Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Another new search engine coming soon

How many search engine company we have now? 2 or 3? I think it is 3, there are MSN, Google and Yahoo. So far, as I know Google is the powerful one since many advertisers are using their guideline to rank the websites. However lately Google had gave us a shock after they demoted the page rank for many websites or blogs that involved with paid blogging. I am wondering will the advertisers use other search engine to do the PR justification instead of rely on Google. To me, the way Google demoted the page rank sound too mean.

I was told is going to launch their website, a brand new web and mobile based search engine. Currently What’s Open has more than 100,000 users even though they yet to launch in late 2007. I believe many people, including myself couldn’t wait to see how Whats Open could assist us in ranking our sites again. Hopefully it will be another powerful search engine in internet.

Best LA hotels rates

If you wish to do Las Vegas hotel reservations, you should pay a visit to, an online website where you can find the finest Las Vegas Hotels at excellent rates all in one place. My boss will visit LA once a year for his business trip to visit our customer in US. Usually I am the one who make the hotel accommodations for him. So far, at, I can find the most attractive package for him as the rates I am getting from is the cheapest among other online websites.

Bookmark the site now for your future reference.

Yummy Goji Berries

Goji Berries not common in my country and I never seen it ever sell in our country too. I don’t know why none of any wholesalers want to import Goji from US since this fruits are rich in nutrients and it is consider the most nutritious food source on the planet.

Goji Berries are well known in US as people who eat it will rarely get diseases like heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, or many other diseases. These people lived longer than any other person in recorded history. Hehe..if you wish to have healthy living with healthy body, you better start taking Goji berries now.

You can order from online store since our place couldn’t find any. Besides drinking goji berries juice, you can opt for dried goji berries too there have the same nutrient as goji berries juice. By the way, you can use dried goji berries to make salad, smoothies, bars and other dessert. Check out the recipes from the site, I am sure you will love it!

Cheap replica sunglasses

I will visit Pasar Malam (night market) during Saturday night if I did not go anywhere. Usually I will buy vegetables and fruits from there as I can find lots of fresh stuff there. More ever, my and I very enjoy the local food selling at night market. We can eat while walking throughout the walk.

Last week, I noticed there are few hawkers selling replica Sunglasses at night market. I took a look at those sunglasses and found the design not bad as compare to genuine sunglasses. If you no tell, no one will know you are wearing replica sunglasses! LOL!

The prices for replica sunglasses not expensive too, perhaps due to they are getting the stock from Wholesale Sunglasses agents. That’s why they can offer an affordable to their customer. I grabbed two pairs for myself and one pair for hubby and guess how much I pay for all these? Hehe…..3 pairs replica sunglasses less than $200!

I am waiting for good news!

I am waiting for good news!

I am waiting for good news!

I am waiting for good news!

I am waiting for good news!

I am waiting for good news!

I am waiting for good news!

Please don’t disappoint me this time. I am ready to accept the fact but please don’t disappoint me.

Put my finger cross and pray hard now, hope the good news materialize soon! Wish me luck please…….


If I want to purchase item above $1000, I will use credit card to pay for it. Why pay cash while I can enjoy the 0% interests via 12 months installment, after all, the price remain the same. By the way, many people still don’t know such benefit given by their credit card company.

However sometimes I still lack of money to pay for my credit card installment, especially come to the month where I need to pay for my insurance premium. So I can see my next statement shown me being charged at 1.8% for unpaid balance amount. Wow, don’t you think it is quite high interest rate? I better look for Wonga!

At Wonga, they will only charge 1% a month, plus the £25 cost for super-fast transmission into your account for the cash loan that you applied. It is similar to payday loan where you need to pay back in your next payday. You can request between £200 and £1000, depending on your history record with Wonga before.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lovely candy

I remember during my first pregnancy that I love to take sweet stuff like candy, lollipop and other sweets. Many of my friends told me that I am carry a baby girl due to eating sweet stuff habit. They told me told me few examples of real case but I don’t mind since this is my first pregnancy. I just eat uncontrollably and enjoy the sweetness.

Too bad, at that time I didn’t know about where I can order bulk candy online. The site has various types of sweets such as Baby Ruths, Butter Fingers, Wonka Donutz and many more. Wow, so many variety of sweets in, tempted me to try it out.

Find suitable house plans for your family

I am sure every one of you wish to have own house instead of renting house from landlord. With own house, you can decorate and design your house according to your own liking. Unlike renting houses from landlord that you need to ask for permission if you wish to add some thing into your living hall or kitchen.

If you yet to own any house plans at this moment, please spare some time hop over to HousePlanAndMore to check out their Log Cabin House Plans , Small Ranch House Plans, English Cottage House Plans, Florida House Plans, Country House Plans and many more. The site has lots of information pertaining to services and products that enable families to build and improve their homes. It also provides friendly online tool for you to search for estimated prices for the housing plans. Therefore you can do the comparison and select the best house plans that suit your needs.


I remember during my childhood, my close uncles and unties love to visit casino at Genting Highland during weekend or public holiday. Sometimes when my parents are free, they will tag along and brought me there too. Due to under-aged, therefore I cannot enter the casino, so my parents have to accompany at the theme park while my uncle and unties will enjoy their gambling in the casino.

Even till now, they still go to Genting casino to try their luck but I no longer follow their group now. Well, if my uncles and unties know about computer knowledge, perhaps I could introduce some online casino websites for them. So that they can play casino games at the comfort of their house, without the hassle going uphill each time. Since they are still new to online casino, they might need some help and guideline for each website. In fact they can look for all these useful information from, a top gambling resource for online Top poker and sportsbook website reviews and recommendations.

Most of the gaming sites here are up to date and reliable. You can read the reviews first before selecting your ideal online casino to play with. I better let my uncles and unties gather more information from new player site before they start playing online casino!

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Free toxins from your body!

Did you know that every one of us have toxin body nowadays? None of you can claim that your body is toxin free since food we consume now no longer free from any pesticides, fertilizers, chemical and other drug. Many of these toxins or poisons come from our diet, drug use, and environmental exposure. Therefore our body needs to do Detoxification once or twice a year, to get rid of those toxins in our body. Detoxification is the process of clearing toxins from the body using our organs such as our heart, liver, intestines, lungs and others.

There are many ways to reduce the intake of toxins to the body. Some of the well known methods are taking organic food and drinking purified water. Fasting, also one of the oldest detox treatments known by all of us. However not many of us afford to bear the hunger! Ok, if you cannot stand hunger, then perhaps you can try to use Detox Patch that offer by

The benefits of Dtox Patch are it helps to cleanse the body, comfort your aching muscles, absorbs pesticides and toxins naturally and others. All you have to do is just patch the Dtox Patch onto your both feet before bedtime. Then the next morning you can see a different color version of patch, meaning that it has absorb your toxins out from your body!

No pills, no hunger! Try it for the sake of your healthy body!

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Play fool by them!

I am like an idiot staff last week. I really don’t know how to describe my feeling, that’s why I feel myself like idiot. Sales department wants me to book LCL shipment for one of the customers, but they cannot confirm the actually quantity. Therefore I only book based on estimation given by store dept.

When I about to call transport to send the goods to Port Klang, then only realized the actual quantity had shoot up to more than 20m3 which can accommodate into one 20 footer container. I have to stop the LCL shipment as for this kind of quantity; I need to let the shipping line know in the first place. What is the consignee refuse to accept LCL cargo and want FCL (more cost effectiveness for them), then they may have problem claiming their ocean freight after shipment. I have to think of their situation too.

Now, my problem is I already called transporter to come, I am sure they will scold me like hell. Mine you, this is not the first time I encounter this stupid issue. All due to poor coordination between all departments. Even I constantly called up the store to check the stock quantity, yet she still couldn’t tell me the actual until last minute. Don’t you think I work like an idiot way?

Help him solve his debts

Last week when I was back to my mom’s house, I heard a very bad news from my mom. She told me that our neighbour’s son gone crazy due to money matter issue. I am shock to hear the news coz to my understanding her son is a highly education person and own good career too. How did he land himself into money matter issue?

