Friday, August 31, 2007

Going to Australia

I love my current job actually coz I use to book hotels accommodation for my boss during his business trip, therefore I have some knowledge and skill in looking for cheap hotels for him. Due to this reason, whenever I plan for my vacation, I will try to check out from the same site to search for cheap hotels rate.

For instant, lately my boss just back from his Sydney trip. Throughout the 5 days, his Sydney accommodation was booked under Cheaperthanhotels website. He commented the hotel condition is good although the price is cheaper than other hotels. Now I know where I should look for cheap hotels just in case I have the chance to travel in Australia.

Besides Sydney hotels, we also can book Perth hotels and Adelaide hotels from Cheaperthanhotels website. The site offers last minutes and all year deals too, so you can just book, pack and go for vacation anytime you like!

Monitor his share market

Hubby is a part time investor in share market. He has some good knowledge in this area and he actually had gained some money from share market lately. However he also ever lost quite a substantial amount of money during crisis in year 1997.

Recently he told me about options trading software where it can provides him the essential data to invest in stock options. Sometimes he is lack of time to monitor his stock options, so he was thinking to get this options trading software to help him find, compare, analyze, and make money on stock option trading. The best of all is the software offers the convenience and control required to automatically sort, filter, and analyze all 2,900+ optional stocks and 190,000+ options online to find investments in order to meet our profit goals.

Hubby will try out the 14 days free trial first before he confirm his purchase with PowerOpt.

Learn to play poker

There are so many online games in internet now; sometimes it is hard to choose one that I really like it. Among all those online games, I yet to master the skill in playing poker games.

My online games player showed me some websites where I can learn the trick to play poker games. One of the great powerful poker tool's site is Poker Pro Labs 2007 which is an advanced online poker advisor that able to help you win more hands when playing at your favorite online poker site.

They will show us how to use the player tracking, action monitoring, chance of winning, pot odds and other great features to take advantage of your opponents. The best of all is the service is totally FREE! Hehe…I better get myself a copy now since it is free.

Merdeka! Merdeka! Merdeka!

It's our Merdeka Day today. I wish Malaysia Happy 50th Anniversary, and many more to come.

Hoping to see more improvement in various kinds of infrastructure as well as fair in education quota!

Let's wait & see how many Merdeka babies will be born in next day newspaper!

Cat Art

Are you a cat lover? Have you ever thought of to buy some cat art and place it as décor in your house? Let me show you where to search for funny and cute of cat art online.

Mad Frank's Cats is an online store that sells various types of cat lover products with unique cat graphic on them. You can purchase the art as gift and send to your friends or relative who are cat lovers.

Some of the designs that you able to find in Mad Frank’s Cats are Cat Shower Scene, City Kitty, Good Morning Kitty, TV Tiger Cat and many more. Check out the site now and browse all the unique design, I am sure you able to find out that suit your taste.

Can I loss weight

After giving birth to 2 kids, I noticed myself hardly can loss weight now. at time I tried to fix time to do some exercise to reduce some weight but after a while, I did not see any improvement, end up I gave up my plan. Later I was thinking to try some weight loss products but my idea was rejected by hubby coz he worry weight loss products might have side effect to our health if we do not study properly whether it suit for us or not.

This plan cannot use and that plan cannot work, so how am I going to loss my extra weight? Someone suggests me to try out houston Lap band coz it is the safest and proven weight-loss surgery that available today. It is also the only weight-loss surgery that is completely reversible and adjustable – for life. The best part is the LAP-BAND doesn’t require cutting, stapling or rerouting of the stomach or intestines, therefore it provides lower risks with the surgery and less serious long term complications. The surgery seem not bad, perhaps I should try it one day!

Loans from M&S

We need money to survive. This is the fact and I am sure majority of you will agree with me. Some of you are lucky if you’re born in rich family and less worry about money. However people like me need to work hard for money in order to settle my personal loan as well as car finance loan.

It is quite easy to apply for loans now coz there is plenty of financial institutions and banks in the community. However you need to study your loan application first and check all the details properly before agree with the agreement. Make sure you’re afford to make the repayment on time and the interest is reasonable.

If you wish to apply for a personal loan, you may check out the personal loans from M&S online.

I Am Not Alone Now

It is mid night now yet I still up here. What else I do if not online…hehe….yeah, got to finish pending bayar post now, so that I can start enjoy my long break starting tomorrow. Hubby and I had planned few activities for the girls, hopefully nothing happen and we able to make it.

Why I mentioned I am not alone in my title. Coz my hubby is with me now, usually if tomorrow is weekend, he will accompany me online. However most of the time I will chase him go to bed first instead of waiting for me. I will feel guilty.

His other reason is he wants to catch mosquitoes that come and disturb me. So while I am typing, I can see his mosquito racket keep waiving beside me! Hahaha……that’s my hubby.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Gift for her

One of my best friends just gave birth to a baby girl on the National Day. She is very clever to choose date coz the hospital had gave her a lovely baby basket for her arrival to this world.

I will buy her a present too but no idea what to send her yet. Just now I try to search online and look for any great baby products, I think I will get a baby sling and few baby clothing for the newborn. There are many baby stores that I can find online and I love to shop online too coz it is a hassle free shopping to me. I can save a lot of time by shopping online; at least I no need to drive out look for parking lot and queue up to make payment at cashier counter. All I need to do is just with a click of mouse at the comfort of my home!

Study is not hard

We all know education plan an important part in our life. If you do not have higher education level, it will be tough for you to find a good pay job. Some parents even start sending their kids to tuition class when they are in primary school. They put the responsibility onto tutor shoulder and pay for the service. This is mainly due to they are career person and no time to teach or guide their kids homework.

If your kids need homework help and you are not there to assist them, perhaps you can send them to Tutor Vista to get the tutoring from their expert. It allows you to schedule tutoring sessions and homework help sessions whenever you want and as many time as you want too.

Tutor Vista cover lots of subject, including Math, Algebra, English, Geography, economics, science and many more. do read more from Tutor Vista website.

Cover your wedding

Have you ever think of to buy insurance on your wedding day? It’s your great day! I am sure you have spent an invaluable amount of time preparing for your wedding. Thus, wedding cover

is even more essential. Most of the wedding are cancelled due to illness and unexpected circumstances.

Not only time, you also have spent lot of effort and life saving on your wedding. Therefore you have to ensure your wedding insurance has adequate coverage to cover all the essential cost incurred. If you need wedding insurance now, do check out with Marks & Spencer Wedding Insurance. They will help you to cover the big things and the little things, from cancellation cover to the flowers.

Once you have insurance plan in hand, then only you can concentrate on your big day!

Got such thing ar?

Got such info from an audience's call in to MY FM 7:28 am this morning.

He works as a private driver for a high level government agency official. Over the phone, he told the DJ the official salary he get is RM2300 per month, but the net amount bank into his account ( exclusive EPF and others deduction ) left only RM1500+. The balance of 700+ will go to another person’s account as “agent fee” in order sustain the job.

According to him, he is not the only one whose salary being deducted by somebody, other of his colleague facing the same problem too.

I am not sure how true the news like this; anyway, since the conversation has been broadcasted throughout the nation, public who tuned to MY FM this morning should get the news.

Since someone brings the case up, somebody from the authority should take necessary action to verify the validity.

Well, I shouldn’t write too much on this topic. Otherwise…. You know lah…

Strengthen his muscles

My hubby is a tall person, much much taller than me. Whenever we walk together, I am sure will gain lots of eye stare from other people. This is because I am a short person; our height is about 10 inch different. Hehe…one short and one tall person, sure people will look at you with their funny face expression. Anyway I already get use to this, not a big deal to me. The God had made us as unique couple. LOL

Though hubby is a tall person but he doesn’t has a strong muscle at his arms as well as other body part. He is quite thin actually. He was thinking to install Pull Up Bars at home and do exercise more frequently. So that he able to strengthen the muscles in the upper body, and stronger his arm muscles indirectly. Not a bad idea after all. By strengthening these back muscles now, we are actually reducing our odds of hurting our back in the future.

