Wednesday, June 25, 2008

My boss in trouble

Why I said he is in trouble?

Cos he cannot even control his subordinate now! This the most scary part if a owner of the company does not know how his subordinate do their work! He called meeting for brainstorming last week but none of them has good idea. To me, now is not the time to ask for brainstorming but to find out which section or department making loss and ask for recovery plan. Of course he has to know well the breakdown of cost of sales as per my hubby's suggestion.

before he start to ask for remedy plan.

Pizza lover

During my childhood time, I never ever tried any type of pizza, let alone fast food like McDonald or KFC. The main reason is my parent not affords to let us enjoy the luxury. They only managed to bring us to playground to play and walk around in town instead of going to shopping mall to shop. But we still live happily without any complaint and demand for more. We know our situation and we know well about family financial too.

Hubby wishes to apply the same for our children too but I am not agree to his way. Since we are afford to let our children enjoy the life though not in luxury way, so why not let it be? Among all the fast food, my children love pizza the most. They will request us to bring them to Pizza Hut during weekend from time to time. However we cannot go every weekend coz it is not healthy to eat this fast food, especially for kids.

In fact, I ever think of to DIY pizza using mozzarella cheese for them since nowadays it is so much easier to buy cheese as compare to last time. I had been talking to DIY pizza long time ago, yet till now still never make any for them. so, to satisfy their crave, I buy frozen pizza from supermarket. All I need to do is heat it using my oven, and Viola…ready to serve!

By the way, if you’re pizza lover and wish to enjoy FREE pizza for one year, do check out Ristorante Contest from the site. All you need to do is fill in your name, email and postcode in their website. Too bad, only Canadian citizens entitle for the contest, other wise I will be joining it too!

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Friday, June 20, 2008

password-ed your pc!

When I have emergency leave, I only worry about my company computer. After settle down personal stuff, I will start thinking this and that. I will worry will my office staff turn on my pc and browse through my data in my computer. Unless I called up my trusted colleague to work for me, else I did worry will my IT staff or HR staff go check my data in my pc. So it is wise for all of us to fix password vault function to safeguard your computer data. Of course you can delegate your work to your subordinate but you also have to ensure they only allow accessing your data to certain level. Unless it is urgent, else they have to get your permission first before accessing your P & C data for the company.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


There are many types of insurance, such as term life insurance, medical insurance, saving type of insurance and many more. To me, insurance is a MUST item in my list. I know I cannot afford high medical cost, so I have to rely on my insurance in case anything happen to my family members.

The younger you invest into term life, the more you can save in your premium. So it is advisable for you to buy child term life when they are young. Do check out term life quotes from various insurance agents first before put in your money for the package.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Try Kava!

Have you ever heard about kava? It is one type of organic supplement products that can come to heal and restore balance to your life. Well, this is the first time I heard about Kava from my friends where they learn it from internet. It is has been proven to be a SAFE HERBAL SUPPLEMENT, you can check out the site for more details. Kava able to enhance your life by helping to reduce stress and anxiety, add enjoyment, and increase your overall sense of well-being. Since it is a natural and herbal type supplement, I think it should be ok to try for the sake of our body healthiness. If you still wonder about it's effectiveness, do let me give it a trial. I will blog about it after the trial period, say about 1 month. Stay tune!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Car DVD players

My girls start pestering their daddy to fix a car DVD player into his car after they saw the neighbour's kids enjoy the movie in the car very much. In fact, we ever think of fixing a car DVD player some time ago but due to the expensive cost incur, so we put on hold the plan. More ever my hubby is not a movie person and he hardly watch movie at home too. So to him, it is not a must item for his car. Also not all the time we go for vacation by car, so hubby suggest to fix it in future but not now. However now the price for car DVD players had dropped dramatically and it also become very popular for car owner too. I am so tempted to ask hubby fix one into his car, so that we can watch movie when we are in car ride for long distance. But I think my girls will occupy the players, I am sure they will on their favorite cartoon series instead of adult movie. :)

Monday, June 16, 2008


Finally I can see some adjustment for my May pay slip coz last year we do not have any salary adjustment. Now only I have the chance to blog about it after received my pay slip from HR. The amount still ok to me but hubby would prefer me to look for higher pay position that equivalent to my qualification. Frankly I am so lazy to look for new job as I dislike new environment too. I can say I am too comfortable here, which is not good too.

Never mind, now I slowly expand my sewing business, hopefully I can get another RM1-2k on top of my current salary. I am contented with my current situation.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Drug info

“This announcement was paid for by Epocrates.”

With the advancement of internet technology, nowadays it is so much easy to get online drug reference via online search. One of the best site to look for drug reference will be at Epocrates. In this site, you can get information such as more than 3300 brand and generic drug, drug pricing, pill pictures, drug interaction checker, health insurance and medicare part D formularies etc. The best of all is you get all these info with no charges!

