Thursday, January 31, 2008

Online articles

College or university students nowadays are very lucky. When they need to do assignment for their university, they can just search online for those information and use it as guideline to write for their own articles or assignments. Unlike our time, we have to read lots of reference books and discuss with classmates and only manage to rush out our homework.

One of the best website to look for useful articles is at whereby the site provides lots of toturials and information about many topics. It also provides free content for your website. If you think your articles is useful to other readers, you can do the article submission to how to. The site cover many types of categories, including Arts & Entertainment articles, Automotive, Business & Finance articles, Computer & Technology tutorials, Health & Fitness tutorials, Home & Garden advice, News & Society, Reference & Education articles.

Purified water

Have you ever heard about o premium waters? It is the largest Home and Office Bottled Water Delivery Company in Arizona and also the fastest growing Home and Office Bottled Water Delivery Company in the world. As we all know, water nowadays are not clean at all, it contains some minor mineral that might harmful to our health or even pollution from the air. So with the highest quality purified water from O Premium Waters, at least we can consume clean water now. this purified water was created with exclusive 10 step purification process. This will ensure we get he most clean water that is safe to drink. Check out the video for more detail about o premium waters.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Not easy to find job now

One of my colleagues tendered his resignation letter. He had left this company for more than 3 months by now. Before he left, his superior counter offer him, hoping that he can stay back and continue his service in this company. However he had confirmed his decision and no more intention to stay in this company. Well, I just wish him good luck in his future career.

Last week I meet him in shopping mall. I feel shock to see him in this state coz he told us that he will move to Kuala Lumpur after resignation. His new job is based in Kuala Lumpur too. After short while of chitchatting, then only he told me that he no longer work in Kuala Lumpur coz he find himself not suitable to stay in the big city. He quit the job after second month. Gosh….so fast gives up! I already tell him that not everyone suitable to stay in big and crowded city. Now only he understands my meaning.

So what did he do now? Lucky he still has a part time job, selling mutual fund and trust, else I think he going to scream for help. He still has car loan and some personal loan to settle. Alternatively he may try his luck at vistaprint and look for job there.

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Cheap & stylish eyeglasses

Have you ever shop online? I bet you are since online shopping is so common now. After my first purchase in online store, I feel myself addicted to online shopping. Of course I will not overspend since after swiping my credit card, I still need to make payment at the end of the month. Though I like online shopping very much but I still like to shop at shopping malls too. I will only shop at shopping mall during big sale promotion coz I am stingy to pay for high price items now. LOL

Have you ever buy a pair of stylish eyeglasses that is less than $10 per pair? I found a great discovery in internet lately whereby I can get $ 8 Zenni Optical Rx Eyeglasses at Very cheap, right? The eyeglasses in the site not only cheap, there stylish too. You should grab one or two pair now while they are still running the $8 per pair. I don’t think you can get even lower price than $8 in other store. sells huge selection of Stylish Prescription Glasses Online. It also has wide selection for frames, with single vision lens, sun sensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. Check out if you wish to buy eyeglasses with cheap price!

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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Online pool

If you like to play snooker, you can check out BilliardMagic. It is the most reliable and authentic place to play online pool, online snooker and online billiards. Yeah, just play online, without the need going to snooker center.

Playing pool at BilliardsMagic is fun and interactive. If you are not familiar with the playing procedure, you can read the article in the site and improve your skill, allow you to access the exciting Billiard tournaments and the opportunity to win amazing prizes in a secure environment too.

Stylish eyeglasses

If you are looking for cheap yet quality eyeglasses, you can get it at Best Thing Found: Zenni Optical. It is an online store for prescription glasses with huge selection of frames, with single vision lens, sun sensor (potochromic) lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and progressive lens. At Great Discovery: Zenni Optical, you also can find cheap Zenni Optical $8 Rx Glasses with affordable price. For more information, check out the site now!

gift for all

Chinese New Year is approaching; our suppliers start sending us Chinese Mandarin. Last year we can get in total up to 35 cartons; can open a mini market to sell it! LOL.

This year so far I only see 5 cartons coming in and the festive is just next week. I wonder how come this year so slow? Is it due to bad market situation now? One shipping company wants to send hamper to my house but rejected by me. I hardly accept this kind of gift. The business belongs to the company, so the gift or hamper also should belong to the company and share with other staff. Unless they offer me one unit of luxury real estate, then perhaps I will consider to accept it!

