Thursday, December 26, 2013

Change of color

My hubby suddenly plan to repaint the house. He saw some workers doing renovation opposite the house, so he ask them to quote the price. Hubby ok with the price although I feel it is a bit expensive. Well, let him do lar, since we really no time to paint the house by ourself due to busy working schedule.

This time I take a change for the house, I picked GREY color. Hahaha...hope it turn out alright.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Table runner

I personally dislike putting any table runner for my living hall table. This is because my smallest girl will easily pull them out from the table. More worst if the table has mug or glasses there, I am sure will scream like mad women if she pull down the table runner and fall down everything. It is very dangerous, right? Well, if she has grown older a bit, then I may consider to place faux burlap table runner for my living hall. The table still looks best if you put some table runner onto it.

Movie day

Today the two elder girls follow their daddy go for a movie. Frozen. I hope my second girl will enjoy the movie because it is a 3D movie. She scares 3D thingy all these while. Even in Disneyland Hong Kong, she very reluctant to put on the 3D spec while we watch the Mickey 3D show.

Let's hope I can hear good story telling from them later on.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


If you buy a trumpet for my eldest girl, I am sure she will be very happy one. She loves to play musical instrument, all of of equipment. My house has harmonica, piano, guitar and China trumpet. Three of my girls love to take them out and play when they are free. They ever request me to buy them saxophone, oh my this instrument so difficult to handle, how are they going to play it?

I think next Christmas present for them will be trumpet yamaha since now I still short of one unit in the house.


I think my next travel destination will be Taiwan. I see lot of Taiwan travelling pictures being posted in fb lately. So nice view and so nice food. It did temp me to go there for a visit if possible.

Of course I need to get my hubby approval first, without him I don't think I will go Taiwan alone.

Cushion chair

My new house has a small balcony upstairs. My hubby ever thinks to abolish it and make our maser room bigger than existing size. But I stop him; I told me I still can have a small corner for myself if I want to. I can have a cup of tea or coffee at my small balcony during day or night time or even have a glass of wine at night if we could not sleep. LOL

But it will be best to have a small outdoor chair that come with Foam Factory outdoor cushions. So that we can comfortably sit there and enjoy ourself.

Unpaid leave

I had spent all my annual leave for year 2013. Usually I will have extra 2 - 3 days during month December, however this month I have luxury to enjoy extra oversea trip with my dear hubby, that's why I have no more annual leave by now.

But my hubby ask me to apply unpaid leave during Christmas week, the reason is to accompany him. I think most likely I will do so, since my hubby will reimburse me the money later on.....

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Car sound system

My hubby’s car sound system is from original set. He never bother to spend money to change for a better quality type. To him, it is not a must. I think he want to save more money lar….LOL

Well, this is my hubby’s character, he will not spend unnecessary I tell you. I ever ask him to change his car sound system since he is on the road most of the time. Well, he said he will only to power acoustik if he ever earn more money from his stock market.


My hubby is our photographer during our recent Hong Kong trip. I only able to take some from my handphone due to I have to take care my small girl. You know in Hong Kong, very crowded with people, really have to hold tight your kids while you are there.

Cuti-cuti Malaysia 2014

2014 will be Visit Malaysia Year. Our government said will improve our country image, so that can attract more tourists to visit us. I really hope our government will do something and fulfill his wishlist. Otherwise I don't think oversea people will come and visit us though. Security in our country is not safe now, else we local also scare, what's more tourist...

Monday, December 02, 2013

New home design

If I have the chance the change and decorate my home, I am sure will look for elegant design of Home Living dining room sets from some of the online store. I just love to browse through those design and dream of my home at the same time.

Well elegant living and dining room sets not cheap at this moment now. You really have to spend some time to shop for it.

Whole day raining

Today still a raining day. It had been rain since yesterday, yes, our Sunday! Anyway, I like raining day, so I have a good nap with my sweet heart. We occupied the king size bed due to hubby was outstation. LOL

If hubby around, I am sure he will nap with us too!

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Fingerprint safes

My boss is looking for quotation of fingerprint safes recently. He is comparing the price from various suppliers now. At the same time I also suggested to him to get inquiry from online shops. This is because some online shops can offer better price and better service too.

Well, I cannot strongly recommend him to buy from certain online shops though, otherwise he might think I will earn commission from the shop.... :(

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Another best teacher gift

Most of my customers like to order fabric type of pencil case or multi purpose pouches for their children school teachers, as an appreciation gift.

This year is my first time doing tissue cover for school teachers. So sweet and cute, right? If you wish to order, please drop me message at my comment box, I would love to do it.....

Friday, November 01, 2013

Year end break

It's November month now. Time for many working people to clear their annual leave too. You will see lot of people start fly here and there too, including me and my family members.

