Monday, December 31, 2007

Wedding ideas

Now those going to marry couple will have fewer headaches when come to wedding preparation coz they can refer Wedding Website from internet and get the wedding ideas from the site. One of the most comprehensive wedding-planning sites, has a comprehensive wedding checklist, so that you will not miss out on any items or subject. It also combines free, interactive planning tools, expert advice, inspiration photos, a local vendor guide, a patented online registry system, and more to make planning a classic, upscale wedding as easy and stress-free as possible. You can easily plan your perfect wedding with just a few clicks away.

Sunday, December 30, 2007

how come no earn money?

We took LRT to KL Central on Sunday.

As usual, during afternoon time, the train will be crowded. Lot of people are taking train at that time, after their shopping spree hour at MV or other places. I still managed to get a seat cos I have 2 girls tag along. Well, this is not my reason to blog about it. My concern is why the LRT company claimed that they cannot make money from LRT. You can see the place is so crowded with people, how come they can said they are making a loss? Haiz....just don't understand how they manage the operation. If pass to Chinese to manage the operation, I think will be another story again. Btw, I am not bias them.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Another online backgammon web

There are various type of online backgammon websites in the internet now. You can easily find one and start to play via searching it in just a second. However you have to ensure you are in a safe and secure website while play backgammon online. One of the best site to play backgammon online is at Gammon Fortune. You can either play online or download it and play at home. Well, no worry if you are still new to backgammon, you can read the getting started page and learn to play backgammon. Alternatively you can check out their tournaments to expose yourself more towards backgammon.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Good logictis management

Logistics management is a very important practice to the company. If your company’s logistic management is poor, then there will be a waste or non-performing assets into a savings for your organization. If you wish to have a good record of logistic management for your company, perhaps you can consider using the service of SAMS. It is an enterprise wide, web-based application which is accessed from a secure web site that requires a username and password. The application can track all of your surplus assets globally, which will help improve your investment recovery strategies. The cool part with SAMS™ is, it can allow you to see how much you have and where it is located, with click of your mouse, therefore you can sell, reinvest, donate or salvage your surplus assets. They can do all these for you, less headache for you too!

Rare bird in office?

No joke. My boss just told me that he use our upstairs office lot to rare birds and to “produce” bird nest.

My office building has 2 floors, all of us seated at ground floor, whereas upstairs stay vacant since they move to this building. Previously our Board of Directors will use the upstairs room for chitchatting after the Exco meeting, but now they seldom go to upstairs. The floor is totally vacant and some department even stored their old documentation at upstairs. Look like it will become a store room soon. What a waste!

So in order not to waste the floor, my boss decided to use it for bird’s home. He wants to “produce’ bird nests and sell, and earn money from it. Frankly I am not welcome this idea. Imagine an office building but become a bird nest production center. Will it dirty the place or more noisy?? Eee….the office will not look like office soon!

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

we wish you a merry xmas, we wish you a merry xmas

we wish you a merry xmas, we wish you a merry xmas

we wish you a merry xmas, we wish you a merry xmas

& a Happy New Year!

Monday, December 24, 2007

Business credit cards

If you are running an online business now, Business Credit Cards is important to you since it helps to obtain credit for your business. They are a fabulous method to obtain credit for a new business venture and also for making purchases for your venture. A lot of people use them as a sole means of financing their own business. Since there are lots of different types of business credit cards in the market now, so you have to spend some time to compare and get a best card that suit your business needs.

One of the best sites to compare business credit cards features will be at The site allows you to compare and quickly apply for the best cards for your business use.