Donate your car!

My old car already aged more than 10 years. Though it is still in good condition but I will need to pay high maintenance cost if it is breakdown. So hubby suggests selling it coz not worth paying for high fee to service it all the time. Since the car already not much value, I think will do car donation to needy person instead of getting the depreciation amount.

In US, there is a non-profit company call Car Angel that will accept your donated used cars, sell it and get the fund to make videos for kids and teens. You can watch the video at

Friday, January 25, 2008

Cute and nice wedding favors

I was once a bridesmaid before and received few unique bridesmaid gifts from my best friends wedding too. The most unique bridesmaid gift I ever got is a love shape key chain which engraved my name onto it. It looks so elegant and nice. I love this personalized keychain; it shows how thoughtful my friend is. Though the item cost not much but it is very meaningful to me.

I checked with my friend from where she gets the idea for bridesmaid wedding favors gift. She told me she orders them from one of the online wedding favors website. I shall bookmark the website for my future reference. Opps, not for my wedding ya coz I am married by now. I can keep and send to my friends who are going to marry soon or perhaps I can keep for my girls! LOL

There are many options when comes to choosing unique Bridesmaid Gifts . Since you’re the one who know your friends well, hence you able to find one that suit their taste or needs. Many people will give the same gift for each bridesmaid coz simple and fewer headaches for them. Bridesmaids Gifts are the most fun part of any wedding. You should get them a unique bridesmaid gift for being part of your wedding ceremony. I still prefer engraved items that contain the names, a quote about friendship or some word or phrase that has special meaning for just the two of you.

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Thursday, January 24, 2008

Who need them?

Lately there is a hot topic being discussed in our community, the talk about one of our Minister having an affair with other women. The shock part it someone recorded his action into dvd and circulate in the market. The price is not cheap at first, after few days I heard it is getting cheaper and cheaper. Well, I don’t think I will grab one dvd to watch coz I don’t want to watch an old man in action.

After read about his story in local newspaper, I only know that he is over 61 years old now. Wow, at this age, he still very potent and MAN! How did he make it? Did he take any Viagra? Hehe…I guess he is. You know, he is a Health Minister, I am sure he knows what is the best drug to keep himself fit and potent. If no take any drug, I also believe he know what type of food supplement is good for his health at this age. Hehe…I bet most guys will wish to dig more information about this from him!

In fact, nowadays it is so much easier to buy Viagra via online website. Once you key in Viagra as keyword, I am sure you can get many of the links from your search engines.

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Our plan

There will be a long break during Chinese New Year festive. Most of the year, I hardly visiting my friends or relative during this period. This is the because every year during this festive, our weather is very hot and very dry. I don’t like bright sunlight and the heat, so I better stay home, watching TV program and munching my kuai chi!

This year, I plan to surprise my MIL by driving her back to her hometown to visit her old friends and long lost family members. But hubby doesn’t want to join us, he dislike to join this kind of function actually. Well, I cannot force him. I will just go ahead with my plan and he also plans something for himself to pass through the long break. He had booked some super bowl tickets online and wish to go with his friends to watch the soccer competition.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Online car license renewal service

Do you know that you can renew your driving license on line? Today I check the JPJ web site ( ), and I find this service.

The question is, do you dare to use the on line service to renew your driving license? If you would like to know further detail of the service, you may visit their web site and click on the link in the red box that I mark. Lets share your experience with our e-gov service.

By the way, I typed in my identity detail to check expiry date of my license, but it show NO RECORD for my details? Huh? How am I going to trust this service then?

Visiting Spain

Spain, another beautiful city in Europe that I wish to visit one day. I remember one time when the Olympic games going to held at Barcelona, I am so eager to book a ticket and fly to barcelona and watch the games competition in live! Too bad, I don't have so much money at that time, I am still a student after all. Now, I think if giving me the chance again, I am sure will go Barcelona one day.

Besides visiting Barcelona in Spain, we also can go to other places like Madrid , Barcelona , La Ramblas and Spanish. I read from internet travel guide mentioned that nightlife in Spain is fantastic! So many things to see and so many experience for you to try on. Don't worry about the hotel accommodation while you are in Spain. You can always look up Cheaperthanhotels, even for your last minute booking!

