Saturday, March 29, 2008

Make it happen!

Since many months ago, both my blog page rank (PR) had demoted to PR0 after latest update from search engine. I know it was partly due to my fault coz I seldom work hard to promote and boost up my page rank, that’s why it drops tremendously after the update. I don’t think I am able to get back my PR4 as previously as there are so many factors that can affect my blog page rank and I don’t know I should start from where. Moreover I am not good at SEO concept too.

Well, most of my blogger friends suggested to me to do more on search engine optimization as it able to obtain top natural listings for my blog in internet. Before this, my understanding is only online companies will need this kind of service if they wish to be listed at top 10 in search results. This is because they will more willing to pay more money just to get more exposure for their products and services from the public. Search engine ranking is more important to them, if their website cannot be found in search results; they will not get more revenue for their business.

Look like I better consult Marketing Company if I will to get back my PR4 blog!

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Talk about PR

Lately I heard a lot of my blogger’s blog getting back their page rank (PR). Some had asked for reconsideration from big G and some did not. I yet to send any of my blog for reconsideration coz there are still contained many paid post inside, so I dare not do so now. Well I think I can ask for reconsideration after deleting majority of the post or after adding no follow tag.

In fact, I know it is hard to gain back my page rank and at time I even have given up hope to it. Luckily I do not have to wait for blogging money to buy milk for my kids, else I think I have to hire expert SEO company to do Search Engine Optimization for my blogs. I am not a person who good at SEO thingy and I am not even know how to create a blog firstly. I need helper to assist me doing all these. Poor me ya!

If I have an online store now, I think I will learn how to maximize my web page rank. This is because only via higher page rank then only we can get more exposure from the net user. Am I right?

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Foot care

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Tricep Exercises

As I know, majority of male group would like to show off their strong muscle when they are naked at beach. Some of them hardworking in doing exercises in order to gain good and firm body sharp. While other will try on bodybuilding supplement products. Well, whatever method you use, you better find out the best way that can suit your body needs.

Hey, if you wish firm your muscle and have a solid body shape, check out Wellsphere - Tricep Exercises at now! The site has lots of listing for products and services for tricep exercises. You can check the category under fitness section, I am sure you able to find suitable fitness equipment over the net.

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Flowers for girls

One of the easiest way to please a lady’s heart is via sending her a bouquet of flowers. I know the tactic seem a bit old but it work most of the time. Majority of male will use this trick to win their girlfriend’s heart. Too bad, my man last time never use flower to please me. To him, spending money for flowers is wasting money. He rather uses the money to buy more practical stuff like clothing, shoe, ring and others. So I am quite envy for those ladies who have the luck to receive nice flowers from their partner. Hopefully my hubby read this post and send me ONE flower will do!

HDPE scrap

Every one of us aware that nowadays, many stuff’s prices are increasing, especially our oil price that are going to break USD100/mt. imagine how much we have to bear the oil price when the price shoot up to over USD100!! Our government seems helpless in this matter too.

Well, it is beyond our control over the price of palm oil, so we better divert our attention to other area in order to save daily expenses. If you read latest news, not only base oil price are going up daily, other material cost like plastic and cement also increase tremendously. In fact, we can use recycled materials like HDPE Scrap to reproduce those items with minimum cost too.

High Density Polyethylene, also known as HDPE is used for many packaging application because it provides excellent water barrier properties and chemical resistance, and that's why it is being chosen for packaging household and industrial chemicals. If you are looking for HDPE Scrap, you do can contact hdpescrap as they are in the business of Scrap HDPE distribution and sourcing. They also offer consultancy services in Asian, European, South American, Australian and US market. i.e. market analysis, targeted country information and feasibility studies.

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Honda civic

Since I know how to drive, I already target to own a Civic car when I am afford for it. Currently I am not afford to buy imported cars like Civic or Toyota. I am only afford to pay installment for national car like Wira or Kancil. Well, I know I will never drive national car for the rest of my life. I must own a Civic, so I better save more money from now on. Now my concern is how much will a Civic Radiator cost me if the radiator breakdown. Hopefully I am still afford for the maintenance fee for Civic car then.

Fine art work

Do you like to see nice painting arts from designer artist? If yes, then you should not miss out Sears-Peyton Gallery. In this gallery, you can see lots of fine artwork created by well known artists, including Isabel Bigelow, Shelley Reed, Sara Eichner, MaryBeth Thielhelm, Kathryn Lynch and many more.

Sears-Peyton Gallery located in New York City. If you browse through the web now, you will notice the gallery features up-and-coming artists focusing on modern and impressionist works of art. From there, you will know when the next exhibition that will participate by Sears-Peyton Gallery is.

Check out Sears-Peyton Gallery more often if you do not want to miss out any great exhibition in town.

Clean air, please!