Another business for me

My Ebay business getting slow lately, sometimes I even earn nothing in a month. I spend so much time on listing my items, sending email to Ebay buyer’s inquiries, but still no any business was deal at the end. I feel quite frustrated and thinking to terminate my account in Ebay too.

But my best friend advise me continue the business and she also suggests me to include Sunglasses in my items list. She was saying sunglasses market is good coz everyone wants to look smart, especially teenager in new generation. She advise me to get Wholesale Sunglasses for replica brand at a vast discounted price, then I can earn money from there. Of course I cannot sell high price for replica brand of sunglasses since people tend to compare it with branded sunglasses. But she assured me that I still can lot of profit by mark up the price to certain profit margin.

Ok, perhaps I should give this business a try. If I no try, then I will never know whether I can earn money or not.

Oh No!

Please, please wake up my dear PC.

This morning I reach office pretty early, got sms from Hui Sia, ask me to grab offer from BGT. After grabbing for myself, Eric & Miche, my pc went to sleep….aiyo, I am so kancheong I tell you. I have tons of office work pending, my pc cannot go sleep now, I need to finish all by today, coz tomorrow onwards will be long break for me. I want to go for holiday without worry my work load.

Also….I have few pending offers need to finish by today too! Hello, dear PC, please wake up now. I NEED YOU.

….I am typing this out from my server’s room PC! If my pc still no up, I am going to occupy this pc for today! LOL

Attitute Problem

Another so-called manager level staff came and disturbs me just now. He really treated me as typist today. I feel unfair to me so I rejected his request on the spot. He wants me type a memo to courier Service Company in order to collect back our goods on our behalf. I ever did that but for my own stuff which relate to my job scope. In fact I had told him the basic points to include in the memo, but he seem not understand and wants me do for him also. This time I don’t want to tolerate since I still have pending job to do at that moment. I IGNORE HIM. Yup, I treat him as transparent. Hey, he is manager, he has 3-4 clear and executive in his room, can’t he ask either one to do for him? Why must ask me? I am not his subordinate after all? I have the right to reject him, am I right? Anyway, I insisted reject him. If he wants to report to my boss, go ahead. I am not scare him anyway. Stupid manager.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's time to change car

Two months ago, hubby keeps throwing below questions to me:

- You want big car or small car?

- You want new car or Used Cars?

- Manual car or auto car?

I did not give him a proper answer coz I have no intention to change car yet. Further more my existing car still can move, only a bit high cost when come to maintenance. The main reason I refuse to change car is I don’t want to bear any loan right now; I enjoy my debt free status. However hubby has his own view, he commented that my existing car already more than 11 years by now, it is time to change to another car, either new car or Used Cars that still in good condition.

Finally I accepted hubby’s suggestion after think twice of above consideration. Then he starts to shop for car, either check with car agents or search online. He prefers to shop online coz lot of websites nowadays did offer searching tool to look for used autos for sale. One of the great site offer such service is where it can guide you through hundreds and thousands of used autos with their easy-to-use Guided Search.

Don’t worry if you couldn’t find any used car, just check out at

Get the latest version NOD32

Antivirus software is a must for me as my computer is always connected to internet, anytime it will be infected by virus if we do not have latest version of antivirus software. I am real worry one day my computer data gone, especially my kids photos. I will remind my hubby to do back up from time to time, but still have to ensure our antivirus software is functional.

One of the well known antivirus software is NOD32 coz it is the world record holder of the coveted Virus Bulletin 100% award. The software has a blazing scanning rate and unequaled heuristics, therefore it make NOD32 the leader in the "next generation" of Anti Virus solutions for Home and Home offices. You may try it out since it provides 30 Day money back guarantee now.

Unique Ceiling Fans

If your house is under renovation and wish to install ceiling fans or look for fan accessories, perhaps you should pay a visit to the site of

The site offers thousands of unique ceiling fans and ceiling fan accessories from more than a dozen popular ceiling fan manufacturers including: Casablanca, Craftmade, Ellington, Fanimation, Hunter Fan Company, Luceplan, Matthews Fans, Minka Aire, Modern Fan Company, Monte Carlo, NuTone, Quorum and Westinghouse.

You can also search for your desired ceiling fans model using the ceiling fan search featured in the site. Among all the ceiling fans listed in the site, I like the casablanca fans and ellington ceiling fans very much. This is because both models look so unique and special, I am sure there can fit well for my house décor.

Check out Farrey today if you wish to have a new look for your house ceiling fans.

Collaboration software

I am not very good at computer knowledge. I learn all the IT terms and knowledge from my IT guy mostly; lucky he is willing to share with me his knowledge. Lately he told me about collaboration software that is mainly the basis for computer supported cooperative work. This software features including email system, calendaring, schedule task and many more. He added that by using collaborative software will lead to team’s productivity within office work place as well as across the world. More ever the software is easy to setup, easy to use and secure too!

Reliable Products

Lately I am having skin problem, my face look dull and lots of pimples too. Hubby commented probably due to lack of sleep and stress during working hour. I think I have to admit it since lately I really stay up late, finish some of my pending post. I know I should do it so often as it will affect my outlook as well as my skin problem.

Sometimes I just brush teeth and wash my face with facial, then go to bed, without applying any night cream. This is another reason why my skin looks dull lately. Hehe… its all my fault. However I also noticed my skin care product seem did not show very good result after I applied it, probably my skin structure has changed. I was wondering should I change my existing set of skin care products. But my concern is I am not sure what else brands of products suit my skin type. It is not easy to find actually.

One of my female friends recommended me to refer Trust Source, where I can find the guideline on which type of skin care products that suit my needs. She added that all the products listed in Trust Source will be evaluated and compared for the claims they had make. They will also rank the products and allow customers to make comparison. Customers also able to leave feedback as review and do the product ranking according to their experience. Thus allowing other customers to use it as guideline when selecting the products.

Some of the proven products that listed in Trust Source are provillus for hair loss treatment, cellulite cream helps to reshape your body figure or diminish stretch marks or eliminating inches. They also have medicine that able to cure hot flashes, irritability, mood swings, eliminates headaches and backaches.

Since products listed in Trust Source are proven with record, thus I think there are safe apply onto my face. I shall give it a try.

Please tell us earlier!

This Saturday suppose is our office working day but last minutes my boss declare it as off day, since Friday is the public holiday for the nation. This means we will have long break, total of 3 days consecutively. Wow, if I knew this news earlier, for sure I will plan for short vacation for my family member. But now, it is too late coz most of the hotels and rentals booking was fully book due to peak season.

Next time I am going to remind my boss to declare this kind of holiday earlier, so that we can plan for something for our holiday too, in order not to waste it by just sitting at home. You see, if we have 3 off day given by the company, then we can apply leave for another 2 – 3 days, so we actually can plan a trip to Hawaii and stay in Maui Vacation Rental. If we plan this way which mean we can save on our annual leave too!

Free Chat Rooms @ WireClub

Do you know what is the first thing I do when I first own my Acer computer? Hehe…I get my boyfriend (now my dear hubby) to help me install ICQ into my computer, so that I can start chatting with him at night. We only meet once a week coz he stay quite far from me. At that time, only ICQ is available for chatting, so we fully make sure of the service. In fact, I am quite addicted to it too. hehe….

Nowadays, besides ICQ there are plenty of sites offer free chat rooms services, including In the site, you able to meet and chat with people who have the same interest and hobby with you by joining the Interest Clubs. You can either join any club you want and chat with the members there in the built-in club chat room. However if your interest does not listed in the club, you can create it by your own and form your own group. Amazing, right?

Alternatively you can start a blog using the service provided by WireClub and share your journal with other members. You may meet more online friends via chatting in WireClub.

Why wait? Sign up with WireClub today and enjoy the free services!

Email Down

Past 2days my office email cannot receive email. The system kept showing error to me, said my username and password is WRONG. But I clearly remember that I never go and amend my password so far.

