Thursday, December 23, 2010


Hubby and myself still reluctant to fork out some money for our new house renovation. This is because renovation cost very expensive now; simple renovation will cost you a bomb I tell you. The major areas that I wish to do renovation are my kitchen and bathroom. As for living hall, if financial allow, I may add some plaster ceiling as well. This will make the living hall look more classic. In fact our house design is not modern type, so renovation can make it nicer. The only concern is spare enough money to spend for it. if I am afford, I am surely will look for elegant bath tub from The price quoted in Better Bathrooms a bit pricy but the quality is superb, so I think it is worth to invest for it.

I had just visited one of my ex-colleague’s new houses. Her house was nicely renovated and of course she had spent a lot for it too. As I know, before she starts the renovation, she had been going to many show houses to look for ideas and concept. After that only she looks for interior designer to design for her dream house. If I will to renovate my house, I will surely look for her and get some ideas from her.

Computer monitors

Nowadays people tend to buy plasma type of monitors instead of normal screen monitor. I was told those normal computer monitors are no longer selling in the market now. Majority of the computer shops are selling plasma monitors too. Moreover the price is quite competitive too. I told my girls that I will buy them plasma monitor one day if the existing unit no longer in use.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Cheap auto insurance

One of my ex-colleagues just bought a new MPV recently. Usually consumers will not buy new car at year end coz it is counted being used one year. You will feel some losses when you plan to resell the car though. Anyway some people just don’t care. All they want is to drive new car as and when they like. Ok, after confirmed the car order, now they will look for auto insurance plan. I did suggest to my friend to look for cheap auto insurance since now quite a number of agent are fighting for target. My hub has a few of friends doing insurance line, including insurance for auto too. I may try to suggest to her, see whether she is keen or not.

Monday, December 06, 2010

New mattress

My new home need another mattress for the guest room; still not decide to buy which brand. Many of my friends suggested memory foam mattress. I have yet to look into the catalog. As I know it is slightly expensive than normal mattress. Price is not a concern. I can buy and let my girl use it, then take her mattress and place it at guest room. The main reason I drag so long of this plan is because my house seldom has guest to stay over night. Usually they will stay a night or two when come to Chinese New Year festive. Since CNY fall in Feb 2011, so I still have some time to shop for memory form mattress, right?

Thursday, December 02, 2010


Many of us prefer to stay young, be it male or female. Am I right? If you are currently look for way to improve your skin/face performance or find way to feel younger, perhaps you can look for hgh releaser. Studies have shown that this method is indeed effective in increasing the levels of HGH in our bodies. I was told HGH is more effective for those ages over 35. I am in the age category now. Shall I give human growth hormone releasers a try?

Pen drives

USB drives getting cheaper and cheaper now. Sometimes we can get better offer of pen drive and no need to look for promotional usb drives too. In fact, these entire gadget stuff very fast drop price due to technology nowadays move real fast. Sometimes within one or two quarters, a hand phone or computer gadget can release few versions already.

USB drives very useful nowadays. Almost everyone will own at least one in their pocket. Some even use it to store games or MP3 songs. I noticed some company will give USB drives as gifts to their customers or visitors too.

Wednesday, December 01, 2010


If your house has a big compound, I am sure you will some nice landscaping for the area. No doubt landscaping will make your house look nicer than before. However when the landscaping is ready, you have to install some landscape lighting too. So that at night your house will look even serene when those lights are on. Put some nice deck furniture for your family members to relax at night or have a cup of drink when they need to. Wow, how nice if my house can be like that too!