Monday, April 30, 2007

I need strong pain killer

Usually I only take paracetamol when having headache or migraine headache. However the pain still will come after the medicine effect is subside. I read from net that Nurofen Plus is the powerful temporary relief of strong pain for headache and migraine headache. It provides powerful pain relief through the dual action of ibuprofen and codeine. Oh ya, you can buy codeine online without a prescription but some restrictions on Nurofen Plus apply.

Other than pain relief for headache and migraine, it also useful for tension Headache, period and dental pain, back and neck pain, muscular Pain and Sports Pain. Such a wonderful medicine, I do hope they can ship it to my place.

On thing have to bear in mind is, you cannot take Nurofen Plus if you have a stomach ulcer or other stomach disorders, kidney or heart problems. Other than that, If you’re allergic to aspirin, ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory medicines, codeine or other opioid analgesics, you are not advisable to take too!

Easiest way to create html code

I am not an IT savvy person. When I first created my blog in blogsport, I faced difficulty in creating an HTML form. I have to consult my blogger friends to ask for assistant. But now with HTML Form Wizard from Forms4Free.Com , I can create the html form easily and promptly too! allows us to create any HTML form, web form, or online form for free and in 5 minutes time only. If you are non IT person like me also can create the form quickly and easily. Their HTML Form Wizard will help us to create a form one question at a time, step-by-step. It is like a tutorial where you can use it over and over until you fully understand how to create a web form on your own.

All you have to do is download the Formmail file from Forms4Free.Com for a one-time fee of $19.95. You can either pay by credit card or online check. Later the Form Wizard will tell you exactly what to do with the Formmail file so that it will work with the form you created.


He is missing again. Whenever he is in trouble, he will go missing. It is not a surprise to us anymore. In fact, he had been giving us so much headache and trouble too. If not becos of mom, I don’t think we’ll lend a hand to him. But he never learn from experience, he repeat and repeat again his stubborn and stupid act.

So many talks, suggestion and advice being given to him, but he never change his attitude. I can say he never put the words into his mind ever. We really feel heart pain why our family member will have such attitude. Hey, all hard earn money there, lost count how much we had spent on him. We are from medium family, even if we are from rich family also not worth to let him spend like that. All due to mom lar, keep hoping he’ll change and keep giving him chance and keep begging us to lend a hand. Sometimes I wish he will forever run away from us, and then at least mom will not feel so helpless to him. But she still will miss him when he went missing for few days.*sigh*

I know a mother’s love to their children is endless no matter how bad they are. I am a mother too!

We had gave up him but not my mom.

Jackey's concert

Jackey Cheong is the best singer in my choice of list. I am one of his fans too. During teenager time, whenever his new album is out, I will grab one for my collection. He is not handsome but his voice is fantastic! Very suitable to sing romantic song.

I heard he is going to have singing concert end of this year in Genting Highland, Malaysia. I will not miss the chance to meet him in person; for sure will attend his concert. However I got to act fast and book online his concert tickets now; else the ticket might sell out soon. I don’t want to regret later.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Looking for home furniture

Most of my sister’s furniture was spoil after the severe flood last 3 month. This flood also cause her tenant refuse to stay the house further. She faced big losses this time, lost the tenant and need lot of money to replace those home furniture.

Tenants nowadays prefer to rent house that furnished with full furniture. Less hassle for them to look for home furniture, they rather pay more for rental and do less work. Now my sister has to purchase home furniture during sales, so that she will not have to pay more and can do some costing at the same time. Money not easy to earn now.

Let's have a date!

Conversation with hubby:

Hubby : this month we’ll have long holiday. Where you plan to go?

Me : no idea. Go KL again?

Hubby : don’t want. Bad traffic there. Try other places, if can we go to beaches.

Me : which beach then?

Hubby : ….keep quiet…..( he don’t know how to decide)…

Occasionally we have problem to decide where to go during weekend or long holiday. We tend to visit same places each time. It is good if someone can help us to plan and organized ahead for our outing. Hassle free for us too!

There is an online web could be our assistant. provides Free Online Dating Services where we can find more than 60 suggestions for places to go and eat out. We only need to select their great dates, set the desired date, and then they will plan ahead for us. Pretty simple right?

Other than dating services, the site also has few interesting features such as “7 tips for creating the perfect online profile,” and a free personality profile test from eHarmony that promises to help you get matched with compatible Valley singles. Check out the site if you wish to get a date.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

My favourite food in my state

My dear online buddy, Michelle created this tag. In fact I had owed her 2 tags, since this one more simple, let me do it first.

Ok, I am from Melaka but frankly I don't what is the favourite food I love to eat there. But after I moved to Tangkak, I found my favourite food here. It is Jia Jia's Bak Kut Teh ( soup with pork plus some chinese herbs as ingredient, best eat with yam rice and chinese tea).

When I am preggie with Wien, I ate BKT twice a week. I just fall in love during the 9-10 pregnancy period. Don't ask me why I crave for it. Many told me, including my SIL, cannot take BKT during pregnancy coz it will cause miscarriage. They said one of the BKT chinese ingredient can cause miscarriage. But I am ok with it, I don't think it is so serious though. Lucky nothing happen to me also. Thanks GOD.

The price is about RM6.50 per head. Location is near to Shang Hai Dan Restaurant. If you ever come to Tangkak, do give me a call, I will bring you there and treat you a meal too!

Ok, I am done with my homework. Let me pass the tag to someone who need it (those posties lar)

Eric from Comtech

Snoopy - any good food in Merlimau?

Nicole - your filler post

Msau - I know you can cook well, but pls tell me your favourite food then.


**Start Copy**

Proposition: What is your favorite food in your state or country?

Requirements: Find some info about the food and show delicious pictures of it?

Quantity: FIVE PEOPLE.

Tag Mode: You leave their blog and post link and add to the list below.

Mybabybay loves Asam Laksa from Penang, Malaysia

Jess2princess loves Tangkak's Bak Kut Teh

E-learning @ Capella University

This blog post was based on information provided by Blogitive. For more information, please visit

Capella University is a fully online university that offers graduate degree programs in business, information technology, education, human services, and psychology, and bachelor’s degree programs in business and information technology. It currently serves more than 17,900 students from all 50 states and 56 countries. It is committed to providing high-caliber academic excellence and pursuing balanced business growth.

You still able to pursue your education via Capella University’s e learning program while working. Their e-learning can prepare you for the future while helping you excel in your current position. Their faculty members encourage you as the learners to use workplace challenges as problem-solving opportunities for the entire class. Solutions reached through e learning course room discussions can be applied at work hence both you and your employer can see immediate benefits from your online degree program.

Other than that, you have chance to learn from their accomplished instructors with hands-on experience. Selection of faculty members is based on their outstanding academic credentials and real-world experience. Therefore by combining their expertise with special training in e-learning techniques, Capella University instructors offer an engaging and interactive e-learning experience.

If you wish to further your study, please look up Capella University, I am sure they will assist you to achieve your degree.

South West Florida Home Builders

It is not an easy task to look for experience and skill home builders nowadays, unless you have good recommendation from friends or relatives. However some home builder might not achieve your target of quality construction technique. It is advisable for you to search for more knowledge before finalize you choose of home builder.

If you are looking for new homes in Florida, perhaps you should visit South West Florida New Homes to look for your desired dream home. The site listed potential new homes location with their clear map and also telling you information about attractions that are nearer to the home location. They will also listed is there any hospitals, shopping, accommodations or school that are near to the area selected by you.

Check out the photo gallery of the site to look for your desire design of the home. Alternatively you can search for your home by using their search engine by providing them home model type, number of bedrooms required or space of the home. There also lists of builders where you can decide which builder to build your plot. Click it out, to see what type of building they can do for you. The site layout is unique and friendly interface. It has all the information that a potential home buyer might need if they look for new home in South West Florida.

Where is my broadband?

I been waiting for my broadband line for this whole week. TM Point did call me up to ask for more personal information, they did promise will get it install by this week. however seem none of them turn up ler...sianz

Monday I will call their CS to chase for it. Oh ya,next week will be long weekend too, I must make sure they able to fix it by Monday too! Must pressure them liao!

Friday, April 27, 2007

Auditor is here!

