Monday, September 17, 2012


Nowadays so many SOHO group in trend, I ever wish to become one of them actually. With this kind working condition, we have to be very discipline type then only can control our working attitude, else we cannot function well too. Not efficient in other way.

Music player usually are from SOHO group, and most of them will usually own a very powerful gadget called arranger workstation. With this type of keyboard, they can do audio and recording easily. Though the price is not cheap but I think they will still own it since it is very useful.

Zero fare

Zero fare is back on 18/09. Am I able to grab some tickets for my family members? I don't know. Whenever come to this kind of event, the web is jam and congested...very hard to login and book any ticket too.

Anyway, I may try my luck too!

Sepang Gold Coast

Yeah, finally my long awaited vacation is coming soon. Although the girls have to skip class for 2 days (very reluctant though) but I know they also looking forward this vacation. Hopefully the weather is good, so that all of us can enjoy the trip fullest!!

Friday, September 07, 2012


A cigar is not a cheap stuff. I also have the thinking that only rich people afford to take cigars. Ordinary people like me will never have chance to try it. My former boss likes to have cigars and he is a very young businessman. Usually only those middle age businessman like to have cigars. Well, to be frank, I dislike the smell of cigars, same goes to cigarette smell too. But my former boss told me some cigars have nice smell too. I wonder what is the smell of baccarat cigars now.


I am envy one of my colleague now. She went to travel almost every month since 3 months ago. Though it is only short trip to nearby country but the main thing that attracted me is she able to fly with her hubby, without her kids tag along. Wow, wonder when can I have such chance??!!