Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Before marriage, my MIL gave me a pendant which is a gold coin. She send to goldsmith there and turn it into a pendant with a gold chain. It really look cute coz it is a small gold coin. However I dare not put it on coz I worry someone will snatch from me. You know la economic so bad now. People with bad intention might do something onto you and you may get hurt indirectly. Lately I also think of to buy gold coins since the gold coins prices drop a lot now. A risk is there but gold price is much better than share market, so I think keep gold should be ok for us. Right?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Take note of diet pills

If you wish to know more about ephedra diet pills, do check out their website for more details. Currently there are so many brands of diet pills in the markets. Ephedra is one of them. Perhaps some of us still not sure how effective it is, therefore it is advisable to read more about the product reviews before confirm your purchase needs. It is because not all diet pills suit everyone. I was told some diet pills did bring certain side effect if you consume in the wrong ways.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

lossing some fat

Do you think fat burners suitable for all age level? Do they have age limit or any age level can use it? the main reason I asked so is sometimes I feel certain brand of fat burners not suit me as I cannot see the effect, no matter how precise I follow their instruction. Other than, most of us concern about the side effect of fat burners too. Just like how we worry of diet pills. Haha…with so much of concern, who dare to try the products now? Anyway, I still think that if many reviewers had gave good reviews about one particular, then no harm to give it a try!

Join pain remedies

My mom sometimes will suffer from joint pain. I believe most old folks facing the same problem, right? She ever tried for so many joint pain remedies before, but so far none of them effectively can settle her problem. On and off she will still feel the pain, especially raining period. I feel heartache each time seeing her suffer the pain. Moreover she stay alone right now, I am so worry she might fall down one day without anybody knowledge. *sigh*

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Face cleanser

During teenager time, my hubby doesn’t bother much about his face. He seldom use face cleanser to wash his face too. He only relies on soap to keep his face clean and away from oil. For ladies, I am sure you will not agree with this statement, right? Well, that is him. So far his face hardly can see any pimples, but I can see some blackheads are popping out. Now he is furious to getting rid of blackheads. He keeps asking me for help now. But what I can help now is intro him to use my face cleanser, wash at least twice a day, morning and before bed. Must get him to pay for it too! LOL

Insurance quotes online

Getting term life insurance rates online is a very easy job nowadays. Once you type in “find insurance rates”, then you able to see lot of useful link available in search engine already. All you have to do is do the comparison and read the review by yourself. Some web will show you advantage and disadvantage of some policies. Well, it may not suit you personally. You need to digest the details first before confirming your own insurance policy package.

Good luck to you guys who are still looking for best deal of insurance policy at this moment.

Asking Vs demanding

Everyone is asking for a break now. Instead of interpret it as asking, I think can consider demanding a break too. Hehe…me is one of them has such demand too. But when demand for a break also needs some cash to back up, am I right? How I wish I am from rich family, so that I can just take a long break without much considerations and concerns. What’s more asking for a Orlando vacation which is a luxury package to me. Hey, me never been to USA so far, so dreaming to spend holiday there is one of my dreams lar!

Grab this book!

Grab this book while stock last! Very suitable for parent and children to read it. It is in Chinese though. If you want me to do translation also can, pay to my paypal first! LOL

I have a signature copy from Maria, am so happy with it. Now I am asking my elder girl to finish reading it since it is school holiday now! Btw, Maria's twins are same age with my elder girl.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Play station

I only get to know about Playstation after knowing my niece is playing with it during school holiday last time. he brought it to my house during his stay. My kids curious seeing him playing his playstation 3. both keep following him whenever see him took out his playstation. Lucky my niece is not a selfish person, he willing to share his toy with my kids. Therefore my kids get the chance to try playing with play station. Too bad, their mummy still no time to learn the device yet.

Good seo software

My blogs did not get good traffic lately, perhaps due to late of update recently. However I was told that in order to get good ranking in search engine, it is advisable to expose our blog to more SEO tactic. Now please tell me which seo software is the best in the market now. I wish to get good traffic plus good ranking for my blogs, so that more advertisers will look for me to write for reviews etc. if wish to achieve this target, for sure I have to do more homework, right?

Fat Burner

Anyone of you can share with me which brand of fat burner work best for women? I was told above 90% fat burners would not work for majority of us. Wonder how true is the statement. Therefore I am here to seek opinion and advice. If possible, share with me any links pertaining to effective fat burner products in the market now. My close friend told me that to find out more reviews and information form Perhaps I should spend some time and do the searching.

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

another fat burners topic

I wonder where can find the top 10 fat burners in any website. I wish to find out before try out any fat burners products that are available in the market now. We cannot simply try coz some products may not suit our body though. Therefore it is essential to read more and ask more about the product reviews, then only try it. Other wise we might get side effect out of it. Happy trying and good luck to those who wish to lose weight in short time.

Saturday, March 06, 2010

To look more slim

Can anyone of you suggest to me what is the best fat burning exercises? I tried many ways to loss weight,however none of them work for me. Perhaps due to I did not do it consistently. Lazy me!

Now I wish to look for quickest yet reliable way to loss my extra fat in my belly. Next 2 weeks, I am going to attend a gathering and I wish to present myself in elegant black gown that sew by myself. I am short, therefore my gown is short too. If too long then I will look more shorter which is not nice at all. Come, I need your input, feel free to comment here. Thanks!

Friday, March 05, 2010



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Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Before graduate, everyone will look for careers advancement from MNC(Multi National Company). To them, MNC able to provide good staff benefit as well as good remuneration to the staff. Well, to me this is not so important. In MNC, involve so many personnel and department, some may even have office politic.If you cannot handle well the office politic, I don't think you will work happily in that company.