This week is the financial audit week for my company. 3 auditor been assigned to came to our office to do the auditing. When they are here, we among colleaguea cannot talk non-sense...hehe...hard for us coz we use to talk gossip when we meet each other. We don't know what will they think of us. They might say: hey, these people must be EFNTD, talk non-sense in office! LOL....the reason I said so is, so far most of my friends who work as accountant or financial control, they are very serious type, hardly can hear gossip out of their mouth. Wow, me sure cannot be in this field, I will die of bored more faster! Life with humour only the best mah!

Oh ya, I dislike audit week too, they will come to me and ask me dig out last year documentation for them to review and do checking. This is the most boring task to me. I had stored and kept my file in separate place, which mean I have to take time to search for it. *sigh*

Property in Bulgaria

Most company will look into investment property if they have extra capital. Interest rate in bank not so attractive nowadays, hence most company rather uses the money to do property investment instead of keeping in bank. Usually they will look for alternative way to make more money. Investment in property is the fastest way to earn money, especially investment in overseas property.

We read that Bulgarian Investment Property is booming, and Bulgarian Dreams has an exclusive range of apartments and villas in Bulgaria coz they are specialist in Bulgarian real estate with unparalleled local knowledge of the Bulgarian property market. The site able to assist investors to find the right properties that suit their needs.

Besides Bulgarian property, the site also offers property market in other places, such as Sofia Property, Balchik property, Bansko property and many more. Currently they are offering 5% discount on the first 25 apartments for Balchik property. This development is located on a stunning hillside adjacent to the first international 18 hole golf course on the Black Sea coast. Grab it now before all the units being sold out!

Check out Bulgarian Dreams for more information on any other property services, or call them at 0800 011 2750 or +44 (0)20 7614 1240, their friendly customer service support will try to answer your inquiries.

Mailing list company

My boss would like to expand his business to oversea market like USA, Europe, Middle East country and many more. However he is facing difficulty in getting consumer mailing lists business lists in nations. Perhaps he should ask for Martin Worldwide assistant to search for the lists.

Martin Worldwide is one of the largest and most successful mailing list providers in the nation. It offers customized mailing lists, telemarketing lists and fax lists to small business like my company. He is also one of the leaders in the direct marketing industry. One of their most successful products is ResponseCom™.

I shall ask my boss to ask for free quote from martin worldwide before he finalize his decision to use the service. Alternatively he can request for their 66-page listing of their most popular list and business sales lead categories. The catalog can be use as a reference when deciding which list to buy.

Give me free sub-domain?

Yeah, someone want to offer me FREE sub-domain. She said I am very good to her. I am surprise why she said so? Later I found out she appreciate me tell her whenever there is any offers or opportunity is on, ask her to grab as soon as possible ( for paid post of course!). Like that she also say me good. What if I treat her nicer and good, then perhaps she’ll give me her SQ & Kiki for free ler…LOL

Hey, I treat all my friends like that, good thing must share. Enjoy alone is no fun at all. After all, you will only be paid if your post is good.

Ok, want to know who she is? Teng…teng…teng….she is Michelle Fong from ….from…arr..which blog should I mention here? Frankly I had lost count how many blogs she own now….here are her blogs:

1. SQ & Kiki's playground

2. SQKiki Simple Tech

3. My Homerecipe

4. SQKiki's Island

Next time I must treat her more nicer, so that can coax her to give me excellant rate if I want to exchange my paypal money. LOL

Happy Birthday To Wien

She is 5 today! She so excited this morning, keep asking me collect her cake back by today. hahaa...but I had decided to do the party celebration by Saturday....*sigh*

Never mind, later during lunch break I go out to search for present for her first. Yeah, me yet to prepare her present...LOL..


Late Payment Charges

Last month I did not receive my credit card statement. Called up the customer service center asking for a copy. But I still miss the deadline and the bank charged me late payment fee in my latest statement. Though the amount is not much, but it's unfair to me.

I called up the CS center again, to waive the late payment fee. They told me can ignore the amount and just pay for current outstanding amount. This is due their system has the record shown that I had called them up to ask for statement. me few bucks for lunch! LOL

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Options Trading software

My hubby has a full time job but he does invest in stock market by part time. I had few post in this blog that I blog about his investment in stock market. Some of you may have benefit from his tips yeah!

My hubby main concern in stock management is sometimes he lack of confidence with his trade options. He has to study the entire counter’s financial background carefully before he proceed putting his money in his favorite counters. Hey, it is not to easy to study all those figures, it took him lot of sleepless night occasionally. He wants to make sure the counter he pick is making money and will not cause him losing money.

Perhaps now PowerOptions’ tool could be his assistant in doing all these professional job. Options trading software from PowerOptions provides the essential data that he need to invest in stock options, along with a complete suite of educational materials and premium toll-free customer support. It’s the best way to find, compare, analyze, and make money on stock option trading through PowerOptions.

On top of that, PowerOptions also offers convenience and control required to automatically sort, filter, and analyze all 3,000+ optional stocks and 195,000+ options online to find investments to meet your profit goals. It is performance guaranteed too, you will only pay them once you had make money! Sound great deal?

Alternatively you can try out the 14-days FREE trial where it allows you full access of all the features and easy tutorial to guide you. No payment or credit card is required.

Cute candy wrapper

Wien’s 5 years old birthday is coming soon. As usual we will plan a small birthday party for her coz she loves to invite her Sunday school friends to come over and celebrate with her. This year she even has more friends to invite, friends from her kindy. She counted to me how many of them that she is going to invite. I better plan and get ready what to treat them besides normal party goodies bag that includes sweets, balloons and lollypop.

I browse through the net to search for more ideas, and then I came across a very creative site that offers creative candy bar wrappers for their products. offering delicious, mouthwatering and TOP QUALITY Belgian milk chocolate with their candy bar wrappers. Their products are completely unique, I am sure you’ll like it.

Their candy bar wrapper are cater for many occasions including edible wedding favors, edible bridal shower, edible baby shower favors, birthdays, anniversaries, corporate events, holiday and many more. You just choose from their wide selection of hand designed wrappers to suit your occasion.

I am eying at their kids party favor. There are few selections in the list but the one I like the most is Birthday Princess Candy Bar and Wrapper, I am sure my Wien and her buddies would love them too! Hopefully the candies will not melt by the time there reach my place! :)

Lovely clothing

Why I posted so many girls' clothing here? hehe.... those are my collection in my pc and I intend to make one each for Wien & Lyon. These kind of dress and blouse is pretty simple to me and I prefer kids to wear simple design clothing too!

I used to DIY sleeveless dress for my girls coz cooling and comfortable to them. But now I am a bit regret coz this indirectly cause them dislike blouse or dresses that come with sleeve. They will tell me itchy or hot after wearing them! :(

So, my next target is to turn the above dresses into REAL wan, and let my girls be the model and post here!

Management Consulting Firm

Our Operation Manager going to resign soon and my boss start worry to get one replacement. He instructed our Human Resource Manager to do job advertisement in newspaper or looking for help from headhunter firm.

However my boss still prefers using recruiting firm as compare to job advertisement in local newspaper. Main reason is the recruiting film will filter those candidates and select the most skillful and experience candidate to fill up our vacancy. Perhaps my HR should suggest AEF to my boss.

A.E. Feldman Associates, Inc. is one of the reliable recruiting film that specializing in executive placement and management consulting. Their reputation, discretion and consistent record of successful placements enable them build a strong and trusted relationships with industry-leading clients and top quality candidates.

AEF has the most skillful and experience recruiters where they able to make the best matches and find the tightest fits for each job. Their pioneer practice areas include financial and risk management services, legal and legal support services, communications and technology, human resources consulting, and luxury products. They able to fill positions — nationally — from middle to executive to top “C level” management.

Let AEF assist you to hunt the best candidate for your company vacancy, then your HR can concentrate on other field!

PayPal money

I love to receive money from PayPal however the claiming process is time consuming. It involved many steps and need many of our clicking too. If I'll to do it at home (using dial up), I'll scream at home I tell you. Yeah, I know it is time for me to install broadband at home now.

Overall the PayPal system's user interface is not friendly enough. But in other words, they might be taking care of the security I supposed. At time I even clicked the DECLINE button while receiving my money, lucky I am fast enough to stop it! Phew! Really have to see carefully in future.

