Wednesday, May 31, 2006


小不点 - Lyon refuse to nap in afternoon now!! Don't know what's wrong with her! Hope this is just a phase, and hope it will over very very soon! Otherwise MIL will has difficulty looking after her and she cannot nap too! This happened since last Friday, I was at home too. She used to sleep in electric cuddle (aka sarong) ; now each time we try to put her in, she will cry and struggle a lot. Fine, maybe it's time she stop using it, good sign also. So I put her on tilam and pat her, she also reject. No choice, I cuddle her in my arms and sing to her. She dozz off within 10 minuts! Yipeeeee...I am so happy finally she sleep! I confirm she sound asleep, then I gently placed her on tilam. But this 小不点 slept for 15 minutes, then wake up with crying, cry like no tomorrow. I cuddle her again but she refuse to continue her nap! I was so frust, I am that type that kids must nap at least 1 hour in a day; other wise they will be very cranky before bed time. Soothe her quite long time, only she calm down and stop crying. After that she play as usual as it nothing happen before. The following days (till Sunday), she also behave the same, refuse to nap. Again, I carry and cuddle her, then she sleep at my arm again. Put her to mattress and she can nap more than 1 hour. What a relief for me! Before this she can nap in sarong for about 3 hours, very long nap indeed! Then all of us can nap together with her. Start from Monday, I back to work since MIL already at home. She totally no nap at all, MIL pat her on mattress, FAIL! Carry and cuddle her to sleep, also FAIL! End up she running and playing around the house the whole afternoon, also cause poor Wien cannot nap too! When I back from work, she start cling to me, become cranky too! I was so tire and frust, quickly bath her and feed her. When everything done, it already 8pm; so by 8.30pm I sent her to room to sleep. Give her milk, before finish the milk, she already doze off!! I can imagine how tire she is!! Tuesday, same thing happen! Today hopefully she will nap, I really cannot stand she so cranky, make all of us tire too! Pray hard today will be a better day for me!

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


MIL discharged from GH on 25/05, everything goes well but she look tired, perhaps cannot sleep well in hospital. She brought along bedsheet & pillow to GH!! When I saw she put those stuff in washing machine, I also feel funny! LOL...she claimed that so many patients in and out from there, also so many of them had been sleeping on the bed; so she prefer to bring her own! cute! I told her the GH defenitely will wash throughly wan lar! She said the dr did it pretty fast, and no feel pain after wake up. But we try not to let her carry Lyon, worry might hurt the wound. When she just came back, the 2 girls were having their nap. Once they wake up and saw their Ma Ma, they keep calling her and keep standing or sitting beside her! Guess they must be missing her a lot! As at today she already can do most of the housework, of course I try to minimise the workload. Lucky now is school holiday, SIL#1 & SIL#3 are free, so they can come to my house to help her look after the 2 girls! Then only I can "fong sam" to let the girls with her while I am working! Else I will be worry in office too!

Monday, May 29, 2006

I am big girl now!

Though Wien is 4 (for me she still like a small little girl) but most of the time she talk like as it she is a big girl! #1 When she wake up from her nap, I asked her... Me : 维,你要nen nen吗?(u want nen nen?) Wien : 妈咪,你要讲牛奶,不是nen nen!我已经长大了!(Mummy, you have to say milk, not nen nen, I already big girl!) Me : oh, 你要喝奶吗?(oh, do you want milk?) Wien : Yes, I want milk!...(speak to me in English pulak!) After finishing her milk, she add... Wien : 妈咪,你只可以跟小妹讲nen nen;跟我讲牛奶,知道吗?(Mummy, when u talk to xiao mei only say nen nen; u have to say MILK when talk to me! Understand?) Me : 哦,知道啦!(oo, understand !)...suddenly I feel myself so small... #2 FIL on the aircond, I called Lyon to come to me... Me : 小妹,来,公公开TIT! (xiao mei, come, gong gong on the TIT!) Wien : 妈咪,你跟小妹就讲 TIT,跟我就讲冷气, 知道吗?(Mummy, u tell xiao mei is TIT, but when you tell me , you should say : Aircond! Understand ?) Me : 哦!(Ok!) .... #3 Both girls like Vitagen, we use to pronounce Vitagen as "shu shu" becos they cannot say Vitagen correctly, so we created this word since Wien very small time. As usual, if they can finish the rice or porridge, I'll reward them with Vitagen after their meal... Me : 谁要喝 shu shu? (who wants shu shu?) Both girls : 我要!我要!(I want! I want!) Wien : 妈咪,你要讲 :维-他-精, 不是shu shu! (Mummy, you have to say Vi-ta-gen, not shu shu!) Me : 哦,改天妈咪跟你讲维他精罢了!(ok, next time mummy say Vi-ta-gen to you only!) Wien : 跟小妹才讲shu shu, 我已经长大了!(Talk to xiao mei only say shu shu, I already big girl lor!) Did she really big girl now? I don't think so....some how she still snatching Lyon's toys or food! hai....

