Thursday, December 28, 2006

Finally DONE!

Yahooooo.....finally me finished all the 13 tailormade dresses for Miche. It took me more than 2 months to finish all the dresses, partly due to my long break. Other wise I could deliver to her in a month time. Sorry ya, Miche (or those little gals ), for keeping u guys waiting for so long. Too bad, I did not take any pictures of those dresses after completion. But some of it can view in Miche's blog, click here and here. Chinese New Year is approaching, anyone of you want to order dresses for your little girls? :)

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Yippie.....My blogspot recover!!

Finally! Been waiting for one month ler, exactly one month it took to recover. Before this I everyday come here to check on it. Now, where should I blog? Blogspot? WordPress? Think think think...... OK lar, finally decided to continue blog on wordpress.......pls do visit below link ya:

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


黄菲小女儿有裂唇,相信你们都知道吧。当我得知这消息时,心里真得很难过,一,心疼小婴儿将要挨得痛,二,更心疼黄菲将要承受的种种压力! 我不是黄菲迷,但我想说的是裂唇宝宝的故事。 我的外甥(大姐的儿子)也是裂唇小孩之一。他也和黄菲女儿一样,满月时就动手术, 然后再等他长大一点,应该是一岁左右吧,在做第二次手术。你知道这两次的手术,宝宝将要承受多大得痛吗?不知道列?我也不知道,但每次看到他哭的时候,我大姐都会哭,而在旁的我也会哭。大姐心疼宝宝的痛,但又爱莫能助, 唯有哭啰。而我和二姐又帮不上忙,也在旁跟着哭啰!哎,女人真的是水做成的! 我是可怜宝宝这麽小就要承受这种痛, 为什麽会酱呢?大姐和大姐夫都是健康人士啊! 宝宝住院的日子,几乎每天都看到大姐在哭,看得我好心疼。有时宝宝饿了,哭着要喝奶,但缝过的唇又痛,唯有放声大哭。告诉你,如果你在场的话,如果你是有血有肉的话,你也会掉眼泪。黄菲此刻的心情,相信我大姐是最了解的了。 话说回我的外甥,经过好几次的手术,唇补好了,疤痕不是很明显,说话也很清楚。最开心的莫过于是我大姐了。他的学校成绩也很好,UPSR还全科A呢!对了,他现在已是13岁的小男孩了。

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

PhD, May I?

"Can I take PhD?" "Nope!" "Why?" "........." "You don't want a doctor to become your husband?" "Why must I?" "Status mah!" "I can call u doctor at home!" LOL "It's different." ***********************

"Can I take PhD?" "No." "Why?" "I will suffer for 5 years." "But after 5 years, I'll have more than for you." "How?" "After getting my PhD, I can be lecturer, my time will be more flexible, then will have more time lor."

********************* Hubby been asking me many many times on this topic. Why I not allow him to take PhD? Mainly due to I will have no more Sunday family time to be with him, and only Sunday is the best time for us to be with the kids. He'll take it as part time student, just like he done for his MBA, then attend classes every Sunday from 9am to 5pm. For MBA, he took 2 years to complete all his papers (target set at 2 years and he able to achieve it), while for PhD, he needs at least 5 years. For me, this is a long period.

I fully support him for taking up MBA as he been begging me for long time, I feel guilty, so give in. Another reason is at that time Wien already 1 year old, she need less attention as compare to newborn. Now he feel both girls are big enough, also need less attention from us, so he hope can pursue his PhD.

I don't know how serious he is with this PhD, but he almost everyday ask the same question and also had took back the application form from MMU. I do hope he is not serious this time!

Am I selfish?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Convo @ MMU, Cyberjaya

Finally hubby graduated from his MBA in Business Management. Congratulations, dear!

Last Saturday, hubby and I went to MMU Cycberjaya. All graduates have to be there by 7.30am for registration; that’s mean we have to depart from our place by 5am, approximately 2 hour drive. So, we wake up at 4am+, pretty early huh. Due to this reason, we didn’t bring along the girls. At first I plan to bring Wien only, but hubby disagree, as he plan to take this chance to pak tor with me…hehehe…also very lucky I did not bring her , as the convo session so bored and long too!:( 7am sharp - reached there, already crowded with graduates, parents and visitors. Hubby went to do his registration, after that I went to parent and visitors’ entrance. The event run smoothly but too bad the speech given by the counselor (Dr Siti Hasmah) and Honor degree holder ( forgot the name) very very long. Each of them took 30 min to finish their speech, I almost fall asleep, very bored indeed. What impress me during the event is, the graduates name pronunciations was done by computerization. All they need is to scan their student smart card and registration via student smart card too. While queuing for receiving their certificate, scan the card first, then the computer will read out their name accordingly. At the same time, the big screen will show their photo and dedicatitions. Bravo to MMU student who has this creative mind! These definitely ease the event. But the system was down on and off, hubby said he did dedicate some words to me but me no chance to see it, the system was down while his turn and I miss the dedications….:( Well, we plan to sneak out after hubby’s turn got his certificate, but fail. 2 people standing at the main hall’s entrance, to make sure everyone of us sitting kuai kuai there till the end of the convo…sigh…no choice. Back to the hall and sleeping there (with my eyes open!). The ceremony started at 8am, finish at 1.00pm, can you imagine how tire we are? By 12pm+, I started to feel hungry, I can see some visitors taking out their bread and biscuit and eating too. Cannot blamed them, blamed the screw up event. At that time I feel lucky as I did not bring Wien along, else she will suffer too. When the event finish, we waste almost 45 min just to look for each other. Due to so many people using hp to locate their family member, until the line also congested. At first we had agreed to meet at one place, but that place so crowded, I don’t think hubby can see me though due to my petite size. So I walk to less crowded place, try to reach him by hp, but after 45min only manage to talk to him. By that time already 1.45pm, our stomachs already start drumming, poor us. Our next plan is to go 1 Utama for shopping. So after abt 1 hr drive, we reach our destination with hubby’s friend guide. After having our quick lunch, we start our shopping journey. Why select 1 U? Mainly due to we never been that place lor! Nothing much to see there; still prefer shop at KLCC or Mid Valley. Btw, I saw Kidsport there, finally. So next time if got gathering there, pls count me in as I know the direction already. hehehe…
Right: saw many sunflower bouquet, so beautiful!
Left : cute cute Pooh.
Hubby on stage and the screen. Sorry, can post his photo big big here, no permission given by him ler..

Friday, August 11, 2006

Wien go concert

PIL and SIL went to watch concert(performance sound better) last night, they brought Wien along too. That was a presentation presented by a group of teenager from Yun Nan & Kun Ming, China. Two weeks ago, MIL already mentioned she plan to bring Wien there since now she can enjoy those singing, so she get FIL to buy the entrance ticket. Each ticket cost RM30 per person, rather cheap as they do serve meal at the same time. My PIL love to join these kind of performance, each time China group performers came to town, sure they will buy ticket and join. This time, MIL very sure Wien can sit still and enjoy the show, so she brought her along. Wien very excited , so she behave very good gal these few days! In fact, this show not allow kids below 5 years old to enter, but they not so strict on the entrance, so Wien able to sneak in!:P Last night when they are back, MIL told me, Wien so happy when she heard most songs are so familiar to her; after 3rd songs, she even stood up on the chair and sing along with them. Too bad, no camera to capture the funny moment....

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Anyone can compete with her?

p/s : This post was in my draft quite some time, almost forgot about it until I saw Zara's peeling off petai skin photos. Lyon also another little kpc at home, she love to help out, although some time she just create the mess for us. No choice, we just let her help. She like to help Ma Ma to peel off garlic skin, and she only use her little finger to peel it off. Can anyone of you compete with her? Frankly, I need small knife to assist me, also my eyes will getting "painful" after a while doing this. Amazingly, she is ok with all these!

Concentrating peeling garlic skin
Left : Put into basket....Right : Nah, give mummy one
Top : Opps, my eyes pain lar....Bottom : But still can open my eyes !

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Yam Cake - 芋头圈

Yam cake is one of my favorite dish during eating out. Long long time had been thinking to try to do it at home, only last weekend manage to try it out after I bought a packet of wheat starch.

Usual shape for yam cake was in ring form, but if I make in ring form, then I have to use lot of cooking oil (to cover the whole ring) , which is quite wasted at the end. My MIL and myself only keep used fried cooking oil for max 2 days only. Therefore being creative mind (ahem...), I make in small pieces, easy to fry also easy to eat too! :P

Later I cook sweet & sour pork put on top of the yam cake! Done!

