Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Feed your pets

My house has many types of pets, including hamsters, tortoise, fishes, baby frog, rabbit, chicken and bird. Therefore it is not surprise to see my MIL bought various type of pet supplies for the pets. Everyday my 2 girls will be happily feeding their favorite pets according to individual food category. They know which food to serve which pet. They know better than me I tell you. I dislike animals and insect, so I will not take over the job when they’re away or had forgetton to feed them. LOL …lazy me!

Please pay in time

If you are doing business, I think your biggest concern will be the credit term given to your customer. Some customers are good payment master but some are not. You have to send them many gentle reminders, and then only they will reply you or pay you. My previous company never pays their invoice within payment term. Sometimes I will feel bad too whenever the supplier call up ask for cheque, I will have to give all sort of excuses. During Chinese New Year time more worst coz everyone need cash to row their financial. I will receive more phone calls during this period too.

I was telling my hubby that if I ever own a business, I will make sure my money collection is on time and I will not let my customer owe my money for more than 3 months, like what my previous company did. But he commented that I cannot too strict with my customer. If too strict, they may not come back to me later. Perhaps he is right too. but if given them too much flexibility, then my cash flow will in big trouble too. worst come to worst, I hire Collection Agency to assist me in doing the collection matter. Less headache for me too!

credit card so common now

Since many years back, credit card had acted as a form of payment mode. It is not surprise for people nowadays to own 2-3 cards at the same time. But frankly speaking, to me, owning one reliable credit card is more than enough. Of course you have to be a good payment master, then only the company will increase your credit limit gradually. Due to the popular demand, most merchants (either internet merchants or retail merchants) will help their customer to setup eCommerce Merchant Account in order to accept all major credit cards. Therefore with the funds from the sales deposited directly into their bank account, and they’ll offer online payments through their partner like authorize.net. It is very secure and convenience to do transaction online now.


I got my first tonsil attack in year 2006. At first I thought it is just normal sore throat, so just ignore it but took some Strepsil to ease my throat. However after 2 days, I couldn't bear the pain anymore, so quickly go visit my doctor. The dr found out a big tonsil inside my mouth. He said if severe type, then have to remove it. Lucky my case not that severe, try to take medicine first. He can have to take the expensive type of antibiotic, else difficult to get rid of the tonsil. No choice, I have to obey his instruction, else my tonsil will never cure. Within a week only the tonsil go away. What a relief!

Now I got another tonsil attack. But this round, it is at the other side of my mouth. The dr prescribe the same antibiotic which cost me RM58.00 in total. Wow, so expensive! Sob sob sob......

Tomorrow is the Raya festive, I don't think I can try the Malay spicy food. Have to take care my throat lar. Arggggggggg.....

Monday, September 29, 2008

Search your friends

If you’re currently resided in United States and Canada, and wish to look for your long lost friends, you may try your luck at the free people search service at LookupWho.com. It is a totally free service and no registration require. All you have to do is either key in your friend’s name or state, then LookupWho.com will equip you with more information about that person. Alternatively you can use the method of reverse phone by keying that person’s telephone number.

I have a Malaysia friend who married to United States many years ago. Previously we use to contact via email but after my first kid arrival, I seldom have time catch up with her. Probably I will try to use this people search service to look for her soon. So that we can resume our friendship as previously.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

To bake......chiffon cake

All these while I wish to try baking chiffon cake but could not find a proven recipe. Now I have one recipe in hand, will try to bake it this weekend, hopefully the result is good. Never mind, every thing will have a start, right?

Butter cake and banana cake is my expertise so far. I love to bake these cake as there are my family favorites too.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Baby bedding

If you are currently looking for baby bedding, then you should pay a visit to Baby Bedding Market. This site offers various type of bedding accessories such as pillows, bolsters, comforter, crib, bumper and many more. The most important thing is their bedding quality is good as they use cotton material which is suitable for baby skin.

Previously I seem never buy any baby bedding as my sister hand me down her stuff to me once my newborn arrival. It really save me lots of money. But the color and pattern is a bit outdated if compare to what I see in this site. Haha...no need to complaint as I wish to save more money at that time too!

Nice painted feathers

Amazing hand craft by the artists. Got these pictures from a forwarded email.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Dislike hot weather!

