Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The weather so hot!

Don’t you think lately our weather like yo-yo too? it is real hot in the afternoon, sometimes I am lazy to go out for lunch. I rather eat junk food in office instead of going out with my colleague. This is because I’ll have headache each time back from lunch with this kind of crazy weather. How nice if I can dip into swimming pool or bath tub, to have a relax and peaceful time.

If I am at home, most of the time I will take bath more than 2-3 times in a day. I just love to let the cold water swipe away my body heat. By the way, I also let my children bath with tap water instead of water heater. The weather already so hot, why bath with hot water then? Hehe..i don’t think my house need any tankless water heater for time being!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Doctor - tech geek!

Today I learn new thing while writing paid post. Now only I know about medical PDA software that used by professional doctors. Most of the doctors nowadays own a PDA or Smartphone that allow them to access the information pertaining to essential diagnosis and treatment information in one integrated application. Epocrates is easy to use and fast access to all the available information. If your doctor is away, you still can connect his PDA and ask for medical advice easily, hence your doctor can immediately access the information and make prescribing decisions – such as drug dosing, side effects and health plan coverage, etc.... hehe..doctors nowadays also getting tech-geek ya!

“This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.”

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Wall Decor

Yeah, I found another design to sew just now. Wall decor for kids room!! Will try to list in Ebay to test market first.

I spotted it while I surf online, but I am not sure whether our local people will accept it or not. It was a nice wall decor for your kids room, but also suitable for adult's room if you choose the right and appropriate design to suit your room.

Here are some of the wall decor that I get from internet.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

On Ebay again...

I cannot rely on paid post now, getting lesser (sometimes none) and lesser lately. I should go back to my old field ie selling at Ebay Malaysia now. Ebay Malaysia start charging money for certain listing features, got to study all over again. I will try to use FOC features first, if cannot work, then only I go for paid features. Haiz...everything talk about money now, but no see any increment in our salary pun... sob sob....

Rare coins investment

After settle the loan application for my housing loan, I may look into rare coins investment soon after suggestion from my office staff. He told me that better use extra money to invest into gold or silver coin instead of buying share. Share market is more risky than gold or silver coin according to him. Well, I am not good at share market, so I better stick to low risk investment. After all my main intention is to make more money instead of just keeping the money into saving account that cannot generate more income. I better tell my hubby first, else he will make noise if I do it without his knowledge.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Backache problem

I have backache problem since…..not sure since when I start having it. What I know is I can feel the pain after delivery. Perhaps it was due to lack of rest during confinement. I don’t have confinement lady to help me out during the month. My MIL cook for me and wash baby’s as well my laundry. I still have to take care my newborn even at night too. Though my hubby did wake up to help me but seem like I am the one wake up more frequent than him. Cannot blame him coz he still need to work the next day whereas I still can sleep the next day once baby is napping. Some of my close friends do recommended me to take herbal acne treatment cure my backache but I still skeptical about it coz there is not genuine record show that it really could cure backache. Should I try or not??

Fully furniture house

Last week an Indian lecturer pays a visit to our OZ house. He wish to rent the unit provided we provide fully furniture for the house. Though he request a simple set of furniture plus air conditional and heater, but to us, mean we have to take out lot of cash to buy for those utility plus furniture. If he wish happy with existing empty house, then we will immediately to rent out for him. But upon hearing his request, my hubby put it on hold coz he said he is in no hurry to rent out the house yet. He wants to stay some time at the house first before renting it out. This also mean that I still have time to shop around online using Circuit City coupons and get some discounted household items or appliances. After use them for quite some time, then we can rent out the house with fully furniture, with attractive rental price too.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Enjoy current moment

I noticed most of the women tend to have anxiety or anxious feeling than male. Maybe it is due to hormone issue think; or due to we women tend to have more problem as compare to male. Well, there are lot of items can use as anxiety relief now, one of them is Kava Kava. It is a natural herbal supplement that is safe to use for anxiety relief. Now my girls are still small, perhaps when they enter teenager or adult stage, I will have more headaches since they start to mix with more friends. Hopefully by that time, I still can have a peaceful life like current moment.

Get a quote

Eric, my ex-colleague is an insurance agent for term life insurance. He told me he wish to enter Malay community for insurance market coz many of them still not so welcome term life insurance and not even own a basic insurance plan too. He had tried to offer some term life insurance quotes for his Malay friends but so far none of them come back to him. Hey, those Malay friends not from lower income range though. Some of them are in manager and executive level too. In fact, I am quite surprise why they so skeptical about insurance plan. Though we cannot make money from it but at least it can give us some protection if anything happen to us.

Money run away...

One of the Indian staff resigned lately. She is expecting now and having some complication for her pregnancy. This is her main reason to resign from work. In fact, we also encourage her to do so since she off from work quite often.