Digital Photo Frame

Since I own a digital camera in year 2000, I never do any processing film. Mainly due to the processing cost is so high, further we have to buy album to keep those photos. This occupies some of our room space too! Nowadays digital cameras and camera phones became common items in our lives, we can forget about the cost of processing film.

With advancement of technology, we can even view our photos or movie via digital photo frame. You can get your digital photo frame from too. It is an online electronic store specializing in LCD digital photo frames. You can place the digital photo frame at the place you like, follow by switching your memory card to it and view. You even can set your digital picture frame to your prefer timer and change the transitions between digital pictures according to your liking too! offers various sizes and styles of digital photo frames, including 7”, 8”, 9” and 10”. The quality is good and the price is surely affordable to you. Purchase your digital picture frame today and they will arrange immediate shipping. If your item is broken due to faulty parts or manufacturing, will provide a full warrantee. Great deal?

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Insurance Due

This month I am goint o settle 2 big premium for my insurance plans. One for myself, one for Lyon. I have a deal with hubby, each of us take care one kid's insurance, so hubby paid for Wien's. Fair enough!

I choose yearly payment for all my insurance plan via credit card, easier for me. Before that I tend to pay quarterly, later I found out there is some rebate given to us if we selected yearly installment. Sometimes I will regret too coz suddenly need to take out so much cash. What I did is cash out my FD whenever I need more cash. I will arrange some FD amount that due close to my insurance due date. If I need then I cash it out. If no, then just leave it in bank. Not all our money in FD ya, there is some cash flow for us too!

This year I am happy coz I have extra income from TigaP, I just exchange with someone reliable and settle for my insurance. Yeah, fun from blogging!

You can get paid from blogging too! Join me now!

Payday Loan

If you need cash urgently but your pay day yet to arrive, how are you going to get the cash? Borrow from friends or relatives? However it is quite hard to open our mouth to ask for money. Some of them might not lend us the money willingly I tell you. Now Power Payday Loan can helps you get the funds you need immediately or overnight via their payday loan or cash advance. Their payday loans are 100% safe, fast and completely online.

Perhaps you might ask what payday loan is. Well, a payday loan or cash advance is a temporarily financial instrument that is caters to bridge the borrower’s cash flow gap between pay days. If you need cash urgently, look for Power Payday Loan.

Application for the fund is pretty simple, no additional cost and no credit check required too. As long as you are at least 18 years of age, receive a regular source of income, and you have an active savings that allow direct deposit, then you're entitle to apply for a payday loan.

I think I shall apply for payday loan from Power Payday Loan coz sometimes I'll cash out my fixed deposit just to pay for my insurance premium. This will cause me loss some interest rate due to the fixed deposit not yet due. What a waste!

Ideal gift set for your mom

Don’t tell me that you did not aware that Mother’s Day is approaching. Have you think of any lovely gift set for your beloved mother? There are many website offering lovely and unique gift set, is one of them.

In you can find all kind of unique hand crafted artisan teas from china. I bet you able to find one that suits your mother’s taste. They have Mother’s Day promotion that comes with full bloom tea set and the price start from $29.00. The full bloom tea set includes one dozen assorted tea blooms, one 27 oz glass teapot and two 10 oz each glass teacups. It’s look so lovely to me, I am sure most mother’s face will light with big smile once receive the gift set.

If you want to learn how to make nice and fragrant tea, has some delicious recipes for you to try on. Some of the recipes including Iced Blooming Tea, Red Blooming Tea, Sage Blooming Tea, Blooming Tea Refresher and many more. You can try out their tea bloom Free samples if you want. All you have to do is just pay for postage and handling at @2.00 per bloom. However the limitation is each tea bloom per household only.

Why wait? Enter the site now and order one bloom tea set for your lovely mom. Let her know that she is important to you.

What to buy for her?

Wien 5 years old birthday coming soon but me yet to think of any present for her. Hubby said since I already ordered a special cake for her, then can save the money for the present. But to me, birthday without present is no fun for her. I must get her at least one small present if possible.

MIL and SIL already get ready their present to her, I cannot show my empty hand though. Still another day for me to think and shop! Think think think now....

Health insurance shopping

I am very concern about my insurance plans. I bought my first health insurance plan when I got my first job in year 1997. To me, owning at least one insurance plan in hand like owning a security. We do not know what will happen next, if we really diagnosed with some sickness, at least we know we have insurance to cover our medical fee. Hey, medical fee is not cheap nowadays, if no any health insurance coverage, I don’t think I’ll able to settle my bill one day!

There are many insurance companies in market now, sometimes it’s quite hard for us to choose whom to use. My suggestion is before you picking up any health insurance, you have to do some investigation or study towards those insurance companies.

Few tips you might have to consider before picking up one:

Company history – check their reputation and financial statement in the web. Usually they will list clearly their financial statement and accounting reports. You have to compare the money to the amount of customer they have.

Monthly premium – monthly premium is varying from company to company. Find one affordable health insurance according to your budget.

Insurance coverage – you have to ensure exclusions of the plan that you bought. This is to avoid your insurance company deny your claim in future.

Deductibles – find a plan that has low deductions. Deductibles are limits that you must reach before your health insurance coverage kicks in. some health insurance’s high deduction are not worth to buy.

Take some time to do study and research for your health insurance plan, you might find a plan that fits!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Lovely decoration

Whenever I am free, I just love to browse through the net to look for dresses design. I keep those nice dresses pattern and when I am free at home, I'll try to custom make it for my girls.

Other than browsing through for fashion web, I also love to look for nice decor for the room or house. My hubby dislike our house to have so many decor thingy cos to him it is difficult to do the cleaning part. He prefer maintaineance free. However I am ok with it, I love to buy cute and lovely item just to decor my room or the corner of my house. Too bad, I cannot buy those glass type, have to consider the 2 girls. The decor broken never mind, what if it hurt them, then for sure I will get scolded by their papa.

Today I saw all these cute little thing from the net again, I am so tempted to own one I tell you. Perhaps I can buy one and decorate it at my work place!

Mac Poker

Macs PC owner listen up, now you can play online poker like others too! Mac Poker Online has offers the best online poker sites to play poker for Mac. The site also offer exclusive information regarding online poker and casino games for Macintosh, thus saving Mac users hours of precious time. is one the recommendation from Mac Poker Online. They are owned and operated by the largest online gambling networks in the world, it is one of the first online poker rooms too! They have daily online freerolls and have micro limit games such as $0.01/$0.02 no-limit and $0.05/$0.10 fixed limit Texas Holdem. Read the review of Pacific Poker for Mac before you buy the software.

FullTilt Poker is one of the most unique online poker rooms today. The site is rated well because it is so different. It features a round cartoonist poker table with cartoon avatars. I bet most online game buddy would love to see their avatar happy, angry, or confused with the click of a button. I ever saw my niece play with online poker; I guess they’ll love this site too. Must introduce to them one day but I hope their parent will not chase after me! LOL

There are many other good recommendations in Mac Poker Online. I am sure you’ll find out that suit you! If you are new to poker doesn’t matter, the site have few articles that allow you to learn how to play poker or how to play blackjack. Check out Mac Poker for more information.

Flexible shopping cart

If you want to do online business, perhaps you need ecommerce software to run your business. You have to make sure the software you adopted is 100% search engine optimized(SEO), else it’s hard for you to gain more business online.

Ashop Commerce is a leading provider of hosted shopping cart software. It offers a complete online store building software solution for the merchants to sell online. It has thousand of features that are easy to use and with affordable cost too. On top of that the software is web based, no plug-in or programming is required. They will provide you free tech support like phone, email or online chat if you encounter any problem with the software.

Ashop Commerce is the most intuitive shopping cart software in the world providing the most up to date and relevant advise that you need. You can test drive their demo store to see the flexibility and professionalism of their system by yourself or try their FREE 10 days trial signup. If you want your business growth like other merchants, do consider invest in Ashop Commerce shopping cart software!

Pending dresses - guilty

I felt guilty now.

I have cut many dresses panels for my girls but I got no time sew for them. Each weekend, I told myself must finish at least 2 dresses, one for Wien, one for Lyon. But end up at the end of weekend I did nothing. Guilty...guilty....guilty....

Why am I so busy during weekend? Let me tell you.....

Usually I do my household chores during morning session. Took out all my working attires and my hubby's & wash together in washing machine. You might say the washing machine can gao tim for you, you no need to stand there and watch. Yeah, but I will take out those working attire and do not spin them, else those shirt or dress color very fast become fade. I took well care for the working attire lar.

