Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Market Big Drop

In my earlier post (you can read from here and here), mentioned that have to throw in hand stock before CNY, else the market might drop then. This exactly happen yesterday and today as well, they even said it was BLACK TUESDAY for the market. Main reason was due to T+3 and affected by CHINA market too.

Lucky hubby left not many counter in hand, else he will lost more money now. Playing in share market is a risk there, if you brave (but not too brave lar), then you can make money out of it.

China people crazy share market now, they thought it was easy money, but in fact not. If they not invest wisely, believe they will lose their whole wealth. No joke.


Received shock news yesterday evening. One of my Malay colleague’s baby was detected no heartbeat; she is enter 5th month pregnancy now.

All the time she went to goament clinic for check up, and the clinic only arrange her for the scanning in month 5th. I remember I ever asked her go private clinic at least once before she enter 3rd month, but she said goament clinic also got scanning wan, dun worry. To me, first 3 month is the most critical period, if your baby is safe in these 3 months, I can tell you are going to have healthy baby in next 6 months time. I am not bias goament clinic by the way, but I am just not happy why the scanning only takes place after 4-5 months??

So what happen to her then? No choice, the doctor did D&C and take out the unborn baby. I am sure she’ll be very sad now, she is difficult to conceive, and after marriage nearly 1 year only gets pregnant. Now lost the baby, only those who ever lost baby (like me) understand her feeling now. Really hope she can go through this period.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Eggplant + Local Basil

Did you know that eggplant fried with local basil also a tasty dish? During the time I stayed with my mom, she used to cook this dish for the family. At that time I still not very like it, dunno why. But after some time, I feel this dish not bad. Oh ya, this is hakka dish. Dunno other dialect cook this dish or not? Anyone?

The cooking very simple too, after fragant the onion and garlic, just pour eggplant and local basic into the wok. Nearly ready then add some salt for seasoing.

Hey, I noticed this dish also serve in some restaurant too!

Start Work?

Last night conversation with hubby :

He : you not yet start work ah?

Me : me? start already ah?

He : I mean your sewing la, I thought you still have some pending dresses not yet sew?

Me : oh, those dresses ah....ya ya...

He : so when you going to sew?

Me : Me still on leave la, need more off day!

He : I already start work and making money (from share market of course), you still shaking leg ah?

Me : wei, me not that poor la! You cannot see me senang ah?

He : I know your style, once you slow tend to become lazy wan.

Me : really understand me la, dear! ok la, give me another 2 days off!

FYI, hubby is my consultant and adviser for my business now, so I have to follow his words. :P

Monday, February 26, 2007

Another Booming night

Today is 9th day of CNY, and our Hokkien races people celebrated another round of this festive. They do another round of praying at night and of course they will light up the firework and firecracker as well!

We sleep around 11pm, but exactly at 12mid night, we can hear BOOMING here and there already! Wien sound asleep as she skips her afternoon nap, but Lyon wake up. She wants me cover her ears cos too LOUD for her. Lucky she not frightened by the loud sound when she sleep, else sure she cry non stop. I cover her ears and continue sleeping; but hubby cannot sleep back and this causes him lack of sleep. *sigh*

Hey, where are those people? I thought they want to catch those who play firecracker and fireworks wan?

5 reasons why I blog

Kena tag again? By Miche again? OK, I will do it since now I m scracthing my head to slot in one non-paid post! hahaha...

My first blog was on blogspot : Jess2princess. At first I dunno what is blog, but after some searching and influences by online mummies, I get to know it slowly. Also me not an IT person, I have to ask for helper when i first writing my blog. Lucky I have so many helpers online, most of the time I will ping Michelle, Jazz or Jason when I have problem in blogspot. These people very helpful and friendly!

Ok, here are my 5 reasons:

1. They blog, I blog...( always the follower)

2. A place to record my girls activity and growth.

3. A place to pen down my 酸,甜,苦,辣(sour, sweet, bitter, spicy's life)

4. I can jot down my homemade recepi too, plus my homemade dresses!

5. Now, I am using my blogspot to make money from paid post! :P

Now, I am going to pass this tag to : msau, My Yakkity Yak and Xilly.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Safeguard the Web for Children

I’ve been tagged by Miche. Join this campaign, it's for the good of our kids'future!