Now my problem is she still owed me some money (she ordered few products from me). I am not sure how to get from her as she did not turn to office at all, only resign via telephone. Haiz....she still keeping some of my kids dresses ler, how to get back from her ler....

Had called her hp but no one pick up the phone...this Indian ar...jialat ler. I trust her so much, yet this is the return I get.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Ceiling lights

The previous owner of the house had fixed some ceiling light for the house. but to me, those are normal and standard light. I wish to get something nice and unique ceiling light for my living room as well as my dining room. Hubby also agrees to change provided we move in lar. If want to rent out in future, what for we fix such a nice ceiling light for the tenant? Am I right?

Visit Ikea soon

I love to visit Ikea website. Too bad, I yet to enter Ikea store so far. But my dear hubby suggests to bring me there during Labor Day. Yippie! Finally I got chance to step into the store personally. Hubby knows the route to Ikea coz he passed by the store last week while he is on the way to PJ for a job interview. Now I already start to shop for furniture and household items for my new house though we not yet decided when to move in. for time being, we need to buy some mirrors and bathroom lighting first, others items can buy slowly when it is necessary.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Jaclyn or Jesslyn

My goodness! I am almost 4 years working in this company yet my boss still writes my name wrongly. I can conclude that he never pay attention to me so far, only know how to cut cost on me, I am referring to the one month unpaid maternity leave that he slashed from me. The reason he given is I am still very new to this company and cannot entitle for 2 month maternity leave. WTH!!!

No choice, I have to stay and agree to take the one month pay only. I need the salary to survive at that time. But now different story, with hub single income the girls and I also can survive. If one day, I really feel sien to this company, I can just tender resignation letter and say bye to this ah pek company.

Time for a change?

I start thinking to change working environment now. My hubby influence me a lot indirectly too. I had been in this company for almost 4 years by now, usually after 3-4 years in a one company, I will start to “jump” to another company. I don’t like to stay too long in one company actually. Once I get to know clearly what they are doing, I will feel too routine and feel like a change too.

I know I am not young anymore; other company might not hire me once they know I am over 35 by now. Perhaps I should give it a try, no harm to try, right? Who know, one day a company may “interested” to hire me! LOL

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Writing services

Have you ever heard that nowadays you can buy custom written essays online? Will you do so? Frankly I think I will especially if I am short of time preparing for my college essays.

If you are looking for custom research paper paypal, perhaps you can seek help from Custom Writing (custom-writing.org). The site offer professional academic research and writing services in any field of study. The best part is they will guarantee no plagiarism in your essay with the help of free plagiarism checking. During essay delivery to you will enclosed a free plagiarism report for your reference too. Do check out the site for more information.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Nursing school

Medical Career Training is one of the website whereby you can search for cna courses to pursue for the cna training. Previously my concept is only female qualify to work as Certified Nursing Assistants coz they are more soft and kind as compare to male. But I am wrong actually coz according to my sister in law who is a nurse in local hospital told me that numbers of male involve in this field quite a number too. Also salary range for this field quite high too. If you wish your children to become Certified Nursing Assistants one day, do check out Medical Career Training to look for cna schools.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Good career with MCT

If you intend to see your children become sonography technician one day, perhaps you can start study which sonography schools are the best among the rest. In fact it is not an easy task to look for best sonography school nowadays coz there are too many selection over the net. You can consider sending your children to Medical Career Training center to pursue best sonography tech from the center. Alternatively you can request complementary information from these schools and start your training today!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Call from Japan

2 of my chat friends going to have family vacation in Japan during June. They ever asked me to join them, too bad; I was unable to go during June. Besides money is one of the reason, it is also due to June is not school holiday yet. Moreover hubby does not want our girls to skip class if possible. Another solution is just travel with hubby alone, without the kids tagging along. But I know I am going to miss them dearly if just leave them at home. Maybe I can use VoIP Phone Systems that are available free at Japan hotels and call them as and when I like.

Being a boss is so great!

I know I know, most of us dream to become own boss. But come to think of it, when will the day arrive?

In fact, become a boss also not easy. You have to ensure your company operation smoothly and making money most of the time. Else you 'll have problem issuing bonus to your workers by end of the year. You will have headache to look for more sales or even new sales if your sales team is weak. There are so many things out there, not only these 2 that I mentioned.