I call my IT boy for help. He is a new guy and joins us not even one month. He has IT knowledge but he cannot solve my problem. After 20 mins, he still clicks & clicks at my keyboard, I start feel nervous coz I have many pending job and I wish he can settle it quickly. Another 10min gone, I told him settle his job first, later only come to me. Actually I want to chase him out! LOL

The whole day I not check email, for outstanding work from supplier, I just called them and do follow up. The next day, I try login to check my email, it’s ok already.

Phew…lucky become ok now coz I dun think my IT guy can solve my problem. If problem unsolved, I will call my previous IT guy! Hehehe….

He is away ...... again!

Yippie….my big boss will go for vacation starting today, total 7 days. When he is not in office, I can take a breath at least. I can do less typing and less email corresponding for him too.

This around he is going to China.....yeah, China again!

Not understand him like why China so much. Last year he also went China together with family member and friends. This year go again. Not sien meh???

If I will him, I will go to other places except China. I have negative thinking about China actually. China food not safe to consume too. My hubby dislikes China too. A lot of comments and complaints you can hear from him about China stuff. China people are suck! All business minded and tricky minded too!

Anyway, since he likes China so much, go go la. I can blog blog blog during his absent! LOL

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Health Insurance is Important

I noticed most people reluctant to talk about insurance or even think about it. However insurance is very important to me as it serves to protect my financial future, especially health insurance.

People like us tend to get into a car accident or have some type of health problem in our life, and when that happens, you will want to have insurance to cover your medical bills. Can you afford to go to the doctor without health insurance? If your answer is NO, then you better start searching for one health lead that suit your needs. To me, insurance is all about protection- it protects you against an unfortunate incident such as a car accident, a robbery, or an illness. Let’s insurance helps you to pay for the bills, less headache for you too! I bet sure you will be feel so glad and relief when you encounter an unexpected ill-fated if you have insurance.

You can search for various types of health insurance leads information at The site will show you how and where to buy health insurance leads that is affordable to your budget. It also listed thousands of high quality and real time health insurance leads in daily basis which are competitively priced and in a high demand.

Do check out for more details information.

Hope my dream come true

Last time only two of us going for vacation, we just book ticket, pack and ready to go. It is also less costly for us to go for travel. However after having 2 kids now, we have to set some budget for them. Usually I will try not to let them stay alone with MIL at home, I prefer to spend holiday with them. By the way, it is not cheap when 4 of us going together for any vacation.

When we have just one kid, one room is just sufficient for us but now with 2 kids, we need more spacious room, thus indirectly we have to pay extra for the room. I was told master suites in St Thomas Villas very spacious and comfortable. It also has nice view from the villa itself. Wow, how nice if I able to stay one day there!

Dislike Double Doing My Job

Though I am having simple job here but sometimes I dislike to do double work which mean do the same work twice. I am sure many of you dislike doing this too. However sometimes it is unavoidable in office life, coz not all people are smart like me..wuahkakakaka…..

See, sometimes my boss will also ask me do the same job twice, can I say NO? No way, right? Anyway I had been paid for the service, just follow instruction and do whatever he like. Lucky now everything is done by computer, if still in MANUAL world ( I mean typing using type writer), then I die long time ago lor…LOL

Luxury Casino

I never went to Las Vegas before but I ever heard about Excalibur Las Vegas from my boss and he also showed us some pictures taken in Las Vegas. He wen to Los Angeles in year 2001 for business trip, before coming back, he make a flight transit to Las Vegas just to enter the casino at Excalibur. Yeah, he is rich boss; of course he is afforded to play at oversea casino. I dare not play in casino, usually just enter casino to watch how those gambler gambling!

Am I afford to own property?

Wow, I didn’t know that Arizona luxury real estate has such high market value. I don’t think I am afforded to own one unit, unless I strike first prize in Big Sweep! LOL

In fact, purchase a property is another way to save money. as I know, property value will keep going up every year. After you purchase one unit, you have to pay installment monthly, treat this as saving. After some years, when the market value is above your purchase price, then you can sell it, thus you are making money out of it. but the period is not short, you have to wait patiently!

Earn from your websites

There are plenty of online websites which allow you to make money nowadays. Dclickads is a new advertising network for both webmasters to increase advertising revenue and publishers to increase traffic and clicks. It is an internet advertising and marketing service connecting advertisers and webmasters. You can earn your earning by publishing text link ads, graphic banner ads and embedded inline ads in your website.

The registration is totally FREE for advertisers. After registration, advertisers can browse the site directory and decide which banner, text link, or embedded inline link advertisements that he want to purchase. After that add the advertising zones to his cart and make payment. The advertisements will typically appear in 24 hours in his websites upon approval.

So if you wish to make money online too, go register an account with Dclickads today!

Fun Place for my girls

Tomorrow onwards will be a long holiday break for me and hubby. Hubby suggested to me that he plan to bring the kids for outing but no idea where to go. I am welcome his idea as long as not going to those crowded area. As you know bringing kids to crowded area is quite dangerous nowadays, due to too many kidnap cases being happened lately. We better play safe than sorry.

It is quite a long time we did not bring the kids to Sea World. I remember my elder girl so existed when those sea animals swim towards her direction. Ok, since we can get discounted SeaWorld Tickets from Orlando FunTicket, perhaps we should pay a visit to this fun place again.

I Am Not A Plastic Bag

Geee….last month I saw many posts about above topic. Frankly I am not a bag person and I never go for branded handbag too. Previously I love to shop for bags but not branded bags too. However after seen so many snatching handbag cases, I stop buying now. Mainly due to hubby not allow me carry handbag anymore.

Ok, back to the topic. Why these bags get so many attentions from community? It even sold out in United States. Is it due to it kept featured in fashion magazines and on the arms of many celebrities and models? Or the bag really good in quality? Haha…sorry I really not understand why!

Btw, the bag not CHEAP at all!

Gain more traffic to my blog

I spend lots of my personal time in setting up my personal blog and I expect more visitors or readers come and visit my blog. However after few months, I noticed my blog’s visitor is very few and the figure quite disappointed me too. What shall I do next in order to get more readers to visit my blog?

Well, I was told by my IT expert that I should submit my blog to some blog directory to gain more traffic and exposure. He suggested Alive Blog Directory to me coz the site offer a comprehensive selection of blog categories with deep link submission options. It has standard and featured listing which are available with yearly and permanent submission options.

After submitting your blog to Alive Blog Directory, your blog will be listed according to the category that selected by you. If your blog is popular, then it will appear in “Top Hits” section.

Since this is a good opportunity for me to gain more traffic, perhaps I should give it a try now!

Book ticket online

Sometimes I feel we are so lucky now coz everything we can do online, such as pay utility bills, book movie or concert ticket, shopping online and many more. Don’t you think internet is amazing?

Talking about booking concert. Last month hubby try to book online the Miami Heat tickets to support his favorite basketball team, but he was unable to make it due to the seats were fully booked. He was so frust but finally he got his ticket from Premium Seats USA after he try to search online for alternative choice. Thank God, other wise he will make noise to me over the whole weekend.

Fun time with your kids

It’s summer school holiday now but the weather is not so good. Sometimes the weather is real hot but sometimes it is heavily rain outside. You could not go for outdoor activity or even go to shopping mall. What do you do with the kids? My kids don’t like to stuck in home, they prefer go to car porch or the mini garden to play with swing or cycling. However with bad weather, they cannot do anything. They will feel bored and will come and disturb me very frequent too!

Well, you can guide them do some fun and easy crafts. If you’ve no ideas how to do all these, just make use of your internet and search for educational and entertainment content for them. There are plenty of useful sites that offer variety of hand crafts activity for kids. Alternatively you can get Free Clip Art for Kids at ALFY where you can teach your kids to download their favorite clip art images into the computer, later guide them to either draw it out by using the Drawing features in Ms Word or place it as wallpaper. I am sure they will have fun by doing so.

ALFY It is one of the most popular destination sites for kids coz besides clip art for kids, it also offers hundreds of online games, cartoons, movie clips, puzzles, coloring page and many more. Check out ALFY and have a fun time with your kids!

