Saturday, August 30, 2008

Long holiday

It's long holiday now. But hubby off longer than me, extra by one day.

Hubby planned few activities for us. Yeah......we are going to stay in new house for these few days, away from stress as well as to have some privacy. But the privacy is just 4 (not 2 ya) of us!

Friday, August 29, 2008

Raise cat?

My 2 kids love cats very much. Whenever they spot it at road side, for sure both of them will chase after him. If they manage to catch him, then they will hold or carry him around. Gosh, I dislike hairy animal. So you can imagine how I scream to them if I see them carry the cat. Road side cat sure dirty as we all know, that’s why I dislike them carry him or even touch him. Lately both of them request my permission to allow them raise a cat at home. Do you think I will agree? Hehe….NO WAY! Imagine with 2 kids I already have to do lot of works, what’s more additional pet at home. That’s mean I have to do extra cleaning job too, like feeding, washing etc. one more thing, I have to invest money for pet’s equipment too, such as litter box, food, feeding tray and many more. oh no way I will allow them raise a cat man!

New diet pills?

Have anyone of you try Fenphedra before? Is it safe to consume? Any side effect after consuming? Eee….I am a bit skeptical to all these diet pills actually. That’s why I am quite reluctant to try it. If possible I wish to use natural ways to loose my extra weight. Many of you had suggested exercising more and taking care on food intake. But talk is easy you know. When good food presented in front of me, I just could not resist eating them into my tummy….hahaha… why to keep fit?

Olden or new furniture?

Among modern furniture and olden days furniture or rather call it traditional future, I still prefer olden furniture more. To me, olden day’s furniture looks more durable and prettier as compare to modern furniture. Perhaps my mind still stops at traditional stage. LOL.

Well, not that myself totally reject modern furniture but sometimes I feel that modern furniture prices getting ridiculous nowadays. Also the colors are too bright and difficult to match with house color sometimes.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Professional lawyer

If you have a lawsuit in hand now, do you know how to choose a good lawyer to protest your case? Or do you know where to get good and experience lawyer? Frankly I am poor in all these lawsuit thingy, I will clueless on where to search for them I tell u. well, if you have injury cases, you can look for professional lawyer like Fort Worth Personal Injury Lawyer, sure they able to solve your case in shorter period. But I am not sure how much they will charge you, you got to check out from their blog for more detail ya!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

How to save more money?

Our government had reduced the petrol price on 23/08/2008. Petrol price reduced 15 cents whereas diesel reduced 8 cents. So now petrol and diesel price seem not much different already. Hubby can drive my car for outstation now instead of driving his diesel car which cannot save much in mileage cost. Haiz…..dropped 15 cents and 8 cents respectively do not really can save a lot I tell you. This is because household items cost and other expenses did not drop synchronically. So what’s the point? I think I still have to wait for promotional products then only can shop for my essential items if I will to save more money in future.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

8D report

One of our customers lodged a complaint letter to us lately. The consequences of sending defective parts to them is we have to bear all the losses and damages that cause them into trouble as well as bearing all the costs and charges for the goods sending back to us. Wow, that is a lot of money incurred!! Haiz…….again my company doing another losing money business. How to expect another round of bonus this year end if we keep bearing costs like this.

As a result of this, the customer requests an 8D report from us urgently. I ever heard about 8D reports from hubby. In his previous company, he has to do this report if their goods to customer having severe problem. 8D reports mean 8 Disciplines Process. Below just the simple description of the 8D process. If you wish to know more, do google it out.

Discipline 1. Form the Team

Discipline 2. Describe the Problem

Discipline 3. Contain the Problem

Discipline 4. Identify the Root Cause

Discipline 5. Formulate and Verify Corrective Actions

Discipline 6. Correct the Problem and Confirm the Effects

Discipline 7. Prevent the Problem

Discipline 8. Congratulate the Team

Massage therapy

You can see lots of massage centers in the city now. From the growing number of massage centers, I can guess how popular the massage therapy to people nowadays. As we all aware, due to tight working schedule, so many of us hardly have time to do exercises. Therefore we like to go to massage center to go through the massage therapy to release the tension as well as stress if any. So it is not surprise to see many massage therapy schools blooming in the market too. Till date I yet to try out massage therapy, perhaps I should spare a day and experience it.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Gong Xi Ni...Lee Chong Wei!

You did it!

You did it!

We are so proud of you!

Last night's your match with Korean player is GREAT!

Friday, August 15, 2008

corporate branding

Many of us aware that if we do not have experience in dealing with business, then we might encounter lots of difficulty at beginning stage. I ever think of to own a business but due to lack of knowledge in this field, till date I yet to make the first move. I should start to learn how to manage an online store’s tactics first before fully engage myself into it.

One of my best friends runs a women boutique in town area. She had been in this field for 2 years; however her businesses seem does not have any improvement in terms of profit or sales volume. She is good at publicity and marketing her products actually, but still could not bring in more sales for her business. She is clueless and could not find out the root cause. She already spends so much time into marketing her products yet could not see any improvement in sales profit.