The world’s air getting polluted nowadays. If you read latest news, you will noticed lot of resident install air purifiers in their house in order to get fresh and clean air. For those houses who have asthma family members, it is strongly encourage installing air purifiers in the house. Other wise their asthma condition will get worst when the air is badly polluted by human act.

New ads site

Hubby discovered a site that can sell and buy stuff like Ebay. It is totally free, no registration is require too. Although majority of the visitors in the site are Malay, but I still able to get some customer from my ads. Does this mean Malay race not as choosy as we Chinese?

Anyway, don't care about this, as long as I can sell off my items, it is more than enough for me! Oh ya, if you wish to know which site I am talking about now, check out at!

Making big $ now!

If you wish to invest in gold, make sure you check out from Monex Deposit Company (MDC). It is the America's gold and previous metals investment leader in US for over 30 years by now. You can either purchase gold or other precious metals for immediate personal delivery or arrange for convenient and safe storage at an independent bank or depository.

I am so regret for not listening to my elder sister advise. Not long ago, she keeps asking me to invest my extra money into gold coz she predicts gold price will shoot up, same as petrol price. But I am kinda not believe her opinion, thus ignore her words. Now the gold price increase crazily and I think she must be laughing all night long now!

Monday, March 24, 2008

Disposable wedding cameras

I heard so much about disposable camera like Polaroid but this is my first time heard about disposable wedding cameras. Usually marry couple will look for professional photographer to snap picture for them during their great day. However the trend of disposable wedding cameras getting popular now. if you wish to know more about disposable wedding cameras, check it out at where it provides a full service to the bride & groom and lets all wedding guests view and download the candid wedding photos at

Personally I would think it is a unique wedding idea for using disposable wedding camera. All you have to do is Signup as a member with and receive beautiful wedding cameras in the mail to distribute at your wedding. After your great event, just simply return the cameras to them by postage prepaid box. Then let them do the process for you while you are in your honeymoon! On top of that, you also can receive frees stuff like film development, 4x 6 prints and photo DVD! Wow so many goodies waiting for you, quickly sign up now!

Friday, March 21, 2008

If you wish to know more about data protection, CDP or sync, make sure you check out The site offers great software that can help us protect our files from missing and make our storage more useful. They able to do so by combining continuous data protection (CDP), managed permanent remote archival, Web access, version history, and multi-computer file sync into one affordable service. The amazing part is they can save anything forever, even if it's deleted from all of your protected PCs.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Look for best staff

Our office staff turnover rate getting higher lately. Most of them will never work more than 3 month once they start working here. My boss curious to know the root cause of high turnover too but our Human Resource Manager unable to tell the reason. I think our company should engage service from executive recruiting firm since they are the expert in selecting appropriate personnel to fill up the vacancy. Moreover recruiting firm will study applicant’s background first before they introduce them to us. Meaning that they will filter the info for us first before we interview the applicant again.

customized flash drives

If you are currently looking usb flash drives, check out at Memory Suppliers. The site provides high quality customized USB Flash Pen Drives for promotional purposes with you custom logo onto the USB flash drive too. With customized logo, you can make it as a great gift for your customer or door gifts for your office function like trade shows or annual dinner. Or you can preload your latest marketing materials onto the flash drive and show to your customer easily too.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What is CAT?

Can some tell me what is CAT5e? Is it related to Cat, an animal? LOL

Well, I do love to blogging for money but I will have headache if the anchor text given to me sound weird or strange to me. I will have to dig more info from the url given and read more about it. Other wise I will have hard time to come out with a proper post for the review. Please don’t give me weird anchor text ya!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Another baby

Another office staff getting pregnant now, that’s mean there will be 4 newborns popping out in next 4-5 months time. I feel excited for them too coz I love to look at babies, either boy or girl. In fact I wish to have another baby too. Now working hard on it, hopefully I will be granted another healthy baby. If I really have 3rd baby, I am going to get ready some personalized baby gifts for him/her, just as I did for my first and second babies, to celebrate the arrival of the baby. I need more wishes now, do pray for me too!

Fashion schools

There are so many fashion schools out there. How are you going to look for the one that suit your interest and needs? Check out Fashion School Finder if you are now currently looking for fashion schools in California or fashion schools in los angeles. Other than information pertaining to fashion schools in California, it also has other information for fashion articles and famous fashion designers latest update.

Dusty place

After 3 days of extensive office renovation, finally we can sit at our place. But we have to clean the place first before we can comfortable sitting there. You can see lots of dust every where. I even can "Har-chew"( sneezing ) many times in 10 minutes. My nose cannot stand those dusts. I have to standby a wet towel near my place, so that I can mop my desk anytime. The dust will "fly" onto your desk without your notice and within few seconds too. Haiz...that's why i hate to do renovation, this is the consequences that we have to suffer.