Friday, May 26, 2006


Last Sunday, SIL#1 brought Wien to Chinese temple to bath the Buddha ( 浴佛). Reached there, SIL noticed Wien's 2 shoe were with different pair (一个公一个母). SIL : 为什麽穿别人的鞋?(Why u wear other people's shoe?) Wien : 没有啊!( No ah!) SIL : 酱为什麽穿一个公一个母?(Then why 2 different one?) Wien : 两个都是我的鞋嘛!为什麽不可以酱穿? (2 shoes are mine, why cannot wear like this?) SIL : 扎倒!( Speehless...) I realy LOL when SIL told me this! True also what, all are her shoes, she can decide what to wear!

Thursday, May 25, 2006


Hubby told me he 撞鬼 (meet a ghost) in his factory. One day he called his female colleague (to ask for help) via phone, just call her Axx… Hubby : 哈啰!请问你可以帮。。。(talked in MANDARIN) Axx : Sorry, I am not understand what you said, becos I cannot understand MANDARIN. Hubby : Opps, sorry! Can you do me a favour….(bla bla bla …..) Few days later, hubby meets this Axx in person at the work place. He saw she was talking to another male colleague, in MANDARIN!!! With very fluent slang too! Suddenly he felt this girl so ugly…… I asked him why not go to her and asked: eh, I thought you cannot speak MANDARIN?? Hubby said he don’t want to do that as he knew she look down those who speak MANDARIN only say like that mah, 何必跟她一般见识呢?That's why he told me he "meet the ghost"(pretend to be ang moe type) in office! *sigh* 会讲华语很可耻吗?会讲英语很了不起吗?可悲可悲!

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Worry worry....relief!

Today I am in office but my heart was at home!! Becos today is hubby's turn to take care the girls; wondering can he make it? He ever alone with the girls without my present but that time MIL was around. Furthermore, Lyon having fever too, due to the jab (DTP, Polio and Hib). Yesterday morning i brought her to clinic for the jab (she is 18 months lor!) , the fever was within my expectation as last time Wien also got the fever after the jab. Afternoon no fever (still feed her paracetamol after back from clinic as advise by the nurse) but she is crying and fussing, complaining her thigh (jab's place) : 痛痛,很痛!(pain pain, very pain!). She wants me carry her all the time and refuse to come down and walk. Each time put her down, she cry and said : 痛痛 (pain pain!)! From that moment I already worry whether hubby can handle her or not the next day? At night, high fever, another sleepless night for me. Constantly feed her medicine, after medicine, her eyes half open half close, refuse to lie down but want me to carry her at my arm. Put her on cooling pillow also she don't want, sponging her also kena reject..*sigh* When she really sound asleep, only I put her down, lucky I still can catch up 4-5 hours of sleep! hahaha...but still look like panda this morning. After half way doing my work just now, I called hubby to ask for Lyon's condition; surprisingly he told me Lyon now walking and running here and there lor, no fever too and ask me dun worry too much lar, just concentrate on my work! Phew.... Lyon's latest weight is 9.70kg!! Yahoooo....finally break 9kg! She used to be a very light in previous month.

MIL admitted on Monday afternoon, the GH do nothing on her, just let her sleep and rest there.
Tuesday, check her blood pressure and also check for her blood group; other than this do nothing too; have to sleep 2 night there for nothing! *sigh*
So coincidence, hubby's uncle (also MIL's brother) admitted to same hospital too, so MIL took the chance to visit him when she got the time.
Today (Wed) only schedule for the surgery, hope everything goes well for her! btw, Wien and Lyon miss their Ma Ma very much, especially Lyon.
On and off, Lyon will ask this ....
Lyon: Ma Ma, Ma Ma ( wondering where is her ma ma)
Me : 嬷嬷在医院。(Ma Ma in hospital)
Lyon : 还没有回。(not yet back ha!)..yeah she can finish the whole sentence...
MIL will call them from hospital too, guess she must be missing them. When she called, this 2 girls keep fighting to talk over the phone, lucky my house has 2 phone, so they can shouting over the phone too!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Blog off....

