with Elina if my schedule is allow me to do so. Too bad, Sabrina already back to Taiping during my trip period, else we can arrange meet up too. Some of my friends ask me why select Sarawak vacation but not Las Vegas vacations. Hey, you wanna sponsor me going to LV issit? If yes, I don't' mind arrange the booking! LOL

Hot Hot Sunday

The weather so hot, really make me just wish to stay home and do nothing but sleeping with the air-cond on the whole day. If I will to use thermometer to measure the temperature, I am sure it is over 40 degree I tell you.

With such a high temperature, who want to for outing like zoo trip, beach etc. I will rather go to shopping mall to enjoy some free air-cond and window shopping. Hehe...I am sure other consumers will be like me too.

Rain, rain, when you wanna come? Perhaps I should wash my car later coz usually after car washing, it will rain! Sound superticious? :P

Friday, May 16, 2008

Social Spark - Try it!

My earning in USD drop a lot for the past 3 months, mean after my page rank drop to zero. With PR0, we hardly can find opportunities or offers to write, let alone link placement. That’s why you can see I had been slow down a lot in my blogging for money lately. However one advantage is I found myself got lot of free time after “retire” from paid blogging. I can do more personal things as well as do more blog hopping. Most of my bloggers can see more comments from me too. Hehe…

However lately I had been invited by SocialSpark, another way of paid blogging from branch of PayPerPost. It did catch my attention since it allows us to make money from blogging too. I am for sure will give it a try since SocialSpark will not so emphasized on page rank, that is why I know from other bloggers. I think I will give it a try since I need more extra money to settle my newly bought house at Ozana Resort. Hopefully SocialSpark able to give me more pocket money.

Ok, I just created a profile for myself at SocialSpark, let’s hope it really can bring in more money for me!

My heart is crying.....

So many people die because of the China earthquake, especially innocent children. I cry when I see the "crime scene" via our TV broadcast. I was thinking if my children were the victim because of the earthquake, what is my reaction then? I am sure I will be like those parent as seen in TV, cry till no tear I tell you.

If you're a human, I am sure you cannot hold your tears once you see the kids are dying in those areas. Why? Why? Why? Why must the children suffer because of this? They are so innocent. Do you think the GOD is fair? Hey, look for bad people, rapist, murderers etc and send them to hell lar!! Why look for innocent children......

The world is not fair....

Orovo - diet pills

If you keen to on diet now, do check out Orovo, it is a blend of Ten SuperFoods (Barley, Acai, Cayenne Pepper, Buckwheat, Flaxseed, Alfalfa Sprouts, Lactobacillus Acidophilus, Soy, Garlic, and Wheatgrass). I can say it is a food type of diet pills that you can trust. By the way, there are plenty of diet pills in the market now, better choose one that are using healthy food or herbal type as ingredients. Other wise you might encounter some side effects using too much chemical ingredients products. Do read up more about Orovo from internet, and get more detail about it before consumption.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Mother's Day Flower

Mother's Day is over, did you receive any flowers from your kids or spouse? I receive none but just a sweet and cute Mother's Day card from my elder girl. Her kindy teacher taught the class to draw the card and add some greeting wording. Kindy nowadays also very sound commercialize, they will do something according to festive. Is a good sign though.

I do hope can receive a stalk of carnation flowers during this date but so far yet to enjoy this feeling. Hopefully in near future my kids will present me with some stalk of beautiful carnation or roses.

Mooncake festive

When come to Moon Cake festival, my children love to play Tang Lung at house compound. Usually I have to spare few boxes of candles at home for them to light on the Tang Lung. Our garden will hang with lot of pretty and cute Tang Lung, our neighbour will do the same too. Needless to say, kids care the happiest one. Adult will take out a table and chairs and enjoy some food or moon cake at the compound while watching the children play with Tang Lung. Adult have to watch them closely coz afraid the candles light might hurt the kids.

Moon Cake festive fall on month 8 in Chinese calendar. Can’t wait for the month though.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lend them a helping hand!