The project Blogger Power is a campaign to safegard the internet for children against pornography.

A Request To All Webmasters Of Adult Sites:

“Please require a password-protected login before allowing even free access to explicit adult content. We understand that selling porn is your business and we respect your right to make a legal living. But understand our legitimate concerns and work with us. You already have the “warning adult content” on your websites. Yet kids, who are not legal customers of your product, ignore the warning. So to prevent them from having direct access to explicit images, texts and sounds, the simplest way is to have a password-protected login. No more “free tours” before a visitor supplies basic information.”

I have to tag 20 bloggers (but I only able to find 10)to participate in this champaign : davidbong, jasonmumbles, freelance, snoopy go-go, julian, tracy, msau, mybabybay,michmaylee, shannonchong.

Saturday, February 24, 2007

Hubby's Yi Lai

Finally hubby sold off his Yi Lai, at first he is happy with the amount he get. But after a while, he felt heart pain pulak. Why? Haha....his Yi Lai value keep shooting up after he sold the counter! If he can wait, then he can get another RM200++, so he feel heart pain lor.....

I console him dun be upset la, after all this is easy money too, let's other people grab it lor. We should feel thankful with the amount we get!

Now, most of his counter already sold off (money spent in ang pow too), it's time to search and study for new counter.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Wow...heavy rain now!

Yahoooooo....finally raining day come, heavy rain some more! I love it!

...hey the rain can wash away those heat man. It's really hot I tell you, I cannot stand those heat! Hot weather will cause the girls fall sick too and I have to keep reminding them to take more plain water.

At least after some rain, the weather not so warm, then tonight we can have a good night sleep then.

My Ebay

It's time to relist all my items in My Ebay now. Before CNY break, I no time to do all these, due to hectic work load.

20 over items in my ebay now, really need lot of time to relist them. Usually I do in one go, either lunch break or nearly knock off time. This year, I got to do more promo for my DIY dresses, since the sales for CNY not bad..hahaha....

After all these settle down, I have to write an email to MamaBok and others mummies, to ask for their girls' measurement. Hopefully I can get more sale this year! Yipeeeee!

Back to Work

Today I am officially start working already, so sianz! But one good thing is my boss still off, that's mean I still can do my own thing today! LOL

Actually I still have some pending work which not yet settle before I go for my leave; so now is the time to get all done, if possible.

Tomorrow night my boss call for open house for CNY, this year most likely I'll attend as previous I never attend his function. I'll tag along the 2 girls too, see whether they got luck to get any ang pow from my boss or not! :)

Thursday, February 22, 2007

Hot Weather

Same as previous year, weather during CNY is very very hot. This weather always make me lazy to go out for visiting; I rather stay at home, either sleep or eat non stop or wait for friends to come can say me siao if you want.

1st day of CNY still not so hot due to little raining, but 2nd day and 3rd day ( which is today lar), the weather is crazy! It's hot like sauna, I keep sweating so does the 2 girls. I even lost count how many times I had taken my bath, just to wash away those heat and sweat!

Now I wish rain rain please come now!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

What's wrong with her?

I don’t understand her.

Each time when she came to our house, sure she‘ll compare the height between Wien and her daughter. Ya la, ya la, her daughter is taller than Wien, but not necessary to tell and say everyday, right? So sianz, whenever I heard she said: aiyo, still ah sim taller than you ler! You have to eat more lar! Bla bla bla….

Kanasai…..none of your business if my girl shorter that anyone. To me, height is not the best way to tell who is better than whom. Hey, why not compare who is cleverer? I am sure Wien is much much than her girl, in any aspect! (hehehe….aiyo, me also do comparison now * slap forehead*

Friday, February 16, 2007


Yahoooooooo.....finally I finished sewing dresses for my girls, I think they get enough cloth and dresses this year. 4 for each! They can perform fashion show this year, as some dresses I make it pretty kembang, they can fly and turn turn turn...LOL!