My face sensitive to hot weather, that’s why I hate to go out during hot and sunny day, especially during lunch hour. I rather stay in office eat bread or biscuit instead of going out to have lunch with colleagues. The main reason, after expose a while to hot sun, my face will pop out some *red bean* which will turn it into acne if I did not apply appropriate lotion immediately. I will feel very frustrated if my face full of acne or red dot. Perhaps I should bring along umbrella for each outing. :p

Monday, September 22, 2008

Maybank Vs Loan Shark - Part II

Continue from here ....... I really feel like getting a new lesson learnt after getting the clarification from the friendly Maybank customer service officer. After listening to my inquiry, immediately she reply something like this; Sir, there is nothing wrong with the system, the finance charge imposed because did not making a FULL settlement of your previous outstanding balance Hmmm… how come, I settle the full payment on 26/08 what… I say This is what she reply; No sir, your payment on 26/08 is not consider FULL payment because your previous outstanding balance is RM1840.04 and the payment you made is RM1840. There are 4sen less. According to the agreement, the bank is eligible to impose the finance charge calculated per the formula stated in the agreement. Note: I purposely left out 4 sen just because RM1840 is the convenience number for me to settle the outstanding balance; I thought Credit Card Company will understand me. I really don’t mind if they want to charge an interest on the 4 sen outstanding. Wow!!!!.............. this is ridiculous I feel, I have to pay RM18.41 for the 4sen I hold. How much the interest charge if I translate it into the % ? Can somebody help? If you say the Loan Shark are blood sucker, what about the license banker like this? The Loan Shark will laugh at me if I share with them my experience. According to the customer service officer, it is nothing wrong for the bank to do so because the term and condition for the finance charge calculation is approved by the Bank Negara. Therefore her advice is to make sure I make a FULL settlement to avoid the finance charge. Fortunately, the Maybank customer service officer is so helpful. She waive the finance charge for me !!! since this is the first time I fall into the trap. But she keep reminding me. “No more next time yah… sir…” I should give a big THANK to Maybank Credit Card for giving such excellent customer service. After the lengthy explanation, she further guide me to read through the term and condition printed on the other side of the statement. Oh yah… what ever she said is clearly stated with a tinny font size and printed in light grey color. No dispute. I share the case with some of my colleague; looks like non of them aware of the this and everybody seem like unacceptable when I tell them the truth. Do you ever read through the term and condition printed behind your credit card statement? Better you spend sometime to read through and understand every sentence formed with the complicated boring English and purposely printed in a tinny font size and unattractive color. Look, this is what printed on my credit card statement. This is how the bank make million each year. Now you know, bank is more terrible than the Big Ear Long….

Friday, September 19, 2008

Maybank charged me RM18.04 as penalty

Maybank shock me with their stupid management again! Read what my hubby wrote below...... I am going to copy post by post too! It is my supplementary card from MBB too!


As usual, I expect to receive my MBB credit card statement around this time. Since the statement cut off date fall on 12th day of each month and payment due on the 2nd day of the following month.

MBB really give me a shock this round. Look at the transaction printed below. I just can’t figure out why a finance charge of RM18.41 was imposed although I had settle the outstanding balance 7days before the payment due date.

Do you know? Let’s see whether you can tell me the correct answer.

Well, I did call up to the customer service center to seek for clarification and now I know how the bank make multi million each year through the lack of public awareness of term and condition printed on the other side of the statement.

Allow me sometime to compile the story. I will post it on my next post soon.

It is really an interesting story.

Stay tune…

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Cake not cheap now!

My brother's girl just celebrated 5th year old birthday last Sunday. Her daddy bought her a fruit cake, cost him RM50++ for 1kg cake. Wow, so expensive!

Ingredients for cake also up price tremendously following by the increase of fuel oil. This make me think twice before buy a cake for my girl's birthday celebration. I think I better bake cake, muffin or cup cakes for them, can save money as well as polishing my baking skill. :)

Yet to try baking cup cakes or muffin, time to dig out the recipe and give it a try!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


printers are one of the must items in our house now. My hubby said we actually need it coz we seldom do printing at home now. but occasionally we may need it, so it is still a good reason to keep it instead of threw it away.

My printer is a very old age model but it still able to get it from the market now. it is a dot matrix printer using black ink cartridge too. Haha…home user now majority using color printer lor, who wanna use no color printer wor! Guess we are the only one!

Name it and bring it home!

Did you guys aware that our National car group going to have new addition soon? This time is not normal family car but a MPV, new concept from Proton. Google it and have a sneak preview of his appearance now.

Wait, if you wish to own a MPV soon, why not enter the contest from Proton and win one unit for yourself. Just name it with nice name together with a good tagline. Then you stand a chance to win it!

For more information, go here : http://www.namakanprotonmpv.com/en/online_entries.aspx

Friday, September 12, 2008


Do you aware what is Community-Acquired Pneumonia? I am not good at medical terms actually. Most of the time if my doctor explained to me the medical term or sickness using non layman language, then I will have difficulty understand them. The best place to read about medical information will be at Epocrates. Epocrates is the best place to look for • New disease database – condition overview and risk factors, treatment approach, tests to order, national medical society guidelines, and more • Integrated drug reference guide – critical prescribing information on more than 3,300 drugs, including dosing, interactions and health plan coverage. Clinicians seeking information online or patients interested in learning more about their health care can visit www.epocrates.com/online for access to this free resource.

Happy Mooncake Festival!

During this festive, you can see lots of moon cake selling over the counter at shopping mall. There are so many variety for you to choose and taste. This year I can see many weird fruit type selling out there too, such as dragon fruit, blueberry, peach, corn etc etc.....will you dare to try?

