Wednesday, December 31, 2008

New Investment

Economic getting bad lately. Everywhere we can hear about cut cost, retrenchment, pay cut activities etc. I wonder how many of us afford to play with investment into gold or silver now. Well, according to hubby, if you plan your financial well, for sure you will have little money to buy some gold or silver for investment purposes. Hehe..this theory I also know but talk is always easy than work for it , right?

Anyway, if you wish to try your luck in gold or silver investment, you can always read more at Monex Precious Metals. Who know one day you might earn a decent money from this field.

My girls going to school/kindy next year time flies.....

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Video clip

I have got an assignment from one of the advertiser, asking us to post comment at Youtube. I can post comment as usual, but I am not understand how to send my url for approval now. Headache! This kind of assignment also got. In fact, they are clever too, promoting their site via video clip. Brilliant idea!

But I have to trouble my buddy to help me on this assignment. Lucky they willing to share with me, else I don't think I will settle this post.

Btw, this post had over due. Hopefully they will manually approve my assignment then.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Legal fee not cheap

According to old folk, if you are not rice people, then you better don't involve yourself into any suit case. Once you engaged in any legal court case, then you have get ready lot of money to pay for you lawyer fee. Hey, one court case easily cost you few thousand I tell you. I am not sure about fee from Chicago injury lawyer. However you can find their quote from their website easily. Just do a little bit of home work before start your suit case.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Nice jewelry

I always admire those actresses who have the chance to wear designer costume jewelry for publicity. Hey, they wear for free and sometimes the jewelry will offer them some free jewelry too. Don’t you think it is so great to have free and elegant jewelry? I don’t think I have the chance since I am not a model nor actress. If I want to wear, mean that I have to dig money from my own pocket. But then, designer jewelry is not cheap at all. Unless I own a super rich spouse lar, then maybe he will give me nice jewelry as anniversary gift.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Vacation in Europe

Have you ever think of going to Los vegas? Frankly I never think of this place so far. Myself personally prefer go to Europe than US. Don't know I just fall in love with Europe scenery since I first step onto Europe land in year 2005.

I wish I could visit Europe again, together with my girls plus hubby of course. However spending vacation in Europe is not cheap. 4 pax of us easily cost us over $30K I tell you. nice to be rich people ya...can go anywhere, anytime we like!

Shall I stop?

I am seriously thinking to stop taking sewing order for CNY now. My cut off date for CNY order given in my Kids Paradise supposed is 01/01/2009 but I think I should make another announcement. The main reason is I have to spare some time to do school uniform for my girls, as well as their CNY clothing. If I keep taking orders, then I might not have sufficient time to do for them. I cannot be so selfish right?

I also wish to see my girls wear pretty dresses during the festive!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Old car to sell

My FIL own an old junk car, Nissan brand. His car’s condition not so good actually, so hubby plan to change a second hand car for him. However my FIL reluctant to sell off or trade in his old junk car. He was saying his car still can use no major defect too. Further more he does not want to burden hubby coz if he buy new car mean my hubby will have another loan to bear. But accoding to my hubby, second hand car now quite cheap. In less than $5K, we can get a car already. That’s why he keeps persuading his father to book one. Let’s hope my FIL will listen to his son’s suggestion.

If he allows us to buy for him, then we will have to look for auto insurance for the car too. There are so many auto insurance plans out there. It is quite a hassle to shop for one plan. Someone recommend me to use Tennessee auto insurance, I will go to the site to take a look later. If it is ok, then we will go for it.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Presents for Christmas

I love to buy present for my friends or children. Just love the feeling of spending! LOL

Well, economic getting bad now, I should restrict myself from spending unnecessary stuff now. I will still buy for them provided those items are useful and practical. Other wise they might keep in their wardrobe and untouched too. What a waste, right?

This month I shop a lot on Christmas presents. It is like gift exchanges culture every wear now. Never mind, as long as the children are happy, then it is more than enough already. By the way, I also need to shop for Wedding Gifts soon. My niece getting marry during Christmas week, so better get the gifts ready by now. Or, should I get her some silver necklace or bracelate?