Later I will prepare lunch for the family provided we did not go out or go my mom’s house. After lunch, rest a while, and then come to the girls nap time. If they sleep, I also sleep with them lor. I will not take the advantage to do house chores again. Got chance to rest, rest lar! LOL

After nap time, bring them to playground. After that have to prepare dinner again. Then at night me really become to sew anymore. I rather use the time to do paid post. So the task been hold on and hold on for many weeks till now. haiyah, I cannot forever like that ler, I must set deadline for myself now.

Yahoo spam mail more than gmail

Most of the times when I first login into my yahoo and gmail mailbox, I will delete all the spam mails first. Those mails taking up lot of my space and I dislike to see so many unread mail in my mailbox too! Another my finding is I noticed my yahoo spam mails is a lot more than my gmail account. Most bloggers told me those spam mail will be a lot after you use them for your paid post corresponding. But for my yahoo, it is all the time having lot of spam mail even before I wrote for any paid post. Just wonder how they reach me. Most of the items offer to me is those Viagra thingy. In a day, I can get at least 10-20! *faint**sigh*

My gmail spam mail still manageable, daily is about 5-10. Some times geinuine mail will go to spam too, have to go through before I selecting all and press delete.

Playground in shopping mall

Shopping complex nowadays getting many attractions to the kids. Those are smart seller, they know parents sure will spend for the kids, developed so many playground, horse/animal rides, slides, just to attract kids' attention.

Some parents might not allow their kids to play with too many toys or rides, then the kids will cry for it. Then whole complex can hear, make the parent feel bad and let them ride also. Aiyo, so difficult for them sometimes. Me is one of them occasionally. Hubby said No means No but me too soft hearten in handling them sometimes.

Monday, April 23, 2007

Advertlets Paid Me!

Yeah, you hear me right.

Advertlets had paid for my review on their site. It's so simple. Sign up now if you are Malaysian blogger. Then write the review on their service, RM50 is yours!

Now I am just hoping Advertlets will have more opportunities for we posties to write and to earn money. Other wise I really don’t know when I can reach RM200 in order for me to cash out the money!

The poll at my right side bar sometimes I noticed it took long time for me to load my site, wonder anyone of you encounter the same or not? I do hope Advertlets (Josh, did you hear me?) will do something to amend the coding, so that will be easier for us to load our site.

Branson Vacation

Usually we only book our vacation packages after we browse through the net or from advertisement in newspaper. Those packages are fixed, we just book, pay, pack thing and go for vacation. But in Branson Getaways we can custom our vacation package and plan the vacation lodging and accommodation needs according to our choices or liking. Don’t you think this is very creative plan!

I bet you will satisfy with Branson Getaways packages coz their commitment is to create quality vacation experience in Branson, other than quality accommodations and quality entertainments. So much fun with Branson Getaways, did I tempt you to book with them?

Start new life today!

Cliffside Malibu is a residential drug rehab center, alcohol drug rehab center and also provides luxury care facilities for adults who suffer from alcoholism, drug addiction and other co-occurring disorders. It also provides individual treatment for individual addictions.

If you or your family member need drug rehab assistance, please refer them to Cliffside Malibu or call toll free 24 hours a day at 800-501-1988 at any time. Their drug rehab professional will discuss with you and help you to decide the best course of action.

At Cliffside Malibu, their experts understand prescription drug addiction and able to help you overcome it by their useful drug recovery plan. But you have to take first step by approaching them, then they only able to help you.

Compass property investment

Some companies will consider to do overseas property investment if have extra capital. Lately my boss intends to invest in Dubai and still under feasibility study now. To him, only via investment in property can make the company money growth more and more. However he has to know and gather all the essential information first before putting the money into one property investment. It will be very risky if the company just does the investments without proper guideline and knowledge of local property market.

Firstly my boss has to know property agent that has good knowledge and vast property experience. Perhaps Compass Worldwide Properties able to assist him coz it is expert in sourcing investment property overseas in Morocco, Spain, Bulgaria, Dubai, Romania and Brazil. Their aim is to offer sound advice and safe solutions for clients.

I shall ask my boss to read more information from Compass Worldwide Properties, before he go ahead the property investment plan in Dubai.

Streamyx application

Last week I tried to apply streamyx online. My attempts fail. At time the system even black listed my NIRC. *angry* My colic asked me try some other day coz streamyx system is suck! She ever experienced the same as me. So, I listen to her and try the next day. However it still fail me. So fed up. I called up Streamyx CS line, the lady is nice, she try to online and help me. After about 10 min conversation, only she realised my fixed line no was under UNDEFINED category in TM point server. What? the line we been used for more than 20 overs year, now tell me the line is undefine? Then how come each month send me bill to pay?? Such a screw up system.

The lady cannot help much, she give me TM Point CS line to call and find out. Then I started calling TM point, aiyo..the line forever engaged or no one answering me too! Make me more frust.

<[>Then on Saturday night, hubby asked me the online application at home, maybe it work. I doubt his suggestion but I still try. Previously I did it in office PC. To my surprise, I can register and my number is recognized in the system too! What a relief for me!

However I am the excitement is short while only. After I filled up all necessary info, enter SUBMIT. The next page show Administration Error, need to contact Administrator for further assistant….bla bla bla . Wow I so geram with the s*upid system. Close the site and don’t want to try anymore.

The next day is Sunday; we went tesco for grocery shopping. Hubby saw a counter promoting streamyx application. We approached it and ask for more info. I did not ask for the registration after they asked for RM10 for processing fee. Not me stingy, coz if I will to apply online, it is FREE, why should I pay you RM10 whereas you already entitle for the commission as the agent? We left the counter without talking much to them.

We went to other place for window shopping, after a while, the guy whom we talk to just now came and approached us to sign up the package again. This round he offer FOC service to me some more. I am shocked; few minutes ago say need to pay, now tell me it is FOC! Like that also can ah? He told me he use other client’s fee to cover mine. Since it‘s free, no harm I sign up, right? Now my concern is will I still entitle for the RM50 rebate, the guy say I’ll still get it but I doubt it. Since online application give me so much trouble, I rather let other people do for me . Let’s see how it goes.

Hope I can get my streamyx soon, then I can online more at home.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hangover cures

If you have family member who love to drink alcohol, perhaps you should introduce hangover cures to them. The cure is a convenient, powdered mix enclosed in an airtight package and dissolvable in 20 ounces of water. To reach the best results, it should be taken an hour after the last alcoholic beverage is consumed.

The hangover cure work in many ways, including purges the body of toxins that alcohol introduces, dehydrates the body, rebalancing electrolytes, restores vitamins, minerals and nutrients, supports the natural metabolism of alcohol and many more.

Creative Furnitures

Some of my friends stay in an apartment. They ever commented to me if possible don’t stay in apartment coz the space is limited. But I prefer apartment actually due to most apartment have swimming pool facility. So my girls can have a dip in pool anytime they like. I don’t think apartment space is limited. It is just nice for small family like me. We can always use folding chairs, folding tables to place in the living room. So that our living room will be more spacious after we keep those folding chairs or tables. Nowadays it is very easy to find foldable type of furniture in the market.

Blog for money

I bet some of you might want to monetize your blog in order to earn some extra side income. Let me share with you another paid post site that allows us to blog for money.

Smorty is a service that connecting advertisers with bloggers. Nowadays Advertises prefer to advertise on blogs and they get bloggers to review their products or services on their blogs and thenpay the bloggers upon the post being approved by advertisers. The payout is on weekly basis and through your PayPal. Pretty simple yeah!

If you want your blog to be approved by Smorty, you have to ensure the following:

*Your blog must be indexed by Google and Yahoo

*Your blog must be older than 3 months

*Your blog must not contain any violent, hate related or adult content

*Your blog must be active and have a history of minimum average 2 new posts per week

If you feel you are qualify for the above, sign up with Smorty now and start get paid for blogging! Have fun!

Choice Baby Enterprise

Hubby spotted this shop during his lunch break. Sometimes I wonder whether this kind of service workable or not? How accurate it is? Hey the cost for the service is sky high you know. Not a medium family afford to pay too. I dont think I'll engage their service even though I know I need a boy now.

