Saturday, March 31, 2007

Shop for shoes

Yeah, Jusco Member's day fall on 12/04/2007! Looks like I am going to apply one day off and go for shopping spree.... Despite me complaining shoes during sale's quality might not good, but this round, buying new shoes still in my shopping list...LOL High heel or sandal?? Still indecisive now. Probally I will grab each pair each...hey, I simply love to buy shoes lar.

Tag - nostalgic songs

Tag oh tag, you come at right time lar. Thanks, Miche, mother to DoReMi!

1. Go to PopCulture site.

2. Pick the year you turn 18 years old. You’ll see the years on the left sidebar.

3. Get yourself nostalgic over the songs from that year.

4. Write something about how those songs affected you.

5. Pass it on to five more friends.

When I am 18, I love English song very much, partly is get influence by my 2nd sister as well as my mix Indian-Chinese buddy! But I didn’t getting nostalgic over them lar.

Here’s are a few songs that I can still remember…

From A Distance – Bette Midler

Nothing Compares 2u – Sinead O;Conner

It Must Have Been Love – Roxette

Step by Step - New Kids on the Block

I'll Be Your Everything - Tommy Page

Next, I am going tag Michelle, Inhairstudio, Snoopy.

Be considerate

My boss is smoker. Even our office floor did have a big sign board: NO SMOKING, yet he still smokes within office area. We hinted him few times but he still cannot catch it!! Argggg!!!

His room has an absorb fan, even he on it everyday, but we still can smell it from outside. My work place exactly in front of his room, sometimes he did not close the door properly and I really cannot stand the smell, I will go and close his door. Other colleagues might think why I so brave, hehe…I also no idea. I just dislike the smell, that’s why I hate smoker. I always curse them if you want to die early, go ahead…but please don’t cause us be the 2nd hand smoker and die becos of your inconsiderate act!

Boss ah boss, can't you be more considerate to us???

Friday, March 30, 2007

Bid Your Prize

Hey, I have a sweepstake site to introduce to you guys! Biz4Prizes is a great site that allows members to find a prize that they prefer and place a bid to win it. Their winning condition is unlike other auction websites where highest bid can be the winner; in Biz4Prizes is the lowest unique bid that will win the prize!

The game is pretty simple and user friendly too; you can either bid online or via cell phone. Well, anyone of you can be a winner coz there is a new winner everyday. The prizes given are fabulous, ranging from Apple I-Phone’s, HDTV’s, Designer Bags, SCION XB’s to Cash Prizes.

No worry if you no win any prizes that you bid on, coz Bid4Prizes Reward Store will allow you to turn your points that you get from bidding for great rewards. You can use your points to get things like toys, purses, backpacks, and many more!

Why wait? Check them out today! You might be the winner one day! Have fun!


How?? Me in dilemma now.

We had confirmed our travel plan, but another concern now. I have a feeling MIL might want to tag along but hubby NOT allow. *Sigh* His decision make me so difficult to tell her that we are going on vacation soon.

Hubby said this is our family trip, preferable no other people to join us. But I told him I feel guilty if I do that way. Also unfair to her since she took well care of our daughter. What if she really tells us she wants to tag along, can I say NOPE??? I wish to bring her actually but hubby……… Arggggg……hard time for me.

Travel Plan

As I blog earlier, our ClubMed trip tak jadi. So hubby decided to bring us to KL or Tiara Beach Resort.

At last we confirmed will go to KLCC's Petrosains since we had been heard this place is very interesting for the kids as well as adult. The next day we'll proceed to Tiara Beach Resort. Yeah!

As usual we'll check in Cititel Midvalley hotel coz its very convenient for us. But this time needs to book more spacious room, 2 kids tag along ler. As for Tiara Beach, lucky still have room available on the date we fixed, I have to quickly book today, else if fully book, sure kena scold by hubby wan! :P

See ya, if got time, I am going to meet those KL blogger. Give me few more days to finalise our travel plan first. Our travel date is from 14/04 – 16/04!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Tarot labels

For those who love to know more about psychic reading and Tarot cards, listen up! I am going to introduce you a very famous Psychic reader, Dr. Peter Filis. He is from Australia and he’ll ensure you and offer you best psychic readings with money back guarantee. He offer face-to-face psychic readings and his readings are absolutely honest.

Now Dr. Peter Filis going to introduce his Tarot Meaning Labels to ease your time when reading to the Tarot. His Tarot labels are a quick and easy way to learn to read the Tarot. You only need to peel off the labels and stick them onto the back of your own tarot cards. Details printed on each label are:

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11 fingers

My ex-colic msn-ed me few days ago, telling me about her colic's had give birth to twins baby girls. Everyone of her family is happy to hear she is carrying twins, but after the bb is out, they become sad.

Why? Coz they saw both the newborn girls' finger was 11, not the usual 10 fingers, so looks abnormal to them. Her MIL even scolded her for using scissor during pregnancy, that's cause the bb like that. OMG! Still got such narrow minded people! Come on la, she is a nurse, sure use scissor daily mah. Well, this is the fact, they have to face it.

Later the gynae suggest to them can remove the extra finger, ask them refer bone specialist first. The MIL welcomes the suggestion, and keeps pestering the parent to do so. Well, one bb’s finger can be chopping after 3rd day, whereas the other one have to wait till she is 1-2 yo, due to finger bone structure is more complicated. Yesterday heard from my ex-colic, the bb’s finger already chops off. Ouch, must be so painful I think.

This is other family business, I cannot say much. But if me, I don’t think I will let them chop off my bb’s little finger. After all extra fingers will not make you look like alien too why worry about it? I pity the bb only, such young age already have to suffer the pain. The one chop one might not know the pain now coz still small mar; I am referring to the second wan. At age 1-2, I am sure she’ll its pain being chop! I really couldn’t think further now.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Tag - where u want to go?

Frankly, when I first read this tag from Msau, I cannot catch what she want, after second time reading, only I understand a bit!

Ok, here it goes....

*** Place your 2 -3 paragraph of where you want to go here***

My next travel destination will be Europe again. Yes, hubby and I love Eu country very much. Been there in year 2003, a very memorable trip for us, of course we also spent a lot for this trip. But all very worth it, we no regret spending that amount until today. Well, if want to go again, for sure we have to save up some money now. Thanks for TigaP, at least now I have some extra pocket money. Last time we go Paris, Holland, Germany, UK, Swisszitland, Belgium, 5 country. So our next destination will be Italy & Austria, hubby said these 2 places very nice too coz he been there before. The reason we love EU is we love the weather, food, shopping center there. The best of all is those places very clean, unlike Malaysia!


Start Copy**

Proposition : Where do you want to go Next, OUTSIDE OF YOUR COUNTRY, for tourism, work , study, whatever.

Requirements: Find some info about the place, itenary etc, pics if possible so you get MORE Traffic coming in, and maybe some people can find somewhere to go to. Excludes your NEXT DOOR NEIGHBOUR, ie Singapore,Malaysia,Brunei, a country that borders yours.You must register for MyBloglog so we can blogwalk ah…..get it?

Quantity : FIVE PEOPLE.

Tag Mode : Chain Link. 15 of them.