Haiz...still become little women is the best lar.... :lol:

No mood to write blog

I am supposed to update both my new blog but I am plain lazy to do so. When I am free, I just surf around the net, read blog, look for recipe, chatting and others. Now I don’t have any blog with page rank, I should hard working to update those new blogs. But when I am in my blog, my brain seems cannot function, no idea on what to write too. I think I been in blogging line too long already…getting old is another issue too!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

It's time to exercise

My weight seems cannot reduce anymore, even though I had tried to reduce rice and meat intake in my daily diet. I know I should do more in exercising, sweat more, then only my extra fat can get rid from my body. But my problem is I am so lazy bump to do exercise. Once I am free, I will go to my room and lying down and take a good rest. Very rarely I will do some exercise, let alone going to gym center. Some of my close friends suggest me getting some home fitness equipment, and do the exercise whenever I am free at home. Hey fitness equipment not cheap at all, I wonder will I have enough cash to buy or not.

another way to use laptop

If you need a laptop in a hurry, perhaps you can look for laptop rental from ICCRents.com. It is a nationwide leader providing computer and audiovisual rental solutions to corporate America. Do not worry about the brands that they offer coz most of their computer selection are from the latest brand names with competitive pricing too. Other than laptop rental, ICCRents also provides other rental equipments such as computer rental, internet kiosk, server rental, LCD projector, printer rental and many more.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Purest water

Water is very important to our body. If your body short of certain level of water content, probably you will get sick easily. That’s why I have to constantly monitor my kids’ fluid intake. If they sick, then I am the one who has to suffer. By the way, water nowadays not so clean too, thus it is important for us to make sure our water quality before consuming it. I was told that o premium waters bottled water purification system are very good to process good quality water for consumer. The report also stated that o premium water s the best and purest water in the market now. Perhaps I should give it a try.

Boss going to Spain soon

My GM going to Spain next Sunday. In fact, since last month I had tried to look for cheap flight fare for him, but he seem couldn't decide which date he wants to fly, so put it on hold. However last week, suddenly he came and ask me about his flight detail. I am shock coz I never do any booking for him. See, another indian pusing pattern. I hate it actually but what to do, he is the superior.

Never mind, you push me, I push you back. I checked with 4 travel agents, including our regular travel agent too. Coz I want to get an earliest flight for him, no more delay. One of it can book 13/04/08 departure flight for me, so I just go ahead and book and urge my boss quickly make decision as currently flight to EU very hot and always full too. Now my boss's turn to make fast decision but he seem couldn't make it. Here the revenge come: I keep asking him every half an hour, to confirm the flight. Another reason is, this is my first time dealing with new travel agent, they also not trust us and want CASH. That's why I have to push my boss, so that I can have enough time to prepare the payment.

Anyway, this is just office gossip. I just don't like people do it in pusing way, you play a fool with me, I will revenge to you very soon....LOL

Thursday, April 03, 2008

Pharmacy tech

If you wish to get some medicine from pharmacy, it is advisable for you to get advice and comment from pharmacy technician first. They are more knowledgeable in terms of medication knowledge. Don’t be a doctor by yourself. You will get yourself into big trouble if you buy the wrong drug or medicine for your sickness. Most of the pharmacy technician will gain their pharmacy tech knowledge from reputable medical training center like Medical-Career-Training.com. The center able to provide career options and leading institutions for applicants who wish to join the field. By the way, you also can check out how much is the pharmacy technician salary range from the site too!

Vacation planning

Hubby and I have the same hobby. We love to travel very much. Whenever our travel fund account reaches certain amount, we will plan to go some places to release the tension from work. When we are in two person world, it is so much easier for us to arrange vacation. Well, thing change after the arrival of my 2 girls. Travel with kids is not an easy task; there are so many things we have to bring along for emergency use if any.

Due to this reason, we hardly go for vacation too. But now they are 6 and 4 years old respectively. It should be easy to travel with them I guess. So I told my hubby we should bring them along for any family holidays and I don’t want to leave them behind anymore. However we have to get ready more money for total 4 pax now.

One of the best ways to enjoy cheap hotel rates is via friends’ recommendation or surf internet more often. From time to time, those travel websites will offer competitive rates for travelers to enjoy the discounted rate. If you have friends who love travel, I am sure they are more willing to share with you which hotel offer best rate in town now.

If you planning to go Rome, and looking for Rome hotels or Rome apartments, perhaps you can check out RomaClick.com. The site offers various types of hotels and apartments for you to refer. It also contain Rome guide for tourist to plan their vacation while they are in Rome. Bookmark the site for you future Rome vacation.

Brought to you by RomaClick.com

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Sweet & dream home

Among the choice between apartment, condo or landed house, I prefer landed house the most. This is because I wish to have some land to plant my favorite plants or vegetable if any. Well, many had told me that maintenance the field is not an easy job too. But, who care! As long as I like it. one of the reason why I dislike condo or apartment is due to we have to pay management and service fees monthly for the facilities that provided by the unit. But, tell me, how often you will use those facilities? However it will be different case if I stay in luxury place like Apogee Condo South Beach. I am more willing to pay for the extra service fee coz the environment here great, moreover the shop lots and restaurants are nearby and within walking distance too.