Yesterday MIL received a call from GH, informed her to undergo a surgery to remove her lump in her breast. The date was set on Monday, 22/05; pretty fast they arrange the surgery. At first we thought have to wait for few months. This also mean start from next week, I am going to be SAHM again....after the surgery, MIL has to rest more, and I need to take care of her too , just like how she take care of me during my 2 confinement... But I still have some issues pending in the office, also don't think the GH can postpone to some other date; so no choice I ask hubby to take turn to on leave too! Poor thing is he just change to a new company, so got to apply for unpaid leave. I'll be update my blog as and when I have the time or.....maybe during the girls' nap time, er.... hopefully la!

Thursday, May 18, 2006


晚餐后,妈咪通常会喂大瓜和小瓜吃鱼肝油。 After dinner, mummy usually will feed the girls with cod liver. 妈咪(Me):来吃鱼肝油啰!(Come, we take cod liver now) 大瓜(W):我先!(Me first) 小瓜(L):我先!(Me first) 大瓜(W):我先!(大声一点)(Me first)…louder a bit… 小瓜(L):我先!(更大声一点)(Me first)..louder a bit too 大瓜(W):我先!(更大声一点)(Me first)..more louder 小瓜(L):我先!(更更大声一点)(Me first)..more more louder a bit 大瓜(W):阿妹,阿姐先!(凶凶的对小瓜说)(Ah Mei, let Ah Jie first!)…angrily talk to Lyon.. 妈咪(Me):阿姐,不可以大声跟小妹讲话。(Ah Jie, cannot talk so loud to Ah Mei) 小瓜(L):我先!(开始哭了!)(Me first)…start crying… 大瓜(W):我先,我先,我先!(Me first, me first, me first) 。。。就这样你一句我一句的争吵。。。忽然。。 …so they are arguing and fighting to be the first…meanwhile I was washing the spoon and opening the cover, keep asking them don't shout. 小瓜(L):安静!(忽然间刹出这句话,吓了我们一跳!小瓜说的时候还咬牙切齿呢!) Keep quiet! (Suddenly Lyon say this word, we really surprise. She talk in stern and fierce voice too!) 说完安静后,小瓜又继续哭。妈咪只好叫爸爸把大瓜带去个客厅; 喂完小瓜后才把大瓜叫进来。 After she say keep quiet, she continue her crying. So I have to call papa to pull wien to living hall; after feeding Lyon only bring her back to me to feed her. 唉!时常酱维护小瓜,造成她有点霸道了。幸亏通常在这种情况下,爸爸都会来替大瓜解围, 悄悄的对大瓜说:是小妹坏蛋!哈哈!不然大瓜会以为我们偏心呢! Most of the time we back up for Lyon (since she is the youngest), so we always ask Wien to give in to her, some how this really make Lyon thought that she can bully her jie jie. If this kind of situation happen, papa usually will back up for Wien and secretly told her : it’s mei mei fault, she’s naughty! If not I am sure Wien will think we sayang Lyon more than her!

Wednesday, May 17, 2006


妈咪和大瓜 妈咪指示大瓜做工。。。 :帮妈咪褶衣! :帮妈咪拿杯! :帮妈咪拿tissue! : 小妹小便了,帮妈咪拿布来抹。 :帮妈咪丢去垃圾桶。 :把玩具收好来! ~~很多时候这大瓜都没有帮妈咪, 反而到转过来指示他的小妹!!!~~ 大瓜和小瓜 :阿妹,来,帮阿姐拿去丢! :阿妹,来,帮阿姐收玩具! :阿妹,来,这个拿去给妈咪! :阿妹,来,这个丢去垃圾桶! ~~很多时候这单纯的小瓜都愿意帮懒惰的大瓜做工!~~

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

The making of "spider"

