Friday, October 21, 2011


Many years back when hubby and I travel to Europe, the most memorable part is experiencing the snow eating. Yeah, we eat the snow while it falls down from shy!! LOL

Some said the snow is dirty and had been contaminated and we should not eat it like that. But who care, this is my first time seeing snow, of course I will and I want to feel it whatever way I like. Am I right? After all, after eating snow, we are ok, no diarrhea too. Hahaha…. At that time, we wish to try the snow skiing but looking at the charges, we stop our mind. It is not cheap at all. However if you have your own snowboarding goggles, then you can use it and no need to rent from the center which is chargeable.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Scrub tops

I like to use professional people wearing formal scrub. They look so smart into scrub tops and bottoms. When I was admitted to hospital that time, I can see those nurses and doctors wearing different scrubs. Some how when you see them, you will feel like having some security. As you know, hospital always give us one kind strange of scaring feeling. But when I see them wearing formal scrubs and around me, I will feel I am secure here. LOL….strange feeling right?