Skin MD Natural – Shielding Lotion for your skin.

For the past few weekend, I have to go to our new house to do cleaning. This is because we wish to stay there during weekend or rent out to someone if able to find suitable tenant. After the cleaning part, then I have to help hubby clear the grass plus re-painting the gate and fence. Tell you, it’s tiring job to me. Other than feeling tire, I also feel my hands dry, cracked and sore too. Not that I did not apply lotion each night but the lotion that I used did not give me full protection.

But now I found that I got an amazing lotion from GOD. Hahaha….it is none other than Skin MD Natural. Thanks to one of the blogger who introduced me to request free sample from Skin MD Natural. After using it for few days, I found that both my hands had back to normal smooth and moisture type. Since then, I constantly apply it during day and night time. Now I think I can say bye-bye to dry and cracked hands.

Skin MD Natural is a shielding lotion and it forms a protective barrier on the skin shielding out irritants and chemicals. It also helps to retain our natural oils and moisture. I read from Skin MD Natural website, understand that it also helps in healing eczema faster than any other medication. Well, I am going to pass some of my small packs sample to my sister coz her eldest girl has been bothered by eczema for quite some times. Hopefully with the help from Skin MD Natural, she could free from eczema for life!

What I like the most about Skin MD Natural is, it dry super fast once you apply it onto your skin, no greasy no oily at all! It is truly an amazing lotion that I ever used! Try it, then only you will know the great effect!

Reduce mosquito bites

If you wish to get rid of mosquito bite, then you better start practicing some preventive action. This including apply insect repellent from time to time. Repellents that include one of these ingredients are best: DEET, lemon eucalyptus, or picaridin.

Mosquitoes lay their eggs in water, it's also a good idea to empty out buckets, flower pots, toys, and other things in your yard that may have collected water during a rainstorm. Alternatively you can wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants to keep mosquitoes away from your skin during evening or night time.

Where to go?

Spending vacation at oversea countries like United States or Europe is not cheap due to the high currency exchange rate. But my thinking is different. To me, once I have sufficient money beside my safety stock (money) for emergency use, I will go for vacation with my hubby. If the financial allow, I will tag along my two girls too. Lately some of my chat friends planning going to Japan soon, I am so envy they able to do that. I wish to tag along with them but after calculating the total amount, I stop the planning. It is totally out of my budget. Now already having problem going to Japan, let along going to US and stay in Las Vegas Hotels! Looks like I only can going those places in my dreamland.


I hate Mosquito bites, especially when my kids kena bite by them!

When they get bitten by a mosquito, then you will notice a round pink or red bump that itches a lot. Usually the itches that cause my kids scratch them and cause bleeding too. After that, a scar will develop. That's why now I can see lot of scars leaving onto their legs.

I read from net that if you think you've been bitten by a mosquito, wash the bite with soap and water. Put on some calamine lotion to help stop the itching, or an adult can find an anti-itch cream. Placing an ice pack on the bite may also help. Perhaps I should start practice this way.

CH soon....

I am going for a short trip to Cameron Highland this coming weekend. It had been quite a long time I did not go uphill of CH. By the way, this is not family trip coz I follow one of the local hotel's members under Escapade club.

Well, this is my first time going for vacation without the kids tagging along. Hopefully I will not have home sick when I am reaching there. LOL

Disney HK

I still owe my youngest girl a trip to Disneyland Hong Kong. Why Hong Kong? Mainly because travel to Hong Kong no need so much money as compare to Disneyland in Orlando or Paris. However many of my blogger friends told me that Disneyland HK nothing much to see or play. They advice me going to somewhere else instead of HK. Well, if I will to go to other places of Disney, then I have to save more money by now. also I have to get more Discount Walt Disney World Tickets for the entrance, else I don’t think we are afford for the total vacation fee.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

insured your car

Nowadays with the advancement of internet, it is so much easier to get car insurance quote. Once you enter car insurance as keyword, you can find thousand of websites offering the quote as you want. But it is up to you to select the best plan that suits your needs and wants. It is advisable for you to read thoroughly the fine print of the terms and conditions. This is to avoid yourself being cheated by the insurance company once you had sign up the plan with them.

I need more pillows

When I am in bed, I need at least 2 pillows to cuddle me into slumberland. One for my head, one to support my back. This is due to previously I have back pain problem and hardly fall into sleep due to this problem too. Now my back pain is ok but I still use 2 pillows during bedtime. Now my kids also follow me to have more than one pillow when they sleep. However most of the time they will kick down their pillows to the floor once they fall asleep! LOL