Wednesday, May 15, 2013

One million cash

How nice if I have 1 million cash in hand. I can do whatever I like; I can do whatever I love! No need to seek hubby help whenever I go shopping or buy something online. After I had spent enough for myself, I will spend some for my new house. Will do little bit of renovation, after that only think of to upgrade household items, such as mounted plasma TV or wall mounted bathroom vanities etc. only if I have 1 million cash ya!

Unfitted dress

My hubby bought me a nice black dress from his recent China trip. Too bad, the dress is too tight for me. I think if I reduce some fat also does not look on me. So the best solution is to give away or sell it off. However I fail to get a buyer till date. Many claimed that the dress look childish, not mature enough. Sigh…different people different taste!

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


I am tire looking at fb now. The page is full with share and forwarding topic regarding our recent GE13. So many unhappiness comments and sarcastic comments too. Some stories even fake too, so confusing to others.

So you better read and digest properly before you start sharing the page! I hope not to read any fake stories in future. Other wise it is really no fun login to fb.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Cigar monster

To me, only rich people afford to have cigar. Do you know how much a cigar cost? If you not sure, you can start goggle it now. I am sure you will be surprise by the quoted price. LOL

My boss is a smoker but so far I never see him on cigar yet. However I did see my ex-boss buy and use cigar very often. He is a boss that knows how to enjoy life I tell you. He even buys a Ferrari car for own use. So I will not surprise if one day he buy cigar monster for his business partners.

Go home to vote!

Malaysia General Election is fall on 5 May 2013. I really hope all Malaysian will come out and come back to vote for their country. To vote for the people that really contribute to our country but not corrupted our country.

So many dirty story we hear from online source, but how true? If those are true story, I really feel shame! Who can help our country? It is non other than we Malaysia!