Monday, August 07, 2006

Potatoes Meat Ball

Long time never make potatoes meat ball. Saturday dinner I included this as one of the dish. The 2 girls like it very much, keep eating this without taking their rice! :) Simple recipe here!

Friday, August 04, 2006


妈咪和大瓜 "妈咪,我要熊熊衣。像阿妹酱的。" "没有了喔。这件是大姨给阿妹的 " "做一件给我啦! " "哈?很难车咧! " "你慢慢车啰! " "好啦,好啦。不过你要听妈咪的话喔!不可以欺负小妹。 "(。。说不过他,只好答应她先。。) "嗯。" 看来大瓜可是把我当偶像了,以为我是万能的。惨啰,熊熊衣可不容易车咧!


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Plastic screen car?

On the way back from office. Fram far, I can see this kancil driving pretty slow, suspect the driver must be talking with hp. When I get closer to the car, noticed the back wind screen was not as usual; wonder how come the screen color was like that. Being kpc, get closer a bit, noticed the back was covered nicely by a plastic. Oh, broken wind screen and covered with plastic... hehehe... The driver seal the plastic so nice, I think he still can survive for few days before sending to workshop. He is driving too slow ( guess is 50-55km/hr), so I overtook him. True enough, the Malay fella was talking to his hp....*sigh* okok, this post nothing special or funny, I just want to tell what I saw yesterday! :D

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Play @ Big Field

Recently Wien likes to tag along with MIL, go to big field EARLY morning. Why I say EARLY morning? Well, they go there about 6.30am, don’t you think this is pretty early for a kid aged 4? MIL has a hobby doing exercise in the morning (晨运) She slept with Ma Ma nowadays, so when Ma Ma ‘s alarm ring @ 6am, she would probably wake up together with her; or sometimes Ma Ma wake her up @ 5am or 6am, to pee at potty (she is in the progress of diaperless at night now), she will become awake and beg her bring her along. Ma Ma would bring her along, but occasionally she will tell her today no exercise, coax her to sleep back. When she fall asleep again, only she wake up and sneak out….but if she wake up found Ma Ma already out, she will cry and come to my room…sigh…. Why she like to tag along? 2 main attractions there. 1. She likes to run around the field and also can meet with other kids. I am surprise as there are many kids there too, parent doing exercise while their kids playing there, one stone shot 2 birds, 一举两得,何乐不为呢?Some kids even bring their book and share with her, be it Chinese kid or Malay kid. She will tell me after she is back. 2. After big field, Ma Ma will bring her to kid’s playground, just next to the big field. She can play crazily there because morning not so crowded. Sometimes I really discourage her go there, mainly becos she sleep less than 10 hour in a day ( nap time approximately 2hour only, at night 11pm only goes to bed). But hubby seems like no objection, so I just close one eye, unless she sleeps with me again. But then hubby will say: hey , not easy to kick her out from our room, and now you wanna she come back again! Hehehe….this daddy ah always wants to kick them to another room!

Monday, July 31, 2006


小瓜在大瓜的影响下也学会唱歌了。虽然咬字还不是很清楚,但我认为这已足够了!会继续慢慢的教她。每次大瓜在唱的时候,她都会在旁哼或一起唱; 往往她都以不是很清楚的唱调跟姐姐一起唱, 而且希望唱得比姐姐更大声。 爸爸教她唱妹妹歌,一个字一个字的教,终于教出成绩来了。说真的,爸爸很引以为荣喔! 。。。小瓜录出来的声音还蛮像大瓜的。。。

Friday, July 28, 2006

Up! Up! Up!

My girls’ choice of milk powder increase price again! Increase up to more than 10% some more! :( Yesterday went to Chinese Medical Hall, only realised the increase of price. If I knew earlier, sure I will stock up some tin at home. *sigh* This Enfa group milk powder never fail to “upgrade” their price EVERY YEAR! Each time was increased up to 10 ~ 12%...but mummy's salary do not have so much increase ler! Sob sob…now I wish I could have breast milk, FOC! :P

The new price also mean new packing & new look for the tin. They claimed that there is new ingredient called KOLINA in new tin, I yet to study what is KOLINA, also don't know what's benefit too! Does all these new ingredients really help in kids development? Or just cause the kids more active? :P Ever think of to change brand, but the girl very choosy, they can differentiate the smell and taste. Each time when I tried new formula for them, I hide the tin or box, but they still can tell it’s not their normal brand! *shake head*

Thursday, July 27, 2006

Coupon System.....cause me put on weight!

After implementing uniform system, my boss also implements coupon system for all workers and staff. Every month each of us entitle RM30 coupon and can be used in our canteen. We can buy anything from canteen using the coupon. For office staff, we use to take lunch at outside, but occasionally we will ta pau from canteen. But we cannot everyday eat canteen food as they cook Malay food which is spicy all the time. So we still almost everyday eat outside, then we use the coupon to buy other thing from there. We use to go during tea break, as the canteen did make some Malay kuih, fried noodles (mee hoon, kuey teow, mee etc) or roti canai. If we did not buy those stuff, then we can buy soft drink or junk food too. In other words, just buy whatever you like, to make sure we utilized the RM30 coupon in the same month. Don’t waste! The disadvantage is I tend to eat more now, really really have to control my food intake. But our canteen fried noodles very nice, just couldn’t resist to eat them! Recently noticed I been put on weight for nearly 2kg! Wow, to reduce 1 kg is so difficult, yet I have 2 kg to loose now! Now I try not to buy kuih or fried noodle during tea break, but buy various type of bread and bring back for the girls…… Got to do more exercise too!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Night night...but don't want to sleep.

Little Lyon sleep very late nowadays. After change her into pyjamas, feed her milk, then she will look for her smelly blanket and pacifier. She will waive night night to everyone before enter her bed room (my bed room lar), at the same time she’ll tell everyone: 我要睡觉了,night night…. In the room, she will sing or hum song, roll here and there. After tired of singing alone, she will ask mummy to sing too. She will tell mummy which song to sing. Sometimes I purposely sing wrongly, she’ll correct me. When she bored, she will find excuse to come out from bedroom. She will tell she want to pee, I ask her to pee in diaper, but she said want to pee at her potty….sigh…no way I can stop her. Take off her diaper and bring her out. She was so happy, sitting at her potty and refuses to stand up even though she had finished peeing. Tell you, sometimes she can demand up to 5 times that she want to pee, but in actual, she only pee one time. Then I and she can in and out from the room up to 5 times too! This can drag till 12am!!!! One day I caught her weakness. Dogs bark very loud at night, guess they are fighting. She scared and quickly rolled to me and closed her eyes. At the same time, she pats her chest and telling me: 阿妹怕怕! (Ah Mei scare scare!). I tell her if scare then better sleep now, else the dogs will keep barking and they may come to our house then! LOL….then I sing to her, very soon she fall asleep already! : P She likes to watch dogs and cats, how come so scare ler? I also don't know. So now if she still refuses to sleep, I will make dog, cat or insect sound, and it works most of time! LOL…bad mummy ya....don’t worry, it wouldn’t cause her nightmare!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Why she scare of 骨头人?

骨头人 = skeleton Why Wien so scare of skeleton? Even though just a picture? Let's tell the story now.... All started with her naughty papa. At one time, she refuse to take her meal or eat extremely slow during meal time. Most of the time during meal time, she will claim her stomach pain or want to do big business. Papa cannot stand her slowness and also cannot accept her excuse (we knew she is telling lies), so he decide to show her some children starve to death pictures, just to frightene her. Is this a right way? I don't know. But I not agreed with papa's idea as I myself also scare and dislike to view those pic, me very soft hearten type. Papa coax her to see either newspaper or internet news if has any of those children starve pic, poor Wien will cry after seeing those scary pic. He also save some copies into his notebook, from time to time will coax her to see also. I cannot stand her crying sometimes, so I scold hubby instead! Scold her for being so EFNTD. While she is crying, papa will tell her cannot always say don't want to eat meal, else she will be like them. Also cannot simply waste food, other kids were starving till so skinny or even starve to death. I am not sure she understand or not, as now she still eat quite slow and left some food behind after her meal. Example of pic that Wien called as 骨头人...