Sunday, December 23, 2007


Whenever I surf the internet, the thing that I hate the most is those pop up ads from other advertisers. To me, those pop up ads just like a spam ads and it will interrupt my mood in surfing internet. Lucky my IT colleague advice me to install popup blocker from Stopxzilla that will able to detect, block and quarantines Spyware and Adware in true real time. It also has the most advanced Pop-up protection and will update automatically for maximum protection. Do check out this cool software from Stopzilla and block all spam ads from your pc!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Spend your Valentine at Paris

Before marriage, we celebrate Valentine's Day almost every year. During that time, we are able do so coz we have the freedom. Unlike now, we are tied up with kids and hardly can find time to spend two person world now. I know I can ask my parent in law's help to look after them while me taking the Valentine dinner with hubby, however I just could not do that coz I will feel guilty for leaving them at home. I will keep thinking of them and I will not enjoy the romance moment with hubby too.

Yeah, I am bad. I should not think this way. Once a while, leaving them to parent in law should be alright. Perhaps I should organize a very special Valentine's Day in year 2008. what about valentine's break in Paris? Paris is a romantic city in Europe, many loving couple would love to visit this country if financial allow, including myself too!

If fail to spend valentine's day in Paris, maybe we can try out Caribbean romance. We can enjoy the sandy beach as well as windy environment there. If you prefer city break, you also can consider spending your valentine's day at Prague. I think I should start searching for places to stay during our valentine's day in 2008. sometimes if we are lucky, we'll able to get an attractive package from internet. is the best site to look for holiday rentals coz it is UK's leading holiday rentals website and have an inventory of over 45,000 properties to chose from worldwide.

Reduce faulty part

My company is a radiator hose manufacturer. We manufactured various types of radiator for different car model, such as Honda, Ford, Isuzu, Mustang, Proton and many more. so far our products quality still the best in the market with less complaint from customer too. However lately our sales drop a lot due to poor quality radiators being produced and sent to our customers. One of the buyer for Mustang Radiator told us that our radiator damage in short period. My boss shock to hear this news and instruct our QA department to seriously look into this issue. See, if we did not improve our quality, we are going to loss more sales afterwards.


It had been more than 5 months I did not login in my Ebay account. Yeah, I had abandoned my Ebay after I joining bayar post bandwagon. I hardly can find time to do all the listing in Ebay. It need quite some time to upload the listing image as well as writing for your product description.

Lately hubby ask me start again my Ebay since he forsee bayar post will not be as good as last time soon. Perhaps I should take his word, and start my online business again.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Today is the first day of my long break. I should feel happy actually but I am not. Coz Wien is sick and having fever now. Yesterday my SIL had brought her to see doctor, now putting my finger cross, hopefully she is be alright by tomorrow. Other wise I don't think I can proceed with my holiday plan. There will be places cannot go if her condition still no change. Poor Lyon, has to sacrifice for her sister too. She is looking forward to see Santa Claus again!

Generate more pocket money

If you have extra money, you can either try to put it into fixed deposit to generate extra money or use it for share investment if you are a risk taker. Frankly I am very poor in investment, thus I dare not try any stock or share trading so far. However my hubby is a risk taker, he will use his extra income to try luck in his favorite stock options. Lately he is using option screener tools to help him find out which stock options have the potential to generate money for his investment. If you wish to learn more about option screener, do check it out at


I noticed lots of blogger start playig around with scrapping. They had downloaded the freebies templates from internet and start scrapping for their kids photos. I really wish to learn from them coz I am fascinated over the nice and lovely scrapping image done by them. Some of them very clever in putting some words as caption. It will be lots of fun and exciting experience for me if I will to learn using scrapping software.

Too bad, I am not good at forming any caption for my photo. I don't have creative mind to think of funny and humor caption actually. Perhaps I should seek help from The Bubblenator whereby it will help me to “bubblenate” my photos with funny captions. I was told it is pretty simple and easy to use it.

All you have to do is upload your picture to the website, either using Flickr or Yahoo photos services that are available on the net. Get the code and enter the link to Bubblenator, add some 'speech bubbles' wherever you prefer in your picture. You can put up to 3 bubbles for a photo. Add in your own funny captions for each bubble. Once all these had been done, it will show you a HTML code that you can use to put your captioned image onto your web page or blog.