After some explanations from my mom, then I only find out the truth about his problem. He involved in share market investment and used up lots of money lately. Most of his share counters prices drop tremendously due to wrong speculation from his partner. He even uses his credit card to swipe for the payment for most of his share counters, now he landed himself into severe debt problem for his credit card loan. Mind you, credit card interest is not cheap. Now he is eagerly looking for any Credit Card Debt Help, hoping that he is able to pay off his debts soonest possible.

If I happen to meet him, I think I will suggest him to look for Credit Card Debt Consolidation. It consolidate various higher interest balances into one monthly payment at a lower interest rate than his currently paying on his credit cards and allow him to pay off his credit card according to his affordable amount. It sound quite logical as this method able to help him control his debts properly.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Great vacation in Hawaii

I love to browse through internet to look for nice scenery of certain places and save it as my computer wallpaper. Especially those sceneries with pretty sandy beaches, coconut trees, hammocks between coconuts and others. Those pictures look for relax and always tempted me to visit them one day. Too bad, our country does not have those clean and pretty sandy beaches. Most of our beaches are polluted with rubbish and dirty sand.

My kids love to play at beach but hubby hardly bring us there coz he doesn’t like to see the polluted place. He said wait till he has lots of money, then he will bring all of to visit Hawaii and stay at comfort place like Hawaii beach house. Wow! Cool isn’t it? I love Hawaii but I know the travel package to this place not cheap too.

Since hubby has this plan in his mind, I better read more about Kauai Travel Info now, see whether I can find some travel package that fall within hubby’s budget. I found out that Hawaii Travel Blog has lots of informative and resourceful information about Hawaii too. Bookmark this website first, if our trip is confirmed, then I can use it as my travel guideline.

Visit beach or go shopping?

Different people have different taste. Some people love to visit beaches, some love to visit oldies building like churches or museum and some love to go for shopping during their vacation. Frankly, hubby and I love beaches and visit old time churches or museum. Even we go to shopping places; we also hardly buy stuff coz the things in oversea countries not cheap ler! Well, you can say I am stingy fella! To me, going for any vacation is to relax ourself and get to know more about those places.

Some of my friends ever visit Hawaii and I love to ask them What to Do in Kauai since over there we only can visit their beach. Do there have other attractive places to go besides their beach? They couldn’t answer all my questions as they know different people have different expectation. Therefore they ask me to check out Kauai Travel Blog if I plan to visit Hawaii one day. From the blog, perhaps I can read and find where to go or what to do in Kauai, Hawaii.

Cool blog! I better start read more now as I wish to coax my hubby to visit this place one day. Hopefully he will allow me to book our stay at one of the famous Kauai vacation rentals in Hawaii. By the way, it had been over 3 years I did not travel alone with him after our kids arrival.

2 or 3?

Not 2 kids or 3 kids la……

I mean now I was wondering what is this site page rank now? 2 or 3? Some website told me 2 whereas some told me it is 3. of course no more 4 now.

2 and 3 have huge different if I want to cari makan in bayar post. 3’s pay is much higher than 2, and I can say PR 2 no way can make more money than 3. I cannot say I wish to maintain to 4 since I have lots of bayar post here. I already expected this will happen to my blog one day. However I didn’t expect it will demoted till 2! Arghhhh…..dont care lar, I just write while I can lor…beyond my control too!

Find travel info from internet

Previously before I plan for any vacation, I will only go to places that my relatives or friends ever visited coz I can dig those travel information from them. Only with their good suggestions or recommendations, then I will only plan for my vacation. At that time, I hardly search for any information via internet coz I am not sure whether the information in internet reliable or not.

Well, I was wrong. I was told that Kauai Travel Blog is a very informative and resourceful blog website that has lots of Oahu Vacation Info as well as other places in Hawaii.

Now I can rely those info in their travel blog to look for any Hawaii home rentals packages. Hopefully I able to find one that suit for family package, so that I can bring my whole family members to visit Hawaii one day. I need packages that fall within my budget…hehe…travel to Hawaii not cheap, I need to plan wisely too!

Boss want to go Hawaii

It is another year end coming soon. I am sure my boss will ask my favor to assist him looking for great places for his yearly family vacation. I had worked with him for more than 3 years now, so far he had brought his family members to visit Europe, Filipina, Australia, Japan and China. Sometimes I am very envy his family members coz they have chance to travel oversea countries yearly. So far, hubby and I only afford to bring our elder girl to Hong Kong & China. This was 3 years back then, till date we yet to play any vacation for the kids.

Ok, back to my boss now. If he asks me do again this year, I will suggest him to visit Hawaii since I can gather lots of useful travel information from Kona Travel Blog. From this blog, I can find lots of things to do in Hawaii as well as great offers for their Kona vacation rentals and Kauai Vacation Rentals. Though my boss willing to spend for his family vacation but he will still ask me to look for cheap hotel accommodations as he wants to have some saving too. He mentioned that he can use the saving money to buy me souviors! Hehehe…

Don't lie to me!

Before marry, my hubby always tell me sweet things like he will only love me alone, no other women in his life or promised me that he will bring me to oversea country for honeymoon annually. After married, though he still loves me as before but he did not bring me for holiday by annual basis. To me, he is telling lie to me. Am I right?

I know I cannot demand too much from him since he also under employment and his salary just enough to cover our daily expenses. For local vacation, he still afford to do so but for vacation abroad, I don’t think he could afford it, especially now we have 2 girls. Hey, travel with whole family members is not cheap nowadays. I think I better read more from Kauai Travel Blog, so that I able to watch out those cheap packages for Hawaiian Vacation Kailua. I was told occasionally HawaiianBeachRentals will offer attractive travel packages for their Kauai Vacation Rentals. Ok, pray hard that I able to grab those family budget package.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

I want sexy wear

I hardly show my pictures in my blog. It is not because I want to be an anonymous blogger but I feel my outlook like a plump women, more towards auntie overall. Frankly my body size is way different as compare to pre-pregnancy stage. Sometimes hubby will teased me that my clothing should upgrade to plus size clothing. Oh no, I feel so disappointed when I heard that sentence!

Womens clothing nowadays getting trendy and sexy, tempted me to try to wear it but I know now is not the right time. I better reduce some body fats first before looking for sexy womens fashion as I don’t want myself to wear plus size clothing all the time.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Very hungry now

Now is 1.11am…..I still here, my eyes still wide open and full of energy! Hehe….as I wish to finish some pending posts and spend the long weekend with my kids. No more public holiday but I applied annual leave next Monday.

Guess what am I going to do by next Monday?

Yeah, I plan to do hair rebonding. I really cannot stand my baby hair keep growing up lately. Not only baby hair but curly baby hair….haih….I feel myself look so awful with those curly hair, especially front area!!

Hubby commented I may not have the gut to meet people after hair rebonding. He was thinking I will feel very uncomfortable once the hair is rebond! Hahaha…let’s wait & see!

Cleaning Service from Sicorps

I don’t know what’s wrong with my boss lately. He gives green light to Human Resource Manager to allow the 35 foreign workers to stay at our office upstairs temporarily. All of the office staff feel uneasy with the decision coz this mean they will share the toilet with us. Opps, not me, but with male office staff.

Imagine, will they keep the upstairs office clean as before? Will they dirty the toilet after use? Too many concerns run into our minds but our boss never think of these consequences. He only concerns about his company money coz he wants to find a cheapest house for them but he fail to do so. Therefore he allows them to stay at office upstairs which is vacant right now. Frankly this is not a wise decision!

However it will be ok if management is willing to engage professional cleaning service from Sicorps Cleaning where they can provide the highest level of cleaning to high street businesses and organizations which requires quality cleaning service. Besides cleaning for businesses and organizations, Sicorps also provide other service like after builders Cleaning, Shop floor cleaning, carpet cleaning, rug cleaning, end of tenancy cleaning london , commercial deep cleaning, window cleaning and many more! Do check out Sicorps for more details information.

