Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's Over

Chinese New Year festive is over, everyone is back to work station by now. I had already back to work since last week, however I am still in holiday mood though. How nice if I can still stay home, eat and sleep, together with my kids! LOL

My hubby said I can do so since he already expect me to retire and become stay at home mom. But I still quite reluctant to resign from my work and become my kids' driver all the time!


Have you ever enter a church before? If yes, you will notice most of the church chairs are in similar pattern. I wonder who design for them all these while. Or does it state in their bible that churches have to use such design chairs? However if you go to small village, you will notice their church chairs are quite different from other area. They will use individual plastic chairs instead of long wooden chairs. However lately you will see most of the modern churches will use chairs4worshipchurch chairs. this is because they are quite afford to buy all these facility for their church members.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Guitar cases

My youngest SIL loves to play guitar while she still study in secondary school. When she entered college, she also play guitar with her friends during gathering. That's how she met her Mr Right too. LOl

Although my SIL has 2 guitar but she never buy any cases for her beloved guitars though. She claimed that guitar cases are too over price and she not afford to own one. Therefore her mom aka my MIL sew a cloth cases for her and batting with thick lining. Quite a nice outlook after completion. Now the cloth cases already been used for more than 10 years, still in good condition though. I think if I offer her a good quality of SKB Cases at guitar center, she also does not want it. LOL

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Silver Eagles

If one day you receive silver eagles as a gift, will you appreciate it? I am not sure how much it cost for a silver eagle but I think it is quite costly. If I ever receive it from a friend or relative, I will frame it and hang it at my wall frame for display.