Sound exciting, right? Why wait? Try it now!

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Think of your world environment now!

I believe most of us aware that our earth no longer same as previously. It is getting warm due to human act, I am sure you know what I am referring now. If you continue contribute to the global warming now, then you will let your future generation suffer the consequence of it.

If you really wish to save the world, perhaps you should start using eco products to protect the world getting warmer. is the best site to look for environment products such as energy saving appliances, solar power products, home improvement, water conservation, eco furniture, lighting, eco garden, and many more. As you can read from the site, all these products can be made from recycled or chemical free and are often manufactured using energy efficient or fair trade practices.

Environmental Products

It is our responsibility to make this environment healthy to live on, so that in future our next generation still able to get fresh air from this world. You can check out lots of useful and resourceful articles from to educate and inspire people how to live a greener life and offer authentic eco-friendly products to help minimize their impact on the planet without compromising on quality and style.

So will you try to use eco-friendly products now? I am sure will involve seriously anything pertaining to protection towards our environment coz I wish my kids still able to breath with fresh air and live in pollution free world.

I want peaceful night

My kids are sick now and they are manja like hell to me, especially the youngest daughter. I almost lost my temper when she is cranky to me. Cry and scream non-stop throughout the day. I told my hubby I wish I can run away from them, so that I can avoid listening to their crying. The best is send me to Karisma Hotels to enjoy the quiet and peaceful day and night. However hubby teased me that will I enjoy myself there. he added that I will not sleep well too since they are still sick now. Haiz, he knows me very well. That is my weakness in parenting, too soft heartened.


Yesterday received a phone call from one of the local customer, telling me that his area (Kuantan) is severely affected by flood. Many outsiders cannot enter the city as well as cannot get out from the city too. They have to stay in the house or hotels waiting for the flood to go off. So now his company is urgently need some automotive parts from us, he is telling me another direction to reach his office. Too bad, it sound so complicated for me coz I am not familiar with Pahang route. I am teasing why not I send a helicopter to your place; it will be much easier to locate your area. LOL….anyway, he know I am joking with him.

In fact I am pity one of hubby’s colleague who from Kuantan too. It had been many weeks she did not go back hometown due to flood. She misses her family members dearly. Imagine I am in her shoe...I will have the same feeling as her too!

Locked & unlocked phone

Today I learn another new thing via writing paid post, ie locked phone and unlocked phone. Previously I only know that my cell phone only work for one carrier, now I know I can use other carriers services too provided I unlock my phone using certain software.

A locked phone will only recognize a SIM card from a particular carrier. If the cell phone is unlocked, then it will be able to recognize a SIM card from any carrier. Basically the "lock" is a software setting that keeps the cell phone "loyal" to one carrier. If you unlock it, then you can use other carriers besides your existing carrier now.

Edu certificate is important

I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters. Except my elder brother, all of us have higher education either from local University or college. Due to no academic qualification, my elder brother does not own a good career till now. I think his income is the lowest among us, sad for him actually. Blame no one but himself coz he is the one refuse to study hard when he has the chance.

I always tell my kids that if they did not study hard and obtain a certificate from college or university, they will end up like their uncle. I know I should play an important role for their education now, always monitor their study progress from time to time. Hopefully in future, I am able to enroll them into capella university and obtain a degree certificate, thus enable them to find a good and high pay profession.

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

Do more exercises

After giving birth to my 2 girls, I got no time going to fitness center to do exercises. I am quite envy some of my friends still able to find time to attend yoga or aerobic classes during night time. Most of the time, after work and after meal time, I already very tire and no feel like going out, let alone attending those class. Hubby suggested why not buy the fitness equipment like treadmill or bike, so that I can do exercises as and when I like. Not a bad idea anyway, perhaps I should try it.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Free chat line

If you the one who love to chat online and meet new friends, perhaps you should check out It is the best free chat service provider and they provide live chat through internet and phone. You can either look for Dallas Chat, Houston Chat or San Antonio chat at Their chat line is the easy way to meet people in your local area or in cities across the U.S. Talk121 will offer Free Access for a limited of time to their chat line. Do check it out!