Thank You Post

I am glad that I am having an easy and lots of freedom job.

I am glad that I am having a happy marriage life as well as family life.

I am glad that I have 2 lovely kids though both are girls.

I am glad that I have a lovely and caring (romantic) hubby.

I am glad that I have a thoughtful and helpful MIL though sometimes she may say something that I don’t like to hear.

I am glad that I am not depending on my salary to feed the family member or even pay for debts.

I am glad that I can quit from work anytime without much concern.

Thank God, I am contented with what I have now.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Please keep a distance from me

I keep lot of pictures in my office pc. Therefore I dislike other staff use my pc without my permission, if they ever did that, I will scold them gao gao. So far, none of them dare to come and disturb me. Yeah, don’t underestimate me; I can be fierce to you if you dare to step on me.

Some people just don’t understand what privacy is. Perhaps you might say: eh, office’s pc sure store office document only mah, how come you store your family photos there? But let me tell you why I have personal photos in my pc.

The real reason is you might get bored in office or you might feel down or fuss while you work, so when I encounter all these, I will open my photo folder and see my photos. This will enlighten my day as well as kick away those unhappy feeling.

Online shopping @ Mpire

If you are one of the online shopping buddy, then you shouldn’t miss out this site: Mpire. It is a place where you can view the broadest selection of both new and used items, from the Web's best shopping sites such as eBay, Amazon, Overstock, Yahoo,, and Craigslist just in one view. It also allows you to do price comparison, products review and compare prices between retail shops and ebay or others sites before you finalized your purchases with them. there are lots of categories being featured in Mpire, including clothing, computer, electronics, health and beauty, kids and family and many more. Another great deal is you can use the coupon codes offers by Mpire to dot the purchase online, thus allow you to have some saving. Don’t you think the site is cool? Hop over to Mpire now to look for your ideal products with great saving via their coupon codes!

Choose the best credit card

Credit card is a must item in my handbag. I bet many of you also own at least 1 or 2 credit cards in hand. Credit card application getting simple and easy now, I noticed even teenagers also start using credit card. However you have to spend wise and control yourself while spending with credit card. Other wise you might end up full of debt and bear the high interest if your card is not having features like 0% interest on shopping.

Before I do the application for my credit card, I will ensure the card is the best credit card which has features as below:

- 0% interest on purchase.

- 0% on balance transfer

- cash reward or return

- no annual fee

- low APR

- amount spent can convert to point redemption

- and many more.

Epazz BoxesOS

Web development getting popular nowadays due to the advancement and broad usage of internet. Majority of the companies will hire Software Company to assist them creating and designing web pages for their company in order to promote their products and services as well as improving their communication between customer and the company.

One of the enterprise-wide software companies is Epazz who specializes in providing customized web applications to the corporate world, higher education institutions and the public sector. Their unique BoxesOS applications able to enhance communication, provide resourceful information for decision-making, and thus make the company competitive in the marketplace. One of the best part of their portal software is their provides the company with enterprise level tools for creating, managing, organizing, archiving and sharing content.

Epazz’s BoxesOS software is user friendly too as it enable the staff to create the web pages without knowing much about HTML coding. If your company wishes to try out BoxesOS software, you may try out their 30 Days free trial first. If you find the software is useful for your company application, then you may start subscribe for the services!

Sight Seeing @ London

If you have chance going to London, what will you do? Shopping, eat out or just sight-seeing? Some of my friends shopping in London are worth due to high currency exchange rate but to me it is not. When I travel in London in year 2003 during year end, it was sales period too. I noticed the price is much cheaper when I converted to our currency rate.

The must see and must go attractions are London Eye and Tower Bridge, remember the song : London is falling down, falling down….? I bet all of you knew about this song. Of course, when you are in London, you need a place to stay. Usually I will look for cheaper hotel rate before I go for any vacation. As for London, you can check out cheaper hotel rate in Cheaperthanhotels websites. The site offers variety of cheap hotels rate for hotels in London, Hotels in Manchester, Hotels in Birmingham and many more. Cheaperthanhotels also provides last minute deals for those who wish to go London in a short time.

Check out Cheaperthanhotels for your next London trip!

Sunday, August 26, 2007

They “fight” with me!

Who else? None other than my girls!

Lately they keep fighting with me over the computer. Whenever I am online, they will quickly come to me and ask me let them play Disney Channel or Sesame Street websites. Sigh sometimes very regret introduced these websites to them, that cause me cannot surf net smoothly or even do my bayar post without interruption. All because of hubby, he is the one let them enter those sites.... :(

Food testing

When you go to shopping mall, there are lot of counter offering free food or drink testing in the mall. Will you allow your kids to try out all counters? kids will go to them and get one most of the time but my youngest will ask me to get for her usually. Sometimes I will feel guilty and will take one pack after testing it. Yeah, I cannot buy all actually, just take it if the kids like it.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Please Sleep!!

It is almost 11pm now but my girl’s eyes still wide awake, I keep telling myself: sleep baby, please sleep now. Mommy got other thing to do later. But they seem full of energy even had played since they wake up from this morning. Aiyo, why they have so much energy???

I still got many pending posts which suppose have to finish by today before 12.00am, if they sleep early then I still able to finish some of them. don’t want to waste those opp even the pay out is not much to me. But I am contented with the amount. To me, it is easy money too!

Friday, August 24, 2007

Customer drag payment

We have pending huge amount yet to pay by our customer in Iran. We had been written in many letter follow up on this issue but the customer keep delaying our payment. Bear in mind, this shipment is out via letter of credit, by right, the customer shouldn’t drag our payment. At that time lot of issue happen while our goods in Iran custom, they request us to present lot of testing certificate which we fail to provide in time. Therefore they took this advantage to hold out payment unless we give them certain discount.

According to my boss, the lot of shipment is not making profit at all, so he declines to give any discount to them. So, this case had been dragging since early Jan 07, till date no settle yet. Perhaps my boss should engage the service simmons jannace stagg to handle the case and try to get back the full amount.

Secret Recipe

Wow, I din know that Secret Recipe also has a local website. While browsing through the net, only I found it.

Another surprise to me is, they have health cakes on shelf, such as sugar-free, hi fibre, trans-fat free cream cake. Amazing! Now you can eat more cakes without much worry about the cholesterol! LOL

Show you some nice pictures take from Secret Recipe site.

He wants to help me...BUT...

Last night I told my hubby I grab lot of bayar post, need to rush out all by today before 12 mid night. Surprisingly he offers his help to me!!! I am so happy you know coz so far, he never come to me and said can help me.

But my happiness only last short while only. I showed him my opp title and he found NONE of them suit his interest, and straight away he hold back his promise…sob sob…

Aiyo, you still can bla anything out ma, rather I alone crack my head…..

Recruitment Film

Did I tell you before that our turnover rate for production section is quite high? Especially the higher management level in manager position. I think the root cause is they cannot stand the high pressure given by the GM generally. Our GM set high target for most areas, hoping that our production co-workers able to achieve it and indirectly boost up our sales and profit accordingly.

I think my boss should engage the service from A.E. Feldman Associates to look for better candidate to fill up the manager position, since this headhunter film has a good and consistent record of successful placements for most of the company. You can understand and know more about A.E. Feldman via their Executive Search Firm Blog which will update constantly.

Blogger new features + Misc

Today I discovered one new feature in my blogger create post area. I saw we can actually add video clip by clicking the icon of Add Video. But I yet to try it out, coz right now I do not have any video clip with me. Perhaps I should try it out one day when I am not so occupy with those bayar pending posts!

More to go....must recharge my brain's battery now! Other wise I really will run out of ideas on what to write later.

Side boss going for vacation by next week, total 9 days will not in office, which mean I can start another round of blog marathon if any! Kakakaka....

Finally approved!

Few days back I blog about rejected post by Smorty. I had edited the post, at the same time reply the email that the advertiser sends to me. After 2 days, I got the respond from them again, this time they no say anything, except THANK YOU. A very big relief to me coz I scare to receive rejected post notification from advertiser, very pressure to me sometimes.

