Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Surprisingly not many people are keen into buying insurance, either term life or education insurance. Read from an article, majority of Malay races do not have the interest in insurance. Maybe they have other government body to secure them in term of medical bill. Well, I am not sure about this.

Buying insurance is like buying a security to me and it is a must investment item in my list too. We wouldn’t know what will happen in future, so for safeguard purposes, we put our attention into insurance. In case anything happen (*touch wood*), we still have money from insurance to cover the cost or lost.

There are lots of insurance companies offering term life quote online which can ease our life when we want to compare the premium from one company to another. Wholesaleinsurance.net is one of the insurance companies that offer various types of insurance plans in market now. Do check out their site if you wish to know more about insurance policy as well as the quote.

Messenger problem

Don't know what's wrong with MSN nowadays. The line very unstable. It will disconnect suddenly while we are happily chatting with others. At first we thought it is the line problem, later only found out it is Messenger itself giving us trouble.

I am so geram!

At last, I sign in using Meebo.com!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


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There are many online college available on internet now. Previously our concept is have to go to school or college or university to pursue our study, however now with the advancement of internet, we even can further our studies without entering those places. We can study at our comfort house, stay away from traffic jam plus other inconvenience issue. How nice if this already happen during my college life.

Well, you have to choose carefully your prefer online college before your payment. First thing to ensure is the certificate from the college must be recognized by our Ministry of Education, meaning that the college must have a valid operation license. Other wise it will be a waste if your certificate is not valid after you had spend lot of money and time in that college!

Sewing tool - binding tute

Came across this sewing gadget while surfing internet just now. I think I should get some for my sewing box. It is very useful when come to binding, either for straight or bias tape binding. Picture source.

Previously I have to cut and following by ironing before the sewing part. However with this gadget, I think I can save lot of time on ironing since it will pre-fold the line for me. Must try to get one asap, hopefully can get it from Ebay.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

sd card

My current digital camera had been with me for more than 3 years already. It is still very useful for me at this moment. Well, hubby said he wish to buy extra micro sd as he foresee the existing card may not long lasting. It is his perception actually. to him, any electrical item that had more than 3 years shelf life, then we got to be well prepare that it may gone damage or spoil anytime. He added that it is better to keep extra micro Sd. Now instead of waiting for it spoil already, and then only look for new one. Moreover the card is having promotion now. It is a good buy for him!

Craft blog

There are so many handmade craft can be found over the net. Some of the links I really fall in love with them. Now I am start doing shoulder bag and tote bag, will surely post my end result once there are done!

Some of the links I love to hang around are :





Side income

One of my brother in law has interest in collecting coins. He has lots of collection of coins from different countries that he bought from shop or online store. Sometimes I saw he bid those coins from Ebay and he even willing to pay with expensive price just to own one particular country’s coin. The main reason he do so is he will resell the coins online and earn a decent income from this transaction.

He told me that those rare coin will have value in near future, if he keep for certain period and resell them, then he able to make money from it too! Lately he told me that he has other interest besides coin. He wish to try his luck in gold and silver investment. This is because this item have great historical significance besides and he foresee its value will shoot up after few years. He is ready to buy some and keep for him. Well, I dare not ti try since I don't know much about gold or coins!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Bathing together

I love to take bath together with my girls sometimes. First, I can save time coz both of us can settle the bathing at same time. secondly both of us will not occupy the bathroom for longer time and other family member can take bath immediately rather than have to wait for us take turn.

One day while bathing together with the small girl, she teased me for having big b*that. Oh my, I am so upset. She even told me to start doing exercise in order to shed off some fat. Sob sob….wonder what type of diet pills that work miracle and can shed off some kgs from my body!


If you still have the budget and you wish to drive bigger with cheaper price, then you should choose Exora. Malaysia first MPV. The price is affordable plus the model is not bad looking too. Well, the car still new and we wouldn't know any problem will occur or not while it is on the road. Of course Proton will run thorough checking before the launching. But you will never know whether their checking is 100% accurate or not! LOL So it is still advisable to wait for another month before your purchase.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Fabric Flower & Fabric Yo-Yo

I blog about this topic at my kid's blog. Cos I worry I may lost the link in future. LOL

I am happy cos I managed to find out fabric flower and fabric yo-yo tutorial from creative blogger out there. I had been searching high and low for this kind of tutorial.

I need to learn this skill coz I wish to add the little flower onto my Kids Islands clothing.

If you wonder what I am talking about now, do check out talented Heather Bailey's Yo-Yo art tutorial. I am sure you will find it is pretty easy to do it!

Or check out how Cindy do the fabric flower within a short time.

Both of them show very clear step-by-step photos. Have fun!

Breaking news

Finally it is here.....

Malaysia first H1N1 flu case, happened in May 13. News from ChannelNewsasia.com:

"I can confirm (that it) is the first case in Malaysia," Health Director General Ismail Merican told AFP. His confirmation followed a statement from the health ministry giving details of the country's first case.

"The patient is a 21-year-old male student who had just returned from the United States on May 13, 2009 and who was down with fever, sore throat and body aches on May 14," it said.

"This is the first A (H1N1) flu case found in Malaysia," the statement added.

So, how are we going to protect ourself now? Time to wear mask? *Sigh*

Take care, folks!


I am not sure how to choose a better accommodation in oversea countries. I think this is common for everyone, right? Unless you do lot of homework before the trip and choose the best hotel from those review travel sites. Well, I am lazy type and I am very much depend on other people’s comments instead of myself go and search from internet. I was told Westgate Lakes Resort and Spa Orlando has many good reviews from tourist that we can read from their website. I will take some time to read through since hubby is planning to have an oversea trip next year. I never been to US so far, hopefully this trip will materialized.