They are still small

I know one day my children will leave once they grow up, either further study in abroad country or working in another state if they ever find a good job there. However I still wish they can still with me when they are in college or university level. As you know, society now not so safe anymore. We can always hear and read from newspaper about crime or criminal cases almost everyday. If my children did not stay with me, I will feel very worry and I don't think I can have a good night sleep too. To me, they are still small even though it is time to let them to be more independent.

I told my hubby that perhaps we should let them study online degree offer by Capella University, so that they will still stay with us during study time. See, with the advancement of internet, they can do the study and revision via online. It is so convineace and easy now. More ever I still can keep an eye with them!

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Saturday, December 15, 2007

Work 3 days only...

Yeah, next week will be the most exciting week for me! I only need to work for 3 days, from Mon - Wed only, coz Thursday is the public holiday for us whereas Friday is my annual leave off day, so coincidence Saturday is the off day for us too! off days extend till the following week, which is X'mas festive season. Hooray, I also only need to work for 4 days by next week too! Don't you think it is such a long long break for me.

I have plan to go few places to play and eat out with the kids, hopefully all can be materialized! excited now!

I am in X'mas mood now!

Save the world

The earth is getting warm. I believe most people can feel it from recent unusual climate change and they are aware the consequences if the world temperature is not properly managed.

Yes, it is the effect of global warming. It is the by product of human activities such as open burning, deforestation uncontrollable resource consumption. In short, human being is the one that destroy the future world.

Fortunately, more and more peoples started to aware their responsibilities and the need of protecting the environment. Environmental friendly on Eco friendly has become the trend of future lifestyle. I am one of them actively involve in the wave of environmental protection. Let me tell you, due to lack of education and publicity of environmental protection related topic, most of the environmental protection today are limited to recycling of disposable waste. Not many peoples know that the green house effect cause by carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide emission play an important role in global warming.

We generate more than tons of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide from open burning, transportation as well as electric power generation. Don't ever thought electricity is a cleaner source of energy to replace the foresail fuel. The non Eco friendly gases emitted by the electric power generation plant is directly proportional to the rate of electricity that you consumed.

live greener products

You can do something to the environment by using more environmental products such as solar heater, solar cell and many more. Unfortunately this type of product is not easily accessible at affordable price unless you get it from online store that specialized in this type of products. is the site I strongly recommend if you are searching for environmental products. The site offer wide range of practical environmental products that may fit your needs.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Chrome accessories

Some people just love to dress up their cars with fancy and trendy auto accessories. Not only men, as I know some ladies love to do so too! Nowadays you can order car accessories via online website like Sometimes you will be surprise coz you can get cheaper price from online store as compare to physical retail car workshop.

<[>If you wish to look for imposter chrome accessories, has a wide selection of products that carries from Imposter, such as Wheel Skins, Door Handles, Gas Door Covers, Headlight Trim, Mirror Covers, Rear Door Molding, Tailgate Handle Covers and Taillight Bezels. All these Chrome Accessories are perfectly fit for your car and easy installation too.

Unsecured loans from is the best site to look for an Unsecured Line of Credit as it able to offer you the rates as low as 7.75% APR and Credit Limits range from $10,000 to $350,000. Well, if you able to provide them your full income and asset documentation, you many get Unsecured Credit Lines up to a $1,000,000 of credit. The good part of Unsecured Credit Line from is there is no collateral require, so you can rest assured your asset will not be pledged. Application for unsecured lines is pretty fast for approval too. do check out the site for more information.

Advanced skincare products

Women like to look pretty most of the time by nature. It seems majority of us willing to spend so much money just to buy those good quality skin care products to protect our face and skins. If you are currently looking for alpha-h brand of beauty products, you can visit Facial Company now. It is an online beauty store that sells professional skin and body care products that will deliver to your door step.