Improve your credit images

It is advisable for you to study and do the comparison of your loan applications from various companies before finalized your selection. The loan applications refer to home loans, auto loans, credit card loans and many more. Pay much attention to the fine prints that printed at their terms and conditions, such as late repayment penalty, hidden cost, administration cost and others. If you are unlucky and landed yourself into bad credit status, chances for you to get a new loan application is very low as many financial companies do not wish to accept bad credit customers.

However you can rebuild your credit status and get back your feet financially via taking up the “bad credit” offers from It is a site where you can find lot of resources for best "bad credit" offers available in marketplace. They will assist you by giving you free knowledge and resources to find the best credit offers that suit your needs!

Friday, October 26, 2007

Move Me! Move Me!

Moving house is one of the most stressful exercises for those who want to move house. However it can be a breeze to you if you engage the services from Move Me. It is an award winning company with free internet service that helps people to manage and organize their move via their online planner, moving advices as well as their moving house blog.

If you engage moving house service from Move Me, they will assist you to inform your local councils of your change of address, redirecting your mail to new address as well as moving home essentials like banks, insurance companies and even relatives and friends. By the way, if you wish to look for moving house tips, do hop over to Move Me to learn from the site or their blog!

The missing girl found.

Found the missing girl.

This little girl really gives the public a shock. We all thought might be another Nurin case happen again. I was wondering how these people take care their kids until they don’t know where there are going. When missing already only feel nervous and make police report.

If they not concern about their kids, why bring them to this world? Once you bring them to this world, you have the big responsibility to take care and protect them.

Thursday, October 25, 2007


Michelle gave away a very good tip on saving money for the family. Request your condom supply from government clinic!!

Yeah, no joke. You really can request for free condom from our local government clinic. In fact, I also don’t know about this case until lately Michelle told me via msn few weeks back.

I have stopped visiting government clinic after my youngest girl finished all her jab. Never mind, one day I will drop by and ask for free condom from them! LOL

Change Management

Organization behavior is quite a hard topic to me while is study in Business Management subject during college time. Now after I enter working life, I feel it is more difficult to handle people in office since most of them have office politics playing around among staff. Well, all these issues related to Organization Behavior in the organization.

If the management found their organization has lot of problem, then they should do something like change management to restructure their organization. Organization design is essential to most company as it will show the effectiveness and efficiency of your company. Some company will use performance management practice to assess staff progress toward achieving predetermined goals.

Any approach can be use to grow or move forward your company, as long as the approach is suitable to your company requirement.

Social Lending from Zopa

Do you aware that now you can actually borrow money from anyone besides banks? Yeah, you hear me right! Let me briefly tell you about Social Lending from Zopa. Social Lending is like borrowing and lending with each other, sidestepping the banks. The benefits are lenders can get great return rates while borrowers can get low-cost loans.

Zopa is the world’s first online marketplace for social lending. It provides the community to apply a loan for a minimum interest rate. On top of that, you also can make money via lending money. Lenders can enjoy an average rate of 7.0% pa on the money they've lent out this year. Don’t you think it is better than your saving account? Hop over to Zopa now if you wish to make more money!

Cover yourself first

I am quite a kiasu mummy actually. I start looking for medical insurance plans for my kids even before their arrival. To me, owing a medical insurance is the most important list in my life. I wouldn’t know what will happen to them in future. In case anything happen (touch wood) to them, I can have money from insurance to pay for the medical bill. Mind you, medical bill not cheap nowadays.

Of course hubby and myself own term life insurance to cover myself too. besides as a standby money, we also can treat it as saving account since we can claim back our money once the term life insurance reach full term.

Beautiful Paris

If you wish to visit Europe one day, don’t forget about Paris. It is the most romantic city in Europe and also the City of Lights. Paris famous landmarks like Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre and Notre-dame had attracted thousand of tourists to visit them in a year. By the way, I ever visited all these beautiful attractions. It is simply a wonderful trip for me.

One of the best hotel accommodations to consider while you are in Paris will be B&B Paris. It allows you to find the best deal for hotels in Paris as well as places of interests there. do bookmark Paris bed and breakfast website for your future planning if you wish to visit Paris one day.

Another Blogger Meet soon...

Yeah, I am going to meet up with another batch of blogger this coming Saturday. This time all bloggers will be from Melaka, my hometown. Hehe..can't wait to meet up and see their faces! In fact, I am quite kancheong this time, cos most of time I hardly get in touch before, only visit their blog when I am free only. Frankly I really don't know much about their background. Hopefully Miche will not fly my kite as she is the only one that I meet before in the group.

Victim of luxury car

Again, another victim of luxury car hijack. Personally I feel unsafe to drive a luxury car in this country, especially night time. Driving a cheap car may keep you away from being another victim of the similar case.

From another point of view, following brand really provide additional protection that the luxury car doesn’t:

Proton, Kia, Hyundai, Skoda, Fiat, Renaut, Ford, Perodua, Naza, Alado, Citreon, Tato and Smart.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Grab Cash Contest from Cuti MSN

Great news! CUTI MSN comes back again. Last session I did not win any cash from them, hopefully this around I will be the lucky star!

It’s very simple to join this cash contest; all you have to do is register yourself as CUTI Member first at, Please visit

After that go to your Window Live Messenger do the following:

• Cutizen has to add to your contact list

• Cutizen has to display the [(ip) ~ your name] tag name at MSN's My Display Name until the contest end.

Once their Event Manager announces the winner, the participant must online and show the Tag name at MSN's Display name. A notification will send to the winner via MSN and an email will be sent to the winner as well.

The winner will win minimum RM50 and maximum RM1000. by the way, the amount will bring forward to next winner if the current announced name unable to display the [(ip) ~ your name] tag name or OFF line.

Burger King Coupon

We always can receive e-coupon for KFC via our mailbox. I mean via forwarded email. Today is the first time I received Burger King e-coupon…hehehe…frankly I didn’t know that Burger King also has e-coupon benefits for we consumers.

Too bad, my work place area do not have Burger King Outlet, else I can print out today and eat burger as lunch.

Anyone interested? I can forward to you now.

The richest man dies at 90

I am you will know who am I referring to. Yeah, our dear Tan Sri Lim Goh Tong, the founder of the Genting Group and one of the world’s richest men, died Tuesday. He was 90.

I just about to plan a visit to Genting Highland, at the same time visit him (not in person lar), but now received this shock news. I thought this strong man can live till 100 years old like the HK famous men who related in TVB (Opps, forget his name, need to google it out)

My deepest condolence to Tan Sri family members.

Wrong Matching

I love to browse through fashion website as I want to “steal” their fashion designs, especially kids fashion. However sometimes I will shake my head when I see those kids wear that are wrong match with skirts or pants. I am not sure whether this is the style preference by US or UK people, frankly their taste is totally different from me.

Look at this skirt, nice right?

But when they wear at this combination, plus the too colorful stocking, I think they look awful.

If me to design the way they wear, I will get the kids to wear white top + white stocking. If plain white too bore for you, you can choose small dot or small flower white based top, then you can have perfect match for the kids wear.

What do you think? Agree with me or you have your own view? I welcome all sort of comments!

Pictures source

Disneyland planning

Have you ever think of going to visit Disneyland one day? My youngest girl keep pestering us to bring her to Disneyland lately after she saw her elder sister’s pictures that taken in Disneyland HK.

Hubby promised to her that he will bring her to Disneyland one day but she has to eat more rice now to boost up her energy since going to Disneyland need a lot of walking. If she feel tire easily, then we have to carry her most of the time. Then it will become a very tiring trip for all of us. Hehe…this silly girl agrees to eat more rice but I still feel her size smaller as compare to kids at her age.

Never mind, let me save more money for our Disney Tickets first, else none of us got chance to visit Disneyland.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Let's do sauna at home

During my college life, I love to visit our school club with my classmates during weekend. This is because our club has a big swimming pool and sauna facility there. We can save lots of money if spending our time at club as compare to hang out at shopping mall or cinema. By the way, swimming and sauna has lots of health benefits too, especially sauna. Some of the health benefits are burn calories and controls weight, increases blood circulation and strengthens the cardiovascular system, remove toxins and mineral waste, reduces stress and fatigue, improve the immune system and many more.

