Saturday, November 29, 2008


I am soooooo keen to lose some of my weight now. I had tried many ways but still fail. My face looks so round and chubby like a baby! LOL

Most of my body fat is come from during pregnancy period. Even after giving birth to my 2 girls, the fat still there, no matter how I control my diet. I had asked friends around me how they lose weight easily. Well, most of the answer I got are either exercise, control calorie intake or taking weight loss pills. But choosing the correct and reliable weight loss pills is very important; you have to be wise while doing the selection. Not all pills suit well to our body.

Did anyone of you try alli? How was it? Any side effect after taking it? Appreciate you could give me some comments if you ever take it!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sooooo lazy to update blog

Yeah, I am veli lazy to update my blog lately. Lazy bugs attack me now!!!

I am free but I am sooo lazy to write a post for my blog, even my kids' blog I also think so long only manage to find a title to blog.

Btw, I SPOIL A DRESS TODAY!! Feel so geram and frustrated. The dress almost complete, pending the zipper. But during ironing, my iron too hot and cause iron marking there. It is impossible to get rid of the marking you know. So what should I do with the spoil dress? I think probally will let my elder girl it lor....sob sob sob....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Canon powershot

My niece request a Canon Powershot as his birthday present from his dad. Surprisingly his dad fulfills his wish and bought him the latest version of Canon model. See, how lucky children nowadays!

At first I thought my stingy BIL will not buy for him since all this while he only buy affordable gadget but not branded type. After I asked him, only know that only latest version of camera able to have variety of features, plus the quality is much better than old model/version. Looks like my BIL slowly accept the new trend as us!

control your spending now

Everyone talking about recession now. I heard many MNC companies are retrenching staff now, including hubby’s company too. For the first time hub’s company having shut down for a week during Christmas time too. Some of his senior level managers start worry now. They thought they can survive till they retire but look like now there is a threat now that restrict them to reach till retire level. God bless them ya! If you are having commitment like housing loan or car loan, I think you will feel very insecure now. *sigh* everyone having hard time now. Let’s pray it will over soon!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Christmas For Payatas

It's another year end now, the most popular festive aka Christmas is around the corner too! Have you ever think how to celebrate this joyous festive? Well, I am not from Christine religion but I still celebrate this season with my beloved kids and hubby. Frankly I love this festive more as compare to Chinese New Year. CNY is a very noisy festive for me and hubby whereas Christmas is totally opposite with it.

While you busy preparing for your Christmas festive, don't forget those needful person or kids from poor country like Payatas. The children there have to start earn a living as young as 4 year old. Mind you, my 4 year old girl still happily enjoy her life here while her same age kids already start working. heart pain moment ya. I urge everyone of you spare some time watch Youtube video from the side, I am sure you can have a clearer picture on what's going on there.

If you wish to help the children there, so that they also can have a happy and joyful Christmas, please join the Christmas For Payatas campaign; help them in whatever way you can!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Asimo, we are coming

Tomorrow we are going to KL for our one day trip. The main intention is to visit Honda Asimo who will be in One Utama from 14/11 - 16/11. My girls feel excited once they know they will be able to see real robot soon. In fact they like to watch Wall-E, that's why hubby willing to bring them just to see real robot.

Anyone joining us?

knee protection

During Beijing Olympic 2008, we can see those athletes wearing some kind of tapes at their knee or shoulder area. My kids curious to know what that is for. After they knew it is kind of kinesio tape, they request me to get some for them too. *slap head* They thought they are athlete! LOL…to them, they also run here and there, so need to wear kinesio tape to protect their knee too!

As I know Kinesio Tape gives support and stability to our joints and muscles without reducing circulation and range of motion. It is also used for Preventive Maintenance, Edema, and Pain Management. Looks like only athletes only eligible to use it.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Diet topic again?

I love unhealthy food. Many had told me that better stop eating unhealthy food like nugget, ham, burger, canned food etc. however I just could not resist from taking them. I can eat them everyday I tell you. Due to this bad eating habit, I had gained extra weight without my knowledge. Now I wish to get rid of extra 4 kg from my body. I had tried many ways, such as less eating fattening food, more walking, less sitting, and diet pills too. However my weight still remains with me, no matter how hard I had tried my best. Anyone can recommend me best diet pills in the market now?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Health care center

If your house having elderly old folk that need special care, perhaps you can consider Fort Lauderdale Home Health Care. This health care center has specialist to provide a range of health care services that respond to the needs of seniors and the communities we serve. It is cost effective if you will to select this home health care center to help you take care your old folks. As we all know that hiring maids to stay with us is not an east task. You will never know that your maid will obey your instruction or not. More ever you have to spend time to teach and train them. However majority of us are lack of time to do so, so it is better to let professional to take care them. Right?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Save money for renovation soon

Early this year we bought a house near town area. At first we were thinking to rent out the house after some clean up and minor painting. However once all these were done, hubby quite reluctant to rent to outsider. He said he rather treat this house as holiday house for all of us during holiday or weekend instead of letting outsider stay and they might dirty the house too. After think twice, I agreed with his suggestion since for time being we are still afforded to pay the housing loan.