RM25k and above is not a small amount to me, I rather use this money to invest in property or buy insurance for the girls, or do for other useful thing. Boy or girl doesn't matter, as long as they are healty.

Doctor's set

My girls have a toy set of doctor kit. The kits features medical tools for a whole team of young "doctors" to play at the same time. My girls enjoy the kit very much. It includes battery-operated stethoscopes, pager, realistic-sounding cell phone, forceps, bandages, thermometer and more.

Sometimes I’ll join with them to play with it but they always treat me as patient. Instruct me to lay down, do injection for me or force me take medicine. They never allow me to be the “doctor” so far. LOL

Antic grandfather clocks

My mom is one of the collections of old antic items. She loves to keep those items in her storeroom. I ever saw her collections actually and I noticed she has 2 units of grandfather clocks in her collection. At time I asked her permission to sell one of the grandfather clocks but she declined me on the spot. Her reason is the grandfather clocks were given by her father and she had promised him not to sell it.

Since we cannot resell the clock, I suggest to her why not take it out and display in our living room. I am sure it will attract our visitor attention

Reduce my headaches, please!

I’ll have headache whenever I feel tension or stress and most of the time I only took paracetamol to reduce my headache. However this medicine did not long lasting. Lucky I found Fioricet through Apparently Fioricet provides long lasting relief from tension headaches along with upper back and shoulder pain.

Besides relief pain from tension headache, Fioricet also relieves pain from migraine headaches. I wish able to ship Fioricet to my place coz I constantly having tension headache lately.

Make me smile please....

I am going to hint my hubby to buy me present for this coming Mother’s Day. Most of the time he only brought me out for dinner, no other present to surprise me. This year I must get him send something to me.

I spotted a very unique mother and child diamond pendant in The pendant is the Janel Russell's classic Mother and Child design which illustrates the special relationship that exists between a mother and child. Such a lovely catholic gifts, I must hint hubby to order one for me!

My impression towards KLCC park

KLCC Park very dirty. I don’t like this place anymore, unless the authority really clean and clear the place.

Why I said so? Let me tell you here.

After the KLCC Petrosains, we brought the girls to the park, hoping to let them see the fountains. Unfortunately none of the fountains are functional, so we try to find a place to sit and rest a while. Once we enter the area, all we can smell is the smoking smell, I feel so uncomfortable, so did the girls. They keep telling me why the smoke smells so strong. We also can see cigarettes every where on the floor. The place not attractive to me anymore. Feel sad when I see the condition there. It used to be a nice park few years back but now…..*sigh* really no eye to see!

My wishes....will there come true?

Been tagged by Angeleyes long long time ago...*paiseh* This is her first tag to me actually! Actually I am so impressed with her foodnotes blog, so many delicious food being posted there. I love to go there before weekend, just to get an idea what to cook for my weekend!

ok, here are my wishes.....

* I wish hubby income will up further, then I can be SAHM soon.

* I wish I can go for luxury travel packages each year.

* I wish to have a baby, be it girl or boy.

* I wish my girls stay healthy all the time.

* I wish to own a own house and stay by our own ( but I dont think so ler.)

* I wish my mom long life and enjoy more years with us.

Friday, April 20, 2007

win an iPod

Stop subscribing your magazine NOW coz Toast the Trends able to provide you series of latest trends, including fashion, electronics, entertainments, home d├ęcor and many more. All these are free and you can read in Toast the Trends blogs. Why pay for the magazine whereas you able to get those information for free now!

The purpose of these blogs is to help you find a style or product you like. Lots of attractive pictures and commentary you can find in the blogs, or you can post your own opinions and feel free to leave comment too!

Now you can even win an iPod Shuffle from Toast the Trends if you download their toolbar by linking the code to your site. Why wait? Enter the site now!

Coffee & Me

I am coffee addict I tell you. Every morning I need a cup of coffee to keep me alert. During my shopping spree, I will try out some other brand of coffee too. Lately I am addicted to Ipoh white coffee. The brand I bought not so sweet, just nice.

The tube is weight at 40g, from the packing you’ll noticed it look big. However if you only mix of it into water, the smell not so strong. So next cup of coffee I just pour all 40g into 200ml of hot water. Wow, very nice.

Some of my friends cannot take coffee, they told me coffee cause them heaty. They will feel headache or feel uncomfortable. I could not understand why like that, perhaps different body structure has different respond to coffee I think. To me coffee is the best medicine to release my stress.

Oh ya, I cannot take coffee before bed time, else I hardly fall asleep! LOL

Property Investment

Have you ever think of migrate to other country? What is your choice of country? If yes, perhaps you should start study the property value for the country that you wish to settle down.

You can do your study via browsing through the net. Property Mart is one of the fastest growing overseas property portals in the world. It generates 5 million hits a month, boasting over 30,000 properties online. Property Mart is the best choice to consumers and the best service for the agents since it launched in April 2006. It offers one stop shop for all your property purchasing need.

Property Mart has thousands of properties to choose from, including holiday home, villa or investment property. The main hotspots from them are properties in Spain, Bulgaria, France, Hungary, South Africa, USA and Italy.

If you need more information on moving abroad, you can browse their extensive Country Property Guides and Property Buying Guides to gain a better understanding of the property market.

26/04/07 not a holiday for me..:(

26/4/07 is the Coronation of the Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong XIII. However the off day only apply to goament servants, private sector not necessary to observe this date as Public Holiday. *sigh* our china man boss for sure will not announce off day for us lar, so calculative type. Sometimes i envy those goament servants coz their off day is lot more than we private sector. Too bad, I got no way to enter any goament sector, unless I change religion lar…LOL

Call a Lawyer

To find one reputable lawyer firm is not easy, unless you have good recommendation from others that ever engaged their service. However if you stay in US, perhaps you can look up Liberty Lawyers. They are the San Diego County’s largest criminal and DUI defense ONLY law firm. They are the experts in criminal defense and DUI defense cases.

If you have been arrested under drunk driving charges, then you might need san diego dui attorneys to handle your case. Every case in Liberty Lawyers is reviewed by at least two senior lawyers to develop and execute a successful defense strategy.

Liberty Lawyers attorneys have helped thousands of people through the DUI / DWI process. If you or your loved one has been arrested on a DUI / DWI, please call Liberty Lawyers today at 866-430-3880


Frankly I only get to know about paintball game after I read a post from Michelle. She told me her company having team building event recently, and paintball games is one of the program of the day. I am a bit shock when she told me that they need to sign a disclaimer if want to participate in the paintball games. After I searched more information in internet, only I realized why they need to do so. Paintball is a sport where the participants use compressed air guns called markers to shoot paintballs at other players.

While I search more information on paintball, I came across an online store that offers great selection of paintball accessories like paintball gear, paintball mask, paintball markers, paintball guns and many more. The store name is Ultimate Paintball. Their top selling guns are the Tippmann A-5, Tippmann 98 Custom, Smart Parts Ion and Spyder Pilot ACS.

If you are one of the paintball fans, do check out Ultimate Paintball. They have FREE UPS shipping if your order is $200 or more. Have fun!

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Motorcycle Mechanic Schools

Whenever we send our car for service, we feel quite heart pain when settle the bill. Usually the charges are quite high. I always think that how nice if one of my family members has mechanic knowledge, then we can get him to service our car. I still believe own family member will not charge us as high as outsider, or he even can provide FOC service for us! LOL

Well, if you intend to learn some auto mechanic knowledge or wish to send your kids to mechanic school, you can look up at The site offers a great source for information on motorcycle mechanic schools, mechanic training, mechanic courses, certification, careers and licensing requirements. It is also a comprehensive educational resource for people who interested in auto mechanic schools, diesel mechanic school, aircraft mechanic schools, motorcycle mechanic schools and many more.

The directory provides a complete listing of mechanic schools in the U.S. and easy to use too. This definitely will help those who have interest in this field to locate the schools and programs that might suit them.

Lowest hotel rates from

Next school break will be in May 2007, I plan to subsidy my PIL to go for vacation is possible. They hardly go for vacation coz need to take care my 2 monkey girls. I feel guilty sometimes, so thought of to subsidy them for trip, at the same time to reduce my guilty! LOL

This week I started browsing through the net, to look for better deal of vacation packages as well as the hotel rates. My PIL prefer go Asia country due to they are having foreign language problem. Looks like either Hong Kong or China is the best place for them. Since they had been China numerous times, I think I shall arrange them go to Hong Kong.