Hehe…now I am waiting for them to approve my post, so that I can get paid by this week. Yippie!

Funny S*x story

Yesterday someone share with me a real funny s*x story from her fellow workers. Really make me a good laugh. We chat via msn, I was thinking if we chat in personal, I am sure all of us will loud out laugh! I think my voice will be the loudest one…hahaha….Too bad, I had promised her cannot blog about it, else she might angry with me.

Talking about laughing, I really will LOL if the stories or incidents is real funny. But some people will hold on their laugh and only laugh so “polite” in front of many people. Hey, laugh it out LOUD, I am sure you will feel happier and relax after this exercise!

Yeah, I am talking crap now…but still right in certain sense….

Spend wisely

If I will to apply for another credit card, I will look for features and benefits that really benefited myself, such as No Annual Fee, 0% balance transfer, 0% on purchases and lots of variety items in their redemption catalogue (cash reward) and many more.

However for all these features, I noticed most credit card holder will opt for Low APR Credit Cards since this will allow them to have some saving. You can actually apply credit card online nowadays, do check out The site has variety of credit cards categories for you to choose from, including low interest credit cards, balance transfer credit cards, gas credit cards, reward credit cards and many more! They even provide credit card for bad credit, check it out by yourself!

Start Your Free Blog

With the advancement of internet technology, people nowadays tend to keep their journal or diary in blog post instead of traditional type which is in writing. Blogging have become one of the most powerful things in internet; even teenagers also start to own blog like adult now. Blogging not only allow you to record your life journey or your personal thoughts, it also allows you to share it with your friends or relative who stay abroad.

There are plenty of websites which helps you to start your blogging journey. If you yet to own one and plan to have one, perhaps you can consider It is a free Blogging Community that helps you to create a completely free blog where you can share your thoughts with family, friends and our members. You can choose the community that you prefer to put your blog in and start blogging. Then will put your post to be displayed through the site and the community can easily find them, creating interesting conversations on real issues.

The good part about is you can upload your videos, photos, music files and podcasts easily, thus allow you to share it with your friends or relative. Besides blogging, you can also join their community forum to share and discuss the topic that you like or send instant message with others members.

Do check out the site yourself and discover other interesting features. will continually working hard to add unique, easy to use features and customization possibilities in order to give the members a very own personal blog within the community.

Save money for travel purposes

If you think I go for vacation every year is because I am damm rich, then you are wrong. Let me tell you why I afford to go for vacation yearly with my family member.

Hubby and I have a saving account respective that solely for travel purposes. We name it as travel fun account. Hubby will subsidy for the elder girl whereas I will subsidy for my youngest girl. Fair deal, right?

Each month we will contribute like RM100 into the account without fail. Of course we can contribute more if we like, depend the balance after minus all other expenses. We started this since we graduate from college, and when accumulated till certain amount, we will took out some and plan for vacation. For local trip, not much money needed, as for vacation abroad, then we have to save more or wait for longer period.

Well, that is our planning for family vacation. You can use the tips if you want!

Have fun @ Disney Orlando

If you plan to go to Disneyland, of course you need a place to stay. There are so many hotels in areas surrounding Disneyland Orlando, including orlando hotels or Orlando resorts. In fact, you can easily book for Orlando hotels via internet nowadays. It is an easy and convenient way too.

You can check out the prices of Orlando hotels in, the site has wide selection of hotels for you to choose from. The best part is Orlando hotels offer prices that fit every budget and proximity to every kind of Orlando attraction.

Bookmark for your next Orlando, it is the best place to look for cheap hotels that near to Disney Orlando!

Bravo WM!

A bit clap to this lucky woman from WomenMumbles. Not many Asian like us able to grab big buck from tigaP nowadays, yet she still make it last night. Bravo, WM! I am sure now you’re dancing on the floor…happy for you too!

Myself hardly look for big buck that usually out by every Tuesday last time, coz my line is suck. The white opp always turn grey after I clicked the TAKE OPP. But I honestly wish Asian blogger grab it, I mean it.

I know she must be real happy once she managed grab the $50 post via WorldWide Wednesday, coz she immediately ping me in gmail and share with me her good news! Hehe….

Trendy way to boil eggs

Hey, look what I received from forwarded email. Moulded tray with fancy pattern for hard boil egg. SOooooo cute...please tell me can I get it locally? Don't tell me they only available in oversea country like Japan & Taiwan hor. If you know where can get it , do share me with me. Perhaps online stores did sell them, got to search online later.

I am sure kids would love to egg once they saw the cute moulded tray!

Important of VOIP

Technology getting more and more advance now, and most companies will adopt VoIP phone systems as their communication channel with their customers. VoIP not only limited to voice communication, it is also refer to video and data conferencing. It has a huge implications for the management of data network in the telecommunications systems. In short, VoIP enables people to communicate in more ways and with more choices.

On top of that, by using VOIP, it also helps the company to enjoy cheaper phone calls, thus able to have some saving via reducing the operation costs. Most companies will focus on the costs savings besides to have business improvements for their daily operation.


Ratatouille is on show now. I was told this cartoon movie getting lot of great responds from public. Previously I only select romance or action type movie when go to cinema, but now after having kids, I no longer choose it coz kids come priority in my list now. Most of the cinema movies only related to cartoon or comedy only. Only this kind of movie can keep my girls occupy and sit throughout the show. This weekend will be another round of Disney cartoon of Ratatouille for the kids, I am sure they will enjoy it just like other blogger's kids! :)

8 random facts about ME

Another tag for me. 8 random facts about me from pretty mummy, AllThingsPurple. This is easy tag to me, coz we should know ourself better than anyone else, right?

Here there are:

1. When I am single, I love shopping very much, mostly go for window shopping. I only buy thing when I got my salary. After marriage, I really one window shopping kaki, no buy thing even during pay day coz my girls will disturb me.

2. I love to cook during weekend. Be it simple dish or more complicated type. Eat out from Mon – Fri, so for weekend, for sure I will cook unless special occasion like wedding anniversary or birthday.

3. I nap with the kids during weekend if no outing. Unlike other mummies who will do house chores instead of napping…hehehe..Lazy me.

4. No do household chores during week day. All drag till weekend.

5. I will cry when someone quarrel with me. No good in quarrel skill.

6. I am a snaking queen in office when bosses not around.

7. Love to bring along my camera whenever I go.

8. My singing not bad, even won few prizes ler! LOL

New Fridge

My existing set of refrigerator had been with us for more than 7 years by now; it is time to change of one soon. Hubby has started shopping around to look for new refrigerator coz he doesn’t want to wait for it spoil only look for new set.

I was told General Electric Refrigerators offer by Krillion have more saving on electric consumption. Another good part is it has more spacious room as compare to other brand’s model. Since we can get great prices if we place our order online, thus hubby plans to order and get it by end of next month. As for old fridge, he is going to give away for free for someone who wants it.

How time fly....

Tonight, hubby brought us to big field to spend time there. We brought along 2 skaters and one ball for the girls to play with. They are happy as they like to run about at the big field. One little boy approach my elder girl and wish to play with her. But my girl was shy and she rejected him. Hmmm..this is the first time I saw boy approach my girl and want to play with her. I was wondering, one day when she grown up, will it be more boys come and invite her out for dating? Oh no, she grown up too fast! I wish she still a baby and stick to me all the time!

She is my girl

Can you guys still able to recognize this little girl? Hehe…she is none other than my elder girl. Sometimes she just loves to do funny things and make us laugh. The spectacular is belonging to my MIL and it was without glass, only left the handler. I am not sure where she dig out the old spec and put on it and play for fun. Her sister saw it also fight for it. But her face too small, resulting the spec keeps dropping down from her face.

Kids are innocent. When you are feeling down, just look at them, I am sure you will put on smile no matter how stress you are!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Taurus Radiator

Radiator maintenance is crucial but gets ignored by most of the car owner. You know, when your car radiator blown, it not only cost you for a new radiator replacement, but also the engine overhaul which eat up the biggest portion of the money you pay for repair.