I was thinking perhaps she should build up her products’ brand name first, so that more visitors or customer will get to know existence of this brand name in the market. See, Corporate Branding is essential if you wish to get more attention and publicity from the market. This amount of money have to spend if you wish to increase your sales as well as profit margin.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Stroller for baby

If you have a little one at home, then baby stroller is a must item in your list; unless you opted not to go anyway but at home! LOL

Well, personally I think that we should invest into a good and reliable stroller, so that our little one will sit still in it comfortably. If the quality is not good plus the cushion is hard, then it is unlikely your little one will enjoy his/her stroller. If they feel uncomfortable, they will start yell at you and ask to come out right after you put them down. Read stroller buying guide carefully before spend your money for it.

Some strollers now very versatile where you can convert them into car seats easily. It is advisable to look for more good features of stroller and also suitable for children of all ages too. of course don’t look for too heavy stroller, else you will have problem take out or bring in into your car later.

Monday, August 11, 2008



该典礼展现了中国丰富的5千年文化和历史经历, 我好像上了一堂历史课咧!









You and me From one world,

We are family

Travel dreams, thousands miles, meeting in Beijing,

Come together,Put your hand in mine

You and me From one world, we are family.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Beijing Olympic Vs Disneyland

Beijing Olympic open ceremony is marvelous! Did you watch it live at TV? At first I thought I only can watch at RTM1 but later found out we actually can watch from Channel 5 from Singapore channel too. I live border to JB, so not surprise I can watch Beijing open ceremony live in Singapore channel. It is equally clear as Astro ( I assume) but a bit faster than RTM1's delay live transmission. At 080808, I watch the great show together with my family members. Even my 2 girls also very enjoy throughout the show. Too bad, they did not see the mascot coming out from the ceremony. Never mind just wait for closing ceremony, I am sure they able to meet with the cute mascots. If you will to give me free discount Disney World tickets at this date, I don't think I will fly over to Orlando to enjoy the fun. I rather stay home and watch this excellent show. Being proud to be Chinese!

Friday, August 08, 2008

08.08.2008 Olympic - China

I just love to watch the FUWA of Olympic Mascots. They love so cute. I am so crazy over them. I even ask my China blogger to help me buy the tee shirt of those FUWA mascots for my girls. Too bad, she cannot come back before Olympic, else I am sure my girls will wear it during open ceremony tonight.

So, folks, don't forget to watch live open ceremony from RTM1 or Astro if you have. Can't wait to see the whole programs as the person who design all the programs is Chang Yi Mou, the famous film director in China!

You are fat!

Lyon: mummy, you need to eat less now.

Me: why should I eat less?

Lyon: you look chubby now. you see your tummy, so round, like got baby inside ler!

Me: huh? You so bad, say mummy fat!

Lyon giggling and run away from me.

I quickly walk to my dressing table and look at the mirrow. Haiz…am I really look so fat now? Is there any diet pills that work for me to try out or not. I am so lazy to do exercises, just wish to have a shortcut to get back my pre-pregnancy weight. But I cannot let hubby know I am going to try diet pill, else I am sure he will not allow me do so.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008


If you are currently looking for duocal powder, then Allergo Medical is the best web for you to shop for it. This is because Allergo Medical offers Free Shipping for special limited time only. Alternatively you can use the coupon code to enjoy saving of $10 or $20 if your order is above $100 or $200!

What’s so special about duocal powder? Well, it is a high-calorie, protein-free, lactose-free, gluten-free powdered food that can be used orally or in tube feedings. It will provide fat and carbohydrate for increased caloric intake for children over 1 year old. Children can take it too; to get the protein and/or electrolyte restricted diets. Super Soluble Duocal Powder is completely soluble in water, liquids and moist foods without altering taste. So most of the children will love it.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Need more energy

Sometimes I ever wish to take some energy pills to boost up my energy level. I will feel very tire after working hour; once reach home, I feel like want to just lying on my bed. I even can skip my dinner and just nap for ½ hour. I wonder how come kids can play non stop. Where on earth their energy come from. How nice to be a kid ya. Seem like will never feel tire at all. cute!

I got this great picture from a forwarded email. It's so cute and sweet. I am sure my kids will fall in love with this picture as they love squirrel very much too.

Love between mates is unbeatable.

Online games - PokerDIY

Online games getting popular nowadays. Most of the youngster will hook on their computer simply because of online games. If their home do not have any computer that connecting with internet, then they will head to cyber café to enjoy the fun! Now, let me introduce you a free service for connecting poker players at PokerDIY. You can spend your extra free time by playing online poker games as well as win some pocket money. Isn’t it great?

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Ok, if you wish to share your poker tips with other players and readers, you can create your own poker blog too. all these free service you can get from PokerDIY easily, check it out now!

Friday, August 01, 2008


I am suppose to accompany my friend to do her acne treatment this coming Saturday. She has problem locating the clinic, so ask my favor to help her to find it. Since I got no place to go this week, so voluntarily offer my help to her. At the same time, we can go for tea chat after her treatment session is done. Yeah, let hubby take care the girls while mommy having fun with friend.