You leave 15 people and their DEEP LINK of their Blog Name and TAGGED POST and hit out for five more. So it will look like

Azrin going Down Under

MaRLinda in Disneyland Paris

Athira Baby and her Balamory Antics

Msau going to Japan

**Add in the blog you get the tags from and tagged post.**

I am going to TAG these PEOPLE who always go walk about :







Extra Rules: you cannot Tag another person who has performed the Tagging Rights to Travel. Check yr commentators. You MUST PASS this tag within 7 days of receiving it , or loose a days worth of Blog Revenue or $10 to charity. Can?Makes it interesting anyway.So no Lazy Tags running about, and yeah, eventually, there will be less than a 1:3 chance you can’t tag that someone. And pay those people in the list a visit, you never know if you can pinch / recycle some ideas for your next entry!

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Fall down from motorbike

Not me....coz I don't how to drive a motorbike. I don't even have license too! LOL

Ok, incident happens last Saturday morning, while we are preparing to go to meet with Mr Bean, this small accident happen. A dog was (dunno belong to which neighbor) running here and there in front of our house. Hubby carried Lyon to see the dog. Then one motorbike that drove by Malay women come towards our direction, but dunno what happen, the dog run to the motorbike. This cause the women cannot escape from the dog and she was fell down right in front of my house. All of us saw she fell down! I grabbed Lyon from hubby, and then ask him to check on that Malay woman.

To my surprise is I saw the women's arm carry a baby! Oh my goodness….I also go and see whether they hurt or not? The baby (about 1 year I think) keep crying after the fall, and the women (not sure is her grandma or mother) look shock coz she cannot speak properly already when hubby ask her where she stay. Lucky she still manage to tell us her house telephone number, else really don’t how to reach her family member. The baby only hurt her head, can see “bungalow” too…lucky no major hurt. The women is ok, just get shock only.

See, how dangerous it is when cycling with a kid on motorbike. That’s the reason why hubby bans FIL to fetch Wien back from school using his motorbike. He insisted FIL use his old car to do the fetching. Sometimes MIL likes to drive Wien and Lyon on motorcycle too, sort of give them makan angina lar. But hubby will nag at her if he happens to see the girls on motorbike with MIL.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Say "Hi"

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Monday, March 26, 2007

6 weird things abt me

I been tagged by Sabrina on 6 weird things about myself.

Well, it took me many days to think of my weird thing ler. I hardly can think of 6 too! Proof that I am not weird person! LOL

Here are some of my weird things:

1. I must wash my feet before bed even it's clean. Else I feel my feet very dry and I'll feel very uncomfortable.

2. I must go toilet to pee before bed too. Even I came out from room to have a sip of drink, I will go toilet to pee again....LOL, weird?

3. I drive car without wearing shoes or stocking. All becos hubby la, he is the one asked me take off everything when driving. Opps...not the shirt ya!

4. I love to sweep the floor. Feel satisfy after seeing the floor is so clean.

5. Can’t think of any.....really...

6. …….no more gua……..

So, am I weird?

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Don't threw to ME!

When you borrow a pen or other stationeries from your colic, how you return to them? By nicely place on the table to hand over to her hand personally? Usually I'll put back on their table nicely.

But today one of my colic threw back my pen after she took it from my table. Hey, she threw back ler! I am so pissed off of her act! Such an uneducational people also got. Some more keep telling me who and who is no manner bla bla bla....

I just keep quiet after her act, but down in my mind: I will not lend you anything from now on. I give you convenience yet this is the return I get. Don't you know after a pen being threw, its quality will become bad! *Sick people*

Just back from Immomsdaughter’s blog, saw she blog about Advertlets. It’s also an Asia’s New advertising network, other than Nuffnang.

I had signed up even though I am not sure how’s the payout. I just wish to keep monetize my blog for extra money for my shopping…hehehe…don’t shoot me yeah! Hey, blogging to earn money is so simple, if I really can make lot of money from here, I think my dream to be SAHM very soon too! Of course I have to allocate some time for me to do the writing.

Check out for more information! Currently they are giving away RM15,000 for 300 bloggers! Sign up now, perhap you are the lucky one who get RM50.00!

Sick Bug

I think the sick bugs are looking for me now. Feeling backache and sore throat now. Last week I have mild feeling on these symptoms too but I quickly grab 2 paracetamol, and it works. Wien still have little bit of coughing, probably I get the bug from her coz I share drink with her yesterday. Regret now.

Lucky today is Monday, my boss usually late entering office. Meaning that I can snake a while and little bit of cat nap, and then start work on second half of the day!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Dating with Mr Bean

Our date with Mr Bean is great! If giving another chance to enter cinema with the girls, I am sure I will go again.

Wien is no problem entering cinema since this is her second trip. My only concern is Lyon. Therefore before this I keep telling her where we go, who we are going to meet , bla bla bla....she know Mr Bean, and she seem can't wait to meet him.

In the cinema, I must say Lyon behave good throughout the show. I worry the loud sound might frightened her so I hug her tight and keep talking to her. Oh ya, she refuse to sit alone, so I let her sit on my lap. Popcorn and soft drink keep her occupied too! :P

Just that before ending, she a bit tired and bored, so keep asking me to bring her home.

As plan, after the show, we headed to do some shopping at MP as well as Dataran Pahlawan!

Friday, March 23, 2007

Mummy, play with me!

Almost each night, the girls will forced asked me play with them or read to them. Sometimes I am very tired, just tell them: give mummy a break, let mummy rest a while ya. But they say cannot and I must play with them.

Well, feeling guity, so I will try to entertain them but sometimes I really run out of battery. So no choice, I drag hubby in. I asked for his help, but sometimes the girls will not allow their papa to accompany them some more. Nah, this really make me fed up some times. What I do is brought them to car porch, drive out my car and let them cycle there; then me get a chair and sit and watch them cycling. least I wouldn't feel more tired as if they ask me read story book or do drawing together with them.

That's the good part of having big compound at front house!

Post rejected by Blogsvertise

I had one post rejected by Blogsvertise. No idea what's cause the reject, coz I have 3 links included, original content and more than 3-5 paragraphs.

What I do now is try amending some content, double check the links and resubmit again today. Just put my finger cross hoping they will approve it.

Just back from Mumsgather's blog, where she blog about nofollow tag in new blogger that cause her post being rejected by Blogsvertise. This make me think twice that my post maybe due to this reason too, coz I just switched to new blogger too! Too bad, I need someone to help me, me not very familiar with html coding. Worry I might cause my whole blog gone if I do it myself. LOL

Easy online money

Nowadays everyone of us ( I mean most blogger here) seem crazy about making money while online. This including myself too! We make money either write for paid post or posted advertisers links at our blog. Pretty simple yeah!

But today I came across of Snowwhite33's blog, namely Fun and Easy waysto make money online; she posted some awesome and useful links to fun places that she had came across over the months. Check out her site now, you can make easy money like her too!

So far I only wrote paid post for advertiser, I didn't know that there are so many links available for me to make money other than writing. Whoa, I shall try it out today!

Thanks Jenny!

Holiday tak jadi...sob sob...

Bad news from hubby last night. The ClubMed trip cancel due to FULLY book for April 14-16. Must be due to huge group, that's why all of us cannot go for the trip. Frankly I am sad upon hearing this news, so much wanted to go with the girls.