Also I sew on little flowers onto dresses that I ordered from; cute flower match with pretty dresses, what a match! :P Thanks to Michelle for bringing back just in time for me! Also big thanks to Vien for her kindness (allow me using her address as postage address). Not forget to say thanks for your cute Hello Kitty bag! My 2 girls love it!

Thank guys!

Finally......bonus out today!

Yeah, finally our long awaiting bonus is OUT today! This is surely a good news to everyone of us, operator especially! Previous year we only getting our bonus after Chinese New Year, what a pity hor!

Tomorrow is CNY already, couldn't believe this year so fast it arrive, how times fly.

I not yet pack my ang pow (red packet), looks like I have to do it during CNY eve after reunion usual. This year I can get helper to help me, Lyon and Wien of course...hopefully they will not mess up my money! LOL

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Market up further! Yeah!

HE know chinese need cash to spend during CNY, and HE granted their wish in another way now! Hahaha.....of course money not fall from sky lar!

If you gamble in stock market, I am sure now you laugh till cannot see your eyes already! Just like Wien laugh this way.

Ya, share market up up up recently, grab as much as you can now. One advise from my dear hubby, be sure to cabut before CNY ya. You have to sell off your counter before CNY, else you will make a lost(depend which counter you purchase), dont say I no tell early ya!

People hoping to grab money from market now, hoping can spend happily during this festive; in fact they are the one who make the market up now! FIL also one of the gambler in share market, that's how my hubby follow his steps. But counter they buy is totally different, different people different view mah! But both 笑哈哈 now! You know what I mean? :P

Last night FIL told us he gain wonder these few days he bought lot of stuff la, including 1 crates of Calberg! We hardly buy liquor actually. He added this year, all money spent was his grabbing from market! Wow, I can imagine how much he gain ler! I guess my MIL also laugh till cannot see eyes already, cos as I know, whenever FIL making money from market, he will give some to her as token!

Let's hope my girls can get big ang pow from him this year! turn 笑哈哈! LOL

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I need a vacation!

Recently really tied up with work load, sometimes I wish I can resign and be a stay at home mom (SAHM). But I need money, with hubby's income alone, I don't think we can survive! Things nowadays not cheap too, let alone the medical fee! *touch wood*

I told hubby I want to have a trip this year, and bring along the girls too! Last year we no go anywhere, partly due to tight working schedule, plus my bad luck having the ectopic incident! But this year, I promised to Wien and Lyon, that mummy going to bring them somewhere for a break! :P

Well, when planning for a trip, definitely we need to book hotel as our accommodations. The best and fastest way to check out best deal is via surfing internet. I found hotel reservations have some great prices on hotels nationwide. They also include airline tickets booking. I love this way as I can make booking for hotel as well as air ticket with just one click in one site. Hotel Reservations currently having a rebate program too; they offer up to $100 depending on how many nights of our stays. Great deal isn't it?

Hi Dear, I need a vacation this year! Did you hear that? *wink**wink*

Busy Busy Busy

This week seems a busy week for me, usually b4 CNY, I am quite free....*sigh* all due to audit taking place this week lor. Me as one of the committee member, have to join, cannot hide or run away this responsibility. The worst part is I have to get ready the Management Review minutes by today and the meeting only finished by 4pm yesterday! That's within 24 hours goes off my paid post opportunity!

BTW, I had stop taking any order for sewing, told my blogger after CNY only I can sew for them. Lucky they got objection. Main reason was: I still owe my 2 dot dot some dresses, if not sew ah, sure they contest me wan!

I wish to have more time please!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Final Decision!

Ok, finally I make up my mind for my CNY planning. I want to stay overnight at my mom's house this year!

Hubby agreed but with conditions: get ready 纹网 (mosquito net), either sew or buy. Main of his concern is my mom's house has mosquito and those clever mosquitos clever too. They only choose stranger to suck blood or small kids cos their skin and blood sweeter mah! Also he reminds me DONT forget to bring back mosquitor repellent too! Aiyo, so many thing to remember, what if I forget?

Hehehe...he said if I forgot, then on same day he will drive all of us back to Tangkak to sleep, then next day go again....tsk..tsk...tsk...he so kua chong hor!

