Friday, May 27, 2011


If your friends or relatives want to have a good looking body figure or look slim, you can recommend them to read more about oxyelite pro reviews. The site will clearly show you about their products benefit in helping you loosing some extra fat or weight! I just completed my confinement month ago, perhaps I will take a look about this products and try on myself soon. Else I really don't know how to get rid of those fat!

Sunday, May 22, 2011


IF you happen to encounter some lawsuit cases, who would you look for help in justice? Not many of us will have lawyer friends ya...hehe... Here is one of the place whereby you have find a very experience and skillful lawyer to find justice for you: Austin personal injury lawyer. The lawyers here ever won many cases for personal injury and able to help you get back your compensation if you look for help from them. By the way, if you have friends or relatives who wish to look for practical training in law, you also can go to this place and have the training here. I am sure they able to learn lot of practical things from them.

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Monday, May 16, 2011

Exam fever

Mid term exam is just around the corner. I know many mummies out there are busy preparing revision with their children. This round I have to skip the exam fever cos I got not much time to coach my girls' revision. Only daddy helping on this but also not in full force. My newborn need me more now so I have to skip it. Hopefully by next term I will be able to coach them seriously.


To me, only rich people afford to take cigar. Do you agreed with me? This is because cigar is not a cheap stuff. One branded cigar easily cost you thousand over for a box. Do we really need to spend that much just for a cigarette? Do you look good if taking a cigar compare to those who just take normal cigarette? Don't know why most rich business man love to take cigar whenever they are in formal event. I still remember last time my ex-boss use to receive branded cigar from his clients or vendor during Chinese New Year. He showed the cigars to us and told us how to differentiate good and no good cigar. Hehe...only he can recognize cos he take cigar daily but not us who never get the chance to try cigar before.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

HP signals

When I back to my mom’s house during weekend, I will have hand phone signal problem. Many times I cannot call out or receive calls when I was backing home. This is because my mom house was in urban area and the signal is very bad there. I was thinking should I fix something like cell signal boosters to boost up the signal reception? Will it effectively increase the signal level? Well, some expert told me useless to do that cos some areas are tend to have lower signal, so no point to spend extra for that gadget.

Online dating

If you are looking for girl friend or boy friend or even spouse, will you go for online to look for them? Some of us must be not agree with this method, as it is very dangerous to know someone from internet, right? However some websites are reliable too, you can read their reviews first before deciding your decision. Some even provide free dating online. Some of my bloggers friends know their spouse via online dating too and their marriage is smooth and successful till now. Therefore, not all horrible stories will happen to you, just that you have to be extra careful when come to online dating.

Wednesday, May 04, 2011

hgh supplements

Currently there are plenty of hgh supplements products in the market now. If you are looking for hgh supplements, you better read carefully those product reviews before confirming your buying. This is because some supplements may not suit everyone and some may have side effects if there are not suit for your body consumption. One of my friends wish to try out one hgh supplement however till now he yet to find one that suit his body. Anyway I suggest him to read more resources first before trying it.

Spa cover

Today is my birthday. No celebration no birthday gift from anyone, how pity ya!! This year busy with my newborn baby girl, really no time to think of what to have for the birthday present. Midnight my baby girl already greet me with her cake plus refuse to sleep and keep crying. Until 2am!! What a day on my birthday day!! Well, I do wish to have a spa cover for myself. At least when I am free, I can pamper myself with the spa cover at home!