Thursday, October 20, 2005

Mummy sick....

Almost a week Mummy not blogging, not due to busy or no story to share but…mummy is too weak to blog!! I am having bad diarrhea & vomiting since last Saturday early morning (15/10, starting at 1.30am!!). at this time everybody were meeting their 周公,me pulak thru & flow to toilet, so suffer! I took one sachet of Chinese medicine (风痧丸), no cure! No choice, have to wait till 8am only can see doctor. Lying half dead on bed still dare not wake up my hubby. When he wakes up next morning, I only told him, then me kena scolded… Ok, at last 8am liao, quickly go and see doctor. Doctor gave me one injection to stop diarrhea, some pills to stop vomiting and stomach pain, also 4 sachets of Oral Rehydration Salts; was granted one day MC. After back from clinic, I almost knockout. Lack of sleep too due to frequent toilet trip last night. I sleep(rest) in my room, Lyon was having her morning nap, Wien keep come in kacau me, ask me wake up & play with her. Daddy pulls her out from the room and entertains her. At least I can get some rest… Sunday & Monday, condition still the same, now the stomach pain seem more severe, me suspect gastric, as I have been 3 days no mood to eat. But doctor denied it. I still go and see doctor everyday (ya, everyday!) The clinic was off on Sunday, so I went hospital. They also do injection for me plus drip-feed 500ml of sodium(air garam). I have to lay on bed for about 2 hours, at first I thought they want to admit me, later only found out after finishing the drip-feed then I can ‘discharge” liao! So scares have to stay in hospital. In fact until now I still cannot figure out what cause me the diarrhea, probably food poisoning? But I was having dinner at home with other family member that night, other than that I did not take anything else. Sigh* Monday also another MC….resting at home. Tuesday come to work; have to clear some outstanding work. further I have apply one whole week starting 24/10 till 31/10, for my vacation. Have to settle office work only I can go for holiday happily. Aiyah, this diarrhea also has spoil my holiday mood le..sigh! Have to conquer it…. Wednesday night still go and see another doctor as my stomach still pain, this round I straight tell the doctor is the gastric problem, please give gastric medicine, anyway he still examined me & said maybe your stomach hurt liao la, ok la give you gastric medicine and eat. He also prescribed diarrhea medicine. I took whatever he gave la as I want to conquer this stubborn virus, hope to get over soonest possible! One of my bosses also bought me one Chinese herb medicine yesterday, as he saw me so suffer for the stomach pain. He bought it during his lunch time & he said you try this, sure cure wan. But I only took 2 sachets as I feel no different le. Anyway I appreciate his kindness. Thank you, Mr. Toh. Today I can feel my stomach a bit ok, at least not so pain as previous day. Every night hubby apply Yu Yee Oil onto my stomach, my back & my leg; just to release extra gas inside my body. Wien also come and urut me and ask: mummy, are you feel better now? I told her mummy must get well soon, if not mummy cannot bring you to Disneyland. Then she urut lagi kuat, aiyoo, more pain la, dear! In fact after me, Wien, daddy & MIL also had mild diarrhea. Daddy brought Wien to see doctor as we scare later become serious, as for daddy and MIL, they just took few sachet of Chinese herb, then cure already. Lucky! Now only left me, the only one who still suffer! I will only back to blogging after my vacation. Hope can blog on interesting and smooth trip ya!! Pray hard now…… Being sick, really no mood to do anything, I noticed my grammer also something wrong here..sigh*