Anyway, hubby's college suggest another place, Pulau Redang. I told him we can go also but hubby still indecisive, his concern is too far by taking bus, he rather drive car, coz we can stop as and when we like. But I told him: if you are going to drive, then I dunno when is the time lor....:P

Hubby said if no go Redang, we can either go KL or Tiara Beach Resort too, not necessary go Redang mah. Fine, I agreed with you. So now I am going to seach for great deals from Tiara Beach Resort. Hopefully I still able to book a room for April 14-15.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Create your own music video!

Hey, listen here, all of us can be composer for our own music video now! This involve very simple steps too, just get your free download of fliptrack tool from; then you’ll be able to create a music video that match your photos to the lyrics and rhythm of music.

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Download now to create your music video!

Parcel not arrive II

Pertaining to my parcel not arrive case; after few days tele-conv with the courier service CS, finaly I know my parcel is lost during sorting time at PJ office.

Of course I am very angry, firstly my customer cannot get her thing on time; secondly the courier company not even informed me the status regardless I had called in few times. Each time I have to call them ask for status. So when they told me it it lost, make me mad like crazy.

Immediately I told them I want to claim for my lost. I wrote in 2 pages long story about the cases and ask for compensation for my lost item. Also I enclosed a clause: if you guys going to ignore my claim, I will bring this issue to Consumer work wonderfully! Less than 5 min, they respond me and promised me will do the compensation soonest possible.

Now I had received their letter of goodwill, guess I shall get back my amount very soon. Oh ya, they pay to the amount I claimed!

If you not satisfy with some company service, just write in black and white, I am sure they will entertain you. Don't let the case just die like that!

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Remodeling your house

I always can hear bad renovation stories from my friends or relatives after their house’s renovation is done. Most of them will complaint either poor workmanship or the end result not up to their expectation. They hunt for contractors by rely on recommendation from friends, relatives and business colleagues solely, not really check whether they are reliable or have good track record or not. What a risky decision!

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So how do you find one that you can trust? It’s a challenging task in selecting the right residential contractor coz at times they are undependable. But all these can be resolved in OnCallContractors, this site has set up an elite group of contractors to assist in homeowners home improvement needs. Their contractors have been prescreened to ensure that they are skilled to handle any construction project.

If you looking for home remodeling contractors, you can get one at OnCallContractors. The steps is pretty simple, just fill out their online forms, then you are then matched to a contractor based on your needs and can rest easy knowing that it is a contractor you can trust.

Disclosure Policy

This policy is valid from 21 March 2007

This blog is a personal blog written and edited by me. For questions about this blog, please contact Jesslyn at gmail dot com.

This blog accepts forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, paid insertions or other forms of compensation.

The compensation received may influence the advertising content, topics or posts made in this blog. That content, advertising space or post may not always be identified as paid or sponsored content.

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This blog does contain content which might present a conflict of interest. This content may not always be identified.

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8 posts auto approved in 1 day!

Yeah, you hear me right!

This morning received a very excited email from PayPerPost support team, informing me that they auto approved my 8 posts. Wow! This is a lot to me. Usually I only get 1-3 post(s) approved in a day, highest record so far is 3 only. But now I have 8 posts in ONE day....hehehehe....this surely will encourage to write better and good quality advertisements for those advertisers!

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Where is the child safety concept?

Pictures taken in McD Air Keroh. All these pictures can tell you whole story. Can you see the round hole without any cover? My questions to McD is : Where is your child safety practise here? Don't you know that BIG hole is able to cause a kid's death in case they fall down from there?

Captured this wording from McDonald Malaysia web on their promise to Quality & Safety:

Ours is a food business. So there's absolutely no room for mistakes when it comes to food safety and other related matters.

* Food

* Toys

* People

* Restaurants(I presumed playground should be under this category)

* Sanitation/Handwash

* Pest Control

Looking at the pictures, are this kind of safety you provide to we public? To kids to be more specify?

Sad to say, my hubby had send this complaint to McD Malaysia via their JustTellUs page. He sent it 2-3 months ago and we revisited the place last month, it seem no action being taken. So we have to take turn taking care the girls while they are playing there. Seem like no one at McD care about our kids safety! I will forward again this letter to them!

Buying Insurance Online

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Shoes during SALES!

Which women don’t like shopping? Raise your hand please! I think no one will raise up your hand to me now. I am a shopping fan too! :)

I love to buy shoes during sales, especially up to 70% type. Usually I will go ahead and grab 1 - 2 pairs, just couldn't resist the price lar. LOL

But one thing I noticed is those shoes that I grab during sales CANNOT long last, be it branded type or just normal brand. I hardly can wear them till a year. So each time I complaining this to hubby, sure he will tease me like this:

Cheap thing No good, good thing NO cheap!

Overall I still ok with my shoes la, after there become torn off, also meaning that I have to change shoe, and to hunt for latest trendy shoes mah. Don't care just go ahead and buy new pair lor....*sigh* Men some how still don't understand we women!

So, will I stop buying shoes during sales? The answer is NOPE. :)

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HP radiation

I didn't know that handphone radiation can cause preggie women miscarriage until recently I received an email from my friend. She told me one of her preggie friend's baby die when he/she is 2-3 months old. The couple went to check with many doctors and lastly one of the doctor check on the death baby and found out the baby's body cells keeping die when baby growing up until he/she cannot be survived.

The diagnose is her uterus has been affected by HANDPHONE radiation. The doctor told she has no chance to get baby no matter how because the radiation affected her uterus which the major portion of her uterus cells already death, cannot carry healthy baby. All this because of she has been keeping her handphone in her working jacket which the position just right to the uterus position for few years time. So horrible ya!

I think from now on we shouldn't overlook the handphone radiation which will affect our health or body organs. Please put away your handphone when ever you don't need it much. Health is more important. Always remember this.


Hubby is coughing now. In fact he been sick for a week, now only left with coughing. He visited dr twice in week, he only willing to do so after I chased him. My only concern is he will spread the germ to my girls.

True enough, after few days, Lyon & Wien getting cough too, mild running nose. *sigh* His sick still manageable, but if the girls sick, mean more trouble for me. But lucky now Lyon ok with the medicine, not like last time, keep vomited out whatever medicine that I feed. Coughing and running still ok for me, I only worry FEVER.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Blog of the day

To all posties :

Everyone want to have higher page rank now, in order to grab higher pay in TigaP. That's including myself too!

I just joined a project recommended by Michelle called : 20 blog of the day. After installing some java script into our template html, it will show 20 blog for the day, it will randomly change the blog too. For more information, please check out her blog.

For those who wish to join this project and too shy to approach her, you can let me know, and I will ping her immediately. :P

Caned By Papa

Wien caned by papa yesterday.

Papa keeps some of her CD into one small carton, and placed it on top of cupboard. While we are out to work, she stacked 3 chairs together and climbed up to get the carton down. MIL saw her action, try to stop her but she so stubborn, refuse to listen to her.

When we’re back, MIL told us the whole story. Papa so angry and caned her 3 times at her legs. Papa said he already told her clearly don’t touch those CD, yet she still do it. Papa took this chance to lesson her, hinted me don’t interfere his action. Well, I have to keep quiet; else I might get a cane too. Now you know I am a soft hearten mummy, papa has to be bad guy in the house.