Monday, July 24, 2006

Wien 1st Cinema Trip (II)

As promised in earlier post, I am going to blog on Wien's experience in cinema last Saturday. From my place to MP need approximate 1 hour drive, plus the movie start at 10am ( so early!!!), hence we got to wake up not later than 7.30am, and we got to leave from home by 8.30am other wise we will be very rush then. You know la, I have two girls to kau-tim. Reached cinema, already saw many of hubby's colleagues queuing there waiting for their ticket. Hubby and Wien join the queue while I bring Lyon walk around near that area since the shopping mall not open yet. After a while, I heard kid crying sound, being kpc I turn to where the sound come from. Oh my, I saw my Wien was crying there! Wonder what happen to her, I quickly run to her. She still crying and no answer my question. Lyon and I keep consoling her and ask her stop crying. Lyon keep saying : 阿姐,不要哭啦!(Ah Jie, don't cry lar!). Later she told me don't want to watch Superman anymore...but refuse to tell me the reason. Hubby so upset & angry with her, as we woke up so early today, just to bring her to cinema, and now she refuse to enter. Hubby almost cancel to watch too! Later I saw Pirates of the Caribbean II poster hanging at the cinema, as this movie also start at the same time. I think I knew the reason already, she must be thinking papa going to bring her watch Pirates of the Caribbean instead of Superman. She really really really scare of seeing 骨头人, frightened by papa before, will blog it later. I told her many times that she is going to watch Superman, not that horrible movie, she seem calm down a little bit. Later I brought her to see Superman poster and convince her too. Hubby's female colleague also try to convince her. Then hubby brought her to redeem popcorn and soft drink, she ask me to stay with her to watch the movie, but I told her mummy no ticket, cannot enter but will wait for her outside the cinema. She want to start crying again...*sigh* this girl really make me headache, so eager to watch Superman, yet want me to accompany her. Hubby warn her if she cry again, he'll straight away drive us home. works! After I saw them walked into the cinema then only brought Lyon to the mall to start our shopping journey! But I still expect hubby will call me....hahaha...lucky nope! Guess she must be so excited upon seeing the big TV!! I spent 2.5 hour with Lyon in the mall, we go to all shop lot, see shoes, clothes, dress, toys, books etc etc...she never give me any trouble! Yipeee....mummy can shop happily while she either sit in trolly or walk by her own. Too bad mummy forgot to bring camera, else I can capture some of her funny act there! She prefer walking rather than mummy carry her....Funny thing is she can mix around with stranger in the mall, no cry or fuss. But if stranger come to our house, she will cry and stick to me! About 1230, guess the movie about to finish, so we wait for them at food court. During lunch, I keep asking Wien how's the movie & cinema, but she did not tell me more, she must be feel paiseh of her act just now. Hubby said no special thing happen, she cannot see the whole screen as the front row chair block her eye sight, so she has to sit on papa's lap for the 2.5 hour!! Wow ! I can imagine how tire hubby's leg! She is excited when Superman is shown in the screen, when boring moment she just sit queitly at papa's lap, eating popcorn or drink. Hubby said inside the cinema also has other kids, running here and there too, hp also keep ringing while the show was on. But no one care as all are colleagues from same company...:( After lunch,we went to McD to meet up with Michelle Soo (In His Time). She looks slim, although just give birth to a baby boy a month ago; want to know her slimming secret? Go and read this! It was nice meeting with her , her hubby and the 2 little girls! Belle really good girl, sitting there queitly and do not monkeying around like my Wien. Next time we can meet at JJ WOnderland, threw the kids there and we can chit chat. See, I make new friends again via blog.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Wien 1st Cinema Trip

As mentioned in early post, hubby going to bring Wien to watch Superman Return. Date and time has been fixed. Since this is her first movie in cinema, let's see what will happen then! :D Lyon and me will hanging around in the parade while waiting for both of them.

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

蝴蝶 - Butterfly Girl

。。。蝴蝶,蝴蝶生得美丽 头戴着金冠身穿花花衣 你爱花儿花也爱你 你会跳舞她有甜蜜。。。 小瓜穿上大瓜的蝴蝶衣,还蛮合身的呢!犹记得大瓜是在她俩岁时穿的, 现在小瓜还不到两岁。难道小瓜比大瓜大只吗?可是小瓜看起来好像小不点咧!

Monday, July 17, 2006

What did I buy?

I had draft a shopping list during my shopping day. I Have to do it, else I will buy rubbish home as previous year! Then someone sure "ngi ngi ngo ngo" you know who I am refering too!:D My shopping list.....

  • shoes for the girls
  • Bermuda shorts for hubby upon his request!
  • my sandal
  • cardigan for myself
  • swim suit for the girls
  • diapers for Lyon
  • food stuff from supermarket, grab whatever is on sale!

Must Not buy below items....

  • clothes or dresses for the girls - since they have enough stock now.
  • no dress or clothes for myself - since office already start wearing uniform.
  • my shoes - I still have 1 brand new pair of shoes inside the shoe rack.
  • bedsheet - current one still in good condition.

End up, what I bought....

  • my girls' shoes ( 2 pair for Lyon, one for Wien)
  • 2 pair working shoes for myself! See, I bought working shoes again, even though not in my shopping list! I cannot resist from buying them lar, up to 70% discount nice sandal for me so buy working shoes lor! Anyway, I just love buying shoes...
  • 3 short pants for hubby, 2 for myself (same brand, same color with hubby's but different size lar!)
  • one working blouse for hubby.
  • diapers for Lyon
  • one long pants for Wien
  • one tee for myself
  • food stuff according to the list.
  • arm band for the girls.

Aiyah, those swim suit was not on sale, still as expensive as before. I was eyeing on some nice & cute swim suit for the girls. Only manage to get them the arm band. Looks like I am going to DIY for can say me stingy if you want ... :P

Left : Wien - red // Lyon - Blue & yellow Right : my shoes

hehe...I didn't take pictures for other stuff I bought....Lazy!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Joke of the day

Hubby factory giving out free ticket to watch Superman Return. If anyone of us wants to go, have to pay RM2 for additional ticket. I am not a superman fans, don’t think Lyon will sit still in cinema too, so I suggest hubby to bring Wien along, since this girl never been to cinema yet. Am sure she will be fascinated over the big screen. Conversation between hubby and Wien: H : 爸爸带你去看 superman,要吗?(Papa bring you watch superman, want or not?) W: 要,要!(want , want!) 我也要看 Ultraman, Batman! (I also want to watch Ultraman, Batman!) H : 哗!酱要看Postman吗?(Wah, then Postman want or not?) W: 哈哈!不要啦!Postman 穿长裤罢了!(hahaha…dun want la, postman wear trouser only!) H : …speechless a while…. W: Superman, Batman 和 Ultraman 的底裤穿在外面嘛!(Superman, Batman and Ultraman’s underwear wear at outside mah!) All of us laugh when she say the last sentence! LOL ...she only interested on Superman's underwear!!!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lyon's Talks

Lyon clever to speak now, sometimes she really surprises us with her new words. We noticed she speak faster and better than Wien at this age; half credit must give to Wien as she did spoke to her quite often. We love to watch 2 of them communicate sometimes; Lyon can understand well what Wien told her. One day hubby brought back some colorful sweets, given by his boss who brought back from Germany. After dinner, he distributed to the girls, each one has one. I hinted hubby hides the balance; if not sure they will demand for more. True enough, after Lyon finish hers, she go to papa and ask for another one. Lyon : 爸爸,糖,糖 (Papa, sweets, sweets) Papa : 没有了 (No more) Lyon : 爸爸,我要糖!(Papa, I want sweet!)...teh her papa with her sweet voice... Papa : 没有了, 吃完了。(No more, finish already.) Lyon : 你们没有给我的(You all no give me )…show sour face and going to cry We really surprise she said : 你们没有给我的 we never say this to her before, wonder where she pick up this. Some more show her sour face and look so pity! LOL ....end up, papa gave her another one, then only she happily walk away and play her toys!
Most of the time Lyon was a little parrot in the house, she will just follow what we been told her, exactly the whole sentence. When she is in good mood, she will come close to us and teasing us, just like how we teased her when she cries or being naughty. She likes to do this to her Ma Ma…. Lyon : 你是爱哭包 yeah! …her little finger point to Ma Ma’s nose… Ma Ma : 不是,你才是爱哭包! Lyon : 你很坏蛋! Ma Ma : 不是,你才很坏蛋! After that she will go to Gong Gong, and say the same word to him.
My PIL just love to play with her like that….

Tuesday, July 11, 2006


我家门前有小河, 后面有山坡。 山坡上面野花多, 野花红似火。 小河里有白鹅, 鹅儿戏绿波。 戏弄绿波鹅儿快乐, 昂头唱清歌。

Click here to listen.