Well, if you wish to do sauna at home, you can consider buying a portable sauna and putting at home, therefore you can do your sauna as and when you like. The best website to look for sauna models is at SaunaKing. It is a professional manufacture and exporter of Infrared Sauna, Portable Saunas and Traditional Sauna products in China which offer at great prices in the market. Not many of us know well about sauna, thus if you wish to own one, you better look for SaunaKing since their mission is to deliver good quality products with affordable price. Check out the site for more information and read the criteria on how to choose a sauna that suit your needs.

Avoid bad credit status

Nowadays it is real hard to apply for new loan if you are having bad credit status. However with the help from BadCreditOffers, you still able to find one the best offer that suit your needs. The expert staff from will continuously monitors the credit marketplace, in order to bring to their consumers the best "bad credit" offers available in the market.

By the way, if you wish to avoid being entered the bad credit status, you got to study and compare carefully before engaging with certain loans from bank or financial institution. Pay more attention to their fine prints that printed at agreement. Some banks have hidden cost that you will never know, beware of that, so that you will no the landed yourself into bad credit status.

Online flights booking

My boss is a frequent flyer. He used to fly all over the countries for his business trips. As a secretary of him, I have to make lots of international flights and hotels booking for him each time when he needs to travel.

In my pc, I had bookmarked few travel agencies for my references, so there will become handy whenever I need to make booking for my boss. Lately I came to know about where I can book flights, hotels, cruises, cars and others. After browsing through the site, I fall in love with is as it provides convenience, more choices and value for money of their travel products. It seems like providing a one-stop service to our travel planning.

Lucky I found out, so that I got extra website to search for cheap flights for my boss.

Drug Rehab Referrals

Almost everyday we can read from newspaper that teenagers or youngsters nowadays are addicted to either drug or alcohol. As a parent now, I feel sad for their parents. I was wondering did their parents know about their kids addicted to those drug or alcohol or not? Or did they ever ask or know about their whereabouts or not? Some parents only think of ways to make more money and let the kids problem to their nanny or babysisters. I would say these groups of parents are irresponsible type as they never bother to share problem with their kids. Frankly, I already start worry about my kids even though they are still small now.

When I was in teenager time, I am lucky as my friends around me are good attitude and good behavior types. But my brother’s friends are opposite with mine coz his friends like to hang out at night, dare to try alcohol and pills too. I felt shock once my brother told me about this. I quickly told my parents about this coz I don’t want my brother to get all these bad habits and bad influences from his friends. At last my brother did not pick up those bad influences but he learnt smoking since then. I remember my parents lecture him few times on smoking but he still did it behind them.

Well, if parents realized their kids had addicted to drug or alcohol, they have to send their kids to drug rehab in order to help them recover to normal life. Else they will forever stick at their addiction as the addiction will not stop by itself. They need proper intervention of drug treatment programs to overcome their addictions.

If you or someone you know is struggling with the disease of drug addiction or alcoholism, please refer them to where it offers referral services for those who are currently looking for drug or alcohol rehabilitation. You can either call them 1-888-503-1969 or 1-231-314-5255, or fill out the free assessment form at their website and let their qualified and experienced counselors assist you in finding the best drug rehabilitation service for you!

Is Crocs comfortable to you?

picture source

Crocs are so popular now. You even can see imitation of crocs everywhere too. my SIL#2 bought 2 sets of fake crocs shoes for my girls, very striking yellow color. The girls love it but after wearing some times, they just put it aside. Sure la, imitation crocs so hard, how to wear long time. Don’t say kids, I also cannot wear longer time lar.

Original crocs are so expensive; I don’t think I will buy one for myself. I was thinking will my feet feel warm after wearing it? If yes, then I rather wear “open feet” sandal lor! I ever visited Crocs shop in KL; found that most crocs designs are out from original pattern. Some even look like sandal where you can see the feel clearly! I think sooner or later, sure the Crocs will change pattern according to market demand!

Hassle free shopping

Many of us like to rely on car workshop owner to look for car accessories for our car. However did you know that sometimes we might be charged high price due to going through third party purchase? Some online auto accessories shops able to offer better price with good quality products. Some even can offer FREE shipping for your purchase! Look with all these attractive benefits; you surely can save lot of money already. All you have to do is enter some code into your shopping cart, later pay via credit card, then sit back, wait for them to send to your doorstep. See, such a hassle free shopping! Can save you lots of time too!

Teak Furniture for boss's bungalow

Early last month, my boss invited all the office staff to his house for his daughter’s 5 years old birthday party. The party held at his big garden beside his big bungalow house. All of us impress with the house design as it looks so nice and stylish with all the luxury stuff. Frankly, not many of us afford to spend so much money onto house renovation using high quality yet pricy furniture and decoration stuff.

Though his garden looks big but it would be nicer if he put a set of teak garden furniture to enhance his garden look. For a luxury house like that, he should put some teak benches and teak tables instead of normal design of loungers.

I am sure my boss affords to own those stylish and high quality outdoor furniture from TeakWood Patio Furniture. I will introduce the website to him once he is back to office.

Monday, October 22, 2007

We shall go Auckland one day!

Auckland, City of Sails, also known as New Zealand's biggest city. I love New Zealand and Australia; in fact both are my dream destination countries. See, both places got big cow farm, so that my kids can run about there if we got chance to travel to those places.

Well, in Auckland, you can see beautiful beaches, islands, try outstanding food and wine, and also have great shopping and exciting nightlife! If I will to visit Auckland one day, I will check out cheap Auckland hotels first as I want to save some saving from Auckland accommodation. Mind you, if I can save $100 from there, then I can shop for souvenirs and give away to my friends & relatives!

There are lots of hotels in Auckland, you got to spend some time to search for the cheapest yet reputable one before depart for your vacation. So that your holiday will not get spoil by staying in lousy hotels. Check out cheap Auckland hotels rate at CheaperThanHotels.

A Personal Assistant for me

My office desk is full with files now. My mailbox consists of more than 20 unattended email and my customers keep calling to check for order status. At the same time, I still need to take care my household thing like remember when to pay utility bills, pay loans, and other stuff. Tell me, which item should put in priority now? Everything is urgent, everything needs to reply on the spot but I only have one brain and two hands, I cannot speed up my working speed now. How nice if my boss allow me to hire an assistant for me. I ever told him my concern but he said I can cope with my existing work, no need to hire extra personal which will incur more cost. *sigh* my boss think I am a superwomen!

I was told we actually can hire an Online Secretary to assist us in monitoring our daily work, including keep track of our schedule, arrange meetings and set appointments, check and answer emails as per our instructions, pay personal bills via online banking, monitor and update our work project and many more! Wow, sound so powerful this virtual online secretary! If my boss knows about it, I am sure he will fire me and hire her to replace my position!

This post brought to you by Agents of Value

Are you a massage geek?

A moment ago, I just had an msn chat with some of my online buddies. We chat about massages, spa, manicure, pedicure and other women thingy. Frankly I am not a massage geek as I never go for any SPA or massage therapy so far. The main reason is due to all these luxury treatments need money and the package not cheap too. Not that I am not afford but I rather use the money to do other things, such as shopping, treat good meal for the family member or go for travel. Hehe…

Nowadays you can see lots of massage therapy business in the community, simply because people nowadays need massages like SPA to release their tension as well as body pains. Learning massage therapy not a big issue now as there are lots of massage therapy schools for you to choose from. If you wish to run a massage therapy business, you can check out Massage Geek where it helps massage therapists and bodywork professionals to learn, interact, and share ideas on how to successfully run a massage therapy and bodywork practice.

Once you had mastered the massage therapy skills, you can run the business from home too. I am sure stay-at-home-moms would love to hear this since they can take care the kids besides running the business at home.

You can read lots of articles and tips on how to improve your massage therapy knowledge or skills at Massage Geeks. Check it out now!

I got Starbucks Voucher!