Spanish website

I am most travelers wish to look for cheap and comfortable hotel for their stay while on vacation, including myself too. I also love to browse through the hotel website before check into the hotel during the day. Some people don’t bother to look for comfortable hotel but only wish to enjoy cheaper rate. To me, comfortable hotel is much more important than hotel that only able to offer you cheap rate but with low standard hotel environment. If you are going to travel to Spain soon, perhaps you can check out the Spanish speaking website at descuento en hoteles via online too!

Cheap hotel rates at UK

I had been to UK once in my life so far, it was a wonderful trip to me and my hubby. Even though we had spent so much money for the trip but we think it is worth it. We truly enjoy the places in UK as well as food in UK. If given me the chance to go again (provided I have enough cash then), I am sure will go again with hubby.

Some other interesting places in UK that I yet to explore including Leeds, Belfast, Cardiff, and Blackpool. I was told these places equally fun as London and Heartrow. By the way, if you wish to visit UK in near future, do check out the cheapest hotel rates at . The site even cater for the last minute trip and year round discount for Cheap Belfast Hotels, London Hotels Centre, Cheap Hotels in Leeds, Cheap Cardiff Hotels, Blackpool Hotels and etc. Hey, it will be lot of saving if you book your accommodation with

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Friday, March 14, 2008

Shop for knives?

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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Assemble your car by yourself

If your car engines keep giving you problem, it’s better for you to change the engines entirely. However you are not necessary to change it into new engines as some used engines could perform well too. You could look for midwest auto recycling for any used engines. This is because this site will provide strongest warranty nationwide in the market. I ever heard cases like technician assemble his car using used engines and his car could perform well as if it is like new car conditions. Well, my hubby ever thinks of to assemble a small car using used engines, so that he could drive it within housing area. Let’s get him find the used engines at

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Property trading

Buying and selling property is not an easy job I tell you. I experienced once before when I sell off one of my property in hand few years ago. There are so many things and procedures that you have to think and plan before you make any decision. If you make wrong decision, then you might lose some admin fee due to it.

If you wish to do property transaction now, do read more info about it at You can find lot of useful information pertaining to sell and rent back of your property without any hassle and also learn how to do a quick house sale easily over the net. Learn the various tips from on how to stop repossession in just 2 hours. Hop over to the site now and gain the highest return from your property transaction.

care your health

Previously I just know how to make more money for myself. But now I had changed my mind totally. I think not only me have this kind of thinking, perhaps most of the people have the same mind as me now. To me, health is more important than money. Money cannot buy you healthy body. I start love to read up-to-date articles pertaining to health issue as well as products and resources that able to help me regain my health.

At Puristat, you can find lot of information in regards to fatigue, constipation, indigestion, IBS, diverticulitis, weight gain, parasites, colon cleanse and liver cleanse products, multi-vitamins, plus much more. Go read if you concern about your health too!

New car every year

My boss just request my favor to ask for auto insurance quote for his latest new car. Mind you, I’ve lost count he own how many cars by now. It seem like he buys new car every year. I think all of his family members own a car respectively by now. Rich people like him really know how to enjoy life. He also likes to change car too. How I wish I could be like him, change car like changing new cloth!


GPS tracking is a device that uses the Global Positioning System to determine the precise location of a vehicle, person, or other asset to which it is attached and to record the position of the asset at regular intervals. A good GPS is usually record not only position, but also the velocity, duration of time, direction and other details. GPS is widely use for the vehicle tracking, fleet tracking, asset tracking, teen tracking and mapping tracks. On the other words, it can help to solve the criminal case too.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Travel to oversea

Matta Fair will be held quarterly in our country. March will be the first time carry out Matta Fair now. I know some of the blogger will rush to Matta Fair booth to grab cheapest tour packages or cheapest flight if possible. In fact I am not so fond to book tour packages during Matta Fair. This is because we need to make full payment for the package and not allow to change name or travel date once anything happen. It will be a big lost if we encounter emergency case that cause us unable to materialize the trip. Well, if you really sure you can travel particular date, do check out the cheap tour packages at Matta Fair. Who know you might able to book Orlando Hotels with attractive price!

Saturday, March 08, 2008

Try your luck now & win Nintendo Wii

If you wish to win anyone of this:

Nintendo Wii Console, Wii Stand, 5 Sports games ( Boxing, Baseball, Tennis, Golf and bowling), 1 Remote Controller, 1 Nunchuk Controller, 1 Sensor Bar, 1 Wii AC Adapter, 1 Wii AV Cable or Charter High-Speed® Internet for Life.

Then you should check out Charter website for more information. All you have to do is sign up as a member for Charter and submit your bid soonest possible. The bid starts as low as $10.00! Too bad I am not living in a Charter serviceable area, other wise I will join the fun now. If you are in Charter service area, don't miss out this golden opportunity!