In Cheaperthanhotels, there are lots of Spain hotel for you to choose from, including Madrid Hoteles, Barcelona Hoteles, La Ramblas Hoteles, Ramblas Hotels and many more. Bookmark the site now and plan your stay with Cheaperthanhotels for your next vacation in Spain!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Beautiful you

Have you ever think of to do plastic surgery to enhance your appearance? Frankly I ever have this plan but most of the time, it is the cost of surgery that stop me. And I also have a feeling that my hubby will not allow me to go for surgery since he always think that surgery has risk.

Well, if you wish to make yourself look prettier and confident, it is ok to try out minor plastic surgery from reliable surgeon and reputable plastic surgery center like Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon. In the web, you can find a plastic surgeon using their advance search tool. It will show you the top 10 searches which ease your selection.

7 rooms vacation rentals

Have you ever heard of vacation rental properties that consist of 6-7 rooms in a villa? Frankly I never come across similar rental properties in my country right now. I read from internet that Hilton Head rentals is a great place to stay while you spend your vacation there. Most of the properties are building nearby to sandy beaches, finest restaurants, shopping malls and others.

In future, do consider to stay in these luxury properties! By the way, better save up more money now!

home furniture

Furniture can be either wooden or leather type. Previously old folks like to buy wooden furniture coz there are more durable and cheap as compare to leather type. However now the trend is change, people tend to get modern furniture that have combination of wood and leather. Of course, the price is much higher if compare to solely make from wood.

Personally I prefer wooden furniture coz there look more stylish and easy to maintain too. If I own an own house, I am sure will fix wooden furniture for most of my house furniture.

Get a good luggage

If you need to travel long distance journey, it is better you use good and durable luggage sets. As you know, you many need to do transit for your flight, if your luggage cannot stand the stacking weight, then it might spoil easily. So if the luggage is spoil when you reach your destination, it will easily spoil your traveling mood too.

Better invest in good quality luggage sets to avoid this happen to you.


Ever heard of headhunter? I only know this term after graduating from college, at that time I was eagerly looking for job. My friends introduce me to few headhunter firm. Since then I'll search for headhunter firm online whenever need to change my career. Recruitment also can be found in newspaper but I still prefer search online, more convenience and time consuming too.

A.E. Feldman Associates, Inc is one of the executive recruiting firm firm too, it was established since 1967. It has maintained a high standard of service and commitment in the recruiting field. Their reputation, discretion and consistent record of successful placements have indirectly helped them build strong and trusted relationships with industry-leading clients and top-quality candidates.

My hubby ever called by headhunter few times but he turn down their offers due to not so attractive package.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Online furniture website

If you wish to look for discount living room furniture, the best site to search for it is at It is an online furniture websites that has wide range of stylish and good quality home and office furniture, either wooden or leather type.

Some of the furniture categories including bedroom sets, living room furniture sets, dining room sets, home office furniture and others. Shopping in FurnitureFromHome is pretty easy as you can use the advance search to either shop by room, style or color. By the way, if you wish to learn tips to take care your home furniture like bed and chair, you can also check it out at Lots of practical and useful tips you can find there.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bonus bonus where are you?

Our company bonus so far never issue to us during Chinese New Year. So, every year we have to own money to settle for CNY expenses, so charm hor. Some years, the management even drag till April or May only release the bonus. See, if we really wait for bonus to buy CNY stuff, I think most of us will die of starving lor!

This year still no news about our bonus. Wonder will my boss break record and release bonus to us before CNY. Put my finger cross and pray hard now.


Hubby’s birthday coming soon, I yet to think of to buy him anything. Frankly I will feel headache when come to his birthday, I really out of idea what is the best present for him. If I will to ask him, I am sure he will say: I don’t think I need anything now. Save the money lar! Yeah, this will be his answer every year.

Looks like I have to crack my head to think now. Don’t know he will use gold cufflinks or not? Sometimes I see him wearing tie to office function. If add a gold cufflink onto his coat, it will be nice a bit! Right?

Love the wine!

I start falling in love with wine when I get to know my hubby many years ago. He is the one introduced red wine to me. When we go travel abroad, we will for sure bring back one bottle of their local wine and try it. So far I still prefer red wine over white wine.

Now you even can order wine from online website and they will deliver it to your doorstep. Hehe….no need to wait for us to go for vacation now. One of the well known online wine stores is at In the site you even can request them to send you wine of the month clubs to your door step from California's small, family-owned ultra-premium vineyards. They produced the best wine in the world. Try it!