Last time we was thinking caning is not a good way for disciplining kids, but now we have to use it, coz by verbal warning seem no effect on her. I really hope she learnt from this time caning, and don’t’ be stubborn anymore. Hey, she has to behave la, else her sister Lyon sure will follow her steps one day. Being elder girl also not really good hor, have to set example for the youngest. :P

Sunday, March 18, 2007

All about share

Share market becomes dump now. Do you dare to invest at this moment? Well, if you know well the counter’s financial background, believe it will pick up after market recover, I suggest you invest now. Buy now and keep for some time, if it’s having good reputation on the financial background, it will up eventually, just a matter of time only. You have to be patient and rational too when come to invest in share market. Again, share market is not a place to look for easy money ya.

Recently hubby hooks up MIDF; he believes its share price will increase, he willing to wait for at least one year. Actually he had been gaining few times from this counter, coz this counter’s financial record is good all the while, plus giving away good dividend yearly, without fail. If you interested in this counter too, you can keep one or two lot now, it will up but no guarantee when ya, like I mentioned just now, you have to be patient and wait for the right time.

Disclaimer: Buy at your own risk.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Online saving account

Do you ever compare which bank or financial institutions that offers attractive interest rates before bank in all your money to them? Another question, how you get to know them? By advertisement in newspaper or friend’s recommendation? Nowadays, most banks only offer interest rates below 1%. You can only get higher interest rates provided you have a fixed deposit account which ties you down to a certain period before you can withdraw your money.

Now I am going to introduce you one online saving account that can help you to find which bank offering the highest returns with the specific account features that best suit your individual needs. is a new site focused on the direct to consumer online banking industry, specifically high yield savings accounts. For example currently HSBC is offering 6% interest rate for Promotional APY on New Money until April 30. No monthly fees. No minimum balance and you don’t have to open a checking account with HSBC.

There are many other useful information available at the site and it is very informative especially when you need to find a high yield savings accounts. Logon to today, and start earning from your saving account now. The site is simple and easy to use on purpose; the design is meant for consumers to see the big banks can and will pay for the right to serve them.

Visit the site for more information and don’t forget to spread the word to your friends and relatives about

Online Life Insurance Company

Insurance is a must investment item in hubby and my list; we had also bought the insurance for Wien and Lyon as well. We don’t know what will happen in future, so for safeguard purposes, we put our attention into insurance. In case anything happen (*touch wood*), we still have money from insurance to cover the cost or lost.

Now with wide usage of internet, we even can compare and buy insurance online, a new trend now. Financial One is one of the online life insurance shopping system, they instantly compares life insurance rates from over 140 companies. You just need to fill out the form to get your own rate comparison, it’s fast and easy!

Financial One offer varieties of insurance type, that’s including term life insurance, mortgages, annuities. They even have quotes for non-smoker life insurance whereby nowadays most insurance companies only targeted at the smoker market. Quotes for diabetics also available online at Financial One. Hey not easy to get life insurance if you are having diabetics though, but at Financial One, they able to assist you with getting multiple company guaranteed quotes!

Besides the above, you are able to find online quotes for Return of Premium Insurance and Universal Life Term to 100. If you have not decide which insurance to buy, just logon to Financial One today, to find out your quotes.

Date with Mr Bean

Yeah, you hear me right! We are going to have a date with the most funniest comedy guy, Mr la, not meet in person...but meet him in cinema.

Frankly me not really like him, but since have free tickets, so hubby and I will tag along the 2 girls to cinema and watch Mr Bean's Holiday.

Wien been to cinema last year, watched the Superman Return; and this is the first time Lyon enter cinema. Let's wait and see her reaction, will blog it and share with you guys.

Oh ya, our date with Mr Bean is 24/03/2007, at MP cinema. After the show, I am going to do some shopping spree at MP then!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Double Eyelid

Lyon's double eyelid getting clearer and clearer now. This makes her eyes looks more bigger and pretty too! LOL

I so envy she got double eyelid, coz I don't have. I always dream that I have, then I can look more prettier..hehehe...

I love to stay close with Lyon and stare at her eye, sometimes she will say:

Mummy, I look pretty issit?

I really laugh out loud if she says like that. Wien doesn’t have double eyelid, sometimes she will complaint to me why she doesn’t have. Poor girl, mummy has hard time explaining this ler.

Invest wisely

Share market drop further, in a very short time. During last time drop, many share gambler already burn their hand, I guess this time sure many of them suffer again. Hubby’s in hand counter also drop, he no time to monitor in morning session, when the time he check, it already drop like hell. He quickly sells off some of it, so suffer less loss; else really no eye to see the share price.

Why the market suddenly drop so much? Many factors contributed it, when you the finance news, then you will know. I have not much knowledge on this field, only heard it from hubby.

Very sad to see those so call investor in share market that speculate the share price, this is a very RISKY decision. Unless you have lots money as capital and knowing about your counter's financial background, else you really not qualify to invest in share. Never have this kind of thinking: gain price from share market is as easy as ABC! Another advise, never never play CONTRA in share market, at the end you are the loser if after T+3 you still unable to gain, then you have to do force selling at lower price. Got it?

Thursday, March 15, 2007

MaMa, you look like Goldilocks !

MIL just permed her hair recently. First day back from salon, the 2 little girls did not notice her hair is different.

Second day, Lyon approached her and commented:

Mama, your hairs look like Goldilocks!

After finishing her messages, she quickly run away and giggling at the other corner of the house. Wien heard that, she corrected her by saying:

No la, goldilocks is a girl la. She got long hair wan.

Hahahaha…this Lyon must be thinking Goldilocks is the bear bear. I had been telling her this story many times during her bed time.


Last night while checking on PayPerPost site, noticed my tack has become 4! Previously it's only 3! Feel quite happy though coz at least I can see some improvement score that given by those advertiser.

Other than that, also noticed my alexa score had dropped so much as compare to last week, thanks to Msau's mini project. It's work. Please continue to click from there, it really help. Don't be lazy ya! LOL

Issit possible for me to get 5 tacks? I am not sure, but I will work hard and try to write with good grammar advertisement. My target for alexa score is within 500,000, in order for me to get better opps. Let's work hard.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

10 reason why I marry hubby from Tangkak

Kena tag by Msau, mom to SQ & is the 10 reasons why I marry my hubby from Tangkak...

1. Many of my friends suggest to me to hunt for boyfriend during University or college time, coz usually those who able enter this place wan should be good guy lar. LOL

2. He is friendly, understanding, caring, willing to share everything with me and has creative mind that attract my attention.

3. Tangkak is a fabric heaven. I love sewing and love to buy beautiful fabric too, so in Tangkak I can find any kind of fabric that I like.

4. He is quite good looking guy among other competitors lor…:P

5. After few years enter working life, I still cannot find other guy that better than him.

6. Tangkak quite near to my hometown, Melaka; I can go back very frequent.

7. My 6 sense told me: I will not regret marry him in future.

8. He helps me do household work during pak-tor time, I trust he is family type man and will do so after marry too. Until today he still helps me in household work.

9. Soft spoken type, never raise his voice to talk to me or even scold me.

10. He is NOT a smoker!

Ok, now I pass this tag to Mybabybay-Michelle, Grace & Jazzmint.


3 hours of meet + think = meeting! Can you imagine that?