Alpha-H is an advanced cosmeceutical skin care line and it is very effective in reducing wrinkles, fine lines, treating acne and sun damage. Their products formulation including Vitamins A, C and E and other natural ingredients.

Skin care products featured in Facial Company has few categories, such as for men and baby, from head to toe as well as products that suit your lifestyle. You can also shop by brand in Facial Company; do check out the site now.

VOIP save company phone cost

Lately my boss complaint again high costs in our telephone bill. He mentioned that our profit margin getting lesser and lesser now, we should try to find way to do cost cutting, including reducing international calls if possible. However how are we going to cut long distance calls as our customers majority are from abroad, unless we fully utilize the email system. I think our management should adopt VoIP Call Center Phone Systems from Xpander Communications to reduct phone costs.

VOIP is good in the sense that it require low capital investment and the installation is pretty fast as compare to traditional call center phone systems. More ever it require less amount of site maintenance and labor that is unavoidable as the business call center grows and changes. Overall, VoIP able to help my company cut down on phone cost, I am sure my boss would love to try it out.

One opp gone!!

I remember I still have one pending task from payu. Just now while login, I couldn't find it anymore. Aiyo, that opp need 200W for $10, I want to keep it as last one to do, now it totally gone. Mind you, it is not due yet. KNN!

In fact, I had been heard from HS & Eric regarding the siao system in payu. But this is the first time encounter it. time have to do the task asap lor...


Ever since I get to know about online chatting, I love to chat whenever I am login to my internet connection. In fact, I have few chat groups from all over the places. Some are mummies groups and some are old friends group. Nowadays, it is pretty easy to find free chat in internet and you even can find phone chat over the net too.

Chat lines are very common now and it is the easy way to meet people in your local area or in cities across the U.S. If you wish to try out the service for a limited time, you can check out Talk121 where it is offering Free Access to their chat line. You can just pick up the phone and call 509-676-1000 right now for free chat!

Luxury stay at Beach Club Hallandale

Hubby and I had applied a long leave during Christmas festive and we plan to bring the kids for some outing activities. Too bad, our plan did not decide earlier and we couldn't find any available hotel accommodation during the peak season too. This is the disadvantage for some hotels as they did not have sufficient rooms to accommodate tourist during peak season. If their hotel building is as high as Beach Club Hallandale, which is approximately 44 to 51 floors, perhaps we will not see any fully book scene during peak season. I don't mind to pay for the higher cost for their ultimate luxury style of condo as long as we can feel the comfortability during our stay.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Company Budget

It is year end now...also means that I have to compile our company budget at this moment. In fact I dislike to do budget, coz I need to type and see the long figure in almost every pages in the budget. Why long figure? Becos they set target to achieve over 1.8 million of sales each month, so you will see lots of long figure. Haih....headache for me!

Xmas gifts

Christmas is approaching and I yet to think of any gifts for my kids. Though I am not Christine or Catholic but I still treat Xmas as a fun festive for my kids, at least they are looking forward for Santa Clouse and hope to receive small gift from Santa ( we are the Santa actually) everyday! LOL

She wants to go Disney

My youngest girl makes a complaint to me lately. She commented why the family photo album did not see her inside but only can see her elder sister. Hehe….that was our Disneyland Hong Kong trip’s photos taken in year 2005. At that time I only bring the elder girl since the youngest girl only 1 year plus. It is not easy to travel with 2 kids, so I have to let go one and promised her that I will bring her again when she is older a bit.

Now I was thinking to bring her to Sea Worth Adventure Park at Orlando since we can get Sea World Tickets via with very attractive prices for adults as well as kids. On top of that we also can buy entrance ticket for most of the theme parks at Disneyland Orlando.

Hopefully I am able to materialize this trip by next year.

Don't fall into the trap!