Panther Platforms

Our new factory expansion is in progress now. The management foresees the building will be ready in another one month time. So now it is the best time to look for quality and durable powered access equipments for the building.

One of my boss ‘s best business partner recommend him to look for Panther Platforms Rentals for any powered access platforms since this company is the leaders in UK for this field. Panther Platforms Rentals was established in year 1978 and its coverage extended nationally via a national network of over 50 branches now.

It is a full service company that offer both platform hire and sale of scissor lifts, boom lifts, vehicle mounted platforms, trailer mounted booms, specialist access platforms, manlifts and aluminium scaffold towers. If you are having technical problem with the installation, you can check with their expertise coz they will ensure all of your access equipment requirements are met each and every time.

Other than above, it also offer Free site surveys, sales of new and used machines, personal protection equipment, IPAF training, service and maintenance including customers own machines, theft and loss waiver and many more. Do check out the site for more detail information or call their Customer Service at 0870 4605329 for further discussion. They will be pleased to help you find the access platform required.

The more the merrier

Chinese New Year coming soon, my other brothers and sisters from back from outstation soon. When they are here, my mom’s house will be crowded and can hear lot of laughter and screaming from kids too. Though we have to squeeze in the small rooms but we don’t mind coz we hardly have this kind of gathering except during Chinese New Year. Most of the nights we no sleep too but chit chatting till almost the next morning.

My mom ever plan to build additional 1 room for the house, but was objected by us coz we don’t want her to waste money since we not always back at the same time. if worst come to worst, some of us can stay in Branson hotels as the room there more spacious plus the package price is reasonable too!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fast loans

Sometimes it is hard for a small businessman to look for start up financing when he has no financial background to support his loan application. But now with the help from, you can obtain your start up financing easily and promptly. They will approve your application within 3 days and also provide excellent customer service to you.

So, don’t forget to look for for your start up financing if you wish to run a small business in near future.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Grab your LV at Paris!

Seriously, if you have not been Paris before, you should go one day. It is one of the World’s cultural capitals. Previously I only think of going to Paris a waste of money since we need to spend so much for a trip. However after my return from Paris in year 2005, I feel glad that I make the trip materialized. Paris is simple a beautiful city I tell you. If I got extra money, I am sure will visit Paris again.

Paris not only popular for French, but English, German and Spanish tourists and businessmen too. I was this city of light always flood with tourist throughout the calendar year. You will be surprise you will not get any Paris hotels stay if you make last minute booking for your stay. Paris Hôtels always fully booked by tourist, especially during winter and spring. If you plan a trip to Paris soon, make sure you check out the hotel rates for Hotel Paris at The site even allows you to make last minutes booking.

Oh ya, don’t forget to grab your LV bag while you are in Paris!

Let's party

I love to organize birthday party for my children. Most of the year I will do for them coz I love to see their smiling face when they receive gifts from the guest. Opps, look like my intention is to have party is just to receive gift ya! Hehe…not really actually. my children also love to invite their buddies over our house to have fun with them during the party reception.

However I will have headache when come to party invitation card coz I don’t how to design a proper invitation card for the event. Most of the time I will copy the design or layout from internet, but it also time consuming. Lucky I found out where I can get tons of invitation cards for many theme layouts. All are cute and I believe kids would love to receive that kind of card.

Other than party invitation, the site also design invitation cards for other occasion, including birth announcements & invitation, holiday invitations, graduation invitation, communion invitations and many more. The invitation cards are offer at affordable price, do check it out now!

Online payment

Credit cards become so common now, almost all business transaction accept credit cards a form of mode payment. Due to this reason, I love to do shopping online instead of going to shopping mall. See, I can save some cost on petrol and time too if I shop online.

Most of the online stores accept credit cards and they able to provide a very good solution on accepting Credit Cards on Website. However you have to ensure you the credit card transaction was process under secure server, so that you will not loss out your money later. These popular Visa & mastercard payment solutions make it easy for us to submit payments over the phone or over the internet with minimal risk if a website uses security systems to ensure credit card information cannot be stolen by hackers.

So now, I only shop for those online stores that accept credit card accepting, else I will have problem in paying for the item that I bought.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Credit card again

Nowadays there are too many types of credit cards offer in the market. When you enter shopping mall, I am sure you ever chase by those credit card promoters to request you apply credit card from them. Some of the credit card companies even can offer you freebies before your application is being approved. See, how challenging it is the market now.

