Friday, February 27, 2009

Honeymoon with him

Many blogger mummies commented that they hardly have chance to have ahoneymoon vacation with their spouse since baby arrival. This statement including myself too. most of the time, if we wish to travel far, we have to think of the kids first. However most of the time I will bring them along. This is because I will feel guilty for putting them at home while we enjoy the tour.

So far, I only did it one time whereby hubby and I go to Europe for a 15days trip. Of course I miss my girl dearly throughout the 15 days. I actually spend a lot of money into buying things for her, just to cover my guilty. Since then, I told hubby will try to include them for every honey vacations in future, if any.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Kitaro - greatest musician that I ever know!

I love Kitaro! Hehehe...not because of his long misai or hair!! But his great songs...yes, all his songs!

I listen to his music sing secondary school, about 1987 if not mistaken. At that time, me not afford to buy his original cassette. During that time, no CD, only cassette! So whenever my classmate (who is rich) bought his new album, I will ask her to copy on cassette for me. She is my best friend actually, so she allow to do that for me without making noise. How lucky I am ya.

Till now, I still listen to Kitaro songs. Those are evergreen songs to me.

My favorite song - Matsuri.

You can find lots of Kitaro songs from youtube. Check it out!

Health equipments

People nowadays very concern about their health condition, including my parent in law. My MIL will go for check up every month. She had high cholesterol and high blood pressure history, so the clinic need close supervision on her. Lucky my MIL very concern about her health condition, so she will go for check up diligently every month. However my father in law is opposite with her. He has health problem history like the wife too but he too lazy to follow up on his medical check up. He will try to avoid medicines too. *sigh*

Though he lazy to go clinic for check up but he bought few medical equipment to self examine his blood pressure as well as his heart rate. Therefore in his room, you can find the high blood pressure monitor as well as the heart rate monitor. Due to this, we always warn the kids don’t play with those stuff, else the grandfather sure will scold them no ending.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Gold investment

I am not a jewelry person like my mom, that’s why I seldom use my extra money to buy any jewelry for myself. However my elder sister is opposite with me. she will go to bank or jewelry to use her money for gold investment. By the way, she only play with gold that printed on book but not physical gold though. Get what I mean?

Nowadays, playing with gold is very common. It is not so risky than share market. This is because gold price will increase value every value but not value depreciation. Of course you need close supervision for gold market before investing your money into it. Once it is up price, then you should sell it, so that only you can enjoy the profit. Other wise, just keep for few months or few years. I am sure you can gain back extra money from it. at that time, I am also sure you can buy more expensive Designer Jewelry to show off with your friends.

Chinese blogs

Lately I fall in love in reading Chinese blogs. The first blog that I will not never miss in a day is Twinsmum's blog. Her humor writing always can make my day. From her blog, I will blog hop to others' Chinese blogs. I am so enjoy reading their blogs, funny, humors, so real and many more. I wish I can write as good as them. Too bad, I cannot.

There are plenty of good Chinese blogs out there, I will explode one by one whenever I am free.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Girls, dun sick again hor!

I think I need break now. It's my time to rest. The girls had recovered from sick but yesterday the younger girl has high fever suddenly. Scare me. I quickly feed her fever medicine and sponge her at the same time. The fever went down after a while. After 3 hours no show of high fever again....phew...what a relief! How come suddenly got fever ar. Lucky I did keep some fever medicine at my fridge. If visit doctor again, I am sure he will say: hey, cutie, you come again ar! LOL

Girls ar girls, dun sick again lor, else don't know when only we can have our Orlando vacations! Papa said now cannot go for holiday coz bad time now, but he promised will bring us once economic become better.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

wedding ideas

If you are going to have wedding ceremony soon, I am sure you will feel very excited. Am I right? I had gone through this phase before. However due to first time doing this kind of big job, I feel lost at beginning stage. I don’t know where to start!!!

Lucky I have few best friends who got married earlier than me. So I have chance to ask them from now and then. But you don’t have any friends to refer, also don’t get panic. You can also get tons of Wedding Ideas from internet. Those ideas are proven to help helpful and resourceful for new bridal like you. Alternatively you can hire their helper to assist you in your wedding planning. Find out more information from Wedding Channel today!

*sore throat*

Hopefully it is only sore throat, but not other sickness.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

How to celebrate Valentine's Day?

*Sigh* Both my princess are down with diarrhea, vomiting and fever. One after another I tell you. The very first one who got this germ is my SIL’s son. After that he spread the germ to my younger girl when he is here. When my younger girl almost recovers, the germs go to my elder girl now. Poor mummy, had been sleep deprive for more than a week now. During mid-night, they will vomit or diarrhea few times, so this poor mummy got to busy clean up the messy plus feed them medicine on time coz they are having fever too.