These few days I always saw many papers lying here and there after I back from work. Must be Wien's job again, she like to cut paper nowadays, be it newspaper, paper or flyer. But good thing is she never cut her book, if she want to cut, she'll ask for our permission. She can handle scissor well, but still unable to cut in good shape. I only worry she might hurt Lyon one day. So each time have to remind her to becareful when using scissor; also cannot run while holding scissor! Well, she taught me DIY spider last weekend. Funny hor, small kid teach an adult to do crafting! hehehe...she learn it from one of Barney show with Ma Ma's guide, as she always accompany her watching those series. ok, get ready a piece of used paper, scissor, color paper with sticker type (use this to do spider's eyes, mouth and nose...or use pen to draw also can lar) Here we goes.... Fold the paper into half; place the hand on it and drew it out. Draw at folded side, so can get 2 set of hands with join (hope this is clear, else pls refer the photo!) Then cut out the hand; see, 2 hands join together, isn't look like a spider? but spider only got 10 legs meh?? Little teacher : 等一下,要减掉 GOOD, 然后就变成八只脚啰!(Hang on, must cut out the GOOD! then become 8 legs only lor!) she place the hand on floor again, to find out which is the GOOD and cut it! She always call thumb as GOOD, as we always show thumb up when say something good! ok, now become 8 legs only! Later she cut the eyes, the nose & the mouth for the spider! ok, gao tim! but don't expect a small kid to cut pretty well hor! p/s: hope you guys understand what I wrote, share this with your kids, sure they'll have fun with it!

Monday, May 15, 2006

My "New Toy"

Last weekend I got myself a brand new mixer (finally!!). Yeah, now I no need to use hands to do the mixing! ....guess you guys must be thinking : huh? no mixer? so charm hah? hahaha...I am very pity indeed. Before this, my hands are my mixer; when getting tired already, I asked my brother or sister to help me! I still can survive without mixer for such a long time, poor me. In fact I stop baking since Wien is born. Before that I love to bake Banana Cake or cookies during CNY. After having her (now with addition of Lyon), me even no time to bake. The mixer just arrived on time, meaning I can bake cake ( or cakes) for Mother's Day. So I went to supermarket buy for all the necessary ingredients, and do the baking on Friday night. Then the next day, I bake another banana cake for my own mum and bring back to her on the same day. Then again on Sunday afternoon, I bake butter cake for MIL and for myelf as the cake for Mother's Day! I even coated the butter cake with chocolate and some colorful sugar, so that my girls will love it. When the cake is done with all these, Wien decorate it with her new toy, the snow white (from McDonald) where she just got it on Saturday night and Hello Kitty; meanwhile MIL pick a rose,put on it too! Hahaha....finally the cake look like as it we buy from bakery shop! LOL Wow, I had bake 3 cakes in this weekend.....more cakes are coming! Who want? who want? My mixer & Banana Cake
Butter cake coated with chocolate.

Thursday, May 11, 2006

Whats in my handbag?

Kena tagged by Hui Sia on this abnormal tag. Anyway, it's fun, as I also curious to know other women's handbag content too! I have many handbag too, just love to own them but each time shop at handbag dept, hubby will remind nag me : eh, u still have others bag sleeping in your wardrobe ler! *sigh*...but I just ignore him as I am working and I have my own income mah! hahaha... p/s: ..... he ever bought me a handbag from Germany, but I not really like the design! Only use it once. Frankly, I like to dump everything into my bag, like those slip, receipt, notes (small piece of paper where I copy recepi from net, hope can cook during weekend). All these I did not take the photos, seem like rubbish paper! :P Currently I am using this bag, I like the stripe design. Not expensive too, as I bought it during sales! Handbag content : - purse - handphone - cosmetic bag (DIY by myself, very useful for me) - bank book ( this week want to go bank to do some banking transaction) - 2 pen drive (1 just given by hubby, as he got a new one during recent PICOM fair) - car, house & office key - 1 liquid paper & 3 pen (wow, how come got so many pens? Opps, I also don't know..LOL) - tissue. In fact I found 2 panty liner in one of the compartment! Don't want to show in photo lar, paiseh paiseh! Purse content - IC - driving license - 2 credit cards - 2 girls & myself's medical card - 1 ATM card - 1 Jusco card Cosmetic bag content: - comb - 1 lip balm - 2 lipstick ( 2 different color) - eyeliner - 1 mirror - 1 nail clipper - 1 lip pallete (4 combo color) - 2 way foundation (own it but seldom use, only use for dinner or special function) I guess now you know who am I, hehehe..yes , I like & love to "ban leng leng"... Now who is going to tag by me ler? Think think think.... here it goes.... - Egghead's wife J (revenge...kekeke...must do wor!) - Sabrina - Sharon - Tracy (yes, again!) p/s : no photo also doesn't matter! Have fun!