While browsing via internet, I found offers great deals for their hotel and resort rates worldwide. The best of all is we can do the booking online. What a hassle free planning! Currently offesr rebate up to $100 if we book 12 nights of hotel room with them. Wow, $100 is a lot of saving you knows! On top of that, guaranteed the lowest internet rate for everyone that makes reservation with them. Sound great isn’t it?

If you found there is a lower internet rate available for the same date and same hotel, you must contact them within 24 hours of booking of your "Special Internet Rate" reservation. They will verify the lower rate and will try their best to match the lower rate or cancel the reservation without a cancellation fee. Such a good service, did I tempt you to book with them for your next vacation?

Other than booking for hotels and vacation packages, you can also book your flights and cars with them. This service very useful to those who prefer all in one vacation package, coz they no need to worry anything, just book, pack and travel.

If you wish to go travel soon, please do consider to book with, I bet you’ll satisfy with their guaranteed lowest rate!

Comfortable bedding items

Down Deals is one of the bedding outlets that offer hundreds of high-quality down bedding items direct from the manufacturer. There is no reason for you to shop anywhere else as you can get all bedding you need just in one store. The site offers items like:

- Closeout Down Comforters & More

- Clearance Down Pillows

- Discount Down Bedding

- Overstock Down Bargains

Major Down bedding manufacturer including Macy’s Bloomingdales, Kohl’s, Dillard’s, LL Bean and many more. The companies make most of the items you see in bedding departments at stores and you can get it at cost price too!

You can also use their down neat search tool wizard to find the item you want. Or just browse around with it by keying the relevant keywords and select the category you want. On top of that they are offering free shipping if you order is above $50.00!

Other than for personal use, you can use the bedding products as one of your gift ideas too. The soft and luxurious pillow can be used for years, I am sure the one who receive your gift will appreciate your thoughtful.

Sisterly Love

I just love to see their smile. So innocent, so lovely. If you have kids, especially girls, I bet you'll know my feeling. I love they come to ear and talk softly to me. They are going to killing me softly soon.....hehehe....

All inclusive package

Have you ever think of to travel in Mexico? Hubby and I have the plan to travel most of the country in Europe if possible, this including Mexico too. We save for travel fund monthly, when got sufficient fund then we can go Europe anytime.

Selecting the vacation packages become handy nowadays coz there are many website offering lot of packages in the website. After browsing through the net, I found that is the best place to book for my vacation plan. They are the leader in the all-inclusive travel experience. We prefer all inclusive package coz we no need to worry where to stay, where to eat out and where to look for attraction places during the tour. All inclusive packages has all these, we just pick one and enjoy our vacation. It's that simple and hassle free planning too!

The package that caught my attention is their all inclusive Cancun vacation package. Cancun has a nature, archaeology, and glitzy resorts in a sun-kissed playground. We can find pyramids, palaces, and temples nearby Cancun area too. Wow, such a nice place! I am sure will book this package once our travel fund is sufficient to support us.

27+1 tips for building and maintaining a blog audience

2 years ago when I started my blog, my main concern is just to record down my girl’s growth development plus some of my interesting life encounter daily. However after I started making money via blogging, I start to concern another issue now, ie how to increase my web traffic as well as to get more links love from other bloggers in order to get a higher page rank. Advertisers nowadays prefer high traffic and high page rank blog to write review for their products and services.

Recently I have been introduced to, where I can bid for the advertisement based on the price I prefer. If the price acceptable to advertiser then I might get the chance to write review for them. That’s how I make money from Another best part is the advertiser also can buy review from me, and then I might get extra income.

If you yet to know about SR, doesn’t matter, you still can check out the site now. Besides giving you chance to earn money, they also provide valuable tips on building and maintaining your blog audience. There are 3 main categories listed in the blog post: The Fundamentals, Building your audience and Keeping your audience. If you wish to compete with millions of other bloggers and develop an audience that consistently comes back to your blog, then you better read the useful tips now.

Here are some of the tips that I feel really useful to me.

The Fundamentals

Many bloggers had advised me to own a domain coz advertisers prefer own domain than free hosting site nowadays. I think it’s time for me to search for hosting and domain company now. If you serious in blogging like me, perhaps you should look for one now. Well, the domain name should be searchable and adequately describes what you will be talking about. Try not to use your own name if possible unless you are well known in the community.

Blog layout should be friendly in order to attract more readers to stay on to your blog. Try to avoid too many ads coz some reader might not like it and they need time to loading those ads image too.

Another useful tip is make sure your post is original subject and never never copy other blogger post. Some readers do not like to read re-blog topic too.

Building Your Audience

If you had started blogging, be sure you blog consistently. Your reader might get fed up if they re-visited your blog and see no new updates. Even you are death busy; you can always come out a short note to inform them. Check your post grammar using spelling checker before publishing and try to avoid rampant errors if possible. No one will like to read post that filled with spelling and grammatical errors.

If possible try to respond to your comment. People like interaction and once they leave comment in your blog, they expect you to reply them. Usually they will come back to see what the author has say about their comment.

Keeping Your Audience

It is essential to keep your reader after you had spent so much hard work on building them. Do not take advantage of gimmicky posts to increase your traffic, you might regret later.

A Trackback feature is good if you read several blogs, or if you are commenting on another blog’s posting. This will help you attract new readers and establish a more searchable blog. Use it wisely else it will backfire.

If you’ve have any great resource and you want to share it, don’t forget to blog about it. You can include the list of sites you visit every day, or fun things that you’ve discovered in your blog. Mine is parenting blog, of course I will list those kids site or educational site for my readers.

More other tips, please read here.


Sometimes I feel tired and sianz towards one of my boss. He gave me so many papers work lately, if I am not so occupied, and then I will do it willingly. Sometimes I am not. Bear in mind, I have 3 bosses in the office now. 2 is active bosses, the other one not much work actually.

What I don’t like is, he like to draft his email in a letter and then ask me type out and then send the soft copy to him via email. Don’t you think it’s very quite stupid act? I know he is boss but to me he is useless la. I should not blog about work so open here but I just cannot stand the way he do thing lar. Help!

Stop Violence Against Women

Yesterday received an email from Zara's mama on the petition : Stop Violence Against Women. Frankly I strongly support this petition coz women nowadays always be the victim for crime and rape. So many sosial problem around us, it's good to raise someone attention now.

If you have same view and opinion like me, please join the petition here.

Below is the email I received from Zara's mama:

Women are raped every day—their bodies become battlegrounds in conflicts around the world. How can you help stop this violence?

Join the IRC and take action.

Hi everyone,

Hope you're all doing well! I'm writing to urge you to join our fight to stop sexual violence against women and girls.

There is a new Congress in Washington. It's time to tell our elected representatives that violence against women and girls must stop.

Please join me in signing this petition

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Let's go Florida

If you ask me what is my wish each year, I am going to tell you I wish to go for travel after work hard throughout the year. During holiday’s time is the best opportunity to spend quality time with our family.

Well, if to bring the girls for holiday, the best place to go will be none other than Disneyland. I heard Disney World in Florida is so much fun as compare to Hong Kong’s. HK Disney World is the smallest among other Disney World. If I have sufficient money, for sure I am going to bring my girls to Disneyland Florida.

Other than Disneyworld in Florida, we also can experience exciting theme parks and glorious white sandy beaches there. I am getting excited now while browsing through the web on Florida vacation. Let’s work hard now, perhaps year end my wish to Florida will come true!

Insurance Plan

To me owning at least one insurance plan is essential. This is like buying a security for our life. We do not know what will happen next; in case anything happen to us; we still have insurance to cover our medical fee.

After having kids, our urge to upgrade our insurance plan even stronger coz we need to plan for the kid’s future education fund. If anyone of us no longer here, the kids still have some fund to support for their educational fee.

At this moment hubby and I plan to buy another type of death insurance. This is to ensure our girls will have more money for their future planning. We are not young anymore and the girls still very small to us. We really worry if something happen to us, then who going to take care the girls, if they have no money in hand? Money still play important role in our life.

Tuscany villas

Italy, my next travel destination! If you follow my blog closely, then you’ll know why I love Italy so much as compare to other places.

Yeah, Italy has beautiful scenery and good food. The place is so relax and romantic, I think most couple would like to go other than Paris. How nice if I can own a Tuscany Villas in Italy, then I can travel as and when I like.

