Monday, May 31, 2010


If you have some cash in hand, not sure how to turn it into extra income, perhaps you can try investing in gold. Gold price is getting higher now. If you have the patient in investing, you can try your luck in gold management. Buy it when the price is drop, of course it will not drop so much. Study the statistic about the gold trend first, I am sure you able to know when is the best time to buy gold coins or others.

In fact I ever think of using my fixed deposit money to invest into gold. But my hubby not allows me to do so. He commented that I am not a person who can accept failure especially when money is involved. So he still suggests me to stay tune to fixed deposit and earn and fix income. :(

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Best diet supplements

I still could not believe that my colleague able to lose 6kg weight within a month. That is super fast effect you know. To me, if you see the end result of some diet pills in very short period, then you better watch out the side effect. Some of the product might contained drug that not suit for health. It may cause cancer if you use it in excessive way. Therefore if you wish to look for best diet supplement in the market, then you better read more about the product reviews from internet and also check with your friends who ever consumed before.

Friday, May 28, 2010

no subject

I think I should change my sleep hour from now on. Nowadays my sewing orders not many. By right, I should sleep early to compensate my lack of sleep during peak season. However it seem like I already get use to this sleep time, I hardly enter room before 11pm. same to my dear hubby too. Both of us are night owl!

entertainment centers

In Melaka, there are lot of entertainment centers along the street. At night, you can see lot of different color of light turning on too. Entertainment centers such as karaoke, disco etc. well, frankly I dislike these kinds of places. It is smelly and poor ventilation too. Everyone smocking there, I am sure it will affected those non smoker too! If most of your families love to sing, I would suggest you to buy a good sound system for the house. So that every one of you can sing as and when you like!

work out

I hardly do exercises. Usually after work, I already dead tire, really no mood and energy to do things like ab workout or even doing house chores. Terrible me. That’s why I have lot of fat in my body now. Although I keep thinking how to get rid of them but I still very reluctant to do it. previously I will go for jogging after work but now after having 2 kids, I can bid bye-bye with jogging!

It is always say easier than doing it I tell you!

Thursday, May 27, 2010

car alarm

My neighhour just bought a brand new car lately. Not only brand new but branded too. I don’t think I will afford to own such car. Even I afford to buy it; I don’t think I will willing to spend such a big amount too. I rather use that amount to renovate the house and live in comfort house when I am retired. To me, vehicle just a symbol, as long as it can move, and then it is sufficient for me already. If I have branded car, I will worry someone will snatch it while I am parking it at road side. It is true cos nowadays lot of reported cases of car was being snatched too. I suggest those branded car to install driveway alarm if possible. So that when thing like this happen, we still able to trace or track back our vehicle.

Fish food

My hubby rare lot of kelar fish in the house now. He treated them as his pet too. Everyday after work, he will quickly see his fishes first. Then feed them some fish food before he enter the house. Occasionally he will call back from office, remind his girls to feed his fishes too. Hmmm…look like he already treated the fishes as one part of family members too. He wishes to feed them till bigger size, and then sell for a good price in future.

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Good Sam ESP

With the advancement of internet, you can find anything from it. Be it insurance, health info, skin care review etc. Now you even can find good sam extended service plan information over the net too. One of the best web to search for such resource is Good Sam Extended service is a mechanical breakdown insurance but not a warranty and it still comply with insurance regulations. It is better for you to read about this insurance plan before you sign up the plan.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

gold price up

Few weeks ago, gold price drop tremendously. I was teasing hubby why not buy some gms and keep now. But he said it may drop further, so better don't buy, just keep watching will do. But to his surprise, the gold price up suddenly last week. He was really upset seeing the price of gold at highest side now. Hahaha...this is his wrong perception though, so cannot blame anyone. If last time he list to me and buy gold bullion. I am sure now he can gain beautiful amount from the market by now. Never mind, playing with share or gold should be estimate to facing the risk too. Hope he able to gain back soon.