I tested the dragoon fruit mix with blueberry from Kam Loon Thai. The price is RM11++ for just one moon cake. Haiz..moon cake now over price, don't you think so?

Anyway I am here wishing you Happy Mooncake Festive and eat lot of moon cake ya!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

How come? why?

Hubby forwarded this funny cartoon to me. It's funny and meaningful actually. Many companies encounter similar situation too, including my existing company.

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Phone look up service

During weekend I love to take a short nap together with my children. When they are still small, I will make sure they sleep enough during day time. So I dislike people come visit us during our nap time. You can say I am selfish but that’s me. To me, if a baby or toddler lack of sleep, then they will become very cranky during evening time or before bed time. At that time, I am the one who suffer and have to bear all the crying from them. This is because when they cry, for sure they will come to me and stick to me. No one else can sooth their crying except me. Therefore you can imagine how tire I am if I am alone to bear all these.

My children are light sleeper too. a little bit of noise or sound will awake them. So before nap time, I have to make sure the room is quiet and cozy. Oh ya, I also have to hang up my telephone coz when the phone is ringing, it will wake them up too. Haiz…so troublesome ya. Alternatively I will set the ringing mode to MUTE or SILENT. So that the ringing tone will not affect or interrupt their sleep. Haha….this show how selfish I am! But for the sake of my children, I will do so diligently.

Maybe you will ask: what if someone has urgent matter to look for you and I cannot answer in the first place? Tell you, don’t worry about this. My telephone has the Reverse Phone Lookup service, so I will know who call me while we are napping. There are plenty of company who able to provide such service to us now. One of them is National Phone Registry. This company has contacted the largest data providers in the United States and Canada to bring together the most comprehensive phone lookup service. So that we able to find our unlisted phone number, prank calls and also those hard to find cell phone owner information. See, we still able to trace who call us while we are away. Amazing, isn’t?

For more detail, do check out National Phone Registry now!

Cheap clothing

I have some cheap stuff selling at Mudah.com.my

My youngest girl saw them and she wants to wear it. I stopped her and tell her this is not for her but for my customer who going celebrate Hari Raya soon.

If you are interested, do check out under my ID - Jesslyn Tai. Below are some of my products :

Price = RM12.00

Price = RM2.00

Price = RM16.00

Brand your products

I am glad stay that we stay in Malaysia, a country full with cheap and delicious food. We have 3 major races here, like Chinese, Indian and Malay. Also have other races which are in small minority. All races have their own traditional food selling all over the place. Particularly I love satay, roti canai and nasi lemak very much. My breakfast will include all these food in a week. I love to eat different type of breakfast every morning, meaning that I will not eat same food in a row. Hehe….love varieties. Unlike some people can take same food from same stall every morning. Aiks!

However not all stall sell good taste of nasi lemak or satay. At my place, there are 2 stalls sell yummylicious of these foods. The bad part is, they did not sell everyday. Also they do not have fix date to close shop. So sometimes when I reach their stall only realized they are close. Imagine how disappointed I am when I crave for it but they are close. Not only them, I also notice some stalls love to do business according to their mood. If I am the owner, and my food is nice and sellable, I will make more and operating in fix hour and date. Put up a signboard to tell customers what is our operating date and time. By doing so, then only your customer will come to you during your working hour. Maybe you will say they are not pro in this field. If Branding Agency come in to help them, perhaps they will have better management and earn money too.

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Messy account

Yeah, you hear me right. My personal account is real messy, I tell you. Many commented that women tend to be very sensitive over their money or personal account. They know where to keep and trace their money. However I tell you now, I am totally opposite with them.

Since started working, I never properly record my way of money spending pattern. When I think I need to spend for something, I will just go ahead and buy. Maybe you will say at that time I still single and afford to spend as and when I like. But this habit I carry till now. One person cannot stand my habit; he is none other than my dear hubby. He is a neat guy who knows how to handle and take care his financial planning. He will only spend within his budget and will never encounter any over spend experience. To him, if over spend and do not have enough money to pay by end of month, then he will be real pressure and tension. Lucky I have him, else I think my account still in a mess by now. I will allow my close friends or relative to borrow money from me occasionally. Of course I will only borrow them if they really need the money. My problem is I always forget whether they had repaid me or not. Most of the time it is my hubby who remind me. But I will feel uncomfortable when ask them to return money to me. haiz…I think I may need Collection Agency to help me on this issue. LOL

Change profession?

If I have a chance to go back to teenager time, I think I will choose beauty job as my career now. the main reason is I notice most beautician are so pretty in term of dressing or make up as well as their skin condition. They know how to take proper care of their skin care and they know proper dressing too. My dressing pattern is ok, just that I am too lazy to upgrade it to better level. Most of time I use to wear very simple tee and jean, then just out for grocery shopping or evening walk. Unlike some people they will purposely change their clothing even go out just to buy newspaper or breakfast. LOL