In fact finding a villa in Tuscany is easy, you can use search engine to view all Tuscany villas in just a second. You can either search by villa name or sub region.

Lunch with visitors

Some of colleagues like to have lunch with visitor. Me not the type, if possible, I try to avoid. Some visitors I got no topic to talk to other than related to work. Also usually during lunch break, I would prefer ME time or talk other nonsense. Correct or not? Already spent so much on work, of course I want some time that totally belong to ME!

Hey, sometimes my bosses ask me out for lunch I will think twice too. Not all the time I’ll follow, depends on my mood. Hehe… not LCLY type lar. Just that I prefer do my own thing during the break, like TigaP? LOL

IRB - done finally!

Finally I am done with my IRB form as well as my hubby’s copy. Each year I have to settle for hubby tax return too. Later he will pay me some tips as a token! LOL

I also need to help him pay for the tax. Just did it during lunch break moment ago. Wow, few K just gone in few minutes, no wonder our IRB dept so rich la. Hey, they better spend or invest our money wisely; else I am going to threw rotten eggs to them!

Signature pen

Local bank officer visit our factory today, they bring loan agreement for my boss to sign. My boss could not locate his signature ball pen. He approached me and wants to borrow mine. Lucky I have one in hand; else he will feels uncomfortable if to borrow from other colleagues.

Boss sure have more than one signature pens, in case one lost, then he still got others spare pen. I am going to order extra one pen for him later.

Boost up energy

My girls now in active stage, sometimes they really drive me crazy. They love to pour their toys all over the living room. If they are in good mood, they might help to keep them after used. However sometimes they just leave it there and ignore my instruction. I could not stand the mess; therefore I keep the toys for them.

Taking care of 2 active toddlers is not easy task; I’ll feel fatigue easily and less energy before bed time. Sometimes I am thinking to take energy pills to boost up my energy level. Choosing the right energy pills is very important; some may give us side effects. Looks like I have to check with my regular doctor which type of energy pills suit for me.

I want to stay in hotel!

After back from our KL trip, the girls keep begging me to bring them to stay in hotel.Ya, almost everyday I tell you.

Lyon even told me that: mummy, I am very happy you bring me kai kai ler.

Hehe..she so adorable to me! I told her let mummy work hard again, if got enough money then we can kai kai again lor!

Our next destination will be Tiara Beach Resort or A Famosa! Water theme park has the most fun for the girls.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Market research

Before starting any business, we need to do some market research first. This is to find out and to learn what people like and why they like the things they like. But the problem is how are you going to gather those data? Perhaps Synovate could be your assistant in finding those precious data. Synovate constantly creating innovative ways of gathering facts and turning that data into strategic business insights. They are the market researchers and also the world's most curious company.

Synovate operate across six continents, in 50 countries and 24 time zones. Their methodologies are robust, proven and ready to work for you. If you plan to start your business soon, make sure visti Synovate for more details, perhaps it can give you some useful guideline.

Gold Investment from MDC

Some people love to invest in gold or silver, my elder sister is one of them. When her bonus is out end of the year, for sure she’ll go and buy either gold bracelet or necklace for keeping. Occasionally she’ll wear during dinner or any function.

In fact buying gold is a good way to preserve one's wealth and purchasing power. Each year we can see gold prices keep going up without fail. I believe if my sister will to sell off all her gold collection, she’ll going to make a lot of money now!

Now I am going to teach my sister to invest in gold bullion from Monex Deposit Company (MDC) since this is a unique investment too! After she purchases the gold from MDC, she can either ask for immediately personal delivery or arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository. The best of all is she can check latest prices online. Actually me also not sure the procedures on buying guide, look like we have to contact a Monex Account Representative at 1-800-444-8317 to ask for more details.

Time to upgrade

My office computer full of precious data, sometimes I really worry one day my data will gone without my knowledge. Then I might cry for help from my IT guys!

Due to overwhelming of data, my PC very slow in responding to my task. It will take more than 5 minute just to start my PC program. Sometimes it even hangs half way while I am doing job. It's going to drive me crazy soon. I think I should send up my proposal to my dear boss, asking to do computer memory upgrade for my unit, else I really cannot work smoothly!

Wooden Blocks

We have a wooden set "Lego" at home. The girls like to play with it all the time. It was custom made by a carpenter using left over wood. All edge been polished nicely and no sharp corner at all.

During our trip to KLCC Petrosains, they spotted the same set there. They are so excited and keep shouting to me: Hey, mummy, here also got wooden "Lego"!

haha....they quite sua ku sometimes...really need to take them out more often now since Lyon now can travel easily too!

Shop for pens

My Parker pen run out of ink now, need to buy the refill. But I intend to change my pen coz I had been using it for more than 5 years now. There is a website currently promo pens now, so many varieties there. Usually signature pens are dark in color but I am looking for a bright red color signature pen is possible.

The best part of this website is it allow qualified buyer to review the sample or catalog before placing the order with them!

Car insurance

Hubby looking for new car now coz his existing car always give him trouble nowadays. I teased him to look for 7-seater car but he said if he’ll to buy MPV, then each month we have to eat plain porridge with salted egg! LOL

Well, before deciding which car to buy, hubby need to know car insurance premium too. We do not want to spend so much on insurance and some car’s insurance very high too. He need to survey first before finalized his choice of car. Car insurance quote can be obtained from internet nowadays. You can get a quote from a local or even nation wide agent by comparing the policies. Pretty convenience now.

Got funds from Payu2blog

Yeah, over the weekend, I received one lump sum from payu2blog. So happy! Another side income I got from other blogger mummy.

I like payu2blog coz they give me some grace period to get ready those tasks, no need so rush to finish all in one day. I can take my own sweet time to do it, without hassle to grab like TigaP.

Now I have extra side income, looks like I can go for vacation in next 2 month too! Sign up with Payu2blog if you yet to do so!

Hallmark MV

Saturday night we are wondering at MV, I spotted a Hallmark store. They display a huge Mother’s Day greeting card. I saw it is very nice, so enter the store. I flipped through the card; the 2 girls also follow my pattern. Not even 5 min, one CS girl approach us. She was saying:

Sorry, madam, please don’t let your kids play with our card. Our card is very expensive. (She took one card and shows the price to me). This card cost RM23.90. You see, it’s very expensive. Please don’t let your kids play with it.

Chey, I cannot even interrupt when she is telling me all these. So LCLY!!! My girls just flip the card like me; they are not spoiling or damage your card! Do you think I will continue staying there? Nope, I put down my card, and left the shop immediately. See, they loss one potential customer.

I may not have siu lai lai look and may not buy the card from you, but why you must say these kinds of words to me?? Such a lousy customer service attitude.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

I am Chinese?

Dear Snoopy tag me do this long long tag, to find out how Chinese I am. Hehe…let’s see how it goes!

If your answer is more than 50% "Yes", then you are very "Chinese".

1. You like to eat chicken feet. No

2. You suck on fish heads and fish fins. No

3. You sing karaoke No

4. Your house is covered with tiles. Yes

5. Your kitchen is covered with a sticky film of grease. No

6. Your stove is covered with aluminum foil. No

7. You leave your plastic cover on your remote control. No

8. You never kiss your mum or your dad. Yes

9. You have worn glasses since your were in the Fifth grade. No

10. Your hair sticks up when you get up. Yes

11. You'll haggle over something that is non negotiable. No

12. You love to use coupons. Yes

13. You drive around for hours looking for the best parking space. Yes

14. You take showers at night. Yes

15. You avoid the non-free snacks in hotel rooms. Yes

16. You don't mind squeezing 20 people into one motel room. No

17. Most girls have more body hair than you, if you are a male. No

18. You have a Christian name, although you are a Buddhist. Yes

19. You tap the table when someone pours tea for you. No

20. You say "aiya" and "wah" frequently. Yes

21. You love Las Vegas, slot machines, and Blackjack. No

22. You unwrap Xmas gifts carefully, so that you can use the wrapper paper again. Yes

23. You use vinyl table cloth on the kitchen table. Yes

24. You use dishwasher as a dish rack. No

25. You save grocery bags, tin foils and tin containers. Yes

26. You have a piano in your living room. No

27. You pick your teeth at the dinner table (but you cover your mouth) No

28. You hate to waste food. Yes

29. You have a Tupperware in the fridge with 3 bites of rice or one leftover chicken wing. Yes

30. You have a collection of miniature shampoo bottles, taken from hotels. Yes

31. Your dad thinks he can fix everything himself. Yes

32. You beat eggs with chopsticks. No

33. You like congee with thousand-year-old egg. No

34. You prefer your shrimps with heads and legs still attached. Yes

35. You never call your parents to say Hi. No

36. If you live outside, and when your parents call, they'll ask if you have eaten, even if it is midnight. Yes

37. When you're sick, your parents will ask you to refrain from eating fried food, and diagnosed your sickness as "yit hei" Yes