Orange cake with cheese

Cheese orange cake, I just had it few days ago. At first I thought it is only a normal orange cake. But my SIL told me the owner of the said it was made from cheese too. Even though it contained cheese but I cannot taste out the cheese though. is really a very very nice cake. I want to learn it one day! The cake was given to my SIL during Teacher's day, baked by a student's mommy. I never try baking such cake, so hope my SIL able to copy back the recipe for me. :)

Friday, May 21, 2010

Gift for her

Mother's Day just over, what gift you gave to your beloved mom? Any unique gifts for her? For my mom's case, she does not like any gift, as long as we are there to be with her and talk with her, then it is the best unique gift for her already. Unlike my MIL who always hope for surprise from us, especially me. Sigh...I really no idea what to buy for her...coz previously I bought some stuff or birthday gift for her but she seem like does not appreciate it at all. I am so upset. So from there onwards I hardly to buy her something already. Hey, I do have feeling you know!

talk about insurance

I don’t know about you, to me, insurance is very important for all my family members. I will ensure all my family members own at least a basic life family plan premium. You will never know what will happen next, what if one day they have serious illness and need lump sum of money as medical fee? If you have insurance coverage, then you can forget about the money, straight check into your nearest hospital and seek help. You insurance plan will cover everything for you. If you’re currently looking for affordable term life insurance quote, you can check out the insurance quotes via online tools at some of the insurance websites. Those sites able to show you cheapest policy quotes for many types of insurance such as family insurance, cash back life insurance, smokers, key man coverage, mortgages and many more. Do checks out the site to for your insurance plan that suit your needs.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

fat burner products

Our new canteen really is a good cook. She is Malay; therefore you can foresee they cook Malay food most of the time. I particularly like her Rendang Ayam, hot and spicy! Syok! All these while I heart this Malay traditional food. Whenever I saw it being served in canteen or food stall, for sure I will take some and try it. I know it is high cholesterol food but so nice, who can resist it? Other than high cholesterol, it also contains high fat level. I think I may need some nuphedragen to burn away those fat! LOL

acne treatment

Women cannot sleep late if you wish to maintain a beautiful skin. This is a very true statement though. Sleeping lack will cause more acne or pimples sprouting out easily. Although you have balance diet and using right skin care products, however if you lack of sleep for few days, then you can see the outcome in short time. By then, you will busily look for best acne treatment. Now, how are you going to choose the right skin care products to get ride those irritating acnes? Read more about their products reviews from internet, perhaps it will help you to find the correct acne treatments that suit you ideally.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

wrinkle cream

In another 2 years time, I will be entering 40 years old already. Wow how time flies!! I still think that I am only 16 or 18++. LOL At this age, I can see some wrinkles at my face now. Hmm…a bit sad though. It’s time to apply wrinkle creams diligently now. I used to buy wrinkle cream all the time but I am a bit lazy to apply it when come to bed time. I know I have to doing it daily without fail but lazy me simply lazy to do all these. I am already dead tire when come to bed time. After cleaning myself, I just dozed off immediately. Hahaha….

wish to have nice body shape

I had been wondering which are the best weight loss pills that work that work wonderfully to us. There are so many types of diet pills in the market now. Sometimes it is very hard to decide which are the best pills that suit us without any side effects. If you wish to try one of the pills that sell in the market, it is advisable for you to read more about the review first before confirm your decision. Some pills are selling at higher price but some are lower price range. However price range cannot use it to determine how good a product is. You got to read more about one particular product carefully before try it.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010


One of my Indian colleague look for diet pills or lose weight cream from me. She needs more review and information for this product. However I cannot help much coz different people has different effect onto those products. The best I can do is asking her to check with user that had experienced on these products. Also read more from internet about the reviews before she decides her decision. I wish to try too cos my tummy seem very hard to get rid of those extra fat/meat!