Yeah, my boss gave me 2 Starbucks vouchers, not totally free but buys one free one. As you know one cup of coffee is not cheap but if got buy one free one voucher, it is still worth it to have a drink there.

The validity of the vouchers till 31 March 2008. I still got lots of time to date with hubby at Starbucks Melaka or KL!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Theory X and Theory Y

Management theory classify human behaviors into two categories, i.e. Theory X and Theory Y. Theory X describe the people by nature behave negatively. There are the group of people who don’t like to change, don’t like to take up challenge and think of new idea to make thing happen. They have more worries or concern than people who classified in other group.

Theory Y on the other hand describes the people who generally behave positively. People in this category prefer new challenges that make their life meaningful. They cannot sit still at the same position for long time. They will get bored easily. They are the people who actively searching for new way of doing thing or make thing happens.

By nature, I am a positive thinker. Therefore I classify myself in Theory Y, working with a group of Theory Y people is really fun. We can work together to go through all the challenges to make thing happen.

Unfortunately I have to face more Theory X people most of the time in my work place. You can imagine how my face looks like when I meet up with this group of people for business related issues discussion.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Easy way to buy or sell property

If you’re currently wish to invest in real estate section, do consider your investment for Scottsdale real estate. You can check out the area and price from their website at SonoranGmac via their online quick search. nsure you get the best value for your home investment, a

Buying or selling a property or home can be quite tedious for you if you are not familiar with the country culture. But at Sonoran Properties, they understand your needs and their real estate agents could help you to make wise, informed decisions when selling or buying a home. They will ensure you get the best value for your home investment! nsure you get the best value for your home investment, a

Do hop over to Sonoran website now to find more information.

Looking for land?

I dream of house will be a big bungalow with a swimming pool near the greenish garden. Look, our family member can spend the family day during weekend by having picnic near the swimming pool. Kids can dip into the pool while adults can chit chat together if they don’t want to swim.

Too bad, building a big bungalow is not cheap nowadays and those ready build bungalow not cheap too. Do let me know if you happen to see a reasonable price for a piece of land. If the price within my budget, perhaps I can consider to buy over. I hope to enjoy relax life after retire from work. I got to watch out those signboard of land for sale, who know I could find a owner who can offer me cheap land price!

Costa Rica travel guide

If you wish to arrange a trip for Costa Rica Travel, you can check out the Costa Rica Directory from Costa Rica Pages website. The site has lots of information directory about Costa Rica, including education, Costa Rica Hotel, investment, real estate, business, traveling and many more.

Alternatively you can join the forum and get connected with other members via online discussion about travel in Costa Rica. Do bookmark this site for your future Costa Rica vacation planning.

Crude oil issue again

Crude oil price reaching another high record. I had been watching the price movement since it was $47/barrel. It was about 8 years ago. Today the price almost up by double.

The issues of oil price seem repeating each year about this time. Some analyst commented that the rising oil price is due to higher demand of oil for heating purpose at the winter countries. Not sure how true the statement. Does it mean the oil price will drop if people in the countries manage to get alternative source of energy for keeping their house warm?

Theoretically, the oil price should drop after the winter. In reality, it doesn’t. The oil price will remain at the same level and moves forward when the next winter come.

Can we get rid of petroleum dependent? Let’s try!

Friday, October 19, 2007

Their future pets

Frankly I am not a pet person. I don’t like dogs, cats, rabbits, hamsters, livestock and others. I am not cruel person actually, just that I am lazy to take care those pets if I will to rare them in my house. However I love fishes, I like to watch those colorful fishes swimming freely in aquarium. Mind you, keeping fishes as pets also need lots of cleaning work.

Both my girls like cats very much. They like to touch the cat if they happen to see them at road side. When I saw them touch cat, I will scream loud as road side cats are dirty. They ever begged me to keep a cat as pet for them. However I had to reject them as I know when with 2 kids at home, I already very tire, what if I keep extra live thing in the house, mean more works for me. Am I right?

I will try to persuade them to accept fishes as pet coz I don’t mind to put aquarium at living hall. With colorful fishes in aquarium, add some water grass, it will make my house look nicer.

Company expansion

If your company is looking for any list brokers, do direct them to check out from Martin WorldWide. It is the #1 resource for innovative consumer mailing lists and business mailing lists in the nation. It is also one of the largest and most successful mailing list providers in the nation, offering customized mailing lists, telemarketing lists and fax lists to small business and Fortune 1000 clients.

With the help from Martin WorldWide, your company’s sales team member can concentrate on promoting your company products and services after getting the mailing list s from them. Do check out the free quote and free info via online tools from them before you engage the service with them!

Designer fashion from Koodos

If you are a shophalic who love to shop for designer stuff, then you should hop over to Koodos now! Koodos is the great place for you to shop for designer handbags, designer shoes, designer fashion and others for smart prices!

Shopping online getting trendy now as it can save you lots of time by avoiding the long queue to pay at cashier counter. As you know, during sales period, the shopping mall will be packed with lots of shoppers and sometimes it is hard to find parking lot too. if you shop at Koodos, you can have a hassle free shopping. At the same time, you also able to enjoy the BIG discount offer from them and also the FREE shipping services provided by them.

I certainly will bookmark Koodos as my favorites shopping place since it only offers Authentic designer fashion, so that we can ensure ourself getting the good quality stuff from them!

Shall I try Akävar?

Weight loss is one of my year resolutions. Hehe…why I said year resolution but not fix a lead time for myself like October or November resolution? Well, to be frankly, it seems like I never achieve my resolution so far, my weight still remains at 115 pounds and my ideal weight will be 103 pounds.

I will feel tenser if the pretty clothes at shopping mall cannot fit well for my body size. Some how from there I will get motivation to start my weight loss resolution!

I had been blogging about weight loss for so many posts in my blog now and it did help me indirectly. I will try to follow the diet prescribe in the websites and control my dietary as well as calories. The only thing I dare not follow is taking the weight loss pills as I am not sure whether the pills will have side effect to me or not.

Lately I come to know about Akavar 20/50 weight loss pill while I browsing through some weight loss programs. It mentioned that Akävar 20/50 able to restrict our caloric intake to below our normal daily caloric consumption, and literally pull excess fat from all over our body. Those body parts including our waist, hips, thighs and buttocks, thus leaving our body thinner, trimmer and sexier than ever. So far the study shown that Akavar yet to have any negative side effects, or long term side effects. That’s great!

If you wish to know more about Akavar 20/50, do check out from Dyankor Pharmacal.

This post brought to you by Dyankor Pharmacal.

Gold investment

My hubby asks me to study share market again. He claimed that he will tie up with work load by next month onwards. Therefore he might not have more free time to monitor his share counters. He is hoping that I able to monitor the share market trend and do decision for him either sell or continue to keep the counter.

Frankly I am not good at share market; I will become headache when looking at those jumping figures or colorful share market signboard. I rather use the money and time to do the gold investing since gold price keep rising up lately. Market foresee the gold prices will continue rising as the crude oil price keep rising too. Mind you, now one barrel of crude oil had become USD90.00!! If I know earlier, I am sure will buy some gold bar to keep in my bank!

Informative Travel Guides

Hubby and I love to go travel if our budget is allowed. However now we hardly go for vacation after the arrival of our 2 girls. Mind you, it is not easy to travel with kids. Well, usually before I plan for my family vacation, I will try to search for more travel guide via travel magazines, travel blog that you can get online or via friends’ recommendation. Same as other, we wish to have a smooth yet exciting trip, thus all these information like hotels accommodation, places to eat out, local attractions, culture and many more are important to me; especially when the kids are tag along.

RealTravel is a very informative website where you can find lots of the contributors contributed their travel experience and their personal opinion for some travel attractions from difference places. Alternatively you can read the Travel blog in the website to find out those useful travel guides. The contributors will pick and bring you the best travel stories, photos and good recommendations from their past experience. Do check out the site if you wish to plan for your holiday.

