Monday, April 23, 2012

New look

Wow, Blogger has new look now....I almost cannot find the button to start writing my blog post...LOL

Well, I still need time to get use to this new format. Hopefully I will not feel headache afterwards.


Many of the internet reviews commented that appexit is safe to consume and do not have any appexit side effects for time being. It is because Appexit are uses of all-natural ingredients and does not cause adverse side effects like others chemically derived products. Therefore you can safely consume appexit if your currently look for lose weight products that will not harm your body. However if you still unsure about the safety usage of this products, you can search for more reviews and information from internet. I am sure you able to read tons of them from internet review website.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Brief case

My hubby starts flying here and there again. Almost every month he needs to go either China or Germany now. How nice if I can tag along. But I still have to take care my 3 girls, so for now it is impossible to go travel with him. I feel bad to leave them with my in law too. Ok, back to my hubby. Since he travel quite often now, so I think he needs a proper and nice looking briefcase to bring to work. Perhaps I should look for leather briefcase for men for him. I am not good at selecting all these items, so I should start shop more and do the comparison before make my purchase decision.

Monday, April 02, 2012


Some of my friends need to attend tele-conference during office hour. However if they have to deal with different time zone of customers, then they have to held their tele-conference at late night or even midnight. Some understanding customer will try to arrange audio conference when they first enter their office; at that time our Malaysia time is around 4 – 6pm, meaning that the time is still ok as compare to midnight, right?

Due to the popularity of tele-conference, nowadays you can easily get the audio conferencing services from the market. Previously the equipment and service for this technology is very high. But now it becomes affordable to every company. By using this service, it can solve your customer inquiry fast as you guys can discuss face to face to face and resolve any problem within the conference. It saves the company cost by reducing company travel expenses too!

When can go oversea again?

I had been thinking this plan since last year. In fact, we planned to go HK last year but due to hub tight schedule, the plan has to postpone. This year my hub also has very tight travel schedule, I wonder can he go with us or not? Sigh!! I can go with girls only, I need him accompany us, else I will lost in other country!!


Even though notebooks are getting very common and popular now, however many offices still purchasing < pc desktops for their staff usage. The main reason is due to budget constraint. As we are aware that pc desktops are definitely much cheaper than notebook. Don’t forget many bosses here still own traditional mindset when come to operation cost wise. My boss is one of them. :P

My office pc desktop already with me for more than 8 years. In between I can say it hardly give me any problem while I am using it. Whereas some of my colleague ever sent their pc for repair or some even change new pc. I wonder how they use or protect their pc till the pc life is so short.