Thursday, March 26, 2009

Kids Islands already 1 year annivesary!

Hey, only today I realized that my Kids Islands, online homemade clothing store had entered 1 year old already!

Yahoooooooooo......I am so happy and excited now! Did not know that my "baby" is one year old by now.

A big Thank You to all my dear readers and customers, without your strong support, my homemade store will not sustain till now!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Nanyang Kopitiam @ Tangkak

I know there is a Nanyang Kopitiam near my area but yet to try it out. This morning saw the leaflet of this so call high class kopitiam, so decided to give it a try. I have to go alone coz hubby already off to work early morning.

Now they have a promo package at RM2.50 for one plate of nasi lemak/fried meehoon/mee with a cup of white coffee or milk tea. For RM2.50 I can get both food and drink, not bad deal ya. So this morning after sending my girl to kindy, I straight drive to this kopitiam. Opps, this area need to put parking coupon. I better put one, else I may get summon though.

This kopitiam near Tangkak bus station, quite good area coz passenger can take a cup of drink while waiting for bus, express bus or taxi. LOL

There are 2 partitions here, one open air and the other one is aircond room. Since no one smoking at that time, so I sit at open air area. After place my order, I start snapping photo. I noticed some of the guests there looking at me with weird eyes! Hahaha……not many of them know about blogging at this small town!

This is my breakfast. Nasi lemak + white coffee

outdoor furniture for my new house

My new house has a not-so-big compound in front and side area. I like those areas and wish to do some minor gardening when I am free in future. Right now, hubby and I planted carpet grass onto the field. Now the grasses grow very well and you can see a nice green sea at a glance too. Near the tile area, I planted some small flower plantation that has lots of color, such as red, pink, yellow, orange etc. it is a serenely scene when you wake up in the morning time. No wonder hubby just love to overnight there during weekend.

Next, we are going to invest in outdoor furniture and place them at one of the corner of the compound. So that, we can have a cup of coffee during evening time. Perfect, right?

Insurance is important

Life is unpredictable. It is a wise decision for you to invest in life insurance lead in case any emergency case happen to you or your love one. With the protection from life insurance policy, if anything happen to you, then you will have some money to cover your medical fee. Mind you, medical fee nowadays is not cheap at all. Once admitted to hospital, easily you will need few thousand to cover the cost. No wonder many people said if you are poor, then you better don’t fall sick, else General hospital will be your choice.

Due to this reason, I had also invested life/education insurance leads for my 2 girls. It is not a waste of money when you put in your money for insurance. Just treat it as saving account in long run.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Take care the cash properly.

I never work as cashier before. To me, this job need big responsibility. Why I said so? This is because you are the one who in charge of the cash drawer during working hour, if anything goes wrong with the total amount after office hour, then you have to pay full responsibility of it. Either dig out where is the short fall or pay it with your own pocket money. No joke. However as I know, cashier pay is quite hight as compare to other department's staff. Frankly I prefer to work as normal staff instead of taking care the money. :P

Monday, March 09, 2009

Gardenia butterscotch

While blog hopping, noticed some of the bloggers commenting on Gardenia butterscotch. Tempted me to buy one loaf and try it myself.

One day evening after work, while accompany my girls playing at compound, noticed the "roti car" coming soon. So I try my luck to ask for the bread. Immediately the seller gave me one loaf and I passed him RM4.00. Yeah, RM4.00 for one loaf and inside I was told contained only 12-14 slices of bread. Never mind, let me try whether it is really that nice or not.

Open the pack and try one slice, give some to my girls, both commented so so only. Er, how come? Many said nice wor, how come they said so so only ar? I try it myself. Hmmmm....not bad lar...not taste as heaven like what commented by other blogger. Anyway, still one good choice to eat as breakfast if I got nothing to eat sometimes.

Online website

My hubby started my online store many months ago. He is using free hosting to do the setup for me. To him, using blogspot service is the easiest way coz he is familiar with blogpsot configuration as compare to shopping cart software or wordpress.

Well, after the blogspot website being nicely set up and launched, I got many feedback from my fellow blogger friends. They commented why not using shopping cart service since this service allow the customer to use credit card as payment instead of using cash all the time. Frankly, I did not know that shopping cart service could use credit card as a mode of payment. More ever I never think of my website will be a hot place to place order in future. Hehe….all these while I was thinking if I can get few customer from online, then I will be happy already. Now my website could be consider success now coz I managed to grab few orders from new and repeat customer from to time. However so far most of them never ask for credit card payment but online transfer only. Never mind, if I ever receive any comment about credit card, maybe I will hire manhattan it services to do me a shopping cart for my website.

No keep no explode!

Both my kids love to do sketching since young. Of course at early stage, we don’t know what they draw. But we can see lots of lines and circle. Slowly those circles and lines can see some object. First it is the human object, then bird, dog or cow etc. their masterpiece is amazing sometimes. I did keep some of them for my blogging purposes. Some of my bloggers suggested framing them up and hanging onto wall. Though I wish to do that but right now my house do not have a nice location to do it.

However recently we just empty the second room and turn it to elder girl’s bedroom. When time permit, we will repaint the room and change some study table for her. After that, we may hang some of her masterpieces in her room too. I did not keep all of her work coz my space is limited. Most of them are scanned copy and store properly in my computer. If I will to keep all her hard copy, then I may need an Art Storage company to help me store them! LOL!

Psst..psst..the main reason that I did not keep all my kids’ masterpieces are due to my hubby. He is the one object I keep coz to him, lean management is important in daily life too. No keep no explode!

Gift's choice

Whenever I buy present for birthday person, my gift’s choice will be based on their gender. By thinking this way, I will have fewer headaches to decide the item. For girls, I will look for cute hair accessory or dresses; for boys, usually sports gifts or car will be my first priority. However many of my friends to buy stationery or books most of the time. to them, kids should develop reading since young. Hey, I know reading is essential, however they also need fun in between reading and homework, right? Haha…as such, most children are thrill to get present from me as they know I will buy them something really special every year!

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Handmade movie

Have you ever heard of handmade movie? Let me show you the short clip that I found while blog hop.....lately I am super free, so have plenty of time blog hopping....bad time, nothing much to do in office now!

Originator is Coraline, check out the web for more great shows!

Monday, March 02, 2009

Need a holiday!

Economic so bad now, till my hubby dare not promise any vacation plan to me. Not even a cheap and near place. He said better save the money for emergency now since now he has to take unpaid leave every month, sort of cost down activity for the company. Not only his company affected by economic crisis, my company slowly implement cut cost exercise too.

However I still told my hubby that we don’t need any luxury hotel rooms for the trip, as long as the hotel room is comfortable, then it is more than enough already. I just wish my girls to enjoy the trip since it is very long time we did not go for holiday!