Friday, October 14, 2005

MEME tagging

Me kena tag, by a sweet 18 girl, name Milly, aiyo, so headache, took me so long time only finish typing! Life is that routine la... Monday – Friday, after having kids…. Only wake up when one of the girls wake up, probably around 7-7.30am!! Sometimes I could sleep till 7.40am, then will be rush like hell…no alarm for me, the girls are my real alarm instead! I have to leave home at least by 8.15am, if not I will be late. As usual, gave the girls milk, later wash & boil the bottle. Then only my turn to get ready for work. By this time, Ah Gong also back from his morning tea, his turn to jaga my 2 girls. Ah Gong will be back earlier than Ah Ma as usual. Ah Ma went for her morning exercise, doing 气功, she will be back before I step out from the house. How Ah Gong jaga them? He will take out a straw mat & place it on the field, then let them sitting inside & have picnic there. Ah Gong will read his paper or cut the grass sometimes. This is the best part staying with PIL, as I no need to send them to babysitter’s place early morning. I should appreciate their help. Note : they are having picnic there... While driving to office, I will search for shop to buy breakfast & ta pau to office. Everyday different type, could be nasi lemak, mee goreng, meehoon goreng, lontong, roti canai, kuih-muih, roti baker, etc etc… not like Egghead, everyday the same, so jelak..haha! Occasionally I will do sandwiches using tuna + mayonnaise, fried rice or fried meehoon. I can do this in 15 min times, pretty fast ya! Reach office, first thing in the morning is to switch on my PC, later only go for my breakfast. Then only have energy to start the day….working working working, checking emails, reading blog, chit-chatting via msn messenger (even with colleague too, hope boss wouldn’t know, if not sudah kena fry sotong liao)!! 5.45pm end of office hour, me always the one who go home on time, my boss also know, so when near this time, he seldom disturb me or he will assign work to me too but ask me next day only do it. Yeah… Reach home already 6pm+, Wien & Lyon always the two who welcome me at the gate. Wien will calling mummy mummy, Lyon will shake her legs (someone holding her) & wave her hands too! I like this moments! Play a while with them, and then bath them. At this time, is my turn to take care them as Ah Ma needs to do the cooking in the kitchen. 7.00pm here come to Lyon feeding time, as usual I will get Wien to on the CD for her, if not Lyon will move here and there, although she is sitting inside the highchair, so difficult to feed her. With cd on, the she will sit quietly throughout the whole feeding. She does not like Barney, pingu, magic English etc ..but only like one of the cartoon singing cd. Normally I took about 15-20min to feed her. Ok, about 7.30pm is our turn to take dinner; me, hubby & Wien will have dinner together. I feel feed Wien is difficult than Lyon, as she keep talking throughout the dinner time, she has lot of story to tell us, sometime she will say : mummy, let me finish talking only you feed me la! I say cannot as the dishes will become cold liao & not nice. I m the one who like to be served with hot rice & hot dishes ( except dessert), no way I can take cold meal! Of course not too hot la.. After dinner, daddy will do the washing; I will prepare fruits for the girls. Then we will be in the living hall watch TV program or kid’s cd. Previously Wien will occupied the DVD most of the time, we hardly got chance to watch TV program, now become better; as she will do other things such as cut paper craft, play puzzles, abacus, do homework( teach her write ABC & 123, mostly by hubby or SIL), drawing etc. I will read story book to her too. Note: pic taken upon Wien's request, after she finish the drawing... If my or daddy‘s mood is good, then will drive Wien out, to where? To the place that she like the most…yes, the place where those teenager practice the lion dance! Wow, she really enjoy there, can jump and dance with them! About 9.30pm, will give a wipe to Lyon and change her into pyjamas, get ready to sleep liao. By 10pm, after Lyon sleep, then is Wien turn. Have to pull her to brush her teeth, if not she will keep lepak-ing in the living hall, despite my several calls. Also give her a wipe before bed, as she always plays till sweating. Me also get ready to sleep, no way will Wien go to bed alone. By the time everything get ready, it almost 11pm! Wien will still keep talking in the bed , ask me tell her story some more, one after another, sometimes I am too tired, so my voice become softer and softer (wanna doze off liao la), then she will awake me: mummy, cannot hear you la! Hai, this girl… Here end the day…..tomorrow start again... Weekend Still wake up as and when one of the girls wake up, hardly can sleep till 9-10am. During weekend will have more time with the kids, as no need to go for work ma ( but I work every alternate Saturday le, sigh#)then either will bring them back to mum’s house at Melaka or bring them to shopping mall for window shopping. In the evening, I will bring them for a stroll around my house area, Wien with her bicycle and Lyon in the stroller. Sometimes will drive them to nearby playground to play. They love it. So Wien always hoping me not go to work, stay at home & play with her! So sad, I couldn’t make it! Maybe will be SAHM when one lucky day the daddy strike the lottery!! Pray hard.. With kids around, for sure my time all given to them, sometimes hardly find my own free time. Duno who to tag le, whoever want to blog on their routine check, Just Do It la...

Thursday, October 13, 2005

New Pet

Wien & Lyon has new pet since Monday(10/10), is a turtle or we call it 水鱼 in Mandarin.