This advertisement really brought my attention every time I pass by the Shell fuel station. By nature, I am the one can’t easily convinced by the exaggerated advertisement quote like this. There is no such thing call free lunch in this world. But since there are opportunity for fuel cost saving, no harm for me to dig for further detail.

This is the condition to get the small discount when you pump in Shell. Looks like my spending behavior did not match the requirement, since I m the one who like to clear the credit card outstanding balance before the cut off. Because of this, I was ever tag by an international bank customer service manager as not being a “Good Customer”, therefore they refuse to approve my annual waiver application.

Well, I should forget this advertisement as well…

Say nicely....

If you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.

Silence is golden. So often we have heard this golden rule, yet more often that not, we ignore it. This often results in embarrassment or regret. It’s easy to moan, complain, and criticize. But when it comes to finding something nice to say, we become tongue tied because our natural inclination is to moan. But in every person, however bad there is something good. And if we really look deeply. We will find in. the next best thing we do is to follow the golden rule and say nothing at all, if we cannot say something good about anybody.

LA shows

I have few friends who had migrated to United States few years back. They told me that so far they yet to watch any Las Vegas Shows in live. I am shock to hear that to my understanding Las Vegas shows is the most well known shows in US, how on earth they never experience it before. I told them if I have enough money to travel to US, I am sure will grab the tickets from BestOfVegas with best prices and enjoy the good shows as Las Vegas with my hubby.

Let me check out what other exciting upcoming events going to held at Las Vegas, so that I can book the seats together.

Is it hard to say SORRY?

Will you say sorry if you are wrong at the first place? I find some people reluctant to say SORRY even they know they are wrong. Why these people cannot accept the fact that they are wrong and admit they are wrong? I can say all due to Ego!

Always remember this: be the first to say sorry.

Resentment, anger gets you nowhere for all parties concerned. Don’t care who started the trouble or argument. Don’t worry who is right or who is wrong. As the saying goes “ it takes a man to admit his mistake”. We can say sorry and retain our dignity and respect.

Japan - back pack travel

Lately 2 blogger mummies keep hinting me to go Japan with them by next year, by back pack some more. Wow, I never think of to travel free and easy with back pack experience ler. I doubt can I make it or not. This fella keep saying should be no problem one coz she ever went to Japan to experience it by herself. Perhaps I should trust her since she knows a lot about Japan. Looks like this mummy and me have to start saving more money now!

Online Miami ticket

If you keen to obtain tickets for your favorite NFL, MLB, NBA or NHL team or an amazing concert, perhaps you should bookmark Premium Seats USA. It is a company that has the largest inventory of ticket for any sports or concerts ticket. If you place our order with Premium Seats USA, you will not facing problem like ticket sold out or getting bad seating in the hall. They will try to give you the best seat that you truly wanted.

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Be good at your job

For a start you must like what you are going. And you must be proud of what you are doing. You must always update yourself to stay abreast with the latest technology and trend. Acquire new skills, think out of the box and if necessary, make decisions confidently. Remember you are part of a team and be ready to lend a hand when it is needed. You will be respected for it. Enjoy what you do. Develop a passion for it. You will have more fun.

Help me do tax paperwork

I hate to fill up tax forms since I am subject to pay tax to our government Inland Revenue department. This is due to their form has more than 10 pages and I need at least half a day to complete the entire column. After completion, I have to make a copy for my own record, in case our government claims that they never receive my tax submission. I ever think of to seek help from the expert of American tax relief. So that I can have fewer headaches and let the expert assist me doing all the tax paperwork. I wonder how much it will cost me then.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Roses fresh from farm

wedding flowers is a must item during wedding day, without it your wedding will seem incomplete. Beautiful wedding flower will make the bride look more pretty too!

If you are looking for beautiful wedding flowers, be sure you check it out The site can provides a wide selection of lovely wedding flowers that are fresh from farm at wholesale price. You will see hundreds of varieties of fresh rose petals, including the popular Black Magic, Akito, and many more.