But yesterday Egghead told me he might come to Tangkak during CNY, and then I have to reschedule my planning again. I hope to meet them too, especially the little hero, LLS! :)

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Sunny Sunday

Another hot hot sunny day, we did not go out this weekend, I need to rush out Jefferene's YC dresses, hopefully can send out next Monday. If not, it will be too late to be YC's CNY dresses.

After YC's dresses, I have to make some for my own gals. Other wise Lyon will keep begging me again. They have 2 each now, but I wish to let them have more dresses this year, cos they love to pan leng leng now.

But Miche had additional order for her Kiki, wow, this CNY I really busy ler! Busy sewing...:P

Saturday, February 10, 2007

It's Up!

Hey, Hubby's Yi Lai up already! Start making money now. If you follow his tips, perhaps you also making money now. Are you? Treat me coffee at Starbucks if you really earn money from this counter!

Michelle said my hubby can create a blog and blog on his share market tips, I relied this message to him couple days ago; but he refused. Reason: he doesn't want anyone of you come back to him if you making loss from his tips given. He doesn't want to be bad guy then.

It's really up to individual liking, some people prefer tips from others but some not. Hubby is the type that NOT listen to any tips, he'll do his own study and analysis before he really go and buy any counter. Of course not all counter that he bought will increase price lar. Good luck to those who gamble in share market ya! Including my hubby too!

Friday, February 09, 2007

Disneyland, here we come!

My last vacation was Hong Kong and China trip, that was in year 2005. It has been 1 year plus that we didn't go anywhere, partly due to Lyon still small. During the trip, we managed to enter Hong Kong Disneyland! That's a wonderful trip for Wien. Too bad, we didn't bring along Lyon. Anyway, we are planning one vacation for this year; of course we'll tag along Lyon this time.

Lyon been asking many times when we can bring her to Disneyland, after she saw those pictures taken in Disneyland HK. She told us she wants to take picture with Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck etc...hehehe...poor girl. Mummy promised you, one day mummy surely will bring you to Disneyland! But have to be good girl first ya!

We had been Disneyland Paris in year 2003 and Disneyland HK in year 2005. Next, which Disneyland to go? Got to find more information now, looks like did offer good packages for Disney world packages in Orlando.

By booking their package, we no need to worry on hotel accommodations as well as the entrance ticket to Disneyland. will settle all these for us, because they have participating hotels that can assist in getting cheaper ticket prices. If you couldn't find any packages that suit you, you can even customised your own packages, call their friendly reservationists at 1-800-641-4008 now to find more information.

Yi Lai? 二奶?

yesterday hubby told me he wants to keep 2 Yi Lai.

My respond: WTH?? What Yi Lai are you talking? He said: Yi Lai can make money for me lar. Dun worry lar...blablabla..

What dun worry, in my mind, I already started feeling uneasy. I am sure you know what Yi Lai (二奶)in my mind. And of course I also start shooting him with many many questions! But he kept me in suspense, just mentioned this 2 Yi Lai going to give him money very soon! can I just keep quiet wor if he keeps mentioning Yi Lai, Yi Lai in front of me! **##**@@@

This topic was talked during our dinner time, when he still keep me suspend, I just keep quiet....he know I mistaken Yi Lai to another term of Yi Lai (BMW=Black Market Women). At last he told me the truth..hahaha....Yi Lai was one his counter bought in share market yesterday. He foresee it will up anytime, so he managed to grab 2 counter lor....aiyo, this company's name really same pronunciation with Yi lai (二奶)ler....tsk tsk tsk!

Hey, this is a tip to those share market gambler, go grab it now, cos usually hubby's favourite counter will up after he had done the analysis!

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Market Up Up Up.....Yeah!

CNY around the corner, many people start spending now. While I shop in Giant last weekend I really can saw those crazy people buying things like nobody care. Their trolly full of things, be it drinks (more than 2 crates), clothing, food stuff, decoration thingy etc etc....some even used 2 trolly to stuff in all these! Hey, they really treat this CNY as big festive lar.

Frankly hubby and myself just treat this festive as a day to rest at home, or even to catch up some sleep! company bonus not out yet ler..sob sob....