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Friday, March 07, 2008

Charter High-Speed Internet® for Life

If you are a person who love to online most of the time, I am sure you will subscribe broadband service in order to enjoy the high speed internet service. Am I right? However some broadband service does not give us best service even though we have to pay for the monthly fee without fail. Else the service provider company will terminate our service.

In fact, I don't mind to pay more if I can get good and quality of broadband service. Some of my online buddies did recommend me to subscribe Charter high speed internet package. According to them, the package are worth to try since the service given are good as compare to other service provider, moreover we can save up to $500 plus a $100 gift card if you sign up the package with Charter. Their internet speed can goes up to 10Mbps. Other good features given by this package including 10 email accounts, powerful security software, wireless home networking, and some exclusive Charter info.

By the way, if you wish to a Nintendo Wii, then you should check out Charter High-Speed® Internet for Life contest that will start the bidding on March 12, 2008. The bidding starts as low as $10.00. other exciting prizes including a Nintendo Wii Console, Wii Stand, 5 Sports games ( Boxing, Baseball, Tennis, Golf and bowling), 1 Remote Controller, 1 Nunchuk Controller, 1 Sensor Bar, 1 Wii AC Adapter and 1 Wii AV Cable. If you wish to know how to enter the contest, visit Charter and register yourself for their auction for Charter High-Speed® Internet for Life and you will be entered into the drawing for the Wii.

Mozzie bites

Lately my house got lots mosquitoes, I am not sure where they come from. I hate mosquitoes coz there will bite my kids and cause them to scratch their hands or legs very often. Most of them there will be scar after their frequent scratching. I had told them not to scratch it but they cannot control themself. So I better find ways to reduce the mosquitoes in the house now. I just bought a electric mozzie racket. Love to use it coz I can kill lot of mosquitoes at one time. Haha....

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Be the lucky one!

Do you have interesting blog post to share with others? If yes, sign up with now. It is totally free. Once you sign up, send your post url to the site and start gaining traffic to your post. If you are lucky one, then you could probably win the 1000 premium account which valued ±$180.00. by the way, please make sure you have at least 30 people in your “network or circle”, and all of them must have more than 2 posts submitted to

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Good news to me

Yeah, today I heard very good news, at least favorable to me.

Not long ago, my boss as a Feng Sui master to check our factory area. There are few areas that need to be renovated according to good feng sui. I was thinking my boss must be so desperate for not getting profit over the past few months, that's why he ask Feng Sui master to rescue the company.

Today, contractors come and start the renovation work. Front side will have a another entrance mainly for bosses to enter. Other staff or workers have to use existing gate. Since no guide at new entrance, so there will be an auto gate for bosses to come in.

Next part is our receptionist area. I am still clueless how they are going to do with the area. Just wait and see. Now come to my good news part. My boss going to move to last room and the account and admin staff will move to my boss existing room, with some expansion from IT room. Feng Sui said my boss’s room should have some sun light coming in, but existing room do not have. That’s why have to move this VIP to get some sun light!

Hahaha……this is surely good to me, coz I can no need to smell the strong smoking smell during office hour anymore! Yippie!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Rehab Info

With the advancement of internet, now we seem can search for every information that we want, including information for drug rehab or alcohol rehab center. Well, as we are aware that drugs are dangerous items to all of us and it will be a very sad case if one of our family members get addicted to drug or alcohol. As a parent of 2 girls, I think I should equip myself with drug rehab and drug treatment by now, before my children really addicted to them. At least, if my children or other family members get addicted to drug, I can tell them where to seek for help etc.

If you wish to look for resourceful for drug rehab, alcohol rehab, oxycontin rehab, opiate addiction rehab and many more, perhaps you can check it out at It is a not-for-profit free resource dedicated to the latest techniques of drug and alcohol rehab. Their main intention is to bring unbiased, non commercial information on various rehab measures and substance abuse treatment.

Read more in for your own benefit.

Travel deals druing school break

I love to check out travel deals whenever school break is approaching. This is because I have 2 girls in schooling now and they only can go for family vacation during school break. Some parents will allow their kids to skip class and travel during non school break. However hubby and myself do not want to practice that way, we do not want our kids to skip class too.

Well, some of you might say travel during school break is costly. I have to agree with you though. But if you spend some time browsing through some travel webs, I am sure you can find cheaper package for school break too.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Great poker website

If you like to play online games, then you should not miss out online poker games at PokerDIY. You can spend your extra free time by playing online poker games as well as win some pocket money. Isn’t it great?

PokerDIY allow you to be connected with other online poker members worldwide and also allow you to select the poker games that you like from the wide selection of games. Alternatively you can play the tournaments together with your buddies.

If you want to keep yourself update on the upcoming tournament news and the latest upcoming poker games, you must join the PokerDIY Freeroll league to enjoy their free services. Do not forget to learn the skill to practice your poker and win more from the website!