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Most of us know Mother's Day is coming. I don't know how to write touching poem as good as Mumsgather, also don't know how to express well my feeling via words (like Michelle did); so I dedicate song to every mummies out there. Not sing by me but Wien, recorded by hubby when she is 30 month+ ( 2 1/2 year old). Not a full song though but do hope you mummies like it!

Happy Mother's Day!


Below moment happen quite often recently..... In living hall, Wien hook at TV watching her carton series, Lyon entertaining herself by playing those toys or book. We adult either read newspaper or just sitting there watch the carton series. Suddenly Wien go to Lyon, grab the thing that she hold.... Wien : 妹,这是阿姐的!(Mei, this is mine! ) Lyon : 阿姐!(Ah Jie!) ...shout with her loud and stern voice, eyes looking straight (瞪) at Wien! Wien : ....still ignore Lyon, play the stuff that she grab.... Lyon : 阿姐!(Ah Jie! ) ... she shout again with more louder and stern voice!...I expect she'll cry and complaint to me as usual, but she is not, she scold her jie jie in her way! haha...very cute moment indeed! Of course I cannot stand with Wien's bad attitute, I talk to her.... Me : 维,给回小妹!( Give back to xiao mei) Wien : 我的,不要! ( It's mine, no!) Me : 妈咪讲给回她, 小妹先拿的!(Mummy said give back, she play the toy first!) Wien : ...unwillingly threw back to Lyon, then show her fierce face with arm band to Lyon..... Lyon : ...happily took back and continue to play... Naughty Wien bully Lyon again, at the end, kena scold & lecture by mummy again.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

How to plant it?

"How to plant it?" 2 mummies left this comment in my previous post. So, this short post, courtesy for Twinsmom and Magictree…(psst psst…I thought everyone know how to plant it ler, that’s why I only showed it in slide show in my previous post.) Ok, to plant vegetable is very easy. Get ready the soil and the seed, that’s it. You can plant either in polystyrene or pot. The seed can get it from supermarket or from fertilizer shop, so does the soil. You want to korek soil from roadside also can, but make sure not caught by bandaraya wor! LOL From the slide, noticed my girls pouring something onto the soil? That’s was spinach seed. After pouring the seed, dun forget to water it daily, also can use your kids’ virgin urine (but make sure dilute with water wor!)…hahaha… Yesterday my hubby prepared another polystyrene, put in some soil, then ask the girls to pour in the sayur sawi's seed (菜心米) this round..sorry, I don't how to call this in English, becos of my half pail water, just wait for it to sprout! Spring Green Onion Other than vege that we plant, my MIL also plant spring onion. This one also simple, she got few 秧苗 from her friend, and plant it in polystyrene too. She told me this spring onion called 四季葱 (4 season onion??), very nice and tasty as compare to those sell at wet market. I cannot differentiate them, for me there are the same...LOL Well , to plant spring onion also simple. Get ready the soil, make small hole, then put in one shallot per hole, until your polystyrene is full with all the shallots. Dun forget to water them daily, but cannot put excessive water in earlier stage (MIL say one), scare the shallot might become rotten at the bottom. Within few days, you can see green leave sprouting out from the shallot. Beside the spring onion (as shown in above picture) was shive, 韭菜, also planted by MIL. This one also got the 秧苗 from her friend. I am not sure whether can get the seed from market or not, as I never seen it before. But I noticed there were some seed after the shive's flower become dry; perhaps can use it to plant. Once started plant the spring onion and shive, you can eat them almost everyday, just like us now! MIL add it in almost every dish, in soup too! Old folk said eat more spring onion, will become very intellingent wor (葱=聪)! Believe or not? :P So, Twinsmom & Magictree, did my explaination help? Sorry, no step by step photos to show...