Masterpiece of Wien

Hew drawing has green hills, colorful house, bright sun, small river, one big and small fish, red flower, few birds. But no idea what is the blue items in the sky!LOL....items she drew slightly similar to the song that she sang above.

Monday, July 10, 2006

Hurricane in my house too!

My 2 girls has lots of toys in the house. Hubby cannot stand toys all over the house, so he had kept few containers and bags (travel luggage) in store room; left only 2 containers in living halls. Even with 2 containers only, they also can mess up the hall as shown in picture, cannot imagine what if we took out ALL the containers out! Guess they have to nap on top of the toys! LOL.. Good thing is they had been trained forced by papa to keep the toys back to original place after playing; otherwise, papa will threw away whatever left on the floor and their papa really mean it! Wien will just keep those toys if her papa ask her : do you want me help you or you yourself keep your toys? As she knew papa will just threw away if she refuse to keep, she had experience it before! But if mummy ask them to keep, only Lyon (I must praise her is a good girl) will do so and Wien will drag, drag and drag and say : wait, wait, wait! Usually either I'll help them keep or I just call: papa, papa, see, ah jie refuse to keep toys again! Hahaha...usually this work pretty well, she will quickly come and do her job! LOL...but very sad hor, she not listen to me...:(

Friday, July 07, 2006

咕噜肉 (sweet & sour pork)


Thursday, July 06, 2006

Take a day off....

Another shopping day for myself....yes, me shop alone, without the girls monkeying around or without hubby beside me telling me :hurry up, time to go back now!....this is the day I look forward and I can shop till I drop!

I will take a day off from work and clock in in JJ at 9.00am, estimate will clock out at 5.00pm gua! LOL thing dislike during the day is : TOO CROWDED! But who care wor!? can count me crazy...

Wednesday, July 05, 2006


Wien knows most of our family member’s Chinese horoscope. Below funny conversation took place few times, but we just couldn’t answer her most of time…. Last night she asked again…. Wien: 妈咪,你是老鼠是吗?(Mummy, you are rat right?) Me : 嗯。(Hmmm…) Wien : 维维是马咧!为什麽老鼠会生马的?(Wei Wei is horse! But why rat can give birth to horse?) Me : 哈?你讲生麽?(Har? What you said?) Wien : 老鼠应该生老鼠的嘛!(rat should give birth to rat mah!) Me : 喔!哈哈!(Oh! LOL!) Wien : 小妹是monkey, 为什麽老鼠也会生monkey的?很奇怪咧!(Xiao Mei is monkey, why rat also can give birth to monkey? Very strange ler!) Me : 哈哈!哈哈!(LOL!)…I just laughing on her as I really don't know hot to answer her… Later she goes to look for MIL…… Wien : 嬷嬷,你应该生我的咧!因为你是马嘛。(Ma Ma, you suppose to give birth to me becos you are horse!) MIL : 是咯,嬷嬷生你的,你应该叫我妈咪。(Yalor, Ma Ma give birth to you, so you should call me mummy ) Wien : 嘻嘻!不可以叫你妈咪的。(hehehe…cannot call you mummy.) MIL : 可以啦!(Can lar!) Wien : 不可以的,你酱老了!(Cannot, you are OLD already!)....LOL.... End conversation. Any idea how to answer her in case she asks again?

Tuesday, July 04, 2006


After give birth to Wien, I did use 呼拉圈 to do exercise, hoping my waist can back to pre-pregnancy measurement, also to loose some extra fat at my body. But after few months, my waist still 2' above pre-pregnancy. So I gave up. But sometimes I did play with it when I am free! This morning, saw MIL doing exercise using the 呼拉圈 at porch, Wien also took out hers and follow her. Don't be surprise when you see the picture below. Yes, the 呼拉圈 is giant type, I ever measured the diameter is 2 inches! ....and I am using it to do excercise last time too! It looks big and giant, and quite heavy too; but it easily can make u sweat in just less than 10 minutes! Mind you, it might hurt your waist if you not familiar with it. Read here for the disadvantage of using it. I remember after using this giant 呼拉圈, I felt pain at my waist; but after few practises, it seem ok for me. That's why I dare to continue playing with it.

The giant 呼拉圈
When I play with it, MIL did warn me sometimes : eh, make sure now you not pregnant har, else I got no eye to see har! LOL, she is too cute sometimes! Of course I know what I am doing and I know the consequences of playing with 呼拉圈 if I am carrying a baby! btw, Wien very good at playing with 呼拉圈, she can turn it about 8-9 rounds using her own 呼拉圈! Consider quite good result for her age now. My SIL#1's daughter (10 years old) still cannot turn for so many rounds! :P

Wien & Lyon's 呼拉圈(Yellow=Wien, Red=Lyon)

Friday, June 30, 2006


最近看到报章报道宝墨园,又让我回想起那里漂亮的情景。只可惜我不是诗家,文笔又不好, 不然就能用富有思情化意的笔墨来形容她的美景! 看回上一次写得部落格, 发觉我并没有放清明上河图的相片。 <清明上河图>已被列入“大世界基尼斯之最”, 在宝墨园可看到她的巨型瓷塑。可在这里看回我上一次写的旅游情景。 宝墨园,一个让我去了还想再去的地方!

Thursday, June 29, 2006


最近小不点很会撒娇, 有时真得受不了她! Lyon very manja nowadays, partly due to our fault too. When Wien snatch her toys or whatever in her hands, she’ll scream or yell, then we will tend to scold Wien for her bad behavior towards Mei Mei. After few times, she knows we side for her and she took advantage on this. She will complaint for small tiny thing using her good sentences! Yup, she can speak well now, sometimes we surprise on her speech development too! ** When both of them playing together, if Wien suddenly snatch her belonging, she will go to Ma Ma and complaint: - 阿姐欺负阿妹!阿姐打阿妹!( Ah Jie bully Ah Mei! Ah Jie beat Ah Mei!) But poor Ah Jie never beat her wor!….*sigh* ** When she draws on the floor or table…. Wien : 阿妹,不可以画地上。(Ah Mei, cannot draw on the floor…) Lyon : …start crying and run to me or Ma ma …阿姐骂我!阿姐骂我!(Ah Jie scold me, Ah Jie scold me!) ** After drinking water, she split out some water on the mattress… Papa : 阿妹,不可以酱哈(Ah Mei, cannot do that har!)…slightly raise up his voice… Lyon : …start crying and run to me or Ma ma …爸爸骂我!爸爸骂我!(Papa scold me, Papa scold me!) ** Feeding time, she keep walking here and there… Mummy : 妹,快点过来吃饭!(Mei, faster come over, finish your meal)…slightly raise up my voice.. Lyon : …start crying too…妈咪骂阿妹! (Mummy scold Ah Mei!) ** Terrible part is sometimes she will complain someone (either Ah Jie or papa) beat her when they talk to her with slightly high tone, though no one beat her. Lyon : ...she cry and come to me... Mummy : 为什麽哭?(why cry ah?) Lyon : 阿姐打我! (Ah Jie beat me!) Mummy : 是么?打你哪里呢?(Really? where she beat you?) Lyon : 这里。(Here)...point to her stomach... Mummy : ....pretend urut her and tell her Jie Jie never beat her, cannot tell lie ya.... Lyon : ..nodded her head... ....see, how manja she is...*sigh*

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Four...finally!

Been tagged by dear Sabrina and it goes...

Four jobs I would stink at: * Doctor – I think I will fainted when see blood. * Writer – poor writing skill and grammar, you can sense it from my humble blog too! * Model – no nice body figure, not tall enough (very short indeed) and no pretty face! * Boss – no leadership skill. Still prefer as a 打工仔!

Four pretend nicknames I make up for myself: * Tembam – (Malay: chubby face), according to my mum, this name was given by my Malay babysister. Surprise I have Malay as my babysister? * No other nick name so far….

Four movies I have watched over and over: * The Sound of Music – love the songs! * Winnie the Pooh – I like Pooh too! * NIL * NIL – not a movie fans

Four places I have lived: * My mum’s womb – agreed? * Durian Tunngal – before marriage * Tangkak – after marriage. Guess will be permanent resident here, unless buy new house in Melaka. * NIL

Four things I love to do on my weekends: ** Cooking – only weekend free to cook. ** Sleeping – nap with the girls! One of my favorite hobby too! ** Sewing – if no nap then I will do my sewing. ** Shopping – yes, I love shopping, I can shop from 10am -10pm before marriage!

Four TV shows I geek out to, or used to geek out to: * NIL * NIL * NIL * NIL – told you I am not a TV or movie fans lor..