I dislike meeting, since I start working. To me, meeting if no fruitful results come out, is a waste of time. Some more involved so many management level staff in the meeting. Hey, if you count the time spent and their salary, you will think it is a waste of time too. Sitting there for 3 hours, just listen to the top management scolding people, then after came out from meeting, everyone hi-ha-hi-ha, talk like old friend, if you are me, you will feel very irritating too! Of course la, I am joining the meeting too, they are wasting my time too…

Out from meeting, I have headache, really really headache. Feel tired and sianz. So I push aside all my work (die tomorrow), and do relaxing thing…blogging..blogging..blogging…and blog hopping….

Oh ya, I got the term MEET+THINK=MEETING from my colic, good term? LOL

Hair Trimming for the girls

Well, I am my girls' personal hairdresser all the time. Not that I am stingy to spend money on that but they, I mean Lyon & Wien, just refuse to let outsider to cut their hair. So, me being the creative mummy, I do it myself...:)...Of course, I have save money indirectly too!

I never learn on how to cut or trim hair actually, but I have the simple skill that born with me. My classmate, housemate and roommates, ever asked me trimmed their hair too during school or college life! So, I am pretty sure my skill is ok. .LOL

Wien is bigger now, slowly she can let my SIL#2 trim her hair (she is a hairdresser), so less worry for me. I only need to trim hair for Lyon. At this stage, Lyon love to cut hair, whenever she saw the scissor, she’ll come to me and ask for a trim. Sometimes her hair still not long but she insisted a trim too! *sigh* so I just pretend lar. Place a newspaper (cut a hole in middle) and wear on her, then she’ll happily sit still and let me do the trimming. Oh ya, one advise from me: take off their shirt and apply some baby powder before start the hair trimming, it will ease your after work cleaning then.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Lost Temper

Whenever during meal time, I will almost lost my temper, to Wien.

I had been blog about her slowness in taking meal numerous time, but it seem no improvement at all. I have to constantly remind her: eat eat eat....but she eyes still stick to the TV box and her mouth munch slowly, really slowly. At time we off the TV, then she start yelling. Hubby told me just ignore her, let her cry and threaten her to take away her meal. Only with this way, she will eat a bit faster. But I don't want to use this way all the time, it's look cruel to me. I wish her can behave and can eat like adult, so that in future she can join the meal with us.

Today, dinner time, I lost my temper again and I use hanger to smack her leg. Of course, she start crying but I have to ignore her. No choice. Slowly I am showing my power to her now, she NOT YET get a cane from me yet. But I know I should start practice canning now. I have to.

Heineken pay me finally! :)

Yeah, I am so happy today, extra pocket money in my paypal!

Had submitted this Heineken post for quite some time, before CNY but no news from Creamaid. At first I thought should be "tong guo shui" lor. Who know today I received an email informing there is fund coming in from Creamaid.

My colic also got his pay, same as me, both of us happily dancing on the floor today! Hahahaha.....hey, we really go - search and buy the Heineken!

A - Z Tag

Kena tag by Hot Mama- Sasha, she said I say her hiao this is the reward...never mind, I welcome your tag!

A is for age

Recently only found out that Immomsdaughter same age with me! LOL ! Check out her blog then.

B is for booze of choice


C is for career

Full time working mum, part time housewife.

D is for your most dreaded

motorcyclist that drive super fast on the road. I have bad impression about them lar….

E is for essential item you use everyday

perfume and moisturizer

F is for favorite song at the moment

err…errr…seem none ler…LOL…I listen all kind of song, except hard rock wan.

G is for favorite games

Errrrr also none ler…poor me, never enjoy life wan.

H is for Hometown.

Historical town.

I is for indulgence


J is for favorite flavor of juice

any fruit juice

K is for kids

Lyon & Wien - 2

L is for last hug from husband.

this morning. In fact I get hug from hubby almost daily…dun jeles ya.

M is for years of marriage

2007 - 2000 for registration.

2007 - 2001 for ceremony.

N is for name of your crush

Cannot remember....

O is for overnight hospital stays

3 days each for giving birth to Lyon & Wien , plus recent ectopic

P is for phobias

any kind of inserts. Geli

Q is for quote

Life's short. Enjoy. (not follow sasha, hubby and my quotes too)

R is for biggest regret

resign from my 1st employment. My ex-lady boss love me so much.

S is for status.

Married lar.

T is for time you wake up

7.00 am after Wien enter school, else I can sleep till 7.30pm.

U is for underwear.

no particular brand lar.

V is for vegetable you love

I love brocolli. Cauliflower. Sawi…and many more….

W is for worst habit

Being big head prawn. due to this I had spoil many of my MIL's wok!

X is for x-rays you’ve had


Y is for yummy food you make

curry chicken, fried chicken, fried mee hoon etc, I can cook many delicious dishes! :)

Z is for zodiac sign


Whoever want to do this tag, pls do so....

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Monday, March 12, 2007

Freelance web designers

Does your company using any freelancer to do the web design, web programming or e-commerce website? Is the cost incurred very high by employing such freelancer? I bet it is. Now with, you can help your company save some money actually, it helps to scale your business quickly and cost efficiently too.

Elance is the online marketplace for services. It offers five core service categories, such as Programming, Design, Websites, Writing and Business Consulting. Elance has many experiences and professional freelancers and many companies had been bidding for their projects in more countries than any other site.

To use Elance to outsource your job only need 4 simple steps:

1. Post

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4. Pay and viola it's done!

Elance definitely makes our life easier than ever to find exactly who you need – no matter where they are—and they can get the job done right for a very attractive and min price. The other best way is you can just post your project and they’ll find you. Hassle free isn’t it?

Other than web design, Elance also has project such as logos, brochures and corporate identity packages to cold calling, business plan writing, legal representation and data entry, all these Elance has it. It has a lot to offer, but most importantly, it offers your business a huge edge with top quality services on flexible terms and great prices.

Well, if you look for freelance web designers , don’t forget to check it out at!

5 wishes for my children

Tag getting very popular now, we need filler posts sometimes, so Tag is the best post I think! LOL

Ok, I have owed some blogger few tags, yet to do my homework, and now I choice the simplest first…hehehe…

I have a lot wishes, greedy mah. But here only need 5, here we go….

1. Wish they will be healthy and pretty (girls mah, sure like to be pretty wan, including their mummy too!)

2. Wish that they become a good person with good character and attitude.

3. Wish that they able finish their education level, at least get a “U” certificate.

4. Wish that they have a good job and 5 figure good incomes and the best is can share with us!

5. Wish that they will be happy and still close with us, the parent when grow up and willing to share and tell us what they do.

School holiday?

Frankly I did not know this week is school holiday. I only realised it last Friday when Wien's teacher approach me to do the registration during this week off day. My reaction was : huh? holiday already? *paiseh*

Many blogger mummies had blog about the school registration for their kids age 5 (born in year 2002), excluding me, I think...LOL

So last Friday I got to know I can do the registration from 12/03 - 15/03, 3 days only in Wien's school. Oh dear, I better prepare all the necessary today and do the registration tomorrow. Thanks for her teacher, for giving we parent a note on what to bring for the registration.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Night Market

Went to night market just now, alone. usually I will bring along Wien and Lyon but time round I went alone. I am not going to buy anything from there, the reason I went is to exchange 3 panties from that auntie.

