Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Enjoy first, diet later

Chinese New Year is just not even 1 week time. Everyone is busy do the last minute preparation now, including my family too. Love to celebrate Chinese New Year festive but not my hubby. To him, CNY is the time to spend spend spend lotsa money. LOL...yeah, you can say he is a stingy man!

During this festive, I can enjoy eating my mom's best dishes. We seldom eat out during this festive too. First outside food is pricey, secondly not so nice, thirdly not healthy. My mom's dishes will never miss out any meat. Majority of her meals sure include 2 - 3 types of meat I tell you. I think I will need to take Lipovox after eating all the good food at my mom's house! LOL

Monday, January 19, 2009

Time is priceless

Sometimes I dislike to call toll free number of some companies. The main reason the customer services personnel will put me on hold forever. I am not bluffing, I bet some of you ever encounter this matter too.

If they put me on hold and get my thing settle, then I don't mind to wait a while. However sometimes even after on hold for more than 15 minutes, they still unable to help and solve my problem. That's the most headache part. This act will not only waste my time, also wasting my money too. Hey, don't you know that time is money too? Money cannot buy back your time!!

It's so crowded in shopping mall now

Blame to myself now. Regret I did not do my CNY shopping 2-3 weeks before. Now I have to be sardin fish with others to grab the food and drinks for this festive.

This year, me really busy with my sewing order until no time do the shopping. Last Sat and Sunday is the last weekend for me to do so. So no matter how busy I am, I still have to drag myself go to shopping mall to buy something. Previously my MIL will bought, but lately she seem lazy to shop for them. So me took over the job and buy something for the festive.

It is so crowded in Tesco, until my trolley cannot move smoothly. I afraid other trolley will hit and hurt my kids, so I put them in trolley instead of letting them go wild. But I will let them run about in clothing or shoes dept, less crowded there. Due to too crowded in food and drinks area, end up I did not buy as per my list. I just do simple shopping, told hubby let's go some where else. I rather pay more instead of being sardin fish here. LOL

Note to myself: next time better shop early no matter how busy I am!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

New furniture

Our new house slowly can see some furniture by now. We did not buy in bulk first coz we need to budget our financial first. If we will to spend too much at one time, then we might face financial tight for that particular month. Hubby is a rational consumer. He will never do this. He will feel very pressure if he know his pocket had burnt a big hole and cannot last till month end. LOL

Most of the rooms have occupied with some mattress, including the bed sheet. So anyone of my relative or friends want to come over and stay, they can have a peaceful night too. Too bad, my kitchen still look very empty by now. no thanks to hubby. He is not willing to spend money for kitchen renovation yet. His commented that we seldom stay there, less cooking. So no need to spend a bomb for kitchen first. If I really want to put the oven or rice cooker in kitchen, then he will find some DIY table or racks for me for time being first. Aiyo, the house so nice but the table and racks will spoil my kitchen look. No choice, he is a very practical man. To him, he will only spend for kitchen once we move in officially. I think he going to hire boston moving company to move in those DIY tables and racks from his friend’s shop.

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hair salon

I redo hair re-bonding on Monday. I did it once a year. Last time it took me 4 hour plus to complete the whole session of re-bonding. This year the saloon girls also took almost 5 hour to complete it. so you can imagine my tiredness and I also feel hungry when it is nearly 6pm. Lucky one of them make Milo drink for me, else I think I will fainted and no energy to drive my car back.

This salon has very good business. Throughout the few hours while I was there, I can see lot of customer walk in or call in to make appointment. I also make appointment coz I worry too many people there and have to wait longer hour. I think the shop must be making lot of money though they are very tire too since have to stand in longer hour too. How nice if I have the interest in hair beauty, then I think I also can make big money now. Too bad, my parent did not aware about beauty school last time. Other wise I will ask them let me enter the school and learn the skill.

Schooling days start again

This year both my girls will go to school. Elder girl in primary 1 and youngest girl in Kindy. Elder girl shouldn't have any problem since she is quite an independent girl. I only worry my youngest girl. True enough, she cry in first day, second and third day. Haiz....at least I have to bid bye-bye with her and let the teacher handle her.

I cannot always accompany her. If I do so, mean forever I have to be with her. Experienced parent me must learn how to LET GO!! I love you so much Lyon, but this time mummy have to be more hard hearten, else you will forever be my baby!

Friday, January 02, 2009


Hubby's friend from Penang came over our new house to stay during Christmas week. His's sons having fun time with my girls, all of them play non stop although they just meet for the first time. Hehe...kids easy to make friends ya!

My new house's not yet fully furnish but I can say already 70-80% furnish for time being. Just that we yet to fix a water heater for time being. If they want to bath with warm water, then have to use kettle to boil some hot water. It's troublesome but they don't mind. Other than looking for water heater, I may need some nice and affordable faucet for my bathroom and kitchen! Wonder how much should I budget for it?