Do share this great site with your friends who are getting marry soon, I am sure they will fall in love with the beautiful flowers in the web.

Solve your parking problem

My hubby's company facing short of parking lot problem. This is due to they have more than 4000 staffs and operators working under the roof and majority of them are driving vehicle to work. If they go to work early, then they can secure themselves a parking lot which is near to office. If they are late and lucky then they have to park their car far away from office and need at least 15 min walking distance. Well, if they are unlucky, then they have to park the car at private parking space and the charges not cheap I tell you. Due to all these, my hubby has to go out to work early in morning, just to ensure himself manage to get a free and convineance parking space for his car.

I think if his working area has the service of renting a parking space or Garage for Rent like what Park Let did, then he will has less headache about all these. Park Let able to offer a private parking space or garage for an affordable monthly fee. The rental prices are cheaper if compare to season ticket, contract parking, or local storage companies.

By the way, if you have spare parking space or garage, you can look for Park Let to assist you do the renting service. They'll provide a fully managed and insured letting service including finding the tenant, preparing contracts, and monthly rental collection. You can just sit tight and wait for the experienced team in Park Let to resolve your case.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Free Time

Lately I am quite free in office. I still have some pending works to do actually but those are not so urgent task and I still can drag them. :P

One of the reason why I am free is due to now is year end and most of my oversea customers are in holiday mood now. They are getting ready to off for Christmas as well as New Year for 2008. some of them even ask to stop delivery since early Nov coz if ship during early Nov, the goods will reach them by Christmas period, and no of them is working during period, therefore they ask for a stop. Hehe…this is good for me as I can shake leg and do own thing for the month of December. However we still have some other small order to ship within Asian country, not totally stop delivery.

Relaxing at Florida

Usually many career people like me will try to clear our annual leave at year end. Till date I still have 6 days of annual leave wait for me to take as we are not allow to carry forward the balance leaves to next calendar year.

As I know one of the blogger now spends her vacation at Hawaii and she even blog from Waikiki occasionally. Wow, how nice if I can be like her. Travel to Hawaii needs lot of money actually, let alone I have to bring along my 2 girls. I think I only manage to arrange a trip to Florida and spend the nights at Florida Holiday Villas since this packages still fall within my budget.

I will check out Lowerys Vacation Homes as my hotel accommodation since they are THE SPECIALISTS in providing Florida rental accommodation. Hopefully I am able to find a good quality hotels with affordable rates.

Saturday, December 08, 2007


Previously Friendster and Myspace very popular in internet, almost everyday I will receive invitation from online buddy asking me to join these network. Usually I will sign up for fun since through this way, I can keep record of contacts into my accounts as well as birthday reminder to remind me their actual birthday, so that I will not miss out anyone of them. Lately Face Book become popular instead of the two that I mentioned earlier. This must be another fascinating program that make us crazy to poke or send virtual gifts to our online members if any. Again I also sign up Face Book just for fun as I can keep connected with my friends in case I ever lost their contacts. Who know one day I may able to find my long lost contact friends in future.

Now I learn another people search engine like Spock, where we can search people by name or by tag lines which consists of a personal piece of information such as brown hair, brown eyes, Hollywood actress, and many more. Those tag lines are created by the person or by other Spock members. Every time when you do the searching, Spock will personalize your results to include information that is relevant to your network. On top of that, you can also add and modify information that Spock finds about you on the internet. Therefore the people who are searching for you can find you, and more importantly, that they can find the right information about you. Sound interesting, right? - The Best Way to Search People had received industry acclaim and awards from respected technology luminaries. They were also selected as Best of Show at the prestigious Web 2.0 conference and as one of PC Magazine's "Top 25 Websites to Watch" in 2007.

I had tried to use Spock to search for Jet Li, my favorite actress during college time. Wow, I didn;t know that his name will be in Spock too! Look, what is my search result!