You even can get Credit Cards For Bad Credit too. If you are having bad credit for your account history and wish to own a credit card, you can check out at The site has few offers for bad credit consumer to apply credit card that suit their needs.

Quality and cheap vacuum

I think I better buy a new vacuum cleaner before I start my spring cleaning for the coming Chinese New Year. Usually I will use vacuum cleaner to help me doing all the sucking of dust and clean the walls of the house. I was told oreck vacuum cleaners were selling cheap at online store in internet now. And this brand of vacuum cleaners has more good features as compare to other brands.

One of the reason why oreck vacuum cleaners gain popularity from consumers is it's convenient, light, quiet and will make your life easier. More ever oreck vacuum cleaners have quietness, excellent cleaning ability and the Best Warranty around. I think I better read more about oreck vacuum cleaners from first before grab one vacuum for myself.

Have you start spring clean?

Chinese New Year very near soon, if you look at calendar now, you will notice, it will arrival in less than one month time. What have you done to greet this Chinese most biggest festive in the calendar year? First thing first, have you start your spring cleaning yet? Yeah, Chinese must do spring clean first before celebrating this festive, even a small spring cleaning will do. My mom is a very traditional women, to her, spring cleaning is very important. No matter how busy she is, she will spring clean the house. Well, since she alone with my elder bro now, so less helper assisting her. She hire helper from outsider to do all the spring cleaning. I am glad she able to get helper since I cannot help her at all, therefore we have to spend money to get the helper. Hey, the service fee not cheap now, it cost her RM100 for the whole day service. Previously only RM50.00 per house. See, this helper also know how to demand increment, I think we should ask from our boss too! LOL

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Grab one today!

Sunglasses is one of my favorite item in my bag whenever I go for outing. Other than it making me look more stylish, it also help to protect my eyes from bright sunlight. Lately I noticed a web selling stylish eyeglasses and lens at $8 each, that's really a Great Discovery: for everyone, including myself. Hop over to the site now, you can find wide selection of frames, glasses and lens that include single vision lens, sunsensor lens, tinted sunglasses lens, bifocal lens and many more.

Why wait? Grab a pair of stylish eyeglasses at $8 now!

Not the time now.

It year 2008 now, seem our fuel price not changes hor! Hehe...don't feel happy so early, election coming soon. They will not act now, else no one support them. How? They are smart some how too. I bet you know who are "they" that I am talking now.

New fuel price rate was the hottest topic sometimes ago. I received tons of junk mails speculating the new petrol rate. But the topic seem cooling down and replaces by other more excited topic.

In order to not to have last minute rush as usual, it is time you fill up your fuel tank and keep it full tank all the time! LOL

Friday, January 11, 2008

Short of cash?

Have you ever experience that you need cash urgently but it is not your pay day yet. How are you going to look for extra cash? Ask from friends or relative? Some people do not have the gut to ask from other for money, they will feel hard to open their mouth. Well, I am one of them actually. No worry, if this happens to you. Nowadays you can look for payday loan from online as and when you want. This is because there are plenty of payday loans websites in internet. It is pretty easy to apply payday loan and you will get the cash less than 24 hours.

Some of you might know about payday loan, let me briefly describe what it is. A payday loan also called a cash advance loan, it is a small, short-term loan that is intended to cover a borrower’s expenses until his or her next payday. Normally it is quite easy to apply payday loan and they will approve your loan promptly as long as you meet their minimum requirement. The good part with payday loan application is they don’t check your credit or require any other documentation. They will electronically deposit the payday loan amount directly into your checking or savings account upon approval of your payday loan the next day.

One of the website to look for payday loans is Perfect Cash Advance, do check out the site for more details.

Play soccer with the kids

When come to weekend, if we do not go out for shopping or go to my mom’s place, my kids will yell they are bored at home. So most of the time I will drag hubby to bring them to big field to play those outdoor activities like flying kites, cycling, or just kick balls at the field. It is good to let them expose to more outdoor activities since it is good for them too. Other than that, hubby and I also got chance to do exercises and shed off some extra fat! LOL

My hubby is soccer player during his secondary school. He ever represented his school for national competition. He is proud for his team coz ever won many prizes for the school. So he told me that he will train his kids to play soccer games too when they are older a bit. If my kids really play well in soccer, perhaps I can get them portable Soccer Balls net for them to practice their soccer skill as and when they like. Hehe…hopefully I do not train out boyish girls. By the way, both my kids are girl.