Monday, May 08, 2006

Our Spinach

Yeah, the spinach growing well now. I think in 2 weeks time, can harvest them and cook as dish lor. But the little farmer (Wien) no water it everyday, become lazy bum now. When I asked her.... Me : 维,今天有浇水吗?(Did u water the vege today?) Wien : 不必浇啦!昨天下雨咧!(No need la, last night raining ler!) ~~last night where got raining wor?~~ this is her excuses she gave me almost everyday! *sigh* So who do the watering job? No need to guess, sure is MIL. Other than using water, she also use Wien & Lyon's "virgin urine"(童子尿) to water it. wonder the leave so greenish lar, got "kah liu" (加料)one wor! Sometimes I teasing at Wien, that we got to "drink/eat" her urine later, she giggling and said : 不会啦,洗了就干净罗!(no la, after wash the vege, then become clean lor! )

Sometimes when Wien did her "big business" in her potty, I'll ask her:

Me : 要把大便放在菜那边吗?(do you want to keep your shit to your vege? ) Wien : 不可以,等下菜很臭,很肮脏!(cannot put shit to the vege, very dirty and smelly!) Me : 酱为什麽你的尿又可以?(then why you put your urine there?) Wien : 尿会吃进去泥土,然后给菜喝掉!不是不臭啰!(urine will goes into the soil and drink by the vege! then no smelly lor!)

haha...the reason she gave quite logic hor!

Friday, May 05, 2006

Bat Kut Teh

First time when I cook bat kut teh, I just use ready made packet from Cosway. Dump it together with the pork rib and whole glove of garlic. Boil for approximate 1-1.5 hour. Yikes, the taste so bad, not nice at all. After quite some time, my elder sister told me, have to "kah liu"(加料) only nice, so she taught me use 2 packet instead of 1, then add some tong sum(党参), dang gui(当归), gou zhi (枸子), red dates (红枣) etc... I tried again with her recepi, erm...not bad wor! So most of the time I will cook this way! Until one day one of my friend told me those chinese medical hall sell one also very nice, they will use ready make packet too, but 'kah liu" too! 2 months back,when I bought my girls' milk powder in chinese medical hall that I use to "pong chan", I ask them whether thyey sell any "bat kut teh" ingredient or not. He said yes, ask me how much I want, he ahs RM3, RM4, RM5...depend how thick the soup u want. Being first timer, so I ask for RM5. Cook it in one of the weekend with pork rib + whole glove of garlic again, of course have to wash it before dump into the pot! Boil for nearly 1 hour plus, then add some pepper, light and dark soy sauce. The taste much better than my earlier recepi! The ingredients buy from the chinese medical hall got : ready made packet, tong sum(党参), gou qi (枸杞), red dates(红枣), huang qi(黄耆), kan zhao (干草), shu di (熟地) shown in above pic. I think if u buy those ready made packet and just add these ingredient, the taste will be good too! p/s: I ever tried the BKT as mentioned in Jason's blog, but hubby and I not really like it! Salty and spicy too! maybe that day the cook not in good mood gua!

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Almost kena summon!!