Wien so excited with her new pet, keep feeding it with vege & leave every morning. In fact we also duno where this turtle come from. It is Monday morning, while FIL clean the drain, he noticed there is a turtle inside the drain, so he took it out & put in a barrel and showed to both girls. I am holding Lyon but she seem like also wants to come down and touch the turtle. This kind of turtle will bite us, so I warn Wien do not ever put hand near to it, only can use a stick to feed it. Once kena bite, it will not let go what I heard from other people.

Will only "jail" this turtle for few days, just for the girls to have fun with it, after that will let it go, as we believe they also want the freedom like what we want. Let them have their own life out there, instead of keeping them.


Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Art of Calligraphy

This morning read Jazzmint blog on Faythe’s baby hair, make me think of some people nowadays us baby hair to do calligraphy pen (毛笔). This was very hot in Singapore early this year; I ever read it from local newspaper. When Lyon was born, she also has lots of hair, same as Faythe. Her hair was soft and long too. Maybe due to I ate lots of fish, one experience mummy told me this! During pregnancy with Wien, I dislike fish as I hate the fishy smell, that’s why she does not have much hair as compare to Lyon. So when Lyon come to full moon, SIL asked me whether want to keep Lyon’s baby hair or not, cut it & make it into a calligraphy pen or not. I refuse as I will not cut her hair until she is 4 months old. Wien also does her first hair cut when she is 4 months old. Why? You must be asking this..because me & the daddy scare the saloon girl will hurt their soft soft head lor!! BTW, why must all babies trim/shave their hair during full moon? I think in Malaysia to use baby hair to do as calligraphy pen culture is not as hot as in Singapore; also no idea where can find the shop in Malaysia. But in Singapore yes, parents there do send their baby hair to do it & keep it for memory. As I read from the newspaper, they can sell it at very high price too, about RM1000+..mummies, will you do it for your next baby?

Lyon 1st birthday party...coming soon!!

Lyon going to celebrate her 1st birthday very soon, ya it is next month. Wien waits for this great day too, as she knew we are going to do a small family party for her sister Lyon; will invite Wien’s buddy too! Then she can have fun... How time flies, Lyon very soon will become a toddler, no longer using “baby” to address her. How best if I could wish them stay at baby stage, so that can cuddle, hug, kiss them like a baby..i like baby smell, the hair , the body, the foot , everywhere la, even when clean their shit also no complaint! …Wien nearly 4 years old now but I still cuddle her like baby sometimes, then she will pretend like a small baby….but she is too heavy for me la… Ok, as for the party, I am going to make some party hats, as what Wien has for her 1st, 2nd & 3rd birthday party. See the photo... Note : pic taken during Wien's 1st birthday party. Note: pic taken during Wien's 3rd birthday party. All the party hats were done by my SIL, DIY, big thanks to her!! But she is getting marry coming November, so I dun think she got time to do for Lyon, never mind, mummy can DIY too..hehe ! I ever done for my brother’s daughter’s party, this is the proof, not bad hor… Note : pic taken 25/09/2005, during Zhi Ying's 2nd birthday party. I done 3 hats oni, took me 3 hr to finish them!! DIY the hat need some time & patience, not many of us will do it; some parents will go n buy the ready make one, but I found the ready make one not so cute, only has some lace or colorful painting, hardly find the one with animals! I can give some demo if you want to do, FOC!! Then have to think of some simple food & desserts for the day. Is just a simple family gathering, just to have fun for the girls & those kids!

Monday, October 10, 2005

Wien Vs Lyon

Note : both pic taken during second day in Tey Maternity Specialist, Muar...