If you wish to look for any soccer ball equipments, you may check it out at The sitea various type of soccer games and other games equipment. Do check out the site now and find the best one that suits your kids.

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Sports for kids

I am a baseball player during secondary school. Due to my height, I cannot take up or join many types of sport that I like such as basketball and badminton. I don’t understand why my height becomes a topic when come to selecting those games. Never mind, I think must be the sport teacher bias on me. So after that I select to become baseball players and to my surprise I can play very well for it too. I remember during that time my sport teacher gave us lots of Baseball Bats and I only select one particular bat which has a red sticker stick on it. hahaa…coz when I use that bat, it always can help me shoot very far for the baseball ball. LOL!

Well, if you wish to look for quality baseball equipments, you can always check it out at It is an online shopping web for kidsports. You can find various type of sport equipments in the web with affordable prices. If my kids love to play baseballs when they are older later, I am sure will grab them some bats and balls from After that, maybe we can form our own team and have fun at the big green field every weekend.

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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Facial treatment

I think he must be crazy liao, spend so much just for a simple facial treatment. Hey, are you sure the treatment good for your skin ar? Or they simply "tok" your money? Tell you, beauty line always make money coz they like to threaten their customer this and that. Sekejap say your skin sensitive la, oily lar, dry lar, bla bla bla....The way they said really scare you I tell you.

That's why I hardly go to beauty center. I don't trust them lar. Lucky I have no problem for my skin. Phew!


If you like to play online poker, you should not miss out MagicHoldem. It is an online, user-friendly Texas Hold’em Poker Odds calculator tool. The poker calculator works by detecting the poker room table that was opened on your computer and then instantly attaches itself to your game. It can read all the table parameters, calculates the data and displays all the real-time odds, game statistics and information you NEED to know. Other than that, it also helps you improve your skills and win more hands.

Do check out more information about Holdem calculator if you wish to master your poker games.

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Travel to Paris

Paris is a wonder city. I had been to Paris in year 2005 together with my hubby. It is also one of the most expensive and luxury package that I ever experience it. If my financial allow, I am sure will re-visit Paris one day. Hopefully next round I will able to tag along my 2 girls. I want them to experience the excitement in this city of lights.

Well, there are a lot of Paris Hotels available in websites. Do spare some time searching for it, I am sure you will get a cheap yet quality hotels for your stay while you are in Paris. You can check out for an affordable rate for their Paris Hotels. It is a full service online accommodation provider that offer Paris Hotels booking as well as other hotel bookings with cheaper rates as compare to other websites.

Bookmark the site for your future Paris vacation planning.

Mykonos Greece

I read from internet that Mykonos is a nice to visit in Greece. If you ever wish to travel to this place, you can read the travel guide at The site will show you comprehensive resource about sightseeing places to visit at Mykonos as well as dining restaurant there. Another good part with the site is you even can find discounted Mykonos hotels where every one of us afford to pay for it.

fantastic greece is a Greek electronic tour operator certified by the Greek National Tourism Organization. In the site you can find more than 500 hotels in Mykonos Greece at best prices guaranteed. Other than Mykonos Accommodation , you also can book your flight to Greece, buy ferry tickets to the Greek islands or car hire in Greece. It is a very useful travel guide for those travelers who wish to visit Mykonos one day. also posted hotels on Google Map, to ensure tourists easy to find the hotel information with just few simple clicks. There is a plenty of information can be sourced from pertaining to the local nightlife and dining possibilities as well as details about the various options for getting around while you’re there. bookmark the site for your future Mykonos vacation.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

Rent a pc for them

Nowadays if I wish to online with my computer, I have to play hide and seek with my girls. They will fight the computer with me and claim that they want to play online kids games. Haiz! All due to my fault for introducing internet to them at early stage.

Hubby teased at me that why not I buy a PDA phone and subscribe 3G phone service? But to me, this is not necessary coz I still can control my online hour. I still can wait till they asleep, then only go for online. Alternatively, I can look for computer rental service from ICCRents and get a unit for them since the fee still affordable to my budget. Then I can surf my internet without their interruption and they can happily play their games.