One good news: share market up up up these few days, good sign for all share market gambler. Just wish it'll continue to boost up and break 1000 point CI, then hubby can grab more money back from it! Then I no need to wait for company bonus, also got money to pay for ang pow lor! :P

Promoto Your Web today!

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Don't Disturb Me!

Usually I'll call Lyon & Wien around noon time, just to have short chit chat with them or check out what they do now. Other than noon time, I'll also call them when I am bored in office!

Just now, I make a call to them. Guess what Wien told me over the phone?

"Don't disturb me now, I want to do homework!"

"Oh, so serious ah?"

"Yes la, after finish homework, I want to help MaMa do some cleaning"

"Good! Good! Go do homework now!"....I am so happy as she is so good girl at this moment (ya at this moment only, usually she only mess up the house only!)

Monday, February 05, 2007

Stay or not stay?

Before having kids, I used to over night at my mum's place during CNY.

With Wien alone, I still able to sleep over for one or nights. She quite easy to handle when she is newborn actually.

But after Lyon born, Wien and myself never been sleep over there anymore. Mainly due to Lyon SCARE of stranger!!!! When Wien is small, she also scare of stranger but if me within her eyesight, she still ok. But not for Lyon, she'll cry cry cry when she saw them, this including my dear mum too! We back to Melaka quite often too but she still cries whenever we are there. *sigh* This girl of mine really like a koala bear, I tell you.

This year, she is 2+ already, less crying at my mum place. But during festive season, I am sure many of my relatives will come and visit us, ah ha...this cannot guarantee she will not cry wor! Headache for me ler....I wish to over night, to catch up more with my dear sisters and brother, also Wien would love to stay back too, cos there got so many kids around, she love to play with them!

For past 2 years, we drive to and flow in 1st and 2nd day of CNY. Distance is 45min drive from my place to my mum's, consider not so far. Well this year, I just wish I can sleep over!

Dear Lyon, please corporate with mummy ya!

Let's Heinekan

Chinese New Year is approaching, soft drinks is a must items in my shopping list.

Last weekend hubby and I already went out to shop for soft drinks, sales is everywhere, now is the best time to shop for cheap stuff too! Same as previous year Heineken is one of our choice for adult drinks. For kids we'll let them have 100Plus or POP drink, but have to restrict them too as drink too much gassy drinks also not good for health.

When we put one crates of Heineken in the trolley, Wien was very excited because she thought it was another soft drinks like Coca Cola. She keep giggling in the trolley and whispered to me that she want a can when reach home! LOL

Well, hubby and I still prefer Heineken from Europe, Germany especially! During our trip to Europe in year 2003, we drank lot of Heineken there. Heineken there was in big can too (750ml if not mistaken) as compare to Heineken that sell in Malaysia. I have to share with hubby only can finish one can. Further I noticed the taste was so much nicer, not so bitter as compare to Heineken Malaysia too! Wonder why like that? *Scratch head*

See, how excited Wien is while in the trolley? :P

Saturday, February 03, 2007


Electronic commerce seem like a trend now, whenever we look for some product, we'll try to search for their website first; to read for more information on the products or services that they provided. It's a known fact that ecommerce is booming and professionally built online stores are getting ahead of their competition.

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Now they have 10days trial, no credit card required, try it out by today!

Friday, February 02, 2007

Cheong Sam

I just ask a favour from my BIL (who currently involve in international ebay), to list my cheong sam at his site. He been dealing with oversea customer many times, he is more experience than me in this field. I was hoping to gain more money, so decided to sell this suit at his site, hopefully got buyer fall in love with my cheong sam.

This cheong sam made from cotton material, I love it at first sight I tell you. If cannot sell off, I am going to reserve for Wien as her CNY clothing. But if sold out, I still can buy from the shop again.

Let's put my finger cross now!

Hayfield Dental Care

I believe most parents are concern about their kids dental problem, this including me. I'll make sure my girls brush their teeth before bed; just to protect their milk teeth not so soon change to primary teeth. They starting brushing teeth at age 1. Wien is 5 and Lyon is 2 now, but I yet to bring them to visit dentist yet. I should bring them for checking by now.

Staying in US is good, as we can search their dental clinic online. Very simple with just one click at our mouse. Hayfield Dental Care is one of the dental clinic. It has been serving the residents of Alexandria and the surrounding areas since 1987.

