Friday, October 31, 2008

Another quality claim

Haiz....economic already very bad, yet my company still afford to face quality claim issue. Imagine, if your products having problem, then customer want you to compensate every single cents, including air freight the replacement at your own cost. I tell you, you are doing losing money business for this batch. No company afford to bear air freight cost, especially if your profit margin is not that high.

I don't know how my boss going to settle the big amount, it is close to RM1.00 million!! Not a small value!! Looks like our bonus also gone this year! Sob sob sob....

Hard earn money

Economic getting worst lately. As a result, lot of businesses had been slow down a lot, especially after fuel oil price jet up tremendously few months ago. However fuel oil price drop recently; the price back to 2 years ago price. This is a good sign to every one of us. However the household items or stuff price still remain high. The sellers seem no intention to drop their price in conjunction with drop of fuel oil price. Public like us start making noise, they demand for price drop. Government also start to slowly enforce seller to drop price, else they will take action against them. Haiz….you think seller willing to drop price at this hour? They bought their stuff during price up too; of course they need to maintain the price until the batch finishing selling.

During increase price period, business owner also hard to collect back their debt. This is because everyone are tight with cash, so they try to hold their payment as long as they can. Therefore many business owner facing Debt Collection during this hard time. some companies still afford to hire debt collection agency to help them collect back their debt. For those unaffordable one, they just sit and wait. In fact, my company also facing debt problem. My boss use his power to force the sales team to collect back the debt, else they commission will be on hold.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Happy Deepavali

27/10/2008 will be the Deepavali festive for Indian races. As usual my Indian colleagues will invite me and my family members to visit their house to enjoy the nice dishes and sweet cookies. This year I am still thinking whether I can visit them as usual or not since I still have plenty of sewing backlog to clear.

After think twice, I decided to go since we only celebrate Deepavali once a year. How can I miss the chance to enjoy such nice Indian style food. My girls cannot take spicy food, so they only can take cookies and drinks.

Here wishing all my Indian friends and colleague:

Happy Deepavali!

More orders come in now.....

My pending orders increase to 10 dresses by now. Some customers hoping me can rush for them within a week time whereas some just give me "no lead time" to sew. But I will still try my best to get the dresses down in 2 weeks time. Hehe...I was thinking shall I impose more charges if they ask for 1 week lead time? :P anyway, just kidding. Later they will run away from me and no more business for me then. New business owner cannot be so choosy ya!

I am glad that I can get such a good number of orders. At first I was thinking no one like homemade products cos outside you can get the same products with cheaper prices as compare to my prices. Some customer prefer unique design, so they will love me tailor like me to sew for them. I am appreciate for the skill I have now, hopefully one day I can make this business growth. Who know one day I may have franchise opportunities from famous store that solely ask for homemade products. !

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Quality stroller

We bought our first baby stroller when our baby girl is nearly 4 months. We need it for outing purposes, else my hands will be pain if carry her throughout the outing time. Hubby will not look for low grade stroller as to him good thing no cheap, cheap thing no good. LOL

Stroller is useful if your kids or babies can sit still inside it. For my case, my girls dislike stroller, they prefer us to carry her. *Sigh*…in fact I should try them sit still inside stroller but I don’t have the heart to see them crying badly, end up I carry them instead. Hubby said I spoil them, so I have to bear with the consequences! What a bummer!

Ok, if you are currently looking for better quality of stroller, do check out Bugaboo stroller from Babyearth. The site has variety choices of Bugaboo strollers for you to choose from. The price ranging from $20.00-$800.00. Their designs have sophisticated function in a simple design which gain popularity from consumers. It is also one of the world famous retail that emphasis on mobility needs of parents and creating a new breed of stroller that is versatile, streamlined, and has own personality. Read their baby product review for more information about their stroller.

payu ask for it!

If payu is one of your boss, then you better listen to their new request now! They ask you to write more personal posts instead of pp only ya. They got their point too, who want to read blog posts that full with pp wor....right?

If your blog full with pp, then better give them a change now, else you are going to loss one more boss I tell you!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

lucky kids

Kids nowadays very lucky. Whatever they want, their parent will try their best to fulfill their wish. I am not sure this is good for them or not. To me, never ever treat your kids like that. This act will make them take things for granted and they will never appreciate the stuff too. Unlike our olden days, we earn every single cent, just to buy the item in my wish list. Our parent could not afford to buy for us due to limitation in financial. I heard my elder girl her classmate brought ipods to school. He told that the ipods was the birthday given by her parent. *sigh* see, don’t you think he is so lucky!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Do sewing or go kai kai?

I have lots of back log in hand now....and it is weekend again. Hubby planned to overnight at our house again as he said he want to some painting there again. In fact, i am quite reluctant to go after seeing so much pending dress wait for me to finish it. Hubby teasing me that he willing to invest another sewing machine for me and place at new house. Wah, no need gua!! I am not guarantee my sewing business can last long ler. Well he said must have confidence to myself, then only can succeed in doing this business.

.....maybe I should follow his wish after all it is weekend, time for me to have fun with my girls mah! Ok, after this I will pack some light luggage and go over our new house later!

By the way, do visit my kids fashion blog for latest dress collection, Princess Dress!

Study MBA wor....

I heard my hubby said some of his female colleagues took MBA course by part time basis. I am impress they can do coz they still have some children to mind with at home. I think they must be having good helper at home or maid that can help them out while they are away attending courses. For time being I don't think I can do like that, my girls still small and they need me. My hubby not a good entertainer, that's why they will come to me most of the time even though their papa is at home.

