Monday, March 25, 2013

Coffee maker story

Every morning, I need a cup of coffee to wake me up. Otherwise, I don’t think I can function well for the whole day. Sound horrible right? But that is the fact, at least to me. Later I found out many people have similar habit as me too. So I am not the weird one in this world.

Most of the time I use 3 in 1 readymade coffee sachet due to rushing morning hour. I know in order to make a nice cup of coffee, we should use coffee maker. However I don’t have such luxury time to spend during weekday. So only during weekend I can take out my coffee maker and start brewing my coffee for the family. I think I will look for more bunn coffee maker parts, so that I can fully make use of it during weekend.


Wow, so fast my little Nice will turn 2 this week.

At age 2, her size still look very small as compare to others kids who same age with her. But her vocabulary is very good. She can speak well and even can argue with you. Sometimes I see her make complaint to her daddy. Oh, this girl of mine is a chilli padi I tell you!

Thursday, March 07, 2013


For those who like to chat online, I am sure their personal computer will have speaker and microphone. Without these 2 gadgets, he/she is unable to perform live chat. Well, most of the time, I will turn off my speaker while doing chatting, I would prefer typing only. LOL

Well, if you are currently look for microphone, perhaps you can try using exciting mxl 990. I was told this model is not bad. Furthermore, their prices also affordable to all level.


Wow, I have a wedding invitation to attend for the coming weekend. Now I start worry what type of dressing should I opt for? I cannot wear simple and casual dressing, other wise other guests might laugh at me. My godness, I am nervous now! In fact, I am not so keen to attend formal function like this coz I have to take care my dressing, also mean that I have to spend some money for the dressing too. And then after the event, the dresses have to keep in my wardrobe and don't know when is the next chance I can wear again. Haiz.....