Before CNY, I bought a lot from her store, in a rush too, so I did not check properly while buying. Back home only realised the defect. Lucky she still remember me and allow me do the exchanging.


k, main point I wrote this post is, each time I went to night market, I can see at least 3 handicap person lying at the middle of the road, asking for contribution. I am pity them, I couldn't help much to them so usually I will give some money to them but frankly I did not give all the time. To me, how am I going to help all the time, plus the money I give also not much, 1 meal can settle the amount already. I always think how long they want to ask for people donation, how long they want to survive using this way? So many questions in my mind but I just couldn't help much. *sigh*

How Angry Are You?

Saw this test in Shannon blog, so I give it a try. It's description of me fairly true though....

You Are 47% Angry
Generally, you are not an angry person. But you're easily frustrated and enraged. You have one heck of a temper. And because of your anger, you tend to feel resentful and even spiteful. You already know how to quell your anger. You just need to do it more often.

Friday, March 09, 2007

It's time to check your teeth

How frequent your get your kids to go to dentist? Once a month or twice a month? Frankly my girls yet to enter any dentist at this age due to I am having problem to drag them go to dentist. Wien is 5 now and it's time for her to go there for teeth check up, but she just refuses to follow me. She scares the pain. I need more advice on this part from fellow blogger mummies.

Personally I also dislike to go to dentist unless my teeth is in pain or broken. But if someone can recommend me a well known dentist like charles brown dds pc that ever won awards for quality care, and then I might consider to give myself a try. Charles Brown DDS has been employed by Hayfield Dental Care for over ten years, and has a perfect record at the Virginia Board of Dentistry with a history of zero complaints.

Wow, seem like Dr Charles Brown is the dentist I am looking for, either for myself or my girls. If you are interested, you can give them a call at 703-971-2220.

Check your passport before travel

Our office supposes have 2 guests from Belgium yesterday, it is a couple from Belgium. They are our customer actually, come here is just to pay a visit to my boss. I am looking forward to meet them.

Early morning received a call from them, telling us that they unable to enter Malaysia due to the male's passport was going to expired. Expiry date is 14/04/2007; it is less than 6 months as requested by Immigration nationwide. Our immigration very efficient, spotted the date and on the spot NOT allow him enter flight from Thai to Malaysia. Surprising, he managed to catch the flight from Frankfurt to Thai, perhaps they did not notice the date. He tried to call Belgium Embassy in Thai, but need 2 weeks to process the passport. This is pretty for a businessman like him, so he called up my boss asks for help. Other wise he has to fly back to Belgium next few days. Then my boss roll back the ball to me, asked me called Malaysia Immigration, to ask for help.( *sianz* )

After I called.....our immigration also couldn't help on this too. Looks like he has to stay in Thai for few days lar...

Then, my boss felt bad, he said he can fly to Thai and meet them! Wow...since when he is so good ah!!? Immediately he book AA flight and will fly the next day!

Hooray! That's mean I will have holiday too! LOL...but it's already weekend lar....

Oh ya, don't forget to check your passport before travel ya!

Hubby's Blog

Yes, my hubby also own a blog now. But he only blog about his 6sigma knowledge there, NOT a rojak blog like mine! LOL...

Personally I am not familiar with 6sigma, also not understand the definition too. But doesn't matter since my field not require such knowledge too. What I know is 6sigma usually applicable to factory, especially in manufacturing field.

If you know something about 6sigma or have some comment on it, do feel free to share it in his blog, he welcome all sort of comment, no worry.

Here is the link:

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Consulting Business

I bet all of us would like to be a boss for own business, rather than just work as an employee. If you have the interest and some basic knowledge of running a consulting business, perhaps you can start now.

Dr. Mike Beitler has taught “How to Succeed in Consulting” workshops around the world and many participants have put his brilliant ideas to work immediately to starting a consulting business practice. They even have make tens of thousands of dollars more in consulting fees every year. Amazing isn’t it?

Well, you can learn all his tips and ideas through his books, keynote speeches and training workshops; the best part, its simple enough so that anyone can easily learn the secrets to becoming a successful business consultant.

Besides that Dr. Mike Beitler is now sharing his knowledge in a new special report titled “How to Get Started in Consulting” for only $12.95. In this report he reveals little known tricks and ideas of successful consulting and with his report, you don’t have to ‘go it alone’ as an independent consultant. He has all the guidance that you need.

Nearly Kena Bang by Lorry

This morning got a bad news via SMS from hubby :

Lucky. Today almost bang by a lorry from behind at Air Keroh traffic light. De lori smash don't know how many cars due to brake failure. I guess is 20 cars.

Quickly I called him to check on him. It was a container trailer that bang those 20 cars, his car was as first car. Till his car, the container trailer already stopped. Really thank GOD this time! Else I am sure his car sure kemek wan!

See tomorrow news on Melaka side, perhaps you can read more from there.

RM1 !!!!!!

During office hour....

Hubby email-ed me that he gained RM1.00 from stock market recently. My reaction was : WoW Wow! That's a lot understanding is RM1 in share market term, which mean it is 1k to me.

Next my mind start thinking how much he is going to give me..LOL...yeah, I will get my share usually! *wink wink*

Back home, he told me again about his wining of RM1.00..bla bla bla....then I happily wanna claim my share.

He said: huh? how to share wor? give u 50 cents ah?

Me : 500 lar..

He : wei, I only win RM1.00 lar, no extra 000 at the back!

Me : (disappointed tone) aiyo....I thought 1k ler...sob sob....


Wednesday, March 07, 2007


I didn't know that we actually can book our scuba diving activity via internet nowadays! See, how out-dated I am!

Scubadu is the site that cater for scuba diving lover, it’s a luxury Catamaran, specializing in private sailing excursions in the USVI and British Virgin Islands.

Other than scuba diving and sailing, st thomas catamaran also offer sunset and dinner cruises. Sound great? I can enjoy the beautiful sunset while my hubby can try his scuba diving experience here since he love to try on exciting activity. I scare water actually so I don't think I have the gut to try on scuba diving! : P

The rates offer in Scubadu include: licensed captain, chef/1st mate, gourmet food, open bar, snorkel gear, kayak, swim mats, towels and fresh water showers; and they accepted many methods of payment form such as cash, travelers checks, visa, and MasterCard.

Have fun!

New Canteen Owner

Our factory canteen change owner again. Dunno this one can last how long.

To me, previous owner is ok, food acceptable to me too. But our choosy workers complaining that their food charge is too high. I don't know they are find fault on them or it is real excuses. Later on our HR lazy to entertain the complaints (even though they did investigate the price and verify with canteen owner), and just terminate their service and look for new one.

After our factory implementing coupon system to all staff and worker, sometimes I will go canteen to pack my lunch. Not becos the food very nice but sometimes my lazy butt just lazy to go out, especially now the weather is extremely HOT.

Change owner also good lar, at least we can try for new food...hehehe...

Drink Water On Empty Stomach

Another good piece of advise I get from net.

All of us know drink more water is good for our health, but did u know that this practice can cure some diseases? OK, I am going to share this with you now.