Wien Mok

  1. D.O.B : 27/04/2002, 11.45pm (emergency c-sect)
  2. Weight : 3.20kg
  3. Length : 57cm
  4. Head circumference : 36cm
  5. Preference : Thumb sucker (as & when she feel bored or sleepy)

Lyon Mok

  1. D.O.B : 22/11/2004, 5.45pm (planned c-sect)
  2. Weight : 3.15kg
  3. Length : 56cm
  4. Head circumference : 36cm
  5. Preference : Pacifier ( sleep time only)

My first time…

This was happen some day last week.... 05/10, 5.45pm – after work, drive back, found my car steering keep shaking shaking, duno why. Must tell hubby later as I really knew nothing much on car problem. Reach home, play a while with my girls, bath them, later my turn took a shower. Ding dong ding dong…forgot to tell hubby my car problem. Next morning, 06/10 – drive to work, noticed my steering still shaking shaking, alamak, now only remember forgot to tell hubby. Though he is not a foreman but at least he can tell what’s wrong with the car. He has some knowledge on car problem, sometimes he himself tell the technician where to repair his car! P/s: One time his aim is to open a car service training center, to teach lady only (yes, for ladies only, as he claimed not many ladies know on car’s problem or even change flat tyre . Is that true? Ladies out there?) Send a messenger to him thru msn, he asked many questions but I couldn’t tell the answers as I duno what’s wrong with the car..too bad! So he asked me to drive only 60km/hr, then he will check it out tonight. Today I am not going out for lunch, get my colleague ta pau for me. After lunch break, probably around 2.30pm, my pakcik guard called me, informed that my tayar sudah puncit le! Alamak! How this could happen? I duno how to change tyre le. Lucky the kind Pakcik guard called one of the factory worker to change for me. Problem solved! Later I quickly drive out to nearest tyre shop to repair my flat tyre…a new nail was making my tyre puncit, *sigh* While driving back to office, noticed the steering no more shaking…now only I get the answer! Am I too late?? When I think back now, lucky this was not happen on the road side, if not, how am I going to get help from the public? People nowadays also cannot 100% trusts! So ladies, do you know how to change tyre? Or do you think we need to learn how to change tyre from now on??

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Wien pushing Lyon...

Last night in the living hall, Wien busy playing with her rubber bands ( in old times we ever play this games! Also ever blog by Sharon in her recent blog! many many rubber band tied one by one, till it become rubber rope). She tied both end of the rubber rope into each chair’s kaki, with MIL help! Then she jumps over it and play alone. Lyon was with me, she is “helping” me folding hers and Wien shirts. How she help me? By mess up those complete folding shirts la! So I give her a toy and redirect her attention. Maybe she feels bored and crawls towards Wien and wanna play the rubber rope too! Happy she not kacau me, so just let her play with Wien. When Wien saw Lyon come towards her, she start yelling and asking me to carry her away as she dun want Lyon to kacau her too! I told her never mind la just play with mei mei la…then Wien kept quiet…few seconds later, I heard “bomp” and saw Lyon fall down!! Start crying very loud…Wien was pushing her down!! I was so angry she treated mei mei like this. Quickly I hold up crying Lyon and tell Wien this time mummy want to beat you liao! You so naughty!! Before I reach her she already cry loudly too, I still beat her hand, the right hand that pushed mei mei down. Her grandma also took out a cane and pretend want to beat her, wow..she cry lagi kuat & so kesian!! We just let her cry, have to punish her, if not, she will bully Lyon in other day too! Wien like to snatch Lyon’s toy sometimes, whenever we saw she did this to mei mei, we will scold or punish her too! As we do not want it become a bad habit. Our messenger to her is to love/help each other, not fight each other… Most of my friends say you only have 2 girls, not so headache, if boys, lagi worst! They will fight each other most of the time. By that time you tend to one eye open one eye close. Is that true? Mummy to boys??

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Read Mumgather blog on winning contest, me also want to blog le, as me won quite many prizes so far, of course not as many as Lydia Teh la…

Other than those prizes won from company annual dinner's lucky draw, here is the list... Before marry… I win an ACER brand computer in 1997; it is Carlsberg’s online contest. To count Carlsberg’s cover quantity in a big container. No proof of purchase is require, so I submitted many many entries..yeah ! One of them is within the range. So I am one of the winner la. Have to go to Carlsberg melaka office to redeem the prize, they also taken my photo together with the branch manager. But never advertise in the newspaper le!! If not , can post here. Me also do not bring along camera as duno they will take photo. So happy at that time, as before this I was thinking to upgrade my old PC, so after winning the new PC, the old one I keep just aside lor…喜新厌旧!! 2D/1N- one room apartment in Century Hotel Melaka. Was having dinner there with boy friend (now become my hubby la). Reception requests us to drop in name card for lucky draw. So lucky win the first prize for the room voucher.