Wednesday, December 10, 2008


When women come to certain age, I am sure they will face some problem like having wrinkles, acne on face; over weight etc. frankly I also start thinking these similar issues when I am over 30 years old now. That’s why I try to control my food intake as well as my calorie intake. However it is not easy to control food, especially our country is famous with variety of food choices. Well, if we really care our body, we should pay more attention to our body, right?

I was told some ladies willing to take diet pill just to reduce their extra fat and weight. I am yet to venture into diet pill. Should I try it one day? Let’s read about Lipovox customer reviews first before I take the risk.

Free photos

Who want free digital photos? I bet everyone wants it if got the chance! Now, hop over to my domain to check out what I am going to get in a week time. *wink*wink*

It is true that they will send you free photo provided your post had been selected by them. Hurry up, while the participants still not yet reach 50!!

Good luck ya!

continue study?

If you think you still want to continue your study now, perhaps you can try it at Capella University. It has lot of online degree for various program for you to choose from. Moreover this university has good reputation in education field too. I am once ever thought of to continue my degree course after marriage but till now yet to materialize it. I think I can start consider it now since my children are quite older by now. However sometimes my younger girl still will disturb me while I am doing my own stuff. She seem likes want the full attention from me. Sigh!

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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Horses in Zoo

During last school break, we brought the kids to Zoo Melaka. Don't know how many times we had been to Zoo Melaka, but my kids still love this place very much. Each school break they will begged us bring them there. First 2 trips, they reluctant to ride on horses and they claimed the horses are smelly. But last 2 trips, they dare to ride on it after our encouragement. I afraid my younger girl will fall down if she ride the horse alone, so I accompany her. Hey, it's fun! I seem like a little girl when ride on the horse I tell you. Oh ya, the horse are very strong, wonder did they take any horse supplements or not. I also worry the horse will suddenly walk or run while we ride on it. Lucky he is not.

My girls said they want to ride again if they visit Zoo again. :)

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Michelle and family just back from HK Disneyland. Looking at her Disneyland photos, it did bring back my memory. Hubby, myself and Wien went to HK Disneyland in year 2005. We promised to bring Lyon when she is older a bit but till now we yet to material our promise. Whenever Lyon see those Disney pictures from the pc, she will beg us to arrange one Disney vacations for her. Sigh.....I can go anytime actually but have to wait for hubby's free time lar. Be patient girl, am sure you will able to go Disney!

The sheriff date me! :)

**The sheriff is looking out for you. You have been given an extra assignment. Thanks for all of your hard work.**

See see, the sheriff finally found me again. I cannot remember when is the first time he is dating with me. Hahaha....the assignments are quite a lot, but since the lead time given is quite long too, so no worry lar, I still can finish them after the Hari Raya Haji break!

btw, am going to A Famosa this weekend. Let the girls having fun at the kids pool. I also asked my brother and sisters' children to tag along. It's gonna be a fun trip for all of us! Yeah!

Work in oversea?

Many of the Multi National Companies (MNC) having retrenchment now. Also many of them having shut down during Christmas week too, including my hubby’s company. Economic getting real bad now, so we better spend wisely and be thrifty now. For those who had been retrenched by the companies, really feel sorry for them. Coz the compensation is not that much actually plus so many mouths waiting for the bread maker to feed them. I heard from hubby that some of his colleagues go to HR to appeal but fail too. Look like they really need the job. Hubby said if he is one of the retrenchment staff, perhaps he will try his luck and find jobs in Austin. Wow, that is too far lar, dear!

Friday, December 05, 2008

spider trap

Don’t know why my father in law’s room has lot of spider lately. My girls will scream once they spotted any spider in his room. They will call my mother in law to catch those spiders. Once my MIL managed to catch them, they will take turn step onto the spider. Gosh…poor spider dies under their steps!

By the way, it is not easy to catch those spiders I tell you. They will run away real fast before you managed to catch them. I wonder should I buy some brown recluse spider trap and keep at home? So that MIL can use it in FIL’s room. Let me check out the price first.

I got start from payu


Surprise! Surprise! Surprise!

I got star from Payu. The very first time I got the sheriff star is ages ago. Now I got it again for second time. Wow...happy...but also worry, can I finish it on time? Me getting lazy doing bayar post now. If got it, I will do. If don't have also doesn't matter. I still got other things to do.