This morning I nearly kena summon again! ~sweat~ JPJ has a road block at the usual place, the place where I kena my first summon few months back. When I reached the junction, saw many cars slow down, stopped and offered their license to the officer. I guess they must be checking on the driving license, so I dig my handbag to search for my purse, to get ready for it. I dig dig dig, cannot find my purse!! Die lor this time, where did I put it?? After a while, only recall I must be left it on my dressing table, since last night went out to pump petrol and bought girls' milk powder...Aiyo, so "big head prawn", I was thinking this time must be kena summon again....*sigh* When reach my turn, the officer ask for my license... JPJ1 : Mana license? Me : sorry la, saya tak bawa, purse tertinggal dalam rumah! JPJ1 : IC ada? Me : semua barang dalam purse la. Boleh saya telephone bapa I hantar untuk saya? JPJ1 : ok, you telephone sekarang....tinggal mana? Me : Tangkak town, tak jauh dari sini. JPJ1 : ok la, kereta bawa ke tepi tunggu! Me : what a relief when I heard he said can wait for my family member to send for me! After parked my car at road side, I quickly called my FIL, told him my purse location, of course with MIL's help, becos it was in my room. While waiting for my FIL, another officer come towards JPJ1, ask him why let me wait. I overheard JPJ1 said since I stay nearby, nevermind la, just wait for someone to send me the kind the JPJ1.... ....later other JPJ officers chit-chat with me while they check on other vehicle.... JPJ2 : so u tak bawa purse hari ini, tak payah makan la? Me : tak apa, kawan saya boleh belanja I. JPJ2 : tak payah makan la, puasa hari ini... Me : tak boleh puasa la, nanti I pengsan wor! JPJ2 : hahaha..(other also laugh)... Me : saya tak bawah IC, tak ada license, you pun tak boleh saman saya. JPJ2 : ya lor..tak apa, kita tunggu you punya bapak datang. Me : hari ini birthday saya ler, kena tahan JPJ pulak. JPJ2 : wow, happy birthday ....siapa suruh u tak bawa license keluar? Me : thank you, thank you...(smile to them) JPJ2 : so malam ini tiup lilin la? husband ada beli cake ? Me : tak ada la. JPJ3 : tak ada cake ka? makan besar malam ini? Me : minggu lalu sudah makan besar lor! JPJ3 : wah, lagi cepat u celebrate... (they laugh) ......already past 10 minutes, wonder how come yet to see my FIL's car....I must be late to office today, sms to my colleagua told them, just in case my boss looking for me. JPJ2 : lambat you punya bapak datang? Me : ya lor, dia bawa kereta slow la. JPJ3 : so you punya birthday, 4 haribulan Mei la.. Me : yaya, nanti u boleh check I punya IC. JPJ3 : saya punya motor plate : MBG 45 (wonder why he said like that?)....sama dengan you punya tarikh...(oh, he meant 4 for the date, 5 for the month) Me : dulu husband I nak ambil May 4 untuk saya, tapi tak ada wang la...orang kaya sudah ambil itu number.... JPJ : ya la, orang kaya sudah ambil la.. JPJ : apa tahun u lahir? Me : 72 JPJ : macam tu, u ambil 4572 la Me : tak mahu la, number ini tak cantik! ....wait another 5 minutes, only saw my FIL's car came..姗姗来迟 happy when I saw the car! Get the purse from him, search for my license and IC, pass to the officer. They let me go afterwards, not forgot to wish me Happy Birthday too..hahahaa...lucky no kena summon again!

Happy Birthday to Myself!

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Birthday Girl & the weekend

29/04/06 As planned, we threw a mini party for Wien's 4th birthday tonight. We only called SILs's family and their kids to join the fun. Wien very excited as she received few present from them. As usual, I prepared some simple dish to serve them, not forget the cake too! My present already given to her on her exact date, both Wien and Lyon like it very much! Is a bowling set! But naughty Wien sometimes not allow mei mei to play with it; after few time "lecture" with her, now both can play together with the set! Else I have to keep them in store room.

Cute moment from Lyon

Lyon cannot see the cake clearly, so I placed her to sit on the table while Wien get ready to blow the candle. Right after we finish singing birthday song, she quickly finish blowing all the candles, Wien cannot even blow one! Then I light on the candle again, told Lyon that should let jie jie blow them, not u! She seem can understand.

After that, hubby ask me light on the candle again as he want Lyon to blow it this round. When we ask Lyon to blow it, she clap her hands pulak, meaning that she want us to sing the birthday song first! we sing again, after that only she blow the candle!

During cake cutting session, Lyon's toe accidentally "kick" the cake, everyone said dun want to cut that portion for them, they said dirty feet wor...but Wien go and lick the cake that stick to Lyon's toe! Can u imagine that? My silly girl!! Hubby managed to snap the scents too!


Back to my mum house, spent the day with her....


Monday night, hubby took us out for dinner at Duyong Ikan Bakar, to celebrate my birthday in advance. We drive for 1 hour only reach there. It was in a fishing village, can see many boats parking along the river too. Both girls very excited when see the boats. We ordered many food, including : sweet & sour fish, ikan bakar, fried big prawn, lala fried with chilli padi, fried sotong and nasi lemak. Lyon has her pre-prepared porridge, also share some non spicy food with us! Wien can take those food except spicy lala. She keep telling us : Mummy, the prawn very sweet, the sotong very nice ler! The nasi lemak was served with banana leave, Wien said: 妈咪,我们很可怜 hor ,用叶子吃饭!(Mummy, we very pity hor, have to use leave to eat rice!)

Wien and my birthday only different by exactly 1 week. After celebrating my birthday, next will be Mother's Day, have not think of how to celebrate this day yet. Just love April & May, so many days can celebrate!