I am very poor in drug information, most of the time I have to consult my family doctor before heading to pharmacy. Of course if possible I will get the drug from family doctor but for certain occasion, we can just buy from pharmacy instead of going to visit doctor. Therefore it is necessary for us to know some basic knowledge about drug that we can use in daily life.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Exercise Vs diet pill

Although I am on medical leave now but I notice my body weight still remain the same. Haiz...feel a bit sad coz I thought it will go down at least 1-2kg! The big tummy still there, hand muscle still very chubby and my legs look like elephant too! LOL

There are thousand of diet pills products in the market now, wonder can I try one to lose my weight? But I am sure my hubby will not allow me to try it. Though all these products including Phentermine mentioned that they do not have side effect after consume but I still wonder it's effectiveness and the consequences. I better do more exercises by now!

Private jet?

How nice if I ever own a private jet charter, then I can go anywhere as and when I like. Am I dreaming? Hehe...this is a good dream though, as hubby said only when you have a dream, then only you will work hard to materialize your dream. It is kind of motivation for you to work hard and achieve your dream. However when I own a private jet charter, then where shall I park my jet then? My existing house do not have such big compound for me to land or even park the jet! Headache too!

Leather quality products

When come to handbag and luggage stuff, I noticed most of the people would love to own leather type instead of normal quality for these stuff. To them, only leather quality products can long lasting and value for money. Unless cheapo brand products that will easily spoil or damage in short time. Have you ever heard of Johnston and Murphy leather accessories. Many experience shopper told me that this is a reliable brand products and it can long lasting too. For luggage I may consider to buy quality leather type coz we can use for long time but for handbag, I would prefer normal type coz I love to change handbag. And handbag design change quite often too. That's why I do not want to use a handbag for long time! LOL

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Advance gadget

I think James, my sister's elder son is the luckiest kid in this world. Whatever he want his father will fulfill his wish during his birthday. So far, he has own a personal computer, laser printer, mountain bike, MP3 and other advance gadgets. Frankly I yet to own all these gadgets but he beat me to that.

This coming birthday, he request his father buy him a new set of Xbox HD DVD, so that he can play his gaming on Xbox 360. In fact Xbox HD DVD Player has become one of the most affordable gadget for people nowadays. I ever to buy one for myself but at the same time I also worry my children will addicted to all those games and neglected their homework. That's why I have to put on hold on buying the Xbox HD DVD. But after they enter secondary school, perhaps I will consider buy a Xbox HD DVD for the house, then we just plug Xbox 360 HD DVD Player into Xbox 360 and enjoy the ultimate home theater experience with more clarity and detail than broadcast, cable or satellite HD. Of course I will fix all these at our Ozana house instead of current house.

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Why need 2 handphone?

Sometimes I noticed some people will have more than 2 handphones at one time. When their hp is ringing, I can see they busy checking which hp is ringing. Sometimes they took wrongly...of course lar, what for carry so many hp at one time. They really so busy ar? or they're having big business out there? Frankly I don't feel the need to have so many hp in one go. After all you have to pay more too. Now everything are so expensive. If you are using prepaid hp, if you have 2 hp, meaning that you have to pay at least RM30 x 2 = RM60 for each month.

Haiz...better save up the money lar!

Monday, June 02, 2008


These few days I am at home resting. I start feel bore after 4 days at home and I wish to go back to my work station. Not that I like to work but I cannot do much home and I cannot walk fast too. Most of the time it is my MIL who taking care my kids while me purely rest at home. Also these few days make me think should I change my job, should I look for better offer job? My hubby keep persuade me to change coz to him my current salary is pretty low as compare to current market rate. But so far I never complain about my pay coz I am satisfy with current working condition plus I can snaking during office hour too if bosses not around. LOL... Ok lar, maybe one day I will send in Philadelphia resumes to look for any good offer in Philadelphia! But then, it seem this place too far for me ler....

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Home theater

I like to watch movie at home with a good AV system, anyway to own a private theater at home is a dream that I feel too expensive to realize. To be honest, I don't think I m afford to own the basic AV system with my current earning, don't mention about those hi end equipment.

Anyway, this doesn't mean I loss the chance to enjoy the luxury. So time I feel that I m quite lucky enough to have some friends who willing to spend their whole life saving for setting up a private theater system. Yes, most of them own a good AV system, but non of them put in a proper home theater chairs in their private theater.

In fact, I don't even know there is such customized sitting for home theater system until I visit the official web site of Stands and Mounts, who specialize in home theater system. Hmmm... I should share the link with my friends who crazy with the AV system. Who know, I may have a chance to seat on the luxury chair one day. Ha hah...:-))

coin dealer

I was joking with hubby that I plan to become coin dealer once I retire from work. This is because gold coin prices getting higher and higher now, I don't think I have the extra cash to own it, so I better become the agent and count the coin index for my customer. Well, I better start doing my homework now, study and analyze how to invest into gold or silver coins. Hubby did not object my idea but he suggest me better study in share market since he has knowledge in this field and he is able to guide and teach me too. Too bad, I am not interested in share market at all. I know I could take some time to learn it, but I still do not have the energy to go and pick it up. Ermm..other than coin dealer, what else can I do as side business?