Friday, May 23, 2014

Camera Strap

My hubby bought a DSLR camera few years ago. At that time I planned to handmade a nice and trendy Camera Trap for it. However till now I yet to start my project... LOL

I have so many nice fabric collection, well kept and planned to do kids blanket and some DIY items for my household. My concern now is I do not have sufficient spare time to do my own things. My youngest girl cannot see me sitting at my sewing station. She will pull me out from there and request me to play with her. Sigh.... when will she be more independent and play by her own?


Today both my elder girls followed their school team to Legoland, situated in Johor Bahru. It was raining since last night. Before bed, I pray hard the rain will stopped the next morning. However the rain did not stop though. While sending them to school, it is still raining.

Hopefully the rain will stop when the team reach the theme park, other wise all the kids will be very disappointed!