Four alcoholic beverages I’ve enjoyed on offshore vacations: ** Beer ** Red wine ** …2 type only…not dare to try others…

Four things I could NOT live without (besides oxygen, H20, and miscellaneous life-sustaining substances, included our kids and hubby and family member): * My dear hubby * My 2 precious girls * My car * Computer

Four of my favorite foods, partnered with people with whom I enjoy eating said foods: * 芋头圈 * McDonald’s McChicken * Bak kut teh * My own fried chicken

Four places I would rather be right now: * Mount Titlis, Switzerland – been there during winter, so nice scenery! * Paris - wish to go again with hubby. * Japan - love the culture and cleanliness there. * Australia - wish to enjoy farm life there.

No tag anyone here, as most of you have been tagged.

Monday, June 26, 2006


Naughty Lyon know how to use 滚啊 (stay away from me) to chase us off nowadays. When she is happily playing alone or watching TV, if someone ( either Gong Gong, Wien or papa) approach her and want to disturb her, if she feel piss off, she will say 滚啊, at the same time, her hand will try to push them away. No need to guess, she pick up this from Wien; Wien will say that to Gong Gong when both of them fighting over the TV. One day I was bathing her, when finish bathing; want to bring her out from bathroom, she say 滚啊 to me! Meaning that she still want to play with water; so I just walk out, then she start yelling….now she still will say 滚啊 to me but with a very manja voice and sly smile…...but to other family member still with her stern voice…foresee she will be a fierce girl in future! (just like her mummy..kekeke)

Leave me alone lar....

I am OK now!

Haloooooo......I am ok now...thank you for all the well wishes!!! Now I can play, eat and sleep as usual....past few days I just sit on my potty, no appetite to eat and drink too! I must give my mummy a big hug and kiss, becos she does not sleep well for the past few days too! Muak muak muak...

Friday, June 23, 2006


Wien having fever now, today is the 4th day. Other than fever, she also having diarrhoea, stomach ache and vomiting. With fever alone, already make me worry sick, further now she is vomiting too! Her sickness exactly same as Twinsmom's Belles. Both Belles got the sickness since 16/06/06, but my girl got it since 20/06/06, looks like the germ had been spread down to my place...LOL 20/06/06 Wake up in the morning, found she is having fever. Thought is normal fever, so just feed her paracethamol before I left to work. Tell MIL to monitor her fever, if still not down, continue to feed her the medicine after 4 hour. She still can play and running here and there the whole day. At night, she start vomiting and having diarrhoea. Vomit and diarrhoea few times during midnight. 21/06/06 Morning brought her to see dr. After medicine, she seem ok; no loost stool, no fever, so MIL did not continue feeding her. Been telling her many times the medicine must continue to consume at least for 2-3 days, cannot stop. But she not follow my word, as she thought taking those medicine will cause her sleepy the whole day!!! I always wish I could be SAHM whenever my girls are sick, so that I can monitor closely by myself. *sigh* I quickly feed her medicine after knowing she did not take it for afternoon session. Sleepless night for papa and mummy. She sleep with MIL before this, but if she is sick, I will get her to sleep with me. Other wise I dont think I can sleep well too! 22/06/06 Still having fever, stomach ache, loose stool vomitting and no appetite to eat. Keep reminding MIL to feed her medicine on time, cannot skip. At night high fever again, another sleepless night for papa and mummy. 23/06/06 This morning fever at 38.6 c. See doctor again. He gave suppository to bring down the fever. Monitor closely and feed her medicine on time too. Pray hard she will getting better by today! Still don't know what cause her sickness....*sigh*...but at least we know it is not dengue!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


人物 维维:大瓜 甲乙丙丁:三姑六婆或姨妈姑姐 甲:维维吃饭还要妈咪喂哈?某某人自己吃饭啰! 乙:某某人和维维同月生,可是人家高她一个头了。维维好像很矮咧! 丙:维维还穿纸尿片?某某人两岁就没穿了! 丁:维维还没上学哈?你不怕她跟不上? 甲 : 四岁还吸拇指?没有叫她戒? 很。。。。讨厌人家拿别人或自己的孩子来跟我的孩子比较!!!!有什麽好比呢?有时真的是很生气,但又不能当众骂回她。**@@##**^-^ ***************************************************************
人物 - 小瓜 - 陌生人 = 三姑六婆或姨妈姑姐 陌生人:为什麽看到我就哭? 陌生人:哎呀!哭倒酱可怜,你一定是很少带她出门! 陌生人:酱没有用,Auntie 要抱你也不可以。 陌生人:哎呀,看到我就偏嘴巴,不可爱了啰! 怕陌生人也有错?求求你们这些三姑六婆,姨妈姑姐远离我的小瓜,你们都知道她是怕你们的,还要过来弄她哭。这不是小瓜的错,也不是我们的错,是天生的!

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Soft Mushroom cooking type

Wonder how you guys cook this type of mushroom. Usually I will either cook it with mix vege, such as carrot, broccoli, japanese taufu, celery, some meat, etc can just add whatever you like, then seasoning with some oyster sauce. This will be a simple dish as well. p/s : no photo taken...

....or just fried like that with a little bit of oyster sauce; But I don't like to eat this way(dont know the reason too), although is simple! hehehe....FIL like this way, proof that he is not a fussy eater like me!

This is plain fried (清炒)style.

Later one of my friend taught me deep fried it with KFC powder (or any other brand that suit your taste); and the taste very nice! YUmmy yUmmy!

This is deep fried style.

If you never try before, perhaps u can give this a try. Just coated with the powder and deep fried! You can also coated with egg first before coated with the powder; just like the way we deep friend chicken. Happy trying!

p/s: anyone can share with me, is there any other cooking style for this mushroom?

Monday, June 19, 2006


June 01, 2006. Our office staffs start wearing T-shirt as uniform, including the bosses; to show the uniformity. The tee can match with either pants or skirt, no jean is allow. Lucky the tee's color is white and blue, which can easily match. All of us can get 3 white and 2 blue, so no need to worry have to wash it daily! I only did the washing for my work wear during weekend. The production workers been wearing uniform since this factory start their operation, guess is 15 years back. Why now only implementing to us? The idea comes from the boss himself. After his business trip to oversea, visited many customer’s workplace, he noticed all of them were wearing uniform, including top management. So he brought back the idea and implement enforce it to us. Many staff welcomes the idea as they claim no need to headache what to wear the next day. But myself not really like it, everyday wear the same, very bored man! Further how am I going to settle my wardrobe‘s clothing? Ermmm…I have a lot of them hanging in the wardrobe. Frankly I can wear them for more than 1 month without worry what to wear the next day! : P….don’t forget we women like to shop for dress during sale ya! …and my hubby likes to nag me too if he saw me grab one or two cloth during our window shopping! …hahaha, who can resist sale thingy?? Look like it’s time for me to clear the clothing in my room! sob sob....

Thursday, June 15, 2006

This is Mine!!!

Lyon becomes selfish nowadays. Things belong to her; hardly share with her jie jie. Naughty Wien sometimes like to play a fool with her pulak! #1 Lyon has a sippy cup, usually will fill up water for her. Sometimes jie jie lazy to take her cup and pour water, she just takes the sippy cup and drink. Lyon saw it, she will keep yelling to us… Lyon : 阿妹的!阿妹的! (It's mine! It's mine ) ....her hand keep pointing to jie jie... Wien : ignore her yelling, keep sipping the water…...until we stop her! When she stop drinking only Lyon stop yelling! *sigh* #2 Told by MIL… One day during nap time, after give them a wipe; change them to a new set of cloth. Naughty Wien wear Lyon’s pant, don’t why she act like that, although the pants look so small for her! Again spotted by Lyon, she keep yelling to Ma Ma… Lyon : 阿妹的!阿妹的! (her hand keep pointing to jie jie) Wien : pretend nothing, just lie down on mattress.... Lyon : 阿妹的!阿妹的! (keep repeating the same and go nearer to jie jie) Wien : still ignore her…. Lyon : …cannot tahan anymore, she walk further to jie jie, both hands try to pull down the pant!! Wien : wei wei…now jie jie's turn to yell…. No choice, jie jie just let mei mei pull the pant, later she go and look for her own pant. After that only Lyon lie down on mattress and sleep! *sigh* Not only these, she also not allow jie jie to use her spoon, plate, potty etc etc....whatever belong to her is hers, no one can use! But funny thing is she allow mummy or Ma Ma to use her stuff! (sometimes we pretend want to use, surprisingly she allow us! Another naughty girl!!)

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Blogsphere's Newborn!