It is popular in Japan today to drink water immediately after waking up every morning. Furthermore, scientific tests have proven its value that show this practise can cure old and serious diseases as well as modern illnesses. Below are the list found successful by a Japanese medical society as a hundred percent cure as a result of water treatment:

1. Headache

2. Body ache

3. Heart system

4. Arthritis

5. Fast heart beat

6. Epilepsy

7. Excess fatness

8. Bronchitis

9. Asthma

10. TB

11. Meningtitis

12. Kidney and Urine diseases

13. Vomiting gastritis

14. Diarrhea

15. Piles

16. Diabetes

17. Constipation

18. All eye diseases

19. Womb cancer

20. Menstrual disorders

21. Ear nose

22. Throat diseases

Water Treatment

1. As you wake up in the morning before brushing teeth, drink four glasses of water each of 160 ml.

2. Brush and clean the mouth but do not eat or drink anything for 45 minutes.

3. After 45 minutes you may eat and drink as normal.

4. After 15 minutes of breakfast, lunch and dinner do not eat or drink > anything for two hours.

5. Those who are old or sick and are unable to drink four glasses of water at the beginning may commence by taking little water and gradually increase it to four glasses per day.

6. The above method of treatment will cure diseases of the sick and others can enjoy a healthy life.

This treatment method has no side effects, however at the commencement > of treatment you may have to urinate a few times.

Good Health to you all.......

Holiday Plan

Since hubby's company going to organize one trip for all staff and their family member, I am anxiously waiting for this date. Later on I have one question in my mind: what if this trip not successful? That's mean we have to get ready alternative plan, coz I already planned to have one trip for this year.

Then I started to surf on net to look for great deal as well as those budget trips. So many websites we can choose from the net but All Inclusive Vacation Package at that attract me the most!

After I browse through the web, realized I can get great savings on all-inclusive resort vacations that offer by Their package includes the room, meals, drinks, and activities, all included in ONE price. Plus to do online booking is hassles free coz their customized booking engine is intuitive, their content is personable as well as thorough, the images are compelling and most importantly, the site is easy to use to not IT savvy like me! :)

Hey, do visit or call toll-free at 1-888-205-3315 for reservations or more information for your next vacation!

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Parcel Not Arrive

One Ebay customer email-ed me yesterday night, informed that she yet to receive my parcel that sent on last Saturday, 03/03! I am shock to hear this coz I am using courier service to send, it should arrive by 05/03 as promised.

I feel cheated by their service, I have pay more for their service (instead of registered post) yet this is the return I get. I start feel not satisfy.

Reach office the next day, I quickly call the CS to find out. The reason they give is they couldn't find the house and the phone given no one answering!!! Aiyo, should tell me earlier ma rather than my customer come and tell me.....Immediately I email to my customer to verify on all these, hopefully she can get her item by today!

Audit 2nd Day

Today is the 2nd day of audit, everything seem going smooth.

Good sign for us, at least if we pass this round, then we can have another round of celebration; and the best best part is no need prepare and type again those boring documentations.

I hate MR meeting actually, coz it took up lot of my time; plus the meeting is so so boring, I'll fall asleep most of the time. Hey, they are talking those technical thing sometimes, which is not my field, sure boring lar!

Pray hard we can pass this round, then the boss got no reason to delay our Genting trip anymore! Hooray!

Wedding Reception

Who is going to marry this year? Let me know ya, I am going to introduce you a great site for your wedding and reception catering here.

Taco Cabana offer authentic Mexico food and it can turn your ordinary party into a festive celebration. They have lots of varieties for the wedding and reception catering, this include : Fajitas, Tacos, Chicken Flameante, Cabana Bowls, Cheese Enchiladas and many more. Strongly recommend you to try out their fajita tacos that have made Taco Cabana famous. This menu includes two steak or chicken fajita tacos, Spanish rice, beans (choice of borracho, refried or black), two freshly made flour tortillas, chips and queso, guacamole, sour cream, shredded cheese, salsa roja and pico de gallo plus iced tea.

Taco Cabana is owned by Carrols Corporation of Syracuse, N.Y., it's one of the largest restaurant companies in the U.S. They owns, operates and have franchises more than 540 restaurants under the Burger King®, Pollo Tropical®, Taco Cabana® brands. Wow, it has so many restaurant, are you tempted to try it out?


Another salesman approach Wien's school yesterday. They are promoting some so called educational VCD, either in English version or Chinese Version. I dislike all so I told her I am not going to order for her, not even one.

As expected, Wien start begging me to buy one for her. I still say NO to her, then she go and beg her papa. I hinted to hubby : NO. Not that we stingy to spend that money, but we dunno how's the quality of the content, plus we can get more choice of good quality CD via SIL#3 since she is a school teacher. So we very reluctant to purchase this for her.

*sigh* This girl of mine not understand all these, all she want is her friends have it, she also want it.....

SMS from hubby

I don't like to receive SMS from hubby around 6pm++, coz I know if he SMS me at this hour, he is going to tell me: I am late today, take your dinner first.

To me, eating alone is very bored and sianz. I rather wait for him and eat together, but if it's too late, then I'll eat first. I cannot let my empty making noise too.

Maybe it sound weird to some of you, but that’s me lar. It’s my quality time with my hubby too during our meal time. I don’t want to miss this hour if possible.

Business Credit Cards

Credit card very useful nowadays, it seem most of us couldn't live without it. To me, the main reason I carry a credit card is to pay for my insurance premium and monthly utilities (I tend to forget if not using the auto debit features), petrol cost and shopping stuff, and some urgent needs if any. Carry too much cash also not safe now, you might worry of handbag being snatched.

There are so many credit card being introduced in market now, you have to choice the best that suit you. proudly to announce that their secure credit card portal has become even better and easier to use. They have effective financial tools that can make our decisions easy, quick and more accurate!

Since I am going to sell my homemade dress online, I think I should get a business credit card for myself. This will ease my online transaction too! offers business credit cards for corporate executives as well as for small business owners. It can help newbie business owners like me to start, run, and grow my business more effectively by providing me with special products and benefits.

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I got funds today!

Yeah, PayPerPost start paying me money now!! I am so happy today while checking my mailbox moment ago! 3 posts being paid together, that’s mean I have extra income today.

I think from today onwards I am going to receive money in USD almost daily. As I blog before, I am going to save and keep this money for my future travel fund.

Italy and Austria......our next vacation destination.

Ban on Fa Cai

Last week Tracy blog about one of her very close friend gave a fa cai as CNY gift. Later she found out the fa cai was actually given by her as a gift during CNY LAST year and NOW the item already EXPIRED (2.1.07)! She very upset over this incident!

But yesterday I got a news from internet, said that fa cai now is a ban item in HK. The reason given was fa cai has no nutritioanl value and it contain a toxic amino acid that could affect the normal functions of nerve cells. I told her this is good for her, at least she no chance to eat more fa cai which is a ban item now....hehehe...

Actually me not very fond of fa cai, partly due to this item no taste at all, and it looks ugly and geli to me. Usually I'll dig it out if it was serve in the dish that we order in restaurant. :)

Monday, March 05, 2007

Blogitive Up

Thanks to Msau for letting us know Blogitive is up now! This is good news for those who write for paid post, after TigaP apply segmentation. Hey, TigaP hardly can grab any offer now, due to my low page rank and not so popular blog. …:( Hopefully Blogitive now no more bugs, else our submitted posts will get rejected after that, there goes our blood and sweat.


We have audit today and tomorrow. This is the second time coz we fail during the first audit. Due to this, all of us seem very busy since morning, need to stand by and offer our hands if needed. I mean in terms of documentation lar. The main reason we fail during 1st time audit was due to improper documentation presented when the auditor asked for it. All of know who suppose to blame for the failure but no action being taken. Other dept head already done their best part but at the end still fail at his hand....I hope the person in charge know his situation now, he better work hard on it and not just slacking like that.