Yes, we are going to Hong Kong soon. It is cold weather over there now. I have to start buying winter clothing and accessories for my kids, especially the youngest girl. She is only 2 years ++. Have to keep her warm, else very easy will catch cold.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013


My new house kitchen not yet renovated since we moved in. Hubby and I plan to do the renovation when the budget is enough in our account. Well, I have my wish list for my kitchen though. This is because I am the one who will spend lot of time in kitchen, so I wish to have a dream kitchen for myself.

If budget allow, I wish to have this organizer in my kitchen. Isn't it very nice? Got to save more money now!

Monday, September 30, 2013

Blog being hack?

My kids' blog kena hack! WTH....I hardly update the blog, that's why being hack now. My main problem is I don't know how to find out the reason and also don't know how to fix it. Oh no...I have to find someone to help me now.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Buy musical item

If you are currently looking for Saxophone, perhaps you can consider buying it at jody jazz at wwbw. I was told it has good review of their musical instrument. I am neither so good nor familiar with musical items, so if I will to buy any of musical items, I will need help from my girl’s teacher. Alternatively I will get her to buy first, then I just be the pay master!

Air ticket

MAS is having promotion for air ticket to Taiwan and China again. Less than RM1k, you can fly now to both countries. At first I want to book for this promo fare to Shanghai too. However when I try my luck that time, the promo is gone. So I opt for Cathay airlines. Also less than RM1k, I can fly to Shanghai now. :P

Another 2 weeks is my honeymoon trip with my DH, I am so looking forward for the trip now.

Monday, August 26, 2013


My kids beg me to bring them to Melaka Wonderland recently. However my hubby dislike to play with water, so he very reluctant to bring them. In fact, I managed to get free ticket from A Famosa but my hubby also reluctant to go. Sigh....never mind, still got chance to go in future. Let's wait and see!

Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Personal PC

I have an old personal computer at home. Her speed really slow right now. I am so tempted to sell it or do trade in for another set of personal computer. However my hubby stops me from doing so. He commented that he can actually speed my computer up by adding some memory or doing some upgrade. Well, I ask him do it soonest possible, so that can pass it down to my primary kids. Then they can do school project all by themselves, instead of asking for my help.

Tuesday, August 06, 2013

Side income blog

My hubby is working hard to promote my Kids Islands blog now. He wishes I can do it full time very soon. If possible, by early next year! He is seriously promoting my handmade online store, no joke. Now most of my sales are brought back by him, frankly I don't know how he make it.
I ever suggested to him using directory submission to promote the link. And he did agree with me too. But using this service might need to pay certain fee...hehe...I wonder will he agree to pay or not?

Monday, August 05, 2013


My second girl loves bracelet very much. Her mid term exam result very good, therefore my eldest sister wishes to reward something to her. She asked her what is her wish list. My girl replied that she wants beading bracelet. Now my sister headache because she does not know how to choose. I told her if cannot get beading bracelet, she also can get her sterling silver bracelet. I am sure my girl would love to own it too.

Saturday, August 03, 2013


Don't know since when my eldest girl loves to play guitar now. My house has 2 guitars that belong to my sister in law. She did not bring over to her house after married. Therefore many times my girls will took them out and play at their room. I ever ask them whether want to learn this musical instrument or not. But both did not give me a firm answer. So I just treat them just play for fun. Well, if I have epiphone guitar at musicians friend house, I will for sure bring them go there and have a look or learn something if possible.

Friday, June 21, 2013


I did not know that a fastener can be so nice and cute looking. This is my first time seeing acorn nuts from a friend’s house. She is organizing a house warming party last weekend. The acorn nut got its name from its shape actually. I saw it in her master bathroom. So special!

I feel like want to own one now.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One million cash

How nice if I have 1 million cash in hand. I can do whatever I like; I can do whatever I love! No need to seek hubby help whenever I go shopping or buy something online. After I had spent enough for myself, I will spend some for my new house. Will do little bit of renovation, after that only think of to upgrade household items, such as mounted plasma TV or wall mounted bathroom vanities etc. only if I have 1 million cash ya!

Unfitted dress

My hubby bought me a nice black dress from his recent China trip. Too bad, the dress is too tight for me. I think if I reduce some fat also does not look on me. So the best solution is to give away or sell it off. However I fail to get a buyer till date. Many claimed that the dress look childish, not mature enough. Sigh…different people different taste!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I am tire looking at fb now. The page is full with share and forwarding topic regarding our recent GE13. So many unhappiness comments and sarcastic comments too. Some stories even fake too, so confusing to others.

So you better read and digest properly before you start sharing the page! I hope not to read any fake stories in future. Other wise it is really no fun login to fb.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Cigar monster

To me, only rich people afford to have cigar. Do you know how much a cigar cost? If you not sure, you can start goggle it now. I am sure you will be surprise by the quoted price. LOL

My boss is a smoker but so far I never see him on cigar yet. However I did see my ex-boss buy and use cigar very often. He is a boss that knows how to enjoy life I tell you. He even buys a Ferrari car for own use. So I will not surprise if one day he buy cigar monster for his business partners.