There are 2 newborn babies in blogsphere now, both are boys too! First is Jazzmint’s Vyktore, second is Michelle’s Barnabas, both are unique name too. Congratulations again to Jazzmint & Michelle! What inspire me to write on them is, I really salute them can blog on their newborn baby immediately after giving birth. I have to write a big (salute) to both of them. I will never able to do that! Read below then you will know the reason.

I told hubby this 2 good news during dinner time. Told him they very keng, can blog so fast.
He : You also can do that mah!
Me : Hey, how I can make it wor! The next day after give birth I still lying on the bed, cannot even walk down (b’cos I am c-sect)! If I natural birth, maybe can lar!
He : keep quiet….eh, hospital now also got broadband kah?
Me : hahaha….no la….for NB, they can discharge the next day lar! *shake head* (he thot all mummies will be like me, have to stay hospital for few days)
When I gave birth to Wien, I admitted to hospital at 7.00am (as I noticed some sign early in the morning), but wait till 11pm still not much contraction or dilation, although dr already broke my water bag. At 11.30pm, he said cannot wait further, got to do emergency c-sect. No choice, we have to listen to him since he is the expert to us at that time. I was having fully unconscious for the first c-sect. After everything was done, they send me to wad to rest. I could only see my baby the next day! I stay in hospital for 3 days; upon returning home, already busy with the newborn, how can I find time to hook on pc? Although I have MIL to take care during confinement, but myself have to take care baby too! Some more I still feel the pain after few days give birht. So when baby sleep, I also sleep or rest lor! I only can on my pc after 2 weeks later, as I want to send baby photos to my friends and colleagues. That’s it! After that I will only play with pc upon returning to office. Since Gynae confirmed I couldn’t have NB due to narrow pelvic, so for my second pregnancy he already told me to do the c-sect 2 weeks before due date. Lyon comes to this world via planned c-sect and I was having half concious and half unconcious, so I can see her immediately she is out from my tummy. Now with newborn baby Lyon and Wien, me busier than first confinement. Lyon is ok, she sleeps most of the time but I have headache with Wien, she keep lau kai and cry for my attention. Frankly I dislike maternity leave, I rather it finished soonest possible, so that I can return to office to have my peace there. Terrible mummy!!
I felt myself only settle down with both of them when they are nearly 4 months! At that time I only can find myself and do my own thing....

Monday, June 12, 2006


Our little farmers plant another batch of vegetable, this time is 菜心 ( sawi in Malay ). The leaf so greenish and big, credit must goes to their virgin urine again....hahaha… Next, what to plant ? Cherry tomato maybe. Last time we use to plant cherry tomato, I still remember Wien like to pick from the tree and just eat like that. Although no pesticide, but still have to make sure she wash it before eating it. Now with addition of Lyon, I am sure both of them will fight to pick from the tree and eat!

Friday, June 09, 2006

Lucky she scare of stranger....

One day, TNB man (the one who take meter reading for eletricity usage) come to our house. He was standing outside the door taking meter reading. Our outside gate was not locked at that time, usually just closed like that, although there is a padlock there. Wien saw him, she wants to get the slip from him, so she quickly look for door key and want to go out and take from him. The guy saw she open the door, so he come forward to her, want to pass the slip to her. Lyon saw him come near to door, seem want to enter the house, she start crying! She quickly run to kitchen to look for Ma Ma, yelling : Uncle, uncle!...that's her reaction when see any stranger come to our house! Of couse Ma Ma heard Lyon is crying since she yell so loud, so she come to front to check on her. Then only she realised the TNB man was standing outside the door, and Wien was trying to open the padlock. She stopped Wien from opening the door and just get the slip from him. When the man left, Ma Ma lecture and scold Wien, for opening gate to stranger. But she claimed that : he is not stranger, he come to give us the slip!...hai, she just thought he is same as postman and rubbish man! *shake head* Lucky Lyon is the type who scare of stranger, she'll either cry or yell loudly when see someone she don't know. So that we can get first alert that someone is coming to our house. Otherwise, one day both of them might be kidnapped by the stranger without our knowledge! Who know?

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Funny Moment

One working morning, while I was preparing myself to work; 2 girls wake up and ask for milk. So I prepare for them, then tell them mummy going to take a shower, ask them "kwai kwai" stay in the room. Before I step out from room, Wien request me to give her 2 milk bottles for her to play with mei mei. I have few new bottles in the room. So just take out for them, then add 2 milk powder scoop for them as I know what are they going to play later. Yeah, Wien want to play making milk for her mei mei, although they just had it just now. After I took my shower, back to room to check on them. Before reach there, overheard they conversation, so I just stand outside the door, want to peek on what are they doing. Wien : 小妹,喝完了吗?(xiao mei, have you finish your milk?) Lyon : 喝完啰 (Finish lor!) ….hand over the bottle to Wien… Wien : 完了哈!可以睡觉了。( Finish already har. Ok, you can sleep now!) Lyon : …immediately she lie down and pretend to sleep, and she make pig sleeping sound! Very loud too! LOL (but I don’t how to describe the sound in wording) I could not hold on my laugh when see Lyon act like that. I was laughing outside the room. They noticed me and also laugh with me! Hahaha…I wish I can tape down those cute moments! *********************************************************
At night I told my SIL and MIL on above short story. They also laugh it out. Then later SIL told me she knew why Lyon will act like that. One afternoon, when Lyon refuse to nap, Wien also don’t want to sleep. Both of them keep playing and making noise. So SIL told Wien to pretend sleeping, so that hopefully Lyon will sleep too. Wien : 是不是假假睡?(is it pretend to sleep only? ). SIL : 真真的!(Nope, really sleep wan!) Wien : 假假睡哈?(Pretend to sleep only har?)….immediately after she said that, she lie down and pretend sleeping, and make very big pig sound!

LOL, now I know why Lyon act like that that morning! Sometimes her silly act really never fail to make us laugh!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

My Quilt

When I am in good mood, I will think of something to sew. Yeah, I'll only sew during good mood! Then only the end product will look more nicer and prettier as I sew with love and my heart. Since Lyon doesn't has any blanket, so decided to make one small quilt for her. She only has security blanket (被被)but that cannot cover her body; another reason why I did not get her one blanket is, she use to kick off any blanket during sleep time, even I had wake up few times and cover for her but her sensitive hands and legs will just kick it off from her body! *sigh* But I still decide to make one for her! When the quilt is done, I show to her. She told me : 被被,被被 (It's blanket) but later she said : 不要!不要!(don't want, don't want! ) . Immediately when Wien heard her mei mei said don't want the blanket, she quickly come and tell me to give her that quilt. But I told her this is for Lyon, later when mummy is free, mummy surely will sew for her too! Lucky she said she can wait. Ok, few nights I try to cover this quilt on Lyon during bed time but she just kick it off as usual! Wien knew Lyon doesn't use it so she grab it from her, now the quilt belong to Wien... Wien also will kick off blanket during sleep, same as Lyon! Opps, I should say Lyon just alike her jie jie, like to kick blanket! Wonder other kids are the same too! In blogsphere I found a blogger very good in sewing quilt, she even took up a class just to learn sewing! I wish I could be like her too! You can find her good artwork of quilt from here and here.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Tambun Tau Sa Piah

This morning I had Tambun tau sa piah as breakfast, from Him Heang some more! I bet many of you know where is the origin! It was from my GM who just back from his hometown (Penang) after whole week there. When he gone back for holiday, he will bought us this biscuit as 手信 (souvenirs).

I ever went to this Him Heang shop many years back, guess is 2001 ( I was pregnant with Wien @ 7 weeks then). But this shop doesn't give me a very good impression, I can say very dissappointed over their attitute towards customers. Funny thing is, according to my Penang's friends, still many customers flooded the shop during weekend. Some even dun mind to line up sooooooo long just to wait for the biscuit! *shake head*

Ok, let's tell my story now.....

Year 2001, hubby and I plan to drive to Penang for holiday during National Day. Everything was well planned, then only I realised I was pregnant. At once, I plan to cancel this trip as I worry this and that. But end up still go ahead with the plan. Hubby make few stops during the journey, so that I can feel more relax instead of just sitting in the car. Before we go, we already informed our Penang friends that we want buy few boxes of Tambun biscuit, so he booked advance for us, then we can just collect from the shop on our way back.

When come to our last day in Penang, our friend very kind, he drove us to the shop to collect biscuit. Reached there, we already saw there is a long queue there. Many had queue up till outside the shop's gate! Can u imagine that? My friend told us if no make any booking then we have to queue like them. But my hubby said if have to queue so long, he rather go to other shop and buy, although other shop's biscuit may not as good as this shop.