Work from home

If I asked many of my blogger mummies: who want to work from home? I bet sure many of them will raise up their hands, if possible, raise up their legs too! LOL

Ya, it's a dream for we career women to be SAHM (stay at home mom) and if possible to be able to work at home too; especially for those who having kids at home. Now the dream to work at home can come true since the arrival of internet and this industry has been growing at an unbelievable rate too! If you wish to work at home, you can logon to, a site that created to provide work at home job seekers with the knowledge, tools, and community sharing to achieve their financial and life goals in a safe, honest environment.

WhyDoWork offer free of charge services to all users and our information will always remain confidential. The web intention is to get more people to share their knowledge and experience of the work at home industry with others. Some of the most successful people from all areas of the work at home field belong to This proof WhyDoWork is a reliable web to start our work at home journey.

New Trendy Hat

Who is this?

Oh, it's Wien lar....she is wearing 50% ready done DIY tanglong (made from ang pow packet). My second sister wish to learn the art, so she get my brother to do demo for her. After finished 50% of it, she want to bring back the tanglong to KL and DIY at home. But playful Wien, took it and put on her head; and told us this is her NEW HAT! LOL

After that, she put on Jame's head (2nd sister's boy) naughty mummy quickly snap the picture before he threw away the hat. :P

Discount Disney Tickets

We used to play slide show of our digital pictures on our TV, just to let the girls have the chance to view in bigger image.

Last night hubby is free, so he on the slide show again; when played until Disneyland Hong Kong part, Lyon starts shouting:

“Wow, Mickey Mouse….”

“Wow, Goofy …”

“Wow, jie jie take picture with Snow White…..”

“Mummy, I want to go there.”

“Mummy, I want to take picture with Pooh ler…”

Poor girl, she so jealous at her sister Wien that can take picture and even touch those Disney characters. No worry, my dear, and mummy sure one day will bring you to Disney World.

If we plan to go Disney World in near future, I think I’ll take a look at site, as this site is the ultimate source for discount disney tickets for Disney World and all Orlando theme parks, dinner shows and attractions. Why we select Orlando? Coz the Disney in Florida, Orlando is the first Disney in the world, so this place is a MUST visit in my next itinerary. has the lowest prices on all discounts Disney tickets and it guarantees the lowest prices to all of us too! So book with them for your next Disney vacation in Orlando.

I want fishball!

While preparing Wien to school, she told me she want to eat fishball that sell in school canteen. My reaction is : huh? how come suddenly she request this? coz usually she will only take milk or MILO as breakfast, no other thing.

OK, since this is her first time request, for breakfast I mean; I will just buy for her. It's a good sign for me too since she start eating something rather than just drinking.

Reached school, we headed to canteen to get the fishball first. After fishball past to her, she seem very excited, quickly run back to class. Then I saw she showed the fishball to her classmate, and I heard she said: see, I also got fishball today!

Now I know why she ask for fishball, she just want to follow her classmate, what they have, she must have.

Will I spoil her by listening to her request? I hope not. For food, I will buy and fulfill her request, but not for luxury items. Hubby and my concept is if they want any luxury thing, they have to work hard and get it, not through any request from us. Got to let them learn and understand money is not easy to earn now.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

Referral Feel - share

Yeah, I got funds in my paypal today.

Michelle transfer some USD into my account moment ago, she is sharing her referral fee from PayPerPost's with me. How nice of her, to share that amount with me. I am no regret signing up TigaP via her banner, I still gain some benefit after all.

Hey, why now u sign up via my banner too? I promised will share the amount with you too. Good thing must share share! :)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Blogitive coming back soon!

I just back from Msau's blog, saw a good news there! She said Blogitive offer coming back soon. This is good news for some of us, since many of TigaP offer we cannot take now due to segmentation.

Some blogger suggest to have own domain, then might increase our chance to get more offer; me still indecisive whether want to do so or not. Got own domain also good, I can advertised my homemade dresses too.

ok, will discuss this with hubby tonight.

For Your Health Concern

If you want to have long life or live longer than average age, then you better read this:

Heart Attacks and drinking warm water

This is a good article. Not only about the warm water after your meal, but about heart attacks. We, Chinese and Japanese drink hot tea with their meals...not cold water...maybe it is time to let other know its benefit!

Nothing to lose, everything to gain...

For those who like to drink cold water, this article is applicable to you. It is nice to have a cup of cold drink after a meal. However, the cold water will solidify the oily stuff that you have just consumed. It will slow down the digestion. Once this "sludge" reacts with the acid, it will break down and be absorbed by the intestine faster than the solid food. It will line the intestine.

Very soon, this will turn into fats and lead to cancer. It is best to drink hot soup or warm water after a meal.

A serious note about heart attacks: You should know that not every heart attack symptom is going to be the left arm hurting. Be aware of intense pain in the jaw line.

You may never have the first chest pain during the course of a heart attack. Nausea and intense sweating are also common symptoms. 60% of people who have a heart attack while they are asleep do not wake up. Pain in the jaw can wake you from a sound sleep. Let's be careful and be aware. The more we know the better chance we could survive...

A cardiologist says if everyone who gets this mail sends it to 10 people, you can be sure that we'll save at least one life. Read this...It could save your life!!

Hey, tell your friends today!


I seldom on my feedreader now, and I guess it'll be over hundreds of update inside my feed once I start running it. The reason I hardly on it is because once I see the icon show any new updates, I couldn't resist and I tend to click it and read, even though I was pile up with so many work load at that time, I still click it and read!!! Charm lor, like that I will never got the time to finish my job in a day.

So the best way is to off it, concentrate on my job and I only do blog hopping via clicking from my blog whenever I have free time. But then , I cannot get updated news if I practice this way.

Dun worry, I will still read your blog!

Thursday, March 01, 2007

My Tack Rating

I don't know my tack rating in TigaP before this, until one day I checked with other blogger, then only I realized where to check.

I checked on Monday, 26/02, it showed my tack is ZERO ler! No wonder many offers I cannot, probably due to Zero tack I think. Even my is PR4 yet it still show RED in my list. No choice, no way I can change the tack myself, all I need to do is to write better in future.

Wednesday, 28/02, I checked again the rating, it showed 3 tack! Yeah, I am happy with the rating, at least not Zero anymore! LOL! No idea why suddenly show tack in my blog, is it becos I install the disclosure badge that work?

Another thing I have to work hard is, to reduce the alexa score for this blog, it's too high. This alexa score also cause me cannot take many opps too! *sigh* Sifu, please help!

Holiday Soon! Yeah!

As promised to Wien and Lyon, we are going to bring them for holiday this year, for sure. At first we plan to go Singapore, but Lyon yet to her first passport, so plan postpone.

But yesterday got good news from hubby, he said his company's club is organizing trip to Club Med, Cherating, asked me wanna join or not? Without thinking twice, I quickly replied him: of course, and I want to bring the girls along too! Hey, this is considering Lyon's first outstation trip ler. Poor girl, since born we never bring her outstation, not even step into KL City yet.

The trip is under survey stage now, if can get enough people to join, then probably we can go during mid April. I believe sure many will join coz the company subsidy 50% for the trip. Let's hope this trip can come true!