They had provided treatment to over 23,000 different patients. All of the dentists at Hayfield Dental Care have received advanced or specialty training and they use latest and most advanced materials and equipment to provide patients with outstanding care. The services also include general, family and cosmetic dentistry. Further, Hayfield Dental Care employs a full time specialist in orthodontics. The best part is their orthodontic consultations are provided at no charge for both children and adults. This is the first time I heard free of charge of dentist service! Sound great, right?

What attract me is all of the dentists here have perfect records with the Virginia Board of Dentistry with a history of zero complaints. Their doors also always open for new patients and emergencies. I shall give them a call now at 703-971-2220, to make appointment and bring my girls for a visit soon.

Bonus? Increment?

I work in china man company, so usually our bonus is out around this period. But our boss already put his word in advance that this year bonus may not higher than last year, even the increment also very little. *sigh* Every bosses will say the same lar, business slow, no profit, no margin bla bla bla....

Boss feel guity , so he suggest all staff and worker go for vacation in Genting, under company sponsership. If our spouse or kids wanna join also can but need to dig our own pocket money lar! Another *sigh*....go Genting where got excited ler...local trip only, still cannot compare with the bonus or increment we get getting mah!

Hey boss, we working people only wait for this once a year ler, how can u say not enough money to pay out the bonus wor!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Looking for job?

Ever heard of headhunter? I only know this term after graduating from college, at that time I was eagerly looking for job. My friends introduce me to few headhunter firm.

Since then I'll search for headhunter firm online whenever need to change my career. Recruitment also can be found in newspaper but I still prefer search online, more convenience and time consuming too.

A.E. Feldman Associates, Inc is one of the headhunters firm too, it was established since 1967. It has maintained a high standard of service and commitment in the recruiting field. Their reputation, discretion and consistent record of successful placements have indirectly helped them build strong and trusted relationships with industry-leading clients and top-quality candidates.

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Their pioneer practice areas include financial and risk management services, legal and legal support services, communications and technology, human resources consulting, and luxury products. In these fields, they can fill positions — nationally — from middle to executive to top “C level” management… from associates to partners… and from analysts to managing directors.

So are you looking for job now? Give A.E. Feldman a click now, who know, you might get a good pay job pretty soon!


Appeton sales team went to Wien's kindy to promote their Vit C. Also there is Vitagen promo going on in the school too! Wien keep begging me to buy her the Vit C, but I only order 10 bottles of Vitagen. Not that I don't want them to take Vit C but if I buy from them, I got no receipt that I can claim back from hubby's company.

Hubby's company is good, I mean good benefit and welfare given to staff. Their staff and immediate family like spouse and kids can claim back their medical fee if any. So usually I'll buy multi-V or calcium from nearby clinic, then I can claim back that amount. Hey, those drugs not cheap though, I wanna save money too!

I think her school will have more and more this kind of sales. I am sure Wien will beg for another thing soon. *sigh* These people really know where to promot their thing ya!

Page Rank 4!

Many bloggers go and check out their page rank, my itchy hand also cannot resist. Go to google to check it out. To my surprise, I also got PR4!! I wonder why too cos I don't think my blog got so many readers; but then where is the traffic come from? *scratch head*

Anyway, HAPPY! Good for me too, as I plan to write for Tiga soon.

Apple Store

Since I know online shopping, I love to browse through the net to look for great deal. Some offer price in online shop is very attractive but NOT the shipping and handling cost though. Usually the shipping and handling cost that stops me from buying internationally. But with Ebates, I can shop without thinking much as this site is all about saving money and getting Cash Back whenever I shop online. Pretty suitable for buyer that would like to shop more and save more!

The best deal I found in apple store is, I even can get free shipping if my order over USD50.00 and over 800 stores! Isn’t it sound great?

The steps very simple too. All I need is sign up with an email address, then access more than 800 stores through Ebates. Membership is free!

Other than that; Ebates also offer up to 25% Cash Back on my purchases, and offer best Coupons & Special on the web too. They even can my cash discount into a Big Fat Check and mail it directly to me. Yahooo…I can shop and earn back some cash now!