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Select the best cards

It is so much easier to apply for one credit card now; you even can get a card without the need to present your monthly pay slip. However my advice is you have to be careful while selecting your choice of card. Remember to read the fine prints at the terms and conditions thoroughly before your application. Other wise you might land yourself bearing high interest rates for the amount you owe for the bank.

For instance, if you are looking for Balance Transfer Cards, you can look for cards that carry a 0% Apr for an intro period on balance transfers. Some financing service companies allow you to apply securely via online application. Do check out, to compare and apply for the best offer credit cards for your needs.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

My domain site is down..:(

Aiyo...I want to scream loud now!

My domain site is down now!! From 2pm++ till almost 4.30pm lor...hey, 2 hours plus, still show not available to me. The worst part is I even cannot go to my hosting company website to file a ticket and tell my unhappiness towards their lousy service.

Another worst worst thing is I am holding a $15 post that will expired in another 4 hours time. If my site still down at that time, I am going to say bye bye to the $15. Arggggggghhhhh.......

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Insurance agent

I am outspoken person and many had told me that I can try to become an Insurance Agent. Well, I know myself very well. Though I am easy going and friendly type (ahemm) but I don’t think I can enter insurance field. My bargaining power and convincing skill not as strong as other. To me, it is very tough to become an Insurance Agent since this job need you to meet a lot of people then only you got the chance to get your business deals. You have to be an extrovert and good in handling public relation too.

Other than that, we need a good Insurance Marketing service that can make help us achieve our target, then only we will have chance to become a successful insurance agent. The service will guide us how to look for more business leads as well as good quality leads. I was told those insurance agents originally was not good agents too but after few round of practices and training, then they become expert in no time. Perhaps I can try to consider enter this field if I wish to resign from my current job one day. I can do it in part time basis with the help from insurance marketing like

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Watch American League?

My elder girl is on school break now. Lately she keeps begging me to bring her to stay hotel. Hehe…what she means is to go for vacation and stay in hotel. In fact, we ever promised her to go Penang or Langkawi during her school break, too bad, her daddy working schedule is tight, and else we can go anytime now.

Last night I told hubby about her wish again. He verbally agreed with my plan but added that he plans to get some world series tickets and watch American League with his buddies. Wow, I wonder how much will it cost for all the travel package if he will to fly to US to watch the leagues.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Still doing traditioanl way

If you type real estate keyword at any search engines, you will noticed the search results only give you online real estate website. So far, I yet to find any online real estate for local company, I mean for Malaysia companies. I am not sure why local companies yet to start doing online websites for their real estate business since internet technology so common now. One of my BIL involve in this field, I will check out from him why his company did not go for online business by now.

Comfortable bed

I will accompany my youngest girl to sleep during night time. My practice is after she falls asleep, I will go back to my own bed. My problem is sometimes she will cry in midnight and I have to go to her to soothe her. Most of the time after I managed to stop her from crying, I will not go back to my own bed but sleep with her instead. She sleeps on a queen size bed by the way. Well, if I sleep on her bed, then I will feel backache the next morning. Probably because I still not use to sleep at her bed. How nice if I have adjustable beds to do the massaging job for my backache. I also can sleep on it since it is so comfortable.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

All about Mesothelioma

Do you aware that asbestos fibers can cause mesothelioma to human and it is extremely hazardous to a worker’s heath? Mind you, it can cause death too if you expose too much to asbestos fibers. Study showed that below occupation have higher chances to exposure to asbestos fibers: auto mechanics, boiler makers, bricklayers, building inspectors, carpenters, drywallers, floor coverings, furnace workers, electricians and many more.

If you suspect your have mesothelioma symptoms, perhaps you still can undergo treatment of mesothelioma to overcome the disease. The treatment including surgery, radiation therapy and chemical therapy. You can read more about Mesothelioma at Mesothelioma Medical and if you know someone who might have risk to Mesothelioma, do share with them this great site!