Friday, January 04, 2008

Investment in silver

If you have extra money not use at this moment, I strongly suggest you do either gold or silver investment. As you know bank interest not much now, it is better you use the amount of money to get return from your gold or silver investment. Of course there is risk involve for any investment, however if you plan and study carefully before your investment, I am sure you will get the return in no time.

Previously I love to keep my extra money into fixed deposit however the interest is not attractive at all. Therefore I move some portion of money into silver investment, hopefully this year I will able to gain some profit!

Experience LA casino!

Many of my friends had told me that if I ever make a trip to Las Vegas, then I should not miss out Las Vegas casino. However I told them that I hardly enter any casino in my country too, so if I ever go to LA, I may not enter their casino too. Well, they told me that LA casino is a lot of different from our country, and I should take the chance to visit them if any.

If you like to enter casino, perhaps you can try out and experience the glamorous and fashionable environment with the feel of stepping into a real Las Vegas Strip casino. The best is you can play casino games at your comfort house without the need going to real casino. Its online casino uses a custom version of the immensely popular PlayTech software with over 130 different games with top quality that suit all tastes. Why wait? Check out now!

Bar stools

Last week I invited hubby to go for tea chat with me after the girls fall asleep. He is shocked when he heard that I am inviting him out coz this is my first time sending the invitation to him. LOL! Anyway he willing to go out with me coz nowadays we really hardly have the chance to spend time together without kids tag along.

We went to the nearest Malay restaurant and I am surprised to see the shop owner used bar stools as their dining chairs. Look high tech to me coz seldom see Malay restaurant practice this. His bar stools were make from stainless steel some more. He must be invested quite a sum of money for his restaurant furniture.

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Thursday, January 03, 2008

Strange sound

Just now I went to office today alone. While doing the small business, I heard some strange sound. Like someone painfully scream. I can very clearly the sound. Quickly finish my small business, wash hand and run back to my seat. I saw one of my Malay colleagues, I told her what I heard and I drag her to toilet again. But both of us cannot hear the sound anymore. Yikes, so scary lar. I got to pray more now.

Seek help from seo specialist

My blogspot blog page rank has dropped tremendously after revamp by the Big G. With zero page rank, there is no way we can earn money from blogging anymore. I can say totally no offers for those whose blog are getting PR0. Sad.

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Billet Grilles

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Take care yourself now

Sometimes I felt pity for those who need medical equipment like wheel chairs, lift chair or respirator in their daily life. Without all these medical equipment, they will become very fragile and couldn’t do anything.

So, each time when I think of that, I will force myself to take proper meal in my daily food intake. That’s mean less fried stuff like French fries, fried chicken, satay or any preservative food. If I have to use medical equipment one day, then I am giving trouble to my love one or family members. End up, very soon, they will send me to care center or old folks house. Don’t you think it is so sad!

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Spa getting popular nowadays. Many people around me go for spa whenever there is any SPA session going on. Frankly so far I yet to try out any spa treatment for myself. Perhaps I should try it one day in order to pamper my self. However as I know spa charges is not cheap at all. You can easily spend about $100 for one session.

spa jobs also getting heat now due to high demand from the community. Most of the spa center will hire specialist from country abroad like Bali or Thai, therefore they have the reason to charge you higher. I think local spa center should try to train local people doing spa, so that can encourage more spa jobs in the market , at the same time can reduce spa charges is any.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Plasma cutting

Nowadays technology getting advance and high tech, you can even use Plasma technology to do cutting or marking. plasma cutting is a process that is used to cut steel and other metals using a plasma torch. If you are looking for plasma cutting, you may seek help from KALIBURN Spirit coz it has newest and most innovative high current density plasma cutting and marking systems. They also offer all of the cut edge quality that KALIBURN precision plasma cutting products have become known for. Do check out the site for more information.

Chua resigns after s*x scandal

See, this is the scarifies that he has to pay for being so "miang"/"gatal"/itchiness. No joke.

Pity him also, so old already yet still get caught for being do wrong. Hey, Dr Chua, this is not the right time to being "miang( election is coming soon, all of them want to be King!!) I must say: you are unlucky!

By the way, I am happy he has to resign from all his posts. To me, I has lost my respect to him, he no longer a good family man to me though he only done wrong once. Salute his wife still accept his apology when her man have s*x with other women.

I will not forgive my man if he is follow Dr Chua's step. Did you hear that??