I think if I wish to take MBA, I can always go for online colleges like Capella. Imagine, we can just study online at home, at the same still can spare some time for the children if they need me. Online colleges equally popular as normal colleges. The only different is we can study at our comfort house and not restricted to fix time schedule. Isn't it great?

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National phone number

Sometimes we will receive unknown phone number being shown in our house telephone as well as mobile phone. If we manage to talk to the caller, then it is still ok, at least we know who they are and who they look for. However sometimes the line will cut off before we manage to answer the call. If that so, then we’ll have difficulty to know who is the caller. Now with the help from National Phone Numbers, we will able to trace the number as well as the caller ID. To start locate the number, first look through the list of states on the page, then, select the appropriate area code for that phone number. After that just input the number into the search box, then you can get very specific information on any individual. The best part is other than the caller’s name and address, you also able to access to detailed background information on almost every aspect of this person's life. Cool, isn’t it?

By the way, National Phone Number also has Reverse Phone Number Lookup service, check it out!

Lesser open house

This year seem like no open house from Malay colleague. Last time I think I had attended at least 3 houses. I think this year they are out of budget; everything is increasing now, so better save the money for emergency use ya.

Btw, I can also save some money if I do not attend any open house. This is because I will buy something for the host if I will to go to her/his house. I will feel bad if go with empty hand though. But for Chinese New Year, I will only bring mandarin orange which everyone will do the same. hehe....yet I still seldom visit my Chinese friends during CNY.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

budget hotel

At first I thought I can snaking today coz bosses are outstation and some managers also on business trip, so left we in office only. Also means that we can do whatever we like since the big cat is not here. LOL

First half day, I am very relax coz I really not fully focus on my work but surfing net like no tomorrow. But after lunch hour, my boss asking my favour to check hotel rate for him during Deepavali period. Oh no, peak season ler, how to make room reservation at this hour ar? I bet most hotels are either fully booked or super expensive rate by now. Whatever it is I have to call one hotel after another, just to get a cheaper rate which within his budget. Even though he is rich but he does set budget for his family accommodation…haha..i wonder will he willing to stay in las vegas suites one day or not!

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Branded clothing

I seldom shop for branded clothing, what's more Oscar de la Renta! To me, branded stuff is not a must, as long as the clothing fit me and comfortable while wearing it, then it is more than enough already. Further more, I don't have good body figure now, so I don't think I'll feel myself look elegant wearing those Oscar de la Renta skirts or blouse. Sigh....better do more exercise now!

Wednesday, October 08, 2008


The very first time when I heard about UTI (urinary tract infection) is one of my blogger’s baby girls get infected by this disease. At that time I still cannot imagine how UTI cause uneasy and uncomfortable for a baby girl that less than 1 year old. So I try to read more from Wikipedia. According to Wikipedia, a UTI is a bacterial infection that affects any part of the urinary tract. When the bacteria get into our bladder or kidney, it will multiply in the urine and cause a UTI. Understand from my blogger friend that bladder infection still not so severe than kidney infection. Usually the doctor will prescribe short course of antibiotics to treat the UTIs. Well, have to act fast, else it will prolong the recovery time. by the way, if the victim is an infant, then the mummy better continue her breastfeeding as it can reduce teh risk of UTI’s attack in future.

Ok, back to my blogger friend. Her baby girl only 3 months old when she got her first attack of UTI. She got panic too when she first heard this term from her family doctor. This is because none of her family members attacked by UTI before. After that she read a lot about this term from internet. She wants to know more about it, so that her baby girl can recover fast and get rid of this disease soonest possible. This is also one of the reason she insist to breastfeed her girl after she knew that breast milk good for reducing UTI attacks. Each time when I knew her girl get attacked by UTI, my heart sank. Imagine the doctor will insert the catheter into baby’s urethra. Don’t you feel pity for her? We adult already feel very uncomfortable when the catheter being inserted into our urethra; what’s more she is just a baby girl. Haiz……..

I just hope she will recover from UTI soon.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

I don't like when........

I is not happy now.....

Whenever I do homework revision with my elder girl, my MIL like to interfere. Frankly speaking, I don't like it at all. Too bad, I cannot say anything about her, else she will be angry with me. Haiz...sometimes she is not tolerate, so I better keep my mouth shut. Living under the same roof is not easy sometimes. What to do, for time being I cannot just simply say : Move out! .....though I wish to do so...sob sob....

Thursday, October 02, 2008


One of my nephews going to celebrate 15 years old birthday. Now I am cracking my head to think of what to buy for him as birthday present. Usually I love to buy books as birthday presents for my cousins and nephews. But now I wish to have a change. If I keep giving them books, I am sure they will get bore too. LOL

This nephew love sports very much. One of his favorite sports is baseballs. He had been selected by his school to represent the team to participate in national level competition. So far, his team had won few prizes too. He had complete set of baseball equipment, such as baseball gloves, sport wears, batting gloves and others. According to his dad, those baseball equipments not cheap at all. Lucky his school subsidy part of the money, else I don’t think his parent allow him to join the team too. Imagine, buying school accessories already not cheap nowadays, what’s more have to spend extra on sports equipment. But come to think of it, he enjoy the sports very much, we should not take away his interest, right?

I wonder will my kids fond any sports in future or not. If yes, then I better prepare myself to invest some money for their sport accessories then.