Another bank to apply for Debit Card

Last Friday, I am off from work as our company declare it is the replacement holiday for Melaka Governor Birthday. So, I decided to pay a visit to PBB to apply for one debit card for myself, so that I can withdraw my paypal money all by myself without going thru third party. It is pretty simple to the application since the bank only request our IC copy, fill up a form and then wait for the first letter from them , then only we can deposit the amount plus paying annual fee of RM24.00

However I read many posts saying that PBB took long time to process the application. Well, let wait and see how it goes!

Besides PBB, I had read so many apply for Al Rajhi bank Debit Card. They mentioned that this card can get it on the spot and the charges is much cheaper than PBB. My godness, this is my first time hearing such bank name. Sound so strange to me! Let me check out my area have such bank or not, if got, maybe I will get one too!

Get the drug from online stores

Viagra, this name should be sound familiar to you. It is a hot topic discusses when this product first launched in the market. Viagra is the drug use to allow adequate sexual stimulation, relaxes the blood vessels of the penis and helps erection. Most male eager to try it out but too bad not all of them can take it without proper prescription from doctor.

If you wish to look for Generic Viagra (Sildenafil citrate), you can check out from The site will show you different stores with different prices. Therefore you can do the price comparison before selecting your desire store. Don’t worry, most of the stores which listed at are guaranteed you lowest price with safe, discreet packing for your privacy and protection. They do provide worldwide delivery, hop over to now!

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Internet Poker Websites

I am one of the lucky folk actually as I can online during office hour from nine-to-five. My boss will not interfere what I am doing within working time as long as I had finished my daily routine and filing. So, what did I do when I am free after all pending work had been done? Hehe….I will be connected to internet and browse through my entire favorites online website as well as parenting blogs. Other than that, I will search for nice recipes, so that I can cook or bake during weekend.

By the way, I love to play challenging online games too. At times, I even addicted to online games and play with online buddy too. Opps, of course I still have to be careful since it is no good to play online games during office hours. Who know my boss will terminate my service if he happens to see me play those online games!

There is an interesting website where you can find lots of Online Poker Sites such as US poker sites, UK Poker sites, Internet Poker UK, or US Poker Rooms. It also covers most of the largest online poker rooms and also giving detailed internet poker reviews, hottest tables and the latest news about poker games. If you are new to poker and wish to learn to play, you can check out the poker strategy where it will show you how to play and master the skill of playing poker games.

Check out the site now if you wish to know more about poker games!

This was a paid review.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Hard to do for LL now

I don't know what's wrong with my LL account. Even I received their email notification but I still unable to see any opp in my account. If the opp is for PR 4, then I should still stand a chance since LL yet to update their system. I still can see my blog maintain at PR4 last week.

I still can see other bloggers managed to do for LL, which is same opp that LL send to my mail box. chance to do post for them mean I have less one source already.

Nice & Good quality of stainless steel products

I am sure majority of us like to own stainless steel products due to the reliability and durability. We don’t mind to pay extra since the products are long lasting plus good quality. Unless those low grade quality steel, there will rusty or damage very fast if handle improperly.

Most of my kitchen utensils and toiletry set are make from stainless steel quality. Previously I am not afford to buy stainless steel products due to budget constraints but now my income getting better, therefore I will try to shop for stainless steel products for my household thing.

Lately I found a great site that solely offers stainless steel products with affordable price, The Stainless Steel Store. Some of the categories featured in the website are outdoor, cooking, dining, decorate, greens and many more. I am eyeing at below products, I will order for my house since they are having discount plus Free shipping now. Hopefully hubby will not making noise.... :)

Online Stores for health products

Viagra is a drug used to treat male erectile dysfunction (impotence). Initially Viagra was studied for use in hypertension (high blood pressure), later it is more common for erectile dysfunction treatment. You need to get doctor prescription first before buying the Viagra from pharmacy. Well, nowadays you can order Generic Viagra via online stores at The site will show you different prices from different stores with discounted prices. Most stores will guaranteed their lowest price with safe, discreet packing for your privacy and protection. No matter where you stay, they will deliver it to your door step! Check out from now and look for the best deals for Generic Viagra.

Popcorn, please!

Hubby always commented that once he owns lots of money, he is going to let us enjoy luxury life. He will bring us to go for luxury Europe tour package, use branded clothing or shoes, eat good food at high class restaurant, buy luxury big car, and buy big bungalow lot and others. Hmmm…don’t know when will be our turn to enjoy such luxury life hor!

Other than above, he also wishes to fix a good surround system of home theater in study room, so that he can enjoy his movie without anyone disturbing him. I told him it will be great if he fix a home theater popcorn machines, and then he can eat fresh hot popcorn while enjoying the movies! Hehe…..

Bring HP to toilet

Yesterday “dunno who” locked myself within toilet area in office. Panic.

Between office area and toilet, there is a door there before we can reach our toilet. It is about 5.50pm, time to go back. I will go to toilet before driving back most of the time. After finished doing business in toilet, I want to open the door but found out it was locked!!! I am panic coz it is difficult to call for help now, even I call loud, they hard to hear me too. My receptionist girl already gone back as I had bid bye bye to her when I about went to toilet. Die lor, how to go out now?

Then I think of going to upstairs and get down from another area. Pray hard no one lock the middle door as the cleaner will lock it sometimes. By the way, our top floor is empty and it is NOT CLEAN too. Not CLEAN means got other “people” there if you are unlucky and able to feel it. Quite scary hor! (psst psst…many of our staff ever encounter the weird and scary feeling when they go to upstairs to look for files)

I quickly run (yeap, run but not walk) to upstairs, go through 2 doors and finally go down to my office floor. Thank GOD, the doors all no lock other wise I have to climb down from window or scream loud to the guide house! LOL

Next time, I will bring hp to handphone, in case same thing happen!

Perodua Tikus

International crude oil price hitting the record high (USD86 per barrel) on yesterday trade. Some analysts forecast the oil price may over USD100 per barrel if the political issue in middle east remain tension.

Government committed to maintain the fuel price unchanged till end of this year but don’t know what will happen beginning of next year.

For sure fuel price will increase significantly early next year. I may not afford to pay for the fuel cost for my Kancil anymore. I may need to consider a smaller and lower fuel consumption car. Hopefully by then Perodua will launch another compact car call TIKUS for the low income group of people like me! LOL

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Lovely Dresses in MV

Wow, I saw so many lovely dresses in Mid Valley. So nice, so pretty, so cute! I wish I got time to sew similar dresses for my girls. But my time is limited, after work already dead tire and I only can sew little portion by portion. You must wonder why I not just buy for them instead of sewing. Hehe…not because I am stingy hor but those dresses really expensive. Since I got the talent for sewing, plus I managed to buy good quality from Kamdar MV, so why not take the time to sew? By the way, my workmanship not bad too if compare to those selling at boutique shop!

If you wish to order from me, you better send in your order now as currently I am rushing for some Indian’s clothing. They are getting ready for Deepavali soon. After Indian clothing, I will run another batch for those who celebrating Christmas, then follow by Chinese New Year. If you place order earlier, then I can sew for you first and no need to wait for longer lead time! :)

Big screen plasma TV

Whenever we go to shopping mall, my kids will be attracted by those big screens flat panel TV in electrical section. They will sit on the floor and watching at the big screen while hubby accompanies them. Then mummy will sneaking out from their view and go to lady department to shop! LOL

Well, if you are currently looking for bigger screen of Panasonic plasma television, then you should visit The site will shows you different prices from different stores, so that you can make a price comparison first before confirm your selection. Shop at definitely will give you some saving since you can get the most competitive price from those stores!

On top of that you can also read the Panasonic TH-50PX600U store reviews to find out which store can provide better services to you. Check out today to find out other selections that carry by them!

London is great!

Have anyone of you been to London? If yes, I am sure you will not miss the London Eye and Tower Bridge. Most travel package will included these attractions places for tourists. Besides going to London attractions places for sight seeing, you also can spend your time for shopping in London. During their Mega Sale every year end, you can buy lots of cheap stuff there. most of the items will go for buy one free one thingy, so even after conversion, you still can find the things is cheaper as compare to our currency rates.