We planted some nice carpet grass at front porch as well as the empty land space. The grasses grow well now, so we can see a nice house environment too. When we first enter the house, the grass grows even taller than my elder girl. After spent few weekends here, clean and cut the grass, so it has a better outlook. No wonder hubby so reluctant to rent out as he had put into lot of effort to beautify our own house.

Since we confirm want to treat the house as holiday house, then we might spend some money for the renovation. However renovation costs not cheap nowadays due to most of the materials are increasing price now. We got to plan and budget properly before any action taken. 2 places must put as priority now: the kitchen and bathroom. Our kitchen now totally empty, not even has a rack/cabinet for us to keep our utensil. As for the bathroom, if possible, I wish to have some quality Bathroom Furniture like bathtub, shower systems, bathroom accessories etc. all these material not cheap too, wonder hubby willing to spend for it or not.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Take care your eyesight

No doubt TV is the best babysister for kids but sometimes I wonder will I indirectly spoil their eyesight? Most of the time I love to turn on their favorite TV program or VCD during meal time. To me, using this method, I can feed them fast and finish in less than 30 minutes time. However many of my blogger mummies commented that we should not eat in front of computer or TV as this way will affect our digestion and eyesight as well. When they are having eyesight problem, then you got to spend more money onto their eyeglasses. Oh dear! Should I stop doing this? Perhaps hubby is right: we should eat at proper place, proper environment if we can. Ok, I will slowly change my bad habit now.

Eyeglasses are not cheap nowadays; one pair of it easily cost you $100-$200++. Further more you have to remind your kids to take proper care of it; else they might break it very fast. As you know, kids are very careless group and they are very playful too. If they break their eyeglasses every year, you are going to broke I tell you. LOL

.…so better take care their eyesight now!

Never ending busy...

Oh dear, I am getting lazy to blog lately. Previously I will update this blog by daily basis but now only twice or thrice a week. Am I really out of topic to blog? Or due to I am plain lazy to blog it....

Side note: Last week I went to Kamdar to source for cloth again. This round I try to source for all my backlog cloth and I had spent over RM90++ for this visit. Hopefully I can clear the backlog by this month, so that I can get back my money then!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Be a beautician

My nephew having SPM examination now. She told me that after the big exam, she wish to apply for UTAR admission in Kuala Lumpur. I asked her why not try apply for local university first, if cannot get then only think of other way. But seem like she does not have confidence to get a seat in local U. well, she is still young, if all application fail, she still can take another 2 years time in STPM. Worst come to worst, she can try her luck in beauty schools in missouri since nowadays beauty line also doing well. Majority of women like to pamper themselves now and they willing to spend more money for their face and body too!

Thursday, November 06, 2008


Some blogger mummies very talented that they can do and make nice and creative scrapbooking for their children. I always told myself that I must learn this skill one day. Well, I had been talking about this for almost 2-3 years by now, yet I still did not take any step to do it. Blame it to my laziness!!

They told me that scrapping is fun and easy to learn too. However when I know I have to download their freebies and software, then I think twice again. Do I have time to do it at home? Will my children allow me stay in front of pc? Will they scream to me that they want to play computer games once they saw me on the pc? Oh…too many concerns. I think I better on hold this plan a while again. LOL

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Ohbin - 活在当下

Ohbin - my new found cook blog lately. Ever saw this blog appeared in Twinsmom site, but only today go to her site to see her posts. Oh, it is a wonderful site I tell you. For those who know how to cook and wish to try new recipe, do pop over to her site now, I am sure you will fall in love with all her cooking posts! Her cooking posts really tempted me try one or two in coming weekend.

....psst psst...she even use chili padi's leave to fry with eggs!! Can you imagine that? This is surely another creative way done by her!

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


I think I need lose weight pills now. My weight suddenly extra by 4kg despite I am controlling my food intake. I don't know why my weight will go up like that. I am trying to get rid of some extra weight/fat now. I eat lesser of rice at dinner time too but still fail to meet my desire weight. Perhaps hubby is right: I should start exercising now, don't just depend on diet pills or other short cut. To him, exercise is the best way to have healthy and fit body figure.