Friday, February 28, 2014

GST Malaysia

Our country going to implement GST by April 2015.

Now many training companies are selling their training programs like hot chicks. I will need to attend it soon since it is related to my work.

Found a two days seminar on this topic, so informed my others colleague, see who else want to attend, so that I will not feel bore if I will to attend it alone.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Omega 3

Nowadays cancer case is very common at everywhere. Most food nutritionist commented that it is due to food intake. As we are aware, food now contained lot of chemical stuff inside or preservative ingredients. All these ingredients are harmful to our body indirectly. Therefore many also suggested to take vegetarian or organic food in you wish to live longer. Besides these, many people also start taking food that contained omega 3 innovations. This Omega is good for health. It is the maker of Omega Cookie, fish oil enriched cookies, Omega Cure, 100% pure fish oil, and Omega Passion etc. if you wish to know more about Omega 3, do check out their website.


My dear hubby finally decided to buy his father a brand new car, VIVA. It is local car under brand Perodua.

The old car keep giving us problem, my hubby had been sending it for repair for so many times, still cannot settle the problem. So now he take one step ahead, sell it and buy a new one for him. Hopefully this car will last us for at least 10 years. LOL