I learnt the lesson. Therefore I make sure I check my car radiator every week end or before I go for long distance journey. I quickly replace the radiator if I found it is out of shape.

There are many type of radiator available in the market, from China made no brand to branded radiator. Sometime the specification also quite confusing, it varies from years of manufacturing, like Ford Taurus Radiator. There are so many type of radiator specification from year 1986 to 2006 models and you may need expert advice from if you come into such situation.

I only ask for good quality one. I don't mind to pay a little more to ensure my car never breakdown due to radiator failure.

Going to cinema

Jackey Chan movie on show now, in fact I wish to watch however I don't want to leave the kids at home, feeling guilty lar. So told hubby, we go for Ratatouille , a cartoon movie, sure the girls like it. We can buy the DVD and watch at home!

Yes, we are going to cinema this weekend for the movie. The girls very excited and they keep counting the date since hubby told them. Hopefully the youngest girl will not give me any trouble throughout the show. Put my finger cross now!

Showing concern?

Today my GM start questioning the issue I brought up during yesterday meeting. I think he must be thinking why I did not highlighted the issue to him first instead of voicing my fuss in the meeting. Hehehe....not that I purposely do that, I already sent out my request and problem via internal email, why must I go and tell you personally? I want to save my time as well as other time too!

Please also don't ask me do double work, I will voice out to you too. This act will show how stupid you are to me. If you not happy with my way, you can straight tell me but don't ever ask me do duplicate work. I hate that. Wasting my precious time only. I rather do the time to do my bayar post! LOL

When talk about working life, there are endless stories to tell here. I will try to record here from time to time!

Meet Russian Friends

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Kuih Ee

This is one of the Chinese traditional desset. I love it during childhood and now my girls turn to love it too! Let me show you how to make it, tips learn from my dear mom.


• 250g glutinous rice flour

• 230ml water

• Pink and red colouring


• sugar to taste

• 1,200ml water

• some pandan leaves, knotted

• few thin slices of old ginger


Put glutinous rice flour in a basin. Add water gradually and mix until a soft dough is formed. Divide dough into 3 equal portions. 1 portion uncoloured, add pink colouring to another, and red to the other. Roll each portion out into a long strip, then pinch off small, equal portions; roll each small portion between the palms of both hands to form round balls.Bring the water to a boil and add the balls. When the kuih ee is cooked, they will float to the surface.Leave to cool, then drain.

Pretty simple, right? Try it!

Safe at Home

You have to prepare one complete set of first aid kits for common home injuries, especially when you have kids at home. You will never know when they will get hurt or get cut in their daily life. If these things happen to them, at least you have the first aid kids to help them stop bleeding and apply some cream or wrap the wound if any.

Usually first aid kits will contains items like first aid book, antiseptic ointment, cold pack, hydrogen peroxide, thermometer, Bites & Stings and others. If you wish to own a set at home, you can try to look out at The site has few range of products for you to choose from. The best of all is you can compare the price with other stores online and choose the best price for your purchase.

Check out at and get one set to place home. Remember the concept of : safe at home is important than other stuff!

Relief her pain

Lately my mom keeps complaining to me that her legs getting painful after a short distance walking. I wonder what is the cause of her pain, either due to her old age or lack of calcium consumed. I did ask her to drink more milk, to regain more calcium, so that she will not have bone pain issue. However my mom character is like me, dislike milk. I even skipped milk intake during pregnancy period too! Lucky I wallop some calcium pill to boost up my calcium intake daily.

Some told me perhaps my mom can try to use Foot Pain Relief to relief the pain easily. it is also easy to use, just peel, apply and go! But it is not easy to ask my mom use it coz she still prefer traditional medicine to cure most of her pain. Hmm…I shall coax her to use it just like how I coax my girl to take medicine! LOL

Can I finish all ar?

If I tell you how many I grab from Blogitive last night, I am sure you are going to say: you siao ar? you think you can finish all meh? Need 2 personal post as filler ler!

Ya ya ya...I am me a bit siao now. But frankly not all the opp are grab by me though. Eric did help me after I go to sleep last night. Anyway I will try my best to finish all since quite some time I no do for Blogitive liao! Hehehe....don't say I am greedy hor! LOL

*Sigh* Another vacation gone!

Yesterday management has a long meeting with us. After the meeting, every one of us feels not happy with the announcement given by my big boss. He was saying our company profit go deficit, he wants us to find way to reduce the expenses as well as any cost that might not have good benefit to the company. Yeah, market getting competitive now; it is hard to find new business too, what’s more getting new order from existing customer. Other than that, we also facing problem that some customer took too long time to make payment for us.

Another very bad news from boss is: he holds back our yearly increment which supposes to implement by this month. My goodness, this is really big shock news to all of us I tell you. We all are hoping to get the increment badly. Every thing up price now except our pay. Looks like I have to bid farewell to my Hawaii trip which I schedule to make it end of this year. At first I thought hubby and I try to stay in Hawaii home rentals during the Hawaii trip but now I think I have to postpone my trip to next year. You see, without increment, also mean less income for me. Hopefully by next year, my boss will fulfill his promise and grant us the increment.


Sometimes I am quite envy my boss that he can go for vacation during EACH school holiday. Usually he will bring along his wife and his kids for the vacation, be it locally or abroad. See, being rich is so good, can travel anywhere without much concern about money.

For me, I have to think twice especially now I have total of 4 pax for one vacation as compare to old time only hubby and myself. I am sure one trip to Florida Villa will cost me few thousand due to the currency exchange rate. Some of my friends will not bring along their kids for holiday abroad coz they want to save some money. However to me, I prefer to tag along my kids for any family outing, will try not to leave anyone of them at home. Other wise I don’t think I can travel with my relax mind.

Spicy Lunch

Just now went out for lunch with some of my Malay colleagues. They suggest to bring me and other Chinese colleagues to try Malay food at one of the store.

We used to pass by this stall every time go for lunch, however so far we never enter the stall and try it out. Since they told us the food not bad, we decided to taste it.

Reach the place, it already crowded with so many customers. The owner serve us rice, and we just scope the dishes as much as you like. Wow, most dished and food are spicy type. There are rendang chicken, curry fish, mutton curry, beef curry, sambal sotong and many other type. You just name it!

I tried sambal sotong and rendang chicken. Very nice, spicy enough! Lucky the stall did serve us cold water for free, else we have to order separately. Overall the food not bad, I like it! But some of my colleagues commented too spicy and they seem could not take it! :)

Slow line….like snail…

Last night I only managed to online about 12am, after Lyon really fall asleep. Try to look for opp in tigaP but fail. Later login to Blogitive, wow, very surprise, I saw a lot new opp poping out. But when I try to grab, my line become so slow, slower than snail I tell you. So geram.

Chat with Eric, he also facing the same problem. He even cannot login to Blogitive. Finally I managed to grab some, then try to grab for Eric. After that tried to grab for other, lucky still managed to grab some for her, despite my line is super slow. Anyway, at least we got something to write now!

Velvet Clothing for myself

If you ask me prefer which type of fabric material for my kids, my answer will be 100% Cotton all the time. This is due to cotton fabrication is so comfy and comfortable when you put on kids body. It also absorbs sweat easily and the kids will not feel uneasy too.

However for my clothing, besides cotton quality, I will look for velvet apparel during shopping spree. Usually I prefer to wear velvet clothing to attend dinner or any function coz it look nicer and elegant as compare to other apparel. Look at below velvet dress, don’t you think it suitable to wear to any party or functions!

Velvet basic tees suitable to wear in any occasion and most of time I will wear it to shopping mall. It is pretty simple to match it with just a pair of jean, put on velvet tee and shoe, then just headed to shopping mall. On ya, I also wear it to office as my office attire not so strict.

Actually you can find lot of velvet clothes selection in TOBI – HOME, an Internet fashion company which run by experienced entrepreneurs like Corina Nurimba, Catherine Chow and Next Internet LLC. Their velvet clothing not only restricted to basic tees and dress, they also have it for knits and sweater. Check out the site for more images of the clothing, I am sure you may one that suit your taste.