In fact, hubby had planed for some outing during weekend last week and this week. However due to all not feeling well, make me no mood to go out too. looks like our Valentine’s dinner at New York Restaurants got to cancel too.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Wedding preparation

The moment when you plan to tie the knot with your love one, what is the first thing come to your mind? I think most likely is to choose which bridal house, right? It is very important to select best customer service bridal house. Other wise you might complaint a lot if their service level is poor. Other than selecting nice wedding gown, you also have to headache on what type of wedding favors are the best choice for your guest. Most bridal house will include wedding favors for their customer to select. Of course, you have to compare the price first before finalizing your choice.

Alternatively you can do the price comparison from internet since nowadays you can get lot of bridal house who do their business online!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Alarm clock

Both my girls start schooling now. Every morning their daddy will wake them up. Of course their daddy need alarm clock to wake him up first before he come and wake us up! LOL

My body alarm all these while is set at 7.00 - 7.10am. I will wake up automatically without anyone wake me up. However my elder is in primary school now, and her session start at 7.10am. Therefore she need to wake up by 6.10am latest, else she might be late. So we need daddy's help as he is always wake up at 6.00am before off to work. However the elder girl ask for an alarm clock now. She claimed that she need a personal alarm clock, so that we don't need to wake her up daily. Good idea? Now her daddy crack his head now, to think what type of clock to buy for her. Or shall he just buy her Polar watches that come with alarm function? How much will it cost? Time to do shopping now!

New dresses

After CNY festive, I am quite relax a bit coz not much sewing order in hand now. Which mean I have lot of time to develop some new dresses design that I got from internet. Currently I have few design on hand, so will try out one by one slowly. I did not buy new fabric for time being too coz I have to finish in hand fabric first before spend more on fabric. Else I may use up lot of capital which is not a wise decision especially crisis time now.

Haiz...better less talk about crisis time now, it will spoil my mood!

Let's see some of my latest dress collection:

Click to enlarge

Monday, February 09, 2009

Invest in coins

I think my BIL#2 can become a coin dealer now. The reason I said so is he has lots of coins from different countries. He will upload the coin at Ebay international and sell online. Mind you, the price that he listed is not cheap at all. I wonder why all these people willing to pay such high price just to keep the coin? Are those coins really worth that much? I doubt. Holding too many coins in hand also no good. This is because I see my BIL always carry the coin bag wherever he goes. He worries his bag missing, so always bring it along whenever he goes out. So stress ya. When he drive back to Melaka from Kuala Lumpur, he will bring along his bag too. *shake head*!

Saturday, February 07, 2009

Garden wall fountain

I like to see fountains, especially listen to the water running down sound. It's so comforting. I wish to have wall fountains at my garden in future too. Existing no place for me to fix this accessory coz my garden look lousy in another word. LOL

If possible, I want wall fountain like this:

When you look at it, you will have a feeling of old Roman Times. Don't you? It is so perfect for any outdoor garden setting or indoor environment too. The more I look at it, I more possession to wish to own it! :)

Diet and sick

Anyone can tell me where I can get diet pill that works right now? I had been eating a lot during Chinese New Year festive for the past 2 weeks. Lots of meat and junk cookies...until I am having sore throat and fever!!

Lucky I did not spread the germ to my girls, else I will be guilty as charged. However they still have cough, I think must be due to too much soft drink and keropok! Sigh...sien...usually festive season we happy and enjoy first, later part only suffer the pain!

Friday, February 06, 2009

Make you more prettier

I went to do facial wash at a hair saloon shop 2 months ago. Once a while should pamper myself, right? This saloon shop did provide facial wash service and their price is much cheaper than beauty house too. That’s why I afford to pay for it! LOL

Anyway, I was told learning to do facial wash or skin treatment is very popular nowadays. Many graduates after graduating from main course, they will take up a short course just to learn skin care or beauty knowledge. So that when they enter working life, they know how to treat their skin and face nicely. In fact, I regret I did not do that. As a result, I don’t know how to make myself look more elegant when come to office wear or make up! I wonder now beauty school houston will still accept me as their student or not!

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Lazy bug attacked me now!

CNY festive is over. Many commented we have 15 days to celebrate this festive, however to me, once I back to work, mean this festive is over. LOL

Back to reality now. After 1 week of break, now I feel so lazy to stay in office. Had been eat and sleep throughout the whole week, suppose rejuvenate enough and more aggressive in work. But I just don't have the mood to work now. to find back my mood and work hard on my e-website now!

Hey, feel free to visit my homemade clothing website whenever you are free. I also welcome your comments, be it positive or negative comments. Just shoot me!