Well, if you wish to travel to London one day, don’t forget to book your London accommodation from The site will have lots of cheap hotel deals from time to time. You even can get last minute deals from them if you plan your holiday at last minute. Bookmark the site now and book your hotel accommodation with them for your future London trip!

Classical Ceiling Fans

My house has lots of ceiling fans coz my house ventilation is no good, therefore we need the fans to swing away the heat. It is one of the energy saving solution as compare to installing air conditional. One hall one ceiling fan and my room have another ceiling fan too. My elder girl love fans very much, she cannot see the fans stop. Once stop, she will quickly ask us to on it or else she will start yelling to us.

I love classical design of ceiling fan, look special and elegant. If I have a bigger house in future, I will ensure all my ceiling fans are classical design with brown color!

Notebook oh Notebook

I had blog so many times that my hubby intends to buy a brand new notebook computer to replace his current old unit. Now he is in dilemma on which brand to grab, either Dell, Compad, ThinkPad or Acer. His main concern is the money as he is looking for $3,000 - $3,500 price range and must be light weight notebook too. Yesterday while in Mid Valley shopping mall, he also try to shop for his notebook. Too bad, currently there is no sale going on, else he might bring one home yesterday!

No more bad credit status

No doubt, it is pretty easy to apply for one credit card nowadays. The processing getting easier and less tight as compare to previously. As a result, bad credit has become a hot topic in the community too. Now bad credit even becomes a serious case in United States.

Once you landed yourself into bad credit situation, it is hard for you to apply for new card in future. However now at, you can find out the top 10 credit cards for consumers with a "bad credit" rating. You can send in your application to them, and they will process it with quick and easy approval too. Therefore you can use this opportunity to rebuild your credit rating and don’t forget to make monthly repayment on time.

Mint credit cards

Yesterday while in Mid Valley shopping mall, one guy approached me and showed me his leaflet on credit cards. he is asking whether I own any credit cards at this moment or not. Hey, come on, now credit cards is common, of course everyone will carry at least one in their wallet. Am I right?

Well, this guy is promoting his company’s credit cards where the features offer by him are almost the same as other credit card companies. I got no interest to listen to him as I already own 2 credit cards in my purse now. However if he is promoting Mint credit card, then perhaps I will consider to apply for it.

Mint credit cards offer a 0% interest on balance transfer, 0% on purchase as well as 0% bonus offer on balance transfers. All those features are the basic requirement for card holders, no wonder majority of them will go for Mint credit card instead of other cards. On top of that, we can get up to £7,500 of credit limit whereas my existing card only give me $4,000 credit limit upon my request some more. We also can check our latest transaction and download the statements and receive email and text alerts by opening a free online account with Mint Credit Card Company.

If you wish to apply for Mint credit card, do check out from their website at

Tag : 3 8 Q & A

Judy tagged me many times, I better do it now, else I might lupa very soon! LOL

1. Name one person who made you laugh last night? Lyon & Wien

2. What were you doing at 0800? Ready to work

3. What were you doing 30 minutes ago? Eating blogging

4. What happened to you in 2006? Ectopic at Nov 08.

5. What was the last thing you said out loud? Bye bye!

6. How many beverages did you have today? One

7. What color is your hairbrush? Blue

8. What was the last thing you paid for? Petrol

9. Where were you last night? Miv Valley

10. What color is your front door? Cream

11. Where do you keep your change? Purse

12. What’s the weather like today? Sunny day

13. What’s the best ice-cream flavor? Vanilla

14. What excites you? Money

15. Do you want to cut your hair? Yes, this week most likely

16. Are you over the age of 25? Yes

17. Do you talk a lot? Yes

18. Do you watch the O.C.? What’s that?

19. Do you know anyone named Steven? Yes, many

20. Do you make up your own words? Sometimes

21. Are you a jealous person? Not really

22. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘A’. Adeline

23. Name a friend whose name starts with the letter ‘K’. Kumar

24. Who’s the first person on your received call list? Hubby

25. What does the last text message you received say? Shall we visit Malay friend today?

26. Do you chew on your straw? Nope

27. Do you have curly hair? Yes, curly naturally

28. Where’s the next place you’re going to? Out for lunch

29. Who’s the rudest person in your life? Those who like to split to floor

30. What was the last thing you ate? Fried Meehon + egg

31. Will you get married in the future? Already married

32. What’s the best movie you’ve seen in the past 2 weeks? Seldom watch movie

33. Is there anyone you like right now? Of course

34. When was the last time you did the dishes? Sunday!

35. Are you currently depressed? Nope

36. Did you cry today? Nope

37. Why did you answer and post this? Judy tag me lor..

38. Tag 5 3people who would do this survey :



Hui Sia (Not sure you had done this or not?

No mood to update blog

It is long break now due to Hari Raya festive. Frankly, since I off from work day one, I had been going out almost everyday. In fact, MIL plan to paint the house, and we had agreed to do so. But till date, we yet to buy the painting stuff as well as the paint. I also lazy to do bayar post and most of the time I only do it when the post going to expiry. LOL

Now holiday is over, I better prepare myself back to normal mood, else I will slacking in office too!

Monday, October 15, 2007

Komutar KL

Today we went to Mid Vally for one day shopping spree. Hubby did not drive car but we park our car at Seremban and took KTM to Mid Valley since this shopping mall located right after the KTM stop. See, we can save our parking fee and time on finding parking lot. Weekend not easy to find parking in MV and KLCC too.

Well, I still want to complaint about our Malaysian’s attitude when taking KTM . they never let the passengers to get down from train first before their turn to go up. Still can see passengers pushing to each other. Come on, I am carry my youngest girl and they still push me. Inconsiderate at all. shake head

Another scene is, seats that special for preggie women, people that carry kids or babies, old folks, those passengers are sitting there quietly and watching at you even saw you carry a kid with you, yet they still sitting there without feeling any guilty. One dumb male saw no one give seat to me, then he start yelling at one Malay girl, hinting her to allow me sit on her seat. Then only she willing to lift her butt and give seat to me. See, they want people to tell and hint them, then only they know what should they do! Don’t you think these people so inconsiderate!

Barcelona Chair

Barcelona Chair, this is the first time I heard about a chair’s name that named after a city. Hehe….Well, I learn from Wikipedia that the Barcelona Chair was designed by Mies van der Rohe for the German Pavilion at the Barcelona World Fair of 1929. The chair is one of the most stylish and elegant pieces of modern furniture of the 20th century.

Barcelona Chair is made from genuine Italian leather and stainless steel. If you read from Wikepedia, you will be surprise how much one Barcelona chair will cost you! The cost is within $3500 – 5500. Wow! Such an expensive chair, who will afford to own one! Lucky The Furniture Loft makes the price affordable to us and the quality not bad too! For only $899 after discount, you can have one Barcelona chair and put it at your living room and enjoy the comfort!

By the way, if I will to buy this chair for my house, then I got to buy two units coz my two girls cannot sit side by side watching TV. They will fight!

No Hari Raya Visit

This year I plan to visit my ex-colleague who is celebrating Hari Raya festive, I had told my other colleague that we can go together. However when we try to call our Malay colleagues (they are both sisters), they seem like refuse to answer our calls. I thought they must be busy doing the preparation, so I tried to call the next day, but still no one pick up the phone. I was wondering what happen to them, so I get the other colleague to call them, still no one answer her call. The next next day, she called them again, now got someone replied her. The Malay ex-colleague told us that we can visit them but have to call them before going their house.

So the next day, we tried to call her that we are about to go her house but funny part is she really no pick up the phone, even we call her at different interval times. Sigh …what’s wrong with all these people, if saw our miss calls, why not return our call since they already know we will visit them. worst thing is, I had bought so many present and stuff for them, now all lying at my kitchen, look like I have to use or eat them slowly!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Meet her again!

I just back from Melaka town one hour ago. Meet up with Msau & her family members as well as Miche. This is the second time I meet up with Msau. First meet we did not chat much coz shy mar! LOL

It is tiring trip but happy and satisfy coz we finally got chance to sit on London Bus. Of course the kids are the most exciting one, new thing to them mar!