We proceed to counter to check our booking but the counter couldn't find the booking under my friend's name, and tell us come again 3 days later!!! At first we thought we heard wrongly! I said if 3 days, then better cancel it lor, who want to come 3 days later?? But my kind friend keep asking begging them to check properly, tell them who he make the booking from, but the counter just couldn't find it. Then the counter people told us unfriendly : or you just queue up lor, I cannot help u! My hubby was not happy with the way they talked. He told our friend, let's forget about it and we not keen on the biscuit anymore. But our friend being kind enough, still keep asking them check once again, tell them XXX had taken his order. The counter must be cannot stand our friend's long winded skill, they called up XXX ( he was on leave that day), lucky that XXX can recall the booking, then only the counter allow us to take away our 6 boxes of tau sa piah! We spent 45 min there just to take our biscuit that had been booked 2 weeks in advance! Frankly, when we make the payment, we pay with very unwillingly, so "heart pain" towards their attitute.

Now the shop still famous with their tau sa piah, still many tourist "pong chan" them, sad case! Come on lar, i can see many place in Penang selling tau sa piah too, with different brand. I ever tried one of them, found the taste not bad too!

So whenever I ate Him Heong tau sa piah, I will think of this case and I still can recall very well that day incidents!

Friday, June 02, 2006

@ Tanjung Bidara

Some times ago Papa agreed to bring Wien go to beach to "catch" crabs. Finally we went on last Saturday. Wien very excited when mummy confirmed to bring her there as most of the time it was mummy who delay her plan!! Reached there, Wien very excited to look for crap, keep chasing papa faster faster bring her to search for them. Lyon very wai sek, keep asking mummy to give her lollypop, as she saw mummy grab 2 stick of lollypop while papa pump petrol at petrol station. Other than lollypop, mummy also bought some bread and junk food. So, after she got her lollypop, she keep eating and licking it, refuse to play sand or water too! Mummy just let her be, as long as she did not making noise.

When she finish the lollypop, then only she come and join mummy to play sand. But she refuse to take off her shoe, she said : 肮脏, 肮脏 (Dirty, dirty)...hai, this silly girl! I was thinking she always at home run here and there with bare foot, till the foot so black, but never say herself dirty! *shake head* most of the time she was wearing her shoes on the beach, until her shoes really wet, then only she ask me to take it off, she said : 湿湿, 湿湿 ( wet wet!) Mummy playing sand with Lyon while papa bring Wien to look for shell and crab; she brought along a pail with her too!

I think Wien is the one who enjoy the most! She doesn't want to wet herself but still keep chasing, running and jumping when the waves come towards her!

At last, she still wet herself. Lyon did not enjoy the waves, she said : 怕怕 (sked sked!). She also said Wien : 肮脏, 肮脏 (Dirty, dirty)....when she saw sand all over Wien's hands & legs! haha...this silly girl just refuse to touch the waves!! This is Wien's second time to beach, Lyon's first time! Hope in future can bring them to more further's beach.

Wednesday, May 31, 2006


小不点 - Lyon refuse to nap in afternoon now!! Don't know what's wrong with her! Hope this is just a phase, and hope it will over very very soon! Otherwise MIL will has difficulty looking after her and she cannot nap too! This happened since last Friday, I was at home too. She used to sleep in electric cuddle (aka sarong) ; now each time we try to put her in, she will cry and struggle a lot. Fine, maybe it's time she stop using it, good sign also. So I put her on tilam and pat her, she also reject. No choice, I cuddle her in my arms and sing to her. She dozz off within 10 minuts! Yipeeeee...I am so happy finally she sleep! I confirm she sound asleep, then I gently placed her on tilam. But this 小不点 slept for 15 minutes, then wake up with crying, cry like no tomorrow. I cuddle her again but she refuse to continue her nap! I was so frust, I am that type that kids must nap at least 1 hour in a day; other wise they will be very cranky before bed time. Soothe her quite long time, only she calm down and stop crying. After that she play as usual as it nothing happen before. The following days (till Sunday), she also behave the same, refuse to nap. Again, I carry and cuddle her, then she sleep at my arm again. Put her to mattress and she can nap more than 1 hour. What a relief for me! Before this she can nap in sarong for about 3 hours, very long nap indeed! Then all of us can nap together with her. Start from Monday, I back to work since MIL already at home. She totally no nap at all, MIL pat her on mattress, FAIL! Carry and cuddle her to sleep, also FAIL! End up she running and playing around the house the whole afternoon, also cause poor Wien cannot nap too! When I back from work, she start cling to me, become cranky too! I was so tire and frust, quickly bath her and feed her. When everything done, it already 8pm; so by 8.30pm I sent her to room to sleep. Give her milk, before finish the milk, she already doze off!! I can imagine how tire she is!! Tuesday, same thing happen! Today hopefully she will nap, I really cannot stand she so cranky, make all of us tire too! Pray hard today will be a better day for me!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


MIL discharged from GH on 25/05, everything goes well but she look tired, perhaps cannot sleep well in hospital. She brought along bedsheet & pillow to GH!! When I saw she put those stuff in washing machine, I also feel funny! LOL...she claimed that so many patients in and out from there, also so many of them had been sleeping on the bed; so she prefer to bring her own! cute! I told her the GH defenitely will wash throughly wan lar! She said the dr did it pretty fast, and no feel pain after wake up. But we try not to let her carry Lyon, worry might hurt the wound. When she just came back, the 2 girls were having their nap. Once they wake up and saw their Ma Ma, they keep calling her and keep standing or sitting beside her! Guess they must be missing her a lot! As at today she already can do most of the housework, of course I try to minimise the workload. Lucky now is school holiday, SIL#1 & SIL#3 are free, so they can come to my house to help her look after the 2 girls! Then only I can "fong sam" to let the girls with her while I am working! Else I will be worry in office too!

Monday, May 29, 2006

I am big girl now!

Though Wien is 4 (for me she still like a small little girl) but most of the time she talk like as it she is a big girl! #1 When she wake up from her nap, I asked her... Me : 维,你要nen nen吗?(u want nen nen?) Wien : 妈咪,你要讲牛奶,不是nen nen!我已经长大了!(Mummy, you have to say milk, not nen nen, I already big girl!) Me : oh, 你要喝奶吗?(oh, do you want milk?) Wien : Yes, I want milk!...(speak to me in English pulak!) After finishing her milk, she add... Wien : 妈咪,你只可以跟小妹讲nen nen;跟我讲牛奶,知道吗?(Mummy, when u talk to xiao mei only say nen nen; u have to say MILK when talk to me! Understand?) Me : 哦,知道啦!(oo, understand !)...suddenly I feel myself so small... #2 FIL on the aircond, I called Lyon to come to me... Me : 小妹,来,公公开TIT! (xiao mei, come, gong gong on the TIT!) Wien : 妈咪,你跟小妹就讲 TIT,跟我就讲冷气, 知道吗?(Mummy, u tell xiao mei is TIT, but when you tell me , you should say : Aircond! Understand ?) Me : 哦!(Ok!) .... #3 Both girls like Vitagen, we use to pronounce Vitagen as "shu shu" becos they cannot say Vitagen correctly, so we created this word since Wien very small time. As usual, if they can finish the rice or porridge, I'll reward them with Vitagen after their meal... Me : 谁要喝 shu shu? (who wants shu shu?) Both girls : 我要!我要!(I want! I want!) Wien : 妈咪,你要讲 :维-他-精, 不是shu shu! (Mummy, you have to say Vi-ta-gen, not shu shu!) Me : 哦,改天妈咪跟你讲维他精罢了!(ok, next time mummy say Vi-ta-gen to you only!) Wien : 跟小妹才讲shu shu, 我已经长大了!(Talk to xiao mei only say shu shu, I already big girl lor!) Did she really big girl now? I don't think so....some how she still snatching Lyon's toys or food! hai....

Friday, May 26, 2006


Last Sunday, SIL#1 brought Wien to Chinese temple to bath the Buddha ( 浴佛). Reached there, SIL noticed Wien's 2 shoe were with different pair (一个公一个母). SIL : 为什麽穿别人的鞋?(Why u wear other people's shoe?) Wien : 没有啊!( No ah!) SIL : 酱为什麽穿一个公一个母?(Then why 2 different one?) Wien : 两个都是我的鞋嘛!为什麽不可以酱穿? (2 shoes are mine, why cannot wear like this?) SIL : 扎倒!( Speehless...) I realy LOL when SIL told me this! True also what, all are her shoes, she can decide what to wear!

