Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Buy musical item

If you are currently looking for Saxophone, perhaps you can consider buying it at jody jazz at wwbw. I was told it has good review of their musical instrument. I am neither so good nor familiar with musical items, so if I will to buy any of musical items, I will need help from my girl’s teacher. Alternatively I will get her to buy first, then I just be the pay master!

Air ticket

MAS is having promotion for air ticket to Taiwan and China again. Less than RM1k, you can fly now to both countries. At first I want to book for this promo fare to Shanghai too. However when I try my luck that time, the promo is gone. So I opt for Cathay airlines. Also less than RM1k, I can fly to Shanghai now. :P

Another 2 weeks is my honeymoon trip with my DH, I am so looking forward for the trip now.

Monday, August 26, 2013


My kids beg me to bring them to Melaka Wonderland recently. However my hubby dislike to play with water, so he very reluctant to bring them. In fact, I managed to get free ticket from A Famosa but my hubby also reluctant to go. Sigh....never mind, still got chance to go in future. Let's wait and see!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Personal PC

I have an old personal computer at home. Her speed really slow right now. I am so tempted to sell it or do trade in for another set of personal computer. However my hubby stops me from doing so. He commented that he can actually speed my computer up by adding some memory or doing some upgrade. Well, I ask him do it soonest possible, so that can pass it down to my primary kids. Then they can do school project all by themselves, instead of asking for my help.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Side income blog

My hubby is working hard to promote my Kids Islands blog now. He wishes I can do it full time very soon. If possible, by early next year! He is seriously promoting my handmade online store, no joke. Now most of my sales are brought back by him, frankly I don't know how he make it.
I ever suggested to him using directory submission to promote the link. And he did agree with me too. But using this service might need to pay certain fee...hehe...I wonder will he agree to pay or not?

Monday, August 05, 2013


My second girl loves bracelet very much. Her mid term exam result very good, therefore my eldest sister wishes to reward something to her. She asked her what is her wish list. My girl replied that she wants beading bracelet. Now my sister headache because she does not know how to choose. I told her if cannot get beading bracelet, she also can get her sterling silver bracelet. I am sure my girl would love to own it too.

Saturday, August 03, 2013


Don't know since when my eldest girl loves to play guitar now. My house has 2 guitars that belong to my sister in law. She did not bring over to her house after married. Therefore many times my girls will took them out and play at their room. I ever ask them whether want to learn this musical instrument or not. But both did not give me a firm answer. So I just treat them just play for fun. Well, if I have epiphone guitar at musicians friend house, I will for sure bring them go there and have a look or learn something if possible.