Please rate us equally

6 months ago, my company carried out performance appraisal to evaluate staff and workers on the job performance. All of us know, after this exercise, it is time for our salary increment too. However to our surprise, our management only implements increment for certain group of workers, except managers and management level.

The reason given to us is the effort from worker is way more than we management level. Such as unfair statement given to us, we all feel not satisfy with top management decision. Perhaps they should adopt 360 degree feedback where we’re rated on our performance by people who know something about us, such as compared against feedback from our colleagues, rather than our superior solely.

I am not a night owl

You Are an Afternoon Person
You can find energy any time of the day ... or night! You prefer to be out and about when most other people are. Very early mornings or very late nights aren't really your thing. You're practically solar powered, and the afternoon is when do best.

During school life in secondary & college, I AM NOT A NIGHT OWL actually. I used to sleep late, either do my revision or go out to mamak stall to have tea chat with my classmates or house mates. After enter working life, no more night life for me but occasionally will go out to karaoke with friends. But still will go home before 1am, coz my mom will making noise if too late.

After marry and having kids, totally do not have night life, be it chatting in mamak stall or go out with friends. Once the kids turn in, I already die tired, doz z off together with them lor...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

BP monitor for MIL

My mother in law has high blood pressure problem since she is age 55 year old. She has to take medicine constantly to control her blood pressure. Occasionally she needs to visit the hospital to take the reading of her blood pressure as well as her pulse reading.

However due to tight working schedule, sometimes we got no time to send her to hospital to do the check up. So I was thinking to buy a Blood Pressure Monitor for her, so that she able to do the reading by herself since most of the BP monitor has large digital display. I was told offer great prices for some brands of blood pressure monitor and also listed few brands for comparison; perhaps I should spend some time surfing online and order one for my MIL. But there are so many selections in, and I am not sure which is the best one that suits me. I shall check out with my family doctor before confirming my order!

Map-based searching tool

Have you ever think of to own property in oversea country like Europe or USA? Frankly I ever think of that but provided I have extra money in bank or I have no burden on any loan in hand.

The reason to own property like apartment in oversea countries is, we can go on vacation and stay there, so that we can save on hotel accommodations costs. But my concern is how to find a good apartment since we have limited knowledge about that particular area. Well, if you are looking for houston apartments, then you can search it via as it is a ultimate tool for searching apartment in Houston area. You can search for it easily by using the map-based and the best part is you can search in real time, with photos, floor plans, and more!

Check out for more details information.

Goji Berries

I had tried berries and blueberries fruit before but yet to try out Goji Berries. In oversea countries like Europe and United States, there is the season for berries and the price is dirt cheap if compare to if I buy from local market. I wonder does this goji berries is as tasty as blueberries or not. Perhaps I should try it out. However I only can get it via online store since I couldn’t get it locally here.

While browsing through online, I spotted we actually can order Goji Juice> from Their goji berries are grown in Himalayas’s fertile valley and they are officially certified as being chemical and contaminant-free, and naturally dried in semi-shade. Besides goji juice, we also can get dried goji berries from the site too. ok, I will try out both goji juice and dried goji berries since my family members are fruit lovers for all kind of fruits.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

I am not fierce! :)

My production co-wokers (or even the OM) seem like Indian now. Not that their face complexion has become "black" like Indian, but the way they talk more like Indian now. They like to twist their words or promises. Hehehe...they thought I am stupid. I can proof to them they are Wrong Wrong Wrong. I am not that smart actually, just that if you talk like Indian (mean pusing or twist their wording), then I will get VERY angry or fed up. Worst if my bosses believe what they told me instead of listening to me first. Then I will be fiercer than everyone here. Please don’t step on my tail, I can be fierce sometimes though I am quite a soft hearten mummy at home.

So, Miche & this women, I am not that garang actually!

Rejected post from Smorty

Today received a shock email from Smorty. They rejected one of my post, mentioned that I had revealed the advertiser phone number & email in my post, request me to remove it. Also mentioned that I only provide one link instead of other links that they requested.

Smorty still allow me to edit my post and resubmit. However I noticed in the offer requirement, it did not mention that the advertiser request for additional links besides the main link text provided. Also did not mention cannot publish their phone no & email. I still can understand he worry about spam email, so I just follow their instruction and remove it. Meantime, I try to find relevant links to relate to my post.

Hopefully after edit, they approve my post!

Business Optimization

When you run an online business, you have to ensure your customers and visitors easily find your website; otherwise it is hard to promote your products and services if the website is not popular. This is due to the poor traffic to the site and one of the best way to rectify it is via search engine optimization.

Nowadays there are plenty of website optimization firm where you can get easily over the internet. However you have to choose the right and reputable SEO firm to promote and growth your website.

One of the well known website optimization firm is (TBS), a leading web designers in the world. Get the expert to help you do the SEO job for your website. They know better than you, though it require lots of money but once you get the return from your sales, I am sure you’ll think he money you spend is value for money.

Check out for more detail information.

Monday, August 20, 2007

Find a good realtor

I am not good at bargaining coz my bargaining and negotiation skill is weak. I don’t think I can enter sales field due to this weakness, same goes to selling out my shop few years ago. Therefore I have to engage real estate agent to help run the errands.

I still remember at that time I have to search high and low for the realtor. Finally I got one realtor via friend’s recommendation. It also took me quite some time to settle the selling agreement. But nowadays, you can search for experience realtor via online advertisement. One of the well known realtor is Mystic CT Real Estate located in the South East part of Connecticut. He is an expert realtor for areas of New London county, thus if you’re interested to own property in this area, check out the site at for more details.

Some of the nice land and real estate in Mystic area are Mystic CT, Old Mystic CT, Noank CT, West Mystic Connecticut and many more. Hop over to now, if you wish to own those properties.

Regain my energy

Our recent family outing to Zoo is a tiring one due to lot of walking is required. You will need at least 2 hours if you wish to finish watching those animals in the Zoo. When you bring along kids, I am sure they are not going to miss any animals there. so I think you can imagine how tire I am after the trip.

Kids nowadays full of energy, they will never yell or scream for tired even you can guess they are tire by now. Argh, I need a muscle milk to rejuvenate my energy now, else I really cannot do my daily house chores efficiently.

Break from Work

It is good to take a break from work if you feel stress or tense during office hour. Personally I did that. Even my boss also knows my character, thus he dare not overload my work, or else I might take 1-2 weeks off from work. Then he is going to have headache soon.

Lately I noticed lot of Orlando vacations promotions going on in internet. I wish to pick one and bring the kids to Walt Disney World, I am sure they’ll like the Disney Characters there. I know my youngest eager to go coz she saw her sister been to Hong Kong Disneyland before while she browse through our family album.

My Hobby

Shopping online is one of my habits nowadays due to the convenience and hassle free in queuing to pay at cashier. Another reason is I have paypal account now and most online stores accept paypal as payment mode.

Usually I love to shop for baby clothing and ladies lingerie from those online clothing store. By the way, I have to ensure they willing to ship outside US before I place my order. Some websites refuse to order outside from US, this is one of my biggest constraints too. I think partly is due to worry goods lost goods spoil during postage transit.

The Knot

Next month going to be hot wedding month coz according to Chinese believe, August equal to 8, which will bring luck and well wishes for marry couples. In my office, I have 2 staff getting married soon and both of them busy do the preparation for their wedding reception.

Both of them will discuss about their preparation during lunch break, so I have the chance to share with them my experience. Their preparation almost done, pending wedding favors for bridesmaid and guests. Too many selections, until they don’t know which one to choose. They wish to get unique personalized wedding favors for them since it is trendy now. They don’t mind paying for the amount since they wish to give their bridesmaid and guest a surprise!

Colorful Fruits/Seeds

I spotted this plant in Wien's kindy. The fruits is a lot hanging on the tree. I am not sure what it is called in English, it's look like Pinang tree to me. But I don't think it called Pinang or either Pinang version. Really no clue what is the actual name for this plant. If you know, do share with me.