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Hubby told me he 撞鬼 (meet a ghost) in his factory. One day he called his female colleague (to ask for help) via phone, just call her Axx… Hubby : 哈啰!请问你可以帮。。。(talked in MANDARIN) Axx : Sorry, I am not understand what you said, becos I cannot understand MANDARIN. Hubby : Opps, sorry! Can you do me a favour….(bla bla bla …..) Few days later, hubby meets this Axx in person at the work place. He saw she was talking to another male colleague, in MANDARIN!!! With very fluent slang too! Suddenly he felt this girl so ugly…… I asked him why not go to her and asked: eh, I thought you cannot speak MANDARIN?? Hubby said he don’t want to do that as he knew she look down those who speak MANDARIN only say like that mah, 何必跟她一般见识呢?That's why he told me he "meet the ghost"(pretend to be ang moe type) in office! *sigh* 会讲华语很可耻吗?会讲英语很了不起吗?可悲可悲!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Worry worry....relief!

Today I am in office but my heart was at home!! Becos today is hubby's turn to take care the girls; wondering can he make it? He ever alone with the girls without my present but that time MIL was around. Furthermore, Lyon having fever too, due to the jab (DTP, Polio and Hib). Yesterday morning i brought her to clinic for the jab (she is 18 months lor!) , the fever was within my expectation as last time Wien also got the fever after the jab. Afternoon no fever (still feed her paracetamol after back from clinic as advise by the nurse) but she is crying and fussing, complaining her thigh (jab's place) : 痛痛,很痛!(pain pain, very pain!). She wants me carry her all the time and refuse to come down and walk. Each time put her down, she cry and said : 痛痛 (pain pain!)! From that moment I already worry whether hubby can handle her or not the next day? At night, high fever, another sleepless night for me. Constantly feed her medicine, after medicine, her eyes half open half close, refuse to lie down but want me to carry her at my arm. Put her on cooling pillow also she don't want, sponging her also kena reject..*sigh* When she really sound asleep, only I put her down, lucky I still can catch up 4-5 hours of sleep! hahaha...but still look like panda this morning. After half way doing my work just now, I called hubby to ask for Lyon's condition; surprisingly he told me Lyon now walking and running here and there lor, no fever too and ask me dun worry too much lar, just concentrate on my work! Phew.... Lyon's latest weight is 9.70kg!! Yahoooo....finally break 9kg! She used to be a very light in previous month.

MIL admitted on Monday afternoon, the GH do nothing on her, just let her sleep and rest there.
Tuesday, check her blood pressure and also check for her blood group; other than this do nothing too; have to sleep 2 night there for nothing! *sigh*
So coincidence, hubby's uncle (also MIL's brother) admitted to same hospital too, so MIL took the chance to visit him when she got the time.
Today (Wed) only schedule for the surgery, hope everything goes well for her! btw, Wien and Lyon miss their Ma Ma very much, especially Lyon.
On and off, Lyon will ask this ....
Lyon: Ma Ma, Ma Ma ( wondering where is her ma ma)
Me : 嬷嬷在医院。(Ma Ma in hospital)
Lyon : 还没有回。(not yet back ha!)..yeah she can finish the whole sentence...
MIL will call them from hospital too, guess she must be missing them. When she called, this 2 girls keep fighting to talk over the phone, lucky my house has 2 phone, so they can shouting over the phone too!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Blog off....

Yesterday MIL received a call from GH, informed her to undergo a surgery to remove her lump in her breast. The date was set on Monday, 22/05; pretty fast they arrange the surgery. At first we thought have to wait for few months. This also mean start from next week, I am going to be SAHM again....after the surgery, MIL has to rest more, and I need to take care of her too , just like how she take care of me during my 2 confinement... But I still have some issues pending in the office, also don't think the GH can postpone to some other date; so no choice I ask hubby to take turn to on leave too! Poor thing is he just change to a new company, so got to apply for unpaid leave. I'll be update my blog as and when I have the time or.....maybe during the girls' nap time, er.... hopefully la!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


晚餐后,妈咪通常会喂大瓜和小瓜吃鱼肝油。 After dinner, mummy usually will feed the girls with cod liver. 妈咪(Me):来吃鱼肝油啰!(Come, we take cod liver now) 大瓜(W):我先!(Me first) 小瓜(L):我先!(Me first) 大瓜(W):我先!(大声一点)(Me first)…louder a bit… 小瓜(L):我先!(更大声一点)(Me first)..louder a bit too 大瓜(W):我先!(更大声一点)(Me first)..more louder 小瓜(L):我先!(更更大声一点)(Me first)..more more louder a bit 大瓜(W):阿妹,阿姐先!(凶凶的对小瓜说)(Ah Mei, let Ah Jie first!)…angrily talk to Lyon.. 妈咪(Me):阿姐,不可以大声跟小妹讲话。(Ah Jie, cannot talk so loud to Ah Mei) 小瓜(L):我先!(开始哭了!)(Me first)…start crying… 大瓜(W):我先,我先,我先!(Me first, me first, me first) 。。。就这样你一句我一句的争吵。。。忽然。。 …so they are arguing and fighting to be the first…meanwhile I was washing the spoon and opening the cover, keep asking them don't shout. 小瓜(L):安静!(忽然间刹出这句话,吓了我们一跳!小瓜说的时候还咬牙切齿呢!) Keep quiet! (Suddenly Lyon say this word, we really surprise. She talk in stern and fierce voice too!) 说完安静后,小瓜又继续哭。妈咪只好叫爸爸把大瓜带去个客厅; 喂完小瓜后才把大瓜叫进来。 After she say keep quiet, she continue her crying. So I have to call papa to pull wien to living hall; after feeding Lyon only bring her back to me to feed her. 唉!时常酱维护小瓜,造成她有点霸道了。幸亏通常在这种情况下,爸爸都会来替大瓜解围, 悄悄的对大瓜说:是小妹坏蛋!哈哈!不然大瓜会以为我们偏心呢! Most of the time we back up for Lyon (since she is the youngest), so we always ask Wien to give in to her, some how this really make Lyon thought that she can bully her jie jie. If this kind of situation happen, papa usually will back up for Wien and secretly told her : it’s mei mei fault, she’s naughty! If not I am sure Wien will think we sayang Lyon more than her!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


妈咪和大瓜 妈咪指示大瓜做工。。。 :帮妈咪褶衣! :帮妈咪拿杯! :帮妈咪拿tissue! : 小妹小便了,帮妈咪拿布来抹。 :帮妈咪丢去垃圾桶。 :把玩具收好来! ~~很多时候这大瓜都没有帮妈咪, 反而到转过来指示他的小妹!!!~~ 大瓜和小瓜 :阿妹,来,帮阿姐拿去丢! :阿妹,来,帮阿姐收玩具! :阿妹,来,这个拿去给妈咪! :阿妹,来,这个丢去垃圾桶! ~~很多时候这单纯的小瓜都愿意帮懒惰的大瓜做工!~~

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The making of "spider"

These few days I always saw many papers lying here and there after I back from work. Must be Wien's job again, she like to cut paper nowadays, be it newspaper, paper or flyer. But good thing is she never cut her book, if she want to cut, she'll ask for our permission. She can handle scissor well, but still unable to cut in good shape. I only worry she might hurt Lyon one day. So each time have to remind her to becareful when using scissor; also cannot run while holding scissor! Well, she taught me DIY spider last weekend. Funny hor, small kid teach an adult to do crafting! hehehe...she learn it from one of Barney show with Ma Ma's guide, as she always accompany her watching those series. ok, get ready a piece of used paper, scissor, color paper with sticker type (use this to do spider's eyes, mouth and nose...or use pen to draw also can lar) Here we goes.... Fold the paper into half; place the hand on it and drew it out. Draw at folded side, so can get 2 set of hands with join (hope this is clear, else pls refer the photo!) Then cut out the hand; see, 2 hands join together, isn't look like a spider? but spider only got 10 legs meh?? Little teacher : 等一下,要减掉 GOOD, 然后就变成八只脚啰!(Hang on, must cut out the GOOD! then become 8 legs only lor!) she place the hand on floor again, to find out which is the GOOD and cut it! She always call thumb as GOOD, as we always show thumb up when say something good! ok, now become 8 legs only! Later she cut the eyes, the nose & the mouth for the spider! ok, gao tim! but don't expect a small kid to cut pretty well hor! p/s: hope you guys understand what I wrote, share this with your kids, sure they'll have fun with it!