38. You starve yourself before going to all-u-can-eat places. No

39. You always know someone who can get you a good deal on jewelry or electronics. Yes

40. Even if totally full, and when someone suggested throwing away the leftover on the table, you will finish them. No

41. When you visit homes, you bring along oranges (or other produce) as gifts. Yes

42. You fight over who pays the dinner bill. No

43. You major in something practical, like engineering, medicine or law. No

44. You are 30 yrs old, you still live with your parents, and they prefer it that way. Yes

45. You are 30 yrs old and married, you live in an apartment next door to your parents, or at least in the same neighbourhood. No

46. You eat every last grain of rice in your bowl, but decline to eat the last piece of food on the table. No

47. Your favourite number is 3 or 8. No

48. You know why we must end this with 48. Yes

Wow, its a long list to check. See what I have got:-

23/48 (Clearly I am not typical Chinese!) I admit last time I am very Chinese style, but after knowing hubby, been brainwash-ed by him already.

Friday, April 13, 2007

I skipped Jusco Member Sales' day!

Yesterday about noon time, received phone called from my dear elder sister.

“Eh, where are you now?”

“Me? Why?”

“You in which department now?”

“Office la”

“Huh? You no go Jusco today meh?”

“No wor, this year I skipped lar! Nothing to buy ler.”

“That’s weird!”

Hahaha… sister knows me well. She knows I love shopping and she know each year I will go for JJ member sale day. But this year I got nothing to buy, plus I am going to KL in next few days, I am going to shop like crazy in Megamall and KLCC. Hehehe…..

Narconon Stone Hawk

Even though my girls still small now, but I already start worrying they might get addicted to drug or alcohol when they get older. I bet most parents will have the same mind as me too! As parent, we have to get ready those information pertaining to drug treatment and drug rehab center, rather than when thing happen and we got no place to turn on.

Well, Stone Hawk is the most successful drug treatment program in the country, and it has an outstanding of 76%+ success rate in history. Their program follows the principles of the Narconon program founded by William Benitez and inspired by L. Ron Hubbard.

The Stone Hawk drug rehabilitation program is using drug free approach to resolve the issues that are caused by drug abuse and alcoholism. Their drug addiction treatment mainly focuses on cleansing the body, healthy diet, and fitness in order to help students develop strong mental and physical skills. These entire useful programs might help them over come addiction and live an addiction free life in future.

If you know someone who need drug treatment, please refer them to Narconon Stone Hawk, let them know this drug rehab center might help them save a life and able to let the drug addict to start new life too!

No compromise

No compromise

MIL wants to follow us to Kuala Lumpur but she opted to stay at SIL#2 ‘s house. Fine for us but the problem is SIL#2 wants us to send her straight to her shop or house, and pick her up from her place too when we on the way back. Not that hubby refuse to do so but his reason is he is not familiar with USJ route, he prefer her to send MIL to our hotel or any nearest LRT station, but she just say cannot.

Saturday, SIL#2’s hubby can come and fetch MIL to their house, now the problem is going back no one send her to us. Hubby try to locate and think how to locate her place but he just worry will get lost. You know la, we are not KL lang, for sure will get lost if turn in wrong highway. They have been KL so long already, yet refuse to do so. Her reason very simple, she needs to work on Monday. But she is operating a saloon mah, flexi hour too. I cannot find any reason why she cannot take 10-15 min to send MIL to us. She said her place very near to MV or Subang Parade, why not she takes the first move to assist us, rather than we trying to find way to locate her place??

Yes, her 2 girls need to go kindy, I was suggesting to her after drop them to kindy, she can come over to meet us what. But she still say cannot la. You all come la. Kanasai, no compromise at all.

Last conversation slightly turns into quarrel I tell you. My holiday moods a bit spoil liao. Today hubby even suggested to book extra room on Sunday night provided SIL#2 can send MIL to us on Sunday night. *double sigh**sianz*

Frankly, I dislike SIL#2 attitude, too materialistic and self center type. We have problem talk to her sometimes. Perhaps she stay too long in Kuala Lumpur already, so calculative.

My second hand clothing

Last time I love to wear spaghetti strap and sleeveless shirt. But now I try to not wear them coz I noticed my muscle so BIG and other body part full of fat now. Sigh , after giving birth , my body shape all gone, plus recently I was on medication which has side effect of putting weight. Another 2 months to go, after that for sure I will try to keep fit and on diet.

Will you ask how I settle those sexy shirts? Hehe….tell you you also not believe! Some of them fit well to Wien. One weekend at my mom’s house, I forgot to bring extra shirt for her, so I let her wear my shirt instead. The shirt fit her well, though got slightly wide at shoulder. She so happy when wearing my shirt, keep telling others that she is bigger than me now. LOL

Now I know where to pass on my shirt other than charity center like Tze Chi.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Sooooo big group!

Today we blogger mommies still chat about my KL gathering plan. Wow, the group seem getting bigger than bigger than. I scare ler...LOL

Last 2 days many still cannot make it, but today seem many of them can turn up. Me getting excited now, couldn't wait to meet most of them!

Hubby commented seem like this trip is just for me only, I reply him sure la, coz he owed me so many trip liao! Hopefully this trip will be fruitful trip to the girls as well as to myself.

See you guys there!

Grow your business with AIMpromote

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Real estate in Mississauga

Canada is one of hubby’s dream destinations. He ever mentioned to me that if possible he want us to migrate to Canada. However to me standard of living there is quite high, therefore we have to save some money first before the migration.

Many commented that living in Mississauga is great and is a wonderful beginning for families coz it is been recognized as one of the safest city in Canada. Before hand we have to study and planning our migration plan first. Firstly we have to look into real estate in Mississauga, either condos or homes.

We need help from Mississauga real estate agent coz we are not familiar with Canada’s market. Lucky I found Damir Strk, who is a seasoned Mississauga Real Estate Agent with Canada’s top real estate firm Remax. He is the right realtor who can help us to find the right home at the right price.

If you wish to do some investment in Mississauga, don’t forget to visit Damir Strk web for more information.

Malaysian Bloggers List

My blogger's friend, Eric introduced My List to me moment ago. This program was done by Daryl, and lauched on 11/04/2007. What is My List? According to Daryl, My List stands for the giving hearted and goodwill of Malaysians to help one another and also most definitely for the Malaysian Boleh! spirit in the great big world of blogsphere!

The purpose of My List is to help all Malaysian bloggers to gain links to their blogs by participating in this list. As long as you have blog(s), it is doesn't matter for what is the category of your blog, then you are able to participate in this list. Non-Malaysians whose blogs feature anything pertaining to Malaysia are welcome to join this list as well.

The dateline of participation is 31st May 2007, if you are interested in My List, please join NOW. This is another way to gain link popularity too!

My List Participants [ Wood ] [ Earth ] [ Cheap ] [ Flight ] COMtech Ah Ling's blog ~WoOLaLA~ vivivava Design My Mothering Corner Shoppingmum’s Home Office My Filling Station Shopping Mum All about Beauty Shoppingmum and Kids datotalrandommessy.grey Notes from my heart Joy Montessori wahlau's online hut Cedric’s Asylum mott’s mutterings Just My Thoughts delephant Incoherent Ramblings HOT STUFF Make Money Online with Malaysia Love AGLOCO MONTESSORIMUM.COM Funky Cookies Earn Money Blogging PabloPabla's Whatever Make Money with Blogging Paris Beaverbanks Free Links Giveaway Free Blogger Templates Blogsreview.Net Making a Living 5xmom How to be a Better Blogger My Women Stuff Hochiak! Delicious Asian Food Best Recipes Champagne Tastes on a Beer Budget Daryl's Discovery Journey The fluff must go somewhere