Thursday, December 26, 2013

Change of color

My hubby suddenly plan to repaint the house. He saw some workers doing renovation opposite the house, so he ask them to quote the price. Hubby ok with the price although I feel it is a bit expensive. Well, let him do lar, since we really no time to paint the house by ourself due to busy working schedule.

This time I take a change for the house, I picked GREY color. Hahaha...hope it turn out alright.

Saturday, December 21, 2013

Table runner

I personally dislike putting any table runner for my living hall table. This is because my smallest girl will easily pull them out from the table. More worst if the table has mug or glasses there, I am sure will scream like mad women if she pull down the table runner and fall down everything. It is very dangerous, right? Well, if she has grown older a bit, then I may consider to place faux burlap table runner for my living hall. The table still looks best if you put some table runner onto it.

Movie day

Today the two elder girls follow their daddy go for a movie. Frozen. I hope my second girl will enjoy the movie because it is a 3D movie. She scares 3D thingy all these while. Even in Disneyland Hong Kong, she very reluctant to put on the 3D spec while we watch the Mickey 3D show.

Let's hope I can hear good story telling from them later on.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013


If you buy a trumpet for my eldest girl, I am sure she will be very happy one. She loves to play musical instrument, all of of equipment. My house has harmonica, piano, guitar and China trumpet. Three of my girls love to take them out and play when they are free. They ever request me to buy them saxophone, oh my this instrument so difficult to handle, how are they going to play it?

I think next Christmas present for them will be trumpet yamaha since now I still short of one unit in the house.


I think my next travel destination will be Taiwan. I see lot of Taiwan travelling pictures being posted in fb lately. So nice view and so nice food. It did temp me to go there for a visit if possible.

Of course I need to get my hubby approval first, without him I don't think I will go Taiwan alone.

Cushion chair

My new house has a small balcony upstairs. My hubby ever thinks to abolish it and make our maser room bigger than existing size. But I stop him; I told me I still can have a small corner for myself if I want to. I can have a cup of tea or coffee at my small balcony during day or night time or even have a glass of wine at night if we could not sleep. LOL

But it will be best to have a small outdoor chair that come with Foam Factory outdoor cushions. So that we can comfortably sit there and enjoy ourself.

Unpaid leave

I had spent all my annual leave for year 2013. Usually I will have extra 2 - 3 days during month December, however this month I have luxury to enjoy extra oversea trip with my dear hubby, that's why I have no more annual leave by now.

But my hubby ask me to apply unpaid leave during Christmas week, the reason is to accompany him. I think most likely I will do so, since my hubby will reimburse me the money later on.....

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Car sound system

My hubby’s car sound system is from original set. He never bother to spend money to change for a better quality type. To him, it is not a must. I think he want to save more money lar….LOL

Well, this is my hubby’s character, he will not spend unnecessary I tell you. I ever ask him to change his car sound system since he is on the road most of the time. Well, he said he will only to power acoustik if he ever earn more money from his stock market.


My hubby is our photographer during our recent Hong Kong trip. I only able to take some from my handphone due to I have to take care my small girl. You know in Hong Kong, very crowded with people, really have to hold tight your kids while you are there.

Cuti-cuti Malaysia 2014

2014 will be Visit Malaysia Year. Our government said will improve our country image, so that can attract more tourists to visit us. I really hope our government will do something and fulfill his wishlist. Otherwise I don't think oversea people will come and visit us though. Security in our country is not safe now, else we local also scare, what's more tourist...

Monday, December 02, 2013

New home design

If I have the chance the change and decorate my home, I am sure will look for elegant design of Home Living dining room sets from some of the online store. I just love to browse through those design and dream of my home at the same time.

Well elegant living and dining room sets not cheap at this moment now. You really have to spend some time to shop for it.

Whole day raining

Today still a raining day. It had been rain since yesterday, yes, our Sunday! Anyway, I like raining day, so I have a good nap with my sweet heart. We occupied the king size bed due to hubby was outstation. LOL

If hubby around, I am sure he will nap with us too!