1. Earth quake at Sichuan Province.

2. Cyclone Nargis at Myanmar.

Please help them while you can, either donate your money or items to your nearest charity community. Please do something for the victims. Who know, one day we may encounter the same tragedy. Don't say impossible ya. The world is changing daily.

There are so many relief fund being started in our country. Do your part now.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

buy or no buy?

For the past few years I did not buy any wedding anniversary to my dear hubby. Each year when come to this date, I will ask him what he need and his answer will be I don’t need anything. If you have extra money, just deposit into our house fund ie our join name bank account.

However this year I am going to give him a surprise and not going to ask him anymore. I was thinking to surprise him with a glashutte original watch from one of the online website. There are few models I prefer for this brand however I have to put on hold my plan now coz I don’t think I am afford to pay for the cost of this branded watch. More ever if hubby found out the price, I am not sure whether he will “kill” me or not since we are not from rich family either. A Glashutte original watch will cost me more than $20K, far away from my budget.

For your information, my dear hubby still wearing the same watch that he bought 8 years ago. The watch price cost him $100+ only and yet he can keep till so long. Looks like I better look for other cheaper brand that is affordable to me.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Sunset Malibu

There are tones of drug rehab centers in the community now. How are you going to select one that really meets your needs and requirement? One of the recommended drug rehab center is Sunset Malibu, a fully equipped residential alcohol rehab and drug treatment center located in Malibu. Their facilities include alcohol detox, substance abuse treatment, painkiller addiction treatment, and the treatment of co-occurring disorders such as depression and eating disorders. If you wish to know more about Sunset Malibu, do call them at 1-800-332-9202 and talk with their professional trainers.

Wordless Friday

Some beautiful flowers pictures that I took during my recent CH trip.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

used car engines

Lately hubby’s car keeps giving him trouble whenever he writes for long journey. Sometimes his car will stop half way while he is on the way to office. He really gets frustrated with it. He wishes to change his car but since we still have car loan and housing loan in hand, so he put on hold his plan now. Lately he told me a weird idea, said that he he might buy used engines and other assembly parts and transmits them into a used car. I wonder will he able to make it or not since he is not a technical person. Perhaps he should buy used engines and transmissions parts from midwest auto recycling since the site offers warranty nationwide in the market now.

Check out the site now if you wish to look for used engines!

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

For a change?

If you are a book worm, then you should not miss out this book: A New Earth, Awakening to Your Life's Purpose, the newest selection from Oprah’s Book Club. The book highlighted on how to create a better way of living and a better world to live in. if you wish to have some changes for yourself, do learn something from the book, it contains some useful tips that able to change your personality and your mind towards this society!

Fly with zero price!

If you read yesterday and today's newspaper, you will know Malaysian now are busy checking MAS website. Do you know why? Hehe...MAS having zero fares for domestic flights now. You can start do the online booking from 05/05/08 - 19/05/08, and travel date start from 10 June - 14 Dec 08 but blackout dates apply. If you wish to plan a short trip for your family members, do check out MAS website now. By the way, today news mentioned that AA going to have a battle with MAS soon, under cost fares!! If you can wait, just wait for another 2-3days. My flight booking to Kuching cannot cancel, else I will have big lost I tell you.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

flower for your mom

Mother’s Day is around the corner, have you decide what present to send to your lovely mother? Well, I bet some of you sure may have headache now if you cannot think of any to buy for her. If you really run out of ideas, perhaps you can consider sending your mom some fresh rose petals from Fifty Flowers, a very famous online website.

There are so many selection of beautiful and fresh flowers listed in the site. I am sure you able to find one that suit your mom’s taste. Check out the site now and enjoy the discount if any!

Saturday, May 03, 2008

acne wash

If you are currently having acne problem, you have to select appropriate acne wash and undergo some acne treatment. A good and deep-cleaning wash that unclogs pores, while keeping outbreaks under control with acne-fighting salicylic acid is need in order to prevent new blemishes, without drying skin. Well, there is no any other products that suit everyone. You have to consult your beautician and choose carefully the acne wash products that really suit your skin type.