This plant can see easily at our country road side. Our government use to plant it along highway or road side. Look nice when come to fruiting time coz the fruit/seeds look colorful to me.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Another flower that I love the most

Besides Lotus Flower, I also like Lily flower very much. I even had it for my wedding flower boutique as well as for my wedding photo session. I order via florist by myself instead of asking the studio to buy for me. As I don't trust they will buy me beautiful lily..hehehe....

I know many of you know flowers do have their meaning. Here is my finding about meaning of lily:

LILY: Majesty, wealth, pride, innocence, purity, Virginity, Purity.

Seem all are good terms to me. Does this mean I also as pure as Lily? ...well I think I am! LOL

Don't worry, be happy

When my kids throw temper tantrum to me, I try not to become anger easily. I know they are trying to get my attention, hoping me to give in. However if compare to hubby, usually I am the one will go console them first as I don't want to hear all those screams and shouts. Too noisy to me.

Hubby is different. He can let the girls cry/shout/scream at one corner and he do his own thing at the other corner. I wonder did all men are like that? He said if each time they do that to me, and me quickly go and soothe them, then it'll become a habit. Hard to control them next time. Yeah, I am fault again...:(

Friday, August 17, 2007

Tint my window

My room’s window "attack" by bright sunlight during morning session, and this cause me have to wake up once see the bright shinning in my room, else I can sleep till about 10am ++. So I suggested to hubby to get it tinted, so that we can sleep till late morning during weekend.

The bright sunlight also cause my curtain’s color fade very fast. I noticed not even one year, the color had become fade and I have to spend money for new curtain set. I better get san diego window tint for my room window, and if possible, for my living room as well. Since the tinted window able to protect my curtain and carpet, give them longer life too! Must get approval from hubby first since he is the one who pay for it!

No Email Notification from SR

I am surprise why many days no receive any rejected bid from SR. Login my account and check, found out that I have many rejected bid, but how come I never get the email notification from SR. Though in the email, it never mention which bid being rejected but at least I know I got rejected bid. Easier for me to track actually.

Seem like SR also upgrading system now. They announced that they are going to implement "Quality Rating System" for Bloggers. Getting strict now, also getting hard to cari makan for us too! *sigh*


I am scare of hamster, rats, cockroaches, lizard, dogs, and a lot more. That's the reason why my hubby called me " smart heart" mummy. In fact I also scare of lot of insects types. Such a useless mummy I am.

Lucky my kids not same type as me, they have more gut than me too. They ever hold or touch those live animals/insects as above. They even hold it and show it in front me. End up I am screaming loud in the house! LOL they know my weakness! *sigh* Hubby is the one telling all these to them.

See, Wien happily holding a hamster at D'Paradise.

We can do it!

I have problem do the oil changing for my personal car. You cannot blame me though as I am a lady driver. Well, I noticed most ladies drivers will ask for help when come to oil changes for their car. They can either ask from their hubby or send to workshop and pay for the service. Don’t worry; you can always pay for any services you want.

Nowadays oil change franchising industry getting popular too, due to the demand request by the community. I think most female drivers will look for this company for oil changing, including myself too. Therefore our hubby will not show us their black face once we request help from them! LOL

My Favorite Dessert

Before marriage, I love to make dessert during weekend. At that time, my niece and nephew love it and visit my house during weekend. So I will make some for them. I remember I used to make mango pudding for them. Sweet and nice.

After having kids, I seldom do. Partly due to lack of time at home coz need to juggle with the 2 active toddlers. But I think I will start doing it again since they can be my helper now. Hopefully will not mess up my kitchen.

Let me share with you my favorite mango dessert recipe here:

Main ingredients: 250ml fresh cream/250ml fresh milk/300g castor sugar/500g ripe mango puree/500ml santan and 2 eggs, lightly beaten

How to do

Put cream, milk; sugar and mango puree in a saucepan and bring to a low boil. Remove from fire. Add eggs and santan, and stir well with a whisk until mixture is even.

Then pour into the container and bake in a preheated oven at 150 ºC for about an hour. DONE!

Sexy Lingerie

Next month will be my 8th year of wedding anniversary, not sure whether my hubby will give me any surprise present or not. Anyway, I have to start crack my head to think of something for him now. Last year I gave him a G-shock watch; this year perhaps I will look for sport shoe since his shoe had a big hole now.

I will only shop for thing that he need the most, other wise he might commented that waste of money if I buy him things that he dislike or useless to him. He is a practical family man; hardly spend money on unnecessary items. If he ask me what is my wish list for the wedding anniversary, I am going to tell him get me sexy lingerie wear from BitsofLace. The well known brand featured in BitsofLace is Prima Donna Bras which has such styles as the Prima Donna Satin Bra, Prima Donna Menton Bra and the Prima Donna Sambal Bra. Their bra product range given us ultimate comfort and good support that we need. Most female will look for this brand when they shop for sexy lingerie from BitsofLace.

Whipping Cream

Lot of blogger mummies told me to use whipping cream to bake cake. Frankly in my kitchen you will never find it in my shelf. Mainly due to I never use it before and I also no idea how to use it for baking.

After I google it from internet, only found out that Whipping cream can be used for several purposes. The common use is for making a whipped topping for cakes, pies and other desserts. Alternatively we can use as an ingredient in recipes for desserts, soups, sauces and beverages.

Eee..such a useful cream, don’t you think I should start to learn to use it in my cooking or baking! Let me check out few recipes now, so that I can try it during this weekend. Opps…need to buy the cream first lar.

Geram + Angry + Fed up

Today at 8.20am I already reached office, very early to me coz usually is about 8.30 am - 8.45 am. Once I sit down on my chair and on my PC, my store leader approached me and give me one set packing list. I had been chasing this set of doc since yesterday coz I had called transporter to pick up the goods to send to Port by today. Now only they pass to me. Never mind...but to my surprise is, they added extra 41 cartons without informing me earlier....wei come on la, I am not the one who sail the vessel. If give me extra cargo quantity, my shipping agent might not accept it....

I felt angry coz this is not the first time they do that to me. Immediately I wrote an email to my GM, OM and my big boss. Hopefully they understand my situation.


Another case for late giving me packing list and invoice, resulting transporter need to wait for more than 1 hour in our factory, just for waiting us to print the doc. I only received the packing list this morning at 8.30am, and noticed production add extra 41 cartons without informing earlier. Bear in mind, if you add extra qty without inform me, anytime the extra goods will not able to enter the vessel due to space constraints, all these need advance booking. You are NOT supposed to add as and when you like. I wonder why YY or ZZ cannot come and inform me yesterday.

I had been chasing for the doc since yesterday and I was told by ZZ that her part is done, waiting for YY to key (or stock it) in the detail into packing list. Why he always need so long time to do the keying, this is not the first time he does this.

Now I am hoping their shipping agent allow me to load the extra 41 cartons.

Do hope this is the last time.

Monitor your website for free

If you are having an ecommerce website to advertiser your products and services, I am sure you’ll wish your website is up and available for your customer all the time in internet. It is important to monitor your website or server 24/7, so the you will not miss or loss any online sales if your website is down.

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Check out the demo features in LogicReach now, to see what they offer you in their system. Go sign up for free account too, if you wish someone to assist in monitoring your website!

Thursday, August 16, 2007

Shopping @ London

If you have lot of money and had been settled all your debt, will you go shopping as and when you like? Frankly, I will do that. Not that I like to spend money like water, but once a while we should pamper ourself after working so hard in our life. Am I right?

By the way, I am not only will shop locally, I will also shop abroad. I was told London is the best place to go shopping during Mega Sales beside Hong Kong. But we have use Pound Sterling as currency, which is a quite high expense to me. Never mind, since I mention will only go abroad for shopping if I have extra money.

Well, when you shop in London, of course you need to stay in London Hotel or other hotels for overnight. Other wise how are you going to shop the over 30,000 shops in London? If you couldn’t find hotel in London, you can look for Manchester Hotel or Birmingham Hotel too. Since both places also have many street markets for you to shop!

Oh ya, don’t forget to look for cheap hotel in London before you make your shopping trip!