After marry… 1. Consolation prize from 100 Plus – one big 100 Plus glass. I win twice in this contest, all consolation prize la, so I have 2 big glasses. 2. 2 CNY hampers under special prize – PIL attended the CNY function in Muar in year 2002 (dunno the function name la) so they filled in my name as they claim I am lucky ( at that time I was pregnant with Wien ) 3. Year 2003, send in Wien’s picture in baby contest under “Funny Faces “& “Fun Time” under Youngnutrition. Both pictures being selected and won MPH voucher worth RM800! Wah, mummy so happy…shop for book crazily!! Still keep one box not yet open, keep for Wien future use! 4. Baby contest again, under Pet Pet brand diaper. No prizes won but they do send me 2 Pet Pet discount voucher cost RM4 each….better than nothing la.. 5. 2D/1N room voucher again in Century Mahkota Hotel Melaka for 2 room apartments! I win this contest while dining in the hotel with hubby and Wien and Lyon (still inside my tummy le) during Valentine 2004! After the candle night dinner (not romantic la as Wien is around, run here and there!), the reception pass a small piece of paper to us and ask us count all the monkey on the tree. The hotel displays a giant tree in the hall and hangs many monkeys there, monkey year ma! We not count probably la as Wien keep disturbing us and just roughly put a figure in. After a month, receive the voucher from the hotel informing us on this! See, how lucky I am. I feel I am lucky while pregnant la… My family member always think I am lucky in entering contest so when there is any contest, they will pass me the contest form and ask me to participate! But if need to write slogan wan, sorry la..grammer not so good le My dream is to win a big car or far never got the luck yet!

Monday, October 03, 2005

Lyon vomited..

It’s 4 am in the Monday morning, Lyon keep rolling at her bed and heard she coughing too, get closer to her, noticed her eyes was wide open and smile back to me! Aiyo!! my dear , how come you wake up at this time, mummy so sleepy le…must be the coughing cause her up. The only solution is make milk for her and hope she will fall back to sleep later on. After the milk, she still rolls here and there. I also cannot sleep la! After some time( about 5am), she seems tired and quietly asleep. After few seconds, I heard vomiting sound!! Lyon is vomiting la, all the milk taken just now was vomited; quickly get hubby up, get him help me to change Lyon bed sheet while I carry her as she was asleep already. Even her mattress protector also gets wet, so does the mattress. No choice has to turn the mattress to the other side, then line up another set of bed sheet. By the time all these done, Lyon already wide awake. We had caused her up in fact. She so happy saw us also up with her; keep calling/shouting in her baby talk, also she keep calling jie jie, hoping jie jie will wake up and play with her! Hubby also entertain her, I ask him better pretend sleep, if not Lyon will play with you till 7am! So we just lied down, let her alone there, yet she still come and kacau kacau. I think probably around 5.45am only sleeps back as no one wants play with her…haha…

Sunday, October 02, 2005

02/10, Sunday Morning..

Sunday morning.... Sometime when she is in bad mood, she will not go to school, no matter how we persuade her. Like this morning, She cry and cry and telling us today dun want to go school, wanna play with mei mei at home! Bla all sort of excuses…the kind daddy le say dun want to force her, so just let her skip the class. After she stop crying, while I bathing her, I asked her.... Mummy: why today dun want to go school? Wien : (put her finger near her head and pretend she is thinking …after few seconds..)Because papa not free today! Mummy : who say papa not free? Wien : yes, he secretly told me this morning le, mummy still sleeping ma so mummy duno lor.. Mummy : speechless…. Wien clever in arguing nowadays, she can come out with all kind of reason and argue with us. Sometimes we did punish her for doing so, not cane her, but only…eg: not let her play with computer, dun want to hold her but hold Lyon & more saying to Lyon etc…then she will behave! Have to teach her from small; if not her attitude/manner will be worst when getting older….

Saturday, October 01, 2005

Sick, sick , sick..

Wien and Lyon having running nose for 2 days already, do not bring them see doctor yet as they do not have fever or block nose so far. But have to clean their noses from time to time, if not they really look so ugly!! Was wondering how they can get running nose?? as in our house there is none of us sick, could it be due to hot weather or get cold at night?? Still a question for me! So these 2 days, they only have quick bath, not allow them to play water as usual. I really scare they sick, means sleepless/suffer nights for them so as to the mummy!