Go home to vote!

Malaysia General Election is fall on 5 May 2013. I really hope all Malaysian will come out and come back to vote for their country. To vote for the people that really contribute to our country but not corrupted our country.

So many dirty story we hear from online source, but how true? If those are true story, I really feel shame! Who can help our country? It is non other than we Malaysia!

Monday, March 25, 2013

Coffee maker story

Every morning, I need a cup of coffee to wake me up. Otherwise, I don’t think I can function well for the whole day. Sound horrible right? But that is the fact, at least to me. Later I found out many people have similar habit as me too. So I am not the weird one in this world.

Most of the time I use 3 in 1 readymade coffee sachet due to rushing morning hour. I know in order to make a nice cup of coffee, we should use coffee maker. However I don’t have such luxury time to spend during weekday. So only during weekend I can take out my coffee maker and start brewing my coffee for the family. I think I will look for more bunn coffee maker parts, so that I can fully make use of it during weekend.


Wow, so fast my little Nice will turn 2 this week.

At age 2, her size still look very small as compare to others kids who same age with her. But her vocabulary is very good. She can speak well and even can argue with you. Sometimes I see her make complaint to her daddy. Oh, this girl of mine is a chilli padi I tell you!

Thursday, March 07, 2013


For those who like to chat online, I am sure their personal computer will have speaker and microphone. Without these 2 gadgets, he/she is unable to perform live chat. Well, most of the time, I will turn off my speaker while doing chatting, I would prefer typing only. LOL

Well, if you are currently look for microphone, perhaps you can try using exciting mxl 990. I was told this model is not bad. Furthermore, their prices also affordable to all level.


Wow, I have a wedding invitation to attend for the coming weekend. Now I start worry what type of dressing should I opt for? I cannot wear simple and casual dressing, other wise other guests might laugh at me. My godness, I am nervous now! In fact, I am not so keen to attend formal function like this coz I have to take care my dressing, also mean that I have to spend some money for the dressing too. And then after the event, the dresses have to keep in my wardrobe and don't know when is the next chance I can wear again. Haiz.....

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

It's Over

Chinese New Year festive is over, everyone is back to work station by now. I had already back to work since last week, however I am still in holiday mood though. How nice if I can still stay home, eat and sleep, together with my kids! LOL

My hubby said I can do so since he already expect me to retire and become stay at home mom. But I still quite reluctant to resign from my work and become my kids' driver all the time!


Have you ever enter a church before? If yes, you will notice most of the church chairs are in similar pattern. I wonder who design for them all these while. Or does it state in their bible that churches have to use such design chairs? However if you go to small village, you will notice their church chairs are quite different from other area. They will use individual plastic chairs instead of long wooden chairs. However lately you will see most of the modern churches will use chairs4worshipchurch chairs. this is because they are quite afford to buy all these facility for their church members.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Guitar cases

My youngest SIL loves to play guitar while she still study in secondary school. When she entered college, she also play guitar with her friends during gathering. That's how she met her Mr Right too. LOl

Although my SIL has 2 guitar but she never buy any cases for her beloved guitars though. She claimed that guitar cases are too over price and she not afford to own one. Therefore her mom aka my MIL sew a cloth cases for her and batting with thick lining. Quite a nice outlook after completion. Now the cloth cases already been used for more than 10 years, still in good condition though. I think if I offer her a good quality of SKB Cases at guitar center, she also does not want it. LOL

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Silver Eagles

If one day you receive silver eagles as a gift, will you appreciate it? I am not sure how much it cost for a silver eagle but I think it is quite costly. If I ever receive it from a friend or relative, I will frame it and hang it at my wall frame for display.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Pool heater

I wonder do they swim during winter season. I mean those who stay in country that have winter season. The pool will be very cold or even freezing, how are they going to swim? LOL …silly me have such thought!

Until one day my friend who stays in Germany told me that they did go for swim during winter or cold season. This is due to most of the pool will install pool heater, so that they still have swim like normal days. And she added that many pools are using raypak pool heater brand too. Now I know even cold weather they still can swim like us!

Sewing in progress

Chinese New Year is around the corner and I had started sewing for cheongsam or qibao. Most of the Chinese like to wear cheongsam at this big festival. I like too but I have no time to sew for myself though.

This year I have few orders of cheongsam, I really hope I can sew one for myself after finish all the orders...give me more than 24 hours pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Nowadays I still can receive lot of flyers, be it via post, inserting into our daily newspaper or people come and distribute to our mail box. Most of the times we will take a glance, then send them to recycle bin where we will sell it one day. Pretty wasted, right? Well, that is our society, they still not yet so strong in advertising their products via paperless way. That’s why till now you still can lot of wholesale flyer printing companies in the market. They are still in demand.


Nowadays rain a lot. I know many of you don't like but I like it very much. Raining day make the weather cooling and we can have a good night sleep. The two elder girls will complaint a lot if their room very warm and they will start ask for aircond! :P