Too bad, not much pictures taken. Will blog in another blog once I back from long break. Lazy to blog during holiday lar!

Which handbag suit me?

It’s quite a long time I did not shop for handbag. I think I had carried my existing handbag more than 3 years. But the bag still in good condition, that’s why I got no intention to change it so far.

I changed my mind after browse through coz I saw few selection of handbag which is really nice design plus attractive color to me. Let me show you one by one here.

Look at this Crazy For Polka Dots School Bag Collection, don’t you think the dots color so attractive? I think I will look more youthful if I carry it whenever I go!

Handbag from Dooney & Bourke also not bad. Though this handbag is white color and some of you may not like it coz worry it will get dirty easily. But I think if you handle with care, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Like it? Let’s shop at now!

Find out the truth

Before having kids, I did not know much about kids illness or sickness symptoms. Well during pregnancy period, I try to read books that concerning about newborn possibility illness or sickness. It is good for me to learn more at this stage, at least when anything happen to my baby (touch wood), I will know where to seek for help and also I will not be so panic.

But for Persistent pulmonary hypertension of the newborn (PPHN ), I still not sure what is the causes for this illness. As I know it is a life-threatening disorder in which the newborn's arteries to the lungs remain constricted after delivery. It limiting the amount of blood flow to the lungs and therefore the amount of oxygen into the bloodstream. It is very scary cases as it usually happen to newborns who are typically full-term or near-term infants. Imagine, you already carry the baby till nearly full term, and he/she suffer with PPHN. I bet all moms to be will be the saddest person.

According to survey that some drugs may cause PPHN problem and sad to say those drug companies do not prescribe clearly whether their drugs is the potential risk of PPHN. Therefore only via lawsuit, then only we can find out the truth. That’s the reason why Paxil Attorneys California play an important role here. They are trying to fight hard to get this information into the public domain in order to prevent others from having to endure similar tragedies.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

Enjoy Some Fun in the Sun

It's hard not to have a good time when you're staying in a luxury Caribbean villa, but it's even harder if you're enjoying one of the St. Martin villas, Aruba villas or Anguilla villas from CVOA. With great views, pristine beaches, and all the comforts of home, I know you'll enjoy your vacation in any of these villas. Visit CVOA today and pick which villa is right for your next Caribbean vacation, I know you won't be disappointed.

Hair rebonding

I was planning to do hair rebonding during this long break however I was unable to make it. The salon shop that I use to visit most of the time is temporary close coz the owner’s hand is hurt. She couldn’t lift up her right hand and in pain now. In fact she had been trying to persuade me to do hair rebonding previously as my hair has lots of baby hair growing up and also some curly hair.

She told me that by doing hair rebonding, all those stubborn hair will become straight and soft. Plus she can do some hair treatment for my hair too. Her price is reasonable, that’s why I willing to let her do. However now it seem like I have to postpone my plan. Or I will try to look for other shop which can offer me the same price!

Good news for those who to buy a house

This is a really a piece of good news for those who wish to buy house or have housing loan in hand at this moment. Now you can withdraw your EPF via monthly basis and directly credited to your personal account and not to the lending bank. Therefore you can either use the amount to offset your current housing loan installment or for you to afford a bigger or more expensive house.

Example given by Second Finance Minister Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop as below:

"It is a simple mechanism. For instance, let's say your monthly salary is RM2,000, 30% of your EPF contribution will go to Account 2.

Your monthly housing loan repayment is now RM500 and you can use RM138 to offset the housing loan installment. The RM138 will be credited to your bank account every month.

"In another situation, you are thinking of buying a house, but you can only afford to pay RM400 a month. With RM138 withdrawn monthly from EPF, you can afford to buy a bigger house and pay RM538 monthly," he said.

Too bad, this privilege only applicable to those contributors that have housing loan in hand. Other wise I will also kpc go and apply for withdrawal for personal use.

Driving in oversea countries

One of my best friends loves to back pack and travel alone in oversea countries like US or Europe. Well, he is still single, of course he able to do so. No financial commitments and money earn only solely for his personal use.

He told us that he will drive in oversea countries too and will get not lost direction too. We are surprise how could he did that since he not so familiar with all the road direction in oversea countries. He told us that if he wishes to drive there, he’ll fix a GPS navigator into his car. GPS receiver will show him detailed maps, automatic routing, turn-by-turn voice directions, and finger-touch screen control too. The best brand he commended is nüvi 350's since it is easy to use and has unique "text-to-speech"!

Wow, how nice if I can find one nüvi 350's in my country since I always lost my road direction while driving!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Learn new thing

All the time I only know Apple brand of iPod, this is the first time I heard about Zune MP3 Player from With the new Microsoft Zune, we can wirelessly share selected full-length sample tracks, playlists, pictures or our home-grown tracks directly from Zune to Zune. See, another new technology in town now. Lucky hubby told me about Zune MP3 Player; else I still don’t know this gadget exist in market now.

Microsoft Zune price much cheaper than iPod but the features not bad too if compare to iPod. Perhaps I should get one Microsoft Zune for myself, so that I can listen to songs or view videos anytime and anywhere.

It's time to buy iPod

James is my niece and he is going to celebrate his 21st birthday soon, I was thinking shall I buy him an iPod (digital media player) as birthday present. I am not mean to pamper him but this niece love my kids very much. Each time when he visits us, he will buy some toys to please the kids. He is a thoughtful and caring youngster.

Hubby no objection about my Apple iPod as birthday present as he likes this youngster too. Ok, I will try to buy from online store since sometimes I can get cheaper price from online store as compare to retail shop.

Today’s iPod not only can listen to music and songs, we also can view videos and play pod casts. Thanks to advancement of latest technology ya! By the way, able to tell me which store’s Apple iPod is the cheapest in town since they have price comparison listed in their web. Shop with definitely will save me some money.

No vacation for me

Our Muslim friends celebrating their Hari Aidifitri festive now, therefore my company is close for 4 days. By right, this is the best time to arrange for holiday vacation. However hubby still has to work during the long break as his section still has lots of pending work waiting for him to solve. Another reason that he has to work is most of his Malay colleagues are off for festive, so hubby and his other non Malay colleagues have to replace them.

I cannot go anywhere since my driver has to work. I only can drive the kids to nearby shopping mall to spend our time. If we stay home will be more bore coz the weather pretty hot lately. How nice if we can spend our holiday at Orlando Holiday Villa, then we can enjoy the swimming at the villa’s swimming pool!

GPS Receiver become my helper

My road direction is very bad coz most of the time I rely on hubby to drive me to anywhere. During the driving journey, I just sit in the car and listen to radio, rather than learning the road direction. If hubby needs to work, then I got no choice but to wait for weekend then only go for outing as I need him to be our driver.

I was told we can fix a Magellan Maestro vehicle navigation system into our car and it able to give us road directions. Wow, first time I heard about this gadget! I think probably I will get one for myself since I cannot rely on hubby most of the time. Magellan Maestro GPS receivers are sleek, lightweight and the best part is I can go anywhere I like by entering address or name of the places that I want to go. After that we just touch the screen and hear turn by turn directions from the GPS receiver system. I think I will enjoy the driving experience even without hubby’s help!

My next target - LCD TV

LCD screen TV getting popular nowadays. This is due to the fine resolution and clear image shown by the TV. Frankly, if my current TV cannot function anymore, I am sure will buy one Samsung LN-T4061F Television to replace current TV. Imagine if I put the 40 inch TV at living hall, I am sure the kids will be the most excited one as they watch TV longer than me.

No doubt LCD screen TV is good but the price is a bit pricy to me. It ranges from $1200 - $1800. I think I have to wait for further sale from them then only I afford to own one for my house. Alternatively I can watch out from where it will show us the price comparison from different stores. Therefore I can select the store that able to offer the best price. The best of all is also able to provide us product reviews from consumer that ever shop at We can use the reviews as guideline for our purchase.

Ok, I better save some saving for Samsung 40 inch LCD now. hopefully by next year I able to buy one!